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At least USA didn’t sneak into World Cup.   As when they would no doubt be eliminated in first round no doubt Trump would have started a trade war at the very least with their opponent.

And didn’t we all have Hunter Pence as the walk off in 11 innings  hero for today’s SF Giants  game?

Marco Rubio told CNN he doesn’t think Trump will change his behavior. So when will Senator Rubio change HIS?

\On “Fox and Friends” former Trump deputy campaign manager told Dem strategist Joel Payne he was out of his “cotton-picking mind.” Payne is black.
The best people….


Except that it was written by a gay man “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” would be Trump’s anthem.

AMC Theatres now has $20-a-month subscription service. But will $20 also be the price for small sodas and popcorn?

Would take outrage of those on behalf of #SarahSanders more seriously if same people were also outraged on behalf of gays denied wedding cake.
Reportedly Joe Manchin used Heimlich maneuver on Claire McCaskill when she was choking at a caucus luncheon this week.

Ted Cruz better hope he never chokes at lunch in the Senate.


In 2018, it’s not that Democrats need to change minds on party, it’s simply that we need to change minds from “non-voter” to “voter.”

Would really love to see how many people, including Trumpers, are certain they have NEVER personally hired an undocumented immigrant for anything?
And guessing most of them will be wrong.


For those trying to say Red Hen and Colorado baker are the same, remember -Sarah Sanders chooses to work for and lie for this President.
People do not choose to be gay.


Major league minimum?

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Mets are 4-16 in June. Mets fans are going “We won 4 games?”

How long until the chants change from “Let’s Go Mets” to “Please Go Mets?” #Mets

It took the 51-27 Astros 12 innings Saturday to beat the 23-53 Royals.  Arew we sure that win shouldn’t have an asterisk?

Timing is everything. Have to assume millions more Americans would be following World Cup if Supreme Court had legalized sports betting sooner.

Germany and Mexico both won Saturday in World Cup So expect even more cranky tweets than usual from Trump.

Hank Aaron on whether he would visit White House: ‘There’s nobody there I want to see’   “Hank Aaron overrated” tweets from Trump in 3.2.1…


At least the Red Hen didn’t serve Sarah Sanders a slice of Minny’s chocolate pie.

KKKFC #Restaurants4Sarah

Waiting for Trump to tweet that the Red Hen food isn’t nearly as good as that served at his hotels.

Sarah Sanders and GOP should be applauding Red Hen restaurant owner for acting on her moral convictions.


So along with thoughts and prayers maybe supporters can send Sarah Sanders cakes from a certain Colorado bakery?


As a liberal waitress in college I worked a dinner featuring Caspar Weinberger. (along with a lot of Secret Service. )   Decided to serve him politely, even though I disagreed strongly with his views and actions.  I still do. But he was actually very pleasant, asked for “tea if it wasn’t too much trouble.”

On the other hand, that was my choice.  And if GOP is going to trumpet the individual freedom to refuse to serve someone…well then perhaps they should respect individual decisions.

(Considering number of both LGBT & undocumented workers in industry & what I remember from experience behind the scenes have to figure being asked to leave isn’t worst thing that has happened in restaurants to Sarah Sanders.)

Someone should have held his hand?

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#SFGiants postgame Beatles-themed fireworks night tonight. In honor of Strickland breaking his hand on a door are they playing “Fool on the Hill?

Giants posted a list of the 2018 draft picks they signed. A handful of them were born after January 1, 2000. How did this happen?

NFL to suspend Jameis Winston for allegedly sexual assaulting a female Uber driver. Someone should have stuck to grabbing crab legs.

Clayton Kershaw will skip a scheduled rehab start to start against #MetsSaturday. To be fair, pitching against Mets offense IS a rehab start. #Dodgers

The silver lining about Trump staffers in DC not being able to get dates – at least they won’t be reproducing.

Prescient about Trump voters? James Baldwin in 1955 – “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”

ICE announced they may seek up to 15,000 beds to detain immigrant families. Can we start calling these detention facilities Trump hotels?

To be fair, does anyone really think if Trump were separated from his young children that either he or they would have cared?

Would be too absurd to imagine Melania was told to wear that jacket just to provoke outrage that GOP could then get outraged about. Wouldn’t it?
#ItsJustAJacket #ItsNotJustAJacket

While we’re focused on pictures, where are the pictures of Americans lining up to apply for jobs picking fruit, working in restaurants, doing construction and delivering pizzas etc now that Trump is deporting immigrants who had had those jobs?

Under Trump, EVERY day feels like the longest day of the year. #SummerSolstice

Somehow I missed the Trump press conferences with Parkland and Santa Fe parents #AngelFamilies


Was autographing pictures of murder victims another of those moments Trump became Presidential?

“AP Fact Check: Trump’s take on immigrant crime off mark.”
Uh, once again, how hard is it to say “He lied”?

Straight shooters?

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No runs allowed in 8 innings and game winning RBI. In Madbum we trust.

“Baseball is a slow, boring, complex, cerebral game that doesn’t lend itself to histrionics. You “take in” a baseball game, something odd to say about a football or basketball game, w/ the clock running and the bodies flying.” #CharlesKrauthammer. RIP He would have liked Madbum


Meanwhile, Don Mattingly and Dan Straily suspended for throwing at Buster Posey in Marlins SF Giants game Tuesday.
Moral of story – don’t retaliate at superstars. Especially one the Marlins have broken already.

Argentina and Messi would like to thank Melania Trump and her jacket for making sure they weren’t the most embarrassing story of the day. #WorldCup

Many worry- about changing minds of Trump supporters. To use baseball analogy, to get more #SFGiants fans you don’t try to convert #Dodgers fans, you try to recruit NEW fans, or those who haven’t cared much about any team in the past.

Remember when the worst jacket we could imagine was Barack Obama’s tan one?

Melania at the border today  “I’d like to ask you how I can help these children to reunite with their families as quickly as possible.”

Uh, tell your husband to resign?


So maybe Trump plan is to get some celebrity mad enough to call Melania a “feckless c*nt” so GOP can act all aggrieved and NY Times can talk about both sides?


Melania’s spokesperson #ItsJustAJacket
Donald  Trump – It was a jab at journalists
Amazing buses can run in DC with all the people Trump has thrown under them?

GOP apologists trying to make these detention centers seem so luxurious that soon Scott Pruitt will be sending his staff to steal their body lotion.

Supreme Court ruled states can force retailers to collect sales taxes even if they don’t have a physical presence in the state.
Wait until Trump figures out that means 47 states will now start taxing purchases from Trump Store!

Trump wants to merge Departments of Labor and Education. Presumably he’ll put Betsy Devos in charge. She knows as little about Labor as she does about Education.

Back to baseball from Marc Ragovin – “Brewers’ pitcher Adrian Houser threw up twice while on the mound the other day. Gave up a run but completed the inning. Guess you can say he “gutted it out.”

Gone fish.

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Good news for SF Giants fans. After today team doesn’t need to see Marlins until 2019!

14 pitch AB for the SF Giants’ Gorkys Hernandez. Brandon Belt has to be thinking “Isn’t that cute.”

A Phillies fan was slightly injured with a slight facial hematoma Monday night when she was hit by a hot dog launched by the Phillie fanatic.   The team did make sure she didn’t have a concussion,  though she will have a black eye for a while.

What’s particularly newsworthy – the woman will NOT sue. There’s hope for America.

Stanford star basketball player is going to be a graduate transfer and play at Kentucky next year. “The biggest thing that I wanted was to align both my academic and my athletic interests…”
And he said the first part of that sentence with a straight face.

Even in tough times, we’ll always have Darwin awards – Tourists on Big Island are getting arrested for taking selfies near lava from Mt. Kilauea


Who knew Peter Fonda was still alive?

Trump said he had no authority to stop family separation at the border, now he signed an Executive Order keeping families together. So will he fire himself?

Now Trump is lauding his “political courage” in reversing his own policy. Courage in what? Disagreeing with one of the voices in his head?

That moment you’re in such a hurry to fix a PR disaster you created that your team of “best people” misspells separation as “seperation.” #ExecutiveOrder

Trump on family separation “Ivanka feels very strongly about it. My wife feels very strongly about it. I think anybody with a heart feels very strongly about it.”
Translation, if it were up to me i’d keep them separated. #noheart

Waiting for Laura Ingrahame to claim that #ExecutiveOrder will disappoint many migrant children by keeping them from summer camp.

Trump fans at Duluth rally shouting “lock her up.” Confused. Do they mean Kirstjen Nielsen or Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Trump just canceled tomorrow’s annual Congressional picnic. Because the optics of lawmakers enjoying a party with their families were too much even for this White House?

Since Trump is so focused on immigration he could’ve told Duluth supporters he’d pay big $$$ if they moved to Florida at Mar-A-Lago so he doesn’t have to hire all those foreign temp workers….

If Trump REALLY cared about immigration problem he could stop most of it in ONE day. Start arresting & JAILING people who hire undocumented workers, including for child care, gardening, restaurant work, housework….

So as Trump pretends to fix the crisis he created, how does he propose reuniting the families he’s already broken apart, and can DHS even find the kids?

Slamming a door?

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Hunter Strickland clearly needed to pay more attention to Lebron James. Who apparently figured out a way to hit a wall and only cause an injury he could play through.


Meanwhile this Marlins SF Giants series is about one more hit batter from being on Pay-Per-View.

I miss the times when Gregg Popovich finally meeting with Kawhi Leonard would have been the most intriguing story of the day.

In Turkey, father of NBA player Enes Kanter has been charged with “membership in a terror group.” Kanter has spoken out against the Turkish President. So how long until Trump again praises Erdogan?

Note to @realDonaldTrump – Insects and animals infest. People do not infest. Unless we are talking about you and your people in the White House.

Trump “to prosecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen, you have to take the children away.”
So is that how he keeps Melania complicit, by threatening to take Barron?

How has GOP gone from “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall” to holding children hostage to build our own wall?

To be fair, given his relations with most of his own children, maybe Trump convinced himself he was almost doing parents a favor by taking their kids away.



So if an immigrant girl is raped at a detention center and gets pregnant, assume Trump and GOP will force her to have the baby so they can deport it?

While Manafort sits in jail, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski clearly is making a strong pitch for Trump to adopt him.

The gaslighting begins again from #FoxNews “President backs House immigration bills that ‘solve’ family separation crisis, WH says after GOP meeting
What happened to “you break it you bought it?”

So if this family separation nightmare finally ends assume @realDonaldTrump will take all the credit and blame Democrats for causing it. And Fox News will agree with him.

Fox News saying Trump trying to solve the immigration crisis is like saying arsonist has shown up at the scene of a 5-alarm blaze with a bucket.

Trump and GOP trying to tie reuniting children with parents to a border wall? “Terrorist” – noun – a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Time passages.

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Red-hot Nationals rookie Juan Soto debuted on May 20. Today in continuation of a May 15 interleague game against NY, he hit a 2 run game winning homer. So the hit and RBI count before his actual first game..AND against the Yankees?!   Amazed MLB didn’t somehow disallow it.

For baseball fans, remember there are many players, including stars, Puig, Chapman, Cespedes, Abreu -, who fled Cuba like these immigrant families are doing and were given asylum. If they couldn’t play baseball they too would have been arrested and separated from children. –

Nine leads lost for SF Giants against Marlins in 5 games. But who’s counting?

ESPN reports FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings against Mexico for alleged anti-gay chants by fans during World Cup win over Germany.
Was this an attempt by Mexico to curry favor with Trump and GOP?


I disliked Rudy Guiliani  less when all his sentences were just “a noun, a verb, and 9-11.”

On a lighter note, not a serious soccer fan but when is the Queen going to knight Harry Kane?


Can someone tell @realDonaldTrump we already have a #SpaceForce and it’s led by Michael Jordan?

Who’d a thunk we’d miss Reagan’s “Star Wars?

1962 -“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade & do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…”
2018 “In defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space, we must have American dominance in space,”

How long until the only made-in-China products that Trump doesn’t slap tariffs on are clothes made by him and Ivanka?

“Boarder security?” Is Trump ranting about AirBnb now?

Ann Coulter is not doing a very good acting job in pretending to be a human being.

Trump continues to rant on MS-13 gangs, but if Central and South American families flee from those gangs he puts them in jail and separates the children..


As awful as separating children from parents is, almost have to wonder with Trump, does he think this is distracting us from something worse?

I know some “progressive” Dems aren’t thrilled with Senator Feinsteinn, but she IS the one who introduced legislation to prevent DHS from taking children from their parents at the border. And now all other Dems have signed on. Well played, Dianne