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Money for nothing.

May 16, 2021

Dodgers SS Corey Seager suffered fractured hand when hit by a pitch tonight. He joins Bellinger, Pollock, Knebel, May, Price & Graterol on Los Angeles’ IL.

LA now is paying more to injured players than the total payroll of 12-13 teams in MLB.

So is explaining the NBA’s play-in round the basketball equivalent of explaining the infield fly in baseball?

Fox News headline after Medina Spirit finished 3rd in the Preakness “Karma wins.” So Fox is good with the Former Guy trying to cheat to win the Presidency. But potentially cheating to win a horse race? That’s serious.

Okay, until today who had ever heard of Rombauer as anything other than an overpriced Chardonnay? #PreaknessStakes

As MSNBC data guru Steve Kornacki covered the Preakness States for NBC two things to remember:

1. The legitimacy of this year’s Kentucky Derby is in doubt.

2. The legitimacy of last November’s election is NOT in doubt.

It takes SNL’s Kate McKinnon to point out the insanity about Liz Cheney being abandoned by conservatives: “What more can I do, I opposed gay marriage even though my sister is a lesbian.” And… “Do you know who my father is?”

December 1924 – New York Times reported that Adolf Hitler’s five months in jail had left him “tamed” and “no longer to be feared.”

November 2020 – “What’s the downside for humoring him?”

If the insurrectionists still believe the Big Lie of a stolen election, would any of them like to explain why they won’t storm the Capitol again? Asking for a country. And a lot of nervous members of Congress.

Pandemic motto that will be chanted to future generations: When the going got tough, the tough got on their couches…and sat there.

House Republicans upset Speaker Nancy Pelosi said masks will still be required for members of Congress and staff on the House floor. The same House Republicans who are 44% vaccinated. Pretty simple: Want to get rid of the d*mn mask rule? get the d*mn vaccine.

People need to be vaccinated to go without masks. Also, people need to admit Joe Biden won the Presidential Election to be interviewed on major networks.

“We need to ensure we’re increasing our party’s ability to reach out to women. I work on that in Congress. I care passionately about that. Donald Trump’s comments have not helped that effort. They’ve hurt that effort.”

Elise Stefanik, August 2015

Lindsey Graham would be proud.

Delta just announced the airline will mandate all new employees be vaccinated. Waiting to see if Gov. Ron DeSantis tries to ban Delta Airlines from Florida.

So at this point could we get people in the South to get vaccinated if we give them a coupon for ten gallons of gas?

72 is not enough?

May 15, 2021

72 game compressed NBA schedule. Made so much worse by fact that several teams had COVID issues and had to compress their schedule even further in the second half.

But yeah, players do all that…. to get to a point where 10 of 30 teams are eliminated?

Can someone explain to me why if MLB HAS to have that stupid runner on 2nd base in extra innings rule to avoid games that last forever why it has to start in the 10th instead of the 12th inning?

A sign that the baseball season might really be getting into full swing? – Giancarlo Stanton might be heading to the injured list.

NY Post headline “Biden scraps Trump Garden of Heroes honoring Kobe, Trebek, Bader Ginsburg.” Funny, the headline didn’t mention Scalia, Samuel Colt, Sam Walton & Elia Kazan, a director who ICYMI, named names for House Un-American Activities Committee.

GOP in Georgia: Rep. Andrew. Clyde “If you didn’t know TV footage was video from Jan 6th, you’d actually think it was normal tourist visit.” Also GOP in Georgia: Black woman state rep who knocked on door while Gov. Brian Kemp signed voter suppression bill deserved to be arrested.

WTF? People born between 1980 and 1985 are now being referred to as “Geriatric millennials?!” What next, they’ll demand senior discounts?

Folks, I don’t think Alan Dershowitz is ever getting invited again to Martha’s Vineyard.

One of the Former Guy’s executive orders overturned by Joe Biden today was the one requiring immigrants to have health insurance. Wonder if Former Flotus had insurance when she came over in hopes of a genius visa?

Frank Bruni in NYTimes- not fan of Liz or Kevin.. “Americans deserve truth & Cheney not McCarthy is telling it. She can’t be discounted as villain having rare good-ethics day, just as she shouldn’t be anointed St. Liz. She refuses our tidy categories. How frustrating. How human.”

Jeff Sessions was the very first Senator to support the Former Guy. He ended up under the bus. How long until Elise Stefanik joins him?

Some in GOP & conservative media are paying as much attention to that “fully vaccinated” part about not needing a mask as they do to the “well-regulated” part of the 2nd Amendment.

Why do I think it’s a pretty small overlap in the Venn Diagram between people demanding verifiable voting ID and people demanding verifiable vaccine passports?

For anyone who thinks Americans shouldn’t be required to show proof of vaccination – should we put blood alcohol levels while driving also on the “honor system”?

CNN survey found 100% of Democratic members of Congress vaccinated. 92% of GOP senators and 44.8% of GOP House members say they are vaccinated. Proud to be a member of the party that believes in science.

The Former Guy loses by over 7 million votes and GOP ousts one of their most conservative members from leadership for not supporting him. Hillary Clinton wins by 3 million votes, and many Democrats tell her to go home and knit.

Then there were 21?

May 14, 2021

So what do NBA teams drink when they clinch a play-in spot. Champagne, beer, hard seltzer?

And how long until we get “play-in game” officially licensed NBA merchandise?

SF Giants have gone 7-3 in last 10 games, won three straight, and FELL from 5 to 7 in ESPN’s MLB power rankings. But no, there’s no East Coast bias…

I guess some folks don’t see any contradiction in “I’m not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine because I don’t believe in science,” and “See, the CDC says I don’t have to wear a mask anymore.” And most of those “some folks” are Republicans.

Don’t forget – same folks complaining Biden administration changed mask rules too quickly would have screamed bloody murder if Joe had gotten new guidance from CDC then decided to take a few days to discuss it before acting.

CDC “The science is clear: IF you are fully vaccinated, you are protected & you can start doing the things that you stopped doing because of the pandemic.” The important word being “IF.” Ignoring parts of science you don’t believe in is like being a little bit pregnant.

So with the mask mandate removed from fully vaccinated people, is there going to be a run on lipstick? (and dental work?)

Wonder what would happen if Speaker Pelosi demanded an audit of Wednesday’s House vote to oust Liz Cheney?

Anyone else think referring to “Marge” Taylor Greene is disrespectful? To Marge Simpson.

For those who missed it, Gov. Ron DeSantis is suing to allow cruising to start from Florida, but then goes against cruise lines by saying it’s illegal for them require vaccinations. Yeah, I miss the days when Florida Man was just a danger to himself.

Listened tonight to Maddow discuss how Florida Gov Ron DeSantis might protect the Former Guy from being extradited from the state if he is criminally charged:

The clock is clearly ticking while Velveeta Voldemort summers in New Jersey.

Adam Kinzinger,, who along w/ Liz Cheney, has criticized Former Guy regularly in media, was ranked as 35th most bipartisan member of U.S. House of Representatives during 115th Congress, Cheney was 380th. But only Cheney has been punished by House GOP. I wonder why? #misogyny

Numbers games?

May 13, 2021

Not sure which is more 2021 – all these 7 inning MLB doubleheaders. Or sportscasters talking about magic numbers for NBA play in games.

New York Yankees and Mets will soon be expanding capacity at their ballparks, and will open some “fully vaccinated” sections. But those sections are the worse seats in the House. Since vaccines in NY are now available to anyone, seriously, shouldn’t this be the other way around? Put the COVIDiots and anti-vaxxers in the nosebleed seats.

MLB apparently told Oakland A’s that after “4 years of work, league concerned w/ rate of progress on our new ballpark efforts” & to explore moving options. 4 years? Uh, how many years did Bud Selig have that “Blue Ribbon Committee” for a A’s ballpark?

Country music singer and composer Caleb Kennedy, 16, is out of American Idol after video surfaced w/ him & someone wearing KKK hood. Said he was 12 then, but “no excuse. “I’m so sorry! I pray that I can regain trust in who I am & have your respect.”

Sadly some country fans probably preferred he didn’t apologize.

Seeing #RIPGOP trending on Twitter today. Can we add this to the list of cult suicides?

Starting to wonder, how many in GOP are acting like slavish acolytes to #VelveetaVoldemort because they are afraid of him, and how many because they were complicit. (And lordy, maybe he has tapes.)

Why do I have a feeling a month from now gas companies in the US will still have prices sky high and be blaming hackers?

Ohio Gov. Mike Devine is holding lotteries for vaccinated state residents. $1 million for adults, a 4-year scholarship for residents 17 and under. What wiil Florida Gov Ron DeSantis raffle off for the maskless? Solid gold caskets?

The Former Guy did everything he could to gut cyber-security, especially where Russia was concerned. But the cyber-attack on Colonial Pipeline is all Biden’s fault? Today’s GOP in a nutshell.

For all that GOP has become obsessed with the idea of voter fraud, amazing how they don’t question ANY of the elections last November that they won.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been asserting his state’s independence from Biden & federal overreach on COVID. Now he’s demanding POTUS do something about gas crisis – “You can’t just say it’s a private pipeline.” Irony, if you can gas up your car, your regular table is ready.

Ahead of today’s bipartisan infrastructure meeting, Chuck Schumer said “Washington cannot be small-minded” He’s talking about the same GOP who just ousted one of their most conservative members because she refused to accept one lie? WTF?

Caitlyn Jenner told CNN she didn’t vote in the 2020 election. But public records from LA County Registar-Record said she did. So let’s see, lying, dementia, or GOP voter fraud?

I’m so old I remember “What is the downside of humoring him for this little bit of time?”.

Strange bedfellows

May 12, 2021

Yeah, sometimes the truth hurts. But yeah, Liz Cheney is saying the right things about the 2020 Election. And Karma probably was okay the Dodgers win tonight in the 8th tonight against the Mariners, because Mookie Betts WAS called out on strikes with the bases loaded on ball four in the 7th

“Yankees on April 30 were able to relax MLB protocols after reaching an 85% vaccination rate among players & staff such as managers, coaches and athletic trainers.”

Today “Boone: Yanks 3B, 1B coaches positive for COVID”


Medina Spirit will be allowed to race in Preakness. Whatever happens, at least the horse is one athlete who can claim he didn’t have any idea he might be using a banned substance.

Yeah, with our recall election, California is & will continue to be justifiable butt of jokes with our candidates. But Daily Show reminds us tonight that w/ mayoral race, New York City is making a strong effort to hang onto the top spot.

Rachel Maddow points out Liz Cheney has voted w/ Former Guy 92.9% percent of time, Elise Stefanick only voted w/ him 77.8% of time. “This isn’t about policy, it’s about supplication – it’s about performative sycophancy.”

#Performativesycophancy perfectly describes today’s GOP.

So GOP Senators on Rules committee are against Jon Ossoff’s amendment making it legal to hand out water to voters waiting in line. Ladies and gentlemen, your so-called “pro-life” party.

Senators Merkley & Ossoff challenge Ted Cruz, who claims DMW automatic voter registration will result “millions of illegals” being registered to vote, to show an example of this happening in any state where DMW already automatically registers voters. We’re waiting.

Headline should be on Mitch McConnell’s opposition to For the People Act “Man who illegally changed rules to steal 2 SCOTUS seats doesn’t like that Democrats want to adopt rules to keep some red states from stealing future elections.”

The I-40 Bridge across the Mississippi River from Memphis TN to Arkansas was closed today when a Tennessee inspector found a “significant crack” on the I-40 Bridge.

Again, as GOP wants to reduce infrastructure bill, can some Republican senator please let us know if this I-40 bridge is one of the ones they are okay with falling down?

The Colonial Pipeline hack by Darkside has not only resulted in people lining up to buy gas, but also prices approaching $3 a gallon.Now, this is a serious situation… but $3 a gallon gas? Motorists in California are just giggling.

So now Ted Cruz is trying to fight current voter rights by talking alleged voter fraud back in 1960 in Nixon-JFK election…. Ted Cruz was born in 1970.

“If you can write the rules, you can win the game”: Mitch McConnell. So he’s telling us that was his playbook to steal two SCOTUS seats?

So Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in Florida over the Colonial Pipeline and resulting gas shortages. Well, I trust the Governor will remain consistent and whatever happens tell the Feds not to meddle in his state.

“Millions of Americans have been misled -election is over. That is rule of law…our Constitutional process. Our duty is clear. This is not about policy; this is not about partisanship. Remaining silent & ignoring the lie emboldens the liar.” I HATE it when I agree w/ Liz Cheney

Ted Cruz is now ranting about allegedly wasting taxpayer money on elections, saying instead the money should go to rural hospitals. Uh, how much money could we have sent to rural hospitals if GOP hadn’t given huge tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires?

Ted Cruz adds amendment to keep candidates from enriching themselves w/ federal election funds. Amy Klobuchar “This is your lucky day, Senator Cruz, I also support this amendment.” Add to reasons I am in awe of Klobuchar, she can keep a sense of humor after 8 hours w/ Ted Cruz.

But ultimately:

Senator Amy Klobuchar is right. Senator Ted Cruz is wrong. Divulging the names of big donors doesn’t stifle free speech. It just lets Americans know who is really speaking.

Wildest card?

May 11, 2021

So do NBA teams pop champagne when they clinch a spot in the play-in tournament?

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit will be at the Preakness while trainer Bob Baffert says he is staying home “to avoid being a distraction.” It’s all enough to make you long for the purity of pro wrestling.

Early days… but the LA Dodgers let Alex Wood get away to San Francisco Giants in 2021 on a one-year, $3 million deal?

How long until the season before Giants fans have to thank them?

I love New Orleans – “Organizers of a New Orleans vaccination event on Thursday will offer a free shot in the arm – and a free pound of boiled crawfish.”

Wonder if you get Pfizer or Moderna if you get a 2nd pound with your second shot?

During WWII in the US, gasoline, sugar, coffee, meats, fats, canned fish and cheese were all rationed. Now our government is just asking us to wear a mask and get one or two vaccine shots And many conservatives call liberals “snowflakes.”

United Airlines pilot reiterating mask rule. “Wear it except eating or drinking. And no that does not mean putting a water bottle on your tray for 4 hours and claiming you are drinking.

Caitlyn Jenner said she is prepared to be California governor, because “entertainment is a business, and you have to run that business. But I’ve also done other things. We sold a billion dollars’ worth of exercise equipment on television…” #NotTheOnion

Yes I know Liz Cheney probably wants to run for President. No, I’m NEVER going to vote for her. But to me being American means that we celebrate increasingly rare common ground when we find it. And about the Former Guy and the Big Lie, Liz is right.

Kevin McCarthy said in a letter calling for the ouster of Liz Cheney from GOP leadership that “unlike the left, we embrace free thought and debate.” Wow. So is McCarthy auditioning to host SNL?

Let’s not forget. The Former Guy tried to gut the USPS and GOP tried in many states to limit voting in urban areas. But they weren’t able to cheat enough to win. So now Republicans are just trying, not to be better, but to cheat better.

Maybe it’s not that GOP are big fans of the Former Guy. Maybe it’s just that they like the idea of being able to cheat to win.

All you need to know if you haven’t read much about #ForThePeopleAct – the Republican leading the fight against it is Ted Cruz.

Tale of two parties.

Tuesday: Democrats led by Amy Klobuchar will hold markup on For the People Act, to defend our right to vote in future elections.

Wednesday, GOP led by Kevin McCarthy will strip far-right Rep. Liz Cheney of leadership position, because she defended the last election.

And down the test they come?

May 10, 2021

Ugh, Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit fails drug test. Will he blame it on tainted hay from a stablemate?

Forget the Kentucky Derby winner. Thinking our Former President is a “Junky.” (Can you OD on Diet Coke?)

LA Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer after losing to LA Angels 2-1 Sunday- “I freakin’ hate losing. I wanna win. That’s why I came here.” Well yeah, that and $102 million more guaranteed reasons for 3 years.

If Tucker Carlson actually hadn’t been vaccinated he’d be loudly proclaiming it to his cult followers. But the truth hurts. Starting with ratings.

One man is dead & “several others” injured after a shooting Saturday night at Hyatt Regency Phoenix after police say a group “got into an altercation.” Police add it was an “isolated incident.” Uh, nothing “isolated” about it when US gets several mass shooting incidents a week.

Kevin McCarthy is now backing Elise Stefanik to replace Liz Cheney in house leadership “We need to be united.” Because McCarthy knows that once this “crisis” is over, the Former Guy can be counted on to stand with those who have supported him?

Elise Stefanik does realize that as soon as she makes a misstep the Former Guy will claim he hardly knows her and she wouldn’t have been his type?

Whatever they say, remember the only real reason GOP suddenly made it a priority to ram through all these new voting laws: THEY LOST.

Liars dice?

May 9, 2021

And didn’t we all have the #SFGiants as the first National League team to 20 wins in 2021?

Meanwhile, Dodgers fans have to be happy about beating the Angels 14-11.

Well, maybe less happy about that score after LA Dodgers led 13-0.

(and no, Coors Field wasn’t involved.)

If you’re not a baseball fan you can skip this link. But trying to pass a clubhouse spat off as a “rat or possum” discussion might be the best ‘That’s so Mets” story of the year.

Nice thing about 2021: Coming back to social media after an hour or two off without wondering “now WTF did POTUS tweet?” Not nice thing about 2021: Returning to social media after an hour or two off and going “WTF, another mass shooting?

ICYMI, we taxpayers are actually paying Marjorie Taylor Greene $174,000 a year for bragging about what a “dirty rotten job” being a Congresswoman is and how little she does in Washington, DC.

So for many of us there was a question tonight. So what are we all doing Saturday night instead of watching SNL with Elon Musk?

(And look, I don’t care that Musk is an eccentric billionaire. I care that for over a year he’s been spouting lies about COVID-19)

So if Jen Psaki is only going to stay as Press Secretary for a year, anyone talked to Allison Janney about a C.J. Cregg comeback?

Despite some in Palm Beach trying to block the Former Guy from living at Mar-A-Lago (he signed a 1993 promise not to allow residents, town attorney ruled he can live there as a ‘bona fide employee’ As if Donald has done any bona fide work ever.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a party that elected a man who boasted about grabbing women by the p*ssy, now has no problem with a congressman allegedly sleeping with underage girls.

If we could only guarantee none of it would hurt anyone or anything, regular space junk falling to earth does seem to be a great way to distract the media from making up controversies regarding President Biden.

So has Fox News blamed the all the recent angst over Chinese Rocket falling to earth on President Biden’s somehow mishandling Space Force?

Don Jr. tried to insult Joe Biden by comparing Joe to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter is the most beloved ex-President ever. Meanwhile, future historians criticizing future Presidents will always add “But at least he wasn’t Trump.”

A small point that says so much about Fox News: Major Biden biting someone was headline news for days. But not a word about the death of beloved Former First Dog Bo Obama.

Amy Klobuchar says in her “Antitrust” book there is basically no antitrust humor

But as as a travel agent have to say those emails from airlines after a merger claiming the merger will benefit consumers are pretty unintentionally hilarious.

Maybe we are doing this wrong. Maybe we need to spread a rumor to vaccine hesitant MAGAs that liberals are trying to scare them away from vaccines to order to kill off Trump supporters.

Say HEY!

May 7, 2021

I love everything about this

Happy now belated birthday Willie Mays

.”I gave Willie a ride on Air Force One to the All-Star game in St. Louis. I’ll never forget that day because it was one of the few times when I wasn’t the most important person on the plane. Everyone was excited to see Willie.” B

The quote is from Barack Obama.

Minnesota Twins, 11-19 but 0-7 in extra innings, lost to the Texas Rangers Thursday.

Maybe time to sign a relief pitcher whose best performance really are with runners in scoring position?

There should be a rule. Any TV or other pundit spouting anti-vax nonsense should be forced to divulge if they themselves have been vaccinated.

If the Former Guy thinks whatever mythical social media platform he is coming up with will be so special, why is he spending so much time and energy trying to sneak back on Twitter?

Josh Duggar’s lawyer, in his bail argument “he has not done anything at all other than continue to live his life in this judicial district where he has deep roots.” Only a white man can convince a judge that downloading child pornography is just “continuing to live his life.”

Caitlyn Jenner feels kind of like methadone for a media that clearly hasn’t weaned themselves off their Former Guy addiction.

A new survey reported by Orlando Sentinel found about 32% of Central Floridians believe COVID-19 is “mostly made up” and exaggerated by the media. The same 32% presumably who are disciples of the Former Guy and Governor #DeathSantis

Uh, CNN headline writer?

“Caitlyn Jenner says friends fleeing CA because of homeless people.” But Jenner to Hannity: “My hangar, guy right across, was packing up ‘I’m moving to Sedona…I can’t see homeless anymore.” So leaving out friend w/ private plane MIGHT be burying the lede.

So as cruises get ready to start sailing again next month, here’s a potential line from ship’s doctors we couldn’t have imagined hearing before 2020 “Thank God, it’s just norovirus.”

Elise Stefanik now says the Former Guy is the “strongest supporter” of the Constitution. Well, maybe the Russian Consititution.

Started reading Amy Klobuchar’s “Antitrust” and learned that in 1920 Eugene Debs ran for U.S. President while in prison. So in 2024 will that feat be duplicated by the Former Guy?

Mitch McConnell, attacking Biden’s popular stimulus bill, alleges “it’s actually more lucrative for many Kentuckians & Americans to not work than work.” Speaking of getting paid for not working…. doesn’t that pretty much describe the GOP Senate?

Fly the W.

May 6, 2021

SF Giants lost back to back games vs Rockies, 6-8 and 5-6 after Giants pitchers gave Rockies a six run inning in each game. Would like to thank Cubs for sweeping Dodgers to make those games hurt a LITTLE less. #BeatLA

Safeway advertising California sparkling wine on sale for Mother’s Day. In the fine print the ad notes “when you purchase six or more.” Since large groups are still basically discouraged is this implying Mom’s a lush, or you are?

Does grocery money talk? Safeway in California at least is now offering anyone who gets the COVID-19 vaccine at one of their in-store pharmacies a 10% grocery discount coupon.

Random nonpolitical thought. Got an ad flyer from Round Table, a Western pizza chain for “Street Taco Pizza.” -featuring charred corn, zesty chorizo, tomatoes, crema, crisp tortilla strips.. Uh, sounds okay…but if you want those flavors, why not go get tacos?

Jim Acosta on CNN with Anderson Cooper called the Former Guy “a snake in search of a sewer.” “And he just can’t find one.” There are moments I quite like Acosta.

Child porn allegations against Josh Duggar have gone from bad to seriously stomach-churning. Except over on FoxNews website, absolute crickets today. But they find time for this headline “Woman’s allegation against McDonald’s will make you lose your lunch.”

Despite past allegations past of molesting his sisters and others, & recent alleged discovery of over 200 nude pictures of children on his phone & more along with videos of child sexual abuse on his laptop, Josh Duggar has been granted bail. Siri, what is “White Male Privilege?”

So if Liz Cheney somehow wins this battle for the soul of the GOP, or rather the battle to bring back a soul to the GOP, how are all these Former Guy sycophants going to spin it to say they never really supported him?

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was asked yesterday about senators who don’t wear face coverings: “One of them that’s an M.D., isn’t, but he’s kind of a lunatic.” If you didn’t already love Sherrod Brown. (Now can someone ask him about Cancun Cruz?)

Happy Cinco de Mayo. So how many White supremacists will celebrate by going out maskless and getting drunk in Mexican restaurants on margaritas?

A judge has called former attorney general Bill Barr “disingenuous” when he cleared the Former guy of obstruction of justice charges. “Disingenuous” is using an awful lot of letters to avoid saying “Barr lied.”

A lot of this BS from the Former Guy makes sense if you realize he doesn’t think of himself as a President, he thinks of himself as King.

Since winning House seat in 2014, she’s had 1 of Hill’s most bipartisan records. On key votes, including Trump’s signature tax cuts, she’s bucked president. Nov 2019, she crossed aisle to keep government funded.” In Dec 2019 this WAS Elise Stefanik. Another one bites the dust.

Mitch McConnell: “100% of my focus is on stopping this new administration.” So when Joe Biden and Senate Democratic leaders pass what will be a very popular infrastructure bill can we put Mitch’s quote on billboards all across the country before 2022 midterms?

Day late…

May 5, 2021

Forgot to hit send again…. Can I blame the Former Guy?

Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw was pulled after 1 inning after giving up 4 earned runs today vs the Cubs. But he had a much better day than Rockies’ German Marquez, who gave up 8 earned runs in 2/3 in the top of the first inning vs the Giants. Baseball is a funny game.

New Jersey is starting a program whereby state residents can bring their vaccine card to a number of participating breweries for a few free. Hmm…. I think I see a way to get even the vaccine hesitant their shots at summer baseball games….

I really miss when Florida stories like this were the most outrageous stuff coming out of the state: Florida teen faces 16 years jail for hacking homecoming queen contest

So if GOP wants to raise the bar for participatory democracy what about using a vaccine passport for a voter id?

The Former Guy not only lost the Electoral College, he lost the popular vote by a larger margin than he lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016. So why isn’t anyone in the media suggesting he stay home and knit?

Now the Former Guy has launched a webpage for his supporters to get around the bans & share his statements onto Twitter & Facebook. He refers to the webpage as a ‘beacon of freedom’ Who taught him to spell “beacon?”

So as GOP all genuflects in fear before the Former Guy, can we have a moment to remember W. actually won his 2nd Pesidential election.

Hey GOP anti-vaxxers, has anyone explained that “dying to own the libs” was supposed to be rhetorical?

Example of why we can’t completely write off politicians we disagree with on almost everything: Amy Klobuchar has gotten Louisiana’s John Kennedy to cosponsor her bill to make it easier for newspapers to negotiate w/ big tech. If you love newspapers, as I do, this matters.

Very confusing . So are all the microchipped vaccinated people now Bill and Melinda’s community property?

To those who criticize any Democrat praising Liz Cheney: You don’t have to intend to vote for someone to agree with them on one issue. And if we NEVER praise a Republican doing right thing, how do we get any bipartisanism going forward, ever? I’m so tired of 100% polarization.

Just rain?

May 4, 2021

You know it’s it’s been a weird year when you see two MLB games – (Giants-Rockies and Dodgers-Cubs) postponed in one day, and your immediate guess is not rain but COVID.

The NY Mets on Monday night fired their hitting coaches. Shocking many of their fans – we HAVE hitting coaches?

SF Giants & Rockies rained out tonight in Denver. So this means only 14 scheduled innings for Giants pitchers at Coors Fields for tomorrow’s doubleheader. Wonder if any of those pitcher participated in a rain dance.

Love everything about this picture. As Walter Mondale said. “We told the truth, we obeyed the law, we kept the peace.” Not a bad starting goal for the Biden administration.

Trevor Noah makes a good point that while GOP is to blame for a lot of vaccine hesitancy, it doesn’t help when media loves stories on scary side effects, while not doing “Breaking news – guy gets vaccine and feels fine” stories.

GOP: Biden needs to be a bipartisan President. Also GOP: We’re going to try to censure anyone who says he was legitimately elected President.

George W. Bush says if GOP stands for ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, then it’s not going to win anything’

Not a W fan. But he did win twice as many Presidential elections as the Former Guy.

Ron DeSantis signs executive order invalidating all local Florida COVID orders, because he says they undermine confidence in vaccine which is “safe & effective.” Also DeSantis – signs law banning “vaccine passports as a violation of personal liberty.” Dying to own the libs.

Media making huge deal out Mitt Romney being booed at GOP Convention in Utah. But remember, conventions are activists & activists tend towards extremes of both parties. I’m a rare passionate moderate but remember 2017 state Democratic convention in California, when many left-wing Dems booed Nancy Pelosi.

GOP is clutching pearls over a San Francisco newspaper review of a Disney ride about fairy tale. Of course, if Snow White story were framed as the Prince’s kiss being essentially a oral vaccine delivery, GOP would be the ones screaming about consent.

Gwyneth Paltrow apparently got to cut the line at the Santa Monica DMV today while a long line of people waited their turns. I really miss when this sort of thing was what we got most upset about on a regular basis on social media.

Every once in a while I have to wrap my head around this: Many in the GOP continue to sell their souls to follow slavishly a man who to save himself, would not only throw them under the bus, but also tried to have his right-hand man killed.

None of the Jan 6 insurrectionists have gone on trial yet, but if one said “Yeah, we did want to hang Mike Pence and kill anyone who didn’t support the Former Guy,” how many MAGAers would still vote to acquit him?

Rachel Maddow points out that today McConnell Says ‘Zero’ Republicans Will Back Biden’s Infrastructure Package.” So also as Rachel points out, why negotiate to stay at zero? (And can some reporter ask Susan Collins that question?)

NL Least

May 3, 2021

The Arizona Diamondbacks are 15-13, fourth in the NL West.

Meanwhile the NY Mets and Washington Nationals at 11-11 and 12-12 (.500) respectively, are atop the NL East.

So looks like MLB’s NL East is well on their way to an NFL NFC East comparison.

Mets scored 8 runs to win today. So you know won thing. Jacob DeGrom wasn’t pitching.

The 2021 NFL Draft has begun.

The 2022 NFL Pre-Draft hype starts next weekend.

California has one of the lowest COVID rates in US. Federal data indicates only about 11% of Californians are estimated to be vaccine hesitant, also one of lowest rates in US. Staying alive to own the Conservatives?

Tornadoes caused major damage in 3 Mississippi cities tonight. Biden’s infrastructure bill has money for repairs & strengthening roads, bridges etc in advance of future weather events. Does this mean the state’s Senators will take credit for the bill after they vote against it?

Wonder if Michael Flynn forgot the words to the Pledge of Allegiance because he was worried about confusing it with the Russian one?

If GOP thinks DC is too small to be a state, what about North and South California?

Let’s face it, if they could, Republicans would repeal statehood for Hawaii. Especially as that would make Obama retroactively ineligible to be President.

American Idol tonight starts their tape-delayed broadcast on the West Coast with the disclaimer “All voting has ended.” Let’s hope this doesn’t give the GOP ideas.

Among GOP plans after losing in November, are state bills to expand the authority of poll watchers, which could led to more voter intimidation. If these bills pass, what happens if armed POC show up in white suburban districts?

If you get a dog like a Jack Russell Terrier, smart dog people will warn you, the breed gets bored easily and if you can’t find something for it to do, the dog will find destructive things to do. The Former Guy turned the media into Jack Russell Terriers.

I like Cindy McCain. But this shouldn’t be a controversial statement about the latest fake audit attempt in AZ: “Listen, the whole thing is ludicrous quite frankly, it’s ludicrous… the election is over. Biden won.”

I remember making jokes about George W. Bush being stupid. But at least W. didn’t demand his voters risk their lives by proving they could behave stupidly!

While SD Gov. Kristi Noem sues Biden to allow fireworks at Mt. Rushmore, in April monument was closed several days w/wildfires & Noem declared state of emergency until June, citing ‘widespread drought conditions, low humidity, high wind & high temperatures.” So it’s all a stunt.

Noem knows it’s not safe to have fireworks this year. But she’s going to blame it on Biden….

Two minutes…

May 2, 2021

Bob Baffert praising the heart of his Kentucky Derby winning Medina Spirit. “He doesn’t know how much he cost.” ($1,000 as a yearling, $35,000 as a 2 year old.)

Perfect timing for the Kentucky Derby – the two minutes the race lasted was less than half the time every single NFL team was repeatedly “on the draft clock.”

For anyone agonizing over their team’s draft pick based on ZERO NFL games played: 1998 Newsday poll of 20 NFL GMs found 14 of them would’ve taken Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning -“stronger arm, better mobility & more promising long-term prospect as a franchise-caliber player.”

MLB said batters are hitting just .232 overall through April, down from .252 two years ago. Gosh, maybe pitchers have figured out this home run or strike out mentality makes it a lot easier to pitch smarter and get batters out?

That moment when you turn away from paying attention to baseball because the SF Giants bullpen fell apart and the Brewers fell behind 5-3 in the 11th to the Dodgers Then you check in an hour later and Milwaukee won 6-5!

Apparently many in Caitlyn Jenner’s family are “embarrassed” by her run for Governor in California. Give her credit, who thought it was possible to embarrass a Kardashian?

Liz Cheney is anti-choice, anti-gun control, anti-environmental legislation, anti-Obama care and pro-tax cuts for millionaires. For starters. And many GOP are now furious at her for fist-bumping President Biden? #Priorities

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will sign bill to stop social media companies like Facebook & Twitter from “deplatforming” politicians. So what’s gonna happen if some Dem candidate gets over a million followers in 2022 and attacks DeSantis & Rubio nonstop. Let’s find out, shall we?

Have to love Jim Acosta calling Fox News a “bullsh*t factory.” Although he may owe an apology… to actual fertilizer factories.

Watching many in today’s GOP attack Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney, have to wonder, would they turn on the late Antonin Scalia now because of his friendship with RBG?

Per CNN, in England Prince William & Kate “will not post anything on social media this weekend in solidarity w/ online boycott by England’s pro soccer clubs aimed at urging tech giants to tackle racist & sexist abuse on their platforms.”

GOP assault on British royalty in 3.2.1..

Sometimes I think the best way to get more Republicans vaccinated would be to spread the rumor on Parler etc that Hunter Biden, Hillary and Antifa are trying to scare Trump supporters away from getting shots so more of them will get sick and die.

Just a bit outside.

May 1, 2021

SF Giants Wilmer Flores just took three called strikes in the top of the 9th, and not a single one was in the strike zone. But tell me again how we can put a runner on 2nd with nobody out in the top of the 10th, but robot umpires would threaten the “sanctity of baseball?”

So did the San Antonio Spurs, up 32 at one point, and 28 points in the 3rd quarter, try to honor the NFL draft by doing an Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl imitation?

From Amy Klobuchar’s “Antitrust.” Did not know this —Louisiana Senators Hale Boggs & Russell Long demanded a football team as a condition of letting AFL and NFL merge.

So this is how we got the New Orleans Saints. #WhoDat

NFL draft grades seem an awful lot like evaluating future marriages after the first swipe right.

I don’t care about Josh Duggar other than to feel sorry for his children. But if he were a famous liberal can you imagine Fox News today?

Rachel Maddow tonight exposing many of the GOP members of Congress taking credit for Democratic COVID relief they voted against. Maybe they think it’s a fair trade for blaming Democrats for what Republicans actually do?

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is suing President Biden for his refusal to allow fireworks on the Fourth of July at Mt. Rushmore. So would Noem consider promising if fireworks start a major wildfire, the state will NOT ask for any federal funds afterwards?

Not ok: Criticizing Tim Scott with a racist nickname.

Ok: Criticizing Tim Scott for being just another GOP liar.

Ted Cruz has announced he is ‘fed up’ with ‘woke’ corporations, and pledges no longer to accept their PAC donations. Translations, corporations are deciding Cancun Cruz is Toxic Ted.

As someone with friends in the restaurant & bar industry, I can tell you that not checking id doesn’t get you out of an arrest for furnishing alcohol to a minor. It doesn’t get you out of sleeping with a 17 year old either. #MattGaetzIsInTrouble

Reports now that Louis DeJoy ordered postal inspectors to monitor Americans social media postsWell, heaven forbid they spend their time doing something like working on getting the mail delivered on time….(To be honest, if I knew I might have been monitored I might have been even snarkier.)

Well this didn’t take long. Actual Fox News headline about the #FirstFeline – “Bidens bringing another animal into the White House despite troubles with dog Major.” Wait until the cat coughs up a hairball on Peter Doocy.

Love all this: 1. The future #FirstFeline is according to Jill Biden “waiting in the wings.” 2. It’s a female cat. 3. President Biden was asked if the cat was his idea. He simply replied, “No.”

Again and not for close to the last time – have a problem with Joe Manchin? Work like h*ll to elect Democratic Senators in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, for starters, in 2022! The bluer the Senate, the less his vote matters.


April 30, 2021

So in how many newspapers other than in Jacksonville will the headlines in the sports section be “Why ‘fill-in-the-blank” really blew it by not picking “fill-in-the-blank” in the first round?

(And in how many papers will the same headlines be in about 6 months – “why ‘fill-in-the-blank’ was the steal of the draft?”)

Thinking instead of all this NFL draft hype, it’s a better use of a few hours if you haven’t seen it (and maybe even if you have) to watch Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner and yes, Chadwick Boseman in “Draft Day.”


1. SF Giants’ have 2nd best pitching ERA in baseball, and apparently MLB’s lowest ERA for starting pitchers.

2. Can anyone outside SF Bay Area name more than one person in the Giants rotation? (Hint, the one you can name is on the IL.)

That’s baseball.

Mike Tauchman had 3 hits in 1st game w/ #SFGiants after being traded yesterday from NY Yankees. auchman probably didn’t expect at beginning of season to be starting May in SF. But NO one expected by going to Giants from Yankees, Mike’s joined team w/ much better record.

There will never be bus service near Mar-A-Lago. No bus could run with all the people the Former Guy would throw under it.

Tim Scott is giving Nikki Haley a run for her money as the South Carolina politician who has most abandoned their principles in hopes of GOP glory.

Marsha Blackburn started out her attack today on Joe Biden’s plans by talking about common sense… Marsha Blackburn and common sense are not two things I expected ever to write in the same sentence.

Margin of 0.4%, less than 32,500 votes….

Yes, that’s how much Governor Ron DeSantis won Florida Gubernatorial election by in 2018. Less than the number of fans usually attending most FL college football games.

If your vote didn’t matter, GOP wouldn’t try so hard to stop it.

Personally thinking it was a very good first Presidential Address by President Biden. Made even better by the fact that Joe didn’t brag about his speech afterwards on Twitter.

Without a single proven case of voter fraud, Florida Gov DeSantis plans to sign restrictive new GOP voting law, including tougher ID requirements to request absentee ballot. But Ron doesn’t want you to need to prove you’ve been vaccinated to get on a cruise ship. #NotTheOnion

Just counted, I have voted in 11 Presidential elections. Yes, I’m not young anymore, but I remember when idea was when you lost you tried to figure out how to get a better candidate or message next time – not how to overturn the election.

Shut out.

April 29, 2021

When you see a 1-0 Mets loss, you really don’t need to look at the box score to know Jacob DeGrom was pitching.

Maybe a solution for DeGrom is not just putting him on the All-Star Team, but also Madison Bumgarner. Maybe Madbum can teach him how to hit?

Mike Tauchman had three hits in his first game with San Francisco Giants after being traded yesterday from the NY Yankees.

While Tauchman probably didn’t expect at the beginning of the season to be starting May in SF,, one thing no one expected, that by going to the Giants from the Yankees, Mike’s joined a team with a much better record.

So we’re FINALLY about to be done with months of post-season NFL Draft hype. And now we’re about to be in for months of pre-season NFL Draft analysis.

RIP Michael Collins, 90, and another piece of my childhood. Always thought it was unfair he drew the short straw and had to do an equal share of Apollo 11 work without actually getting to the moon. I hoped they brought him a souvenir rock.

“It’s never been a good bet to bet against the United States of America. And it still isn’t.” Joe Biden Hmm… did someone say “bet?” If we can make this into some sort of lottery game maybe we can get Americans from both parties on board.

So did the Former Guy give Rudy Giuliani a pre-emptive pardon? Asking for a country facing a potential popcorn shortage.

Not in Biden’s speech- but today thinking of a line quoted in Kristin Hannah’s “The Four Winds.” “I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished… The test of our progress whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” –

The speaker quoted? FDR.

You know Joe Biden’s speech went well when one of Fox News’ headlines tonight is about Nancy Pelosi’s blow dry – in September 2020!? WTF #NotTheOnion

As South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, in GOP rebuttal to Joe Biden’s Presidential Address, complains about Biden trying to get government involved in people lives, your reminder, if not for government intervention, public schools in the South might STILL be segregated.

I do give Tim Scott credit: Saying “Republicans want to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat” with a straight face was harder than Alec Baldwin keeping a straight face during SNL’s “Schweddy Balls” skit.

GOP claiming some sort of victory since Texas picked up two congressional seats while California lost one. Except if people ARE heading from CA to TX for less expensive housing, especially in Austin, doesn’t this mean Lone Star state is getting bluer? #unintendedconsequences

Chris Christie now accusing Joe Biden of lying to hide a “socialist agenda?” Chris Christie really needs to spend about an hour with Bernie supporters.

This GOP cult mentality has gotten so bad sometimes it feels as if they could get Mitch McConnell to speak out against polio vaccines.

So if in Florida with “Stand your ground” laws, if someone threatens you publicly for having your child wear a mask are you justified in shooting them?

The shortest drought?

April 28, 2021

During one nine and a half minute stretch in Golden State Warriors’s loss on Tuesday night they were outscored 28-0.

And unfortunately for the Warriors, they were playing the Dallas Mavericks, not the Atlanta Falcons.

(Final score, 133 to 103.)

CDC guidelines now say you can be outside without a mask if you’re not in a crowd. So Marlins fans should be fine.

The Milwaukee Bucks are offering free COVID-19 vaccine first Pfizer shot to eligible fans on Saturday night, (with a second shot appointment to be scheduled)

Wonder if the Houston Rockets had the same idea, but figured none of their fans would trust they could them to make any shot?

SF Giants fans in extra innings – these “runner on second no one out games can escalate really quickly (and did tonight) from “This is a great game,” to “At least the Dodgers lost.”

Non-political non-sports travel agent rant of the day on hotel false advertising: A “one-room suite” is NOT a suite. It is a large room maybe with a seating area. Suites are TWO rooms at least, plus bathroom. Thank you.

So apparently Liz Cheney won’t rule out running against Joe Biden in 2024. Wonder if she feels she’s qualified due to her father’s experience being President?

CDC now says fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks outdoors unless they are in a big crowd. Which is great, but wonder how many anti-maskers are also anti-vaxxers?

So if some Democrat suggests vaccine passports can serve as voter id will Fox News heads explode?

Fox News and some in GOP trying to convince Americans that no one was in any danger at the Capitol on January 6, but Americans ARE in danger now if they wear masks. My head hurts.

Presidents ARE role models. Some conservatives attacking Joe Biden for wearing a mask too often. The Former Guy almost never wore one. Wonder what Herman Cain thinks?

So Tucker Carlson thinks you should call Child Protective Services if you see a child with a mask. But not if you see a child in the company of Matt Gaetz?

If the media only had felt as compelled to ask gotcha questions of the Former Guy as they do of President Biden.

Senate “Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021” on the floor and pass almost unanimously. Except Ted Cruz was one of 3 “no” votes. To be fair, perhaps Ted is afraid water will melt him.

Who says politicians can’t be succinct? When Stephen Colbert asks Amy Klobuchar “Last time we spoke (which was the night of January 6) you were pretty mad at Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. Still mad? “Yeah.”

Forget children with masks. Did any Republicans even think of whether they should call child protective services when they got shown nude pictures by Matt Gaetz?

Fit to be tied.

April 27, 2021

Yeah, this probably isn’t gonna last.

But it’s fun for now.

NL West Standings:SF Giants 15 8 .652

LA Dodgers 15 8 .652

Wait, thought I was turning on an Giants-Rockies game and looks like SF Giants batting practice session has broken out.

(12-0 Giants.)

Still wrapping my head around MLB not giving Madison Bumgarner credit for his 7-inning no-hitter. Dodgers got World Series credit after 60 game season, & crucial extra-inning games can be won if team is lucky enough to have fastest runner placed at 2nd in 10th. Do better, MLB

San Antonio Spurs beat Washington Wizards 146-143 tonight in OT Coach Gregg Popovich after the game: “You wouldn’t exactly say it was a defensive clinic by either team.” I love Pop.

Steve Scalise, who is part of GOP leadership and thus entitled to attend, says he won’t attend Biden’s Joint Address to Congress.

This feels kind of like when that obnoxious relative you HAVE to invite to your wedding says he can’t make it.

Bottle with popping cork

Kevin McCarthy claims “This is the tightest tightrope anyone has to walk,” as he defends the Former Guy. Tightrope? More like a sobriety test – a simple white line anyone can walk who’s not drunk on Donald’s lies.

Marco Rubio ranting in an op-ed about corporations and “woke toxic nonsense?” Thinking he should stick to meaningless bible verses.

If someone had said that a state would try to set up different rules for voting ONLY for cities with a population over one million, most of us would have thought that was a bad joke. Texas has become a bad joke.

But hey, headlines all about GOP states gaining Congressional seats: Texas will gain 2 & Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina & Oregon will gain 1.

While NY, Illinois, Mich. Ohio, Pennsylvania, CA. & WV each lost 1.

Except Oregon and Colorado are blue. OH & WV are red. And Texas & FL ARE getting bluer.

CNN reporting some advisors to Former Guy are urging him to make a vaccine PSA. Wonder if he’s afraid that watching a PSA would be a gateway drug to science.

All of this ridiculousness over the lie that Biden will mandate lower beef consumption and take away your hamburgers, reminds me of a Johnny Carson joke when McDonald’s sold their one-billionth burger. “Can you imagine? that’s almost 10 pounds of meat.”

How long until GOP starts complaining that Joe Biden wants us to drink plant-based wine too?

Ron Johnson complaining about vaccinations, and people being forced to carry a card to participate in society. Yes, the same Ron Johnson who spouts GOP party line that US needs to tighten requirements for voter ID cards to participate in society.

So during Blitz in England, Blackout regulations “required that all windows & doors should be covered at night w/ suitable material -heavy curtains, cardboard or paint, to prevent escape of any glimmer of light that might aid enemy aircraft.” And folks are bitching about masks?

Remember when everyone agreed in 2000 that most people in Palm Beach County INTENDED to vote for Al Gore and not Pat Buchanan but got confused by the butterfly ballot? Somehow I missed GOP concern about election integrity and checking ballots a dozen times then.

Missed hitting enter by that much…

April 27, 2021

Madison Bumgarner threw a 7 inning no-hitter today in the second game of a doubleheader. But MLB says the no-hitter doesn’t count because it’s only 7 innings. Uh, wait, the no-hitter doesn’t count, but the game counts?

And if shortening baseball makes it not count for records, how come the Dodgers still got a World Series trophy?

The Dodgers are the first team in baseball this year to blow a six run lead after seven innings. Not a joke. Just fun to right.

Former Baylor coach Kim Mulkey was just named LSU women’s basketball coach.

Now, she’s a Hall of Fame coach, but Mulkey is also the only who said last month “Wouldn’t it be shame if kids test positive & they don’t get to play in Final Four? You just need to forget COVID tests, get 4 teams playing in each Final Four & go battle it out.”

Getting your first COVID-19 shot and skipping the second is like wearing your seat belt to drive somewhere and leaving it unbuckled for the return trip.

Jon Voight, who hasn’t been a big name in Hollywood since the 1970s, is now using his right-wing views to go on national TV to complain about being “silenced.

46% of Republicans think the Chauvin guilty verdict was wrong. The scary question… included in that 46% are how many cops? We NEED the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

There oughta be a rule on Sunday morning talk shows – if you can’t accept reality, admit the 2020 election was fair and Joe Biden won, you can’t be on them.

Illustration of Sunday Talk Show problem: Amy Klobuchar on Meet the Press talked about getting the George Floyd Justice in Police act passed, perhaps with bipartisan support, saying “Senator Booker leading negotiations; I have so much faith in him to get to something meaningful.”

Rick Scott on ABC This Week said the Former Guy “worked hard.”

Lindsey Graham on Fox News -“There’s no systemic racism.”

Guess which comments get the headlines?

It’s not going to be an overnight process, but we’ll know if we’ve made real strides in justice and police reform in the US when a guilty verdict as in the Chauvin trial isn’t a surprise.

Joe Biden is going to take away everyone’s hamburgers like Barack Obama took away everyone’s guns.

In homage to this crazy semi-lost year with the COVID-19 pandemic, must admit I found myself wishing SOMEONE would show up at the Oscars in a beautiful designer top, and sweatpants.

Amazed tonight at the Oscar, as usual when someone apologizes that their English is not very good, and that English is always better than most of us, even those who studied one for years, ever spoke a foreign language.

Glenn Close, knowing and then doing “Da Butt” was a definite lagniappe for tonight’s Oscars

Closing line from Tyler Perry, talking about refusing hate: “I want to take this Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and dedicate it to whoever wants to stand in the middle. That’s where conversation happens, that’s where change happens.” #Oscars