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Adam Schefter of ESPN reports 49ers will offer their coaching job to Kyle Shanahan after the Falcons’ season has ended. So guess Kyle has to decide if he’s already had enough of playoff pressure.

Actually, Jed York DOES know it was Kyle’s dad Mike who won those Super Bowls, right?



Redskins owner owner Dan Snyder attended a gala pre-inaugural dinner in DC, along  with Trump, Pence, and Kellyanne Conway.  And of course he’s happy, with Trump moving into the White House, Snyder is longer most hated man in town.

Lebron James said that the Cavs and Warriors aren’t rivals, just “two great teams that have aspirations.” Draymond Green disagrees ”
“Yeah, I think this is a rivalry.” Well, at least it’s nice to have an argument make any sort of headlines these days that isn’t political.


In Colorado, a 24-year old Maserati salesman died this weekend in a single-car crash shortly after posting video of himself Facebook Live video of himself driving one of the cars at 111 mph.
Guess he’s the front-runner for 2017’s most expensive Darwin?

Headline “McDonald’s just made a major change to the Big Mac.” Ok, who but me thought saw this and thought – “They’re adding meat?

A DC hair stylist has gone public after Marla Maples asked her to waive her fees to do her & Tiffany’s hair for the inaugural in exchange for “exposure on social media.” Marla’s contact wrote the stylist that she is “messing with the president of the United States, as Maples’ child-support is ending now that Tiffany is 22, and “She is used to a certain lifestyle and you don’t understand that.”
Tragic, really.

Gloria Allred held a press conference this morning with a woman who has accused Trump of sexual assault. And the alleged victim will be filing a lawsuit against the President-Elect.
Yep, you definitely see why Ringling Bros is shutting down. They really can’t compete.

#TrumpHistoryLecture Lincoln, overrated. I’d have freed the slaves without a war. And I’d have never wasted time with a silly play.

In an interview this weekend, President-elect Trump said that NATO was “obsolete.” And we thought as tourists in Europe we’ve been “ugly Americans before….

Sen. Patty Murray today asked Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos if she would commit to keeping funding for public schools intact.
Her response “I look forward, if confirmed, to talking about how we address the needs of all parents and all students.”
Although to be fair, based on 2016 election results, you could argue that U.S. public education isn’t working.

#BetsyDeVos‘s confirmation hearing performance didn’t do much to advance myth of superiority of a private school education.

Trump tweet today that “people are pouring into DC in record numbers.” Ah okay, so that’s why my travel agency computer shows all these hotel rooms available – some at normal reasonable prices.

The wrong choice?

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So at this point it’s a tight battle for least-wanted gig in USA: performer at Trump inaugural or coach for 49ers.

The Warriors destroyed Cavs tonight in their latest NBA preseason game.

Apparently Las Vegas sports books really took a bath on this weekend’s NFL playoff games. And most Americans feel about as sorry for them as they do for the Cowboys.

When Cubs showed up at White House, Obama tells them “it took you long enough, I’ve only got 4 days left.” #IamgoingtomissthisPresident


ESPN reports that in November, two bettors placed a $300 bet on Green Bay and planned to roll their bet over as long as the team kept winning… through the Super Bowl. Their ticket is now worth over $28,000 and will be worth over $76,000 if the Packers beat the Falcons. They then would bet the money on Green Bay against the AFC champion. Guess they figure the $76k wouldn’t be quite enough for them to afford Super Bowl tickets.

Now scalpers are apparently losing money on Inaugural tickets that they can’t sell. So will Trump spin this as making it more affordable?

Had Martin Luther King Jr. survived he’d be only 88 years old. Would Trump have attacked him on Twitter as “talk talk talk no action”? #MLKDAY

Just deleted lots of emails about #MLKDAY sales Thinking when #MLK said “I have a dream” he maybe wasn’t thinking about shoes half off?

With plagiarism charges mounting Monica Crowley steps down from Trump adminstration post Maybe still room on Melania’s speechwriting team?

It’s #TheBachelor time again. Ah, those innocent days when watching Americans make bad choices just involved a soon-to-be broken engagement.

Now scalpers are apparently losing money on Inaugural tickets that they can’t sell. So will Trump spin this as making it more affordable?

Credit where credit is due: Trump on Fox & Friends in 2014 , ‘Russia’s our biggest problem.”

For all those who have been complaining that Donald Trump is spending the last few days that he could be preparing to be Commander in Chief doing stupid stuff like attacking SNL, the President-Elect is moving on…. Now he’s found another network to attack:

“@CNN, of all places, is doing a Special Report on my daughter, Ivanka. Considering it is CNN, can’t imagine it will be great!”

But seriously,  while Trump is threatening to put tariffs on companies who move jobs out of the country, what about penalties on companies who, to increase profits, insist on hiring most employees at under-full time hours without benefits? If he REALLY wanted to MAGA….

And another serious thought:  Yes, MLK and Selma and the “I have a dream” speech were half a century ago. But when an African-American man gets beaten in Evanson, IL for breaking into his OWN car, and when the Voting Rights Act is being gutted across the country, and when 13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up 35-37% of inmates, well it’s kind of a stretch to say we are in a post-racial society.

Lesser evils

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Chicago Cubs going to White House Monday instead of usual WS champion mid-season visit. So, White Sox Obama fan vs Trump?. No contest.

There are no style points in field goal kicks. #Packers #MasonCrosby

Joe Buck  at one point today in today’s Green Bay Dallas game “and #Rodgers throws it away…. complete to Cobb.” Good to know Buck is as competent on football as he is on baseball.


The deflater vs the rapist. In #AFCChampionship can we root for an ice storm? #PITvsNE


All these imperfect AFC playoff teams & games really painful to watch for @Raiders fans who must wonder w/ Derek Carr what might have been.


Meanwhile #SF49ers interviewing Tom Cable. Those @49ers fans who’ve been saying “Cheer up, it could be worse” might be about to be proved right.

SF 49ers are considering Tom Cable as head coach. Yep, the same Tom Cable who was fired by Al Davis over domestic violence allegations, after Cable had broken his assistant coach’s jaw with a punch. Five words “Winning with class my ass.”

If #DallasCowboys really are America’s team this is not a good omen for #Inauguration week.

ESPN reported Ezekiel Elliott has received follow-up questions about his domestic violence case from July, and he is “still in the process of responding.” So there will be no resolution before the Super Bowl. I am shocked, said nobody paying attention to the NFL.

(actually wonder now with the Green Bay win if the process will suddenly miraculously speed up so any possible suspension would be over sooner in 2017.)


A Vermont University study of 16,000 people over 23 years found that regularly eating hotl peppers found to reduce the chance of dying by 13%

I’m gonna live forever!

The latest celebrity to back out of  Trump Inaugural is Andrea Bocelli. Guess he could finally see that performing was a bad idea?   #bustohell


Trump says his Obamacare replacement plan is “all but finished.” He’ll unveil it just as soon as he defeats ISIS & releases his tax returns.

Donald Trump  canceled MLK holiday visit to African American History museum. Maybe he just realized the museum honored than just MLK?

Trump tweet early Sunday am  “@NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!”
So good that the enormity of the oath he is about to take has Trump beginning to focus on the really important things:

Reince Priebus today stated of Walter Shaub, who has been criticizing Trump, that “the head of the government ethics ought to be careful, because that person is becoming extremely political.”

But maybe Shaub has ambitions of becoming director of the FBI?




From T.C.  “The field at Arrowhead Stadium looked good. Those rented Zambonis did a great job.”



Missed it by THAT much.

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Six of the first eight NFL playoff games in the books.  .Only Green Bay-Dallas, and Pittsburgh-Kansas City left.

And here’s the real burning question –  will either game be the first this postseason to be decided by less than two touchdowns?


So after that performance will Jed York and 49ers try to make a trade for Brock Osweiler? #HOUvsNE

Love rooting for old men in professional sports. Don’t love that 34 years old is considered old. #DevinHester #SEAvsATL

San Antonio Spurs played in Mexico City tonight. With all the foreign players on the team and what Popovich has said about Trump, good thing we don’t have the wall yet. The President- Elect might not let them back in.

#RinglingBros circus to close after 146 years. Because they couldn’t possibly compete with the daily circus in Washington?

Thinking right about now USA really really misses Walter Cronkite.

American Apparel is closing all its stores. “Sad, but what’s American Apparel?” said everyone over 30.

R.I.P. Dick Gautier, 85 ,Hymie the Robot, in “Get Smart.” Right about now we could use someone like him against KAOS. “People hate, robots love.”

Trump’s latest Twitter barrage was to attack Rep. John Lewis, who said he wasn’t an legitimate president. He said Lewis was “all talk talk talk, no action.”
Have news for the soon to be Tweeter-in-chief. “Bloody Sunday” doesn’t refer to something involving Megyn Kelly.

Jennifer Holliday , who won a Tony for Dreamgirls, has backed out performing at the inaugural, and apologized to the LGBT community, saying she does not support the President-Elect. Standby for Trump tweeting that the Tony’s are overrated.

New reports are that Donald Trump allegedly invited Miss Hungary to his hotel room after attending the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. Of course maybe this is shameless fake news attempt by Trump to curry favor with Bill Clinton.

Sen. James Inhofe defended Donald Trump’s comparison of leaking intelligence agencies to Nazi Germany. “Sure, those are his words. He has a sense of humor. Isn’t that strange?”

I think i liked “Springtime for Hitler.” better.

Donald Trump told the WSJ that he may lift Obama’s sanctions against Russia. And that he was open to meeting President Putin after he is inaugurated. Well, finally, some things where folks on both sides of the aisle believe him.



A long time out.

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver says he wants to reduce length of games. “People, particularly millennials, have increasingly short attention spans. So it’s something, as a business, we need to pay attention to.”
The average NBA game is under 2 1/2 hours. MLB, NFL and college football fans are just giggling.


Adam Silver says @NBA wants to shorten length of games to keep fan interest. Wouldn’t it make more sense to shorten length of season?



Anyone but me thinking that Friday the 13th was a lot less scary this January than Friday the 20th?


If someone had come up with a screenplay based on US politics over last year it would be been rejected as scary but too absurd.

In December, Paul Ryan told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that ““it will clearly take time” to come up with an ACA replacement “It’s not going to be replaced come next football season.”
Next season? Thinking that repealing Obamacare is going to be a lot like the 49ers firing Jim Harbaugh

Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter will be back with the team, and on the sidelines in Kansas City for the playoff game this weekend. Charges against him, which include assaulting a police officer outside a Pittsburgh bar last Sunday, have been dropped.
Well, good to see some equality before the law, as in the same rights for coaches as players?

Bill Littlejohn, on the Chargers planning to play their first two seasons at the 27,000-seat StubHub Center in Carson: “Won’t they be embarrassed by all those empty seats.”

(of course 27,000 looks like a big crowd at the end of most of the 2016 season’s 49er games.)


If our Founding Fathers had only thought to say “a well-regulated militia with good healthcare” in the 2nd amendment….

Now the #WSJ is calling for FBI Direct James Comey to resign. Well, yeah, what do you expect from such a liberal newspaper


Paul Anka has pulled out of performing at Trump’s inaugural. Did he get a better offer from #DWTS?

A company called “Don’s Johns” provides many porta-potties in DC. During the inaugural Trump administration will have company’s name taped over, which is getting more publicity than maybe just leaving things alone. Well, good thing for them there is no guy named Golden with a portable shower company.

With Ivanka & Jared Kushner moving to DC so nice to remember that many didn’t vote for Hillary because they didn’t like dynasty politics.

As we debate Obamacare, do people really not realize that pre-existing conditions didn’t just keep poor people from getting insurance, they kept millions of people who COULD pay from getting insurance. Young, old and middle-aged. But I guess that doesn’t matter, especially to those in Congress who have benefits for life.

In a BBC interview, Nicole Kidman said about Trump ‘So I just say, he’s now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever is the president because that’s what the country’s based on. Whatever, however, that happened, he’s there, and let’s go. For me, I’m very, very committed to women’s issues.”
She has a point, and I hope Trump is better than many of us fear.
But it’s a lot easier to make that statement when you have dual Australian citizenship.

In need of a recharge?

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The San Diego Chargers now are moving to Los Angeles. As if the city needs another NFL team not to care about.

Only person really happy about #Chargers move is Dan Snyder. Because Dean Spanos has just replaced him as most hated owner in NFL.


The Spurs tonight beat Lakers by 40. Last time that margin was March 1989, when LA beat San Antonio by 40.  1989.  Almost 30 years ago.  Was Tim Duncan off that night?

As more & more coaching and GM candidates sign with other teams is it time to change SF 49ers mascot to chopped liver?

Maybe Jed York is waiting to name himself @49ers coach?

Knicks have lost 9 of their last 10 games. It’s enough to make New Yorkers actually miss the Jets.

Amazon announced they will create 100,000 full-time jobs with benefits in the next year and a half in the US.
Of course, what Amazon didn’t announce is that their expansion will put about 200,000 retail brick-and-mortar employees out of work.

Small step of resistance – buy actual newspaper from time to time. This might be time when we need all free press we can get.

The SFPD says it will start apprehending “rule-breaking pedestrians and bicyclists as part of a Bike & Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operation.”
This might be one of the few things done in San Francisco that could get bipartisan agreement. #darwinwannabes.

Senate last night made a preliminary vote against #Obamacare for pre-existing conditions, young adults on parents’ plans, & birth control. Let them eat cake while dying?

Apparently those folders that Trump pointed at yesterday when he indicated he was putting his sons in control of his business may have been full of blank paper.
Sigh, never thought I’d miss “binders full of women.”

We’re going to miss #JoeBiden too.

Earlier today Russia Today suddenly replaced the regular C-SPAN programming. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.


In December, Paul Ryan told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that ““it will clearly take time” to come up with an ACA replacement “It’s not going to be replaced come next football season.”
Next season? Thinking that repealing Obamacare is going to be a lot like the 49ers firing Jim Harbaugh.

A new report this week shows 42% of California is now drought-free. Not all Californians know this yet, however, as they’ve been unable to read their soggy waterlogged newspapers..

Well, I guess targeted advertising has its limits – just got this email “Become a Trump Hotels Travel Specialist Today. ”

Here we go again. Full disclosure, I am a Cory Booker fan. But Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and already seeing Democrats washing their hands of Senator Booker because he voted against a prescription drug amendment. He says it’s because he and others were trying to get safety standards included and another amendment covering such standards fell through. We shall see. Early days. And not saying Cory is always right. Or perfect.

But come on folks, seriously. If Democrats refuse to consider supporting anyone who isn’t 100% pure by their standards, we are going to get Trump (or Pence) re-elected. #whenwillweeverlearn

Rolling over

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Cavaliers put up as much a fight against Trailblazers tonight as media did today against President-Elect in Trump Press Conference.

So apparently the Chargers are planning to move to Los Angeles. Sad for San Diego. But LA’s best chance for serious post-season football will still be the USC Trojans.



#LAChargers haven’t even started playing yet and already on their way to giving #Cowboys run for their money as America’s most hated team.

Just before last year’s Fiesta Bowl, Ezekiel Elliott was cited for three misdemeanor traffic charges in Ohio including driving with a suspended license after his car hit another vehicle, resulting in minor injuries to one passenger. This after several speeding tickets. And today no one was injured after he apparently ran into another car near Dallas.
Thinking just maybe the Cowboys might want to invest in a car and driver?

Former SF Giants closer Santiago Casilla is apparently nearing a deal with the Oakland As. Good for him. At least he won’t have to deal with any postseason pressure.

Taco Bell this month is rolling out their fried chicken taco nationwide – the taco shell is made out of fried chicken, then it’s filled with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and avocado ranch sauce.
So for all those fearing the end of the world, here’s one more option to decrease your chances of being around to see it.

Donald Trump on Twitter  today “Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA – NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!”

He’s going to break his keyboard hitting the “CapsLock” so hard:

Hell is freezing over: “Though we at Fox News cannot confirm CNN’s report, it is our observation that its correspondents followed journalistic standards Neither they, nor any other journalists, should be subjected to belittling and delegitimizing by the president-elect of the United States.”
Standing up for journalists in general? Or are the folks at Fox just worried that they will be the next as seen to be too liberal for Trump?

Unreal. From the sooner to be Tweeter-in-Chief : “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to “leak” into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?
Right, because the worst thing about living Nazi Germany was being accused of cavorting with prostitutes. Not to mention that he is complaining about a story involving showers.
Even the bus to hell breaks down on this one.

Would be truly Machiavellian to come up and leak an over-the-top faked story that could be easily disproved, and use that as an excuse to discredit ALL the rest of the bad stories, many of which are actually true. But can’t imagine that a President and his team would stoop so low…… #goldenshowers #sarcasm

A BBC correspondent now says there are “multiple intelligence sources” alleging Russia has potentially embarrassing or compromising material on Trump.
Standby for tweets comparing the “over-rated” BBC to Buzzfeed in 3.2.1…..


That moment when you realize #MarcoRubio is now the conscience of the GOP?!!

He’s comedy gold every day, but I’d rather be struggling to write pantsuits jokes. #TrumpPressConference