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Lamar Odom has written about his drug struggles & nearly dying for Players’ Tribune. Title summed-up in four words? – Don’t date a Kardashian.

After seeing the CTC study, Ravens OL & MIT doctoral student, John Urschel, 26, abruptly retired. Guess this time it is rocket science.

Forty-three years ago today House Judiciary Committee recommended  Richard Nixon be impeached. Just saying. ?

Remember those days when journalists were gleefully speculating about all the discord in Obama White House?

Those of us who are parents of adult children thought we were over the days of waking up at 3am to watch a baby crying. @realDonaldTrump

Have to wonder with the Scaramucci Priebus circus if Sean Spicer isn’t sitting on his couch watching TV and smiling.

Another example of why you read rules before accepting job; “The financial disclosure form, which is publicly available upon request…” #Scaramucci

Senate GOP will vote on a bill tonight that they are writing today. Who knew healthcare could be so uncomplicated? #WTF


If you’re young attractive-in-a-smarmy-way Italian-American comic struggling to make ends meet, Saturday Night Live has a job for you. #Scaramucci

McConnell reportedly trying to assure GOP in Senate “skinny repeal” will not become law. Uh, easiest way to assure that – don’t vote for it.


Because we all sign big money contracts every day where the terms are spelled out as “We’ll get back to you.” #WTF #FreedomBill


Another WTF moment. The case that the Trump is using to overturn protections for the LGBT community is an incident involving a sky diving instructor who, to make her feel more comfortable, told a woman he would be strapped to on a tandem dive that he was gay, The woman’s husband complained and got him fired. Uh, wouldn’t a jealous jerk be HAPPIER with a gay instructor?
Or was he worried the guy would turn his wife into a lesbian?

Tweet stormed

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If someone is willing to put their life on line to protect this country, I don’t f*cking care what bathroom they use. That is all.

Pretty sure that if you talked to generals lot of them would say transgender people cause a lot less disruption in military than Trump.

Has Trump decided he really hates transgender people? Or is ban just collateral damage to distract from Trumpcare bill?.


Wonder who has more regrets about now – Caitlyn Jenner or Jeff Sessions?


Reading about how many millions are spent on Viagra – pretty clear we should think about restricting heterosexuals in the military.

Among senators disagreeing with Trump on transgender people is Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa. What do you expect from a liberal woman who knows nothing about the military. Oh, wait… never mind

For all the doom and gloom and retail closings See’s Candies is actually opening over 200 stores.   Because internet is powerful but nothing beats good chocolate with free samples.

Lyft and Taco Bell have deal where riders can request a fast foot stop on their ride. Pilot program starts in LA Shouldn’t it be Denver?

#Pac12 will shorten halftime at football games from 20 to 15 minutes. All part of conference grand plan to get games under 4 hours?

A woman apparently died after a “domestic dispute” on a Seattle to Alaska cruise. The Emerald Princess docked in Juneau, passengers were required to stay on board, and the ship had to cancel a Tracy Arm Flord scenic cruise. Not sure what the suspect will be charged with, but for the amount of money people pay for a July Alaska cruise guessing a poll of passengers would say death penalty for missing the fjord.

Trump wants to make healthcare industry more like..airline industry?  Think we’ve finally found magic bullet for bipartisan opposition to Trumpcare   #WTF?


Falcons WR Julio Jones has hired a dive team in a so far unsuccessful effort to find a $100,000 plus diamond earring he lost in a lake while jet-skiing. Uh, here’s a suggestion, next time spend a lot less money and hire someone to watch your stuff while you’re in the water. (Or leave the bling home


The stands at Levi’s Stadium late into the match tonight were just like a 49ers game. But with people.

Well, fans at Levi’s Stadium got to see the home team win at least once in 2017.


Wonder how many people cheering the US victory in the Gold Cup 2017 could actually explain what the Gold Cup is? USA USA USA!

Sean Spicer is apparently being courted by Dancing With The Stars. #DWTS. Makes sense, he had 6 months experience Dancing With The Truth.

8,000 people attended Trump’s rally last night in Ohio. 8,000?! There are more people in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the Browns down by 3 touchdowns.

Ivanka is the latest Trump to hire counsel over Russia probe. If you’re a GOP lawyer in DC without work you might need to consider new profession.

So #Cocacola is using the cover of outrage over healthcare & Trump’s transgender ban to reformulate #CokeZero? It’s an outrage.

Embarrassment of riches?

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SF Giants got 11 runs for Madison Bumgarner tonight. In his previous 6 starts they had a total of 12.  Welcome to the 2017 season.

Tonight Madbum got his first win… and his first hit.

Apparently the Red Sox  haven’t yet been soured on SF Giants third basemen.


Open note to Red Sox fans.  SF Giants fans know Eduardo Nunez is good player, nice guy… but get your beer ready when he’s on the bases.

John Lackey hit 4 White Sox batters today in a game at Wrigley Field. He does know Cubs are playing SFGiants & Hunter Stickland in 2 weeks?

Lebron James has been publicly very anti-Trump, but he must be at least a little happy-Trumpcare circus is distracting us from @Cavs circus.

Phoenix backup PG Brandon Knight tore his ACL & will miss entire 2017-18 season. On brighter, note, chances go up for Suns getting #1 pick.

In Topeka, Kansas, 17 people have been displaced from their homes after a woman started trying to kill bugs by setting them on fire with her lighter. Unfortunately the fire spread to her mattress and eventually to the entire apartment. Your move, Florida.

Between her “no” vote and her “hot mic”, Susan Collins has now become Democrats and Independents’ favorite Republican.

Apparently when Trump said he would create jobs he really meant he would do it by firing most of the people he first hired.

If anyone is seriously thinking about leaving their current secure job to work for Trump they should remember two words: Jeff Sessions.

Scaramucci “You’re either going to stop leaking, or you’re going to get fired.” So when is Trump going to fire himself?

Turns out the biggest cojones in the GOP Senate belong to two women senators. @lisamurkowski @SenatorCollins

Amendment we need on Trumpcare is simply a requirement all members of Congress personally live (or die) with whatever bill they come up with.

With one vote today John McCain could have gone a long way towards forgiveness for giving us Sarah Palin.

Wonder if McCain’s doctor approved of him getting on a plane so soon after surgery? At least he has a doctor to consult.

I will believe @SenJohnMcCain today only if he holds out to vote for a bill that gives all Americans the healthcare he himself receives.

Less than 6 months after being confirmed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is “taking a little time off.” But, you know, HIllary’s stamina.

Expected lots of nasty things would be said about AG Jeff Sessions. Did not expect they would be said by man who hired him.

Trump “time will tell” if he fires #Sessions. Translation, if I can find someone who will give up their life for 6-month gig in White House.

Ann Coulter said the immigrants who died in that trailer in San Antonio “would still be alive” if we had a wall. Because trucks can’t drive through walls?#WTF?


Now Trump is just taunting us – “With exception of the late, great Abe Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any Pres.that’s ever held this office” #WTF?



Btw, I was a Girl Guide in Canada.    They used to have the same oath as the Boy Scouts (Girl Guides were also founded by Baden-Powell, unlike Girl Scouts.)   Anyway,  it was changed most recently in 2010.  Just guessing Trump would not approve.

Then  “I promise, on my honour, to do my best:
To do my duty to God, the Queen, and my country,
To help other people at all times,
And to obey the Guide Law.”

Now  “I promise to do my best,
To be true to myself, my beliefs, and Canada.
I will take action for a better world
And respect the Guiding Law.”

Children and other living things.

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In Mississippi, Jaheim Oatis, who is 6’4″, 286-lbs, and going into 8th grade, has received scholarship offers from Alabama, Ole Miss and Mississippi State.
Of course, this is Mississippi. We know his grade, but not how old he is.

Clayton Kershaw will be out 4-6 weeks with a back injury. Maybe during that time the SF Giants can climb to only 25 games back?

SF Giants have come up with so many interesting ways to lose games it defies description. But many of them seem to come from the Ruben Rivera school of baserunning.

(for the mercifully uninitiated, who are still curious

At this point wouldn’t it be simpler to list the  2017 Dallas Cowboys who haven’t been arrested?


Noted on website when purchasing Economy Plus (extra legroom) seats. “United reserves the right to remove passengers from economy plus seats for any reason.” They do say a refund will be automatically processed if this happens.
Scratch another airline off Ann Coulter’s list.

A Delta flight was delayed today after a pilot and flight attendant got into a major argument, culminating in the pilot reportedly calling her “a piece of sh*t.”
This would never have happened with United, they’d have charged passengers an entertainment charge.

Trump & GOP screaming conspiracy on Russia allegations- uh, if Dems could work this elaborate a scheme against President, they’d have been smart enough to win.

Jared Kushner -didn’t read email chain, late to meeting he didn’t know what was about, left early… Glad Mid-East diplomacy isn’t so complicated.

That moment when you realize Jeff Sessions isn’t crazy enough for Donald Trump….

In fairness to #BoyScouts cheering today, maybe for merit badge in “Disabilities Awareness” they must visit a seriously mentally ill person.

If any other 71 yr-old man gave speech like Trump is giving to #BoyScouts his children would have him immediately taken in for observation.

I’m just trying to imagine GOP reaction if President Hillary Clinton had given a speech like today’s to the Girl Scouts?

So that part of the Boy Scout oath “To help other people at all times..” doesn’t include “helping them stay alive with healthcare?” #WTF?

What could possibly be so big Trump would make himself a laughing stock in front of #BoyScouts for distraction. I don’t know…. healthcare?

Or maybe the plan is for Trump to fire Sessions and appoint Jared as AG so he can pardon everyone?


Trump may become 1st President in 168 years without a pet.  Not sure about dogs, but has anyone ever met ANY cat who would put up with him?

Trump in a  pre-Boy Scout speech today “For the past 17 years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc…” It’s all part of his plan to blame Hillary & Obama for 9-11?’

Happy #NationalTequilaDay. But really, since Trump’s inaugural, for many Americans hasn’t EVERY day been National Tequila Day?

More than 7,000 US Catholic nuns have signed an anti-Trumpcare letter to Senators – “The BCRA would be the most harmful legislation for American families in our lifetimes, and it goes against our Catholic faith teaching. To cut Medicaid and take healthcare from millions of people is not a pro-life stance.”
But hey, what do nuns know about being pro-life?

The best of lies, the worst of lies.

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Wonder how many, especially on the West Coast,  who saw Speith’s three shot lead after the third round at the British Open, (aka #TheOpen)  slept in, saw his eventual win by 3, & figured, “didn’t miss much?”

Jordan Spieth on the back nine Sunday made sure that Trump’s tweetstorm yesterday no longer the craziest hour of the weekend.


Kershaw and Strasburg both left games after 2 innings w/ apparent injuries.  Longshot World Series bets on Astros looking better & better.

Will miss Eduardo Nunez when he is almost certainly traded by SFGiants. Won’t miss the brain cramps on the bases.

(today’s effort,  for the mercifully uninitiated, getting thrown out at third base with two outs after a Belt fly ball was dropped for an error in the outfield.)

Jerry Jones, who has always backed Ezekiel Elliott, says there is “absolutely nothing” in the police report on the Cowboys star RB that shows domestic violence.
And who would ever doubt Jones on the subject of his players’ behavior?

Jamaica upset Mexico 1-0 to advance into Gold Cup final against USA Wed. night. Shocking many sports fans – “Jamaica has a soccer team?”

Remember those innocent days when worst embarrassment we could imagine a US president getting into with his phone was Bill Clinton sexting?

Trump continues to tweet his ire on “witch hunts.”   Is he trying to drown out chants coming from his White House –  Double, double toil & trouble…

Kellyanne Conway on Trump & voter fraud, wiretaps, etc. “He doesn’t think he’s lying about those issues.” She had me at “he doesn’t think.”

At the end of a long interview, Anthony Scaramucci said there’s only one thing he’s asking of now Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders. “Sarah, if you’re watching I love the hair and makeup person that we had on Friday, so I’d like to continue to use the hair and makeup person.”
Anyone still doubting why Mooch became a Trump favorite?

Just wondered, as far as Republicans who were “carried over the line on my back,” would Trump like to name them? Even one?


Trump has announced he will stay at his Bedminster, NJ golf course Aug 3-20th. While little GOP people have to stay in DC & fix healthcare.

As the crow pies

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Tim Flannery on SF Giants postgame about Pablo Sandoval “There are two kinds of players in baseball. Those who are humble and those who will become humbled.

On other hand, SF Giants  are undefeated in the 2nd Pablo Sandoval era.

In Fresno, a Starbucks customer, 58, saved the day by fighting with a 30 year old would-be-robber and stabbing him with his own knife. A grateful Starbucks thought of offering the hero coffee for life but figured a $1 million reward would be cheaper.

RIP John Heard.   Beginning to think there is no such thing EVER as minor back surgery.

Remember when cartoonish on Saturday morning referred to animated shows for kids, not the President of the United States’ tweets?

Bestherbs Coffee LLC has issued a voluntary recall for their New Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee, after the FDA confirmed it contains demethyl carbodenafil, a ingredient similar to Viagra. Customers can return bags for a refund. Or sell them for triple the price on Ebay.

One of those Saturday night’s after a week where we really wish didn’t take summer hiatus.

New WH communications director Scaramucci deleting past anti-Trump tweets for  “full transparency.”  To quote Inigo Montoya “I don’t think that means what you think it means.


The GOP and Dems announced agreement Saturday on a Russia sanctions package over US election meddling and Ukraine/Syria meddling. So how long until Trump tries to outlaw Congress?

Actually seriously wonder, does Trump realize “pardon”  as in “complete power to pardon” means he would be pardoning people convicted of crimes?

Kelli Ward, who ran against McCain in the GOP primary this year, and may run against Senator Jeff Flake in next year’s primary, with Trump support, is a medical doctor.

She now says McCain should step down after his cancer diagnosis, and of course she’s happy to be appointed to his seat.

And we thought Ben Carson was hurting the image of doctors in this country.

-t Ohio GOP state dinner, VP Pence on Gov. Kasich
“John and I occasionally have differences of opinion There’s one thing we can all agree on. Ohio is a great state, and John Kasich has done a great job as governor of the state of Ohio.”
Translation, when Kasich primaries Trump in 2020, Pence hopes he’ll consider keeping him somehow on board.

Cutting edge

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Pro Football Hall of Fame  says that O.J. Simpson’s standing invitation to Canton ceremonies still on.   Asked if he will attend wonder if the Juice responded  “I’ll take a stab at it?”

Ole Miss lost a commitment from a top CB prospect today after football coach Hugh Freeze resigned. Did the kid back out because he thinks the program will be in shambles? Or because he’s not getting his promised “entertainment?”

SF Giants had #GameOfThrones night at AT&T Park. Well, with team on pace to lose 100 games not bad idea to remind fans “Winter is coming.”

Kyrie Irving reportedly has only 4 teams he wants to be traded to & 1 of them is #Knicks. Has anyone checked Irving for concussions? #Cavs

Wizards & John Wall have agreed to 4-year, $170 million extension.  With that much money involved and given current Washington situation are we sure Russia isn’t in on deal?

Trump will ban US citizens from traveling to North Korea. Uh, oh, did anyone tell Dennis Rodman?

Got to admit there’s a certain symmetry in applying for 70 foreign worker visas at Mar-a-Lago while tweeting about #MadeInAmericaWeek


Okay, how do we start a petition to get @NBCSNL to invite #SeanSpicerhimself to appear on the fall season opener?

Last week several packages of frozen pork fell from the sky and landed on and next to a Florida house. Seriously. Did Spicer privately say he’d resign only when pigs fly?

So guess the answer to “how low can you go?” in Sean Spicer’s case turns out to be Anthony Scaramucci.

Very confused, when is Trump going to hire Galileo and Bismillah? #Scaramucci

At Trump White House folks are going to have to take numbers and get in lines for their exit interviews.

For all those tired of “Trump Insult Bingo” maybe we need to start playing “Trump Resignation Bingo.” Thinking about dibs on Reince Priebus

Somewhere @melissamccarthy is thinking “Damn, now I have to work on my Sarah Huckabee Sanders imitation.”

Chris Christie signed a bill to raise the smoking age in New Jersey to 21. “My mother died from the effects of smoking, and no one should lose their life due to any addictive substance.”
So where’s Christie’s effort to regulate fast food?

Lyft is opening a Palo Alto office to develop self-driving cars. Makes some sense, on top of everything else the city is a great place to teach cars how to avoid pedestrians and bicyclists with death wishes.


Trump to Time Magazine “I’m so stable you wouldn’t believe it.” Well, he’s half right.

#JaredKushner “inadvertently omitted” 70+ assets worth over $10 million in disclosure reports. But hey, I’m sure that the IRS would be OK with most of us if we did that.


With the $10 million plus in assets Kushner “inadvertently omitted,” was simply channeling Steve Martin -“I forgot? @nbcsnl

Flipping through a list of healthcare items possibly allowed with with Flexible Spending Accounts- condoms and Viagra are covered, tampons are not. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

GOP knows one of their best Senators only has a chance to survive a terrible cancer because he has great insurance….and they’re still voting to strip others. #noshame