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Golden heat

February 19, 2018

Damn, those of us Americans already jealous of Canada for Justin Trudeau have now added Virtue and Moir to the list.


Sorry, ABC viewers tonight. #VirtueAndMoir are so much sexier than ANY episode of #TheBachelor

So wonder how many men joined their wives and girlfriends tonight watching ice dancing in hopes of another wardrobe malfunction?

Canadian & German bobsledders are either great sports or have really good looking sisters. #Gold #Olympics  (they tied.)

MLB is going to limit mound visits to 6 per game, by managers, coaches & players combined, without a pitching change. The horror – how will a team discuss wedding presents? #Candlesticksalwaysmakeanicegift

Last night at NBA All Star game, Roseanne Barr saw her torch for all time worst National Anthem grabbed off the floor by Fergie.


Russia, or rather OAR  could lose a bronze medal over alleged doping in… men’s curling. So what will be Alexander Krushelnytsky’s excuse – “chicks dig the long rock?”

GM Sandy Alderson says he thinks Tim Tebow will “play in the major leagues” someday. Or at least he’ll play for the Mets?

Sunday was #NationalDrinkWineDay Although since Trump’s inauguration, for many Americans EVERY day has been #NationalDrinkWineDay

School shooting survivors Emma Gonzalez & David Hogg said today they aren’t attending Trump’s “listening session” this week. That moment when kids have more courage of their convictions than the GOP congress.

On #PresidentsDay not sure there is anything more damning for our current @POTUS that he thinks grinning “thumbs up” picture after a high school massacre is not only appropriate but should be his Twitter picture.

I think more teachers would consider being armed if they were allowed to bring their weapons to contract negotiations.

So now Trump position is that Russia didn’t meddle in 2016 and it was Obama’s fault anyway.

That moment when POTUS asks his wealthy friends about gun control at Mar-A-Lago, where they are all protected by an armed Secret Service….

Is it too much to ask for a President who respects the FBI and CIA half as much as he respects the NRA?

Trump just endorsed Mitt Romney. Apparently he’s so desperate to be on the winning side expect POTUS to endorse Golden State Warriors next.

and about 45 minutes later, this tweet from Mitt “Thank you Mr. President for the support. I hope that over the course of the campaign I also earn the support and endorsement of the people of Utah.”

So who had “less than an hour” in the “How long would it take Mitt Romney to sell his soul?” pool.

Whatever you think about @BillClinton, he had friends and associates who remained loyal, even going to jail for him. Just guessing no one will fall on their sword for @realDonaldTrump


Going downhill

February 18, 2018


One problem with Winter Olympics is just when we begin to figure out what, for example, a good slalom run looks like, the events are over.

Of course, to be fair, most Americans are also equally good at normally ignoring college basketball.  Until the brackets are out.


NBC has hired Adam Rippon to work as a correspondent for the remainder of the Olympics. Fabulous!

So who had the first athlete accused of doping at Winter Games be a …curler?#AlexanderKrushelnitsky,

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins is upset after his team lost to #13 Kansas – after his Mountaineers got 2 free throws, and the Jayhawks got 35.

So did the refs think one of the Kansas players was the 2nd coming of James Harden?


As if we didn’t know already, there is NOTHING that Trump won’t try to make all about him. Even the massacre of children.

Maybe while we raise the legal age to buy guns to 21 we should lower the voting age to 16. #Florida #EmmaGonzalez

Trump didn’t play golf today to honor victims of school shooting. Better instead of skipping greens he would consider skipping NRA green. $$$$

From “The Hill ” Trump joked with Officer Michael Leonard, the Coconut Creek, Fla., police officer who apprehended the accused shooter, saying he should be less “modest” about it.
“That was so modest, I would have told it much differently,” Trump joked to Leonard after he acknowledged the arrest. “I would have said without me, they never would have found him.”

Uh, Trump WASN’T joking.


Late Saturday night tweetstorm from @realDonaldTrump – Melania must have locked her door again….

Another morning ranting tweet storm from @realDonaldTrump. Can we only imagine what it would be like if this guy actually drank alcohol?


February 17, 2018

Canada is kicking US butts in the medal count for this Olympics.  Should we blame Trump?


Canada-Denmark women’s curling match featured a “burned rock” foul.    No joke. But I see great endorsement opportunities…  “Burning rocks?  – There’s a cure for that.”

Chris Long is now taking Laura Ingraham to task over her comments against Lebron James.  How long until Trump says he wouldn’t want the “loser” Eagles to visit the White House anyway?

In Florida there is a 3-day waiting period to buy a handgun. There is no waiting period for an AR-15. #NottheOnion


Look, I don’t really care what goes on in someone else’s marriage. But where are all the trolls who said they had no respect for Hillary Clinton because she ignored Bill’s cheating?


Marco Rubio, still pro-gun after the Florida school shooting: “I’m trying to be clear and honest here, someone who has decided to commit this crime, they will find a way to get the gun to do it.”

-So why do we have laws against murder? They don’t stop someone who has decided to kill someone else.

Rick Scott wants FBI Director Wray to resign over the bureau’s handling on tip about Florida killer. While he attacks gun control advocates for politicizing the tragedy.

FBI now admits someone “close to” Florida gunman called their tipline in January — but “protocols were not followed,” and “no further investigation was conducted at that time.”
In other words, same reaction White House had about Rob Porter.

19 year-old Parkland killer went to Subway after the shootings to get a soft drink. Well, of course, because he couldn’t legally go to a bar to get a beer.

How strange has “normal” become when an alleged affair with a Playboy bunny and subsequent cover-up might be the mildest story affecting Donald  Trump today?

When Stormy Daniels trots out her stained dress, going to be real interesting to see how Trumpsters blame this on Hillary. Or Obama.


Trump press release says Mueller indictments indicate #NoCollusion. Waiting for next release saying there is no gambling in Casablanca.


Trump spent six minutes with shooting victims yesterday. Less time than the killer did in the school.

Mueller is a Republican. Mueller is a Republican. Mueller is a Republican. #Indictments

Not-so-dumb vs dumber.

February 15, 2018

Love him or hate him, #LeBronJames is NOT dumb. Laura Ingraham on the other hand….

Headlines that “USA’s Lindsey Jacobellis fails to medal in snowboardcross event.”  Okay,  bummer for her, she finished 4th.  But how many Americans before this week even knew what “snowboardcross” is?


I miss the times when biggest story on Twitter would have been Jennifer Aniston’s break up.


McDonalds is going to take cheeseburgers out of their Happy Meals to get them all under 600 calories. Right, that piece of cheese is the problem..

Waiting for Donald Trump to say Rick Gates was just a covfefe boy.

Trump today “To every parent, teacher and child who is hurting so badly, we are here for you, whatever you need, whatever we can do, to ease your pain.”
“Whatever we can do…” as long as it doesn’t involve trying to keep AR-15’s out of the hands of Americans.

Does anyone doubt that if Florida killer was an immigrant that Trump would be tweeting angrily today about the need for his wall?

1st amendment doesn’t give you the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Why should 2nd amendment give you the right to own an AR-15?


How can anyone say a different gun law wouldn’t have prevented latest school shooting. The killer bought gun legally.

After killing 17 people, the killer went to Subway to buy a soft drink.  Because he couldn’t legally go to a bar to buy a beer?


On #ParklandShooting “We’ve seen lots of discussion about this every time we’ve had another incident… need to have conversation at level where lawmakers can actually impact future. It’s their job.”  This quote from noted liberal…. Betsy Devos?!!  #nottheOnion


NC State Rep. Larry Pittman wrote online “So many of these shooters turn out to be communist Democrats, that I suspect they are doing these things to push for gun control so they can more easily take over the country.”
For some people, “despicable” would be a compliment.

Why does sensible gun control have to be a partisan issue? You can have friends who hunt & well-trained friends who have guns for fun or protection without thinking teenagers should have access to AR-15s?

Trump says about disturbed individuals – “Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again.” How’d that work out for Rob Porter’s ex-wives?


Rick Scott on Fox and Friends – “Something has to change here.” Right, starting with Florida’s governor.

EPA Secretary Greg Pruitt claims he can’t fly coach because of unpleasant “interactions” with passengers…..    #Thoughtsandprayers

Marco Rubio today said not to blame lawmakers as proposals for gun control wouldn’t have stopped any mass shooting. Maybe not EVERY mass shooting as people break laws. But that’s like saying DUI laws don’t stop drunk driving deaths.

Alyssa Al Hadeff Scott Beigel Martin Duque Nick Dworet Aaron Feis Jaime Guttenberg Chris Hixon Luke Hoyer Cara Loughran Gina Montalo Joaquin Oliver Alaina Petty Meadow Pollack Alex Schachter Carmen Schentrup Helena Ramsey Peter Wang…

These are the names we should remember. Not the killer’s.

Heavy medals?

February 15, 2018


I miss the days during the Winter Olympics when the worst scandal Americans were talking about involved a  French judge.

Sebastian Janikowski trending. But whew, he’s only been cut by the Raiders. Not dead or accused of sexual harassment.


As we approach All-Star break,  Warriors lost tonight in Portland to the Trail Blazers.   Putting them shockingly now in second place in the NBA pre-season.

Lane Kiffin’s brother Chris Kiffin leaving FAU to be assistant coach for SF 49ers.  Well, at least they have several months to work it out before Thanksgiving

Why does sensible gun control have to be a partisan issue? You can have friends who hunt & well-trained friends who have guns for fun or protection without thinking teenagers should have access to AR-15s?

Some in GOP saying latest school shooting is a reason to arm teachers. Can those same teachers bring their guns to contract negotiations?

Wonder how many consumers now think Blue Apron delivers canned processed meals?

Mitt Romney is reportedly going to announce his run for the Senate in Utah tomorrow. Apparently since his loss in 2012, he’s done enough knitting?


I’m so old that I remember going to high school in Florida when you heard about a classmate being tragically killed it probably was in a car accident.

In 2014, Charlie Christ was good but imperfect candidate for FL Gov.   Lost to Rick Scott by 1%. Crist had called for assault weapons ban, a size limit on ammunition clips & tougher background checks.

Before we attack the whole state of Florida, remember this  vote total in 2014 – Rick Scott – 2,865,343, Charlie Crist – 2,801,198. We don’t need to change ALL minds. We just need 50.1%

A last horrifying detail –apparently the Florida High School killer was expelled only AFTER as student he attended “shooter driller” telling kids what to do.

Then he used it as part of blueprint for today. But drills don’t kill people….

Red and gold

February 13, 2018

Wait a minute, how did  Shaun White get to be 31 years old?


I didn’t know they allowed snowboarders to be over 30.

Hope the winds die down in Korea so they can get the skiing events started before the spring thaw.


NCAA denied Notre Dame’s appeal and so the football team must vacate wins from 2012-13 over students doing homework and assignments for players.  Not a Fighting Irish fan but looking at say,  UNC, clearly Notre Dame’s mistake was having players enroll in real classes.

Some of Phoenix Suns felt it was disrespectful for Steve Kerr to let Warriors players coach the team in Golden State’s 129-83 win last night.   So Kerr  should have done like Gregg Popovich did, coaching 3 quarters and then letting an assistant coach coach the 4th quarter?  The shorthanded Spurs beat the Suns by 48.


Does every guy’s lawyer pay porn stars $130,000 out of their own pockets? Asking as a confused woman.


Michael Cohen  “Neither “Trump Organization nor Trump campaign was a party to transaction w/ Ms. Clifford & neither reimbursed me for payment.”

Cohen didn’t say Donald Trump didn’t pay him.

FBI Director Wray testified today White House was warned about Rob Porter in Mar, Jul, Nov 2017 & again this month. Does this move Wray to top in Trump firing pool?

Amazing how same GOP that promotes “steak & lobster on taxpayer dime” myth for food stamp recipients has no problem with flying first class on taxpayer dime.

So are #SNAP boxes Trump proposes of processed foods really just a way to make sure more poor people don’t live to collect social security & Medicare?


Among Trump’s first 87 judicial nominees, 80 are white. Shocking! How did those 7 slip through.

Rob Porter said glass vase that allegedly blackened his ex-wife’s eye was Venetian. So not American. Deport the vase!


Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have separated. Darn I miss the days when Palins were the most hypocritical outrageous family in politics. #Familyvalues


It’s actually pretty simple, only people who say they don’t believe Russia was meddling in 2016 elections, are people Russia was meddling on behalf of.

Make room for Daddy?

February 12, 2018

Lavar Ball says Lonzo won’t re-sign w/ Lakers but “will go to any team that will take all 3 of my boys.” Wonder how long before even teams in Lithuania will decide NONE of his boys are worth dealing with dad.

Former MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza, who made over $43 million in his career, arrested w/ over 20KG of heroin & cocaine in San Diego. Guess $43 million doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Failed drug test, argument w/ hospital worker, marijuana arrest, alleged domestic violence & assault rifle possession. But with #ReubenFoster 49ers are  “gathering all pertinent information.” All part of @NFL “7 strikes and you’re out” policy?

Four of the sweetest words in the English language -“Pitchers and catchers report.”

London City Airport closed Monday after 500kg WWII bomb was found nearby in the River Thames. Waiting for Trump tweet blaming Islamic terrorism

A the body of suspected poacher was found mauled and nearly completely eaten by lions in South Africa. Wonder what mean bitch Karma ordered for dessert.

Now @PressSec is saying @realDonaldTrump isn’t “taking a side one way or the other” on Porter accusations. Many fine people on both sides?


Scott Pruitt charged taxpayers for $1,641.43 1st class flight from DC to NY. One-way fare leaving with 24 hours notice on Delta in 1st class is $544. How can Pruitt run EPA when he can’t even find decent travel agent?

Trying to figure out why Scott Pruitt would use a fare that is so much higher than the expected last minute first class fare on a Delta Shuttle from New York to DC. Because it’s a no-brainer to get the cheapest fare on any route in any class – getting a higher fare requires an override. But airlines these days give miles based on dollars spent .Can only assume that not only did Pruitt want to fly first class, he wanted to get maximum miles for his future personal travel.

So to celebrate #DarwinDay wonder how many people shot guns into the air?