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Since sports is supposed to be distracting,  and WAS the original purpose of this blog….


An overload of  baseball playoffs today. Eight teams. From upstart Braves, Rockies and Brewers, to last year’s WS contending Dodgers and Astros. Who gets prime-time? Yankees-Red Sox.
But MLB commissioner Manfred thinks players should do a better job of marketing themselves.


Dodgers pitchers are going through Atlanta faster than Sherman.


Wondering if Atlanta sports fans, notorious for preferring football to baseball,  will show up for game three between Dodgers and Braves.   At least the Falcons score when they lose.

An Astros fan promised to buy beer for people sitting around him if George Springer hit home run in 5th. He spent about $500 when it happened.
Good thing fan wasn’t at Yankee Stadium, he’d have had to take out a 2nd mortgage.

Falcons have been having a rough couple weeks. But they still may win a game in October before the Braves.

If John McCain and Lindsey Graham were still alive they would have voted no on Kavanaugh.

Does anyone REALLY think this Kavanaugh circus is over?

Got to love when you get nasty tweet responses on Kavanaugh confirmation from QAnon conspiracy theorists. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 GOP.

Can we STOP calling Susan Collins a “moderate” Senator from Maine?


So both Jeff Flake and Senator Collins have expressed serious recent unhappiness over Trump’s judgment on many issues.  But they trust his judgment on a lifetime SCOTUS nominee?

Kris Long, a news anchor in California’s Coachella Valley, resigned after a Facebook post defending Brett Kavanaugh against sexual assault allegations. So how long until Long gets offered a post with Fox News

Susan Collins cocktail – your basic cheap Tom Collins well-drink, but with enough twists added, it tries to convince people, especially women, that it is worth much more.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Judge Roberts has a 17 year old daughter. Wonder how she feels about the Kavanaugh confirmation.


Ok, let me explain Dr. Ford’s memories in ways my skeptical men friends might understand.
You watch hundreds of baseball games And they can blur. But if you don’t remember the exact day of that special clutch hit or alas, bullpen meltdown, you remember who was playing, and who won, or lost the game.
And if you were a teenager and it was one of your first games, some of the memories are even more clear. Crystal.


And then there were 8

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NLDS series’ started tonight.  And Dodgers offense did so well against Atlanta pitching tonight they even might have been to survive a Kershaw postseason start.

Richard Sherman says that new NFL rules make quarterbacks “unstoppable.”
Jets fans are thinking, can somebody tell Sam Darnold?

You KNOW some Yankees fans are rich entitled a**holes when one dumped a beer on an A’s fan on during yesterday’s game.
Besides being bad behavior – at Yankee Stadium prices, who can afford to waste beer?

Baltimore DC “Wink” Martindale said he told Ravens’ defense “I think Baker Mayfield is this generation’s Brett Favre or John Elway, if you will.”
Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be Jimmy Garappolo?

Or Johnny Manziel?


Nick Saban is upset that Alabama student section was only half full for last weekend’s game, a 56-14 win over win over Louisiana-Lafayette.
Uh, here’s a suggestion, schedule a real opponent that would give the game more drama than Lions vs. Christians.


Today apparently is National Vodka Day – Although since January 20, 2017, for millions of Americans EVERY day is “National Vodka Day.”

SEVEN police officers shot yesterday in Florence and it’s already out of the headlines. WTF is wrong with this country?


The man who allegedly shot 7 police officers in Florence yesterday is a  disbarred lawyer who had been arrested “multiple times, including for disorderly conduct.”
But he had no problem getting guns, and bragged on FB about his shooting skills….


If allegations decades after the fact against Catholic Priests were taken as seriously as GOP and thus FBI took Dr. Ford’s, many of those now former priests would still be abusing children.

89,000 pounds of ready-to-eat ham being recalled due to possible listeria contamination, 6 million pounds of ground beef being recalled over salmonella. But hey, let’s cut more of those pesky regulations.

On the other hand, for all those science-deniers in the GOP, maybe they should just keep on eating recalled meats and everything else?

Trump apparently boarded Air Force One today with a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe.  Or to be fair, maybe it was a piece of the constitution?

That  moment when the man who said he wanted to date his daughter tells Americans to “think of their sons.”

Verbatim all-caps quote from Trump fundraising email today. “THE SENATE MUST CONFIRM JUDGE KAVANAUGH TO THE U.S. SENATE NOW.”

Uh, to the “U.S. Senate?”

The Senate doesn’t have to vote no on Brett Kavanaugh due to the alleged sexual assault. They can vote no because he is a proven liar.

Bad boys

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MLB suspended Cubs Shortstop Addison Russell 40 games, retroactive to Sept 22, over alleged domestic violence. Well thanks to Brewers he won’t miss any playoff games.

Meanwhile, University of Georgia dismissed star 1st baseman Adam Sasser from the baseball team for allegedly shooting racist slurs at Georgia QB Justin Fields during last week’s game..
Kudos to the Bulldogs for doing the right thing. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that for Georgia fans, football rules!


So what was the difference in the end between the Giants and A’s seasons? About three days.


And Oakland A’s offense tonight did a very good SF Giants imitation.

Cubs say after being eliminated that they can “learn from losing.” Does this mean the Orioles are the smartest team in baseball?

Showalter has been fired as Orioles manager. Of course, if Baltimore really wanted to punish Buck, they’d have made him come back for another year.

Rockies advanced to NLDS despite having played in Denver Sunday, Los Angeles Monday and Chicago Tuesday. Assuming they weren’t on United because their bats and other equipment made it with them.


Wow. Senate passed a bill 93-6 ordering airlines to come up with minimum requirements for seat width and pitch. Guess even the worst asses in DC still care about their own asses.

Megyn Kelly says of letter wrote Kavanaugh in which he describes himself and his friends as “loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us,” shows us “you will be so impressed at the responsibility of this young man.”
Gosh, amazed then Brett didn’t include the letter in his college applications.

Jeff Flake is not happy about Trump bashing Christine Ford last night “To discuss something this sensitive at a political rally is just not right. It’s just not right. I wish he hadn’t have done it. I’ll just say, it’s kind of appalling.”
Gosh, if there were only something Flake could do about it..?

Wait, can’t you block calls from a predator?#PresidentialAlert

Seven police officers shot by a white guy in Florence, SC, and only “thoughts and prayers” from Donald Trump
Had shooter been an immigrant, he’d be tweeting nonstop on about his bleeping wall.

The person responsible for “destroying Brett Kavanaugh’s good name” is Brett Kavanaugh.

High time, in the old town, tonight.

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So a week ago there was a chance both Cubs and Cardinals might both make it into to NLDS playoffs at least. Now Brewers and Rockies have advanced instead.
To Fox and Joe Buck – womp, womp.

How late are dispensaries open in Denver? Asking for a lot of Rockies fan friends.

Just wondering, after Rockies beat Cubs tonight did  Fox Sports and ESPN think of demanding the wild-card game be changed to “best two out of three?”

Listening to ESPN’s Matt Vasgersian raving on and on about how great a postseason pitcher Jon Lester is….. two words. Madison Bumgarner.

Minnesota manager Paul Molitor was fired after leading the Twins to a 78-84 record. Orioles fans wonder, was he fired for over-achieving?

Next year, SF Giants just announced 20% discount on all food, beverage and merchandise purchases for season ticket holders at concession stands. So you’ll only need to take out a small loan for a few beers.

NFL suspended Seahawks LB Mychal Kendricks indefinitely after he pleaded guilty to insider trading charges. Silly Kendricks, if you want to get away with insider trading in the NFL, you’d better be an owner.

To be fair, we should remember that all the GOP men defending Brett Kavanaugh and attacking his accusers also were defending Bill Clinton and Al Franken. Oh wait, never mind.

So if President Obama started incoherently ranting and lying at his campaign rallies for Democrats would media start covering much them as much as they cover Trump’s?

Wall Street Journal reports the President of the United States, with his son, personally guided efforts in February to keep a porn star from talking about their affair, and it’s not even this morning’s lead story. Once again, the Onion  is going ‘We give up.”

Now Donald Trump says it’s a “very scary time for young men in America.”
Right, like Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Botham Jean….

Trump tonight mocked Christine Blasley Ford at his MAGA rally in Mississippi. Maybe he thinks Melania isn’t watching CNN in Africa?   

Trump on Dr. Ford “She had ONE beer yet can’t remember anything.” Meanwhile Trump doesn’t drink at all and can’t remember what he said yesterday.


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Cubs lose to Brewers and now face a “win-or-go-home” playoff game tomorrow against  Rockies. Not sure who will be more upset if Chicago is eliminated, Cubs fans or ESPN and Fox Sports.


Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig, after beating the Rockies today. “We’re bringing the 2018 championship here.’’
Well, if not, the Giants might loan them a trophy.

Rockies fans have to be annoyed that SF Giants couldn’t beat the Dodgers once this weekend to give them the division title. On the other hand, in 1993, had Colorado beaten the Atlanta Braves ONCE in 13 games, Giants would have made the postseason.

Jameis Winston is back as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting QB. So does that mean kids in Africa will soon be wearing “Fitzmagic” t-shirts?

Kyrie Irving on his being a “smart-ass individual” last year and saying the earth was flat… “all the science teachers coming up to me like, ‘You know I’ve got to re-teach my whole curriculum?!’ I’m sorry. I apologize.”
That moment when NBA player takes more responsibility for spreading fake science than POTUS.

Now Trump is attacking unnamed Senate Democrat for being “in very bad situations” and “compromising positions with alcohol.”
Has someone told him that Ted Kennedy is dead?

Why did Trump call it the USMCA? Because he was told it couldn’t be called the TTA- Trump Trade Agreement?

Now Trump plans to weaken Obama-era environmental regulations covering mercury emitted from coal-burning power plants. Mercury which is known to damage the nervous systems of children and fetuses.
Once again, four words “Pro life my ass.”

We can argue indefinitely over what constitutes “acceptable” youthful misbehavior.
But can we agree, that lying under oath as an adult about such behavior is idiotic. And unbecoming a SCOTUS judge.

Trump said today, one year after Las Vegas massacre, that bump-fire stocks would be banned “over the next couple of weeks.” Right after he releases his tax returns?

Trump today at NAFTA Press Conference says calls on Cecilia Vega of ABC News. Says ” She’s shocked that I picked her. She’s in a state of shock.

Vega: “I’m not, thank you Mr. President.”

Trump: “That’s OK, I know you’re not thinking, you never do.”

Can’t imagine how Trump gets reputation of being a misogynistic a**hole.

Over and out

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You know it wasn’t your day as an SF Giants fan when the opposing pitching, Rich Hill, was 0-4. In the 6th inning.

But hey, maybe it was all part of the Giants master plan to wear the Dodgers out for the post season by having their players spending so much time running the bases.


Brewers vs Cubs at Wrigley Field October 1 at 12n for who gets to win the Central Division and who is the Wild Card.   Good thing it’s not a weekday which would really mess with productivity in the Midwest.  Oops, never mind.

Meanwhile the Rockies play the Dodgers at 1p PST to see how wins the Western Division and who is the Wild Card. Which means THEIR game will get over about 4p-430p in Los Angeles.  Could be a rush hour postgame nightmare – if Dodgers fans stayed to the end of games.


Penn State ” “Let’s see if we can lose a football game with the stupidest offensive last play call of the year.” Colts,  “hold our beer.”


With all the craziness in the world these days, somehow comforting to know the Browns are still the Browns.

Sorry if you say “I believe Dr. Ford but I don’t think it was Kavanaugh” then you don’t believe Dr. Ford.

Trump said last night he would campaign seven days a week for Republicans in the midnight. “Oh please oh please” responded Democrats.


About an hour after Jerry Brown signed a net neutrality law, Trump administration sued California. Yeah, that’ll go about as well as Trump taking on Dianne Feinstein.

Anyone who questioned how Dr. Ford could still go out and have fun in college after she says she was sexually assaulted at a party… uh, Kellyanne Conway says she was sexually assaulted but still works for a predator.

(and for the record, I believe them both.)


If you go to parties regularly as a teenager, most of them will blur into being individually unmemorable. Unless something happens involving  YOU at one of them. Why is that so hard for men to understand?

September 30 in an election year.  A  few hours away from finally being done with the “Urgent, help us make our 3rd-quarter deadline” fundraising emails. And one minute after that away from “Help us start the 4th quarter off with a bang” fundraising emails

Anger time?

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Must admit after the past couple days I really look forward to screaming at the television set this weekend over baseball and football games for a change.

This week’s lesson in patience: Clemson QB Kelly Bryant angrily says he’ll transfer when he gets demoted in favor of freshman Trevor Lawrence. And now Lawrence is injured.


#7 Stanford played #8 Notre Dame tonight.  Meanwhile #1 Alabama played…. #120 Louisiana-Lafayette.

SF Giants have scored 598 runs this year, 2nd lowest in MLB. Shocking to Giants fans… there’s a team that has scored fewer?

(actually it’s the Marlins.)

The American League playoff spots are all set.  And there’s major National League playoff drama.  So of course Fox’s MLB Game of the Week was…. Yankees Red Sox?

But yeah, players should market themselves.

Wonder if GOP members of Senate Judiciary Committee would have taken Dr. Ford more seriously if she said she saw Kavanaugh kneel for the anthem.

Got to wonder, how many of the rich white privileged GOP men of the Senate have nights they can’t remember in high school and college. Or worse, nights they hope others forget.


I miss the innocent days when parents just had to explain “blow jobs” to their children rather than “Devil’s Triangle.”

Remember those old “Catholics vs. Convicts” Notre Dame vs. Miami games?
Well, Fighting Irish RB Dexter Williams just returned from undisclosed 4 game “university suspension.” This after his arrest in 2016 for marijuana and possessing a handgun without a license….


Wisconsin GOP senator Ron Johnson suggests Christine Blasey Ford may have “false memories” of the alleged assault.

Johnson isn’t up for re-election until 2022, but guessing Wisconsin women will have true, and long memories.

It’s probably too late for the FBI to vet and hire Ronan Farrow for Kavanaugh investigation.

Give Jeff Flake credit. He still may almost never vote the way we Democrats want. But he basically today said the hardest words in the English language.  “I admit I may have made a mistake.”

Remember Jeff Flake in one day has admitted he might have been wrong more than Brett Kavanaugh has in a lifetime.

Another thought about Jeff Flake yesterday. Just because someone chooses “country over party” once doesn’t mean you’d suddenly vote for him or her. But whatever happened to simply acknowledging, and applauding, a human moment?


I miss Saturday nights when you could watch a football game and not miss POTUS saying that he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love.”