Changing seasons.

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NBA regular season basketball is back tonight. Which means we’re only about 6 months away from meaningful games.

Meanwhile, Cubs looking like a team less interested in a possible second ring ceremony than vacation.

Will Trump claim Warriors lost opening night because he dis-invited them from White House?

Guess the Warriors are not going to go 82-0 this year.

Anthem protests? Or teams not worth watching? This from USA Today: “The New Orleans defense SCORED three touchdowns in Week 6. Eighteen of the 28 offenses in action during Week 6 couldn’t make similar claim.”

Titans Colts on MNF had lowest of season. Could be anthem issue. More likely competition from  Yankees-Astros.  And 2 lousy small market NFL teams.

If this postseason shows us anything it’s that 2016 #SFGiants bullpen may not have been good, but misery has a lot of company.

(Haven’t watched Astros regularly this season but also got to wonder, why pull McCullers after only 81 pitches and 1 run? #ALCS)


Imagining  Trump telling Jacqueline Kennedy “Your husband knew what he signed up for when he went to Dallas.

So wonder if Trump has told John Kelly his son “knew what he signed up for?”

Sociopaths do not feel empathy.

Defense Department investigating mission that led to deaths of 4 US soldiers in Niger. Will be interesting to see how they pin it on Hillary.

All these folks saying they wished they’d spoken up sooner about Weinstein. So there are NO other predators in Hollywood? Speak up on them.

Trump on his lie that we are the highest taxed nation in the world. “People know exactly what I’m talking about, and in many cases they think I’m right when I say the highest.”
Right, and the #FakeNews keeps reporting those pesky real facts.

Tom Marino withdrew as drug czar after WAPO/ 60Min story his bill helped put more opioids into struggling communities. #Notsofakenews?

A NJ teacher reportedly told her that t U.S. soldiers “are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish. They are fighting for your right to speak American.”
Uh, didn’t we actually fight a big war once against the people who gave us the language she called American?

“I still believe people are good at heart.”  (Anne Frank)  Have to think many Americans didn’t know what they were signing up for when they voted in Nov.

Trump is not happy with John McCain after the Senator’s speech repudiating “half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.”
“People have to be careful because at some point I fight back I’m being very nice. I’m being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back, and it won’t be pretty.
Responding to Trump’s threat, McCain bluntly told reporters Tuesday: “I’ve faced far greater challenges than this.”
We’re going to need a stronger word than “deplorable.”


Lost in translation?

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NFL officiating czar today-“clear & obvious” to overturn Jets 4th quarter TD catch. Time to start checking league officials for concussions?

On resale sites, ticket prices for ALCS game 3 between Astros and Yankees in New York tonight have fallen as low as eighty-nine dollars. So fans can get into game for price of a Yankee Stadium hot dog & beer.

NFLPA now filed for restraining order to block Ezekiel Elliott suspension. If this keeps up suspension won’t take place until Zeke retires.

Tiger Woods has apparently been cleared to resume full golf activity with no restrictions. Does that include waitresses?


If the @Spurs knock off the @Warriors as NBA champion this year guessing they won’t be visiting the White House either. #Popovich

And just in case anyone didn’t know. #GreggPopovich, besides being one of greatest coaches ever, is an actual veteran,

Trader Joe’s now has pumpkin-flavored dog treats. So ready for it to be November.


Nothing says respect for Judeo-Christian values like nominating someone’s former mistress & now third wife as Ambassador to the Vatican.


Interesting how I haven’t heard a peep about Calista Gingrich from those who attack Hillary for enabling her cheating husband.

Think if firefighters started kneeling that Trump would find time for a tweet about California Wildfires?

After saying little on opioids after his August promise pledge to declare a national emergency, Trump now says, “probably next week” he will make a major announcement.
Translation, he’s waiting for the next issue to surface re Jared, Ivanka or Russia so he can make the bigliest distraction.

Trump not only attacked Obama, falsely, about fallen soldiers, he said in his answer about ignoring the men killed in Niger “I’ve actually written letters individually to the soldiers we’re talking about, and they’re going to be going out either today or tomorrow.”

Translation, he’s going to get someone on his staff to write letters immediately for him to sign.


Here’s one thing some men just don’t seem to get. Of course both men and women can have a lousy boss and/or get harassed at work. But almost never do men get bullied or harassed just BECAUSE of their gender.

Trump today, when asked why he hasn’t mentioned the 4 US soldiers killed in Niger 12 days ago, said he “planned'” to call their families, but added “So the traditional way, if you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them, didn’t make calls, a lot of them didn’t make calls, I like to call when it’s appropriate, when I think I’m able to do it.”
He’s not a “f*cking moron,” he’s a “f*cking evil bastard.”


In case any reader didn’t see Popovich’s comments today.  And in case anyone wonders why I’m a Spurs fan.

Where are the replacement refs when you need them?

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Even Stevie Wonder could see that was a horrible call against New York Sunday.


But yeah,  that touchdown somehow called a fumble ought to do wonders for conspiracy theorists for those who figure fix is in for Patriots to get back to the playoffs.

Meanwhile only the Saints could turn a 35 point third quarter lead into a cardiac stress test.  (Up 45-10 they let the Lions get to within 45-38 before scoring a touchdown on an interception and eventually winning 52-38.)

But really, who did the Saints they they were?  The Atlanta Falcons?

Kaepernick filing a grievance against NFL for alleged collusion. That ought to do wonders for teams deciding if he’s worth the distraction.

Although even if Colin Kaepernick is a distraction maybe the #Browns should sign him to distract from their play on the field.

So the #NYGiants look like they’re leaving it up to #49ers and #Browns for number 1 draft pick?

The cheapest ticket available on a resale site for tonight’s Astros-Yankees game in New York has fallen from $145 Friday to $89 Monday morning.    Which now will make getting into the game about the same price as a Yankee Stadium hot dog and beer.


That moment that Woody Allen calls the Weinstein situation “sad…” #Whythereisnosatire

Wonder why #WoodyAllen would be stupid enough to use phrase “witch hunt” with Weinstein scandal. Maybe his black pointy hat is too tight?

Hurricane Ophelia expected to be a Tropical storm when it hits Ireland. Might be first time “tropical” and “Ireland” used in same sentence.


That moment when the US Secretary of State indicates he had to check to see if the President castrated him?

So how long until @realDonaldTrump at least decides to dedicate a golf tournament to California fire victims?


“Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas.”. Either way it’s someone being nice. If you’re offended by wrong phrase you just might be a snowflake

After midnight.

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One thing to have Pac 12 college football  games start late on the East Coast.  Another thing to have them start so late the bars close before fans can watch the end and celebrate.

So many of top ranked college football teams lost this weekend that this might open up a spot in playoffs for Cleveland Browns.


Thinking that the first quarter of college football games should not compete with SNL. #Stanford #Oregon

But of course even after Stanford started 1-2 everyone had Cardinal leading the Pac 12 North after week five.


Columbia football is 5-0. Now this may really be a sign of the apocalypse.


Very now strange to see a starting pitcher in 9th inning of a baseball game when he didn’t come in as reliever. #Verlander #ALCS

Tom Verducci said Verlander brought the game back to another era, Gibson, Koufax.   Uh, he forgot Bumgarner. #ALCS

ARod saying now steroids “cost me over $40 reputation..the Hall of Fame.. & a number of other things.” Get out the violins

The artist who put a statue of a urinating dog next to the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street, was fatally struck by a NY subway when he apparently was standing too close to the tracks. Maybe they can use the dog statue as his tombstone? #subwaytohell

Marwin Gonzalez left Minute Maid Park as soon as ALCS game 1 to be with his wife, who had gone into labor. He made it for the birth of his son. Good thing Gonzalez wasn’t playing in Nats-Cubs game 5, the kid would be walking before he arrived.

Mississippi school district pulls ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ from reading list – it “makes people uncomfortable.” Uh, that’s the point. #snowflakes


The Academy has expelled Harvey Weinstein. Oh good, so now there are no powerful sexual predators left in Hollywood.

Had the Weinstein scandal just broken 6 months earlier Bill O’Reilly could have made the story centerpiece of final ‘The O’Reilly Factor.”

Mike Pence campaigning in VA for gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. So if some Dems put on uniforms & kneel for anthem will he leave?

Almost week since devastating fires started in California.   Still crickets from @realDonaldTrump. No doubt he’s preparing NFL tweet for morning.


And then there were 8.

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Congrats to Syracuse and Cal. Would enjoy this more if it didn’t mean more likelihood of 2 SEC teams in the playoffs.

Now can someone beat #Alabama.


Two top 10 teams have lost before #CollegeGameDay even starts.

ESPN  called WSU vs Call  “College Football Primetime.” It’s 1:56a on the East Coast.   WTF?

Apparently never bet against Smokey Bears.#Calfootball #CaliforniaWildfires #bustohell

Reminder to all those who want to dump on Dusty Baker. He didn’t tell Jose Labaton to take a long lead off 1st base last night.

Not claiming as a woman sports fan that I know everything. And , maybe not even enough to competently discuss the physicality of routes with Cam Newton. But I sure as hell know that as the tailing runner in a late inning one-run elimination game at HOME you don’t even THINK about the kind of lead that might get you picked off first.

Thank you #Astros & #Yankees for at least temporarily playing something recognizable as good baseball. #ALDS

#ARod now says he used PEDs because he felt “responsibility” to bounce back from injuries since the Yankees had invested so much money in him.   Again, I think,  I like “pushed into a lifeboat”  better.

NFL not moving #Chargers #Raiders game. League feels air will not be that bad, & they don’t need Oakland fans in a couple years anyway.

Weinstein “We all make mistakes.” Uh, a mistake is a bad night, a bad choice, even maybe a bad relationship. Not a decades-long pattern.

Saying young healthy people don’t need good health insurance is like saying no one who hasn’t had an accident needs car insurance.

Trump says he met with “The President of the Virgin Islands.” Can’t wait until November when Donald travels to Hawaii

Trump also proclaimed week of Oct. 15-21 “National Character Counts Week.” In related news , the Pot has proclaimed Oct 15-21 “National Black Kettle Week.”

So if you’re looking on a map is Tanzaynia next to Nambia?


Seriously, if Weinstein is just one of many powerful men guilty of criminal behavior then why doesn’t some actress speak up RIGHT NOW if she’s been the victim of someone else? The climate will never be more supportive and maybe we can remove another predator, or two, from a position of power.

What’s the French term for Billy Goat?

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Curse of Les Expos?


Four hours going to the bottom of 8th. Even Red Sox & Yankees saying “Good gawd this Cubs Nationals game is long.”

Bryce Harper has to be wishing the #SFGiants traded Hunter Strickland to the #Cubs #NLDS

#Nats franchise has not won playoff series since 1981. In 1981 they were Les Expos. Blame Canada? #NLDS

Maybe Cam Newton should have paid more attention to routes before tonight’s game? #TNF

Goodell’s wife has been using an anonymous Twitter account to defend her husband. #Deleteheraccount?

Appeals court reinstates #EzekielElliott 6 game suspension for sexual assault. Waiting for Jerry Jones to demand he play while kneelers set.

John Calipari said current NCAA basketball scandal is “black eye.” Well, he should know, he’s given the sport enough of them.

Headline “How the Harvey Weinstein scandal has become a nightmare for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.”
Uh, shouldn’t that be “How the Harvey Weinstein scandal has brought to light some nightmarish past bad behavior for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.”?

Pretty clear what @realDonaldTrump strategy is in Puerto Rico. Declare victory & leave. Remaining death & destruction is their own fault.

Evening Standard reports Trump will not be invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II on visit to London. #FakeQueen tweets in 3.2.1….

JK Rowling on Twitter “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.’ Plato

Of course, Trump probably thinks that Plato is that planet George W. Bush lost.

All those saying Weinstein and other men’s behavior  justifies Mike Pence’s self-imposed rule never having a meal alone with a female who isn’t his wife –  How can you stand up to our enemies if you’re afraid to be in a room alone w/ a woman?

Now rumors Russians used Pokemon Go to influence 2016 elections. Investigators became suspicious when they saw “Pokemon Nyet Go.”

So much victim blame. Because we all can think of so many women who came forward about sexual harassment and furthered their careers….

Just substitute “Fox” for “NBC” or “CNN” & imagine Obama attacking them like Trump is doing. GOP would be drafting articles of impeachment.

Quote of the day on anthem protests: “They’re focused so much on the fact that they are kneeling as opposed to what they’re kneeling for. Peaceful protests are fine. You have your right to voice your opinion. As long as it’s a peaceful protest, everyone should be fine with that.”
Okay, now let’s see Trump go after Derek Jeter….

Mistakes by the lake.

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Seven errors, two games.    Bad time to become the ClEEEEvEEEland Indians.


What’s next for Cleveland? The Browns find a way to choke away the number 1 draft pick?

Silver lining for being Cleveland football fan?  – at least the Browns don’t get your hopes up.

At least US men’s soccer made sure we won’t have any national anthem controversy during the World Cup.

Dusty Baker is often maligned as a post-season manager. But he is one very short porch at Angels Stadium and one Steve Bartman away from much better outcomes.

Meanwhile  the “Washington Nationals are a train wreck” postseason wrap-up story looks like it might have to be postponed. #NLDS

Watching #Strasburg in NLDS makes #SFGiants fans think whoever decided to shut him down in 2012 should get retroactive World Series share.

Adrian Peterson on being traded from New Orleans “Thank you, Jesus. He answers prayers.” Right, but maybe prayers were from Saints fans?

From T.C.  “Once again, another Adrian Peterson Switch is in the news.”

Maybe all this anthem controversy with Jerry Jones is just to distract from the fact that the #Cowboys aren’t very good.

SF Giants TV local viewership fell 28% in 2017 from 2016. Only 28%? Better performance from fans than the team.

#BoyScouts will allow girls to join and attain rank of Eagle Scouts? But let’s get to the important question – can they share bathrooms?


Three suspected looters arrested in Santa Rosa tonight. Surely there are some unoccupied jail cells open in otherwise evacuated areas?

If someone told Donald  Trump that air quality in Northern California was so bad you can’t golf maybe he’d be more concerned. #calfires

Beginning to think Hollywood is not a nice place to be a woman. #sarcasm


If @HillaryClinton had won electoral college, have to assume GOP would be calling for impeachment over Weinstein donations. #alwaysherfault

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s son Caleb, 27, was arrested for the 9th time Monday, on a charge of 3rd-degree criminal trespass, involving illegal hunting.

A statement from Moore’s campaign called the arrest  a “cheap political trick.”  As opposed to the first eight?

Trump tweets that it’s “about time Roger Goodell demands players stand for the anthem.” League responds “Commentary this morning about the Commissioner’s position on the anthem is not accurate.”
Give Trump credit, it takes some real work to give NFL the moral high ground.

If Trump really understood the first amendment, can only imagine what he’d be tweeting about “Losers” Madison & Jefferson.

Today’s quote on Trump & the NFL “No president should have dictatorial power over individual behavior. A president should not be able to tell the owners of a business how their employees are gonna act and what they’re gonna swear allegiance to and all that.”
From that commie pinko Russ Limbaugh