Oh say can you see… the playoffs?

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Exactly ONE of combined NLCS & ALCS games will be on network televison – Brewers-Dodgers game 2 on Fox. ALL others on TBS or FS1. Way to grow that brand MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

So by David Price postseason standards was ALCS game 2 this a quality start?

Watching Maldonado tonight for Astros and Grandal in game 1 for Dodgers makes me really glad as an SF Giants fan that Buster Posey has a no-trade contract.

Raiders lost 27-3  in London. But at least they seemed like a  true English football team   Not only being known for some hooligan fans,  they put up a soccer-worthy score.

On Saturday during NLCS game 2,  Brewers manager Craig Counsell pulled Wade Miley after 74 dominating pitches.  I hate analytics.

(Can anyone imagine Bruce Bochy trying to do that to Madbum in 2014?)

Tomorrow is 49ers vs. Packers on Monday Night Football.
I’ll take “Games that appeared much more interesting when they drew up the schedule for $400, Alex”

Trump describes Mattis as “sort of a Democrat” and said the defense secretary may leave his administration. How long until he says Ivanka or Jared would be perfect replacements?


Trump on accusations of Saudis murdering Khashoggi “They deny it and they deny it vehemently. Could it be them? Yes.” Amazed he didn’t say it could have been “somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.”

Trump to Lesley Stahl when she challenged him on 60 minutes today “In the meantime, I’m President and you’re not.” Ah yes, the joys of having a President with the emotional maturity of a 6 year old.

Your reminder that Trump said on October 1, one year after Las Vegas massacre, that bump-fire stocks would be banned “over the next couple of weeks.”


As the Hurricane Michael death and destruction numbers grow, a reminder that Governor Rick Scott has literally banned the phrase “climate change” in Florida.


A another simple reminder – while many Floridians don’t have water, food or power, and the death toll is rising, that Donald Trump played golf today.


As we approach midterms, the final reminder of tonight’s post- if you don’t vote for an imperfect candidate who shares most of your views, result is likely to be candidate who shares almost none of your views.


Not ready for prime time?

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I miss the times in October when the most annoying voice Americans would hear all day was that of Joe Buck.

But if  ESPN and Fox actually showed the Brewers during the season, casual fans would have some idea who most this team of very good Milwaukee players are..


Yeah, this makes me a dinosaur but I kind of miss postseason games where you remember who the starting pitchers were by the 9th inning.


SF 49ers have apologized for leaving Colin Kaepernick out of  photo gallery celebrating team’s winning history against Green Bay Packers.  But well, and  not like 49ers would have any use for a decent quarterback next Monday night….


Raiders-Seahawks in London Sunday.   How long until the Brits claim America is not sending their best?

Kim Kardashian, reportedly “not embarrassed” by Kanye’s Oval Office performance yesterday. Makes sense, how often does she feel like the brains of the outfit?

Melania says she has “more important things to think about’ than rumors of her husband cheating. And Trump is thinking “I paid Stormy Daniels and the other women all that money for NOTHING?”


As Fox News praises the Trump – Kanye love-fest, imagine if Obama had entertained Beyonce in the Oval Office the morning after Hurricane Sandy.


Trump Friday night in Cincinnati asked black people for their votes. Because nothing says supporting racial justice like praising Robert E. Lee.

Amazed Trump didn’t say Robert E Lee is getting more and more recognition these days.

Lindsay Graham says if Saudi govt was responsible for murder of Jamal Khashoggi, then there will be “hell to pay.” Meaning what, Graham will be very very troubled?

Open note to 18-25 year olds in USA – sure, go again and don’t vote. Then your parents and grandparents actually WILL be dictating your life.

That Cincinnati Trump was not at a major stadium or arena, but at a fairgrounds venue that holds 3,000. Heck, most good high school football teams in Ohio can draw more than that.

Trump said today he will call Saudi Arabia’s King Salman to discuss disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. To complain to Salman or to praise him?

If you can’t make it there…

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Worst thing for New York sports fans these days is that with Yankees out of the playoffs, they have to pay attention to the Giants and Jets.

Apparently more bets have been placed in Las Vegas on the Los Angeles Lakers to win NBA championship than any other team.
If anyone wondered how they got the money to build all those big hotels?

A two-day break and I miss baseball already.

Tripadvisor sent me an email with “14 of the most Instagrammable restaurants.”
I’m so old i remember going to restaurants for the food.

First Nike sales increased, now Taylor Swift has seen her album sales rise from #32 on the charts to #14.
Anyone else want to speak out against Trump?

Really really wish I could be a fly on the wall after MAGA’s have burned their Taylor Swift albums and listen to Kanye West for the first time.

Jeff Flake decided last week that Trump’s judgment was good enough to pick a SCOTUS judge for a lifetime appointment. And today he’s surprised and upset by Trump’s love for Kanye as a guest in the White House?   #WTF?

Watching Kanye and Trump in Oval Office makes many of us long for intellectual television programming like “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Who knew tariffs had consequences?

What has to upset Trump the most about the last two days with the stock market – it’s BEFORE the midterms, so he can’t blame it on a blue wave.

BuzzFeed reported John Kelly called Elizabeth Warren an “impolite arrogant woman” in a private email last year.
Thinking “Another persistent, impolite, arrogant woman” would look great on a t-shirt.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has changed his voter registration to Democratic.
So will Trump add him to his mythical list of angry Democrats?

Think anyone’s reminded Trump this morning that Mexico Beach IS actually part of the US?

Just a reminder for Florida voters after Hurricane Michael with their Bill Nelson – Rick Scott Senate choice. In 2013, Nelson voted FOR a Hurricane Sandy relief bill. 36 GOP Senators voted against it, including Marco Rubio.

No balls and strikes.

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Since all Division series wrapped up in four games or less, there are now two days with zero Major League Baseball games.

So we all get a brief taste of what this year was like for Orioles fans.

And with no games today, what did Angel Hernandez have to do to be wrong?

(Marc Ragovin says “Chief Justice John Roberts said he wants to retract his “judges are just umpires” comment after having watched Angel Hernamdez.”

QB Kelly Bryant who decided to leave Clemson when he lost the starting job to now injured freshman Trevor Lawrence, will visit UNC this weekend.
Where no doubt he will try to impress the coaching staff of the 1-3 Tarheels with his leadership ability even through adversity

A new poll in Arizona shows 4 % of voters planning to vote for the Green candidate in close race between Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.
What is that old definition of insanity?

MelaniaTrump says that women who are sexual assaulted should “show the evidence”
So would she have believed Dr.Ford if Kavanaugh bragged on tape about grabbing her by the p*ssy?

Fox News tweeted “Jamie Lee Curtis wields firearms in new “Halloween” movie despite advocating in gun control.

So when will Fox call for locking up Bryan Cranston for felony drug manufacture and sale?

Trump tweet “Departing the @WhiteHouse for Erie, Pennsylvania. I cannot disappoint the thousands of people that are there – and the thousands that are going. I look forward to seeing everyone this evening.”
The sad excuse for a small man whose ego needs stroking more than he thinks Floridians need a President pretending to care about them.

I’m sure all the people who lost homes today in Florida will appreciate that Donald Trump didn’t want to cancel his ego-stroking rally in PA because it would have been “unfair.”

Trump did say of Hurricane Michael “it’s like a big tornado.”  Brick Tamland of Anchorman did it better.



But  of course Donald Trump tweeted “Thank you” to those attending his rally tonight before he tweeted about Hurricane Michael.

Close but no game five

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Unhappiest people not in New York when the Yankees comeback fell just short…  TBS executives planning to show game 5 on Thursday night.


Craig Kimbrel picked a heck of a time almost to do a David Price postseason impersonation.

Must say watching a closer potentially implode in the 9th is a lot easier when it’s not YOUR team’s closer.

Fox has hired Hope Hicks as chief communications director. Wouldn’t a more accurate title be Secretary of State TV?

Meanwhile, Monday turned out to be almost as bad a day for Indians, Braves and Redskins as when Columbus showed up. #Bustohell

Apparently limousine in which 20 people died Sunday in NY had failed inspection & driver didn’t have the appropriate license to drive it. But hey, let’s get rid of pesky job-killing regulations.

For all those who saying what a moderating force Nikki Haley has been – what exactly has she DONE?

Nikki Haley says Jared Kushner is a “hidden genius,” and there is SERIOUS speculation Trump may appoint Ivanka to take her place as UN Ambassador.
Once again, The Onion is going “we give up.”

So Trump just told us today the only reason he isn’t appointing his daughter Ivanka as UN ambassador is that he’d be accused of nepotism. Well that and it would interfere with her current duties as his real VP and First Lady.

Amazing how many men who think Taylor Swift should stick to music are quite fine with Kanye West going to the White House.

To put this in terms that GOP respects – ie $$$$$ – Taylor Swift’s net worth is currently an estimated $320 million. She may be blond but she is NOT dumb. And she’s a successful businesswoman with fans who pay attention to what she says.

Maybe Taylor Swift can write her greatest break-up song ever about American people breaking up with Republicans.

Is there a way for those who are able to evacuate Hurricane Michael but choose not to because they don’t believe in government or science, can proudly post their names and addresses somewhere?
So first responders can know to ignore their house

Brees-ing to the record

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afterwards,jpgMore jokes tomorrow.



Falling Rock-otober?

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Right about now Cubs fans are wondering how they ever lost to the Rockies?

On a brighter note for SF 49ers fans – it’s looking better and better for a high 2019 draft pick.


So didn’t we all after NFL week five have Browns with as many wins as the Packers?

NFL rules requiring TV to switch to second game of day, or rather COMMERCIALS for the second game of day,  meant most fans watching NY Giants vs Panthers  missed the game-ending 63-yd FG to win it. Thinking league has a lot more problems than anthem kneeling.


Raiders doing their best today to help fans miss them less when they move to Las Vegas


If anyone didn’t already know he was a California boy – Gerrit Cole, talking about his 12 strikeout, 0 walk performance in ALDS game 2: “It’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine to celebrate after this is all done.”

From Saturday ALDS – new October game show – The Price Isn’t Right.

I believe Dr. Ford’s memory from 35 years ago more than @SenatorCollinsr memory of what Mitch McConnell tells her from week to week.

Susan Collins “The one silver lining that I hope will come from this is that more women will press charges now when they are assaulted.”
Okay, clearly time to start drug-testing the Senate.


Trump is now claiming his Mississippi speech mocking Dr. Ford helped Kavanaugh get confirmed.
Repeat this statement to any woman you know who doesn’t always vote.


Trump says he is “100% certain” that Dr. Ford named the wrong person in saying Brett Kavanaugh as her attempted rapist.
Right, and if they had found Brett’s DNA on her swimsuit Trump would have said he was 100% sure it was consensual.

Trump also says that Lisa Murkowski will lose her 2022 primary after voting against Kavanaugh.   Right, like that scares a Senator who lost her primary two years ago to a tea party candidate…. and won with a write-in campaign.

Can we start referring to him as “Injustice Kavanaugh?”


Well, damn. You go girl!  Does this mean I have to go to the next Taylor Swift concert?   “Taylor Swift gets political, endorses Tennessee Democrats Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper”