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Mistakes were made.

December 11, 2017

Giancarlo Stanton sounds positively giddy about leaving #Marlins for #Yankees. And of course NY fans & media will be so supportive if he has anything less than an MVP year.


NFL warned teams today it will begin “significant discipline” to anyone engaging in offensive conduct or contact against game officials.”
What about discipline for offensive officiating?

On a non-political note, three of the nicest words for Tuesday are “Kawhi Leonard ‘probable.”” #GoSpursGo @Spurs

According to Hank Schulman Stanton has been spending “Octobers in Europe unable to really watch the playoffs because it just kills him.”
Save this post if Yankees miss 2018 Postseason

Derek Jeter, on Stanton trade “No, there isn’t anything I would do differently.” Has someone checked former Yankees’ captain for concussions?


Maybe they don’t have Louis Vuitton stores in Lithuania?

Now it’s #CarsonWentz who is out for the season. With three weeks to go how many stars will be left for the @NFL playoffs?

Oops. Neither Bangladesh nor Brooklyn were on Trump’s travel ban list.#PortAuthority

#PortAuthority suspect said he made his bomb at work. And some people feel guilty about wasting employer time by with games or online shopping.

Dept of Education under Betsy Devos has stopped cancelling student loan debt for those defrauded by failed for-profit schools. Because how could they acknowledge it might have been a major mistake to attend Trump University?

Just imagine if when @BarackObama went to Hawaii for vacation he stayed at resort owned by his family & made a profit off trip. GOP heads would have exploded.

If you’re really “pro-life” it seems like a no-brainer to vote for man who successfully prosecuted murderers of four little girls. @GDouglasJones


December bringing different man or men every day accused of sexual harassment. This is becoming like a very twisted advent calendar.

It”s only Monday & this week #RyanLizza#MarioBatali…. Beginning to think it’s a bad idea to put men in positions of power.

Waiting for @realDonaldTrump to respond that he doesn’t get what all #KaylaMoore fuss is about “I have a Jew son-in-law.”


Just wondering, how many people have attorneys (plural) and KNOW what religion they all are? #KaylaMoore #NoMoore

Considering #KaylaMoore‘s “Jew” lawyer comment & his friend talking about child brothels, I understand why #RoyMoore tried to lie low weekend before election.

Crickets on #PortAuthority from @realDonaldTrump If alleged wannabe terrorist had been from country on his travel ban he’d have tweeted within 30 seconds.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says on Trump sexual assault allegations “American people knew this & voted for him,”   So WTF was Donald Trump doing going after Bill Clinton 20+ years later after his election?

Trump attacks @NYTimes for saying he watches 4-8 hours of TV a day. Maybe he means he really watches 8-12 hours….


Home stretch

December 10, 2017

It takes a lot of work for a perfect season. With their 4th quarter performance today it appears as if the Browns are up to the task.

Cleats, heck.  How many on the Bills & Colts in today’s Buffalo blizzard considered switching to ice skates?

Rex Ryan dissed Geno Smith, Smith called his former coach a “coward,” today Ryan compared Geno to a marshmallow. These two are more entertaining than watching Giants.

Baker Mayfield won the Heisman easily with great stats. But with a preseason arrest and other issues  he can thank Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston for getting committee to drop “integrity” from their mission statement.

Is there an award for the most runner-up finishes for the Heisman?  (Stanford has five since 2009.)


Alabama has a chance to get even many of us on West Coast to root for #CrimsonTide in CFB Playoffs this year.    Just elect #DougJones

We like to think national conversation about sexual assault has changed. But Ben Rothlisberger still remains popular in Pittsburgh.

No one in Alabama can find Roy Moore. Have they looked inside mall Santa suits?

Just imagine if that reporter had tweeted a picture making @realDonaldTrump’s hands look too small?

Whatever the Trump crowd size was at Pensacola rally, it was certainly a very WHITE Christmas event.

If lying about crowd size is cause for losing your job when is Trump resigning?

“We call it a tipping point, I think, so many accusations, so many cuts, so many drip, drip, drip — when it got to the 14-year-old’s story, that was enough for me. I said I can’t vote for Roy Moore.”
Another liberal for Doug Jones. Nope, Alabama GOP Senator Richard Shelby.

Alabama Sen Richard Shelby said he didn’t vote #RoyMoore but wrote in a “distinguished Republican name. And I think a lot of people could do that.’
Works for me. Or may I suggest Alabama voters write in Nick Saban?

Cory Booker, talking about Al Franken “My question is, why isn’t Donald Trump doing same thing — who has more serious allegations against him, w/ more women who have come forward.”
Too soon to start pool when Trump will tweet with stupid nickname for @CoryBooker?



Can we have a moment to remind Alabama voters that not only is @GDouglasJones a former prosecutor, he is a hunter who owns guns?

Still the captain?

December 9, 2017

If Yankees win 2018 World Series will they vote Jeter a playoff share?


So too soon to investigate former Yankee Derek Jeter for possible collusion?#Stanton

Maybe it’s time to rename them the Flori-duh Marlins.

If you already rooted against @Yankees then it’s not sour grapes if you start rooting against Stanton right? @SFGiants

Ohtani claimed he wanted a small market team. So will LA revert to calling themselves the Anaheim Angels?

United and Delta now doing basic economy fares on transatlantic flights. Because international flights weren’t fun enough without bargain-hunting families with children getting assigned to all middle seats and then trying to bug other people on the plane to switch with them.


As a candidate @realDonaldTrump mocked a disabled reporter. Last night he mocked a sexual assault victim. Make America Gross Again? #MAGA

At Trump’s first White House Hanukkah Party, did he tell them Christmas is back, bigger and better than ever?

At least one of the women who came forward about Roy Moore has been receiving death threats. And some still wonder why women don’t speak out.


We’ve gone from Senate candidate who dated children to congressman who wanted staffers to have his children. Can see why GOP is family values party.

Trump attacks @CNN after date error for being Fake News. But crickets on @FoxNews having to rescind the Roy Moore yearbook forgery story.

After Friday’s rally and ‘Lock her up” chants in Pensacola maybe the rest of Florida wants to secede from the Panhandle?

Fox News ranted about about acquittal in Kate Steinle case. Where’s their outrage on what seems much more egregious Daniel Shaver case?

What a world, many mass shootings & GOP still supports all gun owners. But idea that one #MeToo allegation might be false to them discredits all women.

More snow in Atlanta. Maybe someone shouldn’t have said hell would freeze over before the GOP endorsed a pro-slavery child molester for Senate.

GOP absolutely will fight for female baby’s right to be born so she can grow up & then be mocked & derided when she complains about sexual assault. #Prolifemyass

Coming soon, Dodger Doritos?

December 8, 2017

LA City Council voted to legalize marijuana sales starting in 2018. And we thought a lot of fans were late to Dodgers games until now…. #dudewheresmyticket


LaVar Ball now wants both his sons to play overseas. Thinking Europe response “Uh, no, we have Louis Vuitton stores too.”

Former Team USA gymnastic doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 60 years in prison. Can they put him in general population?

So maybe besides all the other bets on Thursday Night Football there should be an over-under on injuries?

Cleveland Browns fired Sashi Brown, executive VP in charge of their personnel dept. #Browns fans shocked – team HAS a personnel dept?

Are millennials into bitcoin because they missed out on beanie babies?

Or is  “bitcoin” millennial for “tulip bulbs?”


United Airlines has a waiver for winter weather. On December 7. In Atlanta, Georgia. But no, we don’t have climate change.

So while we work up to @realDonaldTrump & @MooreSenate can GOP start by calling for Blake Farenthold to resign?

Pantene says the color of the year for 2018 will be “Ultra violet.” Waiting for tweet from Trump complaining that it’s not orange. #fakecolor


So Trump is going to have a physical next year. Will that include a visit to his dentist? #DentureDonald

White House @PressSec said @realDonaldTrump will undergo a physical next year & results will be made public. Right after he releases his tax returns?

Arizona GOP Rep. Trent Franks said he is resigning over asking female staffers about becoming a surrogate for his child. Why do I guess that wasn’t phrase he used? Cue Paul Anka #Havingmybaby

GOP claims to be the party of personal responsibility. Until they get elected.#Franken #Conyers #Moore #Trump

Donald Trump Jr tweeted an attack on Al Franken this morning. Donny claiming moral high ground is like Hillary Clinton claiming to be expert on email servers.

Damn, now #NewMexico. Time to reset the mass shooting clock to zero again. And for NRA to claim all students should be armed

Roll tide?

December 7, 2017

Open note to the good people of Alabama. Hard for me to say this, but vote in Doug Jones & I will actually root for Nick Saban & Crimson Tide. Once anyway. #Priorities

Rafael Palmeiro, 53, says he is contemplating a return to MLB. Uh oh, nobody tell Jamie Moyer.

Roger Goodell has signed a $200 million contract to remain NFL commissioner. Yeah, that man really needs a tax cut.

Cowboys to debut new uniforms this weekend. Unfortunately for Dallas fans they will still have same old Cowboys in them.

Former gymnasts & their parents pushing for maximum sentence for ex-Team USA doctor Larry Nassar. And indeed it’s a risk. If he ever gets out of prison he could run for office as a Republican.

If San Antonio Spurs could just add one good player, they could be a great team this year. @kawhileonard @Spurs

Pfizer is introducing a generic Viagra for “only” about $32 a pill. That’s still a stiff price.

GOP House just approved bill to allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines. But we’re still out of luck with marijuana gummies.

So for safety reasons Nikki Haley indicates we might not send US athletes to #WinterOlympics2018 in Korea. Even more encouragement for Kim Jong Un to try his missiles to US mainland?

Maybe Russia and the US can have their own games, where all the medals go to Putin and Trump.

Think we could get bipartisan agreement on a special place in hell for those who run red lights at left turn and get stuck in intersection so people going straight can’t go on green.

Now it appears #RoyMoore was dating his wife while she was still married. Wonder how “Christian” bakers feel now about THAT wedding cake?


A Delta flight from JFK to Seattle, which is over 6 hours, had all toilets malfunction and had to make a bathroom break stop for passengers in Billings. At Spirit Airlines they’d have probably passed around paper cups for $5.

San Francisco central subway reportedly is falling further behind schedule. Construction started in 2011, supposed to open in 2018, city says 2019, and main contractor now estimates 2021.
If we’re doing a pool, dibs on 2025.
If Senator Franken steps down tomorrow to do the “right thing” can he also call on GOP colleagues and President to do the same?

While we move forward against sexual predators in politics, remember, past allegations matter. But can we focus on those currently in office? JFK & Ted are dead, Bill & H.W aren’t running again….

WH said Trump slurred words at end of speech today because he had “a dry throat.” Right. And Hillary wasn’t healthy enough to be President. #sarcasm

Trevor Noah on The Daily Show reminds us Donald Trump is very sensitive about his appearance & so we should absolutely not tweet or post things about  #DentureDonald


One of worst things about all sexual harassment stories coming out is that no matter who you are, someone you’ve admired will be or has been caught. Beginning to think men have real self-control issues.

Democrats calling for resignation of one of their most popular Senators. GOP putting more $$$ into campaign of man who wasn’t fit to serve BEFORE sexual allegations. Still think there’s no difference between parties?


December 6, 2017


FSU’s Derwin James, a projected early 1st round draft pick, skipping Seminoles postseason. Must have been tough decision, who hasn’t dreamed of playing in Walk-Ons Independence Bowl?

(Wonder if James would have still passed had it been the legendary Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl?)


LaVar Ball now blaming UCLA coaching staff for his son’s shoplifting, saying they “should have enforced stronger rules during the trip.”

Because kids otherwise would never understand that “no shoplifting” was a rule?

Apparently Liangelo Ball isn’t likely to be drafted by the NBA nor be offered a job playing in Europe.  And he probably hasn’t helped his chances with the ASEAN Basketball League (ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations – Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)


Tuesday night Colin Kaepernick got Muhammad Ali Legacy Award, presented by Beyonce. Note to @realDonaldTrump – you can attack a lot of people & get away with it. Probably not Beyonce.

Russia has been banned from 2018 Olympics for systematic state-sanctioned doping. How crooked do you have to be that even the IOC is appalled?

So will Trump let banned Russian athletes compete for the US? #2018WinterOlympics

Wisconsin is moving ahead with plan to drug test food stamp users. Why stop there. Drug test everyone getting money from state. Starting with those in government.

Labor Dept wants to overturn Obama rule requiring employers to give waitstaff all their tips, as opposed to tip-pooling. . Except Trump rule would allow employers to keep ALL tips. Sure that wouldn’t happen at say, Mar-A-Lago….

Almost impossible to find economists supporting #GOPTaxScam bill. Which is another reason GOP wants to make it harder to be graduate student in economics.

State Dept fears Trump move of US embassy to Jerusalem will provoke violence & possible terrorism. Which no doubt is what Trump is counting on to distract from Russia.

Steve Bannon attacks Mitt Romney for “hiding behind his religion” to avoid service in Vietnam. As opposed to the bravery of President Bone Spurs?

U.S. border apprehensions are down 25% this year. So maybe immigrants are using more plane, boats and tunnels?

GOP believes bakers shouldn’t have to make wedding cake for gay couples. Should restaurants have to serve 35 yr old men dating teenagers?

Would #MasterpieceCakeshop make a cake for a 32 year old man to bring to a 16 year old girl?

Roy Moore talking about taking Alabama values to Washington. Which means if he’s elected, no Senator going forward will be able to get a babysitter for their kids.

From TC  “US military exercises in South Korea are again provoking NK prez Kim Chee. They are now daring him to prove his missles can reach the mainland by offering The Silverdome as a target.”


Missing out?

December 5, 2017

More and more teams out of the Ohtani free agent race. This is getting more and more like an episode of the Bachelor.

Giancarlo Stanton might be deciding between #Cardinals & #SFGiants. Has anyone from Giants considered sending him average weather reports from St. Louis in summer?


LaVar Ball pulling LiAngelo out of UCLA means the kid will miss out on potentially a great three months of college.

And yes, this is LaVar saying he is pulling his son out. Not his son making the statement.  Yeah, this young man is definitely mature enough for the NBA.

Stanford’s Bryce Love  named a finalist, and invited for Heisman ceremony. If by some miracle he wins, will his trophy have only one ankle?

(or an ankle brace at lease,  Love has been running on one ankle since a late October injury against Washington.)

#Giants have fired #BenMcAdoo after benching Manning. Who’d a thunk the 2017 Jets would be the most NFL functional team in NY?


So House wants to allow Americans to take their guns and concealed-carry permits across state lines. But heaven-forbid they bring their marijuana.

RIP #JohnAnderson, Remembering the days when those on fringe of the GOP were honorable people.

So if GOP women who voted for Trump are called liars when they accuse Roy Moore, even with WRITTEN evidence, what makes any woman think she has better chance of being believed?


Orrin Hatch on Roy Moore – “many of the things he allegedly did were decades ago.” Of course same could have been said for Charles Manson.

Somewhere Nixon is thinking “How the f*ck did I get impeached for a cover up of a two-bit burglary?

If Trump gets away with “if the President does it it’s not illegal,” do we retroactively exonerate Nixon?


How long until Trump tweets “Yeah, of course I colluded w/ Russians, so what? GOP got their SCOTUS judge & we got our tax cuts. #MAGA.”

Among many reasons I’m a Democrat – I believe more in leaving our children a world w/ clean air & water, great national parks & a good educational system, than in leaving our children a world free from estate tax.

Going forward into December, if someone wishes you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanza, whatever… just smile and say thank you. We need more nice. Seriously.