Kneed off.

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Miami Dolphins could suspend players up to 4 games for kneeling during the anthem. Open note to PED users, if you know you’re going to be tested, kneel & take the same 4 game suspension without the drug taint on your record. @NFL

Carmelo Anthony has been sent to Atlanta. So while we can’t yet cure cancer, apparently it can be traded.

Carmelo Anthony rumored to be signing eventually with Houston Rockets. Which is great news, for the Warriors, Lakers and Spurs.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says Mike Trout would be a bigger star if he marketed himself. What about if ESPN & Fox showed other teams beside the Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs?

Meanwhile, while most teams continue their All-Star break, MLB has scheduled ONE game, on ESPN for July 19. Surprise surprise surprise… it’s the Cardinals vs. Cubs.

-And the next three Sunday Night baseball games:
July 22 – Mets at Yankees
July 29 – Cubs at Cardinals
Aug 5 – Yankees at Red Sox

Dibs on “less than 2 weeks” for the “how long Dan Coats lasts in this White House” pool.

Why do we say GOP is prostituting themselves over Trump/Russia collusion? Prostitutes provide value when they get money for screwing people.

If Larry Nassar had run for office as a Republican, most of GOP would be saying all those girls were lying too. #sistersurvivors
Nice that Jeff Flake made speech calling @realDonaldTrump out. If only the Senator could do something, like you know, vote against him sometime.

Kirstjen Nielsen was partly right correct on Charlottesville that it wasn’t as if “one side was right and the other side was wrong.”. It was that one side was right and the other was very VERY wrong.

Does anyone think Trump was surprised when they told him about Russian interference in the election. He trusts his BFF Vlad to keep his promises.


So when @realDonaldTrump invites Putin to USA will also he take Vlad target shooting for pedestrians on New York’s 5th Avenue?

Trump has invited Putin to Washington DC this fall. Well, yes, Vlad wants to see what he’s purchased.



Fake awards?

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Watching Jim Kelly on ESPY  really makes me wish his Bills had won a Super Bowl.


Just saying, many of us do NOT think Viking over Saints was best sports moment of year.
And as for thanking God, “God is going, don’t blame me, I was going for a beer to celebrate Saints win.  #GeauxSaints


No one knows what’s in Josh Hader’s heart about now. But guessing thousands of older and wiser MLB players are really glad they didn’t grow up in the Twitter era.

And wonder how many young MLB players are learning today how to scrub their Twitter accounts.

Meanwhile, as the fan-voted MLB All-Star starters left a 2-1 game in the 7th, and the reserves made it an 8-6 home run derby ending in the 10th, got to think that  fans don’t spend enough time watching top players.

Know makeup can be expensive, but at this point doesn’t Sarah Sanders have a lifetime supply of burnt facts for her perfect smokey eye?

Trump “There’s been no President ever as tough as I have been on Russia.” And tonight he’ll call Putin to say “Did I say it right?”

So Sarah Sanders walks back Trump’s walk back of his walk back of his saying Russia didn’t interfere in the election.
Who needs coal, we can power US on the wind power from all this spin.


So when will Republicans release a copy of their new party platform in Russian?

Has anyone told the Russians how much Trump’s “important verbal agreements” mean?

So who had Montenegro in Trump insult bingo?

Tweet from John McCain – ” The people of #Montenegro boldly withstood pressure from #Putin’s Russia to embrace democracy. The Senate voted 97-2 supporting its accession to #NATO. By attacking Montenegro & questioning our obligations under NATO, the President is playing right into Putin’s hands.”

In other words,Trump is just doing the job Putin elected him to do.


Finally, I know this country is deeply divided now,  and this blog is more politics than sports most days about now.  But good to know we still have some bipartisan agreement and priorities.  The following is currently my most popular tweet ever.

“MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says Mike Trout would be a bigger star if he marketed himself. What about if ESPN & Fox showed other teams beside the Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs?”

Love may fade, but the internet is forever.

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Josh Hader, 24, says he plans to apologize to teammates for his just discovered racist & homophobic (mostly) teenage tweets. ‘No excuses. I was dumb and stupid.”
Give the guy credit for not claiming someone hacked his account.


Two days left in MLB All-Star Break. Plenty of time for a lot of players to clean up their old Twitter accounts.

On a brighter note for Josh Hader, he’s now the MLB player most likely to be invited to the Trump White House.

So a World Series title wasn’t enough? Some @Cubs fans are claiming Bryce Harper cheated in the Home Run Derby by having his dad toss pitches before the prior balls hit the ground. I don’t care, do u?

MGM Resorts International sues more than 1,000 victims from Las Vegas mass shooting, denying any liability.  And then they’ll change their name to something more popular – like Trump Hotels?

Secret Service agent who suffered stroke while protecting @realDonaldTrump at his Turnberry Golf Club has died. So nice to see @POTUS acknowledging his service & loss to his family.
Oh wait, crickets, just tweets slamming Dems and “Fake News Media.” #WTF?

To say that Donald Trump caved to Putin yesterday implies Trump wasn’t working for him all along.

Media really should apologize for calling Trump #PutinsPoodle. To owners of poodles.

Kimberly Guilfoyle on new boyfriend Donny Jr. “the number one up-and-coming political figure on the right.”
Guess they don’t do drug testing at Fox News?

And we thought Reagan was showing signs of dementia in the White House.

Trump tweet “The meeting between President Putin and myself was a great success, except in the Fake News Media!”
Translation “Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes, and ears?”

For all the accusations that liberals think Trump voters are stupid, after “would/wouldn’t” today it seems obvious that TRUMP thinks his voters are stupid.

At this point think if Putin released a pee tape Trumpsters would praise @POTUS for helping aspiring actresses.

Maybe we should give @realDonaldTrump some credit for saying he confused “would” and #wouldnt in his press conference with Putin. Don’t we all get a little tongue-tied in front of our boss?

Trump asked about Russia on Fox News “I don’t want to use the word ‘adversary.” But media is the “enemy of the people.”



“”Frankly my dear, I give a damn.”  “We’ll always not have Paris.”   “I’m going to make him an offer he can refuse.”  #TrumpAQuote

Going going gone?

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Bryce Harper is good at baseball.

I do miss the days when for many of us in SF Bay Area our biggest worry this morning would have been ‘What happened to the SF Giants offense?”

At least Trump was too jet-lagged or uninterested to show up and disrupt MLB’s Home Run Derby.   #smallmercies


What’s worse. Kneeling for the national anthem? Or kneeling in front of Vladimir Putin. Asking for a country.

I know Americans are upset, but we need to put this in perspective, while meeting Putin, Barack  Obama might have worn a tan suit.

As a collector of Russian lacquer boxes that all show fairy tale scenes, want to know, where’s the commemorative box for this morning’s Trump-Putin press conference?

The world according to @realDonaldTrump
Democracies – Bad
Dictatorships – Good

Trump “I don’t see any reason why it would be” Russia who attacked the US. So he’s either a treasonous liar, or it was time for the 25th amendment yesterday.

So really, why should a US President take the word of ALL US intelligence agencies over a nice guy like Vladimir Putin?

We are all #RandPaul‘s neighbor.

At this point have to assume if Donald Trump stood up and said “Of course Putin helped me win and he’s promised to do it again,” many Trump supporters would applaud and say “As he should.”

Must. Not. Make. Chris. Christie. Jokes. The London Trump baby blimp is headed to New Jersey

We need ONE GOP Senator who is not retiring to put country over party. The history books are waiting. And yes, I might be talking to you @lisamurkowski or @marcorubio



Trump tells Hannity “Mueller probe has driven ‘wedge’ between Russia and US.”
Right, that’s like claiming your spouse discovering affair drove a wedge between you & your lover.


Just a thought, if #TreasonSummit DOES turn out to be that proverbial breaking straw can we be nice to Trump supporters who change their minds. At least for a little while. Plenty of time to start fighting again later.#Countryoverparty.

Moving on

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The World Cup is over. So most Americans can get back to ignoring soccer again.

Brazil is already the favorite for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. What are the odds the 2022 World Cup HAPPENS in Qatar.

Congratulation to France on their World Cup win. But 4-2? Was the ball juiced?

Washingon Nationals, who fired Dusty Baker last fall, lose 2-3 of to Mets and limp into the All-Star break at.  500. Once again people don’t appreciate how good a black leader was until he’s gone.

Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny fired for being 1 game over .500. Mets fans wonder if he was fired for overachieving.

New slogan? “Call Papa John’s, don’t slave over a hot stove.”   #Bustohell

So latest video of someone calling cops on a street vendor has gone viral & resulted in #PermitBetty losing her job.
Amazing, not that people can be a**holes, but that some haven’t figured out everyone else has a cellphone camera.

It’s costing over $6,000,000 for security for Trump’s visit to Scotland. So he can play golf and promote his failing Turnberry resort. Well, this ought to make the place even MORE attractive to locals….

Scottish police are looking for paraglider who flew over Turnberry with a “Trump Well Below Par #Resist” sign. No doubt Scottish people will then be looking for him too, to pay for legal expenses.

William and Charles refused to meet with Trump at Windsor Castle. So IF Trump outlives Queen Elizabeth, will he refer to one of them as #FakeKing?

As Trump praises Kim Jong Un & publicly says of Putin “maybe he’ll be a friend,” this headline from Fox News this am. “Trump slams ‘difficult’ European Union on trade, calls 28-nation bloc ‘a foe’ of US.”
State TV at it’s finest.

The Capital Gazette murders were less than three weeks ago, and @realDonaldTrump is tweeting “our news media is indeed the enemy of the people….”

Trump tweet “Received many calls from leaders of NATO countries thanking me for helping to bring them together and to get them focused on financial obligations, both present & future. ”

Calls from NATO leaders, or the voices in his head?

So where are the commemorative coins for the #TreasonSummit

TC can’t wait for Trump to tell Putin “that he was a big fan of John Lenin and The Beatles.”

Marc Ragovin  – “New Country Motto: “Thailand. Where We Reunite Children With Their Parents”

You Go Girl.

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Serena Williams almost died after giving birth, 10 months later she’s the Wimbledon runner-up. Weaker sex my ass.



Giants ended up scoring 7 runs against As.  But early in the game had to ask, so does a run balked in count as an #SFGiants 2018 offensive explosion?

Chase Utley, 39, is retiring.  “So young?”  responded Jamie Moyer.

This is shaping up to be the most successful witch hunt since Dorothy dropped a house on one and melted another.

Regarding “coincidence” that Russia started hacking DNC emails on same day Trump supposedly joked “Russia, if you’re listening…”
We all should know by now, Trump doesn’t have a sense of humor.

So Jim Jordan, the man accused by at least 11 college wrestlers of looking away while they were abused, is reportedly going after Rosenstein, a fellow Republican, for NOT looking away while our democracy was abused.

Anderson beats Isner in six hour & 36 minute Wimbledon semifinals
Curiously enough, “over six hours,” is probably how long Queen Elizabeth will say her tea with Trump felt like.

The Queen looked happier announcing Charles and Diana’s divorce #TrumpVisitUK

Give @realDonaldTrump credit, even on a week where he goes to a NATO Summit & meets Queen Elizabeth, he still manages to arrange a taxpayer funded weekend of golf.


Trump tweeted “have arrived in Scotland and will be at Trump Turnberry for two days of meetings, calls and hopefully, some golf – my primary form of exercise!
“Hopefully” some golf? Talk about #FakeNews And he uses a cart….

Who says Trump can’t draw a crowd?


Over there.

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In the minor leagues, teams have started using a new rule where starting in the 10th, a runner would be stationed on second base to begin each inning.  And apparently it’s getting popular as a way to shorten games.  Hmm, how long until fans beg this to happen with the Mets.

The Hall of Fame says they won’t acknowledge Terrell Owens at all during the induction ceremony he plans to boycott.  I don’t care, do u?

I miss the days when being an ugly American abroad just meant carrying an over-sized camera and wearing sandals with socks.


Trump today talked about “people in the UK – Scotland, Ireland…. ”
Time to score the Irish space in Trump insult bingo.

Trump in @TheSun interview “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.”
And hundreds of cities around world going “How do we order a #TrumpBabyblimp?


Trump said he’d run into school to face an armed killer. He won’t even take a limo through streets of London to face a 20-ft tall balloon. @TrumpBabyUK

Trump tweeted out “Great success today at NATO!” Right, like Custer had great success at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Damn, anyone else now wish Sasha Baron Cohen had reached Trump to ask him for advice on how to hit on women?

Wonder what Brett Kavanaugh might have texted about Hillary Clinton?

When House committee gets done with Strzok can they look into Jim Jordan’s texts and emails?

So tomorrow under oath will all members of the House Judiciary Committee say if they have lied to THEIR spouses?

So he had an affair. But how many women besides me after today still believe #PeterStrzok lies far less than most GOP members of Congress?

Right about now you KNOW there is a former mistress of someone on House Judiciary Committee who was sickened by today’s hypocrisy…. If she’s thinking of going public – well You Go Girl!