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A Texas bar has a rule “No mask allowed.” Well, assume this will also apply to patrons’ funerals.

Trump claims that in California “that kids go & they raid mailboxes & they hand them to people that are signing ballots.” I’m California voter. My husband scrawled signature on ballot few years ago, got RETURNED to him because signatures didn’t match. He had to redo it. Period.


Plagiarizers of a feather. We all remember Melania with Michelle Obama. Tonight Donald “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Wasn’t a great line the first time, when uttered by Miami police chief Walter Headley in 1967.

Let us be very very clear. Trump does not care about the life of George Floyd The only life he cares about is his own.

Trump still on his #VoteByMail rant. “Our election process will become badly tainted & a laughingstock all over the World. ” Uh, fixed it for him “Our Presidency has become badly tainted & a laughingstock all over the World.”

Forget no criticism of armed protesters: Trump never even referred to the killer of #HeatherHeyer as a “thug.”


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a man who refuses to give his DNA in a rape case doesn’t want his facts checked on Twitter either.

Amazing, White House tweeting that Trump “just took executive action to fight online censorship by tech corporations, including social media platforms.” Twitter censored nothing Donald tweeted. They simply offered a fact check. . So facts now official have a liberal bias?


I challenge any GOP Senator to take a quick scroll through Trump’s twitter feed Thursday  morning and tell me POTUS is a sane man. (sadly this may become an evergreen tweet.)

And I’m writing this and going to bed a couple hours before Donald will wake up and see that Twitter flagged his tweet about looting and shooting as “inciting violence.”

Serious closing items:

A story last night indicated that Amy Klobuchar, while  Hennepin County DA, had let the cop who killed George Floyd off the hook for shooting a man in 2006. Since I am an Amy fan this was disturbing but story seemed a bit off.  A little research found the case was a domestic violence, with someone  (allegedly) who had stabbed their girlfriend and friend, threatened to shot them, and then pointed, and refused to drop,  a shotgun at six cops, who all opened fire, killing the suspect.  But the date was October 29, 2006. To non-political junkies, that was 9 days before Klobuchar was elected to the Senate.  And no way a prosecution happens that fast, especially in a case that seemed a lot like “suicide by cop.”

Today many news sites went with the story simply that she had let Floyd’s killer off the hook, often tying it to “well, so much for VP chances,” and some making it sound like she should resign, and I tried to point out the issues when I could.

Tonight, the DA’s office issued this statement,- “Hennepin County Grand Jury returned no-bill in death of Wayne Reyes on Oct. 25, 2007. All prosecutorial decisions were made under the direction of Mike Freeman.” Amy joined Senate January 20, 2007

Facts matter.  Let’s see how many retractions happen Friday.

On their feet screaming

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MAGAs and some conservatives clutching their pearls over Donna Brazile saying “Jesus Chr*st” on air while US death toll tops 100,000 is all you need to know about Trump’s base.
Seriously, guessing Jay Cutler with the Bears had probably millions of Chicago fans screaming “Jesus Chr*st” on a regular basis every Sunday.
Dodger Stadium has now opened as the largest coronavirus testing facility in state of California, and apparently can check up to 6,000 people daily.   Of course it could probably check more if people would start showing up sooner than an hour after scheduled start time.
Mitt Romney tweeted “I  know Joe Scarborough. Joe is a friend of mine. I don’t know T.J. Klausutis. Joe can weather vile, baseless accusations but T.J.? His heart is breaking. Enough already.”
Which Republican wants to stand up for decency and to be brave enough to join Mitt Romney in this statement? I’m waiting.
Department of Homeland Security says Trump has built just three miles of new border wall where no barrier existed before. Three miles?! Seriously? Jimmy Carter gets more done in a weekend with Habitat for Humanity!
As DOJ continues to investigate Richard Burr for insider trading, Kelly Loeffler, who seems as least as guilty, looks like she’ll get off scot-free.
I’m sure the fact Richard Burr’s Intelligence Committee came up with a report saying Russia interfered in the 2016 election, along with the fact that that Loeffler’s husband donated $1 million to Trump’s re-election, had NOTHING to do with it.
Now there’s going to be a tough decision for Trump: NASA / SpaceEx launch pushed off until Saturday. So will it be another expensive photo op? Or a golf game?
A real President who’d traveled to Florida for the SpaceX launch would be tweeting that the NASA delay was disappointing but safety always comes first. Of course a real President who cared about safety would be wearing a mask.
And if you think he’s bad on Twitter, this is Trump fundraising email “There is NO WAY that universal mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mailboxes will be robbed, ballots will be illegally printed out and forged, and the Election will be RIGGED.”
(so is donald sharing the GOP plan out loud?)
Got an idea for DonaldTrump  Why bother signing a toothless Executive Order because you’re unhappy with Twitter? Just put Jared in charge of creating an alternate social media platform and delete your Twitter account?
Problem solved.
Just wondering… If Trump came up with his own social media site to compete with Twitter, what would he call it?

Missed it by that much…

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The NHL hopes to abandon the rest of the regular season and go straight into the playoffs with 24 teams –
So the 29-36 San Jose Sharks came about 3 games short of making the postseason.

Reports indicate two horses trained by Bob Baffert tested  positive for a banned substance in Arkansas earlier this month according to multiple reports. Well,  at least  horses can’t complain to the media it was a “tainted supplement.”

Asked again about his Breakfast Club attempted quip, Joe Biden said “I shouldn’t have been a wise guy. It was a mistake. When I make a comment that is offensive to some people I SHOULD apologize.” I miss having a President.

Asked about Trump and his insults, Joe Biden gets commended for understatement “looks like’s he’s having trouble controlling his own emotions.”


Kayleigh McEnany says it’s “peculiar” that Joe Biden wears a mask to a memorial, but not with Jill at home.   Guess Press Secretary Barbie doesn’t realize that people who are staying at home don’t need to be wearing masks with the people they are staying at home with? Or is it once again the question, “stupid or evil?”

CNN has a headline “Why won’t some people wear masks?” And there’s one simple answer for many Americans. Dear Leader acts like they are not necessary. Trump’s ego is killing people. Literally.

Don’t get me wrong… Richard Burr sure seems guilty of insider trading, but from outside Kelly Loeffler seems even more guilty. Except Burr dared cross Trump by apparently coming up w/ impartial report on Russian interference in 2016 election. This is how banana republics work.

Watching that video made me sick, and made me want to throw those Minneapolis cops in prison & throw away the key. And yes, it’s not fair the cops will get more justice than George Floyd got. But IMHO we don’t need vigilantism, we need to make sure prosecutors win this case.

Our Cheeto-In Chief is not amused “Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!” Fine. Show them what you think. Delete your account.


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Tom Brady with Phil Mickelson lost to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in a charity match play yesterday.  And Saints coach Sean Payton weighed in…“I’m liking this Florida @TomBrady right now,” Payton said in a tweet.

Good to know social distance doesn’t stop snark.


Included in Trump’s rants this weekend is that he played golf “for the first time in almost 3 months.” Uh, he played March 8. Then again May 23. That’s 2 1/2 months Such a trivial detail, and yet, no lie too small.

Seeing so many crowd scenes from the weekend of people close together and not wearing masks. Do they realize the point of Memorial Day is to honor the dead, not to try to join them?


Donald Trump in an interview today said of his former attorney general Jeff Sessions that he was not “mentally qualified” for the job. Well, Sessions WAS the first US Senator in 2016 to endorse Trump.


We are 3 months away from Republican National Convention & Trump wants guarantees on being able to operate at “full attendance” in North Carolina.

Uh for comparison purposes… about 3 months ago in late February Trump proclaimed “Because of all we’ve done, the risk to American people remains very low.”

Meanwhile, this headline from Fox News, no joke. “Shootings, MAGA boat parades mark start to Memorial Day as US adapts to post-pandemic culture.” We. are. not. in.”POST-PANDEMIC” culture. Would be funny if State TV wasn’t going to get innocent front-line workers killed.

Yeah, President Obama wore a tan suit in the White House. You know what he’d also be wearing in the White House now? A mask.

So as Donald Trump spars with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper over being able to have “full attendance” at August’s RNC conference scheduled for Atlanta, how long until GOP debuts their new slogan?
“People Are Dying To Re-Elect Trump.”

Sociopath-In-Chief accuses his political opponents of being criminals & murderers, & golfs on Memorial Day weekend while hawking Trump-Pence mugs to honor dead. Yeah, Joe Biden said it wrong. Joe should’ve said, “if you have problem figuring out who you’re for, you ain’t human.

Trump finally tweets out some well-wishes during pandemic and it’s to Allen West, former Florida Rep running for Texas Republican Chair, who was injured in motorcycle crash returning from “Free Texas Rally,” a protest against COVID-19 lockdowns. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

Running the numbers.

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NHL considering a modified postseason where 24 of 31 teams make the playoffs.

And as a casual observer I wonder, this differentiates from standard operating procedure how?

Meanwhile today Eli Manning  joins Twitter, gets into some very white trash talk with Tom Brady.  And how much am I nostalgic for a world in which that was today’s biggest controversy on social media.

Random question.  If churches are essential what was the point of all those bedtime prayers we learned as children?

Chief Justice Roberts told his son’s high school graduating class that COVID-19 pandemic should teach “humility and compassion.” Now can he say the same to Trump?

Joe Biden said he was trying to be a “wise guy’ and apologized. Donald Trump still can’t admit the Spanish Flu pandemic was in 1918, not 1917.


Amazing how many people who defended the rights of businesses to choose not to make wedding cakes for gay couples, are furious when other businesses choose to tell customers to wear masks to save lives.


Jeff Sessions was the very first Senator to endorse Trump. Today in a tweet storm Donald attacks him and tells him to drop out of the Alabama Senate race. Again, reminder to Trump GOP loyality lapdogs in the Senate, there is no “immunity passport.” – #ETTD

Trump is demanding, even in COVID-19 hotspots, that churches must be allowed to reopen. Back in college, my studies focused on Tudor England, when your religion and how you prayed could get you killed. Kind of thought in USA we’d moved beyond that.


Not a joke, the President of the United States is accusing TV host of murder, & sending out Fundraising email headlined “HILLARY CLINTON  – Shouldn’t she be in jail?” Meanwhile Democrats obsess about our candidate making a stupid joke. Why we can’t have nice things.

Conventional wisdom: Biden said stupid thing, apologized, but needs to make up for it by picking VP of color. Dissenting opinion: Joe, always gaffe-prone, is 78. He won primary but reminded us his best VP is a younger version of himself. Yes, I DO think that’s Amy Klobuchar.

Just thinking, if you’re more upset by Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” gaffe, than you are about White House using OANN plant to ask Kayleigh McEnany if Trump will pardon President Obama, you might want to rethink your priorities.

In all seriousness, one of the things I truly love about Joe Biden is the man’s ability to say “I made a mistake.”

There’s a man who KNOWS Joe Biden isn’t racist. There’s a man who I supported, still do, with all my heart and hope he speaks out now. That man is Barack Obama.


Are we ready for some not football?

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Alabama football coach Nick Saban did a PSA where he scolded the Crimson Tide’s mascot for not wearing a mask.

Good start Nick, now do Trump.

According to ESPN report,  canceling the college football season would result in a $4 billion loss for college athletic programs across the country.

Wonder how much it would cost ESPN.

Lori Loughlin and her husband, who’ve been expensively tying up court resources for over a year, decided to plead guilty to bribing their daughters’ way into USC.   She’s getting two months in jail.   He’s getting five months, During a time when most prisoners are getting let out early for Coronavirus.

“Siri, what is white privilege.”


Got an ad from Bloomingdale’s to rent unlimited designer clothing for $99 a month. “Wow, that’s high on my list right now” said…nobody?


WTAF? Now Trump campaign is offering “a chance to get your very own limited-edition Commemorative Trump-Reagan Coin Set.”
Uh, Ronald Reagan would be “horrified” and “heartbroken” by Trump’s America – Patti Davis.
My father “would have been embarrassed and ashamed’ of Trump. -Ron Reagan.
What do they know?

As Trump starts up again with baseless allegations of voter fraud, it’s not too soon for principled Republicans (remember those?) to stand up and say they will absolutely respect and honor election results on November 3.

It’s not just respect. Trump supporters idolize him and follow his lead. If he wore a mask, more of them would start wearing masks. And lives would be saved. Many thousands of lives.

Trump on not wearing a mask – “I didn’t want to give the Press the pleasure of seeing it.” So literally being willing to kill people to spite the Press. Got it. 

Are we really surprised that a man who refused to wear a condom with his mistresses won’t wear a mask now?

So how much of Trump’s recent rage is caused by the realization we’re going to hit 100,000 COVID-19 deaths by Memorial Day and it’s going to interfere with his bragging?

As Joe Biden vets Amy Klobuchar as a possible running mate remember one thing: Joe is trying to win the Presidency. He’s not trying to win Twitter.

In all seriousness, as big of a Klobuchar fan as I’ve become, at this point if it really takes Biden’s running mate choice to convince you to vote for Joe over the Cheeto In Chief, you might want to reconsider your priorities.

Ring things.

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Washington Nationals announced they’ll unveil their 2019 World Series rings in virtual event on Sunday. Bad news – fans & players won’t get the full celebration experience. Good news, the team won’t have to deal with event overshadowed by DC fans booing Trump.
If NBA playoffs happen,, Orlando and Disney World are considered frontrunner to host the games. All the way to  a potential championship.
Such a deal would probably exclude future games involving the Knicks.  A shame, because few teams better exemplify the term “Mickey Mouse organization.”

Amy Klobuchar is leading an effort by Senator Democrats to get antitrust regulators to scrutinize Uber’s potential deal for Grubhub.

Think this doesn’t matter?  Ever been stuck in the rain or on a busy Friday night trying to get a ride?  Imagine surge pricing for any weekend or prime time dinner order? And heaven help you if you order during say, the Super Bowl.


On a lighter note….last night a Twitter friend asked for suggestions for Joe Biden campaign song. Still have an idea going through my head – How about “Here Comes The Sun?” – “the smile’s returning to their faces.. it seems like years since it’s been here….”

How long until Trump conspiracy theorists attack Joe Biden  for doing something terrible like talking on his phone in Amtrak’s “quiet car?”

I’m so old I remember when we had a coronavirus task force.

Since Tara Reade keeps changing story, first changing it to say she wasn’t wearing pantyhose (unlikely, they were part of dress code, and you could get sent home for bare legs) , and  now claiming she wore crotchless panties, I  did a bit of research to see if they were even sold in DC. Now getting online ads for Frederick’s of Hollywood. Sigh.

Yeah, I know VP race is the only interest many in the media have in the Biden campaign, but maybe they’re stretching just a bit for material? This from a USA Today article on if Joe should pick a woman of color: “Klobuchar, Whitmer and Warren all are white.” Gosh, who knew?

Meanwhile, while Trump attacks Michigan and Nevada, when will he cut off funding to Colorado and Utah, which have the option for 100% of their residents to vote by mail?

So has everyone without a gun today had time to check on their potatoes?


Lost in today’s craziness, Trump is considering holding the G-7 IN PERSON, at Camp David, NEXT MONTH. Uh, for starters, just thinking leaders of other countries know if they travel, it won’t be to a COVID-19 hotspot like the US.