Not so sure things…

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Am hearing over and over and over how well-rested the Yankees will be in ALCS. Yeah, that worked out so well in the World Series for the 2012 Tigers.

Rays drew 32,251 fans for yesterday’s win against Astros, their largest home crowd of season. To put that in perspective, 12 MLB teams AVERAGED more than 32,000 for the season.

Among those fans had to wonder if Rays flew in Pablo Sandoval to sit in the dugout as an anti-Verlander lucky charm.

Although in Los Angeles, tickets for NLDS game 5 Wednesday night against the National, which will decide who goes to NLCS, are going on Stubhub as low as $42.  Maybe Dodgers fans don’t want to pay that much to be in the stadium for the 3rd through 6th innings?

Trump talking about “a record sell-out crowd at the Target Center.” Which means he probably won’t outdraw the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Wild.

(or maybe even the NBA Lynx.)

Isn’t refusing to cooperate with an impeachment inquiry itself an impeachable offense?

Trump sent Pelosi a letter about impeachment – “Given that your inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation, any pretense of fairness, or even most elementary due process protections, the Executive Branch cannot be expected to participate in it.”

Uh, the defendant doesn’t get to set rules for the trial.

Barr now says Congress shouldn’t have gotten the information they needed to investigate Watergate. How long until Trump tweets that Nixon also was the victim of a coup?

Right-wing websites are reporting that Trump has activated U.S. Marine reserves to respond to an “emergency within the United States,” -and might be called upon to defend the White House” from a potential “illegal coup” by the “deep state.”
This would be almost funny if it didn’t seem so completely Trumpian.


Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is demanding Trump pay security costs of $530,000 to use the city-owned Target Center for his rally, or cancel the event.
Trump is not pleased. Well, it’s not as if he’s left cities holding the bag and not paid in the past….
Oh wait, never mind..

Just for the fun of it, there’s a twitter hashtag game tonight #ImpeachASong.  First two efforts  “Tweet Surrender,” and of course Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Criminal.”


What can Browns not do for you?

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You think you’re having a bad day. You could have Baker Mayfield in your fantasy football league.

It’s been a few years since Sergio Romo left SF to sign with the Dodgers. And while Giants fans will always remember him fondly we won’t miss those hanging sliders.

Why I love Jessica Mendoza on ESPN covering baseball. When Max Muncy hit a very high pop fly in the rain, she calls attention to the fact that, maybe because of the weather, he ran it out at full steam, and would have been on 2nd had it dropped.

Redskins fired Jay Gruden after an 0-5 start. He was the 5th coach under Dan Snyder, who bought the team before the 1999 season. None of them have had a winning record.
New slogan? “Washington Redskins – a fine-tuned machine owned by a stable genius.”

Now James Harden trying to calm the waters after Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted support for Hong Kong protestors “We apologize. You know, we love China. We love playing there… They show us the most important love.”
Translation, there is no love more important than the love of $$$$.

As NBA genuflects before China and Chinese money who’s in charge of keeping Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr away from reporters?


An anonymous “senior” White House official called reporters to deny a media report that Pentagon was “blindsided” by Trump’s Syria pullout.
Waiting for Donald to tweet an attack on the offending network – Fox News.

So who’s going to be Toto and pull the curtain away to expose the “great and unmatched” Wizard of Oz?

Turkish jets have already struck Kurdish targets in northern Syria today. So Donald really has delivered on his birthday president to Vlad.


That moment when your QB rating is 13.4 and it’s still higher than your team’s point total.

Well, give Trump credit for some economic stimulus. After Nickelback demanded he take down their song “Photograph” as part of his anti-Biden tweet, Billboard said downloads for the track surged 569%,

Marco Rubio, Jim Jordan and Roy Blunt are now saying Trump telling China to investigate Joe Biden was just a joke.
Right, like “Russia, if you’re listening…”

One bit of good news for the planet today. Reportedly Jared Kushner will lead Trump’s impeachment defense.


Trump claimed today his poll numbers went up “17% in the past few days.” Is he talking about a poll of the voices in his head?

On the outs…

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Lots of managers deciding to throw top starters into relief roles in 2019 MLB playoffs. – The Nationals’ Patrick Corbin reminded us, it’s not as easy as Madison Bumgarner made it look.

Alden Gonzalez of ESPN pointed out Dodgers against Nats in NLDS Game 3 “had 8 RBIs by players who fell behind in the count 0-2, the most by any MLB team in a game all season.”
And SF Giants pitchers were somehow not involved.

Atlanta Braves now saying they “look forward to a continued dialogue with those in the Native American community” after the season. This after Cardinals reliever Ryan Helsley, who is Cherokee, said it was “a shock” to hear the tomahawk chop chant at Sun Trust stadium.
Now, Helsley IS a rookie. But the Braves have only been doing the chop chant since 1991. Can’t imagine how anyone would be surprised.

Just guessing anyone who bet on the Saints goal of being 3-3 with Brees out for six games might be feeling okay tonight.   

Houston Texans had scored 78 points in 4 games. They scored 53 against Falcons today.
Their offense went through Atlanta faster than Sherman.

Ben Roethlisberger, who’s out for the year, was fined $5k ffor wearing an Apple Watch on sidelines. Good to see NFL has their priorities in order.

Dallas coach Jason Garrett was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct,in the Cowboys’ loss to Green Bay today, specifically for “abusive language toward an official.”
Owner Jerry Jones’s response “Oh, I hope the little darling didn’t hear something he hadn’t heard before.”
Sometimes I wonder, how has Jones not been offered a job in Trump administration?

China’s official basketball association going to suspend cooperation with Rockets after Houston’s GM tweeted supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong
Guessing if they look for a new team partner China won’t be talking to the San Antonio Spurs.

Trump reportedly told House Republicans impeachment is a “bad thing to have on your resume.” Well, why doesn’t he just treat impeachment like everything else he feels guilty about and pretend it never happened?

Wow, Trump sounds so old & over the top unhinged tonight on Twitter half expect him to go outside and scream at Secret Service agents stationed outside to get off his White House lawn.

Is there ANYONE who has worked in Trump administration who still has their reputation intact?

Men and boys

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Astros pitchers are, mostly,  making opposing batters all look like SF Giants hitters at Oracle Park this season.

Gerrit Cole struck out 15 over 7⅔ shutout innings.  But then Roberto Osuna loaded the bases with no out, gave up a run, walked the bases loaded again with one out, and was pulled before Houston finally won, 3-1.  Maybe mean bitch karma has at least mixed feelings about someone suspended 80 games for domestic violence.

Four games into Rutgers’ season QB Art Sitkowski and RB Raheem Blackshear have opted to redshirt, basically meaning this season doesn’t count for them.
You can do that, asked most of the Miami Dolphins?

Who knew “next man up” would end up being Stanford’s quarterback slogan? #Nerdnation

Wildest story of the morning might be Glenlivet coming up with alcoholic tide pods. By comparison this seems strangely sane in the Trump era.

Pretty sure history will be much kinder to Mitt Romney than Donald Trump.

Trump now says he “didn’t want to make the call” to Ukraine’s President ” The only reason I made the call was because Rick (Perry) asked me to.” So is he claiming Perry thought Zelensky should try out for DWTS?

Trump now blaming former Texas Governor and DWTS alum Rick Perry, saying he “didn’t want to make the call” to Ukraine’s President- ” The only reason I made the call was because Rick asked me to.”
Five words. “Damn I miss Molly Ivins.”  (For those who forget, she called him “Governor Goodhair.”)

Susan Collins “I thought the president made a big mistake by asking China to get involved in investigating a political opponent, it’s completely inappropriate.”

So she’s very very troubled?


Trump “War Room” on Twitter attacking Hunter Biden for allegedly being paid $50,000 a month by a Ukranian company.
So they’re saying Hunter has to be a fool to take so little money compared to Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka?

Fall in full swing

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As an SF Giants fan, thinking torture is much easier to watch when it’s not YOUR team administering the torture.

But NLDS game delayed in 7th in Los Angeles by a beach ball on the field. And some Dodgers fans wonder why SF Giants fans ridicule them.

As an SF Giants fan must admit I think Clayton Kershaw is a very decent human being. If Madison Bumgarner signs somewhere else in free agency maybe Clayton can leave Dodgers and team up with him. I could root for that team… (as long as it wasn’t the Yankees.)

Four playoff games today, and two, Rays vs Astros and Twins vs Yankees are only available on FS1 and MLB TV respectfully. Which many homes and most hotels don’t have. Way to grow a fan base MLB!

San Jose Mercury news says lawyers representing Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes want to quit because she isn’t paying them. Gosh, and who might have thought Holmes would be dishonest?

Agustin Huneeus, a, former Napa Valley vineyard owner was sentenced to five months in prison today for helping his daughter cheat on her SATs and fake being a top water polo player to get her into USC.
One of the wines his winery made… Faust.

“As President I have an obligation to end CORRUPTION.”
Sounds like a great first line for Trump’s resignation speech.

This one’s for GOP members of Congress still afraid to say a word against Trump, and especially Bible verse quoting Marco Rubio – from Leviticus 26:36-39
“And the sound of a driven leaf will chase them, and even when no one is pursuing they will flee as though from the sword, and they will fall.

It’s after midnight on Friday night and POTUS is not enjoying an evening with his family or watching sports but rather obsessively tweeting about Democratic primary polls. Add Joe Biden to the list of people who lives rent-free in Trump’s head.




Okay, so maybe Trump is a Yankees fan, not a Nationals fan, fair enough. Maybe. But Amy Kobluchar took time to tweet support of her Twins, even though they lost. Trump rants and ignores both NY and Washington wins. #Sad.

Maybe it was the uniforms

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How were the Rams supposed to keep a straight face on Thursday night football.


Ouch, Braves’ star Ronald Acuna Jr failed to run out a ball tonight that ended up hitting off the wall,  ending up with a single instead of a double.   In an inning where at second base he might have ended up score. Well, not like Braves lost a one-run game or anything.

Oops, never mind.

Mets fired Manager Mickey Callaway after he went 163-161 in two years as manager. Orioles fans wonder, did they fire him for overachieving?

Watching the Nationals  listless performance today you’d almost think they won a big game the other night, celebrated and then flew cross country….


Maybe we should bookmark this when we have a Democrat back in the White House. Mike Pence today “The American people have a right to know whether or not the vice president of the United States or his family profited from his position.”


So Jacob Wohl comes out with this story about a 24 yr-old Marine who had sex with Elizabeth Warren. And Warren has gotten #Cougars2020 trending. Have never liked Elizabeth more.


Nobel Peace Prize will be announced next week and British oddsmakers have made Greta Thunberg the favorite. This will make Trump so angry he may start a war.

Trump is now retweeting himself. This remake of “Sybil” really s*cks.

We’re going to have a nationwide whistle shortage. #IRSWhistleblower

Trump this am. “China should start an investigation into the Bidens because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.” Meanwhile, China has approved over 30 trademarks for Ivanka, including clothes, child care centers, & yes, voting machines.


Forget a pardon, maybe the lure we really need to get Trump out of the White House is to promise him the biggest resignation parade in history

Hey Rays

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When a team makes postseason, an exaggerated number of people will claim they were hard core fans who showed up all season. So with Rays wonder if we’ll hear that from over 100 people?


Rays payroll on Opening Day 2019 was $60 million. To put that in perspective it’s about what the Tigers and Mets paid for just Miguel Cabrera and Yoenis Céspedes.

Maybe the Rays are onto something for motivation, if the team ends up with a World Series share it might double most players’ salary.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin wants kids to participate in “Bring Your Bible to School Day. “I would encourage you, please, don’t just bring your Bible to school, but read your Bible. Bring it, share it with others. If you have an extra Bible, bring it and share it with somebody who doesn’t have one, who maybe has never read this book.”
And presumably Jewish kids bring their Torahs, Mormons bring the Book of Mormon, and Muslim students bring their Koran?

From my Twitter friend Bridget…. “Trump walked out on the President of Finland because as any woman he’s ever been with would tell you, he’s always done early and he’s never around for the Finnish.”

Latest investigation of House Oversight Committee is alleged big prepaid bookings of room blocks at Trump hotels – including by a foreign government – where guests never showed up, but the hotels got to keep the money. And presumably resell the rooms.
So it isn’t enough that Trump DC is the most overpriced hotel in town?

Jacob Wohl apparently is now trying to sell a sex scandal story involving Elizabeth Warren. Oh, please. And actually with millions of Americans a sex scandal might make Warren more rather than less popular.

While I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if he dropped out, Bernie Sanders’ Democratic primary opponents are all sending him good wishes on Twitter. No acknowledgement from Trump. Donald’s again probably annoyed that it takes headlines from him.


Lost in the craziness today, Trump goes after Adam Schiff for going after Mike Pompeo “who graduated from Harvard Law School.”
Uh, Schiff’s law degree is from…Harvard Law School

If anyone had an elderly parent talking like Trump talked this morning they’d be calling their doctor about involuntary commitment this afternoon.