Base medals?

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Now turns out Rio Olympic medals are “falling to pieces.” Should make everyone feel real comfortable now living in former Olympic housing

Tim Tebow hit his third home run of the year for the single-A Columbia Fireflies. A real shame he can’t hit against the Mets bullpen.

Isaiah Thomas was out for game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals.  Maybe Lebron decided to even things out by not playing either?

I’m sure what’s left of the Spurs would appreciate Durant doing the same thing tomorrow in game 4.


In Zimbabwe, a big game hunter leading a safari was killed when an elephant he was hunting was shot and fell on top of him.  Mean bitch karma for a nice little win.


They’ve announced a sequel will be made to the original “Mamma Mia” movie with the original cast, including Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan,  Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth etc.

This news will thrill women, gays, and about 5 straight men.

Wondering why Trump voters won’t get upset w/ him not using phrase “radical Islamic terrorism? Maybe because Fox won’t tell them he didn’t.

Anyone have any doubt what Donald Trump would have had said had he lost election and HillaryClinton signed arms deal w  Saudi Arabia.

Saudis are used to ruling families. So maybe they figure having Ivanka and Jared as surrogates makes sense. #TrumpinSaudi

Ivanka Trump praised Saudis for progress on women’s rights. That’s like praising Kardashians for progress in educational television.

Now Trump wants to gut the budget of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. While Sessions wants to lock all drug users up for the maximum sentences allowed. Never thought I’d miss “compassionate conservatism.”

Trump canceled a public appearance today on foreign trip because he was too tired. Anyone got a picture of him fainting into a motorcade?


Serious post about Democratic politics: Does anyone think Donald Trump was most Republicans’ first choice?
Whatever they thought of him, many in the GOP figured, correctly, that he would if President try to advance their agenda. So they held their noses and voted.
Meanwhile, I’ve already heard Democrats talking about 2020 and candidates they won’t support because of some perceived failed litmus lest. #Thisisthewaytolose

A horse is a horse…

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Just for comparison, Cloud Computing’s winning Preakness time of 1.55.98 would’ve only put him behind Secretariat by about 14-15 lengths.  (1.53 in 1973.)

Unhappiest people who didn’t bet on Always Dreaming?  Advertisers who bought TV time during the Belmont Stakes.

Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas is out for remainder of post-season.  Sad for Boston fans but at least it’s only one game.

Cavs beat Celtics 130-86 before Lebron found out he isn’t a finalist for NBA MVP. Now what happens in game 4  now that James has a chip on his shoulder?


3 players out including Spurs MVP. If NBA coaching was about choosing up sides w/ random players Gregg Popovich would win every time.


Russia reportedly bragging about the Flynn connection helping them make inroads with Trump, Trump reportedly saying that firing Comey “eased great pressure…” Some wannabe novelists are thinking if they submitted some of these plot elements their manuscript would be immediately refused as unrealistic.

Trump will nominate Callista Gingrich as US ambassador to the Vatican. Because nothing says revering Catholic values and the sanctity of marriage like being a 3rd wife who started dating her husband when he was married to his 2nd.

Not sure about Trump voters but folks who really have to feel ripped off bought TV ad time for 4th quarters of #Cavs #Celtics games.

White House official denies report their lawyers researching impeachment procedures. Makes sense, as if Trump would research anything ever.


John Burton, stepping down as California Democratic Party chair, ends speech in his inimitable style. “All together now, F*ck Donald Trump.”.

So with Trump’s first foreign visit being to the Saudis wonder if his staff  warned him not to ask to meet Lawrence of Arabia?

There are so many things more worth worrying about, but this tweet is still worth sharing “Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted.We have enuf enemies
— (@realDonaldTrump) January 29, 2015”
Do you think anyone ever told Trump the internet is forever?



Open note to my fellow Democrats. It’s not ever a call to unity when unity means “do it my way and we’ll all be fine.”

Money for nothing

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Tom Brady has signed a deal with Aston Martin to endorse a car that starts at $211,995 . Will the slogan be “If you spend over $200,000 on a car, you really should be checked for concussions?”

A high school sports literature class got out of their final exam when a student got Aaron Rodgers to retweet him.  And a lot of high school and college football players are going “what’s a ‘class’ and ‘final exam?”

On a #bustohell note about Times Square, did anyone really think a serious terrorist would have used a Honda Accord?


If Comey was disgusted by a “Trump hug” how do men think all those women who have been grabbed etc for years feel?


Comey to testify publicly before Senatel committee. No doubt it will be shown live on  all major networks except Fox,  which probably will do a show recapping the allegations on Hillary’s emails.

Trump called Comey a “Nut job” That ought to make him even more popular with the FBI.  #WTF?

Apparently everyone’s trying very hard to keep President happy on his 1st foreign tour. So will they put “Trump” signs on all the hotels?.


So should we start a pool on which country @realDonaldTrump will insult most on his World tour?

Jeb Bush on Trump “When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president.” Did he follow the statement with “Please clap?”

Does this craziness w/ Trump make others glad they didn’t accept VP role, or sorry they didn’t take chance to be appointed President?

So now Russia probe has reached “a significant person of interest” who is “close to the President.” Well that lets out Melania & Tiffany.

Ah, for those more innocent days when “He went to Jared” was just a stupid jewelry commercial. #Russia #PersonOfInterest

Once again, Trump is reminding us – never trust a man who doesn’t like animals and had never had a pet.

Utah GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who was chair of the House Oversight Committee that will investigated Trump’s firing FBI Director Comey, said today that he will resign from Congress in June, citing a “mid-life crisis.”
Right. and then will Chaffetz join the speaking circuit on the subject of personal responsibility?


TC, on Goodyear putting their logo on Cavs uniforms next year. “So who will be featured on the blimp, Snoopy or Charles Barkley?”

The odds are good but the odds are odd?

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No joke, there’s actually a “Bachelorette Fantasy League” on ESPN. And if you are already signed up, you just might be in need of a life.

United Airlines has purchased naming rights to the LA Memorial Coliseum for $75 million. Makes sense, rooting for USC is a real drag.

Freddie Freeman, NL home-run leader, was hit by pitch and has fractured left wrist, will be out 2 months plus. Braves coming to AT&T Park next weekend, so SF Giants fans won’t get a chance to see him. Giants pitchers may not mind too much.

Steve Kerr just followed Popovich in slamming Trump. Lebron campaigned w/ Hillary. “Failing NBA” tweets in 3.2.1…. #spurs #warriors #cavs



Blue Jays OF Kevin Pillar was upset that Jason Motte struck him out on a quick pitch, so he yelled an anti-gay slur at the Braves reliever. At this point Pillar should be suspended for a combination of inappropriate language AND stupidity.

Trump may stop Sean Spicer’s daily press briefings. Can we start a GoFundMe campaign to have Melissa McCarthy do one in his place? @NBCSNL


If Trump really believes it’s a “witch hunt” perhaps he could do the test of jumping in Potomac to see if he sinks or not?

“Biggest witch hunt in history” said man who for years was chasing a debunked birth certificate rumor.

How long until Americans can legitimately be diagnosed with CTFS – Chronic Trump Fatigue Syndrome?

A 42 year old man died yesterday after falling over a railing onto his head after a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Sad. I suppose no need to include in the story that alcohol may have been involved.

Suppose if I’m dead I won’t care. But it’s really sad that if I end up killed by a car driven by a legal resident of the US who is drunk or too old to drive, it would be a one-day story. Whereas if it was a Muslim or illegal immigrant I’d be a posthumous poster child.

After  Times Square car crash today good to see Donald  Trump immediately demand more mental health $$ for vets. Oh, wait, never mind.

Suspect in Times Square crash has at least  3 prior arrests, and possible “psychological problems.” Just the kind of guy whose rights the House was thinking about protecting when they overturned Obama gun law. #ifonlyhewasarmed

Trump lies, Pence apparently lied about Flynn, Ryan could be complicit. This could be turning into real-life version of Designated Survivor.

“If you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” Waiting for Roger Ailes blank page obituaries.

Bill O’Reilly says of Roger Ailes that “hatred killed him.” Sexual harassment on other hand, is probably good for women’s health. #WTF?

Really makes you feel old not just when music legend dies, but when you didn’t know his music AND he was younger than you. #ChrisCornell


If Trump REALLY thought Dems would be ok w/  Joe Lieberman as FBI director that’s actually scarier than if he wants Joe just to p*ss them off


From Marc Ragovin,  “There is a movement brewing in New York to impeach the Mets bullpen.”

Comparison shopping

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Tony Dungy compared Colin Kaepernick’s situation to what happened with Michael Vick after his release from prison, and Joe Mixon’s draft day fall.
Right, because kneeling on the sideline is as egregious to NFL coaches as killing dogs and hitting women? #WTF?


The way Lebron & Cavs are playing no one from Cleveland needed even to try to trip Isaiah Thomas.

Lonzo Ball may refuse to work out for the Celtics, so set is he on playing for the Lakers. Even though the difference on a guaranteed rookie contract between the 1st and 2nd pick is over $2 million. Guess dad will have to up the price of those shoes.

Mark Cuban says he would “love it” if LaVar Ball appeared on “Shark Tank.” Many Americans at this point would be equally happy if Lavar went into a shark tank. A real one.

There’s a report that Moses Malone Jr. is suing James Harden, alleging that the Rockets’ star paid people to assault and rob Malone because he was upset about a Facebook post.
Crazy.  But reminds us of those not-so-distant days when the most insane stories were on the entertainment and sports pages?

LaVar Ball said today now that if Nike, Under Armour or Adidas want to make a deal w/ him and his Big Baller Brand now,he has raised the asking price to $3 billion. You almost wonder if the guy is trying to prove he has enough ego to work in the Trump administration.

John McCain was asked if he is ruling out any chance of impeachment. And he answered, apparently with a smile “The thought has not crossed my mind.”
Would have loved to see McCain asked if he likes Presidents who don’t get impeached.

Trump leaves Friday, along w/ much of his inner circle, for his 1st foreign trip. Any way while he’s gone we can change White House locks?

Google is launching “Google for Jobs,” a search feature for job seekers that will pull together job postings from all over the internet. Maybe they can beta-test it for staffers now in the White House?

So at this point Melania’s got to be wondering if she can get her deposit back on Barron’s DC area private school for 2017-18.

John Kasich on Trump – “I hate to say I told you so …” Au contraire, I am pretty sure the Ohio governor LOVES to say “I told you so.”


Amazing to think that Mike Pence, who wasn’t even favored to win re-election in Indiana, could end up President of the US.  What a country.

Trump has the ability to fire new special prosecutor #RobertMueller Too soon to start a pool on when he will?

Putin “I have transcript of talks between Trump & Russia foreign ministers.” Doesn’t Vlad have transcripts of all WH talks?


Many turned on Obama quickly when he couldn’t accomplish everything they wanted. And Trump supporters still back him. #WTF?

This is NOT my joke, a friend found it on Reddit by “Raevix.” But worth sharing: In answer to the question “Why will Congress never impeach Trump?”
“Republicans always insist on carrying a baby to full term.”

Are we confused yet?

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Trump says he has an “absolute right” to release the information his spokespeople say he didn’t release.


DC residents of mixed minds on Turkish president #Erdoğan‘s thugs beating up protestors outside the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in Washington.   Half were appalled. Half want them signed by Redskins.

American Airlines is changing their upgrade priority to give more weight, not just to your frequent flier status, but to how much you have actually spent in the last 12 months, followed by how much you spent on the flight you are trying to upgrade.
In other words, the less you need a free upgrade, the more likely you are to get one.

Really? On a Bigelow teabag packet -“Tea is a gluten-free beverage.” What’s next, the same message on a bottle of water?

Now Ann Coulter may be turning against Trump. Who knew Coulter had cojones? Oh wait, never mind.


This just in, taking notes has been banned in the White House. #ComeyMemo

I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go, he’s a good guy.” If President does it it’s not meddling. #WTF?

Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife in talks to become WH press sec. And we thought Trump’s relationship w/ Marla Maples was awkward.

Trump doesn’t want White House leakers.  He must be thrilled Kimberly Guilfoyle talking about being Press Sec. while Spicer still has job.

Talking about becoming  Press Secretary while Sean Spicer still has the job is like a  mistress talking about her potential wedding to married man. Hmm, maybe I see the attraction.

So as Trump heads to Jerusalem, appears info he had an “absolute right” to leak came from Israel. And you think visiting in-laws is awkward.

And with the Donald Trump road show commencing this weekend Mideast and Europe get their first ringside view of the USA’s biggest circus.


So NY Times reporting that President told Comey he “should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information.” Can’t imagine how some people consider Trump a wannabe authoritarian dictator.

Don’t look now, but there are already two teams in MLB with worse records than the SF Giants.  San Francisco is on a 5 game win streak, only 7 games away from .500.


As a Spurs fan even before game 2, I get it, the Warriors have more firepower and were deserved favorites to win this series.
But for all those talk radio and other types slamming the Spurs for collapsing in game 1 and then whining… right. I am sure if Golden State had already lost Curry and then suddenly lost Durant for the game on a controversial play involving a Spurs reserve, I am sure they would have played through it and shaken off the incident as “just basketball.”

(for what it’s worth, I think Tom Tolbert, who is a Warriors fan, has it right. The play wasn’t dirty but it was reckless.  If someone does that foot move and no one gets hurt call it a foul, maybe a flagrant 1.  If someone gets hurt, Flagrant 2 and ejection.  That way he thinks players will figure out more careful footwork.)

Flying the flag

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Lots of fans in blue in bleachers tonight at #ATTPark. Can’t be real #Dodgers fans though, they were there in first inning. SFGiants

The Dodgers fan group actually brought a large LA banner they’ve been displaying out in center-field. Seems to have inspired Giants offense.

Don’t recognize this 2017 SF Giants team lately. Many of them including Bochy have been actually smiling.

#A‘s put out an upper-deck seat deal $19.99 for all games in a MONTH.    If #SFGiants hadn’t started playing better they might’ve have had to pay more.

Lane Kiffin offered a scholarship to Kaden Martin, son of USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin. Kaden is 13 years old. Shocking. Nick Saban didn’t get to him first?

Some controversy this morning because Kris Jenner posted a Mother’s Day picture of her entire family but included her late husband Robert and air-brushed or deleted Bruce-Caitlyn out. Ah for the days that the Kardashians were the most outrageous regular stories on social media.

Next year @Cavs will have a Goodyear logo on their uniform. So over-under on when #NBA uniforms will start looking like #NASCAR?

Can argue whether or not the  Zaza play that took out Leonard was dirty, and whther or not if Spurs would win even 1 more game regardless, but to hear that Warriors would have made up that  23 point mid-third quarter deficit even with  Kawhi in the game?  WTF?

Have to figure a lot of folks hope @Spurs win at least a couple games vs @Warriors just to hear Popovich keep talking about Trump.

Some complaining that ABC canceled TimAllen’s comedy “Last Man Standing” not because of the show’s ratings drop last season, but because Tim Allen is a Republican.
Uh, does ANYONE in this country seriously think the networks these days would cancel ANY show with good ratings? #followthemoney

“At long last have you left no sense of decency? Guess we know the answer to that question for some in GOP:
Idaho Sen. James Risch, defending Trump on alleged leak of highly classified information to Russia :”The minute the President speaks about it to someone, he has the ability to declassify anything at any time without any process.”

The latest Trump-Russia story on leaking intelligence almost makes the Valerie Plame story seem quaint.

Hackers reportedly are claiming access to an unreleased Disney movie and are promising to release it in sections if they don’t get paid ransom. Might have been more lucrative had they first hacked “King Arthur – Legend of the Sword” and tried to get Warner Bros to pay them to destroy it.

At what point does FBI or U.S. intelligence set a canary trap for Trump?

Right about now figure Trump really has to be tempted to shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue. He’s gotten away with everything else.

When do GOP’s in House decide “enough is enough” & respond to latest Trump-Russia story by opening new investigation into Hillary’s emails?