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Happy 4-20 day

April 20, 2018

But really, shouldn’t Happy 4-20 day wishes always properly be wished on the 21st?


SF Giants have become a run scoring machine in the Mac Williamson era?


(As Henry Schulman pointed out, they scored 10 % of their runs so far – for the YEAR – in one inning today.)


Until yesterday, figured Gregg Popovich should have serious consideration for @NBA coach of year for all he’d had to overcome this year with the team. Had no idea….

And this, btw, is worth a read, seriously.


So anyone else assume that when @Twitter goes down for a while that Trump must have broken it?

On #NationalSchoolWalkoutDay would GOP care to state again how they feel students and teachers should be armed?

Forget #IKEA robots, is there a robot that can help parents figure out the toys they buy for their kids? Asking for a country with 8 months notice until Christmas.


Remember those innocent days when the worst we had to explain to our kids about President and sex was a blow job? #bookers#peetape#goldenshowers


Well, you know, who could respect a woman who stayed with a cheating husband? #misogyny

 Trouble with hiring a lawyer who has absolutely no scruples about saving you your ass, is that he’s going to apply the same standards to saving his own. #MichaelCohen  

If Mueller wants to confirm Trump spent a night at Moscow Ritz, just get travel writer to say how much more opulent & beautiful it is than any Trump hotel. Tweet saying ‘It is NOT. #FakeNews”  should take about 2 minutes.


“Special Council?” As much as Barbara Bush believed in literacy, maybe this @RealDonaldTrump Presidency really killed her?

So is Wendy Wasserman Schultz related to Adele Dazeem?

CDC has warned Americans to stop eating romaine lettuce over possible E-Coli fears. So shouldn’t Trump keep romaine on Mar-A-Lago menu to prove that the CDC is a job-killing regulator that needs spending cuts?


RIP Erin.

April 19, 2018


San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich’s wife Erin passed away today. Nothing funny about this. So sad.

We always knew Popovich sees the big picture beyond sports. Apparently his wife was ill for a long time. but no complaints, no excuses. Hope at least now Pop knows how much he is loved and admired in and beyond NBA.


Yeah, tell me we don’t need a stronger word than deplorable….. Happened to read the SF Chronicle online story on death of Erin Popovich. And the FIRST comment, “Gregg Popovich has yet to offer public comment.” “As expected Pop continues to be too busy to even acknowledge the death of his wife. More concerned about attacking our President..’.”
Maybe six words ‘Sad excuse for a human being.”



As #SFGiants fan I’ve almost forgotten what a “save situation” was.  Giants apparently missed them so much they ended up having two of them.  And almost blowing both.

So #SFGiants are keeping #macwilliamson in Sacramento because they aren’t sure he can hit major league pitching. Well, they are sure 2018 team these days can’t.

Orrin Hatch asks what there were “10 babies on the floor of the Senate?”. Well if you leave out a little detail like chronological age there are a lot more than 10 babies on floor of Senate. Starting with Mitch McConnell.

And we wonder how Senators get their spineless reputations.    After Senate deadlocked 49-49 for about an hour Wednesday on a vote to break a filibuster of James Bridenstine, who has no management experience and doesn’t believe in Climate Change,  to be next head of NASA,  Jeff Flake returned to Senate floor and switched to “yes..”  Thoughts and prayers?

The entire island of Puerto Rico has just lost power. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Trump is so proud of golfing with Japan PM Shinzo Abe but maybe he can ask Abe’s advice on Puerto Rico power situation. Since Japan is, you know, a country of islands.

Trump does realize that tweeting a picture with Prime Minister of Japan at Trump International Golf Club and tagging it officially  with Department of State  and White House hash tags is a crime?  #Emoluments

Blame Canada.

April 18, 2018

Toronto Raptors might be the best NBA team most Americans have barely heard of…

Police raided FSU QB Deondre Francois’s Tallahassee apartment on a tip he was selling pot, but they found less than an ounce of marijuana. Wonder how long until Francois transfers to Colorado or Washington?

Anthony Rizzo says the baseball season is too long. Jeez, get a team in the postseason for a few years and they turn into snowflakes. @cubs

Maybe if Mueller really wants to keep his job he can tell Trump that on the day he is fired an associate will release the pee tape.

C’mon Nikki Haley, come over to anti-Trump dark side. We have cookies. And can’t wait to read your resignation letter ending “Bless your heart.”

Starbucks is going to close its 8,000 US company-owned stores for one afternoon to education employees about racial bias. So now will an entirely new group #BoycottStarbucks?

So I know #bustohell jokes are inappropriate now but if I die in a freak airline accident I hereby give all my friends & family permission to make #airplanetohell joke. #Southwest

RIP Barbara Bush. After she stopped medical intervention she was still sipping bourbon. We all should go out with such style.


Remember that Barbara Bush had no problem making a rude comment about Geraldine Ferraro. Wish I could have heard what she said privately about @realDonaldTrump.


A fun Barbara Bush story back when Jenna Bush was getting into relatively mild but regular trouble.   Jenna in an interview “I’m known around the family as Grandma’s revenge on George.”


Trump started out this am ranting about Stormy Elliott.  At least @realDonaldTrump didn’t tweet this morning that #BarbaraBush“wouldn’t have been his first choice?

Trump also tweeting about the advantages of online retailers not collecting sales tax.  The Trump Store only collects sales tax from buyers in two states.

So do they have something on Mitch McConnell, or is he just a loathsome toad for the fun of it?

Now that it’s April 17

April 17, 2018

We are finally within two MONTHS of a NBA finals potential game seven, scheduled for Jun 17, 2018.  And they say the baseball season is too long.

So will Cooperstown ask for the broken handle of Bryce Harper’s bat?

(for those who didn’t see, he hit a ball, broke his bat, and it went for a 400 plus foot home run.)

Washington Post profiled some unhappy mostly rural Texas voters who are unhappy with Gregg Popovich’s political outspokenness and attacks on Trump. They say some of them can no longer be Spurs fans. Now, where’s the article on all the more liberal fans who have been listening to Pop and are BIGGER, or even first time Spurs fans.

Bad enough that a Canadian team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup in forever.  But now one of the league’s best team’s is an expansion team in…. Las Vegas. #insulttoinjury

A’s are giving away free tickets to Tuesday’s game. How bad will it get before they offer to PAY fans to show up?

Manager of Philadelphia Starbucks who called cops on black men reported “no longer works” at location. Have they accepted a job at Fox News cafeteria?

So now Sean Hannity turns out to be a Michael Cohen client…. We really are going to have a nationwide popcorn shortage.

So yeah, don’t we all expect attorney client privilege from someone who isn’t our lawyer? #SeanHannity

So now it’s Nikki Haley who’s been thrown under the Trump bus with @realDonaldTrump contradicting her sanctions announcement yesterday. Damn, I didn’t have her in Resignation Bingo.

If you’re still supporting Trump and Hannity right now presume you’ll be okay if a Democratic President and Rachel @maddow behave the same way in future?



If someone came to a major studio with a movie script that paralleled events in @realDonaldTrump administration they’d have been told to come back with something more realistic.

Bigliest sexy?

April 16, 2018



Bartolo Colon, 44, took a perfect game into the 8th inning Sunday against the Houston Astros.   Like Tom Brady, it must be that hard-core fitness regime that keeps him ageless?

Of course, many might think that watching Colon will dispel the rumor of baseball players being true athletes once and for all.


So the Spurs got blown out in game 1 because they are missing their superstar.  What was Cavs excuse?

Wonder if Cavs coach  Tyronn Lue will have a recurrence of whatever illness caused him to step away from the team in March?


23 1/2 inches of snow in Green Bay, Wisconsin, 2nd-heaviest snowstorm of all time, 27 inches of rain in 24 hours in Kauai. But no, we don’t have climate change….

Whatever you think of the Bush presidents, they both married up. Wishing the best for Barbara Bush.


It’s not an “either-or” question – America doesn’t have to respect Trump OR Comey.

No response from yet on So staff must have done a better job than usual of hiding his phone.

So did Trump use #MissionAccomplished as a dig at W? Or is he really so clueless he has no idea what Americans now think that means?

Since Trump may be at Mar-A-Lago all week is there any way someone can give America a break by cutting the TV cable?

Trump’s campaign committee reportedly spent $3.9 million that Trump’s committee spent in the first quarter of 2018,  and more than $834,000  of that went to eight law firms and the Trump Corp. for legal fees,  according to the FEC.

Well, at least it’s “jobs! jobs! jobs!” for lawyers.


Remember when weirdest story involving a former FBI director was J. Edgar Hoover’s rumored cross-dressing?

Snow place like home?

April 15, 2018

‘Chicago WhiteSox & Minnesota Twins canceled last 3 games of 4 game series over a spring snowstorm. Somewhere the ghost of the Metrodome is laughing.


At least Trump doesn’t know or care enough about baseball to insult our intelligence by pretending he honors #JackieRobinsonDay

Uf misery loves company then this 2018 season SF Giants and Dodgers may become BFFs indeed.


New Eagles CB Daryl Worley reportedly found passed out behind the wheel in a car blocking South Philadelphia highway. So just wondering, when will NFL contracts start banning risky behavior like driving?

Kelly Kraft missed the cut at RBC Heritage by a stroke after a tee-shot hit a bird and landed in water, Kraft’s response later “I got screwed.” HE got screwed? What about the bird?

200 million eggs recalled over salmonella fears with 22 illnesses at least reported so far. But hey, who needs pesky regulations?

Credit where credit is due. Trump has been a disaster in most ways for the country. But he’s revitalized SNL.

With all the stupid things @readdonaldTrump has ever tweeted, wouldn’t you think he’d have at least learned not to use #MissionAccomplished.

Just wondering what Robert Mueller will consider #MissionAccomplished?

Nikki Haley says US remains “locked and loaded” to strike Syria again in response to new chemical attacks. She misspoke – Let me correct – “in response to any new bombshell from Mueller investigation.”

Trump tweeting ” Syrian raid was so perfectly carried out, with such precision,…& attacking “Fake News Media” at same time White House releases alleged Syria situation room picture w/ VP Pence who wasn’t even on same continent. Once again, lies, damn lies, and Trumpisms

(and hey, when they tweeted out a years’ old picture of Mike Pence at a Colts game, ostensibly to show him before he walked out of another game over an anthem protest…. well we should have know… no lie too petty.)

This live-action Wag the Dog sequel really sucks.

So much “winning with class…”

April 14, 2018

“The 49ers organization is aware of today’s disturbing charges regarding Reuben Foster. Reuben is aware his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned through the legal process.”

SF 49ers LB Reuben Foster just charged w/ felony domestic violence Thursday after alleged attack on girlfriend in Feb. And 29 other teams who passed on the star LB in NFL draft have to be feeling pretty good about that decision.

As the Trump housekeeper rumors hit the 24 hour news cycle I remember one of my favorite “Tonight Show” episodes with Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers. They were arguing over whether men or women were better. After a bit of back and forth, Joan said, “Johnny, a woman always knows EXACTLY how many children she has in the world”
Johnny started to respond, stopped, thought about it for a second, and said “You win.”.


Maybe it’s just me, but thinking that for 49ers fans giving Richard Sherman a pass on some past behavior is a no-brainer compared at this point to defending Reuben Foster.

I really miss days when troubled relationship between a Kardashian and an NBA player would have been the biggest social media concern of the week

New study found “night owls” — people who prefer to stay up later — had a 10% higher mortality rate than early birds. Well of course, probably stress-related illnesses caused by putting up with morning people.

Amazed how conservatives who talk about “gay lifestyle” and “perversion” seem to have no problem with heterosexuals who cheat on their (plural) wives. #Pompeo


Mitch McConnell is married to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. So would they have to retire together to use the “spend time with family” excuse?

If Donald  Trump could make millions on Trump-branded marijuana he’d probably change his mind on legalization too. #JohnBoehner


It’s not that a doorman got $30,000 and a porn star got $130,000. I want to know who got the REAL big $$$ from Donald Trump.

Maybe Trump is afraid we’ll find out about an illegitimate daughter because he tried to date her?



Forget shooting someone on 5th Avenue. Beginning to think if @realDonaldTrump told his fans “Sorry suckers, it was never about MAGA it’s just about making me richer,” they’d respond “Isn’t he wonderful being so honest.”