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Dream job$?

November 29, 2021

When Brian Kelly left Cincinnati, abandoning the Bearcats after he had told the team he was staying, and just before their first big bowl game (the 2010), his excuse was that Notre Dame was his “dream job.”

I guess dream$$$ change.

Brian Kelly last week asked about leaving Notre Dame “No. Mike Tomlin had best line. ‘Unless fairy godmother comes by w/$250 million check, my wife would want to take a look at it first. I’d have to run it by her.'” So I guess we know how much LSU is paying him.

USC issued apology for fans chanting “F*** the Mormons” chant during game against BYU – saying it was “distasteful” & “offensive.” If BYU wanted to respond they could’ve pointed out how distasteful & offensive it was for Trojans to lose this year to 3-9 Stanford by 2 TDs.

While SF Giants didn’t make any big free agent deals does it count as a good day when the Dodgers lose Max Scherzer AND Corey Seager?

So thinking SF Giants fans should now be rooting for Josiah Gray, Keibert Ruiz, Gerardo Carrillo and Donovan Casey. Those are the prospects Dodgers gave up for Trea Turner and as it turned out, two months of Max Scherzer.

Not that Jack Dorsey is perfect by a long shot. But if one of the CEO’s of a major social media company was going to step down, anyone but me wish it were the CEO of Facebook instead of Twitter?

GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson claims new Omicron variant is part of a Democratic plot to rig the next election. I’m so old I can remember when Rand Paul was the most insane member of Congress with the title “Dr.”

The Texas senator who blamed his daughters for abandoning his state (and his dog) during a deadly winter storm was on Fox News tonight attacking Dr. Fauci’s credibility.

Why there is no satire.

Meanwhile Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted “Bden banned travel from South Africa because of the new Covid variant. Immigrants have recently been apprehended crossing our border illegally from South Africa. Biden is doing nothing to stop immigrants from South Africa entering illegally. Pure politics and hypocrisy.

Uh, Greg. South America doesn’t even share a border with the United States. So who knew those banned books in Texas might have included geography books?

Wonder if Biden threatens to send all the vaccines that Republicans don’t want to Africa? We could find out which is a stronger part of GOP brand – making Democrats look bad vs. xenophobia.

Senate must approve annual defense policy bill. Should be easy vote. Of course GOP won’t defund military. But every hour, day or week GOP drags it out, is an hour, day or week, Dems can’t focus on BBB or voting rights. Time for Schumer to say Senate in session as long as needed!

If GOP were firefighters they’d tell Americans that fire extinguishers were dangerous, and then blame Biden when people’s homes burn down.

Follow even the Canadian money?

November 29, 2021

Kevin Gausman reportedly going to Toronto Blue Jays for 5 years $110 million, after NY Mets reportedly offered him more. Two thoughts as SF Giants fan.

1. Will miss Gausman but I think smart not to offer him THAT much $$.

2. Smart for Kevin not to join circus known as the Mets.

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley last night told reporters he was staying in Norman, adding “I’m not going to be the next coach at LSU.” Well, he was half-honest.

Today Riley accepted the coaching job at USC.

Alabama fell just to #4 in College Football rankings after barely coming back to beat 6-6 Auburn in 4 OTs. So if refs had called a couple intentional groundings or an OPI on Crimson Tide’s last drive in regulation, would Bama’s loss have dropped them all the way to #5?

So Aaron Rodgers lied about his vaccination status, which put his teammates & staff at risk. And Packers QB is back w/ no suspension & lesser fine than most players get for taunting & or wrong colored socks violations.

“If you’re a star they let you do it…”

Republican party in US now is not just rooting for the Former Guy over President Biden. They’re rooting for COVID over President Biden.

Fox News website actually has headline “CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s deal w/ Chinese company.” Apparently company gave Hunter a diamond worth $80,000. Well, gosh, I expect more Fox News reporting on 41 trademarks China granted to Ivanka.

Matthew McConaughey says he is not running for Texas Governor. I’d take some of these actors/celebrities turned wanna-be leaders more seriously if they’d first consider even a semi-training elected job like Lieutenant Governor.

Two things on the Omicron variant. 1. Do we know if it will end up to be really awful? No. 2. Are there some unidentified cases already in the US? Almost certainly, yes. Get vaccinated, get your booster shot.

SCOTUS now considering Texas and Mississippi anti-abortion laws. Can someone please (on-camera) ask GOP members of Congress who claim to be “pro-life.” why they are against Democrats’ Build Back Better, which includes things like pre-K and help with child care costs?

US Customs officials just seized nearly 4,000 glass bongs from China at Washington-Dulles airport. Sad news for thousands of Deadheads who thought they had already done their Christmas shopping.

A Guatemalan man wanted to get to the US so badly he flew 2 1/2 hours inside the landing gear of an American Airlines plane to Miami. And some snowflakes don’t think they can get through a flight wearing a mask.


November 28, 2021

LSU upset #15 Texas A&M so will end season with 6-6 record and be bowl eligible

But coach Ed Orgeron, who has already announced he is leaving, said he won’t coach in the game.

Gosh, means Ed could miss the Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl or the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Yes, Stanford got creamed by Notre Dame tonight. But Cardinal fans got to tailgate in 70 degree weather. Watched Ohio State – Michigan earlier today. . It was SNOWING in Ann Arbor.


CFB Playoffs, really? Not only is The Ohio State University now not the best team in the Big 10. They’re not even the best team in Ohio. (Cincinnati Bearcats.)

ESPN reports Michigan State football team is dealing with a flu outbreak impacting players today before today’s game against Penn State. Wonder if MSU players got their flu shots?

11 college football FBS teams won their sixth game this weekend and are now bowl eligible. But there are 83 bowl eligible teams for 82 spots. What a tragedy for some 6-6 team who will just miss the post season.

So conservative media freaking out about a COVID variant that originated in a country with low vaccination rates. While they keep fighting vaccine mandates at home. Very on brand.

I get it with Fox News but CNN has more headlines on their website about Marjorie Three Names and Lauren Boebert than they do about President Biden and other Democrats. Do better @CNN

Yes, there’s COVID surge – but why is THIS about 15th paragraph in Washington Post story? “Hospitals in Michigan, like other states w/ recent surges, largely filled w/ people who haven’t gotten vaccine. Unvaccinated made up about 3/4-quarters of cases, hospitalizations & deaths.”

Quick, name a member of Congress who isn’t your own Representative or Senator. If you come up with one of the women (or men) who have made a name for themselves by being outrageous on a regular basis maybe you’ve been paying too much attention to media clickbait.

If you want to drive a car on the road with other people, you need to PROVE you can get a license & have insurance. Not enough to do your own research & believe you’re a safe driver who doesn’t need a licence or insurance. So why not a vaccine mandate to fly commercially?

Media loves headlines like this “Black Friday sales kick off the holiday shopping season, but expect to pay more this year.” Where are the headlines? “With Democratic stimulus bill, unemployment down & wages up this holiday shopping season, Americans have more money to spend.”

PSA: If you’re doing Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping online, it’s much better for small businesses if you shop on THEIR website directly, not Amazon. Seriously. Now back to snark.

Something else to be thankful for this weekend. I can’t honestly remember if our President has tweeted anything. Isn’t it glorious?

Post turkey

November 26, 2021

Now it’s not just frustrated Detroit fans who are mad at their team. Chicago Bears fans know the Lions might have kept THEIR team from firing coach Matt Nagy.

Saints didn’t quite have half their team injured tonight against the Bills.

But sure felt like it. New Orleans as a team is highly vaccinated, but if there were ever a game where you throw up your hands and say, “Fine, we forfeit, let’s go eat dinner.”

Fox News: “Bidens spending Thanksgiving holiday at private equity billionaire’s compound in Nantucket, prompting GOP to slam him as out of touch as inflation soars to three-decade high.” Gosh, missed their outrage at Velveeta Voldemort spending holiday at $160 million Mar-A-Lago.

As a longtime Democrat, my email box is overloaded today w/ positive happy Thanksgiving messages from various politicians. But because someone at my office donated, am also on The Former Guy’s email list. Their email – from Don Jr – is hawking $45 “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts.

Someone we should be thankful for is Nancy Pelosi – getting things done for all Americans, no matter who they voted for.

And for all the crap President Biden gets about his age…. Speaker Pelosi is older. But she really proves sometimes age is just a number.

This from Fox News “the former Republican president’s statement, which was shared on Twitter by his spokeswoman, Liz Harrington.” Uh, if you’re banned from Twitter should you be allowed to have spokewoman share your statements? Asking for a tired country.

So if MAGAs were fine with Melania’s $50,000 Dolce and Gabbana jacket and $75,000 Hermes Birkin bag because she was a spouse, does that mean Doug Emhoff could have bought Kamala a dozen expensive French pots & they’d have been good with it?

And to all my readers who’ve stuck with this little blog for so many thanksgivings. Thankful for you. You are the reason I write.


November 25, 2021

Sometimes we think karma isn’t a sports fan. And then you hear that Aaron Rodgers has COVID toe.

Wait. After saying he had “COVID” toe, now Aaron Rodgers now says he has fractured pinkie toe — not “COVID toe.”Did Dr. Joe Rogan diagnose him?

So since media is all over the often misleading story of price increases for Thanksgiving dinner, how long until we start hearing stories of inflated prices on EBay for vintage Christmas fruitcakes?

Stephen Colbert tonight shares a video “Chicago Fire Department Demonstrates Thanksgiving Safety with Fried Turkey Fire.” “Who am I, chopped liver?” responded Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

The jury’s decision in Brunswick Georgia today was right. But would be nice if we ever got to a point in USA where verdicts that were as obvious as today’s in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery were expected – and not mostly a relief.

Thanks to vaccines, millions of Americans spending Thanksgivings w/ their families this year. Headlines are about crowded airports Thanks to Democratic stimulus bill, millions have jobs, food & roofs over their heads. Headlines are about prices. Why does media hate good news?

How many have died like Ahmaud Arbery but we’ll never know because their murderers didn’t videotape their crime?

Apparently current & former GOP officials are concerned about payments RNC paid to cover Velveeta Voldemort’s legal bills. Anyone know a good jeweller who will need to repair all the pearl necklaces being clutched?

President Biden is spending Thanksgiving, as he has for decades, with his family in Nantucket. If Joe had holed up in the White House, would conservative media have attacked him for keeping White House staff from spending the holiday with THEIR families?

Can we be done w/ “blame Biden for Thanksgiving travel prices/stress” stories? Been travel agent for decades. Thanksgiving travel is ALWAYS expensive, planes, airports, and roads are always crowded. And despite, or because, they’re going to visit relatives, people are cranky.

Californians are used to driving around looking for the best gasoline prices. Media now driving around looking for the highest gas prices.


Somebody’s gotta win.

November 24, 2021

Looking ahead to Thanksgiving the first NFL game – 1230p ET – will be the 3-7 Chicago Bears against the 0-9-1 Detroit Lions. So many Americans will have their Thanksgiving turkey early this year.

College Football Playoff Rankings. Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama, and… Cincinnati!

Ok, a CFP top four without two SEC teams would be a surprise. But who had TWO teams from Ohio possibly in the playoffs?

Looking early for something to be thankful for.

Under 82 days until pitchers and catchers report..

President Biden “I want you to know how grateful I am to serve as your President.” Velveeta Voldemort always thought we should be grateful to have him as President.

Now we find out the White House was using burner phones to communicate with rally planners on January 6? I don’t know about you all, but thinking this season of House of Cards really s*cks.

“Democracy is messy.” Hillary Clinton on with Rachel Maddow. Yes, it is. And democracy is hard. So is love. Most really good things are.

If the Former Guy had announced a release from America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat high oil prices, Fox News would be lauding- him as a hero.

For some reason Fox News hasn’t found time to cover the CEO of Walmart praising President Biden: “I would like to give the administration credit for helping to do things like get ports open 24 hours a day, to open up some of trucking lines..” I am sure it’s just a coincidence.

Velveeta Voldemort was on with Hannity tonight. The online ad says ‘Former President Trump.” “Former” President? Uh oh, don’t tell Donald. He’s going to be upset.

Kyle Rittenhouse says he does not want to get involved in politics “at all” & believes his case “should never have been used as a cause” for any political agendas. Then he heads to Mar-A-Lago for a thumbs up photo op with The Former Guy. I liked the “self-defense” story better.

Another question for for those who don’t believe in vaccines about Thanksgiving travel: If you don’t believe in science, what are you doing considering putting yourself in a metal tube that could weigh over 100,000 tons that tries to fly through the air?

California’s COVID positivity rate at 1.9% is the lowest in the USA. Amazing what believing in and legislating based on science can do.

But for anyone who doesn’t believe in vaccines but still likes idea of vacationing this winter in a state where they’re less likely to catch the virus – California also has LOTS of mask rules. You’d hate it. Stay home.

Approaching turkey time.

November 22, 2021

NY Giants- Tampa Bay Buccanners on Monday Night Football. So for NFL fans the Thanksgiving Turkey came early this year.

Marc Ragovin’s line last week about the Jets “I’m not saying the NY Jets defense was bad against the Bills the other day, but the last time so many Buffalo ran free was about 1845.”

Giants defense was so bad tonight, well, last time Tom Brady had it this easy might have been his rookie year… which was also about 1845?

Saints TE Adam Trautman has an MCL injury and will miss 4-6 weeks. WR Michael Thomas and QB Jameis Winston are out for the year. Plus RB Alvin Kamara, OTs Terron Armsted & Ryan Ramcyzyk were out last week.

New Orleans isn’t a football team, they’re, it’s an episode of General Hospital.-

Just took a look at NBA standings and the Houston Rockets are 1-16. Shocking. Does anyone remember them winning a game?

On anniversary of JFK’s assassination reading about all these awful COVID spikes especially in areas with many unvaccinated. “Ask what you can do for your country” can be as simple as “Get vaccinated now!”

If a tree arrives at the White House and FLOTUS doesn’t drop a few F-bombs about decorating it, does it still make a sound?

Things that seriously make you question evolution: Buying a 2 pound bag of gold potatoes for roasting – and seeing on the instructions – “Remove potatoes from bag before cooking.”

Only good thing about RNC paying some of Velveeta Voldemort’s personal legal bills. That’s less money they can use to run ads against Democrats.

According to some people now:

if you’re a black man jogging alone you’re suspicious.

If you’re a white woman jogging alone you’re inviting sexual assault..

If you’re a white man jogging alone you’re just jogging.

Arbery trial now reminds me sadly of interview with Senator Cory Booker last summer: Cory mentioned when he walked to DC apt from US Capitol late at night, he stayed in a suit, no matter how hot it was, because he was nervous about looking like random big black man on DC streets.

Apparently when Kyle Rittenhouse was on with Tucker Carlson tonight, he complained about conditions in the jail where he spent 87 days. From the Chicago Tribune “‘Imagine putting that kid in jail,’ Carlson told viewers in a tone typically reserved for pearl clutching.”


November 21, 2021

Hard to root for an unvaccinated Kirk Cousins. But against Aaron Rodgers who is both unvaccinated and lied about it…. #SKOL

AP poll is out with Georgia #1, Ohio State #2, Alabama #3 and Cincinnati #4. Notre Dame is #5 You know many wanted to put the Fighting Irish higher than the Bearcats. Except Notre Dame’s only loss… was to Cincinnati.

Aaron Rodgers apparently was dealing with a serious toe injury during today’s Packers’ loss to the Vikings. So during his COVID week off Rodgers somehow didn’t have time to do his own research to fix the toe?

Just saying. There are a whole lot of mediocre football teams in the NFL this season.

Hell freezes over. I have to say something nice about the former coach of Cincinnati Bearcats He made original scholarship offer to now star QB Desmond Ridder which current coach Luke Fickell honored.

The former coach in question – who UC paid $1 million to go away? He’s now Senator Tommy Tuberville.

SNL Weekend Update… Colin Jost talking about Rep. Matt Gaetz offering Kyle Rittenhouse an internship. “Because Gaetz has always supported teenagers willing to do terrible things.”

I’m tired of hearing about Rittenhouse, but how frightening is it to see him smile & talk about the “correct verdict” after he went to an out-of-state protest and shot three people? This means he’d do it again.

YouGov/ Economist poll: 51% of white women without college degrees polled said 2020 Presidential election was stolen, vs 29% of degree-holding white women. If you needed yet another reason why GOP is against helping w/ college costs & student debt. Education causes Democrats.

Police are searching for a man who fled Atlanta Airport after accidentally firing a gun at the security checkpoint. When they find him can he claim self-defense from TSA?

As Build Back Better, with a huge focus on care costs, now moves to the Senate – a question – “How can the economy work if it’s too expensive for women to work?

Kevin McCarthy now claims what drove him to keep talking for eight hours was “so the American people could understand what’s in the bill.” Uh, the American people couldn’t even understand what was in one of McCarthy’s sentences.

Governor Ron DeSantis, signing bills against vaccine-mandates “Nobody should lose their job due to heavy-handed COVID mandates, we had a responsibility to protect the livelihoods of the people of Florida…” Uh, how about the LIVES of the people of Florida? Over 61,000 now lost.

Not so fast.

November 20, 2021

Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday that Michigan State was set to offer 10-year $95 millon contract to coach Mel Tucker.Today MSU lost 56-7 to Ohio State.

Uh, is the ink dry on that contract?

So what’s the Power Five CFB playoff argument going to be next week now that “Cincinnati Bearcats’ wins haven’t been convincing enough” has to be at least temporarily retired?

(48-14 over SMU, and it was a shutout until late 4th quarter.)

After UCLA’s Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s scored on a TD run today, fan wearing USC colors handed a UCLA hat & sharpie to him. The Bruins’ QB signed it and gave it back.

Thompson-Robinson was prompty assessed a 15 yard penalty for “unsportmanlike conduct.”

Was the ref auditioning for the No Fun League?

Fox News Headline “Embattled MLB star blasts media in Rittenhouse tweet after acquittal.” The tweet “Guess it’s important to know all facts before jumping to conclusions. Not everything written in media is true.” Trevor Bauer, whose sexual assault DEFENSE is “she asked for it.”

Disney World caved to Governor Ron DeSantis and decided Florida Cast Members don’t have to be vaccinated. So many Americans may soon be nostalgic for the days when the worst thing you brought back from a Disney Vacation was an overpriced t-shirt.

If you’re really mad about yesterday’s verdict in Kenosha and worried about upcoming SCOTUS decisions on abortion….it’s not too soon to pick a 2022 race, or several races. Local and state elections. Get involved. The democracy you save may be our own.

Media giving far more attention to Rittenhouse case & verdict than Infrastucture bill being signed and Build Back Better passing the House. And we wonder why Biden’s approval ratings are low.

Since conservatives are now so into the idea of self-defense, the next time a woman kills her husband/partner and says he was abusive, they’re going to celebrate her, right?

After Alec Baldwin accidentally fatally shot someone, he was photographed looking horrified and distraught. Kyle Rittenhouse, who claims he was just trying to “help”, fatally shot someone and then ran and shot two more.

Dr. Saule Omarova, 55, emigrated to US from Moscow 30 years ago “with one suitcase and a fifty-dollar bill in my pocket. She got a PHD at Wisconsin & JD at Northwestern. And CNN headline is “Watch senator grill Biden nominee on Soviet upbringing.”

Another CNN headline missing lede: “California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier becomes latest high-profile Democrat not running for reelection.” As anyone in SF Bay Area knows headline should be “Jackie Speier retirement sets off feeding frenzy among local Dems to take her place.”

Have friends in pharmaceutical industry who argue that some drugs, especially new drugs, need to be expensive to cover the cost of development. But regardless how you feel about that argument, there is NO excuse for expensive insulin.

Republicans claim their policies are what America wants. Democrats claim their policies are what America wants. So let’s pass the #FreedomToVoteAct and let actual Americans decide!

So wonder how many GOP pundits and members of Congress lauding Kyle Rittenhouse as either a victim or a hero would be okay with him trying to date their daughters?

I’m a white suburban woman and I’d sure as hell rather have Cory Booker in my neighborhood than Kyle Rittenhouse.


November 19, 2021

The Atlanta Falcons were shut out tonight! No, I didn’t watch the game. But as a Saints fan I like writing that sentence. #WhoDat

Antonio Brown has been accused of buying and using a fake COVID vaccine card. Since he’s one of Tom Brady’s favorite receivers, how hard will the NFL slap his hand?

Governor Ron DeSantis made a special trip to Brandon, FL, a suburb of Tampa, to sign anti-vaccine mandate bills, just so he could troll Joe Biden with “Let’s Go Brandon” chants. On top of everything else, today’s GOP has the grace & maturity of badly-behaved 12 year old boys.

If only Facebook had put as much time and money into safety and security as they are spending on their current ad campaign to convince Americans that Congress shouldn’t come down too hard on them now….-

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy attacked Soviet Union-born Dr. Saule Omarova saying “you used to be a member of a group called The Young Communists.”

Uh, one, it was REQUIRED for young people in the Soviet Union. Uh, if anyone knows about how much you can change from your youth… Kennedy is 69. Until John was 53 he was a Democrat.

President Biden test driving an electric Hummer in Michigan yesterday didn’t get a lot of coverage. Of course, had he bumped the Hummer into so much as a traffic cone it would have been front page news.

If GOP really thought Americans would hate Build Back Better, they’d let Democrats pass it and campaign against the bill in the 2022 elections. Period.

Kevin McCarthy thinks someone like Jimmy Stewart is going to play him in his wannabe remake of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?” More likely it will be an infomercial featuring Scott Baio.

How many Republicans watching Kevin McCarthy tonight were suddenly terrified of the idea of a standing filibuster?

Good and not so good sports?

November 18, 2021

Tom Brady says his rudeness w/ press after Bucs loss to Washington was due to his “lack of perspective after losses” & joked on Instagram “Press conferences after loss are like co-workers emailing you before you’ve had coffee.”

Just as well Tom’s still playing and not retired coaching his kids’ sports teams.

Brandon Belt today decided not to become a free agent and accepted an $18.4 million qualifying offer from San Francisco Giants. Well, yeah, a captain doesn’t abandon his crew.

Aye, aye: See the Giants 'sea men' pose with new captain Brandon Belt

Matt Gaetz wants to hire Kyle Rittenhouse as a Congressional intern? Why stop there, why doesn’t Gaetz encourage his fellow GOP members of Congress to hire Rittenhouse as a bodyguard/medic for their daughters?

Husband of Florida woman who died of COVID-19 while suing hospital to be treated with ivermectin is continuing her lawsuit “Every person in Florida has a constitutional right to choose what is done with their own body.” Would he like to also become a spokesman for NARAL?

Can someone please teach Chris Christie how to knit so we can tell him to go home?

Gosh, six months ago Maxine Waters just telling protesters to get more confrontational if Chauvin were acquitted was cause in McCarthy’s mind for censure. But sharing a video about KILLING a member of Congress…well, boys will be boys.

Q-Anon Shaman sentenced to 41 months in prison. Got news for these folks. JFK Jr isn’t coming back. And Velveeta Voldemort was never going to pardon them.

Conservative media: Driving across state lines to a protest while carrying an AR-15 to a protest = being a good boy. Walking in a neighborhood to buy Skittles while wearing a hoodie = being a dangerous thug.

As Mike Lee complains that the vaccine mandate threatens Americans with being unemployable, is he also going to argue that laws threaten Americans with being unemployable? Because there is that question on most job applications – “Have you ever been arrested?”

It’s basic math that paying workers more will cause prices to increase. So would GOP Senators complaining about inflation like to set an example for constituents by offering to reduce their own salaries?

So did GOP House members say today that if any Democratic members want to post violent anime videos of themselves attacking one of their Republican colleagues or the Former Guy it’s no big deal?

Dear media. As you post headlines about increasing COVID case counts and hospitalizations in various states, would you please include percentage of serious cases and deaths who are unvaccinated? Asking for Americans who are tired of COVIDiots.

Numbers game

November 17, 2021

Yes, this is a real sentence about the College Football Playoff rankings “The No. 3 Ducks remained one spot ahead of No. 4 Buckeyes, as committee apparently still gives a lot of weight to Oregon’s 35-28 victory at Ohio State on Sept. 11.”

So you mean with all the “strength of schedule” conjecture head to head competition is still worth something?

So apparently starting Christmas Day, Staples Center will now be named Crypto. com Arena. Is, a Singapore based company, paying the $700 million naming rights deal in Bitcoin?

SF Giants’ Gabe Kapler being chosen Manager of the Year was a vote not even Donald Trump would challenge..

Stephen Colbert’s latest shared nickname for Velveeta Voldemort – “The Vanity Manatee.” Cute, but kind of insulting, to manatees.

Would be a little less p*ssed off at the media’s Chris Christie redemption tour if the same media hadn’t told Hillary Clinton to “go home and knit.”

New York ethics panel rescinds approval of Cuomo’s $5.1M pandemic book deal. Uh, New Jersey – anything you can do about Christie’s “Republican Rescue?” Not Cuomo fan but figure Chris Christie’s Trump support & Covid misinformation was at least as ethically unsound & more deadly.

We can argue about charges and the verdict all we want. This is a simple truth. If Kyle Rittenhouse had stayed home on Aug 25, 2020, most Americans wouldn’t remember the Kenosha protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake. And two men would still be alive.

Rachel Maddow talking about Congressman Gary Palmer of Alabama the, FIRST Republican member of Congress claiming credit in press release to his constituents for Democratic infrastructure bill, a bill he voted against & called “terrible and reckless.”

Too soon to start pool on who in GOP will be 2nd?

So since many GOP members of Congress still claim to be against the infrastructure bill, maybe it’s time for a new slogan: Republicans for Potholes!

Democrats were supposed to bring people like Cory Booker to our neighborhoods.

Republicans want to bring more people like Kyle Rittenhouse to our neighborhoods.

I know what side I’M on!

New Washington Post-ABC poll says Americans say by a roughly 2-to-1 margin that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade. GOP is going to hear that and just figure they need to work harder to suppress votes

So with DeJoy not fired yet, will this be the first Christmas that Black Friday will be too late to mail Christmas presents?

Trap season

November 16, 2021

So SF 49ers, the same 4-5 NFL team who just beat 7-3 LA Rams by 21, lost last week to 8-2 Arizona Cardinals by 14, who themselves lost this week to 5-5 Carolina Panthers by 24. And rational people still bet on NFL football?!!

This NFL season definitely illustrates the “Any Given Sunday” axiom (Or Any Given Monday, or Any Given Thursday.) Except when the Detroit Lions are involved. Because they’re not going to beat anyone.

Rumors were that OBJ, who wants a Super Bowl ring, wanted to wait until after this week’s NFL games to decide who to sign with… So did he sign too soon. Or is he a reason the Rams’ chances are now worse?

Aaron Rodgers said yesterday’s game “definitely got me a little misty.” Uh, since he’s not vaccinated is the Packers QB sure that mist isn’t “COVID brain fog?”

Patrick Leahy, who has been a Senator since 1974, will not run for re-election in 2022. So Bernie Sanders, at the age of 82, will finally no longer be the JUNIOR Senator from Vermont.

So the next time someone gets arrested with loaded gun at TSA checkpoint will their defense be they were just trying to be available as an onboard volunteer medic?

Marjorie Three Names tweeted yesterday “The AR-15 is one of the best guns ever made. It’s easy to hold, especially for women…Buy a gun, try an AR-15.” Wonder what she’d say if black women took her up on that?

A simple question: If the situation was so dangerous on August 25, 2020 in Kenosha, how come the only three people shot all night were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse?

If President Biden had a 95% approval rating, the media would be doing front page articles and “breaking news” stories interviewing those in the remaining 5%.

“If our democracy falls, the rest of it is irrelevant.” Stacey Abrams knows it all comes down to voting rights.

Any Republican who wants to take a principled stand against the bipartisan infrastructive bill still has time to submit a list of roads in their district they don’t think need to be fixed, and bridges they are okay with falling down…

If you’re upset about the judge for Rittenhouse murder trial, before the next election, please do a little reading on the judicial candidates, including incumbents, on the ballot..

The good, the bad and the ugly…

November 15, 2021

Yes, living in California isn’t perfect. On the other hand, it is November 14 and it is SNOWING in Green Bay.

Well, the Detroit Lions, who tied the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday 16-16, will not be the first team in NFL history to go 0-17. Did this call for a locker room celebration with some cans of generic beer?

When even NFL Network and NBC call a “roughing the passer” penalty that led to a Titans’ touchdown questionable, and ESPN calls it the hit “slight,” New Orleans fans can nod and say, yeah, we’re paranoid at this point but the league really is out to get the Saints.

And it won’t happen but Saints can’t find reliable place kicker for short-yardage situations. So how much would I love for them to try out Sarah Fuller, now soccer goalkeeper, who kicked in college for Vanderbilt. She couldn’t be much worse, & what a nice middle finger to NFL

Apparently 12 now-former NYPD officers who didn’t want to get vaccinated have taken DeSantis’s $5,000 relocation bonus & moved to Florida. So if one of those cops pulls you over can you tell them you did your research & made a personal decision not to follow the speed limit?

Velveeta Voldemort’s company apparently has a $375 million deal to sell his D.C. hotel lease. So soon the Trump name will be off the property. Wonder how much GOP would pay to get the Trump name off their party?

If all these red state voting regulation changes aren’t about “some people not wanting some people to vote,” can someone name ONE law that makes it harder for rural white folks to vote? I’ll wait.

Probably unpopular opinion but as a pragmatic progressive woman I can say there are few things that interest me less Sunday’s Twitter p*ssing match between Elon Musk and Bernie Sanders.

Remember all that right-wing media hysteria when Hillary Clinton refused a congressional subpoena over Benghazi? Oh that’s right, she didn’t. Hillary testified for over 11 hours.

Two polls, by Axios/Ipsos & Kaiser Family Foundation show 24-25 point gap between Democrats (68% and 65%) and Republicans (44% & 40%) getting their shots this year… for the flu! Dying to own the libs.

On these supposed Biden shortages, my guilty soft drink pleasure is Diet Sunkist Orange. I have found 12 packs at our local Safeway exactly three times since March of 2020. And not in the last four months. So when did it become Joe’s fault?

Cardinal sins

November 14, 2021

Suppose as a Stanford football fan can at least thank the team for not giving us a tough decision this year – is COVID under control enough to risk attending a bowl game?

Only consolation on how absymal Stanford’s football team has looked lately is that they still do have 2021 bragging rights on Oregon Ducks, a team who appears likely to make the CFB playoffs.

New Orleans Saints were fined $500,000 & lost a draft pick after some players posted videos of ONE maskless locker room celebration when they beat Tom Brady’s Bucs 38-3 last year. Aaron Rodgers has been lying all year about his vaccine status, was fined $14,000 & is back Sunday.

Ben Roethlisberger was placed on COVID-19 reserve list and will miss tomorrow’s game. Not that I can stand the guy but at least he’s vaccinated. Of course, we’ve watched NFL with Rodgers and since Big Ben is a star the league would probably let him back after a week anyway..

Glenn Youngkin, talking about his election as VA Governor. Parents from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, said ‘My kids matter.’ And we said ‘yes they do!’” Now wait until he figures out 30 different parents have 30 different ideas on what their kids should be taught.

Can anyone imagine if a Democratic politician’s 17 year old son or daughter had tried to vote illegally? Twice? #glennyoungkin

Odell Beckham Jr. signed Thursday with the Rams, Friday Los Angeles WR Robert Woods tore his ACL in a “freak accident” in practice. So maybe karma isn’t a fan of OBJ’s attitude either?

Okay, never got the Pumpkin Spice Latte gene. But watching SNL talk about Bud Light Seltzer Eggnog Flavor makes pumpkin-flavored coffee sound good by comparison.

Every media outlet that quotes Chris Christie trying to reinvent himself as the anti Velveeta Voldemort should lead with “Despite being one of first major political figures to endorse Trump, Chris Christie is now trying to position himself as a GOP alternative for the future.

Some anti-vaxxers wearing yellow stars to compare themselves to Jews during WWII. Otto Frank tried for 3 yrs starting in 1938 to emigrate to US w/ family including daughter Anne. But USA had anti-Jewish refugee sentiment then. Guessing these anti-vaxxers also anti-refugee now.

Scary thought. If you knew nothing about what happened on the night of August 25, 2020 in Kenosha and read about it only on Fox News and conservative social media, you’d assume that Kyle Rittenhouse was a young and innocent victim, a hero even.

A Republican party that thinks its policies are what a majority of Americans want has nothing to fear from voting rights. Period.

Game on

November 13, 2021

College Football Playoff Committee: We can’t rank teams like Cincinnati because of strength of schedule.

Also College Football Playoff Committee: Next week we will rank one-loss Alabama higher because they are taking on a nonconference powerhouse like 1-8 New Mexico State this weekend.

But you REALLY know undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats get no respect when ESPN2 cuts away from game for World Cup qualifying match.

Stephen Colbert compares not being vaccinated to wearing a Yankees cap to a Red Sox game at Fenway – “It’s not going to end well, and it’s your own damn fault.”

(vice versa works too.)

Jon Gruden is suing NFL saying that the league “selectively leaked his private correspondence -(out of over 650,000 emails in an investigation into the Washington Football team) s to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times in order to harm Gruden’s reputation and force him out of his job,”

Translation “I’m a douchebag but I’m not the only one?”

WTAF? – A Newsweek op-ed “America Has Moved on From COVID. Why Can’t Biden?” – by James Lynch “recent college graduate.” Uh, still over 1,000 Americans a day and about 760,000 have “moved on” permanently.

A thought about US labor shortage. Years ago I knew number of undocumented immigrants working illegally in California. They hadn’t come via Southern border, but rather had overstayed visitor/student visas. White young men & women from England.

COVID stopped that and other countries’ “visitors” to US


Per Washington Post -“Austria threatening to apply lockdown measures to unvaccinated Austrians to stem COVID surge. “’I don’t see why two-thirds should lose their freedom because one-third is dithering,’” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said. Shame we can’t do this in USA!

If you want your 15 minutes of fame right now, a real good way is to be one of a very small minority of people getting fired over vaccine mandates. Of course, the resulting TV interview or news article might have to be played at your or a loved one’s funeral.

Fox News headline “Kyle Rittenhouse mocked by Hollywood after tearful display on stand: ‘Terrible f—ing actor.” Gosh, missed Fox News outrage when Donald Trump Jr. sold T-shirts mocking Alec Baldwin for killing someone with a gun (unlike Rittenhouse), he didn’t know was loaded.

Steve Bannon has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on two counts of contempt of Congress. If government arrests him and puts the perp walk on Pay-Per-View we could put a big dent in the cost of Build Back Better!

If White House documents exonerated Velveeta Voldemort from wrong doing on January 6 he’d be having those documents read out loud nightly on Fox News.

Aaron Rodgers’ father said yesterday he is “proud of the stance his son has taken on COVID-19 vaccines.” Okay, maybe it’s genetics and not CTE?

Karen Pence doesn’t want her husband having dinner with another woman but she’s silent when his former boss said it was ok for rioters to shout “Hang Mike Pence.”

Meanwhile, over in Fox News world, Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother complained to Hannity that Joe Biden “defamed” him, and that her son has “a lot of healing to do” and experiences nightmares. Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum will never have nightmares again.

Amy Klobuchar on The Last Word, reminds us even GOP election officials are facing threats. One got letter in PA naming his young children, saying they would be “fatally shot.”

The result of these threats: “a democracy on fire.” Amy says threats to election workers should be federal crime. I agree.

Apparently in Kansas, some anti-vaxxers are showing up to municipal meetings wearing yellow stars,

And most of them would have been protesting had the US offered to take in Jewish refugees trying to escape Europe in WWII.

All relative…

November 11, 2021

Scott Boras whining about Braves – saying they got their World Series title as a result of other teams tanking:

“Rules allowed them to be less-than-.500 team at Aug. 1, add 4-5 players from teams that no longer wanted to compete..and at very little cost change entirety of their team & season.” Funny, Boras didn’t seem upset when Dodgers got Scherzer AND Trea Turner from Nats.

Boras reps Scherzer but seriously is Boras stupid or does he think we are? = “We saw this unfold to the detriment of teams that create at vast expense, planning and intellect and won over 100 games….”

Odell Beckham Jr, may not decide until after Sunday who to sign with, as he wants to see results of another week’s game.   ESPN reports he wants to spend  rest of this season with a playoff contender and in a winning environment.Uh, but wonder how many teams could have a “winning environment”  until OBJ and his attitude show up?

Some folks still attacking Alec Baldwin for insufficient self-flagellation over accidentally killing someone with a gun he thought was loaded with blanks. Many of the same folks are filled with sympathy for Kyle Rittenhouse. Who at the very least knew he was firing real bullets.

As Chris Christie gets his own series on CNN once again we see that the way to get airtime in politics has nothing to do with effectiveness and everything to do with creating drama.

Wonder how many of folks screaming about inflation are the same folks screaming about stopping immigrants from taking American jobs? And same folks also against higher wages for workers? Guess like Elaine Chao they think poor Americans should work cheaply as a patriotic duty.

Defense eyewitness today claims Kyle Rittenhouse last August “clearly attempts to de-escalate the situation, and he actually is successful.” If you consider people permanently de-escalated when they are dead.

That same “eyewitness” in Kyle Rittenhouse is a guy named Drew Hernandez, who tweeted the night before shooting that BLM is a “terrorist organization” and just this week tweeted about a “skirmish” between vaccine mandate protesters and ANTIFA losers.” WTAF?

Different strokes

November 10, 2021

You KNOW if Aaron Rodgers were some average offensive lineman who lied about his vaccination status and broke protocols he’d be suspended for the season.

And if he were on a team like the Saints, his coach would probably have been suspended too.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was fined $14,650 over his lies about being vaccinated for COVID. Well, all Aaron did was put his teammates, Green Bay staff and their families at risk: It’s a good thing Rodgers didn’t do something really serious, like wear the wrong color socks.

An important detail on Aaron Rodgers: NFL does not have vaccine mandate. League does have rule about telling the truth. There are protocols for unvaccinated players. Rodgers was unvaccinated, lied, and acted like he was vaccinated. That’s VERY different.

So yeah, one-loss OSU is ahead of undefeated Cincinnati in College Football Playing Rankings. Put it down to Big Ten bias…

But Michigan is ahead of Michigan State?! If only there were some on the field comparables. Oh wait, never mind.

(for those who don’t follow college football, MSU beat Michigan 37-33 a couple weeks ago.)

Sad news, Brian Williams is retiring. Sadder news, Chuck Todd isn’t retiring.

Since trains are part of Biden and Democrats infrastructure bill, how long until Ted Cruz picks a fight with Thomas the Tank Engine?

A federal judge ruled that United Airlines’ vaccine mandate for employees can stand. So where are all the Republicans applauding a corporation’s ability to make choices based on their beliefs?

Velveeta Voldemort has lashed out at GOP House members who backed infrastructure bill: Possible Democratic campaign ad – Trump wants your bridges to fall down.

Not sure who will be the first to be arrested for defying a subpoena from the January 6 committee but put their perp walk on Pay Per View and we could go a long way towards paying for Build Back Better.

Fox News is all over Barack Obama mistakenly using “Emerald Isles” as a nickname for Scotland at COP 26. Funny, I missed their outrage when Velveeta Voldemort called Ireland part of the UK.

For those with friends or family who are anti-vaccine, remind or tell them that Fox News pundits and folks like Ted Cruz ARE vaccinated. They aren’t stupid. They just think we are.

Terrifying to think in this country there are actually people who thought George Floyd deserved to die for passing a counterfeit $20, but Kyle Rittenhouse should walk free for killing two people.

Reminder. Even if you believe that a kid with a military style assault weapon didn’t realize how much damage it could do, Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t drop the gun crying and in shock when he killed a man. He ran, kept shooting, killed someone else and injured a third person.

On Late Show, Stephen Colbert brings up Ted Cruz’s starting a feud with Sesame Street over Big Bird simply tweeting about being vaccinated. “Senator Cruz, how should I put this – This show is brought to you tonight by the letters F and U.”

Da choke

November 9, 2021

Da Saints would like to thank Da Bears for putting on maybe a more even impressive display of putting together a stirring comeback and then managing to blow it in the last minute. And in prime-time on Monday Night Football even!

Interesting – many of Dodgers fans’ Twitter posts all season called for Dave Roberts to be fired because of how he was managing the bullpen & lineup. Tonight they’re bitching he wasn’t nominated for Manager of the year.

Apparently NFL teams employ psychologists to help them evaluate draft picks’ readiness for being mature and able to handle the stress and temptations of being a professional football player. Seems like the Raiders need to re-evaluate their evaluator.

(One top 2020 draft pick charged with felony DUI resulting in death, another cut after he was filmed threatening woman with a gun.)

Lots of punts yesterday by Green Bay against the Chiefs with Aaron Rodgers out due to COVID. None as bad a punt as State Farm

So State Farm is fine with Aaron Rodgers’ lies. Wonder what their response would be to someone with a “Good Driver” discount filing a claim if it turned out they had multiple accidents & tickets but said “Well, I consider myself a good driver.”

So how long until some Republican goes after Kermit the Frog? Because isn’t singing “It’s not easy being green” clearly some color-based racism?

So after four years of promises and nothing done, Democrats in their first year get a major infrastructure bill passed. And the CNN Monday headlines are all about Biden’s negative poll numbers. The media would both sides a mobius strip.

Xfinitywas down tonight for over an hour. No TV no internet. And I survived. Hade my beloved and ancient Blackberry Key One. But I challenge anyone who claims broadband access isn’t a necessary part of infrastructure to try suddenly being without it.

Trying to wrap my head around what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had her campaign staff call electors to tell them to overturn the 2016 election.

WTAF? Terry McAuliffe lost VA election in part because of stupid statement to parents. Can Dems use this line Josh Hawley said to men when he runs for re-election? “Spending your time on video games, watching porn online.. is not good for you, your family, or this country.”

So with all the pressing issues facing our country right now has anyone in GOP attacked Bert and Ernie’s living arrangements this week yet?

Elaine Chao:”5 million people left workforce & because of COVID, some retired early, some decided not to come back. Going to need these workers to do their patriotic duty to come back & help economy. Can we start referring to Elaine & husband Mitch as “Lord & Lady Douchbag?”

Pete Buttigieg, talking about family leave. “It’s not time off, it’s time to do work. Good work, joyful work…” And as anyone who’s ever taken care of a newborn knows… HARD work.

Any given Sunday?

November 8, 2021

For all the media has been obsessed all week with how pollsters predicted what turned out to be a close New Jersey Gubernatorial race would be a blowout, don’t think the pollsters messed up any worse than oddsmakers for Sunday’s NFL games.

Bounties on other players, which could result in injury, were enough cause for NFL to punish Saints with fines, suspensions and loss of draft picks. So why should lying about a QB’s vaccine status, which could result in illness and/or death, not be cause for the same?

On a positive if bittersweet note thinking back on Buster Posey’s retirement last week: Buster hasn’t just been HOF talent as catcher & team leader, he’s one of few people in any field who was honest in saying they were retiring to spend time with their family. #SFGiants

Instead of Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers would have even gotten better advice on COVID-19 from Jake from State Farm.

Not sure how the infrastructive bill money will be allocated but seems fair that since many in the GOP think it’s a socialist waste of money that they voluntarily put water, roads and bridges in their districts last.

Whoever “your” NFL team is, it’s almost always a good day whenever the Cowboys lose

Not a fan of “The Squad,” but Nancy Pelosi knew EXACTLY how many votes she needed to pass Infrastructure bill. If she had needed votes, Madam Speaker would have gotten them to vote yes. But she let them please their bases. Media won’t tell you that. Discord is better clickbait.

Things GOP will tell you aren’t dangerous: aging roads and bridges, lead pipes, dirty water, not having internet.

Things GOP will tell you are dangerous: Masks and vaccines. #InfrastructureWeek