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Red Sox  still owe Hanley Ramirez about $15 million for this season – about as much as they’re paying Pablo Sandoval to play for the SF Giants.

Nobody believes Rockets can win game 6 without Chris Paul.  Maybe not. But they basically won game 5 without James Harden.


Friday afternoon and Trump is tweeting angrily about Obama again. Somehow we all knew without looking that it’s going to be raining in DC all weekend so he can’t golf.


USC President stepping down over scandal w/ university gynecologist accused of conducting inappropriate exams for almost 30 years. Trojans play at Stanford Sept. 8. Should the @lsjumb (Leland Stanford Jr. University Marching Band) just be suspended now as of Sept. 9 to save time?

Gronkowski the 3 year old colt has been given 69-1 odds to win the Preakness.  69-1?  Out of 8 horses?   Do they think Rob Gronkowski himself is the jockey?

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At this point the only thing that may let US move flags back from half-staff over school shootings is summer vacation.


After his arrest, Harvey Weinstein complained his cuffs were too tight – “I’m feeling faint.”
“I’m feeling so sorry for him.” said no woman.

Landslide vote in Ireland to liberalize abortion laws. Well, good to know one country is moving into 21st century while GOP/Trump try to drag USA back into 19th.

Leaving aside the gun issue, teacher who stopped Indiana school gunman Friday teaches SCIENCE. Which GOP would, if they could, have eliminated.

Isn’t “male school shooter” sadly redundant?

Washington Capitals captain Alex Overchkin talked about “waiting for this moment for a long time.” And yeah, it’s the Caps’ first Stanley Cup Final since 1998.  Of course, it’s the Las Vegas Golden Knights final … for ever?

Follow the $$$?  From NY Times today – ” There are far more Amazon Prime members in this country than people who voted for Trump.”

Happy #NationalWineDay. Although thanks to Trump, every day has become #NationalWineDay

Just wondering, what if #NorthKorea summit was always a sham whether it happened or not, but Trump figured headlines would distract from other issues. Nah, another of those far-fetched theories…


Mistakes were made… by me?

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White Sox catcher Welington Castillo, suspended 80 games for a PED  “The positive test resulted from an extremely poor decision that I, and I alone, made. I take full responsibility for my conduct.”

What, no tainted supplement, blaming doctor, friend etc.  Almost got to root for the guy now for his honesty.

Although really,  should anyone need PED’s this year to make the 15-32 White Sox roster?

The White Sox just finished four games with the 16-34 Baltimore Orioles.  Aka the “Does someone HAVE to win?” series.

Trump was talking today about deporting players who wouldn’t stand for the national anthem.  Just wondering, why doesn’t he have ICE stand by stadium urinals and deport anyone using them during the anthem?

How many NFL fans who couldn’t bear to watch because players were quietly protesting on sidelines, have had no problems rooting for Big Ben, credibly accused of sexual assault.  Or Ray Lewis, who admitted being at least an accessory to murder?

Whew. #Cincinnati trending and it appears to be about an @MLS expansion team. These days first thought is sadly another mass shooting.

If Jack Johnson were alive today Trump would probably be slamming him for supporting NFL players who kneel for the anthem.

Steve Kerr on tribute to Santa Fe High School before game 5 –  “agonizing to know that there’s pretty good chance that 2 teams in Finals are going to be doing same thing in 3 weeks.” Well, no, only because most schools are out for summer.  Sad.  Seriously.

Who knew winning the Nobel Prize could be so complicated?

South Korean spokesperson: “We are trying to figure out what President Trump’s intention is and the exact meaning of it. ”

When they do figure it out can they tell the American public?


Imagine being that unknown/unnamed deluxe Singapore hotel who had to cancel all existing reservations in June so that Kim Jong Un & Trump could stay there. And now has an empty property with about 2 weeks notice.

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. Is it possible Trump canceled the North Korea summit because someone told him it was a 15 hour flight to Singapore?


It’s not spygate, it’s Liegate.

Kneed to know?

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If the NFL really gave a damn about people showing respect during national anthem they’d order teams to shut down concession stands while it was played. $$$$$$

So do all these people ranting over NFL stars and the anthem stand at attention at home in front of their TV sets?

Good thing the Bucks’ Sterling Brown REALLY didn’t try to resist arrest over his parking violation in Milwaukee. He’d quite possibly be dead.

Two thoughts on Reuben Foster. 1. If DA is convinced she lied his accuser should be tried and if found guilty should go to jail. 2. WTF was he doing with a fully-loaded gun on floor of bathroom?

SF Giants get swept in two-game series against Astros , Warriors falter against Rockets. San Francisco area teams REALLY “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

So now that they’ve outlawed kneeling what will NFL blame their 2018 falling ratings on?

Damn shame Spurs are not in NBA Conference Finals. Because my guess is that Gregg Popovich would be kneeling along with his players for the next national anthem.


And now that NFL has trampled on First Amendment will they suggest players open carry on the sidelines to show support for the 2nd?

NFL might have better ratings if they had cared half as much about protecting players from brain injuries as they do about appeasing Trump and racist fans.

Remember those innocent days when we were worried about America falling into hands of 1 or 2 families? Both Bushes & Clintons look good by comparison to Trumps.

Last murder on Long Island linked to MS-13 – April 2017. Now calendars too have a liberal bias?.

Maybe time for someone to set up big screen outside Trump hotel in DC to play Wizard of Oz on a continuous loop – and remind Trump of what turned out to be a very successful witch hunt.

Rudy Giuliani said he hasn’t spoken with Trump in a “couple weeks.” Who does he think he is? Melania?

Mike Pompeo today contradicted Trump -saying he “does not believe there is a deep state” at State Department or CIA. Time to move the Secretary of State up in Trump firing bingo?!

Well of course Trump needed to immediately tweet support for  Tomi Lahren after her act of bravery that might have gotten her killed…. Oh, wait, during brunch someone threw a drink at her? Never mind.

Push ’em back, push ’em back, way back

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So if it’s a 15-yard penalty for NFL player kneeling during the National Anthem does it mean a safety if enough players kneel?   And what if both teams kneel?  So confusing….

SF Giants manage to lose 11-2 to Astros and it wasn’t even the most embarrassing loss in the Bay Area to a Houston team?

NY Mets have signed Jose Bautista, 37, to a 1-yr-deal, even though many feel he can no longer hit major league pitching. But really, doesn’t that make him a perfect fit for the @Mets?

Astros released their former top prospect Jon Singleton, now serving a 100-game suspension for 3rd positive drug test. Three failed tests? At some point it’s less a test for drugs than stupidity.


Somewhere Barbara Jordan and Shirley Chisholm are smiling. Stacey Abrams wins Democratic primary for Governor in Georgia.


R.I.P #PhilipRoth ““Everybody else is working to change, persuade, tempt and control them. The best readers come to fiction to be free of all that noise.” He was right. In Roth’s honor pick up a good novel.


Truly amazing. @realDonaldTrump gives keynote address at a “Pro-life” event the same day he cuts $7 billion from CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program. Once again #ProLifeMyAss


Reports that Trump’s staff DELIBERATELY including spelling & grammar errors in tweets they write for him, because they believe it plays better with his base. As if we needed more proof that education causes Democrats.


Since Trump thinks security on his phone is too inconvenient, maybe someone should show him that old transcript of Prince Charles saying he wishes he were a tampon so he could live in Camilla all the time… hacked from a cellphone.

In Texas, sheriff is not sure yet any of Santa Fe school victims weren’t shot by police crossfire. Now imagine schools with a number of frightened and armed teachers?

Father of Santa Fe shooter says son was “good boy” who was mistreated. Now, bullying sucks, and it happened to me sometimes. But okay, how many of us were bullied in school and never thought solution was killing your classmates?

A Publix supermarket in South Carolina censored a mom’s cake for her son when she asked for “Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude Class of 2018.”
Because they thought “Cum” was profanity. Your move, Florida.

Different speeds.

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Cardinals rookie Jordan Hicks threw 2 pitches at 105 mph yesterday. What’s the big deal?  Jamie Moyer often threw 2 pitches that totaled 105 mph.

Several blowouts already.  And no game in the NBA conference finals has been closer than 9 points. Tonight’s was only that close because Cavs eased up with a 13 point lead at the end. And they say the regular season has no drama?

Steph Curry’s mom apparently gave him an earful and told him to wash his mouth out with soap after he yelled out “This is my f*cking house!” after a nice one handed shot last night.    Well, for long time Giants fans at least Curry also brought back memories of Will Clark in 1987 – “I’ve been waiting for this since I was a f*cking amateur.”

(Clark on his morning show on KNBR also indicated he heard from mom.)


SF Giants play two games in Houston.   Wednesday’s starter, Jeff Samardzija, has an ERA of 6.30.  Astros starters Cole and Verlander have a COMBINED era under 3.00 (1.75 and 1.05)  At least it’s a short series.

Serious Royal Wedding fans may have to watch a lot of replays of Harry and Meghan’s ceremony. to keep getting their fix.  Prince George, next in line for a major extravaganza, is four.


Trump lauds NASCAR because “they stand for the National Anthem.”  Right, except many of them think that anthem is “Dixie.”

Obamas have signed a production contract with Netflix.  So how long until Trump adds Netflix to his hit list?

Russian media slammed the Royal Wedding coverage as “propaganda.”  Maybe Trump told Putin his feelings were hurt by not getting an invitation?


How long until someone in GOP suggests stopping school violence by closing schools? After all, education causes Democrats.

Who knew that whole Valerie Plame debacle would one day look so quaint?

Now Trump refuses to follow security protocols on cellphone he uses to call friends and complain Hillary should be locked up for her emails. #WTF?

From TC  “an Amazon customer was dinged $7,000 in shipping fees for three boxes of toilet paper delivered to her residence: “When this Georgia customer saw the charge on her credit card, her first words were ‘holy sh*t'”

(and Trump wants to RAISE Amazon’s shipping costs?”

Legging it out.

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Congratulations Justify on his Preakness win. Even if horse doesn’t win the Triple Crown he’ll now actually be a star with legitimate reason to have sex with females he just met.

Best line heard at Preakness – outside the Ladies room – “If women hadn’t had to have spent so much line waiting in bathroom lines, we’d be ruling the world by now.

Open note to all Brandon Belt haters. Do you prefer medium or well-done for your crow?

But is it somewhere in the rule book that every time #SFGiants pitchers walk the lead off batter that batter has to score?


Something like 10 percent of MLB players have a “therapeutic use exception” for Ritalin. While it may not help them hit home runs last I looked they don’t  shoot up schools either.

Sergio Romo made his second one-inning start in a row today.  Worked well. And had to be a lot less stressful for Rays fans than when SF Giants fans watched him pitch the 9th.

That #RoyalWedding was so much fun to watch, guessing some American men on the West Coast will regret not waking up in middle of night to see it. At least two or three of them

MLK quotes from a black preacher and “Stand By Me”sung by a black choir. Just like we always expected to see at a British Royal Wedding.

“And with this I’ll sit down, we gotta get y’all married.” If we didn’t love #BishopMichaelCurry already…


Does the queen sing “God save me?”#RoyalWedding

Maybe Mueller investigation will distract Trump from figuring out what revenge to try to enact on England for not inviting him to #RoyalWedding

Rain all weekend until today in DC. And such a tweet storm Sunday am from Trump.   Reminds all of us who’ve had young children what it’s like after a few days when they’d been cooped up indoors.

“I hereby demand”. Sounds like someone didn’t get enough timeouts when he was three.


I think with Trump and GOP leaders, we’ve largely answered the question “Are you a good witch. or a bad witch?” #Witchhunt

Must admit it was a really ingenious plot for Obama and Clinton to try to bring down Trump by colluding to lose the election and framing him for it. Even Agatha Christie wouldn’t have thought of this one.


Uh oh, today at Liberty University Jimmy Carter joked that his commencement address crowd was bigger than last year’s for Donald Trump. Now @realDonaldTrump has to come up with a nasty nickname for Jimmy too

So can we have another Royal Wedding next weekend tomorrow for distraction from what a clusterf*ck American politics has become?


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I really miss days when we could wake up and just be outraged over things like the umpires really screwing over #SFGiants the past two games.

As the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights move one win from the Stanley Cup finals, waiting for the first fan to say, we’ve been waiting eight whole months for this…


At what point do we start keeping flags at half staff for mass shootings? Asking for a country.

I’m so old that I remember when our fellow high school students died tragically it was either suicide or a car accident.

Same people saying we shouldn’t politicize #SantaFeHighSchool shooting would have been screaming loudly if latest killer were a Latino immigrant.

Some of the saddest words you will ever hear a US high school student say “I’ve always kind of felt it was going to happen here too.”
At this point, being TRULY “Pro-life” means voting in November.


A brave school “resource officer” was lucky enough to be right place at right time at Dixon High School. Parkland had an armed guard, Santa Fe had at least one guard (who was shot and injured.) More guns are NOT the answer.

So tired already of people saying “Well, the Texas school shooter had explosives too.” That’s right, he did. But they didn’t go off. Bombs are harder to use than guns. #GunReformNow


You can be convicted of negligent homicide or even murder if your dog kills someone. Can we at least hope they throw the book at Santa Fe High School killer’s father?

Texas suspect “said he originally intended to commit suicide, but told authorities he didn’t have the courage to take his own life.” I’m liberal but makes me think again, these attempted murder-suicides always happen in the wrong order.

So tired already of people saying “Well, the Texas school shooter had explosives too.” That’s right, he did. But they didn’t go off. Bombs are harder to use than guns. #GunReformNow

What the actual f*ck?   Texas Lt. Governor says shooting may have been caused by Texas schools having “too many entrances and too many exits.”

Three works. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.


Good people CAN disagree on abortion. But it would make me less livid if GOP and Trump while cutting Planned Parenthood funds would also increase programs like food stamps and other aid for poor women & children. #ProLifeMyAss


Trump backed John Cox for California governor today. Great news. For GavinNewsom