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Meanwhile…. a good news story. (Maybe not for the rest of the NFC South) – Drew Brees today – “My feelings about the 2020 season, I look forward to the grind and journey… For the reward at the end will be worth it… Let’s Make Another Run at it.”
Going to be a happy Mardi Gras week in New Orleans!


MLB commissioner Rob Manfred apologized for describing the World Series trophy as “a piece of metal” during an on-camera interview with ESPN.   Never thought I’d say this but sometimes I ALMOST miss Bud Selig. (Almost)

Wonder what Manfred calls World Series Rings?


Local news saying that only a “single digit” number of California mail-in ballots have been returned now – two weeks before the election? Uh, as fast as things change these days in politics, what’s the rush?

Here’s what gets me tonight about Mike Bloomberg.  (And yes, I will vote for him if he gets the nomination.)  He got an invite to a CNN town hall  . You KNOW all the candidates are exhausted and town halls are a tough format. But they showed up,  when you know Buttigieg, Sanders and Klobuchar might have preferred something more relaxing the night before the debate.  Mike declined. Afraid of getting away from a script?

Time to start the pool as to when Trump will pardon Bernie Madoff.

Trump pardons Eddie DeBartolo. Makes sense, not only was the former SF 49ers owner Eddie D. convicted of fraud, but he also settled a sexual assault case. Donald’s favorite kind of guy.

Maybe Attorney General Barr wants to resign because he knows Trump will pardon him. And he’s not sure about the next President, whoever she or he is.


Get the feeling if someone told him most of the people who worked in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building were Democrats, Donald Trump would posthumously pardon Timothy McVeigh.

Trump today claimed he knows the identity of “anonymous” “I know who it is,” adding he “can’t tell who it is.” but he “knows who it is.” Uh, does anyone think Trump could keep his mouth shut about ANYTHING?

Crime and punisment.

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Well of course Astros relief pitcher Frances Martin gets suspended for 162 games. Without him taking PEDs Houston doesn’t win the World Series in 2017. Oh wait. Never mind.

As the Astros cheating story dominates all the MLB spring training headlnes, the sport must long for the good old days when the only scandal was potential steroid use.

NBA All-Star game break continues now with no games through Thursday.   So with no professional basketball to watch fans of all teams now know what it’s like this year to root for the Cavs.

-Trump RTs a Daytona 500 video of what could have easily been a fatal crash, one that resulted in a driver being in serious condition in the hospital, with the caption “You didn’t think we were getting through this without the Big One, right? “

Amy Klobuchar is right, this election is a decency check.

No lie too small department.  Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted a dramatic photo of Air Force One at Daytona, saying “.@realDonaldTrump won the #Daytona500  before the race even started.” The shot was of George W. Bush’s plane leaving in 2004.  Parscale deleted the tweet three hours later.

If you want, you can find reasons to vote against every Democrat running. And if we keep focusing on those reasons we will get four more years of Trump. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020


Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman were married this weekend. Are they planning a honeymoon in the Republic of Gilead?

Want to pay a fee to get away?

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Just thinking, when anything involving you or your company is trending with the word “gate” after it, you’ve done something either very wrong or very stupid. #Delta #RECLINEGATE

Joc Pederson is back with the Dodgers after he was reportedly traded to the Los Angeles Angels, but the deal fell through.  The baseball equivalent of “hey, you don’t mind if I cheat if I come back?”


Wanna get away, 2nd version? As my friend Dwight Perry points out.
“Red-faced Target officials apologized after four Twin Cities stores offered “Minnesota Badgers” onesies for sale.
No word on how the fresh shipment of “Green Bay Vikings” kiddie shirts is selling in Milwaukee.”

Derrick Jones Jr. edged Aaron Gordon in a controversial NBA All-Star dunk contest.  And if you’re seriously still upset about that you might need a life.


About the Westerdam being a Carnival cruise ship… Well, it’s not like the ship has its company on the side or anything. Oh wait, never mind. 




Meanwhile 44 Americans on Diamond Princess have now tested positive for coronavirus.

“Today’s 62nd running of the  Daytona 500 has been postponed due to inclement weather.”  #ETTD  (Everything Trump Touches Dies.)


If we’re going to quarantine people who’ve been exposed to something seriously toxic, when does the quarantine start for anyone who’s worked for Trump White House?

Reminder to anyone slamming any Democratic candidate over a record that includes compromises. Uh, with all due respect, the only way you regularly get things done in a non-dictatorship is to compromise.

Trump Presidents Day fundraising email. “Right now, you can take 25% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER at the only Official Trump Store…” Translation, if the RNC doesn’t buy it we can’t give this sh*t away.

And okay, political soap box time , yeah, I”ve become  an  Amy Klobuchar fan,  yeah, she shouldn’t have forgotten the name of President of Mexico. But who hasn’t forgotten a name?   And Amy won’t forget unjustly maligned immigrants, or for that matter, Americans who want their democracy back.


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Pitchers and catchers have reported, spring training games start next week.  When is spy camp?


Call me a cynic, and I’m not an Astros fan, but too soon to start a pool on what other MLB teams might have been playing similar, but not as effective, cheating strategies?

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane made some incredibly tone-deaf statements yesterday. Delta CEO Ed Bastian – hold our overpriced beer.

Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta says he always asks permission before he reclines his seat. Want to start a pool on how often he’s been seated in coach?

Delta CEO says you should always ask permission before reclining your seat. Because everyone in coach should be happy enough eating cake?


Zion Williamson said meeting former President Barack Obama was one of his top life experiences. “This could be No. 1. I  don’t want to say it is No. 1 right now because the draft might be 1, but this is definitely top two.”

“Zion overrated” tweets from Trump in 3.2.1…

So who will Trump demand be locked up for not locking McCabe up?

See’s Candies at about 6p PST sending emails reminding us “it’s not too late, we’re open until 9pm.” Now, anniversaries and birthdays can be hard, but if you forgot it was Valentine’s Day and your significant other likes chocolate, you just might have bigger problems than candy.

Yeah, a bad time to have a brain cramp and forget President of Mexico when talking to Telemundo. Even Pete said “Lopez Obrador, I hope.” But Steyer, Klobuchar and Buttigieg took the time to show up…. unlike Sanders, Biden, Warren and Bloomberg.

Scene in every Presidential candidate’s war rooms tonight…. World Leader Flash Cards.

To be fair, does anyone think Trump knows the President of Mexico?

Former Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti has been found guilty of extortion. Well, they got off to a rocky start but seems this is the kind of guy Trump might want to pardon then hire.

Bang out those strikes.

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Astros owner Jim Crane on sign-stealing “Our opinion is that this didn’t impact the game.” Uh, if they didn’t think it impacted the game then why did Houston do it?


The Astros made a bad situation worse today, but given the fact that no other team has publicly called for them to give the World Series trophy back, have to assume they just might not be the only MLB team with some sort of electronic cheating.

The Astros press conference was so defensive and lacking in real remorse it might earn them another White House invitation.

Not all change is bad. MLB this season will require, barring injury, any starter or reliever must face three batters, or pitch until the inning is over, before coming out of the game.
What a disappointment though to fans who love to see three or more pitchers per inning. Both of them.

ESPN reports Eastern Kentucky LB Michael Harris, who recently transferred from Auburn, was arrested this week in Grove City, Ohio on four different charges, after he hoisted a police officer over his head, almost body-slamming the cop before they both fell.  Harris was booked into the Franklin County Jail, which has also been housing a pair of Ohio State football players accused of rape.

What a week for football in Ohio.  Are we sure Urban Meyer isn’t somehow involved?


If any Republicans think that their surrender to Donald Trump during the impeachment trial will keep them in his good graces, they should watch Lou Dobbs attack Bill Barr tonight.

Barr says the president “has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case.” Right. Donald never ASKS anything. He orders.


So Sean Spicer and Hope Hicks are being rehired by the White House. This is the Presidential version of dumpster diving.

For a man who always says he hires “the best people” Trump sure ends up deciding a lot of them are liars and idiots.


Like him or not, James Carville doesn’t mince words. “Last night on CNN, Bernie called me a political hack. That’s exactly who the f**k I am!” I am a political hack! I’m not an ideologue. I’m not a purist. He thinks it’s pejorative. I kinda like it! At least I’m not a communist.”

The pain, the pain

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The Ohio State Medical Board ruled against Browns or Bengals fans who said they experienced enough pain to qualify for medical marijuana. But what about those who are Browns/Bengals fans AND fans of the Cavs and Reds?

Jameis Winston, who last season threw 30 interceptions in one season, just had Lasik surgery. 30 passes to someone in the wrong uniform. Does Lasik correct color blindness ?

On a nonpolitical but potentially still controversial note, heard former NBA player Tom Tolbert on KNBR suggest an idea for instant replay I’ve considered before and agree with: In all sports, you get 60 seconds. If you can’t see enough to overturn the play in that time, the call stands. Period.

Deval Patrick has dropped out of the Presidential race. Shocking millions of Americans who didn’t realize he was in it.


Larry Ellison is holding a fundraiser for Donald Trump.  As if he wasn’t already one of the most disliked people in high-tech.

After Trump tweeted about Roger Stone’s prison sentence, Lindsey Graham said “I don’t think he should be commenting on cases in the system. I don’t think that’s appropriate.”
Too soon to start a pool on when Graham pivots and says Donald was just being Presidential?

“If the lion knew his own strength, hard were it for any man to rule him.” Nope, not spoken about Trump. Thomas More, in the 1500s. And how’d that work out for most of those who enabled Henry VIII?

Occam’s Razor says Trump’s cutting a scheduled pay raise for Federal workers is because he’s still livid over the federal workers who he thinks have betrayed him by telling the truth.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price has resigned. Well, guess no future employer will need to ask “why did you leave your last job?


Vetting candidates matters. But just like all pitchers have ERAs, anyone who has spent any time in politics has made mistakes in their past. But come on folks, all the bad things everyone in the Democratic field have done together add up to less than an average Trump week.

Good news.

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The real winner in tonight’s Democratic primary?   Iowa over New Hampshire.


The only way Amy Klobuchar might have sounded happier tonight is if the Vikings had made it to the Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow, 32, starts NY Mets spring training this week and says he is still driven to someday play in MLB. Or even with the Mets.


Elizabeth Warren- very classy. “I want to congratulate my friend and colleague Amy Klobuchar for showing just how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out.”

Okay, who had Amy getting more votes in New Hampshire than Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren? Now all you liars put your hands down.

Under Barr, can we rename it the Injustice Department?

Elizabeth  Warren nails it. “Susan Collins said Donald Trump has learned a lesson. He has – the lesson is that he can do anything he wants.”.

Under Barr, can we rename it the Injustice Department?
So I must have missed it, when did Susan Collins, who voted for him, announce that she was “very troubled” by William Barr?
Former Massachusetts Governor Deval  Patrick announce he  will  end his  2020 presidential bid. Shocking millions of Americans who didn’t realize he was running.

PSA, EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRATIC Presidential candidate has done something you disagree with. And the longer they have been in public service, the more “somethings” there will be. Get over it, or we will have 4 more years of Trump. Thank you.

Joe Biden says Democrats can run Mickey Mouse against Donald Trump and have a chance. Well, if Mickey offers everyone free Disney tickets Joe might be right.

Andrew Yang is dropping out of the Presidential race. I guess he did the math.

Jussie Smollett should be in jail
So should Roger Stone.
It’s not that hard.