Another game 7

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Thanks to a Facebook friend I discovered 1968 World Series tonight on MLB Network. While these are tough times, a glass of wine, a cat on my lap, and now watching Mickey Lolich pitch game 7 at midnight might be as good as it gets for #StayAtHome.

After new football coach Mike Leach tweeted out a cartoon of a woman knitting a noose for her husband during self-quarantine, Mississippi State AD John Cohen said the school will provide Leach with opportunities to “expand his cultural awareness of Mississippi.”
Uh, I’m one of the least PC liberals I know, but how much “cultural awareness” do you need to know a noose isn’t funny ANYWHERE in the South?

Across the country, Democratic Governors are turning the  Donald Trump, the Backup In Chief, into the Presidential Version of Wally Pipp.

Can we say now that Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly’s thinking he could insult a beloved and respected Captain without repercussions was “naive and stupid?”

Today Trump attacked the Post office for not charging businesses enough: Uh. if you go to the Trump online store:  “Orders process and deliver within 10-14 business days via the United States Postal Service for delivery within the Domestic U.S. only.”

Sherrod Brown is the latest to endorse Joe Biden. A significant issue, one of the people who got Sherrod to run for Senate in 2006 in the first place, was his good friend, then Congressman Bernie Sanders.

Watching Joe Biden on CNN after watching Donald Trump press briefing is like a shower for the soul.

So Trump thinks that Wisconsin voters should vote for a GOP judge to protect their 2nd amendment. Does he think guns are the new hydroxychloroquine?

Let us be very clear: If we had a functioning democracy the fifth vote on Wisconsin Election would have been cast in favor of delayed absentee ballots. By Merrick Garland.

About #VoteByMail, 2 real-life California examples: A friend scrawled an illegible signature, his ballot was returned to sign again. I forgot to sign mine 2 years ago, I had to mail or fax in a signature. Vote By Mail is not corrupt. And our democracy & lives may depend on it.

So now Trump is using the “I was a cheerleader” defense? Uh, I had several friends who were cheerleaders. Athleticism and enthusiasm were required. Not turning off your brain. Or lying.

Lost in today’s lie-fest, Trump basically saying you couldn’t understate number of coronavirus deaths, because death was death. Uh, actually it’s real easy. Just don’t have enough tests. You can’t pin deaths on the virus if you can pretend people don’t have it.

I can’t wait to vote for Joe Biden in November, and will be even happier if it’s a Biden Klobuchar ticket. But how much must it be killing Trump that President Newsom is trending tonight on Twitter right now? #BackupInChief



Rebirth 2020

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(#Rebirth2020 was a hashtage retweeted a lot by among others,  the amazing Steve Gleason.)
ESPN replayed  Monday Night Football, September 25, 2006. The return of football to New  Orleans after Katrina, first SuperDome game for a guy named Drew Brees.  Saints had signed him to a big contract despite worries over whether he could really return from a shoulder injury.  Yeah, he’s only been durable enough to play 14 more years.
That blocked punt by Steve Gleason for a New Orleans TD in first quarter of Saints Falcons game on September 26, 2006 is one of the best NFL moments. Ever.
Love this tweet from NFL reporter Mike Triplett  Getting over it is for sissies. #WhoDat
When do we find out if the ratings were higher in New Orleans for this 2006 regular-season game rebroadcast than last year’s Super Bowl?!”


Al Kaline wasn’t my very favorite player. But he was THE superstar on my very first favorite team. And Kaline got game-winning hit in 7th inning of game 5 to start the World Series comeback for 1968 Tigers. That Series was when I really fell in love with baseball. R.I.P.


California is sending ventilators to New York and may send to other states. And we’re doing it without telling anyone to rake anything.

Nancy Pelosi on Rachel Maddow says we need someone in charge of coronavirus response. But that would involve Trump admitting someone knows more than him about anything.

Back on March 24, GOP Rep Thomas Massie  of Kentucky, tweeted “Universal vote by mail would be the end of our republic as we know it.” Maybe he meant “the end of the Republican party as we now it.”

Wisconsin GOP and SCOTUS have decided that anyone who hasn’t received an absentee ballot must vote tomorrow in person. I don’t EVER want to hear another Republican or SCOTUS judge say they are “Pro-Life.” Period.


RIP Lee Fierro, who played Mrs Kintner in Jaws. The woman who slapped the chief’s face: “You knew there was a shark out there. You knew it was dangerous, but you let people go swimming anyway. You knew all those things, “My boy is dead. I wanted you to know that.” How many people want to slap Trump & say the same about COVID-19

Amazing how some of the same people who insist China is lying about their Coronavirus case and death numbers, are convinced Trump and the USA are being honest about OUR numbers.


Trump today bragging about letting people off ships w/ coronavirus “People we’re (sic) dying & no other countries would allow them to dock!”

Trump March 9 “I’d rather have people stay (on Grand Princess) I don’t need to have numbers double because of 1 ship that wasn’t our fault.’

Donald Trump  – “Democrats want to make Trump look as bad as possible to win an election they shouldn’t be allowed to win.”  (yes, he used the 3rd person.)

More to the point, Donald just said the quiet part out loud.

The moment I wake up…

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Anyone else still have moments when you wake up and just for half a second think “What time is the game on?”

You know it’s a slow sports day when… one of the lead stories on ESPN is how the Los Angeles Rams, despite backlash and jokes,  have no plan to move away from their new logos and colors.

How long until Rams say the refs decided the new logo needed no further  review?

(No, Saints fans aren’t still bitter.)

Yesterday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued an Executive Order that “lifted any local ordinances/orders that had closed or restricted access to Georgia beaches. Who does Kemp think he is, the mayor of Amity Island?

Many years ago, Air France used to have smoking sections, not in the back, but on one side of the plane, ie left side smoking, right side nonsmoking. And I always thought that made about as much sense as expecting coronavirus to respect state and county lines.

So Surgeon General Jerome Adams says “This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment.” Right, if FDR and George W. Bush were TOLD the planes were coming and both decided to ignore them and go golfing.

With UK PM Boris Johnson hospitalized Trump was asked Sunday “Are you (and Pence) considering staying away from each other to assure continuity of government?”

Well, VP IS contractually obligated to stay within a**-kissing distance at all times.

Have nothing personal against UK PM Boris Johnson and wish him the best. But wonder if Trump will advise him to take hydroxychloroquine?

“Why not let the science speak for itself?” Trump says he’s not promoting hydroxychloroquine. While he keeps promoting it.


Right about now I’d take Dr. Strangelove over Dr. Trump.


One thing I love about Joe Biden: he can say four very difficult words: “I made a mistake.” Now, can the same be said by 2016 Trump voters?

Even the Yankees-Redsox..

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Don’t sound so bad.


Such a small thing, but yeah, it made me sad. Tomorrow’s Sunday Night Baseball game at 8:30pm was actually going to be Dodgers vs SF Giants.  Next scheduled Dodgers-Giants Sunday night game. July 16. And that seems like a longshot.

Trump said today  “Americans want to see basketball & baseball & football & hockey. They want to see their sports. They want to go out onto the golf courses and breathe nice, clean, beautiful fresh air.” Translation “I WANNA GOLF!!! WAAAAAA”


Trump tweeted “To all of our youth who are missing start of their @LittleLeague  seasons, hang in there! We will get you back out on the fields, & know that you will be playing baseball soon…” Uh, does anyone think Donald ever has been to little league game? (Mets don’t count.)

“He’s stuck in his room. He’d like to be playing sports,” pause, “Barron” Does Donald want credit for remembering his son’s name?

As Trump acts like sparsely populated states don’t need #StayAtHome orders, your reminder, in 1895 the state of Ohio only had 2 registered vehicles in it. And they crashed into each other.

South Dakota state representative Bob Glanzer, 74, died from coronavirus Friday night. Your reminder that South Dakota is one of 8 states without a #StayAtHome order. And Trump says those Governors are doing a great job.

For those looking for a reason to smile – how about this, Joe Biden has promised that in the VP debates, Mike Pence is going to have to be alone with a woman this fall.


Franklin Graham said people are dying of the Coronavirus because man has sinned against God. Right, because no church congregations have had cluster outbreaks with many dead. Oh, wait, never mind.

Who knew Shakespeare might have predicted coronavirus task force press conference with Jared Kushner? “A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”


Just imagine if in a performance review your boss criticizes you, and you respond by blaming the guy who had the job three years ago.

Saturday math: Combined population of states led by 8 GOP governors without #StayAtHome orders, approx 18.5 million. Population of New York state. approx 19.5 mill Electoral votes for 8 states – 41 Electoral votes for New York – 29 Anyone doubt Trump will help those Red states?

To be fair, if Coronavirus had become a global health problem during Obama’s presidency, sure Barack would have worked with WHO, scientists, governors and other world leaders to limit the pandemic. But admittedly he might have done all that wearing a tan suit.

Crowd control

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Have to wonder, when sports start up again, will they need tests for all fans, maybe temperature at least,  on entrance, to try to make sure no one transmits Coronavirus?  And logistically how would this work with big crowds, how early might fans need to arrive, and how much could the testing delay games?

Thinking maybe the first baseball team cleared to play home games might be the Miami Marlins.

Okay, you know you and your friends are adapting to #StayAtHome when you try to schedule a phone cocktail hour with someone and they’re already booked through the week.

As hospitals overflow and people worry about rent, it sure would be nice if POTUS knew anyone with empty hotels or resorts that might be able to be used to house Americans in need.

So how long until Trump fundraising team starts soliciting donations for the chance to win a beautiful signed anti-coronavirus scarf?

Trump “In many cases a scarf will be better, thicker.” than a medical mask.
Translation “Ivanka has millions of scarves she wants to sell. Beautiful scarves…”

Kushner says Trump heard THIS MORNING from “friends” that NY hospitals were running low on supplies. Because Cuomo and De Blasio screaming at the top of their lungs didn’t count????!!!!!!


Thought it was a joke, but no, Jared Kushner really did say “The notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states’ stockpiles that they then use.” “L’etat c’est moi.” at least sounded pretty in French.

If heat killed coronavirus how do you explain Florida?


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has bowed to church leaders, and overruled local city and county power to ban large religious gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic. So when parishioners get sick can they be treated with prayer and isolated within those churches?



Again, now that CNN and other networks have  decided that they aren’t covering all of Trump’s vanity press briefings, WHY don’t they give Joe Biden and other  Democratic leaders equal time during the gaps????

Brian Kemp claimed he had no idea until today people without coronavirus symptoms can still spread virus. Don’t forget Amy Klobuchar – “My friend Stacey Abrams would be governor of Georgia right now if it wasn’t for voting violations.” Voter suppression is a civil rights issue.

Losses and no losses.

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If someone had told me after an Opening Week schedule against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks that the SF Giants would be undefeated, I’d have thought it was an April Fool’s Joke.

Meanwhile, have the Orioles been eliminated yet?


Robert Kraft sent the New England Patriots plane to China to pick up  protective equipment to bring to Massachusetts, after the state’s governor has complained of the state being outbid here in the US.

Damn, I have to say “well played” about anything involving the Patriots?

But I hope none of the equipment ended up deflated.


Noticed on a package of ground chicken today “always cook to well-done.” Is there ANYONE who thought rare chicken was a good idea? (Suppose, seriously, that a whole lot of the younger generation is going to suddenly learn basic cooking skills.)

Do you realize some day we all may be telling our grandchildren “Yeah, we used to do these things called hugs and handshakes.”

Direct quote from Trump Monday on the Klobuchar-Wyden #VoteByMail bill: ‘They had things-levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” When you say the quiet part out loud.

Not that it really matters… but anyone have any idea who Trump’s “infected friend in a coma” is?

Fox News reports Joe Biden has offered to call Trump to discuss a strategy to combat coronavirus pandemic. So has White House replied with a list of compliments for dear leader that must be included in first minute of the call?

Ron DeSantis just ordered #StayAtHome for Florida. Talk about locking the door when not only the horses are out, but also the barn is already engulfed in flames.


As Joe Biden decides on a running mate who he wants to be a strong enough woman who is qualified to be President, your reminder that Donald Trump picked Mike Pence precisely not in spite of Pence being weak, but because of it.

Per Rachel Maddow,   Oklahoma and Kentucky received more medical equipment than they requested. Illinois, Massachusetts and Maine got only a fraction of their requests. When punishing blue states gets dangerously close to murder…

Let’s not make a deal?

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Saw ESPN story that Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin will give Tom Brady his #12 and switch to #14.
Godwin told the Bucs website that no compensation was involved. No compensation?. Uh.Chris Godwin is in the last year of a 4-year, $3.2 million contract, Brady just signed a 2-year $50 million guaranteed contract. Has someone checked Chris for concussions?


Toronto’s has cancelled all city-led and permitted events through June 30 but the mayor said it doesn’t apply to professional sports teams.   So the 67-95 2019 Blue Jays might squeak by.

It would be wrong to refer to “Diamond and Silk” as “Cubic Zirconia and Rayon.” So I won’t do it. But “Cubic Zirconia and Rayon” are what fakes are made of.

“It’s a really rough time for the United States but I’m so thrilled to hear Lindsay Lohan has a new single” said… no one?!

Have to wonder, if the late, great Molly Ivins were still alive, would she have shamed Texas Governor Greg Abbott into more stringent #StayAtHome measures?   Either way, tonight I REALLY miss Molly Ivins.

So now that it’s “30 days to slow the spread” there’s a new postcard almost certainly coming to most Americans. “President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America.” Uh, Donald, this time can the postcard be printed on softer stock? We all could use more toilet paper.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’s talking to White House’s coronavirus task force, but they haven’t yet recommended stay-at-home order for Florida: “If they do, obviously that would be something that would carry a lot of weight w/ me.”
So DeSantis is saying the equivalent of “Mom never told me not to play in traffic?”

Anyone who saw the first part of Trump’s press conference and thought he was adopting a new Presidential tone (again) must have watched the first half of Titanic and thought it was just a costume drama about shipboard romance.


More than once today Donald refers a question to Dr. Fauci or Deb
Since these sh*tshows are going to continue, wonder if some reporter can PLEASE ask a question of Vice President Pence or Donny?

Per Maddow tonight:   SIX states have no statewide stay-at-home orders. Nevada, North . Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska., Iowa, Arkansas.   Eleven other states Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wyoming have partial orders.

What do all those states but Nevada and Pennsylvania have in common?


“One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” Donald Trump, talking in February about coronavirus. Americans, talking in January 2021 about the Trump Presidency.