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Small fierce mercies?

April 19, 2021

NY Yankees are 5-10, the worst record in AL, and actually were booed loudly today at home as they got swept by the Rays.

Boos could have been much worse, at least with COVID protocols the Yankee Stadium crowd size was only 10,606.

NBA fined San Antonio $25,000 Sunday for violating league’s player resting policy Saturday night in Phoenix, after Popovich sat Demar DeRozan, Patty Mills and Jacob Poeltl.

The Spurs beat the Suns 111-85.

So will Pop send NBA $100,000 to keep Saturday’s lineup for the next week?

Since some Americans seem to think they have a better chance of winning the lottery than catching COVID, how many free lottery tickets would it take to get some of these folks to get vaccinated?

Open note to GOP politicians: If you say during a book tour that you knew something was wrong at the time but you didn’t speak out, this doesn’t make you a patriot. It makes you cowardly as well as complicit.

Now FL Gov Ron DeSantis, in latest anti-mask rant, “if you’ve had vaccine you’re immune, so act immune.” But Ron’s been saying COVID is harmless & banned mask mandates for everyone. So even if you believe him now & see someone maskless, how do you know if they’re “immune?”

Several otters at Georgia Aquarium test positive for COVID but are expected to recover. “It is suspected the otters may have acquired the infection from an asymptomatic staff member.” Wonder how many humans that staff member infected?

So many Americans didn’t even going to find out about Saturday night’s Kenosha mass shooting before it gots eclipsed by the mass shooting Sunday in Austin? Just another day with our well-regulated militia.

So police say today’s Austin mass shooting was an isolated “domestic situation” & there is “no risk to the general public.” Unless you’re a member of general public who might know someone who’s normally “a good guy with a gun,” until he isn’t.

Mar 2020 – FedEx killer’s mom told police he’d might commit “suicide by cop.” They took his gun, put him on mental health temporary hold. Apr – FBI interviewed him. Jul & Sept- he legally bought 2 assault rifles. Tell me again how we just need to enforce existing gun laws?

Trying to find the common thread in these mass shootings that have happened on seemingly a daily basis? Hint: None of these guys used sticks, stones, or knives.

Yes, Former Guy did once say, after El Paso and Dayton mass shootings that said he wanted tighter background checks on gun buyers & said he’d release a proposal for new laws that fall. I guess we missed those new laws as a part of his beautiful healthcare plan?

Wrap your head around this one: Thanks to the Former Guy and GOP, millions of Americans are now under the impression that masks are dangerous and guns keep them safer.

Any given Saturday night…

April 17, 2021

San Antonio Spurs, who’ve been in free-fall, were shorthanded tonight against Phoenix Suns, perhaps the best team in the Western Conference lately.

So didn’t everyone expect it to be a blowout? It was, Spurs 111-85.

I love sports.

Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory twice in two innings reminds us that however much life has changed, the #SFGiants bullpen and torture remains consistent.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised in a country where many are convinced there is some magical diet where they can lose weight w/out exercise & their retirement plan will be winning the lottery, that some of those same people don’t want to bother with a COVID vaccine either.

I’m a proud liberal who believes in finding common ground. But since GOP is so bound and determined to label liberals as “Antifa,” your reminder that the term literally means “Anti-Fascist.” So what’s the opposite of Antifa?

Friend just told me great story about someone saying of COVID-19 vaccine “I won’t put anything in my body where I don’t know what’s in it.” And they got the response “You eat hot dogs don’t you?”

Even now, if the Former Guy called a press conference & told his followers to get the vaccine and mask up to avoid another COVID-19 surge, he could save countless lives. But he won’t. Because that would mean admitting he was wrong.

Apparently April 16 was “Wear your pajamas to work day.” And millions of Americans are going “Isn’t EVERY day ‘Wear your pajamas to work day’?”

After Thursday’s mass shooting FedEx apparently “re-evaluating” policy of not allowing employees to have phones w/ them during work hours. So we can’t change laws to stop people from getting shot, but we can change rules to allow them to call loved ones before they die. America.

Can you imagine GOP outrage if Democrats tried to make it harder to vote in gated communities like Florida’s “The Villages?”

President Biden played his first round of golf today since being inaugurated & some Republicans attacked Joe for golfing instead of visiting the southern border. Funeral services for irony are pending.

Not winning!?

April 17, 2021

All you need to know about how the 12th inning went tonight for San Diego Padres against LA Dodgers is that Jake Cronenworth was their best pitcher.Cronenworth for non-baseball fans, is a 2nd baseman.

The Yankees are not just in last place. As of Friday night they have the worst record in the American League. Thoughts and prayers.

So yeah, not great for Joe Biden to say “You’ve got a Japanese boy coming over here and, guess what, he won the Masters.” Hideki Matsuyama is 29. But some of GOP clutching their pearls also had no problem with Former Guy in 2017 refer to Donny Jr, 39, as a “nice boy.”

So does anyone want to hazard a guess how the Former Guy might have referred to Hideki Matsuyama?

You all do realize if the Former Guy had been President in the 1950s, Americans would have refused the polio vaccine too?

As vaccine hesitancy remains a problem, apparently 5,800 fully vaccinated people out of 66 million in the US have contracted COVID-19. A rate of 0.008 % Your chances of dying in a car crash in the US, 1 in 103. .97 %

We don’t know a motive yet in Indianapolis massacre. But the killer was a 19 year old white man, and at least four victims were Sikh. Think conservative media would have any problem guessing at a motive if it were the other way around?

Before his rampage, alleged FedEx killer’s mom had called authorities – because she was scared about his potential for violence. Before he was shot, Daunte Wright actually called his mom – because he was scared about the authorities. Sad, and infuriating.

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign has raised $3.1 million to fight fall recall election. I’ll vote against recall & Gavin will probably survive, but $3.1 million could go to so many better things. Final cost will be over $100 million. Please think before you sign petitions in California.

Lots of headlines on Oath Keeper who became 1st Jan. 6 insurrectionist to plead guilty & will be cooperating w/ govt. Fox News “Heavy metal guitarist busted at Capitol riot becomes first to take plea deal.” “Heavy metal guitarist?!” Closest Fox could come to pretending he’s Antifa?

Can we start referring to Marjorie Taylor Greene and other members of the “America First Caucus” as “lawmaKKKers”?

Well of course Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert voted against reauthorizing National Marrow Donor Program which matches donors with leukemia patients. Believing in science is a slippery slope.

Saw “Promising Young Woman” tonight in advance of the Oscars. Two recommendations:

1. Watch it.

2. Just don’t watch it if you need to go to sleep immediately afterwards.

Wrap your head around this sentence about the Indianapolis massacre – “It was the country’s deadliest shooting since 10 people were killed March 22 at a grocery in Colorado.” Less than one month ago.

From shot clocks to shooting clocks.

April 16, 2021

So Indianapolis made it through the NCAA men’s basketball championship without becoming known as a COVID-19 super-spreader event. And now will join the seemingly endless list of cities known for a “mass-shooter” event.

I’m so old that I remember a time you heard a city or town name in the news and you didn’t immediately think “mass shooting.” And I’m so old that when you heard about a mass shooting the collective US response was shock and not almost numbness.

Sports break – Stanford, a #1 seed, just won the women’s NCAA national basketball championship, and their top pick in the WNBA draft, Kiana Williams, went in the 2nd round. If you didn’t already know that Tara VanDerveer’s Cardinal are about teamwork.

Brett Favre doesn’t want politics involved in sports, ‘I want to watch all the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside of the game’ Speaking of outside the game, remember Jenn Sterger, reporter who Favre sent unwanted cellphone pics to of what Brett clearly felt were HIS “important parts?”

Vanita Gupta is 46 years old. And Ted Cruz is bloviating about a conference she participated in in COLLEGE? Heck, Josh Hawley is only 41. Back in college some thought he was a reasonable human being.

Give Fox News credit for consistency. Adam Toledo, 13, was a “man,” like everyone Matt Gaetz slept with was a woman.

Mike Pence had surgery today to have a pacemaker fitted after suffering a slow heart rate for two weeks. If the Former Guy knew Pence HAD a heart he probably wouldn’t have picked him as VP.

Still waiting to find out which of his GOP colleagues Matt Gaetz showed those nude pictures to….

Kevin McCarthy says Matt Gaetz is “innocent until proven guilty.” So does this mean Kevin McCarthy’s supporting a special committee to investigate Gaetz like he put together for Benghazi against Hillary Clinton?

If only GOP felt this country should be afraid of random guns on the street as much as they seem to be afraid of a woman’s mean tweets.

If Vanita Gupta were a white man she’d have been confirmed weeks ago.

Ironically while GOP pretends Democrats are breaking Senate rules and upending precedent, if Republicans themselves had followed rules and precedent, Vanita Gupta might have been Biden’s nominee for AG.Because Merrick Garland would be busy on the Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz talking today on Senate floor about “my Democratic friends.” Uh, Senator Cruz, respectfully saying, you don’t even have any REPUBLICAN friends.

Lisa Murkowski voting no on Vanita Gupta. Again, I LIKE Lisa Murkowski personally, but not even the ‘best” Republicans are better than the “worst” Democrats. (Sinema and Manchin are yes votes.)

Today Gym Jordan asked Dr. Fauci “When do Americans get their freedom back?” Sadly, over 560,000 Americans will NEVER get their freedom, or anything else back.

Missed it by not missing him “by that much.”

April 14, 2021

Congrats to Carlos Rodon. Second no-hitter of the 2021 MLB Season

Both of them ONE hit batter away from perfect games.

As an SF Giants fan -this brings back memories of Marvin Bernard. (his being hit by a pitch kept Kevin Brown’s no hitter from being a perfect game in 1997)

Yeah, it’s 12 games in. But #SFGiants are 8-4. How many people expected them to be 4-8? (including Giants fans.)

Five members of Houston Astros have been placed on injured list “as a result of health & safety protocols. GM James Click said it’s not because players broke COVID-19 protocols, saying “they’re following the rules.” And why should anyone think the Astros would break any rules?

Meanwhile, Minnesota Twins’ Andrelton Simmons declined a COVID 19 vaccine last week, and today tested positive. another reminder there is no correlation between athletic ability and intelligence:

As Kirsti Noem grandstands about South Dakota not accepting any illegal immigrants, your reminder other states HAD to accept COVIDiots who’d been at 2020 Sturgis Bike Festival. So thousands of Americans are unable to respond to Gov. Noem, because they are now dead.

In her nasty tweet, Kristi Noem says South Dakota doesn’t want “illegal immigrants” & tells immigrants “call me when you’re an American.” Uh, AP estimates 14% of meatpacking work force in SD are undocumented immigrants. Why doesn’t she call, and arrest, the owners of those plants?

So is it just possible that GOP members of Congress are not condemning Matt Gaetz, who reportedly shared nude pictures of girls/women with his colleagues, because someone clued them in on DC laws that make sharing pictures without the subject’s consent is a crime – “nonconsensual pornography? ” #Complicit

A man charged in the January 6 insurrection has been jailed after he was out on bail and caught attempting to flee to Switzerland. Will Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson say he was just picking up chocolate for the next “festive” event?

The only statement I would want to hear the media cover from the Former Guy would be one where he tells all his cult members to get a COVID-19 shot as soon as possible.

Not that I trust Mitch McConnell but looks he is allowing his fellow Republicans to compromise and maybe support anti-Asian American hate crimes bill. I’m sure the fact Mitch’s wife is Elaine Chao has nothing to do with it. #Sarcasm

Fox News “Critics accuse Minn. mayor of siding with Daunte Wright, rushing to judge accused police officer.” So congratulations to all those who had “Wednesday” in the pool.

Today’s GOP- Ashli Babbitt, shot climbing on a door while trying to break into House chamber, is a patriot who ‘loved America with all her heart.”

Also Today’s GOP -Rep. Park Cannon, arrested while Brian Kemp was signing anti-voting act “was told to stop beating on the door.”

Bernie Madoff has died in prison. What’s the opposite of “Rest in Peace?”

Liz Cheney said she would not support Trump if he was GOP presidential nominee in 2024. 1. Good for her. 2. So the bar is now low enough we applaud a Republican who is willing to disavow someone who was willing to have their own GOP members of Congress killed to retain power.

Once again for those in the back: If the defense team in Chauvin trial wants to prove someone kneeling on your neck for over 9 minutes won’t hurt a healthy man, I am waiting for one of them to volunteer for the re-enactment.


April 13, 2021

Most NBA teams seem less than thrilled this year with the concept of the “play in tournament,” which will affect the teams in 7th to 10th place in each conference.

But to be fair, isn’t the regular season basically a “play-in-tournament”

Apparently even at 20 percent capacity SF Giants tickets aren’t getting sold out at Oracle Park.And this is surprising why? I’m a half-vaccinated fan, but what’s been the most fun about Giants games? A party atmosphere on the train, chatting, cheering and yes at times commiserating with other fans in the stands… plus all the fun concessions. Love my team but it’s more enjoyable these days at home.

11 games into MLB season the Yankees are still in last place. Just saying.

I won’t use his name but in 2015 police arrested the man who had massacred nine black people in a Charleston Church, unhurt, in a traffic stop. And the cops even bought him lunch. But I guess he didn’t have expired tags or an air freshener…..

Some of the same people who think that we’ll be safer if untrained civilians walk around with guns, also seem pretty sanguine about the idea that a 26 year veteran of the police department can’t tell her gun from a Taser.

While I never condone violence, the more I hear about Rand Paul, the more I wonder… what took his neighbor so long?

Have friends adopting rescue dog. If we really want effective gun safety laws we just need to put some of these animal rescue folks in charge of gun sales – to get the dog there are required interviews, mandatory accessories, questionnaires, 2 hour orientation, 4 month probation….

Dear Media: Why are you even reporting what the Former Guy says about vaccines? Shouldn’t you be telling him to stay home and knit? Sincerely, American women. #StillWithHer

In podcast w/ Hillary Clinton, Amy Klobuchar says “Mitch McConnell is not in a compromising mood. That’s a Minnesota euphemism.” Thinking now her book Antitrust” is done Sen Klobuchar could write little book on “Minnesota euphemisms.” Would be very useful to avoid getting fired from work, suspended from social media, etc.

John Boehner admitted he voted for Donald Trump. Your reminder, a Republican saying Ted Cruz is a miserable SOB is not like a Catholic going to the confessional and having all sins wiped away.

So who on Derek Chauvin’s defense team wants to demonstrate that having someone kneel on their neck for over nine minutes wouldn’t kill a healthy man?

Most women who’ve ever taken birth control pills remember doctor’s warning- small risk of blood clots. Looked it up “FDA estimates risk of birth control users developing serious blood clot is 3 to 9 women out of 10,000.” J&J vaccine blood clot side effect is 6 out of 7 million.

Not playing ball (or puck)

April 12, 2021

The Twins, Timberwolves and Wild all canceled games tonight in Minneapolis after the shooting of Daunte Wright.

At least sometimes the people in charge of sports know better than to stick to sports.

For those who still think it’s just how a man behaves w/ cops, thinking of Cory Booker interview last summer talking. Where he casually said that even in hottest weather heat he kept suit on walking to DC apt after late sessions at Capitol. Because Cory didn’t want to draw attention as random big black guy walking quickly at night in t-shirt & shorts.

Attention will be justifiably focused on the female police officer who killed Daunte Wright, (and who should be charged.) But also who’s the idiot who made decision to pull Wright over, in midafternoon, for an air freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror?

Apparently it’s illegal in some states to have any hanging items in your car rear view mirror? WTF? I thought fuzzy dice in Vegas used to be practically a requirement.

I sympathize and empathize with anyone who’s mixed up hand cream and toothpaste. Confusing a Taser and a gun is not exactly the same mistake.

So can anyone remember a time when a police officer “accidentally” used a gun instead of a Taser on a white person?

So wonder why we haven’t heard any members of Congress who saw Matt Gaetz’s pictures defend them as “tasteful?”

One failed bomber and most Americans still have to take off their shoes at the airport before getting on a plane for safety reasons. But we’ve lost track of number of school shootings and laws in many states are getting looser instead of stricter on gun safety.

NYC Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang backpedaled after a tweet about cracking on unlicensed street vendors

“I regret that I took on such a frankly complicated and nuanced issue on (Twitter) “It wasn’t the right medium.” Can Yang paste that quote on his bathroom mirror?

I’m so old I remember when we thought Nikki Haley cared more about America and our democracy than Liz Cheney.

Hawaii requires COVID tests for anyone entering the state. Why are other states not requiring mandatory COVID testing for anyone returning from Florida?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will sue to attempt to block cruise lines from requiring proof of vaccination to sail.

“Siri, what happens when you cross ‘stupid’ and ‘evil?”

Jill Biden’s spokesperson reported that Major Biden “”will undergo some additional training to help him adjust to life in the White House.” Too bad this training didn’t happen for the Former Guy

Some of the same conservatives who clutched their pearls as if 22 year old Monica Lewinsky was a schoolgirl during her relationship with Bill Clinton, aren’t batting an eye at Matt Gaetz’s alleged relationships with real schoolgirls.

Wonder how many MAGAs who won’t get a COVID vaccine because of their cult leader are aware that he and Melania did get their shots?

Winning weekend

April 11, 2021

Congrats to Hideki Matsuyama, first Japanese Masters Champion. Which means at next years Masters Champions Dinner he gets to pick the menu. Of course it IS Georgia? Fried sushi, anyone?

NY Pitcher Marcus Stroman was upset the Mets Marlins game Sunday was started in the rain, and lasted just seven minutes before being suspended after an over two hour rain delay. Well, the Mets did score as many runs during the delay as they did all game Saturday for Jacob DeGrom.

Don’t look now, but the SF Giants might be a decent baseball team. Or at least not as awful as they were expected to be.

St. Cloud State lost 5-0 in the Frozen Four men’s ice hockey championship to U Mass and were never really in the game. Not sure if UMass will get a call to the White House. But maybe St. Cloud State might have gotten a sympathy call from Gonzaga?

CNN reports increasing storm threat across central Florida causing delays at major airports Sunday. Well, why doesn’t Florida Gov. Ron De Santis just ban weather reports? Like COVID-19 warnings, it’s only science.

Senator Ted Cruz responding to John Boehner’s criticism now by saying “I think he was probably recording at nine or ten in the morning so obviously he had too much wine that day already.” So Ted is trying to remind us that he himself is this obnoxious even when he’s sober?

Tony Blinken said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the U.S. will be “the world leader on helping to make sure the entire world gets vaccinated.” Might be easier to get most of the world vaccinated than some of the Former Guy’s U.S. cult members

Within reason, I’m an ends justify the means kind of person… so keep thinking of how to get more Americans vaccinated: What if we get some of these “bros” a free drink of their choice while they wait 15 minutes after their vaccine? Could call it “Shots for shots.”

So if we could get a rumor going that COVID causes a man’s private parts to shrink permanently would that make men less vaccine adverse?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, trying to be a political heir to the Former Guy, is making his brand “competent Trumpism.” Talk about an oxymoron.

How long will it take for Fox News to somehow blame Joe Biden for Hideki Matsuyama, a non-American, winning the Masters? And will they assume Matsuyama is from China?

Someday dissertations will be written on the codependent Stockholm syndrome relationship media has with The Former Guy.

Amazingly many of these Republicans who are still trying to feed us the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election haven’t figured out the logical contradiction in themselves being elected in 2020.

Matt Gaetz is saying his accusers and detractors are part of the Deep State. Uh, if it makes you a card-carrying member of the Deep State now if you believe adult men should not have sex with 17 year old girls, then I not only want my Deep State card, I want it laminated.

As vaccine hesistancy soon may become more of a problem than vaccine supply, perhaps it might help to demand all members of Congress who have been vaccinated admit it publicly.

There’s a reason there are no pictures of the Former Guy getting COVID vaccine. Or Ted Cruz, Or Josh Hawley, etc. They’re smart enough to get the shot, but need the support of those they’ve convinced to think science is a hoax.

No more no no nos.

April 9, 2021

Congrats to Joe Musgrove. But he just wrecked the answer to a baseball trivia question. ” Which is the only only current MLB franchise without a no-hitter? (Until tonight it was the San Diego Padres.)

Good for Musgrove and the Padres. But Tim Lincecum still has thrown more no hitters against San Diego than the Padres have thrown as a franchise.

As public and corporate sentiment seem solidly behind moving the All-Star game from Georgia, give GOP credit. Even as a baseball fan I couldn’t imagine how anyone could make MLB look “woke.”

Voter suppression isn’t enough. Florida GOP and Gov. Ron De Santis now trying to pass law where if you attend a protest that becomes, you could be charged with a 3rd-degree felony, and up to 5 yrs in prison. (If 25 or more attend- it would be a 2nd- degree, up to 15 yrs in prison..) Uh, this could describe aftermath of many FL college football games.

Kansas State Senate Leader Gene Suellentrop was arrested for alleged DUI and and fleeing police. Also Suellentrop was allegedly going 90 mph in a 65 mph zone, and in the wrong direction…’Who did he think he was, Tiger Woods?

Manhattan Beach was trending on Twitter today….it’s about the state possibly returning land to descendants of Black family who had it unlawfully seized almost 100 years ago. Really wish I didn’t see a place name trending and immediately think “mass shooting.”

So has Fox News figured out a way to blame the St. Vincent volcano eruption on Biden yet?

Leaving aside that Hunter Biden has not been elected to anything, unlike Donnie Jr., Hunter has actually admitted he had a serious problem.

RIP Prince Philip. 99. Remembering when Queen Elizabeth talked about them being married 70 years, and she said no one knew what to call a 70th anniversary, because no one expected anyone to be married that long. (They made it over 73 years.

Cold as ice

April 9, 2021

Frozen Four semi-finals both came down to late one-goal wins, U Mass over Minnesota Duluth in OT, St. Cloud State over Minnesota State with a goal with less than a minute to play.

So with a UMass St. Cloud State final, have to wonder, how many people are thinking “I didn’t know St. Cloud was a state?

Of course, hearing “Frozen Four,” makes many of us long time SF Giants think that term is describing the attendance in the 9th inning of a blowout weeknight Giants-Expos game at Candlestick.

Dear Media. It’s called “The Masters.” Not “The Masters Without Tiger Woods.” Thank you.

Media – Joe Manchin needs to get off his ego trip.

Also media – Let’s do another interview with Manchin along with a piece saying Joe is the most powerful person in Washington.

Amy Siskind wrote on Twitter about walking your dog and how embarrassing it is when you know the names of dogs you regularly cross paths with, but don’t know the names of the people who own and walk them.

Those of us former Little League parents feel her pain. Even more embarrassing months into the season when you know the kid, know his name, know their position, been talking to their mom or dad all year, and have forgotten (if you ever knew) their names.

Although, CDC is now saying Children’s sports are likely spreading COVID-19. I miss the days when the worst thing about Little League was obnoxious parents.

So when is Fox News going to call for the resignation or impeachment of Hunter Biden?

So Matt Gaetz may ultimately be proven guilty because he allegedly paid for illicit sex and used Venmo? Gaetz is not some old luddite.. Matt is 38 years old. And he’s not smart enough in the internet age to know everything is traceable except cash?

So Fox News is apparently obsessed now with Hunter Biden profiting off his family name and having sex with prostitutes. Are they trying to tell us they think Hunter and not Joe should be President?

Would someone in GOP like to explain to us how private citizen Hunter Biden having sex with adult prostitutes is worse than Congressman Matt Gaetz also paying for sex… with at least one girl/woman who might be underage? I’m waiting.

Fox News is whining about Joe Biden’s “absolute power grab” with his Executive Orders on gun safety. Gosh, while I try to check in daily, I’m not a regular Fox viewer, so I must have missed them ranting about the Former Guy’s executive orders…

“Florida is fighting back,” Ron DeSantis- on his lawsuit to force CDC to resume cruising in the state, without vaccine passports. “This is not reasonable. This is not rational.” If Ron is talking about his own behavior as Governor, and his lawsuit, he’s right.

With Mike Pompeo being the latest new contributor, thinking it’s time to start a new game. Will more people from the Former Guy’s administration end up on Fox News? Or in prison? Or both?

As unhappy as I still am that Mitch McConnell kept Merrick Garland off SCOTUS, how wonderful is it seeing Garland as Attorney General today in the Rose Garden?

Starting on second…

April 8, 2021

A win is a win. But I still don’t like the runner on 2nd no one out extra inning rule. #SFGiants

Of course, the silver lining for Giants fans, the “runner on 2nd no one out rule” resulted in the Oakland As beating the Los Angeles Dodgers today.

(and as the mother of a youth and college pitcher, at least the runner on second doesn’t count as an earned run.)

April 8 starts the “Frozen Four” finals for the NCAA championship in men’s ice hockey.

Not that most Americans, including me until last week, could name the teams involved…

Wonder if college hockey championships would get more attention in US if NCAA published brackets, then told us not to bet on them.

(For the record, St. Cloud State, Minnesota State, Minnesota Duluth, and U Mass.)

Look, I’m glad Tiger Woods is going to be okay. But his Feb crash wasn’t his first “adventure” behind the wheel. Tiger not only got lucky he didn’t kill himself he got lucky he didn’t kill someone else with his reckless driving. Maybe time to take away the car keys?

United Airlines sent out an email today from their “Chief Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Officer,’ headlined “DEI is part of our DNA.”

United isn’t about politics, they’re about making $$$. If you needed more proof today’s GOP is on the wrong side of history.

As angry as the Former Guy was that Mike Pence wouldn’t support his Big Lie and agreed to certify the Electoral College results, how much angrier will Donald be when his former VP’s book outsells his?

We know alcohol can be dangerous, so alcohol sales are tightly restricted. In Texas, however, drive-through liquor stores now are increasingly common and popular. And GOP has no problem with the concept. But Texas Republicans want to restrict drive-through voting?

Again. McConnell says not a single Republican will support Biden’s infrastructure bill. Also again, not a Manchin fan, but he’s better than the best GOP Senator. How to deal with Joe? Win more blue seats in 2022!

Mike Pence launching a new advocacy organization called “Advancing American Freedom.” Shouldn’t it be called “Thank You, Mr. President?”

So when this Chauvin trial is over, wonder if Eric Nelson, his lawyer, will stay in criminal defense or take a job with Fox News?

So Marsha Blackburn, 68, is complaining about $400 billion in Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill for Elder Care. Good thing the elderly, and boomers approaching being elderly, aren’t a serious voting block.

Gonna be interesting. NCL petitioning CDC to allow cruising from US ports, but ” company will require full vaccination for all passengers & crew as a condition of being allowed to restart operations Jul 4.” So how’s FL Gov DeSantis going to deal with what is basically a “vaccine passport” rule?

And if it’s $100,000 a year PER nanny for a team of three, how much is set aside for the children” future psych bills?

Going going WAY gone?

April 7, 2021

So now that the All-Star game’s been officially moved to Coors Field in Denver, over-under on the number of pitchers who will opt out for “personal reasons?”

And who knows how the economics will work out. But with launch angle being a new thing since the last time the game was at Coors, perhaps the baseballs can be sponsored by Space Ex?

Nine headlines on Fox News home page about MLB moving the All-Star game. Zero about Matt Gaetz. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Seahawks DE Carlos Dunlap said last month Russell Wilson said he was “here to stay, let’s go Hawks.” Translation, Seattle couldn’t make a trade to one of the teams on Wilson’s list.

Nationals had 11 regular players unavailable due to COVID-19 protocols, somehow put together a lineup, and still won today. So yeah, this one’s just temporary but still the most successful instant major roster change in DC since inaugural day.

One things that’s always amazed me is how many lower-income people are against the estate tax, which only hits multi-millionaires. Maybe they really dream of being that rich someday. Wonder if we offered people a free lottery ticket if they got the vaccine?

So could Mitch McConnell’s statement about corporations staying out of of politics be used by Democrats in their efforts to overturn Citizens United?

Since CDC won’t give a firm date as to when cruising can resume from U.S. ports., Carnival Cruise Line, which hasn’t announced a decision on vaccine passports, is now threatening to move its ships out of U.S. waters. Remembering what happened last March with cruises, and all the passengers who ended up infecting people across the country, a whole lot of folks may be thinking “promise?”

Norwegian Cruise Line & Royal Caribbean Cruise Line headquartered in Florida. When they resume sailing summer 2021 (not from US ports) both will REQUIRE proof of COVID vaccines. NCL won’t even allow unvaccinated children.. So will Florida Gov. De Santis try to ban those cruise lines too?

I am trying to wrap my head around though how the same “defenders of freedom” who think it’s OK for a bakery not to make a cake for a gay couple, lose their collective sh*t over cruise lines saying “no vaccine, no cruise, period

A wonderful unintended consequence, if COVIDiot GOP supporters want to boycott major airlines, the skies should be safer for all the rest of us.

NY Times now reporting Matt Gaetz asked the Former Guy for blanket pre-emptive pardons ‘for himself and unidentified congressional allies.”. Bad enough, now want to know who ELSE asked the White House for pre-emptive pardons.

Officially Wisconsin election Tuesday for State School Superintendent was nonpartisan. But Jill Underly, aDem w/ union support, was up against Deb Kerr, a Republican w/ Betsy Devos & charter school support.

Underly won 57.6% to 42.4% Forget fretting about Manchin, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is up in 2022.

Tammy Duckworth on with Stephen Colbert, reminding us of early pandemic Zoom fails w/ mute button-on conference call with all Democratic Senators, told her daughter to “go potty & make sure you wash your hands.” & Amy Klobuchar broke in – “Tammy Duckworth is giving us very good advice.”

Remember, GOP says they care so much about life they want to ban abortion after fetal heartbeats detected, because it’s not about a woman’s choice.. Also GOP – they care so little about life they want to ban life-saving mask rules, because masks should be an individual choice….

So it’s not that Mitch McConnell wants corporations to stay out of politics. He just wants them to make major contributions but sit quietly with their mouths shut. Just like GOP has treated women and minorities for years.

Outta here?

April 6, 2021

At least at as of one point Monday night the #SFGiants led the majors with nine home runs. In case your batsh*t bingo game has a baseball edition.

Now both Michael Conforto & J.D. Davis of the Mets have said that COVID-19 vaccine is a “a personal choice,” indicating not all the team will get vaccinated. So time to open the pool on the next games Mets will have canceled for COVID cases?

Anyone who wanted to see an exciting college basketball championship should have watched the Women’s game last night.

Reminded again tonight that blowouts in sports are only really fun to watch if you care who wins and it’s YOUR team doing the blowout.

Stephen Miller tweeted out a LONG eight-tweet rant attacking MLB for moving the All-Star Game. Now he does say “I strongly oppose the DH.” So let the record reflect the above is the only sentence where I will ever agree with Stephen Miller. EVER.

Wonder how many of these people complaining about the need for a “vaccine passport,” have ever gone through the procedure to get an ACTUAL passport?

Truly is amazing how same people who can believe in something with as many complicated theories as QAnon cannot believe in something as simple as a vaccine.

So now that United Airlines has joined other major carriers in coming out against voter suppression what’s next? Maybe this was all a plot for the Former Guy to try to resurrect bankrupt Trump Airlines?

Not ever going to vote for him, but Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed a bill banning medical treatments for transgender youths.

Hutchinson said bill is “product of the cultural war in America” adding it would be a “vast government overreach.” Has an Arkansas Governor been the voice of reason since Bill Clinton?

Dr. Fauci today said Biden won’t mandate vaccine passports but “could foresee how independent entity might say: “We can’t be dealing w/ you unless we know you’re vaccinated.” So if cruises & other businesses require shots, can’t wait for GOP to support their free market choice.

GOP isn’t talking about actual cases of voter fraud, or boys pretending to be girls, or terrorists coming across Southern border. But clearly GOP thinks it’s easier to come up w/ these mythical threats than actually to have policies that help average Americans.

I’m proudly liberal, but open note to other liberals who judge politicians by the standards of their own blue states: If AOC or her clone ran for Senate in West Virginia, they’d lose by at least 30 points.

Once again, not a Joe Manchin fan, but he’s a Democrat in a red state, and liberal by West Virginia standards. He might even be too liberal to be re-elected. But if we want to make him less important – Democrats simply need to win more Senate seats in 2022.

Upset about Joe Manchin? Start looking at swing state Senate elections for 2022. ICYMI, Manchin would be irrelevant if not for these numbers. 4,099,505 to 4,089,472 Florida Senate vote totals in 2018 – Rick Scott over Bill Nelson. Yes, 10,533 votes. Don’t complain, GOTV.

Yesterday once more.

April 5, 2021

The Stanford women’s basketball team is national champions., again, after winning in 1990, and 1992.

29 years between National Championships for Stanford women’s coach Tara VanDerveer. How long ago was 1992? Although he had withdrawn from the race in 1988, Joe Biden was still considered a young potential President.

If anyone watched Stanford this year, their women’s basketball team generally played pretty games. This was not one of those games. But hey, that National Championship trophy is pretty.

You know it’s been a while since Stanford won women’s basketball national championship when they get called for a late & critical 10 second half court violation…. which I thought didn’t exist in women’s basketball. (and sure enough, it didn’t until 2013-14, almost 20 years after their last win.)

How cool is this, there was actually a pre-game show for the NCAA’s Women’s Basketball final. Okay, so it’s a not a Miley Cyrus concert. But baby steps.

In Orange County, head of Florida Dept of Health says “1/3 of county’s COVID-19 hospitalizations were people younger than 45.” Also remember, most under-45s in Florida who listen to DeSantis think COVID is harmless, so if they don’t end up in hospital, they won’t get tested

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has banned vaccine passports because they “reduce individual freedom.” So what’s next in Florida, banning driver’s licenses and kids being vaccinated to attend school?

Apparently some in GOP were scandalized to discover with a picture of Jill Biden in a short skit, ankle boots and fishnet hose, that FLOTUS has great legs. This would have never happened with Former Guy’s wife. Since she had already left nothing to the imagination.

Thinking on Easter that for all GOP wants to wrap themselves in religion they’d have turned Mary and Joseph down to vote if Joseph had forgotten his ID as well as forgetting to make hotel reservations.

Someone sent me an online trivia question “What state is home to the Peeps factory?”

You mean “Peeps” are made in a factory? I thought they were hatched. This is so disappointing.#HappyEaster

Only mention of Matt Gaetz on Fox News website Sunday was under the “Entertainment” headline on SNL from last Saturday night. Well, that’s been rectified. Now the Entertainment headline is “Lori Loughlin reacts to her husband’s release from prison.” Meanwhile about five stories on Hunter Biden.

Visitors to the Former Guy’s website can also request a personalized greeting from him, presumably for the right price. Can we call it Scam-eo?

How much would GOP heads explode if some Democrat suggested making vaccine passports a valid Voter ID?

Then there were two, times two.

April 4, 2021

If you’ve never paid attention to #Pac12 basketball & were impressed w/ UCLA tonight against Gonzaga, let me I remind you – TWO Pac 12 teams, Stanford and Arizona, on Sunday will deservedly play for NCAA women’s basketball championship.

Without using Google, wonder how many so called sports fans can say what cities Baylor and Gonzaga are located in…. (actually guessing more than a few would have a problem naming the states.)

Nothing against Atlanta Braves players but maybe team that proudly embraces fans doing “The Chop” doesn’t have a lot of standing in weighing on MLB’s decision in dealing with a racist voting law.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game was “Corporate Communism.” Uh, MLB figures they will have more viewers and sell more tickets if they act against voter suppression. Sounds like the purest form of capitalism to me

The Venn Diagram of those who don’t take COVID-19 seriously and those who want to suppress voting rights has a lot of overlap. So if MAGA types are going to boycott baseball, then this will make going to games safer for the rest of us!

Happy Easter. So wonder how many who are convinced the Bible is against abortion, homosexuality and transgender people also think the holiday requires a rabbit of indeterminate gender giving out chocolate eggs?

GA Brian Kemp’s press conference “They will stop at nothing to silence all of us.” “All of us” translation – “White Republicans who want to silence black voters.” Got it.

More Republicans condemned Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Trump over a fatal insurrection than have condemned Matt Gaetz over alleged sex trafficking and sleeping with under-age girls.

Matt Gaetz has been accused of sex trafficking & sexual relationships with underage girls. So would GOP take those allegations more seriously if Gaetz owned a pizza parlor?

In both cases right now it’s all still allegations not proven in court. But I’ve lost track of Democrats who’ve already spoken out against Andrew Cuomo. And somehow I’ve missed the list of Republicans who are speaking out about Matt Gaetz.

So as the Former Guy tells his supporters to boycott Coca-Cola, who’s going to tell him that Coca-Cola makes Diet Coke?

Not just leaders of the pac – 12.

April 3, 2021

Wow. Congratulations to Arizona. Joining Stanford in an all #Pac12 final. With two women coaches. For some reason ESPN doesn’t seem thrilled about not having an East Coast team in the NCAA’s women’s basketball championship. #MarchMadness

Stanford women’s basketball team has spent 85 days in various hotels since December when Santa Clara County shut down sports. And none of them have complained. Weaker sex my a**.

After SF Giants relievers got seven outs yesterday while giving up eight walks, and hitting a batter on route to blowing a 6-1 against the Mariners, the bullpen today had a combined effort with 2 2/3 innings and zero runs.

A very good thing on Easter weekend, saved a lot of eggs being thrown at the television.

Meanwhile, Evan Longoria and Buster Posey are on pace for 162 home runs in 2021. Just saying.

Well, at least the Mets are going to be undefeated through opening weekend.

Okay, how many folks in NBA are laughing that GOP suddenly thinks MLB is the “woke” league.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp says taking the MLB All-Star game from Atlanta is “cancel culture.” Uh, no. Actually, it’s a free market decision. And MLB’s decision is they would have lost more money keeping the game in Georgia than they will lose by moving it. Period.

MLB 2021 All-Star game plans to honor Hank Aaron: Hank Aaron would have wanted the game moved

Reminder, many of these GOP voter suppression bills are happening now because GOP voter suppression efforts, including crippling the USPS, didn’t work well enough in 2020.

Idle thought – How many of the GOP who are silent on Matt Gaetz are complicit because they saw and enjoyed his cellphone nude pictures?

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis today issued an executive order on Friday banning “vaccine passports.” New Florida motto “Come for the Sun, stay for the COVID?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claims a “vaccine passport” would create “‘two classes of citizens.” Actually, COVID-19 creates two classes of citizens – alive and dead.

So awful that another member of the Capitol Police lost his life in an attack today. I’m waiting for the apology from GOP members of Congress who said heightened security around the Capitol is unnecessary.

SD Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted complaining Biden’s infrastructure bill “gives $80 billion to Amtrak to build rail lines to every state EXCEPT Alaska, Hawaii, or SOUTH DAKOTA.” I think we should start GoFundMe for first reporter who asks Noem on camera about a rail line to Hawaii.

Opening daze…

April 2, 2021

With so many MLB teams starting out with a greatly reduced number of fans in attendance, shouldn’t there somehow have been an Opening Day game in Olympic Stadium honoring the Montreal Expos?

Now at least three, probably four Nationals players have tested positive for COVID-19 picked up during Spring Training. Again, MLB players are tested without symptoms. How many other visitors, asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, have brought a viral souvenir home from Florida?

Marjorie Taylor Greene released CrossFit video saying that exercise “is my COVID protection.” Right, proof of this is that no professional athletes ever get the virus. Speaking of which, how’d that Nationals-Mets opening day game go.

Felt badly for Amy Klobuchar today because her beloved Twins blew a 3 run lead in bottom of 9th then lost in 10. Then SF Giants took 5 run lead to bottom of 8th & lost in 10… “It breaks your heart, it’s designed to break your heart.” A. Bartlett Giamatti.

I remember long ago Little League game where opposing coach cruelly, since it was kids, went to the mound after a bunch of walks & yelled “can anyone here throw strikes?” Tonight’s SF Giants game felt like that

(Giants hit 4 home runs, Mariners had only 5 hits. But between 9 walks, one hit by pitch, and an error, Seattle scored 8 runs. – almost all off relievers starting in 8th inning. )

At least the Dodgers and Yankees lost.

And yes, 2020 Comeback Player of the Year, Rockies’ Daniel Bard, who was out of baseball since 2013, did get Dodgers’ Mookie Betts to end game with bases loaded to save 8-5 win. Sometimes I love baseball. When I don’t hate baseball. See “SF Giants.”

Many in GOP claim their anti-trans efforts are just about protecting female student-athletes. But they didn’t say a word when Betsy Devos reworked Title IX to make it more difficult for victims of campus sexual assault.

Wow. Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have come out up front telling Texas not to roll back voting rights. Your move, United.

Even in San Francisco Bay Area. “Council Poll found the highest level of COVID-vaccine hesitancy among registered Republicans, w/ 31% wavering on whether to get shot. Just 7% of Democrats expressed any reluctance about the vaccine. Folks still dying to support the Former Guy.

As a woman, I find idea of Matt Gaetz showing nude pictures of women he slept w/ to his Congressional colleagues disgusting. Although it’s actually disgusting enough just to imagine a woman voluntarily sleeping with Matt Gaetz.

So are GOP members of Congress all going to profess as much ignorance about pictures of nude girls and women on Matt Gaetz’s phone as they professed about the Former Guy’s tweets?

CDC highest REPORTED B.1.17 COVID-19 variant case counts are in Florida. Michigan has the next highest number of B.1.1.7 cases. Wonder how many people in Michigan have vacationed or been snowbirds in Florida?

So Melania is trending because some in GOP are attacking Jill Biden for less than perfect Spanish, while saying Former Flotus is fluent in five languages. This is an April Fool’s Joke, right?

Your reminder, despite all the obstacles posed by the pandemic, nothing actually went wrong during 2020 election. Except that Democrats won the Senate and the Presidency. That’s what GOP wants to “fix.”

Washington Post runs a story with the headline story: Emergent plant that ruined Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses had prior FDA violations

Buried lede: Emergent, (a longstanding government contractor_, got one of the biggest Warp Speed deals, $628 million. The deal was made by HHS Dept which was led by Asst. Sec Robert Kadlec. As WashPost previously reported before joining Trump administration, Robert Kadlec was paid Emergent consultant & formed start-up company w/ Emergent’s chairman….

Opening day

April 1, 2021

Hope it isn’t a bad sign that Opening Day is also April Fool’s Day.

(“Don’t remind us” responded Mets fans.)

-LA County Sheriff says cause of Tiger Woods’ car crash last month has been determined, but as of now they won’t release details due to privacy issues – until & unless Woods approves. In all seriousness, if Tiger doesn’t approve, does anyone think the details won’t leak?

Fox News 10/29/20-“Today we can confidently say our border more secure now than any time in our history,” acting DHS Sec Chad Wolf 3/31/21 “Migrants stream through gaps in border wall following Biden’s order to halt construction.” Fox thinks real April Fools are their viewers?

There are few punchlines I can write that would seem more satirical than this truth today – that the media actually seriously covered dog poop being seen in the White House and wondering which dog was responsible.

(Has anyone considered one of the Former Guy’s GOP lapdogs?)

-Considering the media’s obsession with Champ and Major can only imagine what will happen when a First Feline does something like bring a mouse into the Oval Office.

Joe Biden on his plan “If we act now, 50 years from now we will look back and say “This was the moment that America won the future.” It finally really IS infrastructure week.

Better late than never award: On March 31, CEOs of Delta Airlines & Coca-Cola called Georgia GOP new voting law “unacceptable,” adding it was ““based on a lie” that Former Guy won the election. Fine, now can they promise not to donate to any politician who supports the lie?

If Major Biden’s stress from moving to White House means he needs to bite someone on occasion perhaps Joe could earn bipartisan support by having the dog visit the Senate chambers and say hello to Ted Cruz?

President Biden said he’d support moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta over the new Georgia voting law.MLB usually stays out of political controversy. But what might make that happen? If potential All-Star players said they wouldn’t play unless it was moved.

For all I’m seeing some worries and complaints about COVID-19 vaccine side effects, all the side effects appear to be temporary. As opposed to the potential permanent side effect of no vaccine, which is death.

So are we just going to have to keep flags at half-staff now in America with mass shootings?

In our latest mass shooting, in Orange, California – “four dead, including child.” For all who think the death of a child will make a difference to gun safety legislation – it didn’t with Sandy Hook.

If you’re a Republican complaining about the cost of Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan but you were fine with $2 trillion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, can I respectfully suggest you STFU?

If you think $2 trillion is too much for infrastructure please provide a list of bridges you are okay with having fall down. Thank you.

It’s not just bridges, one big part of Biden’s infrastructure bill is broadband. And who leads the major Senate broadband bill…? The senior Senator from Minnesota. Stay tuned for the next episode of the Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg platonic rom-com.

Then there were four.

March 31, 2021

Several headlines and stories about how NCAA men’s basketball tournament in “Elite Eight” only had one team east of the Mississippi left in the tournament. Although that team was #1 seed Michigan.

And then there were none…

Only bad thing about UCLA making the Final Four as a First Four team, unless you’re a Michigan fan…. Now just imagine how loudly in 2022 the first team out, ie the 69th best in college basketball, will be whining on “coulda, woulda, shoulda…

Down 12 at halftime to Louisville, Stanford women’s basketball wins by 15 to advance to the Final Four. . It is just possible Tara Vanderveer is a very good coach.

And as Stanford women’s basketball team spends a whole lot of time in San Antonio, how much do I like to dream at SOME point, Tara Vanderveer & Gregg Popovich, two of the smartest, and “woke’ people in sports, can have a long socially distanced conversation over a bottle of wine?

Utah Jazz’s team charter plane made emergency landing shortly after takeoff today after striking a flock of birds, which resulted in an engine issue. No injuries were reported. Well, except for the birds.

For those freaking out over “vaccine passports”- From CDC – “ALL states require children to be vaccinated against certain communicable diseases as a condition for school attendance. In most instances, state school vaccination laws expressly apply to both public & private schools”

And uh, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – did you forget this Florida statute? – “Prior to admittance to or attendance in public or private school, grades kindergarten through 12, or any other initial entrance into Florida school, require each child to have on file w/ immunization registry a certification of immunization…”

Also so if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thinks a vaccine passport is too much government overreach, how long before he demands we stop demanding driver’s licenses?

If Major Biden is going to nip people from time to time I suppose it would be churlish to suggest Joe Biden invite our nation’s current head mailman Louis DeJoy to the White House for a chat.

Going to be interesting to see if South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem figures out a way to ask President Biden for help at the same time she blames him for the fires near Mount Rushmore.

G. Gordon Liddy, 90, died yesterday. Liddy came up with plot to bug Democratic headquarters at the Watergate complex back in 1972. After the Former Guy, Watergate now seems so quaint.

Can’t stand Governor Ron De Santis. But talk about lucky. Story of DeSantis undercounting COVID numbers begins to go national just as Matt Gaetz swoops in really to steal all the #FloridaMan headlines.

Serious thought for a change: Guessing many women are not surprised by Chauvin’s lawyer trying to put George Floyd on trial. This sort of blame the victim BS has been going on as long as I can remember in rape cases.


March 30, 2021

Baylor lost by 2 to UConn today for a spot in the Women’s FInal Four. On a day when coach Kim Mulkey, often seen maskless even though she’s HAD COVID, said the NCAA should stop COVID-19 testing with Final Four. “Would be a shame if kids test positive & then they don’t get to play in the Final Four. So you need to forget COVID testing and let the teams playing the Final Four battle it out.

So “hey, grandma, I might have brought back a virus that will kill you…in the meantime, look at this cool tournament T-shirt….”

And if you needed a reason to root for Stanford. Tara VanDerveer said weeks ago, the Cardinal would observe all protocols, stay away even from family and friends, remain double masked through the entire tournament. Tara did worry “… I don’t think they have a rule that you can’t wear a mask?”

If Baylor coach Kim Mulkey had talked about getting to Final Four, but being sent home by positive COVID-19 test, we’d all agree w/ her it would be heart breaking. But saying we should stop testing & risk lives so someone can’t play a game, shows us Mulkey doesn’t have a heart.

Is it wrong to feel real affection for a March Madness team you chose a couple weeks ago solely for their mascot? Asking for a sports fan & cat person friend. #Cougars

CBS just reported Michigan only team remaining in March Madness located east of Mississippi River. Might be enough for national media to start paying attention to hockey’s Frozen Four: Minnesota State, in Mankato is west of Missisippi river; St. Cloud State is ON the river. (U Mass & Minn-Duluth are east of it..)

FOX News headline “Trump fires back at ‘self-promoters’ Fauci, Birx.” Some statements really are their own punchlines.

Mitch McConnell today at news conference: “There is no good argument not to get the vaccination. I would encourage all men regardless of party affiliation to get the vaccination.” Mitch, just make the message simple “Get the d*mn shot.” (And #WearAMask.)

Wondering tonight, if it had been a top white advisor to Trump who died of COVID-19 after the Tulsa rally instead of Herman Cain, would his cult take the virus any more seriously?

Some states trying make it illegal to bring food or water for those waiting to vote. Would it help if we applied the same rules onto what people can bring to elected officials who end up in prison for election fraud?

As vaccines get us closer to safety, open question to these COVIDiot governors getting rid of regulations and mask rules. Will you next tell your states’ residents it’s okay not to wear a seatbelt when they’re within five miles of home?

Lindsey Graham “I own an AR-15 If there’s a natural disaster in SC where cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be last one that gang will come to because I can defend myself.” That’s almost as good as Former Guy claiming he’d run in unarmed to face a school shooter.

But seriously, Graham says he can defend himself against a gang? He couldn’t even defend his BFF John McCain against the Former Guy’s nasty words.

Whatever else GOP says about Georgia, two things are true: 1. In the midst of a deadly pandemic,, the state somehow had safe, successful and FAIR elections. 2. Republicans want to make sure that never happens again.