Finding his level?

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Tim Tebow had 1st walk-off home run for St. Lucie Mets. So he’s on his way to being a solid minor league caliber player in baseball as well as football.

Not a boxing fan so try to pay little attention.    But just realized we have almost a month and a half of pre-fight Mayweather-McGregor headlines?

A reporter questioning Andy Murray after his loss at Wimbledon described Sam Querrey as “first U.S. player to reach a major semi-final since 2009.”
Murray immediately interrupted and said “male player.”
Sir Andy may have lost in this tournament, but guessing he picked up a lot of new female fans.

A tourist died on Malo Beach in St. Maarten when a jet blast knocked her backwards onto rocks. She had climbed onto a fence, despite warning signs. to watch the plane take off. The island’s head of tourism said he had “met with the family of the deceased this evening and while they recognized that what they did was wrong, through the clearly visible danger signs, they regret that risk they took turned out in the worst possible way.”

Wonder if they’ll send her body home with a nice shiny Darwin award.

(The woman who died was from New Zealand.  Good thing for St. Maarten she was not American.  Her family would have probably sued the country for not building walls or fences high enough to keep her out of harm’s way.)

Richard Sherman says NFL players need to be be “willing to strike” to get the kind of contracts the NBA and MLB has. When his skills drop off a bit this should make Sherman about as popular a free agent as Colin Kaepernick.

At Paris De Gaulle airport. United’s catering headquarters caught fire and burned Thursday morning, resulting in flights having to depart largely without onboard meals. But really, couldn’t they have just claimed all meats were being served extra well-done?


Missing those days when you could get on a ten hour flight without WiFi and not worry the World would fall apart before you landed.

Air Force One touched down Thursday morning in Paris. No doubt Trump would proclaim it as equivalent to D-day. If he knew what D-day was.

Trump – “France helped us secure our independence. A lot of people forget.” Now they & Frederick Douglass are being recognized more & more?

Trump on Don Jr’s Russia meeting about Hillary -nothing out of the ordinary because “Politics is not the nicest business in the world.”
Okay, then, this means if some other foreign government officials have info on him, it’s okay for them to approach Democrat candidates in 2020?


Trump is now saying his proposed border wall needs to be transparent. “You have to be able to see through it” for “when they throw large sacks of drugs over.”

And so you can watch out not only for illegal immigrants, but those potential school-attacking grizzly bears?

Not fit to be tied.

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Last night’s All-Star game went 10 innings.  Note to Bud Selig.  Having it count wouldn’t have made it faster.


During tonight’s All-Star game Nelson Cruz walked to the plate, pulled a phone out of his pocket and had Yadier Molina take a photo of him with umpire Joe West.
Out of habit, Roger Goodell fined him.


NBA to decrease timeouts per game from 18 to 14; limit them in last 2 min of game to 2 per team. So last mins of game will only take 1/2 hr?

Possible trade of Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets? Could be great news, for the Spurs and Warriors.

So who figured that at #Wimbledon there’d be a British woman in the semi-finals but not a British man?

Scary. An Air Canada flight apparently almost landed on a taxi-way instead of a runaway last Friday night at SFO, and could have crashed into one or more of four planes lined up waiting to take off. The FAA is investigating and Air Canada is basically saying “no comment.”
Good thing this wasn’t a US airline -they’d have charged passengers an excitement fee.

GOP leaders who repeatedly say how “disturbed” and “upset” they are with Trump then go back to business as usual starting to remind me of parents whose kids roll their eyes KNOWING they won’t be disciplined.

I’m sure if Chelsea Clinton had met with a Canadian reporter who promised dirt on Trump the GOP would also dismiss it as a “nothing burger.”

Does anyone seriously think @realDonaldTrump has read any of the history of Salem? #realwitchhunt

Trump doesn’t watch TV much like most Americans men used to read Playboy for the articles.

Massive iceberg  breaks away from Antarctica – I can’t be only one thinking wistfully  that this would have been a potential setup to a great  President Hillary Clinton  is cold  joke.


Florida story alert: A man was arrested in Key West after a traffic stop when police noticed a heavier-than-usual Cookie Monster stuffed toy was stuffed with more than a half pound of cocaine.
Truly shocking. Shouldn’t a Cookie Monster toy be stuffed with marijuana?

There goes the Judge

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred – NY’s Aaron Judge “can become the face of the game.” Yankees fans are going, “You mean he isn’t already?

Of course, when it’s the All-Star game and baseball still isn’t among the top ESPN stories except for Michael Jordan joining a group bidding on the Marlins…. maybe Manfred has more important things to worry about?

Buffalo Bills DL Adolphus Washington arrested this weekend for allegedly carrying a concealed gun at a water park near Cincinnati. Well, yeah, those kids in line for the best rides can get scary.


Okay, I actually like Steve Kerr but he’s comparing Kevin Durant to Tim Duncan after KD took only $53 million to stay with Golden State. Uh, yeah, Duncan did take reduced money. He also didn’t leave the Spurs for the Lakers or Bulls to pick up more rings.

A Pew poll found 58% of Republicans & Republican-leaning independents now say that colleges &and universities have a negative effect on the country, compared to 72% of Dems & Dem-leaners. Yeah, damn that education, without it GOP would have a bigger majority.

An Air Canada flight apparently almost landed on a taxi-way instead of a runaway last Friday night at SFO, and could have crashed into four planes  lined up waiting to take off.  The FAA is investigating and Air Canada is basically saying “no comment.”

Good thing this wasn’t a US airline -they’d have charged passengers an excitement fee.

So will this be the first witch hunt in history that actually catches witches?

At this point lawyers looking for work have to start looking at the White House like miners looked at California during the Gold Rush.

So who knew Tiffany might turn out to be the smart one?

Donald Trump Jr’s lawyer says his meeting w/ russian lawyer “Much ado about nothing.” Shakespeare’s play by that name ended up famous too.

There are moments that when by comparison Watergate feels like a “nothing burger.”

No tweets from @realDonaldTrump on Russia today. I wonder why?

Trump – “My son is a high quality person & I applaud his transparency.” Wouldn’t transparency have been reporting Russian meeting in 1st place?

So maybe emails WILL turn out to be the biggest story of the 2016 Presidential campaign after all?


#DonJrChildrensBooks Charlotte’s Tangled Web We Weave….


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SF Giants and Mets fans know for certain their team will not disappoint them this week. At least until Friday night.

Pretty sure that when SFGiants looked ahead in April to goals after the All-Star break “catching the Padres” was not one of them.

But seriously, who knew the Giants and Mets would make SF and NY fans look forward to the 49ers’ and Jets’ seasons?

Chris Christie apparently got into it with a caller who called him “a rude word”  during a guest host spot on sports talk  radio.   Although seriously, President, not so much, but the New Jersey governor does seem made for his own sports talk show.   #ratings


There is speculation that the next iPhone might cost over $1,200. For that price maybe it can do medical diagnoses for those who can’t afford healthcare?

It’s early in the NBA summer league but Lonzo Ball already has a groin injury. Maybe he should switch shoes?

Two new major studies, one in Britain, one in the USA, independently have found consuming up to three cups a day reduces the risk of an early death.  In part because this lessens the chance of killing someone in the morning because they annoy you?

Kellyanne Conway to @CNN “I wish I could quit you.”

For all worries about keeping Pres. Trump off his phone, who knew that @DonaldJTrumpJr might be the one who brings the House of Cards down?

Can’t wait to hear what Donald Trump Jr.’s third version of his meeting with Russian lawyer is.

At what point does @realDonaldTrump run out of busses to throw people under?

Meanwhile Vice President Pence joked that he disobeyed a NASA sign saying “Do Not Touch” because Marco Rubio dared him to touch the equipment.

Make America Eight Years Old Again?

If you don’t get this you are probably over 40 without children or grandchildren.


So you are saying there’s a chance…

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Astros led Blue Jays 19-0 going to the bottom of the 9th. And the beauty of baseball is that there was at least one fan at Rogers Center convinced he/she is going to see the greatest comeback ever.

(they only fell 18-runs short.)

Tour de France favorite Richie Porte was involved in a particularly horrific crash that has been shown repeatedly on sports highlight shows and social media.  Fortunately he’s okay but a few more crashes like this and Americans might start watching the race again.

#SFGiants honored Barry Bonds last night by adding him to their Wall of Fame. They might have done better to put him in left field again.

Ah, priorities, with all the problems of the world the Vatican has weighed in…. and said that gluten-free bread is NOT acceptable for communion.  #NottheOnion

Senator John McCain says that the Trumpcare bill is ‘probably going to be dead.”  Which, had it passed, is the same fate that would have befallen millions of Americans.


Anyone think if Trump has ended up with Mitt Romney as Secretary of State that Mitt would have been invited to sit in on that meeting with Putin?

MLB is partnering with T-Mobile for a bracket challenge on the Home Run Derby. Winner gets World Series tickets. But heaven forbid anyone bet on baseball.

All the Ball family needs to be a complete circus is for one of them to date a Kardashian.

Anyone think if Trump has ended up with Mitt Romney as Secretary of State that Mitt would have been invited to sit in on that meeting with Putin?


Headline from @CNN “Trump: US and Russia discussing working together on cyber crime.” So who’s Butch Cassidy & who’s the Sundance Kid?

Putin and Trump announced a joint cyber-security program. Once again @TheOnion is going “we give up.”


The President of the United States accepts Putin’s denial of election hacking but wouldn’t accept his predecessor’s denial of being born in Kenya? #WTF?

On the other foot?

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Lonzo Ball had a really lousy NBA summer league debut; can we blame it on the shoes?

Victoria Azarenka has advanced to the 4th round at Wimbledon. Azarenka gave birth to her 1st child in December  2016. Four words “Weaker sex my ass.”

Apparently some Dak Prescott-autographed sports cards “may not be authentic” as they appear to have been signed by a machine. The Cowboys are just happy that an embarrassing headline involving one of their players doesn’t involve an arrest.

Houston signed to $228 million extension, largest contract ever. Plus he’ll still be able to plan on having June off.

What’s in it for fans?  As all of these NBA players sign record contracts at least they’ll have the opportunity to cry in $20 arena beers.

A Tampa man was taken into custody after assaulting a flight attendant on a Delta flight from Seattle to Beijing. Once again time to play that game “terrorism” or “just Florida?”

Florida man who allegedly assaulted a Delta flight attendant was traveling on “dependent” pass. And they kicked girls off United for wearing leggings


That moment when President of United States says he doesn’t believe his own intelligence services but DOES believe President of Russia.

Trump says he is “going to London.” Right about when he releases his tax returns.

2 more Americans gored today at Pamplona. Ah for those innocent days when bull-runners were the most embarrassing people US sent aboard.

If Putin actually said “Sure, we meddled in 2016, Hillary Clinton would’ve been disaster,” guessing many Trump voters would go “Ok, thanks.”

Before Trump’s tweet, wonder how many G-20 attendees actually knew who John Podesta was?


What is this  problem with Ivanka Trump temporarily sitting in her father’s chair at the G-20 summit?  I’m sure  no one would’ve had an issue if it were President Hillary Clinton and Chelsea….

Remember days when we worried that electing Clinton or Bush would make USA look like banana republic w/ family dynasties? #Ivanka #G20

Suppose as @realDonaldTrump shows us again he trusts Ivanka more than actual experts, US should be glad at least he doesn’t have 10 kids.

Just numbers.

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Cubs outfielder John Jay pitched a scoreless 9th despite throwing pitches in the 50s. In related news Jamie Moyer just unretired.

The highest-seeded American man was eliminated at Wimbledon. All together now – who? (Jack Sock)

Happy #WorldChocolateDay And most women are thinking “Isn’t EVERY day World Chocolate Day?

Maine governor Paul Lepage “the sooner the print press goes away the better society will be.”. Is this a shameless attempt to be offered a position in the Trump administration?

Same punchline different start with a story from ESPN that the FBI investigated  former Indiana men’s basketball coach Bob Knight, 76, over allegations that he inappropriately touched four women during a 2015 visit to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

But maybe Knight’s defense is that looking at Trump, Sanders, Biden, Clinton etc, that he figured it was his best chance to launch a 2020 Presidential bid?


Rick Perry on economics “You create the supply and the demand will follow”. Sounds like someone with a warehouse full of beanie babies.

My Autocorrect tries to correct to “Fairness”. Shame this doesn’t happen with a certain someone’s tweets.

In Hamburg Hotel, apparently Trump’s staff either waited too late or didn’t have enough clout, or flat out antagonized the top hotels, resulting in the President of the United States having to bunk down in a guest house.   Maybe Trump ought to add to list of positions he needs to fill – good White House travel agent.


Putin and Trump meeting face-to-face: that awkward moment when you meet your Internet relationship after years of heart-to-heart talks?

2 hours between Putin & Trump today? So many questions. But as even occasional reality TV fans know – we never really know what happens in the  Fantasy Suite.

Putin Trump went over 2 hours despite being scheduled to go 30. “If ever I could leave you…”

Putin’s getting more face time with Trump than the US Press Corp have had in months.

According to NY Times,  Trump “accepts” Putin’s denials that he had anything to do with attempting to swing the 2016 election to Mr. Trump.

Because “anything” wasn’t “everything?”