It’s about education, right?

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In college football, a  non-graduate transfer must sit out a year before playing at his new school, unless he gets a waiver, which NCAA  only granted for “egregious behavior.”

Then in 2018 this was changed to “mitigating circumstances.”

Now it’s “Extenuating, extraordinary and mitigating circumstances”

And they say the balk rule is confusing.

(So are extenuating, extraordinary and mitigating circumstances covered if a player can explain and spell all those words?)


So as someone who is a strong believer in mean bitch karma, what are the odds that the Raiders’  Antonio Brown gets an injury that has nothing to do with his helmet?


Washington’s Colt McCoy has yet to play in preseason meaning Case Keenum will likely be the Redskins’ starting QB.   How long until even some Trump supporters start calling for the team to sign Kaepernick.?

QB Josh McCown who had announced his retirement, is joining the Eagles. “The first time is the hardest” said Brett Favre.


Nationals put closer Sean Doolittle on IL after another blown save. He’s 0-2 with a 7.36 ERA since the All-Star break. So once again, how did the Giants lose 3 in a row to THAT bullpen?


Customs seized $2.3 million of marijuana at a San Diego port, in a shipment that was supposed to be jalapeno peppers. So did they get a hot tip?


Trump today on gun control “we do have a lot of background checks right now.” (Translation, I’m not going to do anything and people will move on to my next crisis.)

More Trump- It’s people that pull the trigger, not the gun that pulls the trigger so we have a very, very big mental health problem…concept of mental institutions” must be addressed. Exactly HOW would Trump pay for institutions when he doesn’t want to pay for mental healthcare?


Serious question. Can anyone remember Trump saying anything nice about anyone who has been even mildly critical of him?

I think USA deserves a President who loves this country as much as Trump loves talking about crowd sizes.

Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye baby

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12 home runs tonight in SF Giants 10-9 win in Arizona.


With all the baseballs ending up in the stratosphere are we sure tonight’s SF Giants Arizona Diamondbacks game wasn’t sponsored by NASA?

Your reminder, again, that the Orioles DFA’ed Mike Yastrzemski. SF Giants say “thank you.”

SF Giants Dereck Rodriguez complained after his last start about being sent to the minors and losing his place in the rotation.
Last night he came back, and threw 7 shutout innings.
Just guessing that “little less conversation a little more action” will be more effective at keeping him in big leagues.

Cal will start selling beer and wine during football games. Makes some sense. You almost have to be drunk to sit through Golden Bears games.

NFL is reinstating Josh Gordon. Too soon to start a pool on when he’ll be suspended again?

Didn’t realize that Bowling Green was in Little League World Series. Amazed they’re not getting more coverage for their bravery in still playing after that horrible massacre.

WTF? The Mormon Church yesterday reminded young people to avoid coffee, tea (including iced tea) , harmful and habit-forming substances including vaping, adding “any drink ending in “-ccino” probably has coffee and therefore breaks the rules.”
Uh, has any member of Church actually been to Starbucks?. Only “harmful and habit-forming substance” in a Strawberry frappuccino is sugar.

Fox News headline. “2020 race shaping up as battle between ‘Keep America Great’ vs. ‘Make America Boring Again.”
Not saying I agree, but thinking compared to now, millions of Americans would be THRILLED for “Boring Again.”


Mitch McConnell has surgery today to repair that shoulder he says he fractured in a fall a few weeks ago.  So he now has a pre-existing condition? Will Moscow Mitch relinquish future insurance claims as he wants Americans to do if GOP can repeal Obamacare?

Does Trump want to buy Greenland because he thinks the “Green” part has something to do with golf?


Ah, this is one of the reasons I am fond of Amy Klobuchar – Her tweet riddle today. “The difference between Donald Trump and Greenland? Greenland is not for sale.”

Juice box?

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Miami 13, Los Angeles 7. So who scheduled pre-season football at Marlins Park today

DeMarcus Cousins, who signed with Los Angeles Lakers this summer, has torn his left ACL. Was he washing his truck at the time?

It’s only August 15, but right now looks like someone’s going to win the NL Central with a record that would leave them about 10 games behind the second AL Wild Card.

Johnny Cueto threw 49 pitches for San Jose tonight in a rehab start & is supposed to throw 55-60 pitches next time. San Francisco is considering activating him very soon. Why not? Especially with today’s baseballs, SF Giants, and other teams, have had starters be essentially gone after that many pitches.

Tonight reminded us of why SF Giants gave Dereck Rodriguez a bobblehead.


Trump tonight called a protester at his rally fat. Funeral services this weekend are pending for Irony.

Trump tweeting about Walmart sales results. Wonder why he isn’t talking about 22 people who won’t be shopping anymore at Walmart because they are dead

So Trump wants to buy Greenland? Next I assume he will tell us Mexico will pay for it.

After a ton of online ads today I get actual US Mail fundraising letter from Tom Steyer, who I’ve never donated to…. And while I’m “Vote Blue No Matter Who 2020” haven’t we learned a lesson about politically inexperienced rich white men who say “I alone can fix it?”

New poll finds 90% of Americans want background checks for gun sales, and 67% want a ban on assault weapons.
But of course that poll is from that liberal media source… . Fox News.
Oops, never mind.


Trump says “Representatives Omar and Tlaib are the face of the Democrat Party.”
They aren’t my favorite members of Congress but better them than Steve King and Roy Moore.

But give Donald credit, who else for many moderates and even Republicans could make two of the most controversial Democrat congresswomen into sympathetic figures?

Someone said I would like it if England banned Rep. Steve King as part of a Congressional delegation. Now, I DESPISE Steve King. But I loved Molly Ivins more. “This is a fairly standard fate for free speech in this country: We all believe in it — until it really, really hurts.”

He’s had Better days

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Apparently SF 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo threw interceptions on five straight pass attempts at practice today. Who does he think he is, an aging Brett Favre?

Lots of talk about Yankees dominating Orioles with 16 straight wins and 17-2 season record. Little mention of 1993, when Braves beat Rockies in all 13 games they played. Had Colorado won ONE game, the Giants, with 103 wins would have at least made it into a one-game playoff for the Division.
But no, I’m not still bitter.

Ah analytics. Apparently Giants’  Tyler Beede as of today was tied with Orioles’ David Hess “for the highest average exit velocity allowed (91.2 mph) among Major League starters with a minimum of 200 balls in play.”
Uh, Beede’s ERA over last 5 games is 8.49. Don’t need analytics to say, he’s getting hit hard.

ESPN talking about how only Dodgers, Yankees and Astros – the “super teams” have a chance to win it all this year.
Reminds me of 2003, when NL had two “super teams,” Braves (101 wins) and SF Giants (100 wins.) The only question was which of them would make the World Series.

(Answer, Florida Marlins.)

Anyone but me had no idea who Todd and Julie Chrisley are, and have no real interest in finding out?


Philadelphia shooting suspect is apparently an American citizen who isn’t Muslim. So standby for GOP to give lip service to “mental illness” for about two minutes.


Amy Klobuchar tweeting “I’ll say it again: The Senate needs to get back to work. We could pass universal background check legislation that 97% of Americans support. Bring it up for a vote. Now.”
So if McConnell wants to hide in Kentucky, how about Dems calling to see if they can get a Senate quorum and just vote without him? At least some in GOP should be brave enough to vote.

Can anyone imagine what GOP would be saying if Obama stayed on vacation golfing while the stock market tanked?

Steve King “What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled out anyone who was a product of rape or incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?”

And the state that elected King to Congress gets an outsized role in choosing our Presidential nominees?  #NotTheOnion

Trump finally tweeting about Hong Kong “I have ZERO doubt that if President Xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the Hong Kong problem, he can do it. Personal meeting?”
Personal meeting, why? Does Trump want to mint more beautiful commemorative coins?

Put a bloody sock in it?

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Curt Schilling, whose failed video game company bankrupted him and cost Vermont taxpayers almost $30 million, may run for Congress in Arizona. And Trump thinks it’s “terrific.”
Well of course Donald does. Grifters of a feather.

Actually, considering Curt Schilling’s record with a failed huge business fail costing taxpayers almost $30 million, why hasn’t Trump offered him a Cabinet position?

Tiger Woods, dealing with an oblique strain, says he’ll “give it a go” for this weekend’s BMW Championship.
Guess he’s decided the strain can’t get worse with just two days of golf.

SF 49ers assistant coach Katie Sowers now says she was told in 2017 by one unnamed NFL executive during an interview that his team wasn’t ready to hire a female coach.
For comparison, the Spurs hired Becky Hammon in 2014.

MLS Atlanta United manager Frank de Boer says he does not believe in equal pay for men and women in football, or sports such as tennis, because women don’t bring in as much revenue.
All together now, the Atlanta who?

Energy Secretary Rick Perry says Democrats are living in a “fantasy world” when it comes to their climate change rhetoric. So Perry is now an expert on fantasy worlds because of his stint on “Dancing with the Stars?

Trump on windmills in speech on energy: “All of a sudden it stops, the wind and the televisions go off, and your wives and husbands say, ‘Darling, I want to watch Donald Trump on television tonight, but the wind stopped blowing.”

No wonder Alec Baldwin wanted to stop playing Trump on SNL. The satire can’t keep up with reality.

I’m confused, not a Godfather fan, but I guess Fredo is supposed to be the stupid brother. So is it Don Jr or Eric?

Now NY Times reports both of Epstein’s guards on the night he died fell asleep, slept through their required checks AND falsified records.  So how long until they get offered jobs at Mar-A-Lago?

Lost in Epstein craziness is fact that everyone concedes guards, one a substitute, were working crazy amounts of overtime. This due to Trump hiring freeze. So instead of prison being staffed properly taxpayers probably paying MORE $$$ in overtime than in salaries. #Winning

Finally, what a f*ckwad. Ken Cuccinelli “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.”
You know who wasn’t a public charge? Those immigrant workers rounded up by ICE in Mississippi.
You know who will become a public charge? Their US citizen CHILDREN


Being Puigy?

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Yasiel Puig has dropped his appeal and will begin serving his three-game suspension for brawling in his last game as a Cincinnati Red next Monday night .  His new team, the Indians that night will open a three-game series against Boston.

How far have the World Series champions fallen that a player figures that’s the game his team will least miss him?

Marc Ragovin says “How dead are the Red Sox?  Their team security is being handled by the NY Bureau of Prisons.”

Another good reason the SF Giants didn’t trade closer Will Smith. Imagine the waste of his bat if he went to an AL team.

Headline in NY Daily News today “The Yankees absolutely own the Orioles.”
Uh, Baltimore is 39-79. MOST teams absolutely own the Orioles.

Washington Nationals have 7-2 lead going to the 8th against Reds, hang on to win 7-6 with tying run at 2nd with 1 out in the 9th.
So all Nats need to win it all is Max Scherzer having a Mickey Lolich/Madison Bumgarner type World Series.

A-Rod’s rental car was broken into near Oracle Park last night with estimated $500,000 in electronics & jewelry stolen.
Now, burglaries shouldn’t happen to anyone…. but who leaves half a million worth of stuff in a rental car? #cantfixstupid


Pretty sure “Jenny from the Bronx” is telling A-Rod, “Honey, I love you but WTF are you doing leaving valuables in your car on the street?”


Now I’m getting FB messages from Tom Steyer “Still hoping to see Tom on stage for the 3rd debate?”
Uh, just say no.

Now Trump is retweeting Joe Biden’s gaffes. I just spit my covfefe.

Trump tweeting today about his “great and loyal friends” Diamond and Silk.
Right, until one of them slips and says something mildly critical of him, or gets arrested, and then he will claim he hardly knows him.

Trump’s new Public Charge rule penalizes legal immigrants who use any government benefits, including for their children. Uh, how about the immigrant who with her son is in public housing on Pennsylvania Avenue.


“Public Charge” can include medical care for your kid. So Trump is saying someone who has had a sick child could be denied a green card for having accepted Medicaid. Once again, pro-life my ass.

Biggest baseball smile of the year?

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Giants closer Will Smith  in 8 major league seasons had never had an at-bat.  He had one today with his team leading 7-6 in the 8th, and hit a 2 run single.

So maybe Madison Bumgarner is just just a role model for pitchers on the mound.  But good thing SF Giants held onto him and Will Smith.  They needed their bats.

So of all the crazy things this baseball season, how did the SF Giants not manage to win at least 1 of 3 games where they faced the Washington Nationals bullpen?

Astros behind Justin Verlander today in Baltimore were one of biggest betting road favorite against the Orioles today in baseball history.

Bringing to mind one of my favorite jokes “If God bet on baseball how would he do?

“7 or 8 of 10. Baseballs take funny bounces.”

Weird sports stat for the day: Going into today’s game against each other, the Royals (42-76) and Tigers (35-79) had won fewer games between them than the Dodgers (78-41)

The Arizona Cardinals released DT Darius Philon after he was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, allegedly for threatening to shoot a dancer outside a strip club in May.
Wonder if this will or won’t be the end of Philon’s career, it’s not like he knelt for the anthem.

Florida sophomore DB John Huggins has been dismissed from football program. While a reason wasn’t given, last fall Huggins allegedly put his hands around a tutor’s neck. He’s the fifth Gator to have been reported for violence against a woman under second-year coach Mullen.
Are we sure Urban Meyer isn’t somehow involved?


Marianne Williamson claiming “there’s some very powerful forces that want to make sure I’m not in that third debate.” “Very powerful forces?” They’re called “voters.”

We are now in a world where the President of the United States talks about trusting a murderous North Korean dictator while retweeting a tweet accusing a former President of the United States of murder.

Democrats are condemning Trump for re-tweeting a no-evidence conspiracy theory linking Jeffrey Epstein’s death to Bill Clinton.
Why aren’t Republicans joining them?

It’s been revealed there is no surveillance video of the moment Epstein hanged himself. “I’m shocked,” said nobody.


11p on Saturday night and the “Leader of the free world” was going after Anthony Scaramucci. Gosh, why doesn’t Trump go after the idiot who hired Scaramucci in the first place?

On a weekend Trump attacks Donny Deutsch, Joe Scarborough and Bill Maher on Twitter all in 24 hours. But no, Donald doesn’t watch much TV….


So where are the pictures of the crying children in Mississippi because their parents were thrown in jail for hiring undocumented workers. Oh wait, never mind.