Raining cats and dogs.

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Ah, March, when you become irrationally happy over Houston Cougars win & you only picked them because you have a cat bracket

Although those who were crazy enough to do dog brackets have to be feeling pretty happy.  #UMBC  #Retrievers


Arizona loss last night was one of more embarrassing in recent #MarchMadness history. Virginia – “hold our beer.”

And many Virginians thought the most embarrassing thing that could happen to state was toppling of some of their Civil War heroes’ statues? #MarchMadness#UMBC #UVA

Should the Harlem Globetrotters be worried in their next game against Washington Generals?

The 1998 Stanford Women’s Basketball Team gladly gave up their crown of thorns tonight. #MarchMadness #Stanford #Harvard #UMBC #UVA

Meanwhile, as far as avoiding jokes and headlines, the Warriors picked a really good night to lose to the Sacramento Kings.

Over-under on number of  “Shocker” headlines?

Astros signed Jose Altuve to 5-year, $151 million extension. So Jose will be able to take his family to Disneyland. Even if he still isn’t tall enough to ride all the rides.


Trump fires McCabe about 24 hours before he is to collect full pension. Well this ought to get FBI even more on @POTUS side.

O.J. Simpson on Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee – he “made a mistake.” And @TheOnion is going, again, we give up.

With all these courageous young people marching and speaking out how long until GOP Congress raises the legal age required… to vote?

Donald Trump apparently tried to convince Vanessa not to leave his son. Because Jared was too busy mediating peace in the Mideast?

Jeff Flake says GOP might “might not be fit to lead… if we are going to cloister ourselves in the alternative truth of an erratic leader.” OK, could he actually start by voting against said “erratic leader” sometimes?

Trump fires McCabe about 24 hours before he is to collect full pension. Well this ought to get FBI even more on @POTUS side.

When @realDonaldTrump said he was going to “drain the swamp” he didn’t tell us he planned to refill it as a toxic waste dump.

Such a small thing in grand scheme of it all… but is it too much to ask for a US President  who knows basic grammar? “It would be great for the Republican Party of Nevada, and it’s unity….”

Just wondering, if @POTUS who could shoot someone in middle of 5th Ave and not lose supporters is so worried about Stormy Daniels, what the heck does she have on him?


And then there were 48

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This year, millions of Americans REALLY looking forward to few weeks of caring passionately about teams who we barely knew existed before. #MarchMadness #distraction


So apparently  Pac 12 really DID decide to take March Madness off.


For Pac 12 fans, is it worth mentioning that Stanford remains alive for an NIT championship? #MarchMadness


Cool thing about Loyola-Chicago upset today: At least Americans who picked Ramblers randomly can answer a question as to where school actually is located.

RIP longtime University of Texas coach Augie Garrido, 79.  One of best to coach amateur teams in history. Even counting Stengel with 1962 Mets.

So in the end will Sean Miller  be fired from Arizona because he didn’t pay players enough?

So if Trump admits he “made up facts”  with Justin Trudeau, what other world leaders has he made up facts with? Surely not BFF Putin?

Now Trump is firing McMaster. Do the surviving members of his administration get a rose?

RIP Tom Benson, 90, owner of New Orleans Saints.  He’d apparently been ill since February.  Let’s hope the ending of that playoff game with Vikings didn’t ultimately kill him.

Brand-new (and quickly installed)  pedestrian footbridge collapse is an awful story at Florida International University . No cause known yet. But good time to remember that not all “burdensome” regulations are excessive.

There’s a reason the 1st Amendment came before the 2nd Amendment.#NationalWalkoutDay #MarchForOurLives

So @RealDonaldTrump made up a story of a meeting w/ @JustinTrudeau in which he bragged about lying. And anyone seriously expects any other country to make deals with US?

Now it turns out Trump may have made up meeting where he said he lied to Trudeau. Time for a new hashtag – #ThatIsSoTrump

A second Trump lawyer is now battling to keep Stormy Daniels from talking. Uh, if it’s all lies, who cares what she says?

But seriously has Trump forgotten a cardinal rule.  Don’t screw with the people you’ve literally screwed.

Hey hey, NRA

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How many kids did you kill today?  (From a chant during #NationalStudentWalkout)

The kids are alright. And they are going to be voting.



Barack Obama has tweeted out his NCAA brackets. Donald Trump will not share his publicly but no doubt Sarah Huckabee Sanders will announce after tournament that he had a perfect score. #MarchMadness

You can now do the equivalent of “Quick Picks” for your NCAA brackets, ie randomly get one filled out, or a so-called “smart bracket.”  How lazy are we getting….

So did the Pac 12 make a joint pact to take the NCAA Tournament off?

So for younger generation will #ToysRUs now become like baby boomers’ gone-but-not-forgotten Sears Christmas catalog?

So is there a E-harmony equivalent for prisons? Maybe they can make a match between Elizabeth Holmes & Martin Shkreli?

Alex Jones is claiming Democrats won #PA18 by having dead people vote. So congrats to all those who had “less than 24 hours” in the pool.

All this talk of @ConorLambPA being a DINO.  First, he’s pro-choice, pro-union, pro-universal healthcare, anti Trump tax cuts, etc.   But that district is not Los Angeles, or even Philly.    Plus remember, even DINO’s & RINO’s tend to vote party when chips are down. “Moderates” in GOP are still doing Trump’s bidding.

Wonder why Trump didn’t appoint Larry Kudlow “drug czar?

Nikki Haley to UN “US believes Russia is responsible for attack on 2 people in UK using a military-grade nerve agent.”
Didn’t realize Haley also wanted to leave Trump administration… #exitstrategy

So is Melania texting Vanessa for advice tonight?


After Barack Obama was elected I remember going to see great Will Durst, and hearing him open a show with “Hi, I’m Will Durst, and I no longer have an act.”
How I miss the days when it was really hard to come up with political comedy.

Thinking today’s #NationalStudentWalkout might make GOP inclined to raise minimum age from 18. Not for buying a gun, but for voting.


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Anyone have their brackets busted yet? #UCLA

One of these years the New Orleans Saints will start the season with a new QB. But barring injury it won’t be 2018!


Drew Brees turned down much larger guaranteed offers to resign with Saints. Nice to know that it’s not ALL about $$$. Though guessing Drew can still feed his family on $25 mill even if 2nd year not guaranteed.


Well, at least odds are good they’ll be raising an #NIT banner at a #PAC12 school this year.#MarchMadness

Happy about #PA18. But is it just me or does Conor Lamb look like he is about 12 years old? #BlueWave2018

So wonder who Trump will fire tomorrow to distract from #PA18 tonight?

Whatever happens in #PA18, a very big lesson from today is that EVERY. VOTE. COUNTS.

Breaking up with someone via Twitter is pretty universally acknowledged to be a cowardly and immature thing to do. Donald  Trump just fired Tillerson by tweet.

If Rex Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron” while he was working for him, imagine what he’ll call Trump now that he’s been fired?

Trump tweet announcing Tillerson firing & new appts ends “Congratulations to all.”
Really not loving this season of Presidential Apprentice.

Trump said without his proposed wall, people will move out of California “soon.” And many Californians are going “Promise? We need lower housing prices.”

Really miss days when you could get on a plane, turn off internet for a few hours and not realize your first thought upon landing will probably be “WTF did he do now?

There was more Democratic condemnation of Bill Clinton over a blow job than there is GOP condemnation of Donald Trump over a porn star, unqualified appointees, graft, Russia…

A report in the UK Daily Mail says that a family of 3 has a “1-in-17,500 chance of sitting together on a Ryanair flight unless they pay extra.”
And then of course there is a 100% chance that in those 17,499 other instances they will whine and ask other passengers to give up their good seats for the family’s middle seats.

Keeping score

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At this point Trump Resignation-Firing Bingo might be distracting many Americans from their NCAA March Madness pools.

Dolphins going to release #NdamukongSuh  Ouch, that will really stomp on his eg

Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement in the US. EVERYONE hated TBS  selection show.

A very simple question for @realDonaldTrump: If #StormyDaniels is #FakeNews then what does it matter if she goes on 60 Minutes or any other show?


I get East Coast bias for TV and ratings. But now in @NBA any team over 500 in the East is in playoffs for sure, while teams 10 games over in West might sit home. #WTF?

Serena Williams, 18 months after having a daughter, plus having blood clots on her lungs & a hematoma after the birth, playing into 3rd round of tournament at Indian Wells. #weakersexmyass


So of course with less than a month left in NBA season, everyone predicted #Warriors & #Cavs would be sitting at #2 and #3 seeds.

TBS  changed  Selection Sunday format, presumably for ratings. What’s next, choosing field then announcing they’re replacing a team with a runner-up? #AftertheFinalRose

USC and Notre Dame among the top snubs for #MarchMadness Setting up a possible #NIT final between 2 of schools Americans most love to hate?#Ratings

GOP House Intel Committee ends Russia probe – “no collusion.” Guessing that blackjack dealers also would have ended a probe of gambling in Casablanca.

Worst thing about this administration is not the ignorance, it is that for Trump, ignorance is a badge of honor.

Tom Rooney, like Mueller, is a Republican. Just sayin’.#HouseIntelligenceCommittee

Pelosi on GOP end of Russia-Trump probe : They’ve “abandoned their oath” to protect the American people.  Maybe not. If you consider American people just means “older white men.”

GOP official Instagram account for Women’s History Month noted women @realDonaldTrump has “appointed to high-ranking positions”, including Melania Trump & Karen Pence. Why stop there? Certainly Trump has done wonders for Stormy Daniels’ career.

As we remembered to put our clocks forward this weekend, can we all resolve to try to put our country forward in November? Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Did I mention we need to remember to vote?


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Heading to March Madness,   64 down to 1.  And besides the possible Trump administration resignations, there’s a basketball tournament going on.

Martin Shkreli apparently cried & pleaded with the judge for leniency at his sentencing. “I feel so sorry for him” said absolutely, positively nobody.


Anyone else think it would be nice if many Americans were as upset about Trump’s various misdeeds as they were about Arie dumping Becca?


Richard Sherman to the 49ers. Well, San Francisco may not make the playoffs next year. But they sure got a lot more quotable.

I dream of a day again when Gregg Popovich can look at POTUS and decide to stick to coaching. #GoSpursGo

#WhenTrumpMeetsKim For all those who would have liked #WhenHarryMetSally if potential nuclear war was at stake.

Average VA (Veterans Affairs) psychologist makes under $100,000 a year. So we could hire about 300 more of them for the cost of Trump’s one-day ego-trip parade.

Suppose that as a distraction from Stormy Daniels story Trump saying he will meet Kim Jong Un is better than starting a nuclear war.

Trump congratulating himself on “deal with North Korea… very much in the making & will be, if completed, a very good one for the World. Time & place to be determined.” Right after he releases his tax returns?

What visions I have seen. Methought I was enamored of an ass.” Who knew Shakespeare possibly presaged some disillusioned Trump voters?

NRA files lawsuit over Florida gun control law raising age to 21 saying it violates 2nd amendment. Uh, except 2nd amendment applies only to landowning white men.


Canadian study found employees who attacked voodoo dolls when upset at bosses were happier than those those who bottled in their sense of injustice. If only someone at White House was “woke” enough to order voodoo dolls.

Smoke and mirrors.

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Spurs might not even make 2018 playoffs but w/ what  Gregg Popovich has left in terms of players have to figure if he were British he’d be knighted for this coaching performance.#GoSpursGo

Nothing against Curry but after the Western Conference finals with Zaza and Kawhi in 2017,  just maybe mean bitch karma has decided that Chris Paul should have a ring this year.


A 19 year old  Australian rugby player was at least temporarily paralyzed after he ate a poisonous garden slug on a dare. If only he had stuck to Tide Pods.

Lamont Smith resigned as men’s basketball coach at Univ. of San Diego after being arrested for alleged domestic violence against his mistress at a team hotel. On top of everything else, shouldn’t men know by now, when you have everything to lose, be nice to your lover. Even if they aren’t a porn star.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay Waiting for the GOP rebuttal.

Trump coming to California next week for a fundraiser & to look at prototypes for his wall. Can we practice by building a wall to keep him out?

Now POTUS is apparently annoyed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  We’re going to need a bigger card for Trump Resignation Bingo.

So@POTUS and Kim Jong Un have agreed (for now) to meet in person. If only the meeting was between Korean leader and someone a bit more rational – like Dennis Rodman.


Kim Jong Un and Trump to meet “by May.” Think either of them think “May” might be a porn star?

So the real question, who will play Kim Jong Un on SNL this May?

AZ Sen. Jeff Flake threatening to introduce legislation against Trump tariffs. So after all the angry talk over racism, lies, accusing opponents of treason, who knew Flake’s red line would be tariffs? #Priorities


#ToyRUs has announced they are liquidating. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!


Now rumors are that Trump’s NDA with Stormy Daniels includes “paternity information.” We are going to have a national wide popcorn shortage