When they were good they were very very good….

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Give the Warriors credit,  after blowing a 31 point lead to the Clippers last night, they may have one of the highest-rated NBA playoff first round games ever tomorrow, as NBA fans tune in to see which Golden State team shows up.


Prosecutors say they are obligated under Florida law to release video of  Robert Kraft at Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Mean bitch karma took her time, but how perfect that Patriots finally are on other side of being unknowingly videotaped.

The woman reportedly “obsessed with Columbine” who triggered a manhunt which closed schools in Colorado, has been found dead.  Finally someone who finally did a murder-suicide in the right order.


Trump said in an interview he’ll go to a Redskins game this year.  And adds this about owner Dan Snyder: “And actually the owner is – he’s really a good guy. He’s been a supporter and he’s done a very good job. You have a good team.”

“A very good job… a good team”  Anyone still not believe Donald Trump has dementia?


Since he praised Dan Snyder as a great owner of Washington Redskins now waiting for Donald Trump to praise the  Nationals bullpen.


Facebook said that it “unintentionally uploaded” email contacts of 1.5 million new Facebook users since May 2016. And they wonder why I keep refusing to add my “phone number to improve your security.”

Trump basically now plans to restrict on non-family travel to Cuba.” Okay folks, this  means no more weekend cruises to Havana, along with no more rum and cigars. Even MAGAers may turn on Donald for this one.

Adam Schiff wants to prosecute “Individual #1.” Let’s make it a family affair, can we prosecute Ivanka and Jared too?

Now it’s Donald ranting- “How many times do they need to release different versions of this report?”
Uh, once, just release the full report already.

Got an idea. Instead of covering the Barr cover up, why don’t networks try to interview Robert Mueller tomorrow morning?


By the number?

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SF Giants hitters actually appeared to know what they were doing wearing #42. Are we sure they can’t honor Jackie Robinson for a whole month?

As embarrassed as San Jose Sharks may be if they exit in the first round against Vegas Golden Knights, at least they won’t be able to hold Tampa Bay Lightning’s beer.

Words no one would have expected a couple weeks ago  – after the Tampa Bay Lightning’s historic 62-16 season.  Well, at least sports fans in Tampa can console themselves with the Rays….


So are Red Sox trying to set a record this year for the worst World Series hangover of all time?

Roy Moore is now leading in polls for GOP Senate nomination in Alabama to run against Doug Jones.  What is state trying to do, make Florida look good?



So maybe solution to get Donald Trump to pay attention to Flint is to tell him an illegal immigrant attacked their water supply?

As people get apoplectic about Democratic Presidential front runners, may I respectfully point out it’s pretty hard to use past history in predicting what will happen after we elected a reality show host who didn’t even enter race until 2015.

Your reminder that if Mueller Report really exonerated Donald Trump he’d have already tweeted it out 280 characters at a time.


Re Trump statement on Notre Dame fire that U.S. will offer “assistance in the rehabilitation of this irreplaceable symbol of Western civilization.” Some assume that means $$$.. Thinking it means after his great firefighting advice Donald will also tell them how to rebuild the cathedral.

Understand that we haven’t all been to Paris. But for those who have, don’t we all have a Notre Dame story, or more than one? Here’s my first:
My husband and I, in our 20s, were in Paris, for the first time, using Pan Am points. It was June, our last dinner was at Left Bank bistro, Allard, recommended by a client. We ended up chatting with a single woman sitting next to us, and then, at her suggestion, having an “overpriced Kir” for a nightcap together by the Seine for her favorite view.
Do I remember what we talked about, no? Do I remember sitting outside for over an hour, and having a second kir, and that illuminated Notre Dame view being pure magic, yes. We all actually kept in touch for years by Christmas cards and letter.

Guessing Notre Dame figures in a lot of stories.

Nous Sommes Tous Parisiens

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(Easter, 2015.)

That moment that France has to take time out of a horrible day to remind the rest of the world that the President of the United States is a malicious idiot – “As French officials have said, water bombing might have collapsed the entire structure and was simply not an option.”



So leaving aside the nuclear codes guess someone needs to make sure if a major historical building in US burns that Trump is not allowed to give executive orders to firefighters.

As if Notre Dame Fire wasn’t depressing enough, now we’ve got conservative conspiracy theorists assuming it HAD to be deliberate, and Fox News headline using quotation marks “Notre Dame blaze being investigated as ‘accident.'”

That moment you read a Trump tweet and think it HAS to be “The Onion” – “if I were Boeing, I would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional great features, & REBRAND the plane with a new name.”
(What, like that very successful Trump Shuttle?”)

Look, Tiger Woods is one of the greatest athletes of our time.  And he’s been great for golf as a sport.  But a Presidential Medal of Freedom? Is Trump awarding it to him for his Masters’ win, or for being a fellow example of success and applause after repeatedly cheating on his wife?

Some Orthodox Jewish families in Brooklyn are suing New York City over being ordered to vaccinate their children for measles.
When their kids DO get sick, trust these families will also honor their religious beliefs by staying home and not going to doctors.


Wall Street Journal awarded Pulitzer for coverage of Michael Cohen’s hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels, NYTimes won reporting award for investigation into Trump’s tax claims. Maybe that’s why Trump is so cranky today.


Well, not only did most of the country go to sleep in second half of Warriors-Clippers game, so apparently did the Warriors.

Any other day the news would be calling that game a Golden State dumpster fire.

Tyger, tyger

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Apparently Tiger Woods’ win at the Masters was biggest loss for US sports book on a golfing event ever. On the other hand, they’ll probably make it back on all the people who’ll now bet Tiger at any odds for all tournaments until he retires.

Tiger Woods said he had to get up today at 4:00am due to the early Masters start time at 6:00am. But to be fair, isn’t wasn’t getting up at 4:00am the kind of thing 40 something men do anyway, to take care of “business?”

SF Giants lost today to Rockies, and only had one hit. But Giants had been no-today, at least Tiger Woods would have made sure it doesn’t even make the sports headlines.

How long until Donald Trump tweets that if he just had time to play golf he could have won The Masters?


Tonight the hoopla surrounding Game of Thrones is giving me some insight into my friends who have absolutely no interest in sports.

Nice commercial for the city of Denver tonight touting the city’s sunshine, views, food, cocktails, etc… They left out “and the excitement of wondering in April if your flight will be canceled due to a snowstorm.

Meanwhile, severe weather in Texas and other southern states has killed at least three people and destroyed many buildings this weekend. So how is Trump going to blame those states like he blamed California for fires.

Line of the night last night from SNL “You paid 500 grand for USC?

Meanwhile Marc Ragovin  opines “Charles Van Doren — the 1950’s quiz show genius who admitted to being given the answers in advance — has died. “Amateur,” said Lori Loughlin

Not sure Pete Buttigieg is ready to be President. But the man can speak. “They cared about whether my M-4 was locked and loaded, not whether I was going home to a girlfriend or a boyfriend.”


Maybe it’s just me but do wonder if food police have gone too far when you see “Gluten-free” on a plain chocolate bar.

April madness.

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1413 wins combined NBA regular season and playoffs.  Most ever.  Gregg Popovich is a helluva coach. That is all.

Four opening NBA playoff games today.  #1 seed Warriors won.   But #3 seeds 76ers and #2 seeds Raptors and Nuggets both lost.

And the NCAA seeding committee wasn’t even involved.


Philadelphia 76ers got their postseason off to an embarrassing start by being solidly beaten at home by Brooklyn Nets.
Toronto Raptors at home against Orlando Magic ‘Hold our Molson beer.”

After being with SF Giants for about a week, Kevin Pillar has only 1 fewer home run than Buster Posey did in 2018.

From Giants writer Alex Pavlovic on Kevin Pillar two days ago “The Giants do not have another player who has cleared 108 mph in exit velocity this season. Yep, the new guy has the three hardest-hit balls of the season. ”
Today Madbum hit one over 110 mph…. #WeDontNeedNoStinkinDH

If you think your job is tiring, remember Eric Kratz caught 265 pitches in last night’s 18 inning SF Giants win.

Luke Walton has agreed to become head coach in Sacramento next year. Who’d a thunk the Kings would be an upgrade over the Lakers?

Kevin Durant says he “sacrificed a lot of s—” when he joined Warriors in 2016. Right, two championships, only $54 million for two years plus endorsements. Tragic, really.

FDA recalling pre-cut melon products produced by Caito Foods due to potential salmonella, after CDC reported 93 reported illnesses & 23 hospitalizations in 9 states.
But hey, it’s just science. So own the libs, eat more of that pre-cut melon!

Wow, it really is a cult. On Twitter I complained that “Cadet Bone Spurs,” who dodged the draft, has no business making decisions for the military on things like transgender soldiers.

The response from a MAGAer – “Jesus Christ, it was 40 years ago. Move on.” Wonder if that’s true to them for everything else he did before becoming president.

Think it’s wrong to compare Trump on Twitter to a child recklessly playing with matches.
He’s an arsonist, gleefully throwing lit matches as fast as he can, hoping that some of them will cause infernos and explosions.

Tonight’s tweet storm was wild even by Trump standards. Did someone have a really bad day on the golf course? Sad.

Your lying eyes?

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Robert Kraft’s attorneys say videos of him paying for sex acts were shot illegally and an invasion of privacy. And 29 teams in NFL not named the Patriots are thinking “pass the popcorn.”

Apparently former Cavs coach Tyronn Lue is a “strong frontrunner” for the Lakers coaching job. Because Lebron getting him fired from one team wasn’t enough?

And look, I want this assistant coach to take over from Popovich. But Lakers could do worse for a new head coach than Becky Hammon.

(heck, hasn’t been a man who could coach Lebron, why not a woman?)


Wonder as at time of  write we head to 13th inning, how many parents decided they didn’t care if SF Giants won or lost, they just wanted to take their kids to fireworks night.

Delta Airlines says they are going to limit seat recline for all seats on many shorter flights. They say this is not a precursor to putting more rows of seats on those planes. Two words. Yeah. Right.

A Florida man is pleading guilty in college admissions bribery scandal after he was “paid $10,000 to secretly take entrance exams.” Jeez, if he’s that smart shouldn’t he be able to find a better paying real job?

A British comedian died on stage during his stand-up show. Talk about a joke that killed.

Sometimes people wonder how we as a country possibly could have elected Trump.
There was one team in Las Vegas that had more money bet on them this year to win the NBA finals than the Warriors.
That team was the Lakers.
Does this even need a punchline?

Is this the most white privilege story of the year? Lori Loughlin, now facing prison for paying $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into USC, ‘thinks any mom would have done the same.”

Got a proposed trade offer for Donald Trump – Sanctuary cities will take asylum-seeking immigants – So where can we dump Trump supporters?


She might not win. But this is what a President sounds like. I MISS having a President.
Amy Klobluchar on Twitter “Someone has already been charged with a serious threat on Congresswoman Omar’s life. The video the President chose to send out today will only incite more hate. You can disagree with her words—as I have done before—but this video is wrong. Enough.”

Early extremes.

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LA Dodgers scored 7 runs today and still lost 11-7. Their team ERA is nearly 5.
At this point Dodgers pitching vs. Giants hitting would be the “something’s got to give series.”

And as he hit a home run that turned out to be the game winner in a 1-0 game, who had this sentence on April 11, 2019  “Where would the SF Giants be without Kevin Pillar.”

Angel Hernandez suing MLB alleging he’s been blocked from promotions and officiating World Series due to Cuban heritage. Uh, not saying there’s no racism in baseball, but IMHO Hernandez is simply a really bad empire.


Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette was arrested today in Jacksonville and charged with “knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license.”
Gosh, if only NFL paid players enough for Lyft or Uber.

As we approach the postseason, realize there are people old enough to drink in US who have never lived through the NBA playoffs without the Spurs in them.

I do trust that all these anti-vaxxers who are triggering measles outbreaks across US aren’t wasting doctor and hospital time when their kids do get sick.


Is this the most white privilege story of the year? Lori Loughlin, now facing prison for paying $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into USC, ‘thinks any mom would have done the same.”

So if Trump  has very “clean” finances, why doesn’t he just issue an executive order for IRS to hurry up and finish his audit so he can release his taxes?

Does anyone think if Mueller Report really exonerated Donald Trump that he would have any scruples about releasing it completely; embarrassment to those cited be damned?


US trying to extradite Julian Assange. Does Donald Trump want to charge him or thank him?

Trump saying today “I know nothing about Wikileaks,” after saying repeatedly in October 2016 things like “I LOVE Wikileaks.”

To be fair, that’s that same pattern he’s used over the years with his wives.”