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Not a UFC fan but  Jon Jones stripped of title again for drugs? Third time he has lost it. Maybe they should find a way to instant-test the guy BEFORE he gets in ring?

Although really,  a DUI hit-and-run, two PED suspensions, maybe Jones really missed his calling with the NFL.

ESPN says the happiness football fans in the country are at Ohio State. Hmm, did they mean happy or smug?


Unhappiest college football fans per ESPN are at Kansas. And many Kansas students are going “We have a football team?”

Several members of Cleveland Browns knelt during anthem. @NFL isn’t too worried, not like the Browns are a team who’ll be on national TV or in playoffs.

Although regarding the Cleveland Browns kneeling during National Anthem. Wonder how many fans who profess to be upset use anthem themselves as a chance for a bathroom break.

Patriots gave the President a Super Bowl Ring during their White House Visit. Perhaps so Trump can match his BFF Putin?

In 2018 MLB apparently plans to implement a universal code of conduct for fans at games. So they didn’t already have one?

BWI Airport was evacuated after a man indicated to authorities that there was a bomb in his luggage. No explosives were found. Are they sure he just didn’t mean he had a DVD copy of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie?


US State Dept Travel advisory now includes Quintana Roo – the Cancun/Cozumel/Plaza del Carmen area, saying that while crime is generally gang related, the area can be dangerous for “innocent bystanders.”   Waiting for other countries to warn  their travelers the same about USA.

So who’s going to play #LouiseLinton on Saturday Night Live this fall?

Cops called when Gosselins fought over kids at dentist. Hard to believe not that long ago Jon & Kate were 2 of most embarassing folks in US.


Afghanistan is ‘easy to march into, hard to march out of.'” Alexander the Great, 330 BC #definitionofinsanity @realDonaldTrump


Rolling Stones tell Trump to stop using “You can’t always get what you want,” he ignores them again. Where’s good lawyer when you need one?

Trump accuses media of “trying to take away our history and our heritage.” Uh, who’s “our”, orange man?

For all those who wondered how long the lastest “new” Trump would last after Monday night’s speech, the answer – until they took away his teleprompter.

Sun sun sun, here it comes.

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For all those who missed the total solar eclipse, I hear it may get really dark again as early as tonight. #SolarEclipse2017

More people viewed Solar Eclipse than voted for @realDonaldTrump. Will Trump claim millions watched illegally?

I think I got it, Obama took the sun away, Trump brought it back. The best, bigliest sun ever.


Meanwhile, with all the other strangeness in the world tonight, the 2017 #SFGiants did an impersonation of a very good baseball team.

“Breaking News” that Alabama is pre-season #1 in AP poll. Uh, wouldn’t it be bigger news if they weren’t? @espn


Tiger Woods is suing a porn site for allegedly publishing “nude selfies of him and ex Lindsey Vonn hacked from her phone”
Okay, I get it, everyone is entitled to a private life. But considering how sexts blew up his marriage, wouldn’t you think a Stanford grad like Tiger would be smart enough to learn about, say, the new Polaroid cameras.

Trump looked at #SolarEclipse without glasses, but does it matter?#alreadyblind “There are none so blind, as those who will not see.”

The man who allegedly ambushed shot a judge before being fatally shot himself today in Ohio was father of one of the Steubenville High School football players convicted of rape in 2013. Sounds like the snake didn’t slither far from the tree.

Minnesota is having their worst measles outbreak and decades. And anti-vaccine forces are responding with… heightened efforts to fight immunizations?
It’s a particularly awful category of potential Darwin award when you breed and then risk your children. (and other people’s children.)


Trump in speech tonight “Loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another.” Uh, he can’t even be loyal to people he hires. (or marries.)

Trump “We can’t repeat in Afghanistan the mistake made in Iraq. ” Nah, we’ll make newer and biglier mistakes.

“May God keep you away from the venom of the cobra, the teeth of the tiger, and the revenge of the Afghans.”    Alexander the Great


Paul Ryan on hatred and violence – “it is very important that we don’t make this partisan” Right, except when the President does it.

Now that we’ve heard President basically talking about Charlottesville on Monday, can’t wait for Tuesday in Arizona & @realDonaldTrump rebuttal.

Seriously can anyone imagine the outrage if President Obama and his family had hit the Secret Service limit for the year.

Here goes the sun

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If Trump wants to prove science is #FakeNews he could help convince skeptics by just spending a few minutes looking at the eclipse.

With today’s loss, #SFGiants were officially eliminated in the NL West.

MLB Umps wore white wristbands as a protest to perceived increased verbal abuse by players. They couldn’t find another color? #Tonedeaf


Anyone else see the #NOvsLAC hashtag and thinking “Wait, preseason Pelicans Clippers already?


All these tweets about #MLBLittleLeagueClassic – wasn’t that the SF Giants Phillies series this weekend?

Olympian medalist  Aly Raisman blasts USA Gymnastics for ignoring and not stopping a sex abuser doctor.   Who did they think they were, the Catholic Church?

Powerball jackpot will grow to about $650 million. Alas of the millions who expect to win it and retire, many of them can vote.

Breitbart political editor Matthew Boyle on Bannon’s return “We’ve been a pirate ship without a captain for a year.”
Americans are going, “Big deal, we’ve had the ship of state without a captain for almost 8 months.”

Trump response to #USSJohnSMcCain collision & missing soldiers “That’s too bad.” Wonder how he’d response if Mar-A-Lago caught fire.

Jerry Falwell Jr. defended Trump saying “very fine people on both sides, saying the President had “inside information.” So who called him with the information, David Duke?

RIP Jerry Lewis. Will they put flags at half-staff in France?

One of toughest things about living with Trump in White House is difficulty of telling what posts are real & which are the Onion.

Some Oceanaire restaurants in various locations, owned by Landry’s, have been putting a 3% surcharge on bills to cover increases in mandatory minimum wages.   Wonder how much the surcharges would be if they isolated how much it costs to pay executive salaries?


Remember when some of us thought a Trump vacation might mean he’d just spend all his time on the golf course and give the country a break?

Everyone worried about Trump’s base not abandoning him: remember as he says, don’t need a popular majority, electoral votes are enough.

Non arrested development?

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SF Giants gave up 7 runs to the Phillies in the 6th, lost 12 to 9, and still weren’t the Bay Area team who had the ugliest night.

(49ers lost 33-14 to Broncos. And it wasn’t that close.   But heck, no player this week ended up on a police blotter..)

At least  SF Giants didn’t sell part of their collective soul to sign Aroldis Chapman in the offseason. #smallmercies

Dozens of NYPD cops staged a show of support today for Colin Kaepernick in Brooklyn. Of course, if any of them are Jets fans,  signing even a mediocre QB is looking pretty good right now.

Just thinking, as much as I love sports, I think I could happily live my whole life without playing fantasy football.

-TC from BC thinks Kap has ruled out going to the CFL, “because we don’t play the Star Spangled Banner before games.”

The National Museum of African American History & Culture will be adding a Colin Kaperinick jersey and other items to their collection. Well, for football fans in Washington, DC it will give them an actual place to go to see an NFL jersey during the post season.

Police say an intoxicated woman started cursing at a man fishing in a lake,  bit into his fishing line and swam off with his lure.  You guessed it, Florida.

Trump and others seem unclear on the concept: You can be anti-hate, and anti-racism, and still support police. #LoveTrumpsHate

So as a new week begins, wonder how many people playing the Trump firing game are one square away from “BINGO?”

Why is Gorka still in White House? Well, Trump has to ration firings/resignations one at a time. Only has so many bright shiny distracting objects.


And so now we’re back to tweeting about Crooked Hillary Clinton. Sorest winner ever? @realDonaldTrump


Breitbart political editor Matthew Boyle on Bannon’s return “We’ve been a pirate ship without a captain for a year.”
Americans are going, “Big deal, we’ve had the ship of state without a captain for almost 8 months.”

52% of white women voted for Trump. Wonder how many of them are thinking this was the same type of mistake they made in high school with the cool guy who turned out to be a major a**hole?

Rich get richer

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Curtis Granderson cleared waivers and was traded from the Mets to the Dodgers.    Which wouldn’t bother to San Francisco fans as he’s hitting .228 .  Except that his 19 HRs are  more than anyone on Giants.

Georgia Tech dismissed its top running back, sophomore Dedrick Mills, for an unspecified “violation of athletics department rules.” This following two suspensions for him last year.
Mills was already on the pre-season all-ACC team. Too soon to start a pool on which SEC school will offer him a second chance?


Although if cranky  SF Giants fans thought their team was worst in baseball, now they get to see what truly awful team looks like. #Phillies

New England top draft pick DE Derek Rivers is probably out for the season with a torn ACL. Sad for him, but “I feel so sorry for the Patriots” said nobody.

Jags to share QB duties between Blake Bortles and Chad Henne. Coach Marrone “I’m looking for someone that’s going to lead this offense.” And guessing Marrone hopes to find that someone in the 2018 draft.

Susan Bro, mother of Heather Heyer, says she won’t talk to Trump. She’s got more courage than many Republicans.

CEOs leaving Trump in droves, Cleveland Clinic, American Cancer Society have canceled Mar-a-Lago events. Maybe GOP should follow the money.


Anyone got BINGO in the Trump firing game yet?


So did Trump fire #SteveBannon for being too racist, or for taking too much of the credit?


Good thing for Trump that Bannon doesn’t appear to be a vindictive SOB.  #sarcasm

Rex Tillerson “It’s well understood & embraced I’m certain by everyone in room, we all know hate isn’t American value.” Has he told his boss?

Now all of 1 of Trump’s Arts and Humanities council have resigned. Trump was shocked, he didn’t know he had Arts & Humanities Council.

Now member of Trump’s evangelical council has quit. How long until God says, “take my name off your money, you don’t trust in me anymore.”

Joe’s Crab Shack abruptly closed 41 locations without warning, throwing hundreds out of work. Somehow I missed Trump tweet taking credit.

With Bannon’s ouster, editor of Breitbart has tweeted #WAR. This would so much more fun as fiction than documentary. But pass the popcorn.

Wonder if anyone at the #WhiteHouse has told Melania, sorry, you can’t quit too


Does it count as leaving a sinking ship when you are thrown off? Asking for rat friends.


As many people who try to defend Trump, is there ANYONE who will claim he makes decent wine. #howlowcanyougo?


Six  police officers shot tonight in FL & PA. at least one has died. Clearly being good guy with a gun isn’t enough when bad guys have guns.


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I really miss the days when a city was trending on Twitter because of something like a sporting event. #Barcelona

Awful news from Barcelona.   But in Bedminster wonder how hard the White House  staff trying to keep President who “waits to get the facts” from instantly tweeting blame.


We can all decry terrorism both in #Charlottesville and #Barcelona. It’s not mutually exclusive.

On the other hand, once again, if we stop laughing, the terrorists win.  So….and since in Spain they’ve been posting cat pictures to drown out the pictures of the attack on social media…


St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach said today that despite the Cardinals saying Rally Cat would have a home with the team, they have not yet decided on the feline’s long-term home.
Maybe the Outreach director is a Cubs or Brewers fan?

Did they have a preseason #Bengals #Bears game at Wrigley Field and not tell us? 13 to 10 Cincinnati over Chicago.

#Reds 13, #Cubs 10. Guess we don’t need to ask the question “Was the wind blowing out at Wrigley today?

The Durham, NC story will not get much attention after the horrific Barcelona attacks. But think about this, in a Southern city, when police moved to arrest those who tore down a Confederate statue, residents showed up and many of them lined up at the detention facility to turn themselves in in solidarity. Now THESE are “very fine people.” IMHO.

Trump angrily tweeting about statues being removed and beauty taken away. But isn’t his plan to have a statue of himself in every park?


Since Trump is decrying loss of “beauty” with these Confederate statues can we just move them to the grounds of Bedminster?

Trump tweet.  “Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!”

One, it’s a myth.  Two, is he suggesting we deport White Supremacists and anyone flying a Confederate flag?

Pence spoke publicly today in Panama on attack in Barcelona. Guessing White House didn’t want @realDonaldTrump anywhere near a microphone.

So can we start a pool as to Trump will first tweet an attack against Bob Corker?

Maine Gov. Paul LePage said taking down Confederate statues “just like” removing a 9-11 monument. Better to be silent & thought a fool….

Add South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott to the list for @realDonaldTrump Twitter insult bingo. #dominosareteetering


Who in #GOP is going to have guts to tip over @realDonaldTrump House of Cards. Somebody young with a future? Nikki Haley or Marco Rubio?

Finally,  terrorism is awful. But if you look at White Supremacists & say many of them are fine people yet still support a Muslim ban, well, f*ck you.

Vanishing hoofprints.

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Wow, in Baltimore those four Confederate monuments were taken out of town last night almost as fast as the Colts.


Wouldn’t it be nice if biggest controversy on social media this summer was about if it’s really stupid to talk about “exit velocity.” in Major League Baseball?

Apparently in Las Vegas, more bets have been placed on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl than on any other team. Well, and if anyone has wondered how they get money to build all those big shiny hotels….

On a positive note, the awesome Kate Scott will start calling play-by-play for Pac 12 college football. Three words – You Go Girl.

A Minneapolis diner has fired two employees for a social media posted photo showing them dressed up in Nazi fatigues. Assume they were fired not only for racism but for stupidity. #Whopoststhat?

Can someone please get a permit to start playing Elvis music outside of Congress. Specifically “A little less conversation…”


Public embarrassment, firings, tears… Who knew being a neo-Nazi could be so complicated?

Regarding Trump – “You can tell a joke, but you can’t tell him much.”#NationalTellAJokeDay


GOP with Trump now like parents with annoying child throwing tantrums in public who keep saying “Stop that darling, this time we mean it.

Jared & Ivanka on 4th vacation in 6 months, each one coinciding w/ controversial @realdonaldTrump action. Can they warn us before next trip?

Bannon saw @realDonaldTrump’s Press Conference as a “defining moment.” Right, like in April, 1912 that iceberg was a defining moment.

Trump angrily tweeted today that “Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers.”  Uh, Amazon collects and pays tax. Their records are public.

Now, how about yours?

Why are we all saying that @realDonaldTrump is supporting White Supremacists when it seems just as likely at this point that he IS one?


Councils disbanded after most CEOs quit.   Now Trump is probably trying to figure out how to end the Senate.


Remember that Family Guy episode on the Munich tour bus?
Brian : Yeah, about your pamphlet… uh, I’m not seeing anything about German history between 1939 and 1945. There’s just a big gap.
Tour guide: Everyone vas on vacation….
So in years to come how many in the Trump White House will have a similar “vacation” gap on their resumes.

So will Trump now order new sign at the entrance to National Holocaust Museum saying “there were very fine people on both sides?”



Both sides acted inappropriately, Not just Pontius Pilate & soldiers but Jesus and disciples were being very violent. #Sad