Spring fever?

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Sacramento Kings blew a 25 point lead after three quarters in losing to Brooklyn Nets Tuesday. Did they get a commiserating phone call from the Atlanta Falcons?

Then Wednesday Spurs lost to the Heat  (after beating the Warriors Monday , the Thunder lost at home to the Raptors, and the Rockets lost to the Grizzles. So maybe most of the Western Conference just decided to take a day off.


Oh yeah,  and the Bucks lost to the Cavs.    Did a whole lot of teams suddenly get spring fever?


So what the heck is Donald Trump going to do Thursday so that Americans pay attention to him instead of March Madness


@DevinCow parody account now has more Twitter followers than Devin Nunes. Sometimes I love social media.


Okay folks, if we can unite behind a cow, we can unite behind our eventual Democratic presidential nominee! #DevinCow


Washington Post printed a Charles Kusner op-ed where he defends himself & Jared.   The Post refers to Charles as “founder and principal of Kushner Companies, a diversified real estate company.” Guess Post didn’t have room in the description for “disbarred ex-con who hired prostitute to seduce his brother, videoed it and sent the tape to his sister.”


Kellyanne Conway, defending her boss against her husband “You think he shouldn’t respond when somebody, a non-medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? You think he should just take that sitting down?””
Well, actually, many actual medical professionals HAVE accused Trump of having a mental disorder…


Today Donald Trump at a rally in Ohio is again attacking John McCain. And he’s not being booed. Hillary was right #deplorables

And hey,  the funeral John McCain got was one all decent Americans wanted him to have. He was admired, loved even, across the aisle.  Guess that explains why Trump is still upset about it.

And finally,  SOMEONE in the GOP Senate hasn’t completely sold their soul, today anyway, Thank you Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson (on Trump attacking McCain.) “It’s deplorable what he said. It will be deplorable seven months from now if he says it again, and I will continue to speak out because there’s one thing that we got to do. You may not like immigration, you may not like this, that, maybe a Republican, maybe a Democrat. We’re all Americans


Through the years.

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Mike Trout reportedly finalizing 12-year deal to stay with Angels for more than $430 million. Meaning Bryce Harper was highest paid player for less than 3 weeks. Hope it was worth 13 years in Philadelphia.

Would make for an interesting March Madness competition if we had to name  at least one player on any of our chosen teams.



USC says it may expel students whose admissions resulted from the bribery scandal. If only the young men and women had TRUE athletic talent, some school would certainly give them a second chance..


Yeah, it’s full of many imperfect characters, but for movies you suddenly discover on TV on a random night, there are few more warmhearted and fun to watch than “Love Actually,”

Kellyanne Conway appears to be siding with Trump over her husband. Well, if their marriage collapses will Fox News hire her when Donald eventually turns on her too?

Trump said to reporters today “I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be.” This sort of BS would never happen if Lindsey Graham were still alive.

Wall Street Journal says National Enquirer paid $200,000 to get “intimate” texts between Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. Wonder how much it would take to get some of Trump’s.

Reuters reports Vladimir Putin just signed new Russian law imposing strict fines and possible jail time for publishing “fake news” and online comments that show “blatant disrespect” for the state.
Times like this make us glad we live in a democracy. Oops, never mind.

Your reminder that at this point a year before primaries started the favorites in polling for 2016 GOP Presidential nomination were Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

And May 2015 polling for 2016 GOP Presidential nomination – 10% each, Bush, Carson, Huckabee, Rubio, Walker. 7% Paul, 6% Cruz, 5% Trump.

There is a rumor that Joe Biden will pick Stacey Abrams as his VP running mate out of the gate. If he does that, he will be the candidate to beat.

Trump fundraising email of day ”
“MS-13 gang members are murdering our citizens, caravans are surging towards our borders, and terrorists are threatening our national security. THE TIME HAS COME TO FINISH THE WALL”
Let me rewrite it for him “I encourage my fellow Americans to send thoughts, prayers and donations to families innocent people killed by a REAL terrorist in New Zealand.”

So many brilliant minds on Twitter, who’s going to make Trump even more upset than usual by starting account?

Cats is cats

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It’s that time of year. When you’ve paid almost no attention to college basketball all year.so besides quickly filling out a bracket with Zion and Duke winning it all, you go “why not? And just do a second bracket – a cat bracket  #MarchMadness

Some outrage over schools in March Madness with sub .500 records in their conferences. Makes sense, with records like that teams should only be eligible for NIT, or playoffs in NBA Eastern Conference.

San Antonio Spurs just clinched their 22nd straight winning season. Knicks fans are going “What’s a winning season?”


NY Giants GM Dave Gettleman, discussing the OBJ trade “Really and truly, you can win while you’re building.” Well, yes, but how many games is he talking about winning?

(or he could be talking about winning next year’s #1 NFL draft pick.)

Australia now barring any visitor with a domestic violence charge against women or children from entering the country. Well there go any potential future plans for NFL Australia.

Clayton Kershaw apparently won’t be ready for Opening Day. SF Giants fans are thinking ‘Take your time, don’t rush back for any Dodgers-Giants series in April either.”

For all those who think religious beliefs SHOULD allow an AirBnb host not to rent to a gay couple, hope they are also okay with owners demanding to see marriage licenses for straight couples.

Now Trump is calling Joe Biden “another low I.Q. individual!?” So is Donald’s dementia so bad he now thinks Joe is a black woman?

Donna Brazile is joining Fox News. Because network didn’t already have enough people who are anti-Hillary Clinton? #WTF?


Watching hardcore Trumpsters and MAGAers agree with EVERYTHING Trump tweets makes it sadly more and more understandable why Jim Jones’ followers at Jonestown drank that Kool-Aid.

For those lucky enough not to have a parent who has had dementia, Sunday’s Trump tweets were what “sundowning” looks like.

Selection time.

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I miss having a President who would have spent today with his family and then filling out his brackets.

Some days I almost wish Donald Trump drank alcohol – then we could put tweet storms like this morning’s down to green beer for breakfast.

Advantage of Selection Sunday for March Madness being on St. Patrick’s Day  is Americans can all blame their soon to be busted brackets on beer and whiskey.

Greet Shirts saying ‘St Patty says Ban Dolan” were being sold out Madison Square Garden today, but security was reportedly confiscating them. Way to go owner James Dolan -, alienate the few fans Knicks have left.


Alabama is one of bigger snubs in March Madness so will be be heading to NIT. A shame for the team, but Crimson Tide fans will be able to salve their wounds when they get picked for next year’s CFB playoffs.

Lakers vs Knicks this morning. And at the beginning of the NBA season who had this as a significant game in the quest for a lottery pick?

All you need to know about Lakers season in one sentence: After Los Angeles lost 11 point lead in last 3 1/2 minutes of game, LeBron James had his game winning shot blocked by Mario Hezonja of the Knicks.

So Trump is demanding comedy shows that attack him be taken off the air, while the shows of people who defend him be put back on the air.

Mick Mulvaney defended Trump as “not a white supremacist” and someone who stands up for “religious liberty, individual liberty.” And why would anyone think otherwise of a President who talks of an “invasion” and implemented a Muslim ban?

Not sure which is worse, Donald Trump being his usual sad petty self and attacking John McCain? Or McCain’s best friend Lindsey Graham not defending him posthumously?


Glad to see the GOP today criticizing Trump’s senseless posthumous attacks on John McCain. Oh, wait, never mind, they’re mocking Beto O’Rourke on Twitter for an 20 year old DUI….

How long until Donald Trump appoints possibly newly-unemployed Jeanine Piero as a federal judge?

Of course I would vote for him as the nominee but.Joe Biden tonight “I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the … anybody who would run.” Anita Hill says “Hi.”


Early days, but thinking about a possible Klobuchar Buttigieg ticket. And one slogan/bumper sticker ‘Amy and Pete – because no one can spell our last names.”


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That moment when Chiefs were feeling really virtuous as a team about getting rid of  Kareem Hunt 


Umpire Angel Hernandez ejected Astros manager AJ Hinch for allegedly arguing ball and strikes, after the first pitch, in the bottom of the first inning of Friday’s split-squad game against the Cardinals.


So even though it’s only spring training, guess Angel is in full umpire  “all about me” form.

Donald Trump has been so maniacally focused on being the center of attention recently, not completely joking when I ask “What will he do to take back the spotlight from March Madness?”


To be fair, maybe Trump felt he HAD to have his veto ceremony today because on Monday Americans will be focused on something far more important to millions of them – filling out March Madness bracket


In New York, the NCAA March Madness tournament at least gives Knicks fans something to argue about. – if eligible would the team be at least a 5 or 6 seed?


And what WILL Trump do to recapture US attention when people who couldn’t tell you the difference between a two and three point play suddenly become college basketball addicts.

Not that hard. Australian Prime Minister refers to Christchurch attackers as “extremist right wing violent terrorists.”

Trump response to latest massacre by right-wing terrorist – “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems.” Trump response to a handful of crimes by immigrants – “It’s an invasion of our country.”


So when do we hear from the Bikers Against Trump contingent?


And five words Donald Trump really does not want to hear – ‘Rick Gates is still cooperating.”

Thinking of Christchurch..

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White killer (or killers) with multiple Muslim fatalities in New Zealand. And Trump is promoting Breitbart on Twitter. I miss having a President.


But if we stop laughing, or being snarky,  the bad guys win.

Starting in 2020, MLB teams will only have 28 man rosters in September, instead of current 40.  So 2019 is last chance for those who tune in to those late season games just to see 17 pitching changes….

Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey said OBJ’s talent outweighs his challenges. Yeah, that worked out so well with Johnny Manziel.

Facebook “Yesterday, we made a server configuration change that triggered a cascading series of issues. As a result, many people had difficulty accessing our apps and services.” Sounds better than “oops, someone hit the wrong button.”

Trump on Senate resolution against him “I don’t know what the vote will be, it doesn’t matter, I’ll probably have to veto.”
Does he think he will be able to do the same thing with 2020 election?

Today Howard Schultz apologized for saying yesterday. “I probably have spent more time — in the last decade, certainly — than anyone running for president, with the military.”
Maybe he was talking about all the time members of the military have spent in lines at Starbucks?

Trump fundraising email of the day “Liberals in the Senate just voted against a National Emergency.” Uh, 12 GOP Senators voted against you too.

French aviation authorities, not the US FAA, will investigate black boxes from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. Yeah, Trump is really making America respected around the world again.

Hallmark Channel just cuts ties with Lori Loughlin. But maybe Loughlin can star as herself in a movie about the College Admissions Scandal.

Lori Loughlin’s daughters have dropped out of USC after it was reveals the actress and her husband paid their way in.

Over under on when they’ll be offered jobs in Trump administration or Fox News?

Must admit, I talked briefly to an expert when I applied to Stanford. It was my high school guidance counselor in Florida. Her response – “Why do you want to go to Connecticut?” No joke.


If you think, as I do, that college athletes who cheat or commit serious crimes should be kicked off teams & expelled, then same should apply to any student who knew their parents paid and cheated to get them into college.

The best of work times…

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On Wed. March 13,  Facebook and Instagram went down for about 6-7 hours. Forcing millions of Americans actually to work….

Of course, we are about a week away from the first round of March Madness.  So we might be approaching have a record for the most and least productive days in the same month.

But yeah, the horror.  Facebook was down, and frustrated users have nowhere to post it.

At least  Twitter kept working. Good thing, if it went down Trump would probably declare another National Emergency.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson said it was a “bad decision” to post picture on Instagram account at 105 mph.    Uh, driving 105 mph AND posting it? At least two bad decisions.

Meanwhile, Drew Brees posted about his son’s flag football game.  #GoSaints

Antonio Brown says his ultimate goal is to pass Jerry Rice as the NFL’s all-time leading receiver. Rice has 22,895 yards.   Brown, 31, has 11,207.   Before the Raiders traded for him did they check Antonio for concussions?

When it says on a tube of hand cream “Please do not ingest” we either have too many lawyers or too many stupid people. Or both.


Not saying she did or didn’t cheat. But a black girl who raised her test scores in similar fashion to some of those caught this week, had HER SATs almost instantly flagged and invalidated.  

With names of parents being released should be pretty obvious to their fellow students at Georgetown, USC etc, which kids had help during SATs and faked athletic resumes to get into college. Womp womp.

So Singer claims he got 761 kids admitted to college through “side doors.” Sounds like there’s a lot more indictments, and maybe expulsions, ahead?

And remember when an argument against affirmative action was too many qualified kids ending up in college?

Marc Ragovin muses “If I had only pursued my tetherball career, I could have been a Stanford Cardinal.”