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Dr Oz wants his supporters to get 10 people to vote before the Steelers game. Okay then. It’s a bye week for Pittsburgh. Next Steelers game is November 13. Against the New Orleans Saints

Who Dat Idiot Oz who thinks he can pass for someone from Pennsylvania?

An extra fun thing as a SF Giants fan rooting for Yordan Alvarez to help Dusty Baker win his first managerial World Series – the Houston Astros got Alvarez in 2016 from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Mixed feelings watching LSU win tonight because I am not a fan of coach Brian Kelly.

On the other hand, amusing to think how Alabama is already crafting the narrative as to why as a 2-3 loss team they should still be in the CFB Playoff.

How many people who show up at President Biden rallies with “Socialism S*cks” signs can afford to be there because they’re on social security?

So if Fox News and conservative media is 100 percent pro GOP while CNN and mainstream media is 50 – 50, math says that’s 75 percent Republican viewpoints being put out there.

Stephen Miller’s racist and dishonest PAC “Citizens for Sanity” is now attacking President Biden for sending money to help Ukraine.

We’ve now gotten to the point that Republicans hate ALL democracies.

Again, all these right-wing Velveeta Voldemort Republicans are pretending to be moderate for general election in purple states. If you need a reminder. how many SCOTUS nominees pretended to be moderate on Roe V. Wade?

GOP talks about banning abortion, cutting Social Security and Medicare. GOP wants to cut public education. GOP has said gay marriage and birth control are on the table, And this is what they say with their OUTSIDE voices. Imagine what they whisper about in private. #VoteBlue

Colin Jost on Weekend Update on Velveeta Voldemort Jr posting disgusting Halloween joke about Paul Pelosi with picture of a huge pair of underpants and a hammer. “Don Jr. is probably the expert at getting hammered in his underwear.”

Meanwhile on Twitter – Since it’s gonna cost $8 a month for the blue check NOT having a blue check may be the new verification – as in verifying you won’t fall for Muskrat’s scam.

If Muskrat wanted Twitter to become that oxymoron Truth Social it would have been cheaper just to buy Truth Social.


Before dawn

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Oregon State – Washington college football game came down to the last minute Friday night. And ended even on the West Coast after 11:15pm. Yes, 2:15a on the East Coast.

Forget “Pac 12 after dark,” this is more like “football for insomniacs or men with prostrate problems.

2022 Brooklyn Nets. Started 2-6

Finally suspended Kyrie Irving for retweeting post on anti-semitic movie (& not apologizing.)

Fired Steve Nash & probably hiring Ime Udoka, fired himself for inappropriate relationship w/ Celtics team employee.

Nets 2022 slogan “Hold our beer.”

Kevin Durant on the Kyrie Irving suspension “I just didn’t like anything that went on. I feel like it was all unnecessary. I felt like we could have just kept playing basketball and kept quiet as an organization.”

There’s a reason Gregg Popovich and San Antonio Spurs never made a move to try to sign or trade for Kevin Durant.

Meanwhile Nike suspended their relationship with Kyrie Irving “We are deeply saddened and disappointed.”

As in “deeply saddened and disappointed we’ve already had all those Kyrie 8 shoes made we can’t sell now?

In all seriousness, with unemployment under 4%, and Muskrat changing all the rules at Twitter, including eliminating remote work, why does Elon think the employees he isn’t firing won’t quit?

So with an $8 a month fee and no verification at a time when Twitter is worried about losing users, will a blue check become the functional equivalent of “I’m with Stupid?”

Something perhaps for independent and moderate voters to ask themselves. Leaving politics aside, would you trust some of these Republican candidates to watch your dog or cat while you went away for a weekend?

Stephen Colbert was a repeat Friday night, but this stands out “71% of Americans think democracy is at risk. But only 7% identified this as the most important problem facing our country. Kind of hard to fix anything else without a functioning democracy.”

Media: “Leading Democrats aren’t speaking out.”

Democratic leaders: Speak out and campaign across the country.

Media: So what crazy thing did Velveeta Voldemort, Kari Lake or Herschel Walker say today?

See the problem

Dear Media.

On Sunday Nov. 6, Pete Buttigieg & Amy Klobuchar are going back to New Hampshire together to campaign for Maggie Hassan.

If Pete & Amy promise to insult each other at some point THEN would you cover it?

Sincerely, Americans tired of only clickbait coverage.

Battle of the aged.

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Astros hang on barely for a 3-2 win. Dusty Baker and Justin Verlander are a combined 112 years old. Right about now they feel more like about 212.

Open message to some castigating Dusty Baker for leaving McCullers in too long in World Series Game 3, but now complaining he took Javier out too early in Game 4 after 97 no-hit pitches. There’s a reason Dusty is managing yet another MLB team deep into postseason & you’re not.

Even Tim McCarver listening to John Smoltz is thinking, “John, can you just STFU for a minute?”

Being born in South Africa and then immigrating from Canada, Muskrat could never run for President. Is his having bought Twitter his way of saying, “If I can’t be quarterback I’m going to buy and tank the team?

So if all of us real people on Twitter who take this app seriously refuse to pay $8 a month, a blue check will just mean you’re a sucker, paying for advertising, and/or being bankrolled by a PAC or foreign adversary?

Good news. Paul Pelosi has been released from hospital. Bad news: Conservative media like Fox News STILL refuses to acknowledge what this was – the planned assassination of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Georgia voters, forget flying plane. Would you trust Herschel Walker to pick up your kids from school & get them home safely? Or to be your cat or dog sitter when you were on vacation? Walker cannot be trusted, period. Especially in the Senate. Vote for Reverend Warnock.

Hey drama loving media. Here’s a question to get you some headlines. Ask GOP candidates POINT-BLANK on camera. “If you believe life begins at conception & you are anti-choice, will you be voting to ban IVF treatments?”

Stephen Colbert talking about Arizona Secretary of State GOP candidate Mark Finchem , part of “Stop the Steal, AND January 6 mob. “You don’t get to attack democracy & then ask to run it. That’s like a bank robber saying ‘put money in the bag but also a job application.”

Lost in election noise, Louis DeJoy still Postmaster General. My ballot’s been received but mailed papers for work 1st class certified mail from Calif to Chicago on Oct 27. On Nov 3 it’s still somewhere “in transit.” If you haven’t mailed ballot, drop it off in person.

What a difference a game makes.

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Anyone want to complain tonight about Dusty Baker’s handling his pitching staff in the World Series?

And good for the Astros as far as putting attention on baseball.

Not only did the team combine for the second-no hitter in MLB history, they did it on a night when there was no NCAA or NFL football.

Stephen Colbert, on an Arizona judge who ruled against armed “poll watchers.” Arizona judge ruled armed election monitors to stay 250 feet away from drop boxes.

“I think it’s fair to say, democracy is in danger when ballot boxes take out a restraining order.”

DOJ doesn’t grant immunity like people give out candy on Halloween. How long until Velveeta Voldemort says he never knew Kash Patel

Murders in major cities have actually gone DOWN in 2022 from 2021. But you would never know it from Fox News. Which covers every murder in a blue state they can find, especially if the suspect is a person of color. Fear itself is winning.

Among the more ridiculous things GOP wants us to believe is that election liar Ginni Thomas never talked to her husband about the 2020 election.

Kari Lake denies that she mocked Paul Pelosi being attacked, despite her laughing and joking on video about the attack during a campaign event. Should we be shocked that an election liar wants us to believe her over our lying eyes and ears?

Mike Pence on Instagram “I was always loyal to president Tr*mp but in the end came on difficult times.” Might “Difficult times” be the best understatement ever for “he tried to have me killed?”

All joking aside, , here’s really terrifying thing about possibility of some radical GOP candidates winning in the midterms: Americans always say, if it doesn’t work out, we can vote them out. But many radical Republican election liars want to eliminate future fair elections.

Outta here and outta here and outta here..

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Turned on what I thought was World Series Game Three and it appears instead to be a Home Run Derby.


That score, for all those who think the 2022 World Series is over because of Phillies shellacking the Astors in game 3, was the score in game 5 of the 2002 World Series, SF Giants over Angels. Then Giants took 5-0 lead in game 6. And we all know how that turned out.

And now Brooklyn Nets ‘have agreed to part ways’ with head coach Steve Nash.

But they’re keeping Kyrie Irving.

If you needed a reason to cheer for any other NBA team.

Herschel Walker has home in gated community in Dallas. J.D. Vance has house in San Francisco. Dr. Oz has mansion in New Jersey. None of them give a flying fig newton about states they want to represent in US Senate. Georgia, Ohio & Pennsylvania, vote blue for your states!

Besides being the husband of the Speaker of the House, Paul Pelosi is an 82 year old man at that.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that some of same GOP who want to cut off seniors from Medicare/Social Security don’t give a d*mn about if seniors get assaulted.

Lindsey Graham loves a microphone and the camera. Shouldn’t he be thrilled at the chance to testify in Georgia? Heck, put it on pay-per-view and use the money to help save social security. #ratings

Dear Americans.

Democrats are not taking your guns.

Republicans do want to take your Medicare, your Social security, your reproductive rights, your voting rights… #VoteBlue

As awful as the attack on Paul Pelosi was…. this part of the story isn’t getting enough attention:

Today’s motion to detain suspect said he allegedly “named several targets, including a local professor, several prominent state & federal politicians and their relatives.”

Fox News has been talking about Paul Pelosi’s attacker being dangerous immigrant. Suspect is from Canada.

Although speaking of dangerous people coming here from Canada, you know who applied for a Canadian passport through Canadian-born mother before he moved to USA?- – Elon Musk

(And of course there’s cancun cruz.)

CNN reporting in some close Senate races – North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, there aren’t high profile candidates.

But Cheri Beasley is great candidate, And Catherine Cortez Masto & Maggie Hassan are great Senators. They aren’t crazy.

CNN thinks crazy sells. #VoteBlue

World not so serious.

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Justin Verlander hasn’t done very well on the mound in World Series appearances, but some off field social media kudos. When the Astros bus pulled up to Citizen’s Bank Park today, some Phillies fans were taunting Houston players, including flippng the bird.

Verlander flipped a few birds back – Then posted on Twitter – “Whole interaction was in jest as all the fans around you were just saying hello in their native tongue. So I responded in kind.”

World Series game 3 postponed for rain. Well with the expanded playoffs pushing postseason into November, MLB is lucky it isn’t snow.

Rachel Maddow nails it tonight: GOP mantra has become “Elections don’t count.” I’m so old I remember when Republicans wanted to win by getting a majority of votes…

Stephen Colbert on Halloween “To all the kids out there still riding a sugar high, welcome to late night!.” What Stephen really needed to add, and to all the school teachers out there, with four days left in the week, you have my devout sympathies

Now Velveeta Voldemort writes the election was “stollen”. Talk about icing on the cake to prove the guy is nutty as a fruitcake..

United Airlines waiver puts it clinically “Brazil Political Event- Extended Oct 28 – Nov 13. Travel waiver for voluntary changes for travel to/from/through Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo

“Political Event” = President not conceding election loss. What’s US going to be like Nov 9?

Remember when Obama beat McCain. And Senator McCain was on Colbert talking about his loss. “I sleep like a baby. Woke up every two hours and cry.”

It just gets worse on Fox News – now they are working on “illegal immigrant” angle on Pelosi’s attacker.

Because he was apparently born in Canada and came to US about 20 years ago and they don’t know his legal status. What’s next? Demands for a wall on the northern border?

Paul Pelosi is still in ICU.

And not a single Republican who joked about the attack on him has apologized.

“Deplorable” is way too mild.

And Kari Lake was still joking Monday afternoon at a campaign about the attack. There really is no bottom.

Who dat cat

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The voodoo cat is irreplacable. But the voodoo kitten is learning her job.

Basketball is not politics. And the NBA season is young.

But the pundits said San Antonio would win 20 games out of 82.

Seven games into the season they’re 5-2. Pundits can be wrong.

In football you don’t have to worry about the redundant phrase ‘complete game shutout.’ But for New Orleans Saints today’s effort against the Las Vegas Raidersat was a complete game. And for the defense, a shutout.

If North Carolina elects her to the Senate, Cheri Beasley will help create a lot of new jobs in the state.

One job, however, was probably already created by Eddy Pinero on Sunday – Carolina Panthers place-kicker.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels ”

“I apologize to Raider Nation for that performance and, again, I own that. That’s my responsibility.”

Uh, even as a Saints fan, when you lose 24-0 to a 2-5 team, I think the responsibility just might go a little further than the coach.

Michelle Wolf made joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “perfect smokey eye makeup…” and GOP along with conservative media lost their collective minds.

Glenn Youngkin jokes about Nancy Pelosi and her husband after Paul Pelosi was attacked & injured with a hammer…and crickets.

On SNL – Cecily Strong as Kari Lake asked about 2020 election denial. “Can you media types just get over the one thing I made the centerpiece of my campaign for months…” And, “If the people of Arizona elect me I’ll make sure they never have to vote ever again.

I’m thinking nostalgically back to the days when “Vote for the Worst” was only a thing on American Idol.

Not an SNL skit. CNN reports Maggie Hassan’s GOP Senate opponent shared at a Thursday event the hoax claim children are being told they can identify as cats & use litter boxes in schools.

But yeah, the GOP hasn’t become a cult… #sarcasm

One reason I’m such an Amy Klobuchar fan is she gets to the point. After a discussion on social media security she was asked “Now that Elon Musk runs Twitter do you trust him?”

“No, I do not.”

But while I post a lot on Amy Klobuchar. Cory Booker is also a really good Senator.

He’s traveled to campaign recently for Warnock, Beasley, Hassan, Fetterman & Bennet.

This week his plan is to hel Whitmer, Barnes & Cortez Masto. Amy & Cory are working very hard.

Media would prefer to cover the train wrecks in Congress and say Democrats aren’t fighting.

0 for something

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I LIKE Justin Verlander but if we’re talking World Series, forget comparison to equally bad Clayton Kershaw.

Justin’s WS line so far 8 games, 0-6, 6.07 ERA,

Compared to 5 games, 4-1 0.25 ERA There is only one Madison Bumgarner. #ForeverGiant

If Astros get another 4-0 lead in World Series they should either only score two runs or not score at all until Phillies score a run. Dusty Baker clearly is cursed with 5-0 leads. –

Brooklyn Nets issued statement condemning Kyrie Irving’s promotion of an antisemitic film.

This after Irving’s anti-vax, flat-earth statements etc.

So question is, how long until Kyrie’s skills diminish enough that teams & advertisers cut him loose?

Reports that Paul Pelosi, 82, had presence of mind at 2 am to call 911 & speak in code to dispatcher to get police to home ASAP.

Otherwise outcome might well have been sadly different

Susan Collins only few weeks ago “I wouldn’t be surprised if senator or House member were killed,”

Meanwhile Fox News on Pelosi attack gone from

“no motive”


“linked to radical nudist”

Same Fox News wants to shut down border if 1 immigrant so much as injures someone in car accident.

to Laura Ingraham: “will Democrats attempt to use actions of one lone lunatic to chill political speech?”

Fox News now headlining Paul Pelosi assault subject was “concerning online presence and ties to radical nudist activist.”

The man posted videos from the My Pillow Guy, along with COVID, January 6 and Q-Anon conspiracy theories. There is no bottom.

ESPN headline – “Rams WR Cooper Kupp: ‘All NFL games should be played on grass.” Guess he’s talking about artificial turf. But Kupp could be talking about legalized marijunana.

Velveeta Voldemort loved to accuse Democrats of a “war on Christmas.

Velveeta Voldemort is fundraising by selling “Let’s go Brandon.” Christmas wrapping paper. No joke.

Jesus wept.

Anyone who predicts 2022 midterm results at this point is guessing.

But there is a method to the madness of GOP election deniers. If they win, they will gloat. If they lose, they will claim cheating.

Democracy in these cases has become playing Candyland with a three year old.

And look, I have a twisted sense of humor. But I am not an elected official and yeah, some things I don’t say even in writing..

Anyone else waiting for Glenn Youngkin to apologize for his ill-conceived joke about Paul and Nancy Pelosi?

Who dat bad?

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The New Orleans Saints are 2-5. If they win on Sunday they could be tied for the NL South lead.

Meanwhile, while things are tense on Twitter tonight with new ownership, at least Tom Brady and the Bucs are getting owned by the Baltimore Ravens.

Today’s GOP full of conservative family values types who nonetheless have fallen in line behind an adulterous radical because they both care about winning.

But they are apoplectic Liz Cheney has endorsed moderate Democrat Elissa Slotkin because they both care about democracy..

As a white woman I am conscious of privilege. But that moment when a troll calls you a Karen because you attack Kari Lake…. ??!!

Also that moment you are reminded… trolls are really stupid

Dear Arizona Republicans:

All snark aside, while he wouldn’t have been thrilled about the choice, you KNOW Senator John McCain in this general election would have endorsed Katie Hobbs.

GOP: We are genuflecting before a would-be Senator who admits domestic violence, has lied about the number of children he has, and has now been accused by at least two women of paying for their abortion. Also GOP: We impeached President Clinton over a consensual blow job.

GOP claims they would be better for the economy than Democrats. And for a great example on how Conservative led government focused on tax cuts for wealthy would do they point us to Great Britain and Liz Truss… Oops.

So hypothetically speaking how many women would have to allege Herschel Walker paid for their abortion before GOP Senators would distance themselves from him?

Herschel Walker is denying he paid for a 2nd abortion, adding. “I didn’t kill JFK either.” Since Walker, born March 3, 1962, was a toddler at the time of JFK’s assassination, that second statement I actually believe.

New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak no longer expected to attend COP27 climate summit in Egypt in Nov. due to “other pressing commitments.”

As any travel agent or travel planner knows- COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh is logistical nightmare. Maybe even he couldn’t get decent flight or hotel room?

WTAF? Steven McCraw said he would resign as Director of Texas Department of Public Safety after Uvalde if it turned out they had failed, but now says “As an institution, we didn’t fail the community.”

Uh, how exactly many dead children would have constituted failure?

Stephen Colbert nails on upcoming midterms saying HE knows what’s going to happen. “For the next 13 days news media is going to yank our chains like they’re trying to start a leaf blower.”

Ignore what media says. Vote like democracy depends on it. Because it does. #VoteBlue

We don’t need no stinking fans…

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Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff says fans are ‘not in favor’ of USC, UCLA move to the Big Ten.

Silly wabbit, as if fans ever had anything to do with it.

Bizarre bit of baseball trivia ahead of the World Series… this player has a 0-6 record with an ERA of 5.68 in the World Series in his career. The man is Justin Verlander. Time for that to change for Justin to help get Dusty Baker his ring. #Astros

Notice how both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are standing by their comments chewing out players on their own teams. And no one is contradicting them. Maybe the Pack & Bucs locker rooms are all just waiting for these old men to stop screaming about their lawns.

Not getting headlines yet, but as President Biden talked today about “junk fees,” if he and his Democratic administration can do something about hotel resort fees they would get true bipartisan applause. Resort fees s*ck. Period.

Thank you Trevor Noah, who correctly identified the real lead during last night’s #PADebate – Dr. Oz believes abortion should be between a woman, and her doctor and “local elected officials.” And THAT’s what Oz said with his outside voice.

Stephen Colbert nails on upcoming midterms saying HE knows what’s going to happen. “For the next 13 days news media is going to yank our chains like they’re trying to start a leaf blower.” Ignore what media says. Vote like democracy depends on it. Because it does. #VoteBlue

Some in media & on Twitter are claiming listening to John Fetterman last night was “painful.” Clearly those people have never spent much time watching C-Span 2. Listening stroke-survivor Fetterman was inspiring. Now, listening to Ted Cruz pontificate, THAT’s painful.

Yahoo News headline: “Surprising leading cause of death of pregnant women.” This is in USA so only people surprised are no doubt men: The cause is homicide, “usually linked to intimate partner violence & firearms.” Amy Klobuchar’s boyfriend loophole bill was a START to fix this.

Asking every single media pundit wringing their hands as to whether or not John Fetterman will be fit to serve in the Senate why they’re not equally concerned about re-electing Chuck Grassley, a man who will be 95 years old in his next term.

Even the reddest states require vaccines for children to attend both public and private schools – polio, MMR, chickenpox, Tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis (TDAP), etc. And even Republican leaders immunize their kids. COVID vaccine controversy is about politics, period.

Spurred on.

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San Antonio Spurs were projected to win 20-21 games in the 2022-23 season. Four games in, they’ve won three. It is just possible that Gregg Popovich is a very good coach.

Meanwhile the Los Angeles Lakers are 0-3 and shooting 21.2% on three-point attempts. 21.2%??!!! Shaquille O’Neal’s free throw percentage was almost three times as good by comparison (.582)

Aaron Judge has to have a pretty thick skin to have played in the Bronx. But still can’t have felt good to be booed repeatedly in the postseason this year by home-town fans at Yankee Stadium.

Dear Aaron, in San Francisco, fans don’t boo our stars.

Can anyone imagine if a woman politician said “local political officials” should be part of the decision making process on if unmarried men could use Viagra?

On top of the pure ableist meanness GOP is directing at John Fetterman as he recovers from a stroke (and he IS recovering), Republicans have the unmitigated gall to question John’s fitness at the same time they shrug and say Herschel Walker’s mental state doesn’t matter.

Sorry, Dr. Oz, “Local political leaders” need to stay the h*ll out of our bedrooms and our hospitals.

And for anyone paying attention it’s also obvious that that GOP has the same stategy for gay marriage -let red states refuse to accept it. The only “gaffe” on this is that Dr. Oz said the quiet part out loud.

Not that I expect decency from Mitch McConnell. But you’d think a polio survivor would feel some responsibility to warn people about vaccines for the upcoming winter.

Hey Adidas. I don’t buy your clothes and shoes anyway so I can’t boycott.. but what took you so long to dump Ye?

Yesterday’s school shooting barely made headlines. Now reading things like “witnesses say lives saved after gunman’s weapon jammed mid-attack, & “St Louis Public Schools say police ‘quickly stopped’ the gunman. So “ONLY” two died. This is a success story?

It’s the guns, stupid.

About the same time you realize that GOP positions are so far out of the mainstream for average Americans is the moment you TRULY get why GOP’s election strategy has switched from looking for votes to voter suppression.

WTF Fox News? Just read their synopsis of Pete Buttigieg’s interview on Stephen Colbert Tuesday: “Buttigieg also shared that his mindset changed “completely” since adopting twins with his partner, Chasten.” Partner?! The word, Fox News, is HUSBAND. Pete & Chasten are married.

Two weeks to go before the midterms. For anyone who ever studied history and wondered what you might do to save democracy, this is your chance. Donate, volunteer, speak up, VOTE!

Gap in the year.

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Astros swept, Phillies won in 5. But World Series doesn’t start until Friday. I already miss baseball.

Yeah the Spurs are in an acknowledged rebuilding year.

But San Antonio IS 3-1.

Gregg Popovich coached teams do not tank.

Weird bit of trivia from across the pond.

Widely reported that Rishi Sunak is the first person of colour to be Prime Mininster of Great Britain.

He is also the first graduate of Stanford Business School to be Prime Minister of Great Britain.

If Democrats hold the House and pick up at least two Senate seats a lot of stuff will get done to benefit average Americans in the next two years.

But competence isn’t clickbait.

The media is rooting for chaos. Period.

GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski, running for re-election in Alaska, just said she will vote to re-elect Dem Rep. Mary Peltola & vice versa.

Should be great story; 2 women who care about their state more than they care about party politics.

So why isn’t it getting more attention?

When you’re innocent, you want a chance to tell the truth to clear your name.

Lindsey Graham doesn’t want to testify.

This is a lot easier to figure out than a Wordle

Another thing that would be funny if it weren’t our democracy we’re talking about:

Same GOP & conservative media who spend so much time trying to amplify the slightest Biden misstep into a sign of dementia sure do adore the “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” guy.

Winter is coming

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Dear Aaron Judge. In San Francisco fans will not boo you. Love and hint hint, #SFGiants fans.

Sports is relatively biparisan. Have cheered loudly for athletes who vote against me.

But how many true sports fans would claim they wouldn’t accept any outcomes where their team lost? And yes, I’m a Saints fan & New Orleans was scr*wed in 2019. But we didn’t riot over it.

Not condoning what the Houston Astros did in 2017. But if anyone thinks the Astros were the only team cheating with signs, I have a bridge not too far from the NY Yankees to sell them.

This is finding common ground: Ted Cruz and I are rooting for the same team in the World Series. To quote Cory Booker “not taking away my joy.”

In Dusty we trusty. #ForeverGiant

In an incredibly polarized time in America, at least most of the country could come together to enjoy Tom Brady getting his a** kicked by the Carolina Panthers today.

If MLB hadn’t expanded the playoffs in 2022 the Philadelphia Phillies, the third wild card, wouldn’t have even made the postseason. Now they’re going to the World Series.

Republicans punish undocumented immigrants, but not those who employ them. Republicans punish pregnant women, not the men who get them pregnant. See the pattern?

If you want reason to be happy about ALCS NLCS results, even if you don’t care about Astros or Phillies.. Short series, 4 & 5 games respectively, meant lot less revenue for Fox Sports.

And less opportunity for Stephen Miller’s dishonest “Citizens for Sanity” PAC to spew hate.

Something I really don’t get. Media in US seems to love idea of authoritarian leadership because they think it will be better for ratings. Have they paid attention to what happens to journalists & media in countries currently run by authoritarians? Russia, China, Hungary, Iran…

If the issue hadn’t been decided decades ago today’s Republicans would campaign against seat belt laws.

GOP likes to talk about economy. What if… you’re in school & can’t afford baby? you’re married w/ kids & can’t afford another child? you can’t afford time off work for pregnancy? you can’t afford hospital bills for nonviable fetus?

Women’s rights are economic rights.

Serious question, why does anyone watch Chuck Todd?

Velveeta Voldemort had a rally in Robstown, Texas Saturday night

Robstown, in case you didn’t know, (I didn’t) is a suburb of Corpus Christi. But apparently VV still owes El Paso $500k for 2019 rally. So maybe no bigger city would take him.

Jamie Raskin is in Michigan & Minnesota campaigning for Democrats. Cory Booker in Arizona & Connecticut campaigning for Democrats. Amy Klobuchar’s seemingly everywhere campaigning for Democrats.

But media ignores them for loser’s rally in TX & says Dems need to fight harder?

For anyone who wants to “both sides” this 2022 midterms… 1. Give me a single example of serious 2020 voter fraud. 2. Give me a single example of where 2022 voter suppression is targeted against white people.

An ill wind..

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Open note to the NY Yankees complaining about wind at Minute Maid Park. If they had wanted to have game 2 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium all they had to do was win more regular season games than the Astros. Just saying.

Todd Gurley told NFL Network that he hasn’t sent in his retirement papers, but said he doesn’t “think there’s any question” that he’s done playing football.

Translation, Gurley has no intention of coming back. Unless some team is crazy enough to pay him a ridiculous amount of money.

Now LSU Brian Kelly says instant replay in college football is “ruining the game. Wonder if he’d be as upset if his first year coaching the Tigers had a record better than 5-2.

SD’s Jurickson Profar ejected after dropping F-bomb on home plate umpire after questionable checked swing call in Padres-Phillies game Friday. With those racist despicable “Citizens for Sanity” ads airing during games, I’ve dropped several F-bombs watching postseason myself.

Glad to see Bruce Bochy back in the dugout. Even gladder to see him in the AL where he won’t manage against the SF Giants often.

Amy Klobuchar loves to use the Midwestern phrase “all foam no beer.”

Seems to me it describes Kari Lake, a TV anchor with all show and no substance, pretty well. But since Lake is from Arizona maybe better to say “all salt, no tequila?”

Or as a friend said “all worm, no tequila.”

Velveeta Voldemort’s next vanity rally is this weekend in Texas. Since Texas is such a strong second amendment state presume that means of course attendees will be allowed to bring firearms? Or at least they will be able to avoid metal detectors as he wanted on January 6?.

In North Carolina 2018 midterms:

Voter turnout of 25-30 year olds was 39%

Voter turnout of 18 to 25 year olds was 29%

Bump that up in 2022 and North Carolina will elect Cheri Beasley to the Senate!

When they’re down…

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Jose Altuve is 0-19 in the postseason season, after another very good, not record-breaking year for the Houston Astros. But Houston fans were not booing him tonight at Minute Maid Park.

Aaron Judge will either be AL MVP or the runner-up, and after an 0-8 start to postseason NY fans were booing him in Yankee Stadium.

And if some wonder why Judge might be playing his last season in pinstripes?

Clearly there are more important issues facing our country but TBS announcers salivating over the Yankees at every opportunity is annoying as h*ll.

I wasn’t even a Colin Kaepernick fan when he was with the SF 49ers and at this point watching Andy Dalton I want the Saints to give him a chance at this point.

I’d call Liz Truss the Lady Jane Grey of Prime Ministers but at least Liz will escape with her head.

Beginning to think Midwestern Nice snark originated in Great Britain after this week.

One of many excellent efforts from across the pond:

Among the lies Republicans tell is that Democrats are the party of the elite. No lie more obvious than in Ohio, where populist Congressman Tim Ryan is running against billionaire Peter Thiel funded California Venture Capitalist JD Vance.

Still processing that Amy Coney Barrett didn’t block President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. But she did go to Notre Dame Law School on a full-tuition scholarship. Is it just possible Barrett has some sympathy for middle class as long as women’s rights aren’t involved?

Understandable in tough times for global economy that most Americas are more focused on things at home instead of overseas. But today is not a bad day for us to look over to England to see how well the idea of more tax cuts for the wealthy worked out for that country.

Can someone ask Texas officials on camera why they are sending “inspectors” only to monitor Democrat-leaning counties?

Snarky but serious question to women in purple/blue states who don’t think it matters if they vote or who they vote for in Congressional or Senate races because their state protects reproductive rights. What part of “national abortion ban” do you not understand?

Boys of winter, spring, summer and fall

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2022-2023 NBA regular season started tonight. Didn’t the 2021-2022 season just end last week?

NFL second-year player and first year Tampa Bay Bucs starting Center Rainsey said of Tom Brady chewing the offensive line out last weekend “.

“Everyone can call it what they want, but I want nothing else from a quarterback than that — than the guy who’s wanting to tell us what we need to do and step up, I love that from him. I know we all love that from him. “

Could be true. On the other hand. So some almost rookie gets asked what he thinks of Tampa Bay’s future Hall of Famer’s behavior towards teammate and he’s going to call Brady out for being an a**hole?

As SCOTUS decides whether Harvard can consider race as factor in admission, Ketanji Brown Jackson has recused herself because she had been on Harvard’s board of overseers. But Clarence Thomas won’t recuse in election cases after wife Ginni tried to overturn 2020 election?

Spirit Airlines shareholders voted to be acquired by JetBlue. JetBlue “plan is to join w/ Spirit to create high-quality, low-fare national challenger to AA, Delta, United & Southwest.”

Have heard Spirit called many things, some unprintable. but never “high-quality, low fare.”

Listening to the dangerous drivel coming out of the mouth of Marsha Blackburn it is really hard sometimes to remember that Tennessee voters in my lifetime also elected Al Gore as their Senator.

Think we’ll ever know how many people died in Florida from Hurricane Ian?

If Jeffrey Dahmer were a Republican, beginning to think that today’s media would feel compelled to intersperse coverage of his murders alongside interviews with people he didn’t eat.

If you’re watching MLB playoff games you’ll see unbelievably racist anti-immigrant ads by “Citizens for Sanity?” Who are they? Per OpenSecrets, group’s board includes 3 members of America First Legal Foundation, group founded by Stephen Miller.

“Deplorable” isn’t strong enough

A friend asked, while a Stephen Miller funded group runs anti-immgrant ads during the MLB playoffs, how many players are from the Caribbean?

Yordan Alvarez is a CUBAN defector who got to the US after living in Haiti. Gleyber Torres is Venezualan. For starters.

We hardly knew ye…

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44 games, 167 ABs, 17 runs, 18 RBIs and 7 home runs. All in 2011. What the SF Giants got out of Carlos Beltran, for who they traded Zack Wheeler to the Mets. OTOH, in 2012 Giants did get Hunter Pence from Phillies for Nate Schierholtz, Tommy Joseph & Seth Rosin.

Yankees won their best of 5 series today against the Guardians. And Fox executives, still bemoaning the Dodgers’ ignominous early exit, at least don’t have to have nightmares of imagining ratings for a possible of a Cleveland-San Diego World Series.

Of course, many of these playoff games are STILL only on TBS. So average American sport fans who may not know players on the remaining teams aren’t likely to find new favorites.

Most Americans have seen or read about Herschel Walker flashing that fake badge. How many Americans know Val Demings had a 27 year career with the Orlando police department, culminating in 4 years as police chief???

Stock market, while volatile, has gone up this week. United Airlines just reported they are forecasting a higher profit in 2022 than 2019 with strong demand projected. For one example. And media keeps saying the economy will HURT Democrats?

This headline for anyone who knows ANYONE who still believes Tulsi Gabbard was ever a Democrat: “Tulsi Gabbard to campaign for Kari Lake, Blake Masters in Arizona.”

Have criticized Maggie Haberman lately for sitting on important information for her book. But also, Bob Woodward has also kept information – on COVID being airborne and now on Velveeta Voldemort bragging about having classified documents – for HIS books and audiobook.

Some Republicans and conservative media are feigning outrage at Eric Swalwell’s ad with a woman getting arrested for having an abortion. Saying it would never happen. I’m so old I remember Republicans nominees saying Roe V. Wade was settled law too.

Seriously there is a big effort by GOP politicians to pretend, as did their SCOTUS nominees, that they aren’t radical. Don’t fall for it.

Washed out

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Guardians – Yankees rained out. And your reminder that World Series after MLB owners’ lock out and extra playoffs can now go until November 5.

MLB has to be glad Red Sox, Rockies and Twins not in it. But even so, what’s coming? A snow delay?!

Headline today “”Tom Brady is not getting special treatment,” insists Bucs coach Todd Bowles.”

NBC SNL Weekend Update writers thinking ‘Can’t top that.”

Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan tonight to J.D. Vance: “You keep talking about Nancy Pelosi. You want to run against Nancy Pelosi, move back to San Francisco & run against Nancy Pelosi. You’re running against me.” To be fair, since Vance likely to move back to CA if he loses, JD may get confused.

Los Angeles Dodgers had highest payroll and most wins in baseball, but they were eliminated in the first round of 2022 playoffs by the San Diego Padres.

Maybe the team should have borrowed from GOP playbooks and just pursued strategy of saying they’d just refused to accept results they didn’t like?

It’s actually logistically simple:

If Kari Lake really though she was going to win Arizona gubernatorial election she’d say “Of course I’ll accept the results.”

Lake saying she’ll accept only if she wins is because she wants an excuse ready when she loses.

Adam Kinzinger sums it up “There is something going on in the Secret Service, either pure incompetence, all the way on the scale up to potentially very criminal activity, or just having a preference for one side or the other.” (Could be more than one of the above.)

So abortion isn’t your “issue.”

And you don’t think GOP will come for birth control

Or for marriage equality

Or for Endangered Species Act

Or for Clean Air Act

Or for Medicare Or for Social Security.

Many people thought SCOTUS wouldn’t overturn Roe v. Wade either. #VOTE

Media seems to have a story every day about President Biden being 80 years old. If they are so concerned about age why aren’t there any stories about 89 year old Chuck Grassley running for re-election. If re-elected he would be 95 in the last year of his term.

Thinking about silence from GOP after threats from Kanye & Velveeta Voldemort about Jewish people. And thinking back to 2018 when conservatives & media lost their collective minds when Democrats didn’t condemn Michelle Wolf over joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ eye shadow.

1-hundred and done.

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SF Giants won 107 games in 2021 season but fell short in NLDS against a team that won 106 games.

111 wins in 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers against an 89 win opponent in NLDS – hold our beer.

But yeah, the Los Angeles Dodgers with 111 wins, wanted to go down in history. As it turns out they did. The successors to the 116 win 2001 Seattle Mariners

From my funny friend Marc Ragovin “Only the LA City Council had a worse week than the Dodgers.”

True story: Tony Gwynn autographing baseballs at Candlestick in 1992. Took my then young son over.

Said “Tony, if SF Giants leave for Tampa we might have to become Padres fans here.” Gwynn in innocence or deadpan “You wouldn’t become Dodgers fans?” Can still hear boos ringing in ears. #BeatLA

Besides the 111 win Dodgers, the Atlanta Braves and NY Mets both won 101 games in 2022. And now they’re all going to be spending the rest of the postseason watching from their couches.

Only 100 win team left in postseason – the Houston Astros. And however you feel about the Astros, it is impossible to root against Dusty Baker

Tennessee knocked off Alabama 52-49 So can we say the tide got rolled?

(My sister suggests – the Tide got Volled..)

After losing in the last seconds against Oregon State last weekend, Stanford was likely to have lot all their remaining 2022 games.

But think most Stanford fans would agree. If the Cardinal were somehow allotted ONE additional 2022 win, while their first choice would be vs Cal, a close second would be vs Notre Dame.

So far in 2022 season Tom Brady, 45, has been warned for smashing tablets, fined for kicking another player & today was seen berating his own teammates on the sideline. What’s next Sunday in Charlotte? Brady screaming at both the Bucs & Panthers to get off his lawn?

Dana Bash asked AZ GOP Kari Lake 3 times if she would accept results of her upcoming election for governor if she loses. Lake dodged twice then said “I’m going to win election, & I will accept that result.”

I’m a sports fan who hates losing. But iImagine a sports team saying, we will only accept results if we win.

SNL Weekend Update didn’t seem particularly funny this weekend. Maybe because after the Georgia Senate debate & some of the insane BS from Dr. Oz, Kari Lake and Ron Johnson, for examples, it’s really hard to top reality with sature.

Fox News headline ” Saudi Arabia’s defense minister ‘astonished’ by ‘accusations’ that Saudis are aligned with Russia. In related news the defense minister presumably was “shocked, shocked, there is gambling in Casablanca.”

Meanwhile a former President of the United States attacks Jewish people in America – saying “U.S. Jews have to get their act together…Before it is too late.” And the media just shrugs.

By using filibuster, Republican Senators have blocked many things Democrats want to do to benefit the American people. Then they claim Democrats aren’t doing enough for the American people.

Something I seriously don’t get: If you’re having surgery, you want the smartest & best doctor. If you need legal help you want the smartest & best lawyer.

How did GOP convince so many Americans that for important work of leading our country, just being a celebrity is enough?

So if Herschel Walker loses to Reverend Warnock in November will he show up at the U.S. Capitol with a fake Senate Lapel pin.

Not quite on script.

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Congratulations to the Cleveland Guardians for Friday’s win.. Apparently they did not get the memo they were supposed to be swept by the Yankees.

Still wouldn’t bet against either Yankees or Dodgers at this point, but must confess I do enjoy the thought of Fox terror at idea of Guardians or Padres replacing either of them in the World Series.

After 2 games of ALDS, Aaron Judge is now 0 for-7 with a walk against the Guardians & is getting booed by Yankee Stadium fans. Dear Aaron, another reason to come play for SF Giants – Giants fans (almost) never boo our own players- even when we were tested on that resolve in 2022

As an SF Giants fan it’s kind of bizarre to watch a game at Petco Park where you can hear most fans are rooting for the Padres.

Last week, Falcons’ Grady Jarret got roughing the passer penalty for tackling Tom Brady. NFL now fining Brady $11,139 for kicking Jarret on play. Tom Brady football 2022 salary alone $15 million plus $15 millon that was deferred, so for most of us, this is like $1 in swear jar.

During Wisconsin Senate debate Ron Johnson & Mandela Barnes were each asked to say something something”admirable”about each other . Barnes “He has proven to be family man. That’s absolutely to be respected.”

Johnson “He had good upbringing, but he’s turned against us…Why does he find America awful?”

Ron Johnson would be an embarrassment in a red state…. but in a purple state like Wisconsin?

Herschel Walker lied on Twitter this week & accused Reverend Warnock of being “a preacher that likes abortion even after birth.” 1. Why wasn’t this tweet removed as dangerous lie? 2. Warnock is a good man, how can anyone regardless of politics vote for the awful Walker?

3 women, 16 yr-old boy & police officer fatally shot in Raleigh. Barely made the news cycle.

Suspect is 15 yr-old boy whose name has not been released. Fox News & conservative media quick to to publish descriptions any time person of color or immigrant is accused of crime. They left out that he is white.

WTAF – From CNN site “Herschel Walker flashed his badge & tried to tie Raphael Warnock to President Biden, while abortion remained flashpoint for both candidates.” Uh, except it was FAKE BADGE. Flashing it was not just violation of debate rules, it was a lie.