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So what’s going to happen first, Indians lose a game, or Browns win one?

Not #Chargers fan but MLB or NBA teams can’t call time-outs mid-pitch, or mid-free throw shot, why should NFL be able to do mid-kick?

Warriors signed NBA ad patch deal – $20 mill year w/ Rakuten?! Because Golden State has so much in common w/ Japanese tech company?

Over-under on the first year NBA uniforms will look like NASCAR?

Last night’s Giants Dodgers game ended at 211a, after starting at 1050p.  Now those of us on the West Coast know how watching NL and AL West teams feels to those back East.


Lakers will retire not one, but two numbers, 8 & 24, for Kobe Bryant. Well that ought to debunk notion Kobe had biggest ego in NBA.

Especially for my British friends: We always knew Ted Cruz was a wanker. We didn’t know he was REALLY a wanker.

Cruz now says it was a “staffing issue” that led to liking that porn tweet. Does Ted mean he was fantasizing about a staffer?

Accidentally “liking” porn on Twitter doesn’t seem like mistake a young tech-savvy staffer makes. A busy 46 yr-old man on the other hand…

At least Jimmy Carter admitted to “lusting in his heart.”

That moment when you are reading a menu online at a restaurant you are interested in and see that “Cashew Nut Rice” has a star by it. Turns out the star means, not “house speciality” but “contains nuts.” Ya think? #WTF?

If Hillary Clinton’s book #WhatHappened keeps selling so well, Donald  Trump may have to have someone write  another one for him.

Huckabee Sanders- prosecuting ex-FBI director Comey is “something that should be looked at.” That should improve FBI-WH relations #Lordy

Sarah Huckabee Sanders complains #WhatHappened is full of “false & reckless actions. Who does Hillary  Clinton think she is, the President?


9 people now have died after biggest US 2017 mass shooting in #Plano.  Somehow I missed Donald  Trump tweet of sympathy.

The motive for the Plano shooting apparently was similar to the previous worst US mass shooting of 2017 – an ex-husband angry that his wife had moved on.  So if we really want to keep America safe, where’s the call to deport divorced men?


Never forget

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But never stop the snark. My motto anyway.  If we stop laughing and being satiric, the bad guys win.


#SFGiants & #Dodgers have both been awful lately. Now it’s raining in San Francisco. Maybe God didn’t even want to see these teams play.


So wait a minute, didn’t #Saints fire their ineffective defensive coordinator…? The more things change. #MNF

Some horrendous QB play this weekend makes it hard to believe Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. Heck by comparison, Tebow should have a job.

Male privilege. Beth Mowins made her MNF debut tonight and Sergio Dipp gets all the headlines.

So many people lauding Al Gore now about Climate Change.   What if he had just shut up & gone away after losing Presidency. #HillaryClinton #misogyny

#WSJ reports some of Trump’s lawyers thought Jared should have stepped down over Russian contacts issue. #FakeNewsWSJ tweets in 3.2.1..

Problem w/saying that people shouldn’t rebuild in flood zones, is that climate change means we don’t really know where flood zones will be.

What was Steve Bannon doing on 60 minutes. What these clowns need is a new reality show on Fox – “Dancing with the Truth?”

Bannon – Firing of James Comey was the biggest mistake in “modern political history.” Trump “Hold my beer.”

Molly Ivans and Ann Richards would be proud: Miss Texas last night during Miss America: “I think that the white supremacist issue, it was very obvious, that it was a terrorist attack. And I think that President Donald Trump should’ve made a statement earlier addressing the fact, and in making sure all Americans feel safe in this country. That is the number one issue right now.”

Pope Francis: “The President of the United States presents himself as pro-life and if he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that family is the cradle of life and its unity must be protected.”
Time to start a pool on timing of #FakePope tweets?

8 shooting victims in Plano TX. Alleged killer reportedly unhappy wife filed for divorce. A 32-year-old white man. If Muslim-undocumented Trump would tweet condolences. And say it’s why we need a wall and immigration changes. #Sad.

A real man of the people: “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently passed new rules that would have barred Equifax and a number of other financial services companies from using forced arbitration clauses in consumer contracts. However the Trump administration is currently attempting to stop those rules from going into effect.”

And they’re off.

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Only week one but does look like there’s going to be some serious competition for NFL’s 2018 number 1 draft pick.

Well, at least the SF 49ers outscored the SF Giants today.  (Barely, 3 to 1)

Though at least SFGiants may have made it easier for SF49ers fans this year -they’ll only have to watch their team lose once a week.

Meanwhile, wonder what the record is for the longest losing streak by an MLB team that won 100 games during the regular season. Assuming the Dodgers get to 100 games.


Well at least for a week folks in Washington will have a diversion from usual complaining about Congress in complaining about the Redskins.


Ezekiel Elliott, on the injunction that means he can play this year  “I’m just relieved for the fact that I finally get a fair trial.”

Suppose it would be tacky to start a pool on his next incident?

First Harvey in Texas, then Irma in Florida, now #SteveBannon on 60 Minutes. Hasn’t America suffered enough?

As some bizarre stories emerge from Hurricane Irma,  let me say that I fully support the right of people to go after Darwin awards for themselves. But it really sucks when they endanger rescuers.

Trump says U.S. may have gotten a “little bit lucky” with Irma veering west. Translation, it didn’t damage Mar-a-Lago?

A little good news.   After the caretaker decided to ride out the storm, the Hemingway House and all its cats survived  Hurricane Irma.   Although guessing if the cats could talk they would ask to be transferred to the care of a smarter human.


Police shot & killed a man who  allegedly fatally shot 7 people during Dallas Cowboys watch party in Plano, TX.   Move along, nothing to see here. #Murica

(unless of course it comes out tomorrow that the alleged gunman was either undocumented or Muslim)

From TC  “Rogers Communications, the parent company of the Toronto Blue Jays have just announced that they will give $1 of every ticket sold on Monday vs Baltimore to Florida Hurricane relief funds. Average price of a ticket is ~$60. Who knew the head of Rogers was named Ebenezer?”

An ill wind

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Really rough time for Florida. But have to figure some residents are at least getting a smile out of watching Urban Meyer lose. #OhioState

Indians have won 17 games straight. 2017 #SFGiants consider 17 wins a good two months.


Colin Kaepernick may not have the skill set to be a starting NFL QB. But at this point doesn’t look like Andy Dalton does either.

At least #SFGiants don’t have to worry about sign-stealing. This year no other team would want them.

Wonder if any Joe Paterno apologists will change their minds today. Sadly thinking they were some of first on the #FakeNews bandwagon.
Wonder how many fans who profess to be upset w/ NFL players sitting during the anthem use that time themselves for bathroom or beer break?
Because of the hurricane we need to “speed up” tax cuts? So millionaires can build sturdier mansions? #WTF? #@realdonaldtrump

A Florida man suggested shooting guns at Hurricane Irma out of “stress and boredom.”  And apparently over 54,000 have signed up to join in.  Good to know that even in the worst of times, some Floridians remain committed to upholding their state’s reputation.

Hillary Clinton “I’m done with being a candidate.” Your turn, Bernie.

Quite a quandry for Facebook if Zuckerberg ever runs for President: Would site accept big $$$ from Russians running ads again him?

The Norwegian Escape cruise ship is waiting out Irma at sea with 4,000 people and unlimited booze. Imagine a whole lot of drunken karaoke versions of Gilligan’s island “A three-hour tour…”


Clicked on a FB link about John McCain saying he’s “facing a challenge.” And yes, brain cancer is horrible. But even more horrible are some of the comments, “hurry up and die,” mostly from people who claim McCain hasn’t been a good enough Republican. You almost hope they’re Russian bots, because humans shouldn’t be that nasty.

Weak one.

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Roger Goodell, when asked if a team should sign Colin Kaepernick – “I’m not a football expert.” When the commissioner is right, he’s right.


Patriots fans feeling a bit deflated this morning.

Tom Brady called out Patriots last night over “our attitude & our competitiveness. ” So now the big question WWGS – Who will Gisele blame?


What’s bigger shock tonight for #SFGiants fans -that Pablo Sandoval broke 0-39 streak w/ home run, or that Matt Moore pitched well for a win.

Words I never expected to write: Buster Posey steals home.

Meanwhile the Dodgers had a 4 run first inning against Colorado to break their losing streak at 7 games….. Oops, never mind.  (5-4 loss)

Remembering those bumper stickers “God is coming and boy is she pissed.” Not sure about God but Mother Nature sure seems unhappy.

Worrying where Irma will hit next, is it too late to rename storm ‘Hurricane 2017 SFGiants?” Because we all know they rarely hit anything.  #bustohell

Eric Bolling is out at #FoxNews, allegedly for sexting photos to colleagues.   Guys, here’s a quick safety tip – NO women want to see pictures of your junk.

Amazing how many people who don’t believe scientists on climate change now do believe in the National Weather Service.

Hey @realDonaldTrump, until we survive #Irma maybe time to put tweets on tax reform & attacking Congress on hold for a while? #priorities





From T.C.   “Interesting to note that Tampa, Miami and the NE defense in the 4th Q all just used their Bye Weeks in week 1.”

When I moved from Florida to California, friends asked how I could deal with the idea that we could have a major earthquake any minute. Now, admittedly there are moments when you worry, especially after a small quake, or when you think you hear or feel something.
But I thought then, and now, in some ways much easier to have no idea what might be coming, than to know a hurricane is coming, and not be able to do anything but hunker down or evacuate.
Wishing the best for everyone in Florida tonight, seriously.

Thursday night

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Apparently the Chiefs watched the 4th quarter of last year’s Super Bowl.

2017 is a weird @MLB year. #SFGiants somehow turned into the #Phillies, and now the #Dodgers are trying to turn into the #SFGiants.

Grant Bisbee of McCovey Chronicles notes “The Giants have outscored the Dodgers in the second half of the season.”
Clearly a sign of the apocalypse.

Urban Meyer says it drives him “insane” when 1st-year coaches complain, saying once you start “they’re YOUR players.” Well, except after Meyer left Florida when some of them also belonged to parole officers.

Clippers are offering new courtside seats with all-inclusive club access, waiter service and valet parking. ESPN reports a source says the price is $175,000 a seat. Well, it’s not as if buyers will have to save money for several rounds of playoff tickets.

So the world’s chances of avoiding a nuclear holocaust may come down to Dennis Rodman?

Zander Venezia, 16 yr-old pro surfer died while surfing in Barbados during Hurricane Irma. A fellow surfer said his last words before heading out again were “I just got the best wave of my life!”
Venezia hoped to go to the Olympics, but at least he might be this year’s front-runner for the top Hurricane Darwin Award.


All these people who don’t believe in Climate change shouldn’t fear Irma, because weather forecasting is you know, science.

Equifax says  hackers accessed 143 million social security numbers, birthdays, addresses & driver licenses. Hey, that’s only almost every adult in US.

So how come hackers can even access info from companies in business of data security like Equifax, & no one’s gotten Trump’s tax returns?

Don Jr said he met with Russian lawyer to learn Hillary’s “fitness” to be President. If he said it with a straight face he’s better actor than dad.

In Trump world:   Dreamers were capable of making illegal decisions as toddlers but Donald Jr , 39, is a “good boy” & Ivanka, 35, calls him “Daddy.”

Trump tells Dreamers for 6 months they’ll have nothing to worry about – “no action.” Same as doctors sometimes say about inoperable cancer.

Steve Bannon, Catholics support #DACA because “they need illegal aliens to fill churches.” Yeah,can see why religious right supported Trump.

Betsy DeVos announced plans to rewrite Obama-era campus sexual assault policy to better protect accused students. And this is a woman who has daughters?

Devos, wanted to”advance God’s kingdom” through education, now works for pussy-grabber. Should we be surprised by today?

Okay, Trump actually released a list of charities that are getting his and Melania’s $1 million donation. If true, good for him.
See, I can say something nice about Trump. Don’t get used to it. 🙂

CSI – Fenway?

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The Red Sox, who themselves admitted stealing signs with an Apple watch, now say they have  “video evidence” of the Yankees using a  camera also to steal signs.

Stand by for 2018 BOS-NY games not only on ESPN but also covered on CSI?


For first time in recent memory,  SF Giants  actually gained a game on Dodgers.  Now only 38.5 games out. #smallmercies


Lots of rumors earlier this year that #SFGiants might have traded Joe Panik. Lots of playoff-bound teams now wish they had him.
SF Giants sent an email to fans suggesting they use “Giants FanCam” And “Tag Yourself in our 360 degree photo view of AT&T Park at your most recent Giants game!
Uh, right about now, not sure how many people want to admit they are going to Giants games.



New US govt report found women between ages of 40-59 aren’t getting enough sleep. Waiting for the next study that will find water is wet.

I sure do miss days when the biggest controversy of the day was whether the new cast of #DWTS Dancing with the Stars really were stars.


Facebook reportedly is telling advertiser it can reach 25 million more people in the US than census data shows exist. Well, hey, guess Russian bots need friends too?

Rush Limbaugh on Irma “These storms, once they actually hit, are never as strong as they’re reported.” Maybe he should go report on this travesty in person?


FEMA is already running out of money after Harvey and before Irma. But hey, the priority for Americans’ safety is a wall? @realDonaldTrump

Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer stepping down and cited “personal reasons.” As in he’s personally tired of Trump?


How long until GOP leaders who supported Trump realize they were enacting US version of Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn   “You break it you buy it” policy.

Can anyone imagine GOP response if an Obama daughters, or even Michelle, just dropped by closed White House meetings to say “hello? #WTF?


Steve King doesn’t believe DACA should be fixed, and says Dreamers “continue to live the objective that they sought to achieve when they illegally entered America. Live in the shadows.”
Right, because six-year olds tell their parents their dream is to leave home and grow up to live in the shadows? #WTF?
Over the years I have met many people who I knew were undocumented. Often they had just stayed past tourist or student visas. And in several cases they were Caucasians from Britain. Just guessing that if they are still “illegal” the Brits and children are not the Dreamers fearing ICE prosecution.
(a friend points out that the largest group overstaying visas is now Asian.  But Trump isn’t talking about going  after them, or putting walls around airports.