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January 19, 2022

Ron DeSantis is “America’s Governor” like the Dallas Cowboys were ever “America’s Team.” And of the two, I prefer the Cowboys.

Meanwhile, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott apologized Tuesday on Twitter for his postgame comments after the teams loss Sunday to the 49ers.

When he heard fans were throwing things at the officials (not at players), Prescott said “”Credit to them then. Credit to them.”

So maybe Dak should have said if fans were throwing anything it should have been for whoever called a plan down the middle with no time-outs left on the clock?

(For anyone who didn’t see the game, Cowboys got a first down and were driving for a potentially game winning TD, but the clock ran out before they could spike the ball.)

So now that Djokovic was sent home most Americans have gone back not to caring about the Australian Open?

Tim Kaine sums up the question Democrats will bring to the Senate floor tomorrow. “Should we change that secret filibuster to a public filibuster?” Democrats aren’t even asking Republicans to walk the walk. They’re just asking them to talk the talk.

Rachel Maddow reporting that CNN says January 6 committeee has subpoenaed phone records from Eric Trump and Don Jr’s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle. Shocking. The committee thinks Eric might have had actual contact with his father?

Would all these Republicans who claim these new state voter suppression laws do not discriminate by race like to provide us some examples of how the changes make it harder for white people to vote? Or even for suburban people to vote? I’ll wait.

Mitt Romney on Senate floor today saying that Democrats didn’t talk to Republicans at all in working on election reform.

Manchin has been talking to GOP for months. And we know other Democratic leaders have done same. Doesn’t the Book of Mormon have something about truth?

Meanwhile, in closest we’ve seen to an actual debate on the Senate floor in forever. Senator Merkley challenging Chuck Grassley on his filibuster defense.

“Help my memory… Did you not vote to strike down the filibuster on Supreme Court nominations?” (Editor’s note – Chuck did just that.)

Amy Klobuchar gave a blistering speech on the Senate Floor for Tuesday for voting rights an hour after returning from Ukraine. Don’t tell me no Democrats are fighting for our democracy.

Stephen Colbert – Despite Sinema’s claims, “50 GOP Senators filbustering voting rights represent 41 MILLION fewer Americans than 50 Senators who support it.

Colbert added “Stop acting like filibuster is anything other than an anti-democratic tool.” Which is also pretty good description of Kyrsten Sinema.”

Fox News accuses Stephen Colbert of misogyny for calling Kyrsten Sinema “Mrs. Hamburglar” w/ picture of her in black & white striped sweater. Now, Colbert is an entertainer. But missed Fox outrage when Laura Ingraham clapped in glee at General Mark Milley’s Covid diagnosis.

All by myself….

January 18, 2022

Kyrie Irving is still refusing vaccine, which keeps him part-time even w/ injury to Kevin Durant: “I just know I’m protected by the Nets, protected by my teammates, my doctors…I’m just staying rooted.” All these people “protecting” Irving. But he’s not protecting them back

If you’re a Saints fan & had lost just a bit of your Rams hate after that 2019 NFC championship no-call game, watching LA dismantle Cardinals after taking 2nd half off against the 49ers last weekend will refuel it. #WhoDat

Actually for a lot of Americans, choosing a teams to root for in the NFL playoffs this season, increasingly becomes “who do we hate the least?”

Novak Djokovic saga means a lot more people are now fascinated with the Australian Open than are actually going to WATCH the Australian Open.

A bipartisan group of Senators visited Ukraine today to meet with President Zelensky and show support for the country’s democracy. Too bad the three GOP Senators involved don’t have the same regard for US democracy.


MLK wrote a number of books, including “Stride Towards Freedom, the Montgomery Story,” and “Why We Can’t Wait” which included his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Pretty sure most of GOP praising him today would be taking those books off school shelves. #MLKDay


One of most terrifying things about the BS Ronny Jackson is spewing on a regular basis – realizing this man was the White House physician for Barack Obama for 3 1/2 years.

Mitt Romney complaining he never got a call from White House to discuss election reform? Pretty darn sure Senators Amy Klobuchar, Tim Kaine, Jon Tester & others HAVE spoken to him about election reform & voting rights. Mitt saying his feelings are more important than democracy?

Mitt Romney’s saying that President Biden didn’t call him personally about election reform is such a piss-poor excuse for not supporting voting rights Mitt could bottle it and sell it as a MAGA COVID cure.

Hidden costs.

January 17, 2022

Didn’t have a dog in the fight with Oakland-Cincinnati game. But this headline – “Burrow, Bengals end playoff drought in a win that put a spotlight (again) on officiating.” If only NFL could afford full time officials.

Not that it mattered today, since Philadelphia looks like a team with vacation plans next weekend. But early on when the game was close some Eagles player touched St. Brady.

So refs called roughing the passer. I am shocked, shocked..

Time change, especially on the East Coast has long meant the Australian Open gets the least attention of US Grand Slam tennis events. Suppose thus that Djokovic has made sure that won’t happen this year.

Late great KNBR host Ralph Barbieri used to say “2 things can be equally true.” 1. Djokovic had real case saying because he had COVID he didn’t need to be vaccinated. 2.If Novak hadn’t lied about pre-Australian Open travel & in general been such a d*ck, he’d have been playing.

Republicans will do everything they can to discourage their base from vaccines and masks, then attack President Biden for not ending COVID.Like telling people not to take swim lessons and blaming the life guard for drownings.

As GOP rails against “Federal involvement in elections,” how long until they call to repeat the 15th, 19th and 26th amendments?

If the media really feels the need to report what former Presidential candidates have to say, I for one would prefer to hear from Hillary Clinton.

New VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued executive order banning teaching of “divisive concepts” in schools. “Divisive concepts” includes idea “one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex.” Wait until some supporters realize this bans teaching of white male supremacy.

James Austin Johnson as President Biden last night on SNL “This winter is so dark Republicans don’t think it should vote.”

If media is going to cover GOP politicians, most of them wealthy white men, with school aged children railing against vaccine and mask mandates, then can they start interviews asking one question: Does your child’s school have mandates?

And finally, it’s MLK day. If you don’t support voting rights, please STFU. Thank you.

Cold day in heck?

January 15, 2022

So when did the NFL Wild Card weekend become a three day game weekend?

And while temperatures will warm to a balmy 30 on Sunday, the evening temperature tomorrow in Buffalo will be 4. Yes. Four.

So of course the NFL in their infinite ratings $$$ wisdom will have tomorrow’s Patriots Bills game Saturday NIGHT in Buffalo.

On the other hand, while NBA season regularly has upsets, hard to get too wrapped up in games in January when Sunday means the playoffs are only three MONTHS away.

Whatever you think about Novak Djokovic, and even whatever you think about vaccines, he could have avoided most of this drama by just telling the truth.

Protesters against NYC coronavirus vaccine mandates arrested tonight refusing to leave Olive Garden in Times Square. Uh, Olive Garden has over 800 restaurants in US, many in locations like FL & TX w/ no vaccine mandates. Guessing weekend trip would have been cheaper than bail.

MIke Pence wrote op-ed in Wash Post defending filibuster – but it included “On January 6, an angry mob ransacked Capitol, largely to try to get Congress & me to use federal authority to overturn results of presidential election that had been certified by all 50 states.”

Uh oh, don’t tell Former Guy. Those are hanging words.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is furious at the Supreme Court. Saying Kavanaugh and Roberts have no ‘backbone’ after they voted to keep Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. So SCOTUS isn’t doing enough to kill people for him?

GOP Sen Roger Marshall introducing FAUCI Act after he couldn’t find Dr. Fauci’s PUBLIC financial records. It requires Office of Govt Ethics website to provide financial records of administration officials. Could we do this retroactively for officials who worked for Former Guy?

Kyrsten Sinema won by about 2.5% in 2018 against Martha McSally. Wonder if has occurred to her that if Arizona GOP had instituted some of anti-voting measures some Republicans want, Sinema herself probably wouldn’t have been elected to the Senate.


January 14, 2022

Ahead of Bucs vs Eagles game this weekend, Tom Brady spoke about not shaking Nick Foles’ hand after Patriots lost to Eagles in Super Bowl LII. “Sometimes I get a little pissed out there but for the most part, I try to be a good sport.” Should Tom have just said “I felt a little deflated?”

Australia just canceled Novak Djokovic’s visa. Again.

Don’t mess with the land down under…”You better run, you better take cover..”

GOP Ben Sasse is condemning changes Harry Reid made on judicial confirmations, saying it “set this place on fire.” So if Sasse feels that way, why didn’t he show it by not supporting McConnell’s using that “fire” to stack the Supreme Court?

IF my better angels were socially distanced I would some day take too much pleasure in how fast Republicans and corporate donors who are now exalting Kyrsten Sinema will turn on her when she is no longer useful to them.

Now it’s Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz who’s latest to test positive in last few weeks with a breakthrough COVID case, joining his fellow Democrats Chris Coons, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren. So are GOP Senators not getting breakthrough cases? Or are they not getting tested?71147

Rachel Maddow regularly covering story this week about these forged Trump election certificates with false electors.

One thing that strikes me. Did they really think they could overturn a Presidential election with documents on the level of a fake ID used in college to get into a bar?

This one I suppose we can’t pin on Velveeta Voldemort – the documents were not done with a Sharpie.

So if Biden can’t impose a vaccine mandate for businesses, business can still impose their own mandates. And then advertise as a safer place to work. And to patronize as a customer. For those of us who believe in vaccines this could be a win.

Washington Post headline “W.V. governor says he’s ‘feeling much better’ after getting covid.” Fixed it for them “Vaccinated & Boosted W.V. Governor says he’s ‘feeling much better’ after getting covid.”

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow “Mitch McConnell will use whatever rationale works for him at the moment to accomplish his goals.” Pretty much sums it up

Can’t say this enough. DOJ didn’t build this case about the Oath Keepers overnight. And there were no leaks. So what other cases is Merrick Garland’s team quietly working on?


January 13, 2022

Just saying, there are 127 singles tennis players in this year’s Australian Open who presumably either did get vaccinated or were honest about their decision. It’s not just that Novak Djokovic is anti-vaxx, he’s also been anti-truth.

Wonder what would happen to average tourists if they lied on a visa application to Australia?

Oh, that’s right, as of today Australia doesn’t ALLOW average tourists. Only visitors on “essential travel.”

The College Football National Championship was Monday night. The 2022 Preseason College Football Rankings came out Tuesday.

(No, this is not a joke. Although the idea that college football is about student-athletes might be.)

WTAF? This is a real CNN online headline “Mitch McConnell just broke up with Joe Biden.” – Chris Cillizza So we’ve officially gone from Cable News Network to a High School Gossip Column?

ICYMI, Mitch McConnell has vowed if Democrats use a carveout for voting rights he will do everything in his power to completely obstruct the Senate. ICYMI, Mitch McConnell is currently doing everything in his power to completely obstruct the Senate.

GOP Senator Joni Ernst talked on Senate Floor today against voting rights but said she is normally bipartisan. Then Ernst votes against Biden’s nominee for something as innocuous as head of the Federal Railroad Adminstration? Would she like to give any reason other than “Because Biden nominated him?”

Three responses to GOP handwringing and claims about how bipartisan the Senate has been recently with the filibuster intact: Merrick Garland Brett Kavanaugh Amy Coney Barrett

Mitch McConnell, who enabled Velveeta Voldemort every day of his Presidency says Biden speech was “incoherent, incorrect and beneath his office.” Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Susan Collins is clutching her pearls over voting rights, warning about the possibility of major changes happening by a “narrow, partisan vote.” “Major changes”? You mean like obstructing, or ramming through a lifetime appointment for a SCOTUS judge?

Maybe the most optimistic sign that Democrats might be close to a deal on voting rights? Fox News website headline tonight – “Hunter’s Ex Tells All – Addictions to drugs, booze, sex wrecked marriage, she writes in memoir.” What’s next? Another caravan?

Mitt Romney: “Without filibuster. Whenever one party replaced other as majority, tax & spending priorities, safety net programs, national security policy all could change.”

Yep, that’s how it works.

And if voters don’t like it, they vote that party out.

IF they are allowed to vote.

Mitch McConnell actually said today “American voters did not give President Biden a mandate for very much. He did not get a mandate to transform America or reshape society.” Fact check. Actually Joe won w/ SAME electoral college majority as Velveeta Voldemort AND by 7 million actual votes.

I’m waiting for any Republican to come up with a good reason why Election Day SHOULDN’T be a national holiday.

Home court advantage?

January 12, 2022

Stanford men’s basketball team upset previously undefeated USC tonight, 75 to 69, in front of a crowd at Stanford’s Maples Pavilion comprised only of friends and family.

Tampa Bay Rays fans are going – and your point is?

As a baseball fan, as dire as it looks, I NEVER turn off a game in the bottom of the 9th. As a supporter of voting rights there’s no way I’m giving up until the Senate votes are cast.

So it turns out on top of the COVID issue, that Novak Djokovic lied on his visa application to Australia about his travel in last 14 days. Not only the world’s #1 ranked tennis player…but maybe the sport’s #1 example of “million dollar arm, ten cent head?”

Djokovic says he didn’t lie on visa declaration. It was “submitted by my support team & my agent sincerely apologizes for administrative mistake in ticking incorrect box about previous travel before coming to Australia.”

Blaming his agent? Because his kids are too young to blame?

Random thought, not that it will happen, but there is so much talk of McConnell enticing Manchin and Sinema into becoming “liberal” Republicans. Why is there almost no talk of Schumer enticing Murkowski into becoming a conservative Democrat?

Looks like some states actually tried to send forged electoral counts in after the 2020 election. If they’re looking to see if Rudy Giuliani was involved in any of those forged elector documents, perhaps a way to start would be to see if any of them were on letterhead from Four Seasons landscaping?

So we’ve moved from just anti-vaccine to drinking pee and now some parents refusing to let their kids be tested for COVID at school? Tell me again how it’s not a cult?

WTAF – Tommy Tuberville saying “even if you’re not familiar w/ complicated Senate procedures…filibuster protects deliberative nature of the Senate.” Uh, ex-football coach Tuberville just last year talked about “3 branches of government – the House, the Senate & the executive.”

So Mitch McConnell threatens if Democrats use a carveout to pass voting rights legislation he’s going to obstruct Biden’s agenda as much as possible. In other words, the same thing he’s doing now.

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show covered Dr. Fauci’s hot mic moment w/ Senator Roger Marshall, who couldn’t” find Fauci’s public disclosures: “What a moron.”

Colbert “And now that moment lives forever on the Internet, where Senator Marshall & his staff will never be able to find it. “

Post season

January 11, 2022

Wasn’t watching but aware of College Football National Championship score.

If you believe in signs. Let’s see – in the last Senate election – Georgia elected Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Alabama elected Tommy Tuberville.

Since the NFL is all about sponsorships, how long until we start hearing about “Black Monday, brought to you by Linkedin?

So the Los Angeles Rams, by taking most of the 2nd half off, managed to scr*w the Saints without even playing the Saints. Very on brand

D*mn, bad enough Saints were eliminated today thanks to complete Rams collapse. But now I have to root for team associated w/ Yankees?!?! The Athletic reports “Rachel Balkovec will manage low-A team for NY Yankees this season – 1st female skipper in affiliated pro baseball. “

Tom Brady should send the Rams flowers for that 2nd half no-show. Now he doesn’t have to play the Saints again.

This Chargers vs. Raiders game was like watching the Prisoner’s Dilemma played out on a football field. Had they tied, and they almost did, they were both in the postseason. But if one won… the Steelers squeaked in ahead of the loser.

Gym Jordan is going to treat the January 6 Committee like he treated college wrestlers being sexually abused – pretend it isn’t happening.

From Marc Ragovin “Jimmy Page turned 78 this past Sunday. Heard he celebrated by buying a stairlift to heaven.”

Ron DeSantis was bragging last week about AOC being in Miami Beach, saying Florida is “the first place you want to flee to, to basically be able to enjoy life.” So has DeSantis sent AOC good wishes now that she tested positive for COVID-19?

Velveeta Voldemort was NOBODY in the GOP’s first choice to run for President, and he made outrageous comments & gaffes on a regular basis. But he got still less criticism in office from other Republicans than Biden gets from some “Democrats” on a daily basis.

Even Fox News came out and slammed Politico for mistakenly identifying Chuck Schumer’s wife, Iris, who was dining with Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Amy Klobuchar, as Sonia Sotomayer. So does Fox have scruples? Or are they worried that Politico is becoming competition?

Wait, Kevin McCarthy now saying if GOP retakes House they will investigate how Nancy Pelosi allowed January 6 to happen? At the same time many others are calling the insurrection/coup attempt insignificant or just “tourists.” This is SO confusing.

So with urine as the latest “cure” for COVID wonder if Velveeta Voldemort spent some of today trying to figure out how to monetize his pee tape?

Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who says he is triple-vaxed, still got COVID. Fortunately thanks to his vaccinations it was a mild case.

But yikes. The virus is jumping species.

How it’s going for the Former Guy? “You’ve always been one of my BIGGEST supporters, which is why I want YOU to be our VERY FIRST DONOR of 2022.” Note the date-time that this spam arrived in my in box – “Mon, Jan 10 at 2:03 PM”

Not a doctor but drinking your own urine seems like a piss-poor way to cure COVID.

Apparently horse owners had a hard time last fall finding Ivermectin when the horse dewormer was falsely trumpeted by some Former Guy supporters as a cure for COVID. We’ll know the urine insanity has really taken hold when people start stealing port-a-potties.

I want to see ONE person who claims changing filibuster will result in Republicans using it against Democrats if they take control of US Senate stand up and say, with a straight face, that GOP won’t do that anyway.

Weak 18.

January 9, 2022

Lots of NFL games that mean something on the last week of the season.

And wonder, because, you know, media markets, how many CBS TV viewers will see the Washington Football Team and the NY Giants play to settle… draft picks.

As Djokovic continues trying to play at Australian open, now pictures show the tennis star without mask at awards ceremony day after he claims he tested positive for Covid-19. Novak is giving Aaron Rodgers competition for the biggest anti-vax superstar douchebag in sports…

As negative as some parents are about both CRT and vaccines, they can’t tell you facts about either of them.

I’m actually somewhere in the middle on the question on opening schools now during the latest COVID surge: But wonder how many conservatives claiming that socialization is the most necessary part of education homeschool their children?

I’m actually okay with COVIDiots thinking Viagra will cure the virus. Because if the lie takes hold, price of Viagra will skyrocket. And then we’ll probably get GOP male senators on board with legislation to regulate prescription drug prices.

If you have an erection lasting longer than four hours because you decided to take Viagra to cure COVID would it be wrong to say instead of putting an additional burden on overworked healthcare workers, that you consider performing an antomically impossible act?

Barack Obama quoting Harry Reid – “People who motivate us the most are the ones who believe in us the least.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis actually said this “Think about it. Before COVID, did anyone go out and seek testing to determine if they were sick?” So I am guessing DeSantis has never had a colonscopy. Too bad, the exam would get a great picture of his head.

New USA Today/Suffolk University poll finds almost 9 in 10 Americans believe there’s a “mental health crisis” in the nation. And the 1 in 10 who don’t are probably part of that mental health crisis. (Sadly not snark this time.)

Have often seen polls where half of Americans cannot name their own House Representative or one of their state’s Senator. But guessing most Americans can name a handful of members of Congress who do nothing but seek attention and cause chaos. What’s wrong with this picture?

Woke up Saturday morning to conservative Twitter outrage about a Politico/Playbook story about SCOTUS judge Sonia Sotomayer having dinner in DC with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Amy Klobuchar.

A few hours later, a pretty weak a** apology Blaming it at first on the tipster. Which they deleted and reposted because they got the woman dining with them – who was NOT Sotomayer but Schumer’s WIFE name wrong.

And wonder how many of those who attacked the SCOTUS judge and Democrats at the dinner will read it?

Still outside the lines

January 8, 2022

Novak Djokovic is whining about that way he is being treated in Australia as an anti-vaxxer. Well if he wanted to be a anti-science anti-authority superstar and get away with it, Djokovic clearly should have become an NFL quarterback.

Novak Djokovic is unhappy that he remains at Melbourne quarantine hotel while he fights to be able to play in the Australian Open. Uh, he did his own research. The Australians have their own rules. Game, set, match.

Kevin Durant on the unvaccinated Kyrie Irving playing part-time with the Nets “I want him to play — play every game. But I’m not about to force somebody to get a vaccine, like that’s not my thing. Whatever decision he want to make, he’s going to make.”

Possible translation – it’s over 3 months to the playoffs, if he infects the whole team we should be out of protocols well before then?

San Antonio Spurs had to play tonight in Philadelphia without 6 players, including 4 of top 7 scorers “Start whoever you want,” said coach Gregg Popovich, “I don’t even know half their names in there tonight.”

(Maybe they could have borrowed some of those “Hi, my name is” stickers from the Saints from last weeks Monday night football.)

Rumors that Aaron Rodgers could threaten a Super Bowl boycott over California COVID and vaccine restrictions. Does this mean the Jacksonville Jaguars were just trendsetters? The Jags were clearly going to be boycotting the Super Bowl from about NFL week 2.

A simple question: The Former Guy’s Truth Social is supposedly starting in February. But considering his known propensity for not paying people who work for him, what makes anyone think he could find competent engineers to build the platform?

Just saying, so many of these Republican “leaders” who think Americans should trust them to stand up for our country, can’t even stand up to a loser ex-President who isn’t man enough to admit he lost.

It’s been that kind of year already. On the Late Show, Stephen Colbert talks about participating in dry January. “Personally I’m going to do a third of that, I’m not going to be drinking the eight hours a day I’m sleeping.”

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who promised in 2016 only to serve two terms in the Senate, is reportedly ready to announce he will run for a third term in 2022. Should we be surprised Ron’s as honest with his political promises as he is everything else?

If unemployment is only 3.9%, but many industries are reporting hiring problems, does this mean full employment still leaves many employers short of workers? Gosh, if we only had people from other countries who wanted to come to United States to work.

Why should we be surprised Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have a sane bipartisan bone in his body. My aunt lived in his district, Ridgecrest, CA, population about 25,000, Kern County. Asked how she coped – “There are 50 Democrats in town, I know them all, how many friends do you need?”

So were all GOP Senators AWOL yesterday for speeches about January 6 because they’ve all forgotten what happened, even Romney, who knows he was saved by a Capitol police officer? Or did McConnell threaten them with something?

Knew Stephen Colbert’s Jan 6, 2021 Late Show featuring interviews with Adam Kinzinger in his office, and Amy Klobuchar waiting in a room in the US Capitol for things to becleaned and secured, was nominated for Emmy. Listening to him talk last night how it was put together on fly, with all advertisers having pulled out & everything they were working on thrown out, , makes me wish he could get the award retroactively..

A year later.

January 7, 2022

President Biden on the anniversary of January 6: “You can’t love your country only when you win.” As a sports fan, realizing that for many of us our love of sports teams cuts across bipartisan lines, maybe this is an especially good sentiment to share with our friends across the aisle.

NY Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur apologized for – “It’s 100 percent on me,”  for a late 4th and 2 call where Jets could have run out the clock and beaten the Buccaneers last week.

Well, except NY will get better draft picks and Tampa Bay will probably get a better playoff seed. And maybe Bucs will vote LaFleur a playoff share?

New Orleans Pelicans beat Golden State Warriors tonight 101-96 in New Orleans. Thereby probably thrilling the dozen or so who New Orleans fans who had paid inflated prices for the game to see Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, neither of who played.

If a police officer so much as stubbed a toe during BLM protests FOX News and conservative media was all over it. And today, crickets over Brian Sicknick’s death and the deaths of four other Capitol Police Officers by suicide after January 6.

A headline I didn’t have on my 2022 Batsh*t Bingo List: “Dick Cheney returns to the House and receives a warm welcome — from Democrats.”

Lindsey Graham trying to claim Democrats want “radical election reform.” As Republicans across the country have introduced hundreds of bills radically to limit voting rights and pre-emptively overturn elections. Would be funny if it weren’t our democracy we’re talking about.

Cory Booker on Rachel Maddow. “Average wait to vote in Georgia in predominately black communities, 51 minutes, average for white people 6 minutes.” But GOP really wants to pretend it’s not that ‘Some people don’t want some people to vote.”

As travel agent it’s worth sharing screenshot of Trump Hotel DC rates for Jan 6, 2022.


TRUMP HOTEL WASHING 06JAN-07JAN 01NT 1 NT 4494.50 USD (yes, about $5,000 a night with tax. No joke)

Wonder what changed?

G’day and g’bye, mate.

January 6, 2022

Top-ranked men’s tennis star Novak Djokovic, who has been in a guarded room overnight at Melbourne airport, is being deported from Australia over not being vaccinated. Apparently the Australian Government has a lot more cojones than the NFL..

(Novak Djokovic, who is unvaccinated, had “medical exemption” to compete in 2022. But Novak just had visa revoked by Australian Govt. So after banning most intl travel for 2 years, govt suddenly realized seeing world’s top player may not be Australians’ top priority right now?)

The Washington Football Team will unveil their new name and uniforms on February 2. Unfortunately for WFT fans, the name of their owner will be the same, and the new uniforms will have the same old players in them.-

Stephen Colbert on the Late Show tonight points out how Peter Navarro referred to Former Guy’s attempted coup as “The Green Bay Sweep.” As opposed to the “The Green Bay Sneak,” which happens when you ask Aaron Rodgers if he’s vaccinated.

Fox News is as likely to talk about Velveeta Voldemort’s involvement on January 6 today as Tonya Harding is to talk about winning her 1994 US Figure Skating Title.

(In case that’s too inside baseball, the Former Guy and his cult members tried to do to democracy what Tonya’s supporters tried to do to Nancy Kerrigan.)

So what will Fox News headlines be on January 6 and how will they involve Hunter Biden?

As Omicron cases explode, on Senate floor today, Democrats wearing N95 type masks, while at least most Republicans not masking at all. So hypothetically how many Senators being present would it take for a quorum to pass most of Biden’s agenda?

If any investigative reporter has time on her/his hands would be interesting to see how many GOP members of Congress railing against vaccine and/or mask mandates have kids in expensive private schools that have vaccine and/or mask mandates… (Besides Ted Cruz.)

Remember this on Jan 6 Former Guy couldn’t get Mike Pence to overturn 2020 election. And his coup at US Capitol failed. Now he’s no longer President, but w/ the Big Lie, Trump has convinced GOP to try again to to destroy democracy – one state at a time.

A thorn by any other name…

January 5, 2022

The Washington Football Team will unveil their new name and uniforms on February 2.

Unfortunately for fans, the new uniforms will have the same old players in them.

Reports that a “mystery” team is already interested in Antonio Brown. Well, heck, if repeated accusations of assault including sexual assault, plus using a fake vaccine card weren’t enough, what’s another episode of prima donna behavior to a team that wants to win.

Not like Brown did anything the league really can’t tolerate, like the wrong color cleats or not tucking in his shirt.

As Hannity texts are latest to be released by January 6 Committee, beginning to look for some Velveeta Voldemort coup enablers that p*ssing off Liz Cheney might be more dangerous than going hunting with her father.

Stephen Colbert tonight – “We’ve got an update from the opposite of schools – Florida. What? You cross the border, knowledge leaves.” “The opposite of schools” would be an interesting change from “The Sunshine State” on Florida license plates.

Freudian slip from Chuck Schumer talking about the Senate? “There’re been more amendments in the one year I’ve been majority leader than in the four years that Trump, that McConnell was leader…”

Velveeta Voldemort is cancelling his speech on anniversary of his failed coup “in light of the total bias & dishonesty of the January 6th Unselect Committee of Democrats, two failed Republicans, & the Fake News Media.” Did someone just read him his Miranda rights?

Simple question I have for anyone thinking a Senate carve out for voting rights will result in GOP doing same thing to restrict voting if they retake House & Senate. McConnell has broken every precedent he needed for his judges. What makes you think they won’t do that anyway?

I respect the CDC. But their messaging aspires to be mediocre:

CDC guidance on COVID is getting like Chicago weather. If you don’t like it, wait five minutes, it will change.

Former Guy fundraising email today: “I have something BIG to show you” And it’s “brand-new Trump pint glasses” if you donate. Pint glasses are generally six inches tall. Why do I have a feeling these are more like three inches?

“I’ve had one orange and that’s the only food I’ve had since Sunday night.” Senator Tim Kaine, still stuck in I-95 traffic. Wonder how many GOP Senators who are fine with people standing in line for hours to vote with no food and water could handle that?

Ron Johnson – “Why do we think that we can create something better than God in terms of combatting disease?” So the Wisconsin Senator is against medicine? Got it.

Christmas is not over until the kitten says it’s over:


Oops missed hitting publish again.

January 5, 2022

Bucs coach Bruce Arians said today he does not regret bringing Antonio Brown into the organization. Well of course not, Brown caught 97 passes in 2 years for over 1000 yards. And helped Tampa Bay and Brady win a Super Bowl. #Priorities

Marjorie Three Names, permanently suspended from Twitter, issued a statement saying that Twitter “can’t handle the truth.” Guess she’ll have to find another way to spread COVID lies and ban books.

The Senate did not do legislative business Monday. Wonder why some GOP Senators didn’t “do their own research” on how to drive in the snow?

Guilty. Four counts. So Elizabeth Holmes has something in common with attempted coup participant Jenna Ryan – Holmes also guessed wrong that she wouldn’t go to jail because she’s blonde and white.

Petty thought watching local SF Bay Area coverage of the Elizabeth Holmes verdict. Can you get expensive hair color in prison?

Seeing Parler trending and can’t help but smile wondering if any of its xenophobic users know the term is French.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says colleges should return tuition if no in-person classes. Now Ron claims he was working for last two weeks in Florida, but no one saw him. Does that mean he should return his salary for not being an in-person Governor?

Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are engaged and have apparently secretly have been since Dec 31, 2020. A week before January 6, 2021. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that spouses cannot be compelled to testify as to private, confidential communications between them.

“If you’re a star they let you do it.”

January 3, 2022

NFC’s #1 seed Green Bay Packers led by possible MVP QB who’s not only unvaccinated,but LIED about it, putting teammates, staff & families at risk.

Aaron Rodgers missed ONE game & was fined $14,650. Less than $15,450 Dallas WR CeeDee Lamb was fined 2nd time for untucked jersey. But no, NFL doesn’t play favorites

Tom Brady – “everyone should be compassionate and empathetic towards Antonio Brown.” Not without sympathy for those with mental illness.

But where were calls for compassion and empathy towards those Brown has (allegedly) assaulted? And those he put at risk w/ fake vaccine card?

When and where will Antonio Brown announce he is running for Congress as a Republican?

Meanwhile, Carlson Wentz, unvaccinated, started for Colts after testing positive for COVID Dec 28.

NFL rules, changed after Saints had 1/2 team out on MNF, now allow players to return in 5 days just “if they can demonstrate their symptoms are lessening.” What could possibly go wrong?

SNL honored Betty White last night by replaying great 2010 Mother’s Day Show she hosted.

Betty “I really have to thank Facebook” (there was serious campaign to have her host.) Adding “I didn’t know what Facebook was, & now that I do know what it is, it sounds like a huge waste of time.”

Wrap your head around this: Same media who told popular vote winner Hillary Clinton, gracious in Electoral College defeat, to go home & knit, now planning to cover a press conference full of lies by man who not only lost election, but tried a coup attempt to overturn results.

Some in GOP believe that any bakery has a right not to make a cake for a gay couple. But publicly traded social media company that clearly delineates its Terms of Service for everyone has no right to suspend someone who repeatedly violates them. Make it make sense.

Even conservative Newsweek says story Marjorie Taylor Greene, permanently suspended from Twitter for lying about COVID, again, has stock in Pfizer is true. “Financial disclosure, signed by Greene Aug 13, reveals among more than 100 companies she had stock in, at least 3 were COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.”

They’re not all dumb, they think we are

If you ignore social media terms of service and get yourself suspended, you have no more justification to complain than if you run a red light and get in a traffic accident.

As waitress for years & travel agent for decades, have put professionalism over politics my entire working life. (Served Caspar Weinberger in college.) Now have many GOP clients. But would be tough test if GOP Senator asked me for help getting back to DC in Monday’s snowstorm.

Dear Mike Pence – January 6, 2021 was just “one day in January” like December 7, 1941 was just “one day in December.”

Team players?

January 2, 2022

Some of these athletes “do their own research” in deciding to ignore vaccines and mask mandates. How long would they stay on a team if they reacted that way to what their coach told them to do?

Minnesota QB Kirk Cousins tested positive for COVID on Friday, and will miss the Vikings game against the Packers. Cousins is unvaccinated. Sort of an exclamation point on a career full of bad decisions.

Colts QB Carson Wentz , who is also unvaccinated, tested positive on December 28. Now he’s OFF the COVID-19 reserve list for Jan 2 game.

“If you’re a star they let you do it… you can do anything.”

Over 90,000 people, including 60,000 Utah fans in Rose Bowl stands today. As Los Angeles County is currently biggest COVID hot spot in California. What could possibly go wrong?

And then many of the remaining people in the stands are from Ohio, where hospitalizations are at record levels. Now, the Rose Bowl wants proof of vaccination OR a negative test for COVID within 72 hours. But 72 hours is a long time these days.

All these people saying Cincinnati had no business in the CFB Playoff . But actually the Bearcats looked more competitive than Michigan.

Thinking last night watching New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Anderson Cooper really is the closest thing we have to Walter Cronkite. And then trying to imagine Uncle Walter drunk.

Dear Mike Pence – January 6, 2020 was just “one day in January” like December 7, 1941 was just “one day in December.”

After fighting vaccine & mask mandates, Texas Governor Greg Abbott now begging federal government for COVID help including monoclonal antibodies. Well, good to stay in practice, Abbott will probably be asking for more help when Texas power grid fails again this winter.

Wait. This from Fox News website just now? Are their regular editors taking January 1 off? (Don’t tell Ron Deathsantis.) “CORONAVIRUS Published 45 mins ago New York, Florida shatter single-day records for COVID-19 cases”

Anti-vaxxer Jason Aldean, who played at Mar-A-Lago last night, and posted for pictures with the Former Guy, was on stage when the Las Vegas massacre started at the Route 91 Festival in 2017. You’d think the brush with death might have given Aldean more appreciation for life.

Even if Omicron is the variant that makes COVID endemic and vaccines don’t stop it, unvaccinated people are still 10 to 20 times more likely to be hospitalized or die. Flu shots don’t stop the flu either. They keep you from dying from the flu. Why is this so hard?

With COVID we’ve already learned a lot of Americans don’t believe in science. Now learning many folks shocked at Omicron numbers don’t get exponential math either.

How many men who now claim to reject COVID vaccines because you need a shot more than once just take ONE Viagra?

“Alaska Airlines was reporting hold times of up to 20 hours on Thursday. Delta & JetBlue are quoting hold times of 1 hour & 35 minutes and 2 hours & 16 minutes, respectively.” If we don’t all burnout we travel agents are going to have jobs forever.

“Only the good die young.” Thank Betty White for reminding us that 99 can be young!

And finally, Happy New Year. John Madden, Harry Reid and Betty White in one week?

Maybe 2022 could give us an optimistic sign by taking out an a**hole or two this week?

After midnight

December 31, 2021

Not that it’s that important in grand scheme of things…but Wisconsin Badgers playing in Las Vegas Bowl where 4th quarter starts AFTER midnight in Wisconsin is not exactly a great way to encourage students, alums and other fans of the game to watch…

Brooklyn Nets saying publicly that as unvaccinated Kyrie Irving returns to the team part-time (since he cannot play without being vaccinated for home and some road games) his part time status “will not affect their continuity.”

So it won’t count as continuity if he gets games postponed by too many teammates in protocols?

Since some states think bounties work these days surely SOMEONE – in the media or just a rich believer in science – can come up with a bounty for the first picture of Florida Gov. Ron Desantis in hiding?

Velveeta Voldemort is having another rally, MLK weekend in Arizona with free tickets. Would be really wrong for kids to do like they did in Tulsa & request tickets with no intention of going, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, Herman Cain might have wished they took his ticket.

Reminder as rumors swirl about Florida Governor Ron Desantis. As a wise reporter once told me when asked why a politician would continue not to be honest when everyone knew they were lying, “because they think the truth would hurt them more than what most people imagine.”

So with Florida breaking COVID records on a daily basis wonder if Mar-A-Lago has a vaccine mandate for their New Year’s Eve party?

Billionaire Peter Thiel will help Velveeta Voldemort fundraise for Liz Cheney’s Wyoming GOP primary challenger by holding two January fundraisers at Thiel’s Miami home. Is it wrong to hope the events don’t have a vaccine mandate?

If you “do your own research” about COVID, do the rest of us a favor when you get sick, stay home, and do your own research on how to get better.

Have a suggestion for reporters who feel they MUST cover Velveeta Voldemort’s January 6 Press Conference. Record all the lies and hold the coverage until at least January 7. On January 6 focus should be on the anniversary of the fatal insurrection.


As awful as the wildfires near Boulder, Colorado are, at least residents can count on federal support and won’t have the added pain of a President telling them to rake their mountains.

Cheese head?

December 31, 2021

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says he won’t take long after season to decide his plans for 2022..

So will he ask Joe Rogan?

Aaron Rodgers now doubling down on his anti-vaccine status – “If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore. It’s propaganda.” And here I thought Tom Brady’s status as my most disliked QB in the NFL was safe.

Would be funny if it weren’t so evil: Fox News top headline today “White House under fire as Americans wait hours to be tested for COVID & new cases break US record.

Fox News Jun 2020 “Trump defends coronavirus testing comment, says more tests make ‘us look like we have more cases'”

Chicken hawks escalating Vietnam War weren’t risking their own or their children’s lives. They had draft exemptions.

Now GOP & pundits escalating anti-vax war to make Biden look bad aren’t risking their own or kids’ lives either. They’re vaccinated. From cannon fodder to COVID fodder.

It’s very long shot, but all hypothetical discussion on Twitter about Senators switching parties seems to be about Manchin. She’d be a conservative independent, to the right of Angus King, but if Lisa Murkowski wants to caucus w/ Dems, as a Democrat I’d welcome her w/ open arms.

So would these folks pushing monoclonal antibody therapies over vaccines also tell people to keep smoking cigarettes because you can always get chemotherapy for lung cancer?

As Democrats push COVID vaccines & testing, GOP touts monoclonal antibodies instead. Vaccines & tests cost a few dollars, monoclonal antibodies cost thousands. So on top of everything else, which party really cares about “mortgaging our children’s future” w/reckless spending?

Have ZERO sympathy for Ghislaine Maxwell, who enabled a sexual predator for years. But still, ..first person convicted in a predatory sex trafficking operation involving young girls and many rich & famous men is a woman?

Ugly finder?

December 29, 2021

All you need to know about how ugly tonight’s Golden State Denver NBA game was tonight: The Nuggets scored 29 points in the second half and still beat the Warriors 89-86.

Tampa Bay Bruce Arians tested positive for COVID & has mild symptoms. Arians says he has “complete confidence” in Asst Head Coach Harold Goodwin “to prepare team for this week’s game against the NY Jets.” Do the Buccaneers even NEED a coach against the Jets?

Alabama star LB Will Anderson says going into CFP playoff against Cincinnati “I feel like we’re the underdog in this game. All year we’ve been disrespected.” And he said it with a straight face.

After players, often seen unmasked, spent Christmas at Sea World, UCLA today pulled out of the Holiday Bowl in San Diego hours before kickoff.

And University of Georgia has arrived for their semi-final playoff game in COVID hot-spot Miami. I’m so old I remember the biggest worry for coaches before bowl games was players going out and getting in trouble for stuff like underage drinking.

Tom Brady threw & broke his Surface tablet after an interception during Bucs’ shutout loss to Saints. He said “I did get warning from NFL. Can’t throw another Surface or else I get fined. Imagine that!” Had a frustrated New Orleans player thrown tablet last night he’d have been suspended.

The concept of “controlling your own destiny” in NFL is complete BS when league penalizes vaccinated teams who do the right thing and rewards their darlings who ignore rules

D*mn, RIP John Madden. Remember him as a colorful Hall of Fame football coach & announcer. But realize millions of younger Americans will think of him because of their favorite sports video game.

As Antonio Brown has returned to Tampa Bay Buccaneers after only a 3 game suspension for a fake COVID vaccine card & is now in position to make $1 million in incentives, wonder how many who HAVEN’T been caught with fake vaccine cards have infected teammates & others.

Dear 2021. John Madden and Harry Reid on the same day? Now I know they were 85 and 82, but isn’t it about time you take an a**hole or two to even things out?

Scary thought. There are four sitting US Senators older than Harry Reid.

US Senate returning Jan 3 and staying in session until “state work period” Jan 17-21. While that may not seem like a lot, in 2021 the US Senate hat “state work periods Jan 4-5 AND Jan 7-19. So maybe something gets done? Hope springs eternal.

NO shame: Gov Ron DeSantis-Aug 2021, w/ record-breaking cases “This is our COVID season.” Dec 2021 w/ record-breaking cases AGAIN, DeathSantis attacks Biden for not getting Florida enough monoclonal antibodies -saying POTUS “had months to prepare for predictable winter surge.”

Can any man who claims he’s avoiding COVID vaccine because he doesn’t know what’s in it tell us the ingredients he knows are in Viagra?.

Study – “Vaccinated hospitalized patients were 52-79% less likely to die than unvaccinated hospitalized patients.” The latest COVID-19 study? No. A 2017 flu study. Vaccines don’t have to stop all transmission & illness to work.

if we could somehow put information about Peter Navarro’s “Green Bay Sweep” and the members of Congress involved in it on a laptop with Hunter Biden’s name on it would media pay more attention?

CNN headline “Biden grapples with a Covid-19 testing failure that could have been foreseen.” Meanwhile, what about dozens of potential CNN headlines on Velveeta Voldemort’s failures starting from “15 going to be down to 0” that could have been foreseen?

Whatever we all think about Merrick Garland right now, I think there’s one good thing we can agree on – his DOJ does NOT leak.

Bottom feeders

December 27, 2021

Casual NFL fans tuning into Sunday Night Football have to have one question: So how did the Washington Football Team manage to win 6 football games?

Can anyone remember a season with more truly lousy NFL teams?

With Saints down to recent 4th round draft pick Ian Book to start MNF, former New Orleans QB & legend Archie Manning reportedly texted coach Sean Payton photos of himself, sons Peyton & Eli, along w/ grandsons Arch & Marshall & told Sean “All 5 are available. Make your pick!”

Sun Bowl is the latest bowl game to be canceled. Not that that many Americans who aren’t fans of Miami or WSU will be that disappointed. But players on both teams gave up much of their Christmas break to get ready. And WSU Cougars just arrived in that tourist hot spot El Paso.

The Wasabi Fenway Bowl has also been canceled due to COVID. Okay, how many people actually knew there was a Wasabi Fenway Bowl?

Maybe with all these COVID cases some of the lesser bowls can restructure to having both teams play a game of Madden NFL 22?

Unvaccinated Cole Beasley, who’s been fined about $100,000 by NFL over ignoring COVID protocols, missed today’s game due to having COVID. But he’s getting paid. About $267,000 for today alone.

What’s wrong with this picture?

So if we could start a rumor JFK Jr helped develop COVID vaccines would it mean more people would get their shots?

Or as a Twitter acquaintance suggested in a reply….we could add to the rumor that a COVID vaccine brought him back to life.

It’s pretty simple: We are the United States. Women’s healthcare rights and voting rights shouldn’t depend on what state you live in.

If some right-wing gun owner shot Santa coming down his chimney how long until Republicans would call him a hero?

For all the GOP likes to talk about a war on Christmas, isn’t a foreign guy flying into US to drop off a lot of free stuff to children regardless of their immigration status exactly the kind of person they regularly attack?

So if you don’t believe in the medical science of vaccines why would you trust your life to medical science when you get sick?

atched “Miracle on 34th Street” again ;ast night. Darn good thing Louis Dejoy wasn’t in charge of USPS. Letters to Santa would have been thrown out instead of delivered to court house. Kris Kringle would have ended up in mental hospital. No Miracle. No Christmas.

Headline from conservative UK Daily Mail: “Donald Trump’s stirring vaccine defense: Most Americans dying or hospitalized because of COVID are unvaccinated & encourages everyone to get shot.” This is like headline: “Arsonist’s stirring defense of fire extinguishers.”

Since it worked so well for vaccines if President Biden suddenly said how great the Former Guy looked in a mask would Velveeta Voldemort suddenly start promoting mask wearing?

Fox News is literally complaining that Joe Biden hasn’t been paying enough attention to experts on COVID-19. Socially-distanced funeral services for irony are pending.

I don’t know how many parents were on that NORAD tracker call with their children and President Biden. But most of them were I’m sure grateful and decent. Can we not give the a**hole all the attention? #ThankYouBiden