Not in Tournament.

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Random sports thought: So are we going to get to see Stanford play Duke in the this year’s NIT?

Okay, I still think they shouldn’t play NBA All-Star game, but this is the only good story I’ve heard about it. Joel Embiid is donating in the $100,000 he makes in ASG money to homeless shelters

If you’re a Republican who’s mad that Democrats just passed the American Rescue Plan you COULD send your stimulus check back. Just saying.

Stayed up late, got up early, in time to see the vote, and to see Chuck Schumer, after GOP scurried back to their lairs, invoke cloture on Merrick Garland’s Attorney General nomination while Republicans had left in exhaustion after their #votearama stunt?

Same sort of thing happened with Ron Johnson when he skipped out early and Dems shut off debate.

The anti-education party is slow learners.

All the GOP Senators saying we couldn’t afford the COVID-19 bill giving $1.9 trillion to various needy Americans…. Anyone got video of a single one of them claiming we couldn’t afford an over $2 trillion tax cut for millionaires and billionaires?

Not sure about watching Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Sunday. But I love the idea of the interview getting better ratings than any interview done by the #FormerGuy

Since Republicans all went home after the COVID-19 and let Schumer invoke cloture on Merrick Garland, now being greedy and thinking – gosh, what if Dems had waited until GOP left the chamber and quietly passed the John Lewis Voting rights act?

What I really love about Schumer invoking cloture on Garland’s nomination: Dems had JUST done this to Sen. Johnson to stop his delays when Ron wasn’t there at 2am. You’d think one of these GOP a**holes would have stayed after vote just to guard against being played again.

Was thinking about 3a last night this was a heckuva remake of “They Shoot Horses, Don’t they?”

And wrote this in the wee hour “Now official sunrise time, 633a in DC. Even on the West Coast, it’s time to pass out for a few hours. In 2022, Americans should remember. Democrats stayed up all night to get you COVID-19 relief. Republicans stayed up all night trying to block it. Vote accordingly.’

Garth Brooks sang Amazing Grace at the inaugural. Last night he should have sung this for Democrats. “Ain’t going down ’til the sun comes up Ain’t givin’ in ’til they get enough.” Hope all Democratic Senators are sleeping soundly tonight.

Sleepless in DC – the sequel

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It’s Friday night while we’re still in the middle of a pandemic that is still costing over 10,000 American lives every week.

Still looking for a good reason why NBA is having a meaningless All-Star game this weekend.

Other than the obviou$$$$.

Animal rights activists shut down Berkeley, California, Golden Gate Fields vaccine site Thursday resulting in the cancellation of 200 appointments

Protesting horse deaths by potentially causing human deaths…. Sigh. Proving that no party or political affiliation has a monopoly on stupid.

Been a long time, but I do remember middle of the night feedings. And figure anyone up with a crying baby at 3a can appreciate this Voterama. Although babies at least are up in the middle of the night for a good reason. Unlike GOP senators.

The Former Guy got a fence up around the White House during a peaceful BLM protest last June faster than he got the National Guard to the Capitol on January 6.

Fox News CEO Lachian Murdoch at a Morgan Stanley conference says the network will now serve as the “loyal opposition” to Joe Biden. Because they can’t be State TV anymore?

Noting the trending hashtag #RonJohnsonResign on Twitter. Uh, folks, he’s NEVER going to resign. Wisconsin voters can, however, vote him out in about 20 months. But who’s counting?

Thursday’s GOP outrage is Joe Biden calling his old friend Nancy Pelosi, Nance?!! He should have been Presidential and called the Speaker by her by the Former Guy’s name “Crazy Nancy?”

I’m hyper-sensitive to misogyny, but Krysten Sinema isn’t being attacked for flashy thumbs down gesture on minimum wage because she’s female. She’s being attacked because there was no cause for it. John McCain saved healthcare for millions of Americans. THAT was cause for a flashy gesture.

The QAnon Shaman, the guy who refused non organic food in jail, is going to be on CBS News’ 60 Minutes this weekend. What’s next, an endorsement contract with Whole Foods?

Tired of Manchin having so much power? Primarying him w/ more liberal Democrat will give Joe’s seat to the GOP. But if we elect more Democrats in places like Wisconsin or N. Carolina, Florida, or even Louisiana (paging @LouisianaGov?) then no one vote will matter so much.

Some GOP senators apparently nodding off during this latest edition of late night Voterama. Must be difficult. Don’t vampires usually sleep upside down hanging from the ceiling?

Seriously, can we make a rule if a Senator requests any bill be read out loud as a delay tactic, that Senator must do the reading of the bill him or herself? Or at the least be required to remain in the chamber listening without a cellphone?

Colin Kahl, Joe Biden’s nominee to become a top Pentagon policy official today apologized to Republican senators for using “sometimes disrespectful” language in tweets. Since Kahl’s a white guy he’ll probably survive and be confirmed.

GOP now wants to pretend they love Dr. Seuss. But as proud Democrat, this line was so true in 2020 w/ the election. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” We cared. It got better. We need to keep caring, a whole awful lot.

Finally, I LOVE this sign .

Go Fourth?

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Better COVID-19 numbers in California might mean MLB teams could have limited attendance. Los Angeles, for example, could sell 11,200 seats to Dodger Stadium at 20% capacity.

So all Dodger game crowds will look like game crowds in the first or last three innings.

Q-Anon grasping at straws and now claiming Trump will be re-inaugurated on March 4, which was inaugural day until 1933.

Please, no one tell them that this weekend is known as “March Madness Selection Sunday.”

Does anyone think Republicans ever read Dr. Seuss to their children? Some days I wonder if Republicans ever read, period.

On with Rachel Maddow, Amy Klobuchar tells how Maj. Gen Walker said he wanted to get National Guard on Jan 6 there as quickly as possible,” but Pentagon claimed they didn’t want to send them and rile up protesters.

Uh, because until then the insurrectionists were breaking into Capitol for a “festive picnic”?

Rachel Maddow was also talking about how Elaine Chao was trying to bring family members running the family business with her on her official government business. Very “Former Presidential” of her.

Meanwhile, Senator Klobuchar today also talked with CNN’s Dana Bash about weapons the insurrectionists had on January 6 , and went down the list of weapons – baseball bats, flag poles, bear spray, chemical irritants, stun guns…. Sounds “jovial, friendly and festive” to me. #Sarcasm

CNN’s Brianna Keilar on the Republicans losing elections and trying to change the rules of the game. “I’m very familiar with this, because I have a four-year old. But that’s not how Candyland works, it’s not how Chutes and Ladders works, it’s not how democracy works.”

Pretty sure new DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg won’t be using his position to benefit his family shipping business. First, Pete seems pretty honorable. Second, his family doesn’t HAVE a shipping business.

Not one Democrat on Judiciary Committee took part in committee vote for Amy Coney Barrett, And after Graham sent nomination to full Senate, McConnell rammed lifetime #SCOTUS appointment through. So why can’t Schumer just ignore Tom Cotton & call for vote on Merrick Garland?

Wait – heard Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Moscow.) was going to demand all 600 pages of COVID relief bill be read out loud to delay. But he’s going to make Senate CLERK do it? The a**hole can’t even be bothered to have Senate members of his own party do the 10 hours of dirty work.

President Joe Biden calls out COVIDiot GOP Governors “the last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking that everything’s fine, take off your masks…”

Although this might not be fair. Recent studies indicate Neanderthals were caring and compassionate.

So Republicans are trying to stop most no-excuse absentee voting – the weekend after 13 GOP House members voted by proxy on COVID-19 relief bill using the critical excuse that they were at the CPAC hate conference?

Target, Macy’s and other businesses are pushing back against Texas’s removal of a mask mandate, saying they will require them for all customers. Well, if COVIDiots boycott these businesses, it will at least make them safer and more pleasant environments for everyone else.

Blue Blue Devils?

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For those of us who miss when sports controversies dominated the headlines…. just wait. On Sunday Duke will be on the NCAA men’s tournament bubble.

Regarding TX & MS Governors lifting mask mandates: Yes, vaccines mean we might be within sight of the COVID finish line. But your reminder, Dale Earnhardt died on the final turn of the Daytona 500’s last lap.

TX Gov Greg Abbot just rescinded state mask mandate and says ALL businesses can open 100% And I thought I couldn’t miss Molly Ivins more than I did. But her quote so applies now. “I think of Texas as the laboratory for bad government.”

If you believe in science and live in Texas, please continue to wear a mask. Let Greg Abbott’s insanity just cull his own herd.

WTF? Texas has a positivity rate on COVID-19 testing of over 13%? In California, Santa Clara County just went to a less restrictive red tier with 2.4% positivity. But we’re keeping rules and our mask mandate.

Just discovered the most charming fact: Newly confirmed WH Economic Council Chair Cecilia Rouse’s mother-in-law was Toni Morrison.

As a Stanford grad, every time I see Josh Hawley I feel desperate need to recite in my head names like Cory Booker, Joaquin & Julian Castro, Ron Wyden, Tina Smith, Rachel Maddow, Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff etc… I.E. Fellow Stanford grads who make me proud instead of embarrassed.

So Kayleigh McEnany is joining Fox as a contributor. Well, at least now she won’t have to pretend she’s not lying to the American people.

Merck will assist rival Johnson & Johnson with vaccine production. So even corporate America gets that we need to work together to help our country in a crisis. Your turn, GOP.

Josh Hawley actually voted to confirm Cecelia Rouse. Did someone bet him he couldn’t vote to confirm any one?

Must have missed it. While Fox News and conservatives are whining about canceling Dr. Seuss, no one is quoting The Lorax. “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.”

As a proud Democrat, watching Adam Kinzinger makes me nostalgic for the days when we could disagree with Republicans over policy…as opposed to the basic concept of voting and democracy.

As a Stanford grad, every time I see Josh Hawley I feel desperate need to recite in my head names like Cory Booker, Joaquin & Julian Castro, Ron Wyden, Tina Smith, Rachel Maddow, Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff etc… I.E. Fellow Stanford grads who make me proud instead of embarrassed.

Bubble bubble?

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The NIT men’s basketball tournament is downsizing in 2021 from 32 to 16 teams. Okay, which school will be the first ever to complain about being on the wrong side of the bubble?

Ex-football coach Tommy Tuberville didn’t know 3 branches of government, or that inauguration day must be Jan 20 because of 20th Amendment to Constitution. Today he gave his maiden speech in Senate & talked about need for better education. Funeral services for irony are pending.

The University of Alabama is planning full capacity for home football games in 2021 – their stadium capacity is 100,077. Also Alabama per NY Times “has among lowest state vaccination rates in the country, with 13% of people receiving one shot.” What could possibly go wrong?

Georgia’s new HB531, a voter suppression bill, would prohibit giving food/drink to voters waiting in line. So the “pro-life’ party is okay with people passing out from hunger or thirst? Got it.

33 Republicans voted against Miguel Cardona as Biden’s education secretary. Were they somehow worried he wouldn’t do enough to protect children from grizzly bears?

If your plan to “Make America Great Again” means keeping most Americans from voting, then your idea of “We the people” hasn’t really evolved from “We the white male landowners.”

CNN online headline “Smartphone addiction ruins sleep, study says, but you can fight back.” Posted “12:17 AM ET, Tue March 2, 2021” Uh, fight back by not reading CNN at 12:17am?

CNN showing pictures of UPS truck full of Johnson and Johnson vaccine arriving at Louisville Airport for shipment. Feels kind of like Christmas.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to jail for corruption. Well, America inspired France for a revolution. Maybe they can inspire us for what to do with a former President.

Mike Pompeo says it’s a “badge of honor” that New York Times called him “worst Secretary of State in history.” Got news for him. When NY Times, who would both sides a mobius strip, calls you worst “Secretary of State in history,” you ARE the worst Secretary of State in History.”

Could someone put a microphone in front of Josh Hawley and ask if there is a single Democrat or Independent he would vote to confirm if Joe Biden nominated her or him for anything?

Josh Hawley defended opposition to every single Biden Cabinet nominee: ‘I take them one at a time’ Which is exactly how some alcoholics describe each single drink.

If Democrats introduced a resolution praising kitten videos, Cruz and Hawley would vote against it.

Fox News: “Third woman accuses Cuomo of unwanted sexual advances as scandal grows.” Also Fox News for last 4+ years “All 26 women who have accused Donald of sexual assault are lying.”

Missing madness.

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It’s now March 1.

A year ago today the March Madness we were all expected was going to involve college basketball.

Now in the NBA it’s the Toronto Raptors with several players in COVID-19 protocols. And the Houston Rockets, who played them Sunday at risk. But sure, let’s play a meaningless NBA All-Star game next weekend.

For Sunday’s final round of WGC-Workday Championship, several players showed up wearing red shirt & black pants in honor of Tiger Woods. To really honor Tiger they should talk about wearing seatbelts – a seatbelt saved his life. And also wearing masks -they save lives too.

U.S. border agents seized 277 pounds of banned bologna at the Mexican border last week. Can we say they acted as a spam filter?

SD Governor Kristi Noem “I don’t know if you agree but, Fauci is wrong a lot!’ 1,886 South Dakotans would disagree if they were still alive to do so. Also as of last week South Dakota ranked second in the US for cases per capita with 12,609 per 100,000.

Am I the only one who feels somehow comforted to watch even Senators at hearings and award winners on the Golden Globes make mistakes using Zoom?

Great line from Amy Poehler at Golden Globes – basically that we spend now five hours binge watching a TV show, but we complain if a movie lasts more than two hours.

On Golden Globes night, aren’t we all glad that Presidential Apprentice was canceled after its first season?

If you didn’t already love Sasha Baron Cohen, his callout of Rudy Giuliani tonight in accepting the Golden Globe for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is well worth finding on Youtube or wherever.

Ted Cruz abandoning his state while Texans were dying and then making Cancun jokes is as if Ted Kennedy joked about offering to drive people home..

Marco Rubio dropped out of CPAC and canceled his speech at the last minute, citing an “unexpected family issue.” Did someone in his family threaten not to speak to him again if he took part?

You know how bad the #FormerGuy‘s speech must have been when Fox News is leading with allegations against Governor Cuomo.

Whatever happens now, at least we don’t to hear all those people whining anymore that Andrew Cuomo should have run for President.

The real reason GOP is against the American Rescue plan: It’s popular and will make Democrats look good.

Democrats are trying to pass a COVID relief bill that 76% of Americans support. Republicans are trying to make sure the other 24% are the only Americans that can vote.

Trading places at the kids’ table?

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Rumors that Russell Wilson is interested in being traded to the Saints. Could make sense for New Orleans.. Wilson is used to the role of being a community leader. And the Saints receivers are all used to an offense including “look for something thrown by a ‘short’ guy.”

Today former Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold her 49% share of the WNBA Atlanta Dream to an investment group including a former Dream player. Leaving aside how much I love saying “Former Senator” Loeffler, have to wonder why she wanted to own a WNBA team in the first place?

FDA says Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID-19 is safe and effective – so for millions of Americans, a whole new wonderful spin on “No More Tears.”

Ted Cruz actually tweeted “The Republican Party is not the party of the country clubs, it’s the party of hardworking, blue-collar men and women.” So where is Ted staying in Orlando. At the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons?

So would media pay more attention to President Biden flying to Houston today to express support for storm-ravaged Texas if Joe had Air Force One touch down in Cancun on the way home?

I know there’s a “Do Not Fly” list. Out of consideration for other guests, could Ritz Carlton put Ted Cruz on a “Do Not Stay” list?

Turns out Justin Trudeau will be on Meet the Press Sunday. Anyone got a strategy where we can listen to and watch the Canadian PM without while muting and not seeing Chuck Todd?

So the next time Republicans try to convince you they are the party of the working class, remember that ALL GOP House reps voted against the COVID-19 relief bill.

Not paying nonstop attention to CPAC. Has anyone yet told the Former Guy he should “stay home and knit”?

Maybe we’re being too harsh on Kimberly Guilfoyle. Maybe she’s just demonstrating how to raise money for Republicans… one dollar at a time.

Although CPAC this weekend was moved from Maryland due to COVID restrictions to Orlando, Florida. Makes sense – convention is a combination of the Haunted Mansion meets Fantasy Lane.

Oops, I did it again…

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Didn’t hit send on last night’s post:

The NCAA said that once the men’s basketball March Madness tournaments begins, it will not allow replacement teams in case of withdrawals. So will Vegas bookies allow bets on COVID?

A man who stole a Porsche from a dealership in Redwood City, California, then was caught after a police chase is pleading guilty by reason of insanity. Wait, he stole a Porsche? Wouldn’t an insanity defense work better if he’d stolen a Chevy Spark?

Apparently temporary Capitol fencing after January 6 is costing $2 million a week to maintain. Can we as taxpayers send the bill to the #FormerGuy

Liz Cheney is one of the most conservative women in Congress. But now many Republicans are condemning her for attacks on Donald. Wonder how long until Liz’s dad, the former VP, extends an olive branch by offering to take some of these clowns hunting?

How long until Dan Quayle weighs in on Mr. and Mrs. Potatoe Head?

Kamala Harris attacked Joe Biden to his face and he made her Vice President. GOP can’t handle some mean tweets. I don’t ever want to hear anyone call Democrats snowflakes ever again.

Got it. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is going to vote against Neera Tandan. And in the spirit of being against name-calling he says he regrets YESTERDAY referring to Deb Haaland as “a neo-socialist, left-of-Lenin whack job.” Satire is dead.

Maybe Neera Tanden’s real crime was having her tweets be witty and accurate enough that the people she threw shade at noticed?

Marjorie Taylor Greene actually says “I’m fine with being kicked off my committees, because it would be a waste of my time. So what does she actually think her job is?

Found quote from John Boehner about Ted Cruz when the former House Speaker was speaking at Stanford in 2016 – “I have Democrat friends & Republican friends. I get along w/ almost everyone, but I ‘ve never worked w/ a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.” Seemed appropriate today.

So with the Senate adjourned until Monday afternoon, where is Ted Cruz going to jet off to for the weekend and leave his dog home alone this time?

Although serious question, with all Biden’s nominations still to be confirmed -why is the Senate adjourned until Monday afternoon?

Jennifer Granholm today confirmed as Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary.

Secretary Granholm was born in Vancouver.

So Canada, thank you. I guess this kind of offsets Ted Cruz.

Rachel Maddow says that minimum wage is more popular with Americans than “videos of kittens riding rumbas.” Okay, can we pass the minimum wage increase if everyone with a kitten and a Twitter account gets a free rumba?

So let’s do a stand-alone minimum wage bill. This won’t let members of the Senate, who’s median net worth is about $1 million, hide behind the cost to taxpayers.

So if Senate Democrats bring minimum wage back as a stand-alone bill, let Republicans have their filibuster. But make them do an actual filibuster. The optics of millionaires talking for hours or days against raising minimum wage from $7.25 an hour seem to me to be must-see TV.

Mitch McConnell would have endorsed Timothy McVeigh as the GOP nominee for President if it meant getting more right-wing judges confirmed.

Brett Kavanaugh’s lifetime SCOTUS nomination was confirmed despite credible allegations of sexual assault?

And Neera Tanden’s nomination for OMB director could be derailed because she sent adults some mean tweets?

My friends, THAT is white male privilege.

Not that jazze.

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So how thrilled is the NBA ratings machine going to be if the Western Conference Champions turn out to be the Utah Jazz?

Hoping Tiger Woods makes a full recovery. But as this is his third car incident in 12 years, when he does recover, perhaps the company he should partner with for an endorsement is Lyft. (or Uber?)

The Washington Football Team has announced they won’t have a new name until 2022. Which is okay, we got a new name in 2021 on the important place in DC – the White House.

Katharine McPhee, 36, and her husband David Foster, 71, have had a baby boy. I see a great endorsement opportunity for father-son diapers.

Still livid about Capitol Police Officer Carneysha Mendoza’s chemical burns. Can you imagine how livid Senate GOP would be if someone from Women’s March or BLM had so much as spilled hot coffee and burned a Capitol Police Officer?

An FBI warning about a “war on Congress” was sent to DC and Capitol police in an email Jan 5, the night before the Jan 6 insurrection.

Let me put this in travel agent terms. If airline has a major schedule change months in advance, you send an email (& follow up.) If an airline cancels flight for next morning, you call IMMEDIATELY.

So is the actual issue with Neera Tanden’s tweets that GOP Senators feel real leadership never means having to say you’re sorry?

I’m really looking forward to the day when just one hour of CNN’s breaking news is that there is no breaking news.

How simply does it have to be spelled out? Many of the January 6 insurrectionists weren’t worried about being “caught.” Because they were expecting to be rewarded by their cult leader.

Tonight, Rachel Maddow referred to Trump henchman Louis DeJoy in his hearing today as “truculent.”

“Truculent” is a great word.

DeJoy is a horrible postmaster general.

If you didn’t already love Dr. Biden. Asked by a virtual member of Kelly Clarkson’s audience what she’s most looking forward to doing in a world post-COVID-19, Jill’s response “I don’t know. Maybe go and have a martini and some french fries.’

Many Republicans were more outraged that Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t finish her cheese plate, than they were by Capitol Police Officer Carneysha Mendoza’s chemical burns from January 6.

As the lawyer for the woman accused of stealing Pelosi’s laptop says her recently unearthed pro-Nazi video was a joke, so were “Camp Auschwitz” t-shirts a joke too?

Love it, on a zoom and one of the participants got reminded he was “on mute.” His apology “Sorry, that was so 2020.”

CNN reporting acting Capitol Police Chief says VP Pence might have been kept from going to the Capitol on January 6 if there had been better intelligence. Uh, so it was okay to put the rest of Congress at risk with inadequate protection?

Joe Manchin will support Deb Haaland’s confirmation. Good, now she won’t have to go after him with her Native American Space Laser?

Tyger tyger

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Glad Tiger Wood looks like he will be okay. Although have to wonder, will ESPN Masters coverage now be following Woods around Augusta on crutches?

If it’s going to be all Tiger, all the time, a simple PSA:

Police say Tiger’s life was saved by a seat belt. Seat belts work. Masks work too. Wear both of them.

Been a bad week for the Former Guy’s Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients. First Rush, then Tiger.

Anyone checked on Lou Holtz and Mariano Rivera?

Ted Cruz is probably wishing Tiger Woods had his accident last week because it would have knocked his Cancun trip off the front page.

The Washington Football Team will have a new name starting in 2022. A team website indicates they will soliciting opinions etc before and during the upcoming season, and will chose something before the 2022 season.

Translation, we’re going to monetize this as much as we can.

Anyone know if Neera Tanden played high school or college sports? Then she could dismiss those tweets as “locker room banter.”

And I understand there is a strong racial competent to the vitriol against Neera Tanden. But anyone want to tell me her nomination would be in the same jeopardy if she were a man?

Looking at the Senators who have issues with Neera Tanden and now Josh Hawley is upset because General Honore called him “a little piece of s–t with a Yale law degree.” Thinking clearly men are too emotional to be in elected office.

John Cornyn says Biden should withdraw his nomination of Neera Tanden as OMB director & pick someone who has “not promoted wild conspiracy theories and openly bashed people on both sides of the aisle.”

Satire is really having a bad week.

So much information, but Amy Klobuchar sums up the most important point of day one of committee hearing on the Capitol riots in one sentence: “This was a planned insurrection.”

(although as a luddite who is still working on the fine points of Zoom yet, how charming to see Senator Angus King struggle to join the hearing virtual today, and have Klobuchar helpfully point out – “You may be muted.”

Reminder, if Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock hadn’t won in Georgia, we couldn’t even be HAVINGs Senate hearings on the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to President Biden “U.S. leadership has been sorely missed over the past years.” Hope no one tells the #FormerGuy – he’ll be upset.

Something to know about Joe Manchin and the minimum wage issue: The typical home value of homes in West Virginia is $113,626.

But I am confused. After the last four years, when did “being qualified” become a GOP requirement for Cabinet members?

Looking up

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Since Joe Biden’s inaugural, the formerly NBA worst Washington Wizards are 8-9 with a 5 game winning streak. So seems like EVERYTHING’s better in D.C. without the #FormerGuy?

If you didn’t already love George Clooney, he’s producing a docuseries about about a decades-long abuse scandal in the athletic department at the Ohio State University.

It will includes account from former OSU wrestler Mark Coleman about Strauss’ alleged sexual abuse. He also alleges that Jim Jordan, then OSU assistant wrestling coach knowingly ignored Strauss’ abuse.:

The Former Guy’s handpicked handmaiden on SCOTUS just voted against him on taxes and a final election challenge in Pennsylvania. I’m sure he dealt with that news in a mature and dignified manner.

It is my respectful opinion that Louisiana Senator John Kennedy doesn’t get nearly as much attention as he should for being a complete a**hole.

Marco Rubio tweeted “Sending $250/$350 per month/per child to everyone, with no work requirement, is welfare Being pro-family means being pro-work.”

So Senator Rubio, if you’re pro-work you’ll be okay with raising taxes on trust fund babies? I’m sure Democrats will be happy to work with you on this.

Still gets me that Clarence Thomas, a man who would never have been nominated to SCOTUS were he not Black, wants to use his position to suppress Black voting.

Meanwhile, Meghan McCain, 36, was whining today about – “The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of ‘The View,’ don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine….

Uh, Meghan, your father wouldn’t even jump the line to get out of a Hanoi prison.

Marriott, which owns Ritz Carlton, has announced free COVID testing for guests who stay at their Mexico properties at least three nights and are returning to the U.S. No word on how much they charged Ted Cruz. Hope it was a lot.

Still hopeful for Neera Tanden’s ultimate confirmation as OMB director. But still also trying to wrap my head around the idea that some GOP Senators could think she should be disqualified over mean tweets.

Rachel Maddow tonight correctly points out that Neera Tanden’s confirmation for OMB director is uncertain because a whole lot of Senators are snowflakes.

Trying tonight to think of a white male politician who suffered politically because of an alleged mean boss reputation, or for mean tweets….

Something to talk about.

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Tom Brady actually tweeted on Sunday “So what am I supposed to do for the next five months.”

My response “Uh, you won last Super Bowl with a predominately Black team. Never been a fan and particularly now as Saints fan, but will take back at least some of bad things I’ve said about you if you get involved in voter registration drives & work against voter suppression in Florida! “

So Minnesota Timberwolves fired coach Ryan Saunders after 7-24 start. But T-Wolves have traded 2021 pick to Warriors unless it’s a top 3 pick. (then Golden State gets top 2022 pick.)

The way things are going & with strength of this year’s draft class, did Minnesota fire Saunders for overachieving?

Guess we’re learning about American Idol current viewing demographic when they’re running commercials for Botox??!!!

As much as we might be angry at Astros for cheating, hard not to root for Dusty Baker. He admits uncertainty about COVID-19 vaccine. And still took it, in part to set a good example for those “on the fence.”

Need convincing on the COVID-19 vaccine being a good thing? If it weren’t, so many rich people wouldn’t be trying to jump the line.

Costco is going to start giving COVID-19 vaccines in the San Francisco Bay Area. Will this mean when you come in you’ll end up leaving with enough doses for your whole neighborhood?

You know we’ve been in this pandemic for a while when I actually got an email ad for items for “Pet Movie Nights,” – cushions and little beds – “Must-haves for cuddles on the couch with your pet.”

As someone who hadn’t been watching American Idol for a couple years, I randomly tuned in tonight in time to see a 15 year old girl named Casey Bishop. Consider googling her for a treat. She could win.)

Greg Abbott was actually fundraising with the slogan – “Don’t California my Texas!” Uh, as a California resident for now about 40 years, does Abbott think it’s elitist that we believe everyone should have water and be able to keep their heat on?

I have a solution for dealing with Chuck Todd. I don’t watch him.

Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that a big obstacle to Neera Tanden’s potential confirmation as OMB director is that she sent mean tweets? Heck, forget just confirmation votes, that should be enough for GOP to refer to her as Presidential.

The #FormerGuy wrote love letters to Kim Jong Un. President Biden writes love notes to his wife.

As a moderate liberal who’s admittedly not in favor of ALL student loan forgiveness nonetheless can’t wait to hear Texas members of Congress pontificate about bailing people out for reckless and foolish choices

On thin ice.

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This sign will probably never be seen after this weekend at an NHL game.

NHL Outdoor game between Golden Knights and Avalanche stopped after first period, and rescheduled to restart at midnight ET, 9p PT now, after sunshine caused deteriorating ice conditions earlier.

So add to 2021 insanity… a major professional sporting event postponed because the weather was too good?

Figure tonight a whole lot of people, especially women, watched SNL without knowing who Regé-Jean Page was. Wonder what Bridgerton streaming ratings will be tomorrow

I’m not sure songs that will be written about Ted Cruz… But plenty to repurpose.

“If ever I would leave you…

Could I leave you Flying merrily from the snow?

On a wintry evening When you have to boil that snow?

Louis DeJoy did for the Post Office what Reagan did for Air Traffic Control. Took YEARS for the system to recover.

So in shooting outside New Orleans, a gun shop customer during an argument apparently fatally shot 2 other customers-he was in turn killed by others who opened fire.

Sheriff’s office said “cops still investigating’ & “trying to put it all together.” This good guy/bad guy w/ a gun is SO confusing.

All these people saying the picture of that United engine on fire makes them scared to fly. Me, I’m thinking, well now we KNOW a plane can fly on one engine.

But if you return parts from a United engine to the airline do you get a future travel discount?

Reminder that Beto O’Rourke was actually a moderate while in Congress who would have been to the right of AOC on many issues. Doesn’t matter, they’re working together in a great way in Texas. That’s what a beautiful big BLUE tent is about.

Joe Biden says he will only travel to Texas when he is sure his presence as President will not be a burden.A POTUS who cares about people more than photo-ops. It’s so nice having that back.

And where is Texas’s other Senator John Cornyn anyway?

Wonder how many reporters might be hanging around DC airports tonight, especially at International Arrivals in Dulles, hoping to get glimpses of other Senators.

Meanwhile Florida Governor Ron De Santis been shameless sycophant for the Former Guy, ignored science, hid COVID numbers & caused deaths of countless Floridians. Now he’s playing political games w/ vaccine distribution.

But lowering flags to half-staff for Limbaugh gets #RemoveRon trending.

Very confusing, President Biden has signed disaster declarations for Texas and is offering to do all he can to help. And he hasn’t insulted the state yet, or told them to rake anything. Waiting for GOP to say he’s not being Presidential.

So what gives? Joe Biden has been President for an entire month now. We still don’t have a taco truck on every corner, and Cory Booker hasn’t shown up in my neighborhood.

Another reason Joe Biden needs to get that First Feline asap. Media is so bored and looking for any scandal, figure the cat clawing the drapes or bringing a mouse into the Oval Office should keep them busy for days.

Falling fast.

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New Orleans Pelicans were up 11 going into 4th quarter over Phoenix Suns – 102 to 91, and still lost. Disappointing but it happens.

What doesn’t tend to happen – the Pelicans ended up losing by 18. 132-14. Even the Atlanta Falcons were impressed.

Senate comes back from recess next week. Wonder how many senators, especially GOP senators, might be trying to sneak back into the country from tropical destinations.

I watch videos of Joe Biden simply wearing a mask regularly and wonder how many lives would have been saved if the Former Guy just did the same thing?

Joe Biden says he will only travel to Texas when he is sure his presence as President will not be a burden. A POTUS who cares about people more than photo-ops. It’s so nice having that back.

Three Fox News headlines in order on website:

Gun registry bill would threaten safety, 2A rights, critics say

Colorado GOP Rep. Boebert responds after California Democrats mock her gun display

NC mom of 5 accidentally shot after kids find gun in purse: cops


Add to the list of things I was convinced were satire…. someone at Newsmax apparently really was going after Joe Biden’s 12 year old dog Champ. Is this some sort of payback for mainstream media going after the #FormerGuy’s 65 year old lapdog Lindsey?

People attack Joe Biden over Hunter, Joe Biden responds by saying how much he loves his son.

People attack Ted Cruz over his Cancun trip, Ted Cruz responds by blaming his daughters.

So while there’s apparently this talk of the Bible and cancel culture, wasn’t that that flood in Genesis God doing his own canceling?

Flags at half staff for Rush Limbaugh? Fine with me, if they’re Confederate flags.

“I’m in the middle of a serious crisis at work & know it’s a really bad idea to go on vacation but my kids want to go so please help me book something leaving tomorrow.” is a line no travel agent has heard ever.

Could be worse: While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he’ll lower the state’s flags to half-staff for Rush Limbaugh, you know Velveeta Voldemort would have tried to arrange a state funeral for Rush.

The only flags that should be lowered to half staff for Rush Limbaugh are confederate flags.

So who’s gonna play Ted Cruz on SNL this week?

Anyone else find Lindsey Graham’s pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago almost as offensive as Ted Cruz’s attempted vacation trip to Cancun?

Lindsey Graham is packing his emotional baggage and heading to Palm Beach this weekend. As a bachelor, poor Lindsey can’t even blame his decision on heading down to Mar-A-Lago on his children.

Oath Keepers being indicted for insurrection conspiracy doesn’t mean the #FormerGuy didn’t incite them. He had a lot of plans to overthrow the election. But January 6 was his MAGAnot line.

Cruzing for a bruzing

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ESPN says over-under on NFL teams making a change with their starting quarterback is 18.

Now, that’s going to be a lot of jersey sales.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver today on ESPN’s that holding the All-Star game March 7 is “the right thing to do.” Can they rename it the NBA “All $$$$$tar Game”?

That moment you see “Zodiac Killer” trending and you know without clicking on it that Ted Cruz is involved….

So who had “Ted Cruz throwing his daughters under the bus” on their 2021 bingo card?

So for all the grief Mitt Romney got for putting his dog on the roof, at least he didn’t leave his dog at home during a freezing winter with the power out.

A tale of two politicians: Despite years of attacks, Joe Biden has 100% stood behind his troubled adult son Hunter. Within hours, Ted Cruz 100% threw his 12 & 10 year old daughters under the bus.

So since United Airlines DID get Ted Cruz to put a mask on should we put some of their flight attendants and gate agents in charge at the U.S. Capitol? (After Cruz finishes his one week quarantine post-international travel.)

How long until Ted Cruz says “Seriously, I was cold and the original plan was just to get some Ritz crackers?”

Josh Hawley’s been awfully quiet. Wonder where he’s been spending the Senate recess week.

Btw, about that $300 hotel room Ted Cruz supposedly booked at Ritz Carlton Cancun. Does anyone think Senator & wife booked cheapest standard room w/ 2 double beds? Club level rooms, with more privacy, are more like $900 a night & bet he booked two. Or a suite. Just saying.

The Ritz Carlton? So was Four Seasons Landscaping in Cancun full?

“This is not a breakdown in the system, this is a system that is broken down.” – Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, on the power disaster this week in Texas.

Perserverance went through 2370 degrees temps entering Mars atmosphere. Which should be about as hot as the temperature will feel for Ted Cruz facing reporters after his return from Cancun.

So since per Gov. John Bel Edwards, 1 million people in Louisiana do not currently have access to clean and safe drinking water, did Steve Scalise fly to Mar-A-Lago to pick up Trump bottled water?

Seriously, let’s make this bipartisan. CDC says anyone leaving USA must not only get COVID-19 test but also self-quarantine at least SEVEN days upon return. So Senate rules committee chair Amy Klobuchar & ranking member Roy Blunt need to keep Ted Cruz off Senate floor next week.

Also from CDC- “Level 4: COVID-19 Very High COVID-19 in Mexico February 02, 2021 Travelers should avoid all travel to Mexico.”


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Tim Tebow, who’d been invited by the Mets to Spring Training, today announced his retirement from baseball. Awww, Tim, we were counting on you to give a bored media something to distract them for a few more weeks…

Thinking Tebow still has a better chance of appearing in an NFL uniform again than Colin Kaepernick.

Now it’s NBA Spurs with several games postponed due to COVID, following Grizzles and Wizards. Yet league is moving ahead w/ All-Star game plans.

Wonder if they’d take this more seriously if one of their television marquee teams were sidelined for a week or more with the virus.

Jacksonville Jaguars announced they are switching their primary uniform color back from black to teal. Unfortunately, for fans, the uniforms will still largely have the same old players in them.

Going to break my self-imposed rule on tweeting about radio host who died today with this wonderful quote from Molly Ivins: “Being attacked by Rush Limbaugh on the air” was like “being gummed by a newt. It doesn’t actually hurt but it leaves you w/ slimy stuff on your ankle.”

This COVID vaccine rollout is making a number of us 60ish people go from “Why are they sending us AARP ads?” to “Hey, why are we considered young?

Loathsome toad alert: Tucker Carlson, in attacking Jill and Joe Biden just said ‘Their love is as real as climate change.” Okay, when he’s right, he’s right.

Val Demings won’t answer direct question from Anderson Cooper about running for Senate or Governor. “We’ll see what happens down the road.” But she does say the state deserves those jobs held by someone who is “up to representing all Floridians.” So a definite maybe.

Joe Biden is getting pushback from some Progressives on not wanting a $50,000 student loan forgiveness plan. I don’t know the right answer here, but should we be shocked that someone who campaigned as a moderate is actually governing as a moderate?

Before any GOP member of Congress wants to appear on any legitimate news program, he or she should be required to answer one question – “Do you believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election?”

Hah, CNN chyron writer today: “McConnell’s plan to deal with Trump: Ignore him.”

Uh, can you tell your own network that?

Easy to forget, there are other states where the weather has been as bad or worse than Texas, but where the situation is much less dire for residents. New Texas motto “It’s not the cold, it’s the stupidity.”

This detail gets me…. people in Texas burning furniture for warmth. You read things like this in historical novels, you hear it in stories about third world countries… It shouldn’t be happening in the United States in 2021. Period.

At least when W. flew over Katrina he was heading back to the White House and not towards a tropical vacation.

Can we start calling him Ted-quila?

Don’t blame Senators for scheduling family vacation this week during recess. Wouldn’t blame them for being furious at fate/God that disaster in their state meant they’d need to send their family on vacation & stay home. I do blame Ted Cruz for not knowing he needed to stay home.

Training for spring training?

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Pitchers and catchers reporting is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?

I miss fun.

FOUR San Antonio Spurs tested positive for COVID-19? I suppose it’s sadly fitting for the team always known for their passing game.

Damn good thing that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, 72, oldest coach in the NBA, had his COVID-19 vaccine last month.

Joe Biden doesn’t act like he thinks greatness resides in a President.

Joe Biden acts like he KNOWS greatness resides in the American people.

I write this seemingly once a month. But damn I miss Molly Ivins. I imagine her tonight, drinking whiskey, and pounding out a furious column by candlelight about the arrogant stupid lack of regulations that have left millions of Texans literally out in the cold tonight.

As lack of energy regulations actually is killing Texans, this Molly Ivins quote from 1995- It’s all very well to run around saying regulation is bad, get the government off our backs, etc. Of course our lives are regulated. When you come to a stop sign, you stop; if you want to go fishing, you get a license; if you want to shoot ducks, you can shoot only three ducks. The alternative is dead bodies at the intersection, no fish, and no ducks. OK?

So how long until conservative media attacks Joe Biden for not going down to Texas and throwing paper towels?

As a Californian for the past few decades, wonder what were they supposed to have raked in Texas? This is so confusing.

Joe Biden answers woman whose teenage son has serious health issues but hasn’t been able to get on vaccine list; asks if she can stick around & they can talk a bit afterwards. What an incredible antidote Joe is from “complete lack of empathy” we had for 4 years in White House.

Lindsey Graham says GOP without Donald doesn’t have ‘a snowball’s chance in hell’ of winning” Well and they did so well WITH him in Georgia.

Pennsylvania GOP censured Pat Toomey for voting “guilty” on impeachment. One Republican Party official ‘We did not send him there to vote his conscience…We sent him there to represent us.” Un, Pennsylvania went blue for Biden. So Toomey WAS representing the state.

As Donald and Mitch spar via insulting statements… was just thinking about Lisa Murkowski, who already won re-election once in 2020 as a write-in after losing the primary to a Tea-Party guy. How much must she be giggling?

Some things are scarier the second time. A small detail from Amy Klobuchar’s real-time interview on evening of Jan 6 w/ Stephen Colbert, which was replayed last night.

After Capitol was breached, Senators originally told to stay in place in Senate Chamber for safety. They milled around for some time, until they were told to evacuate to an alternate location.. We now know how close that decision came to disaster.

Thank you again, Officer Goodman.

The sounds of silence.

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President Biden wishes us a “Happy President’s Day” by not tweeting. All day. How sweet it is.

Duke star freshman Jalen Johnson has opted out of the rest of the season and will ready for the 2021 NBA draft, the school announced Monday night. Well, with so much of normal student life gone during the pandemic at least Johnson doesn’t have to pretend he’ll really miss the college experience.

USVI Congressional delegate Stacey Plaskett has five children. Same number as Nancy Pelosi.

Actually, if Lara Trump can move to North Carolina just to run for Senate, can we persuade Stacey Plaskett to do the same thing?

Remember when Donald lied and said “thousands and thousands of people were cheering” as the World Trade Center collapsed?” How many of his followers were cheering as our democracy almost collapsed on Jan 6? And how many are still supporting THOSE terrorists?

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson about January 6 -” it didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me”

Once again the eternal question about some today’s GOP. Stupid or evil?

If we hadn’t gone through with the second impeachment, would most Americans ever have known just how close the rioters incited by our former President came to injuring or killing members of Congress?

Senator Chuck Grassley, 87, actually tweeted this out verbatim on Feb 15 “Chk it out a friend just told me real history on part time History Channel. I’m in car Something abt Washington.”
And the media focuses on Dianne Feinstein as the Senator who should retire?”

Just as the impeachment trial video gave us a new glimpse into how deliberate and awful Jan 6 insurrectionists were in the Capitol, at what point will we find out how deliberate and awful Donald’s response was with COVID vaccines after he knew he had lost?

For President’s day, Stephen Colbert replayed his show from the night of January 6: Scary detail from Amy Klobuchar’s real-time interview while she was waiting to go back to finalize the Electoral College results. After Capitol was breached, Amy talked about senators were originally told to stay in place in Senate Chamber for safety and were just milling around for a while. We now know how close that decision came to disaster. Thank you again, Officer Goodman.

Round and round

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No serious injuries this year, fortunately, but did the Daytona 500 today refer to minutes, or crashes?

Although, midrace there was a nearly six hour rain and lightning delay “and fans who had been socially distanced in the grandstands instead had to seek shelter in the crowded concourse.” And this is Florida with no mask mandates. So it will be weeks until we know the real toll from this year’s race.

20 yrs ago Dale Earnhardt died at Daytona of a basilar skull fracture. He wasn’t wearing HANS device he derided as uncomfortable. After his death NASCAR mandated devices; now all drivers use them. So why after almost 500,000 Americans have died will many still not wear a mask?

San Antonio Spurs were down 17 to 33 to Charlotte Hornets after one quarter, but outscored the Hornets 47 to 26 in the second quarter. How much do I want to hear what Pop said to the team at the quarter break, (and can we somehow bottle it?)

So Fox News Sunday had both Lindsey Graham & Amy Klobuchar on today: Graham said Donald is “excited about 2022” and looking to help rebuild the Republican Party. Klobuchar said “He is done.” Guess which got top billing on Fox News website?

Lindsey Graham today said today “My friend Richard Burr just made Lara Trump almost the certain nominee for the senate seat in North Carolina to replace him if she runs.” If so this is great news. For North Carolina Democrats.

If we’re going to go with celebrities with North Carolina ties, I say let’s draft Michael Jordan.

Watching “Trial of the Chicago 7.” Was 10 when it happened, but realized conservatives haven’t updated their “radical left” insult in over 50 years.

Didn’t watch. But did ANYONE think American Idol was going to send Claudia Conway home the first day?


So with impeachment trial over, the Senate on vacation, and a President who sends tweets staying how much he loves his wife, what’s the media going to do for 24-7 breaking news all week?

Let’s be clear. If Donald had stood up and said “You’re Goddamned Right I Ordered the Code Red on the Capitol and Mike Pence,.” most GOP Senators would have said “We really don’t think he actually incited the attack.

Senate rules call for 67. But when someone wins an election 57% to 43% we call it a landslide.

Don’t flop, thinking about tomorrow.

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LeBron James was warned for violating the NBA’s anti-flopping rule in Lakers’ win over Grizzlies yesterday. So if King James does it again will the league slap his wrist really really hard?

Small mercies – COVID prototcols have at least made one February joke (I hope) less sadly accurate – NBA players buying Valentine’s Day cards by the dozen – “to my one and only.”

The daughter of the Lombardi trophy design was upset by Tom Brady throwing it to a teammate on another boat during their parade. Fortunately the pass was complete, just like 21 of Brady’s 29 throws in the Super Bowl.

But that’s only about 75% And on the other hand, many of Tom’s throws were shorter in the air, which means the Trophy had at least a 50% chance of landing in the Hillsborough river.

Darn shame they couldn’t call Trump as a witness in his own impeachment trial? Stacey Plaskett questioning him could have broken all pay-per-view records.

We know one thing about Michael Van Der Veen – he’s an ambulance chaser who makes his money with the highest bidder. So interesting to see if Dems offer him more next time? Nope, never mind, Democrats have actual standards.

Politics aside, how did Van der Veen ever win any personal injury cases?

In honor of Alex Trebek and Jeopardy. The answer: “colossal squid.” The question: “Until the record was beaten today by 43 GOP Senators, what is the largest animal without a backbone?”

So 43 Senate Republicans said today if Trump had gone back to New York one January day and shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue it would have been a bad thing but not impeachable?

Nancy Pelosi reiterates – and it can’t be said enough – Mitch McConnell created a situation where impeachment could not be heard before January 20….and then made it his excuse for not convicting.

Mitch McConnell says “Trump was practically and morally responsible” for January 6. And Mitch’s acquittal vote says that McConnell is practically and morally a coward.22376

McConnell delaying impeachment, then saying the delay was the reason he voted to acquit, is today’s Senate equivalent of the guy who murdered both parents then asked for sympathy because he was an orphan

As a Democrat I wouldn’t vote for one of the seven GOP senators who voted to convict today. But as an American I applaud them.

A friend reminded me today that Bill Clinton got a blow job in the White House. It would be wrong to tweet his suggestion that Trump just got 43 in the Senate. So I won’t do it.

As pissed as I am, am also aware that House Impeachment managers had as good a chance of convicting with that Senate jury as O.J. Simpson’s prosecutors had with their jury.

And on an optimistic note, O.J. WAS convicted on his second civil murder trial. And did time for his third trial for stealing his own memorabilia back.