February Madness

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Brandon Mitchell, a star on Alabama’s basketball team that may get a #1 seed in NCAA men’s basketball tournament, apparently brought a gun to a teammate at his request.

And the teammate has been accused of murdering someone with that gun.

And Mitchell may have blocked the victim’s car from leaving.

And his coach says “wrong place, wrong time.”

Not knowing what the result would be in a trial, but if Brandon Miller were a bench basketball player at Alabama he’d be off the team already. If he were a random Alabama student he’d have been arrested.

Crimson Tide Coach Nick Oats called it “wrong place wrong time.”

Oats also says he sought advice about the incident from… Ray Lewis. Who himself was implicated in a murder and after initially being charged with murder, Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction in a plea agreement that dropped his murder charge.

DeSantis’ press secretary tweeted they’ll boycott NBC News & MSNBC: “This will be standard response from our office until

@mitchellreports apologizes & your track record improves.” Ron thinks he can be POTUS & stand up to our enemies? He can’t even stand up to Andrea Mitchell.

Ted Cruz, the man who let Velveeta Voldemort accuse his wife of being ugly and his father of killing JFK, AND who ran away to Cancun during a deadly winter storm affecting Texas, is accusing President Biden of being a “spineless jellyfish.”

I could never write anything as funny as that.

So apparently Alex Murdaugh wanted to take the stand to tell a jury he had stolen from and lied to his investors and lied about just about everything else he told police.

But he says he wasn’t lying about murdering his wife and son… Okay then.

Has a single Republican attacking President Biden and Pete Buttigieg for not cleaning up the mess in East Palestine suggested US reinstate some of the train safety regulations the Former Guy got rid of?

I’ll wait.

FDA ruled against dairy producer saying, oat, almond & other drinks that bill themselves as “milk” can keep using name & U.S. consumers aren’t confused by difference. Wonder if FDA added & if anyone is stupid enough to think oat milk comes from cows, they deserve what they get.

On the same day that Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mike Lee sent a bipartisan letter to DOJ urging them to continue to examine Live Nation/Ticketmaster for monopolistic practices that hurt consumers, a letter that included how Live Nation/ Ticketmaster claimed they didn’t have answers to a lot of questions asked about venues, numbers of tickets sold, etc… the company released their earnings report.

RECORD profits in 2022. With detailed facts and figures. Funny how that works.


All year long?

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This is not perhaps now football wants to dominate headlines.

Georgia All-SEC linebacker Jamon Duman Johnson was arrested Wednesday in Athens, GA, the day the Bulldogs returned after the College Football Playoff championship win against TCU in Los Angeles.

Dumas-Johnson is due to be a junior next year. Wonder if it’s too late for him to declare for the NFL draft?

Velveeta Voldemort traveled for a photo op to East Palestine today. After during his Presidency he got rid of train safety regulations. It’s as if an official who allowed a building to be built without sprinklers showed up after it burned to the ground.

So the Former Guy didn’t throw Paper Towels in East Palestine. But he did give out “Trump Water.” Trump Spring Water brand was discontinued in 2010. Does water expire?

More to the point, will Donald take the donations of old water as a tax write off?

Wonder how many in GOP blaming Pete Buttigieg for not being able to clean up all of the problems caused by the Former Guy’s administration’s anti-regulation policies could even tell you who Trump’s Dept of Transportation was? Hint, Mitch McConnell isn’t leading the attacks.

This is really a headline/ad on the Fox News website. As Fox tries to set another record for “how low can you go? Fox Nation “He faces accusations of lying from Democrats and Republicans. Now, George Santos joins Piers Morgan to set the record straight.”

Today it was Boulder High School. Only country in the world where a school trends on social media and we all, usually correctly, assume a shooter. It’s the guns, stupid.

And as it turned out, the Boulder High School active shooter threat and others in Colorado turned out to be hoaxes. This time. Have to think today was a lot more disturbing and tramautizing for students than reading some random book that has sex or racism in it.

Worse and worser.

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As we approach the NCAA tournament here’s some real March Madness.

A woman was fatally shot near University of Alabama campus, a former Alabama basketball player was charged with murder. Now it turns out that Brandon Miller, the Crimson Tide’s leading scorer and a probable NBA lottery pick, brought the alleged killer the gun after he texted him and asked him for it.

Miller hasn’t been charged nor suspended. Alabama coach Nate Oats “He’s not in any kind of trouble. Wrong place, wrong time.”

If you’re a star they let you do it?

And then the night before Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street…LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of illegal carrying of a weapon – having a gun without a permit.

Nabers led LSU with over 1,000 receiving yards in 2022, and finished 2nd in the SEC. LSU coach Brian Kelly is apparently aware of the incident.

So will Kelly slap his star WR’s hand really hard?

One way you know how incredible President Biden has been this week in Ukraine and Poland is how apoplectic the GOP and right wing pundits are about the trip.

Russian President Putin today said that it was “The West who unleashed this war.” In case you wondered where Velveeta Voldemort got his inspiration for all lies, all the time.

Kevin McCarthy gave all the surveillance tapes from Congress from January 6 to Tucker Carlson?!! Can anyone imagine if Nancy Pelosi had done the same with the tapes last year to Rachel Maddow?

But hey, at this point why doesn’t CNN or MSNBC or PBS also ask Kevin McCarthy for the January 6 footage? What possible excuse could SINO come up with for ONLY turning it over to Fox?

Sure hope Capitol Police or someone has copies of all the January 6 footage Kevin McCarthy turned over to Tucker Carlson. So when Fox News shows edited clips we can see how they twisted the truth.

Bernie Sanders is making the rounds on TV with release of his new book – “It’s Okay to Be Mad about Capitalism.” Wonder how much Bernie’s going to make on his book?

I’ve been a fan of Dianne Feinstein, and I like Barbara Lee. All things being equal I’d like another woman Senator, ideally a woman of color. But if elected, Lee would be 78 years old when she got sworn into a Senate seat. Not to be ageist but haven’t we just been through this?

Did someone in Trump World PAY the Georgia grand jury foreperson to give those interviews today? Or is she that stupid/narcissistic?

Alex Wagner on MSNBC covering Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary tonight as primary polls close. Dear MSNBC, hoping for the best, but would have been a good idea for democracy to have spent more time covering “most important election no one has heard of” BEFORE the polls closed.

If you’re still not convinced that the Wisconsin Supreme Court race on April 4 will matter hugely – one of many reminders – The court came within ONE vote of overturning President Joe Biden’s win in the state in 2020.

Presidential daze.

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Bad news for the Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo has a sprained ligament in right wrist

Good news for the Milwaukee Bucks: We are still about two MONTHS from the start of the NBA playoffs. And four months from the finals.

Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy to those predicting another bad Boston season – “”As long as I’ve been around, they’re usually wrong. I don’t put a lot of stock in them.

Yep, in 2022 the Red Sox were predicted to finish 4th in the NL East. They finished 5th. (and last, five games behind the Baltimore Orioles.)

ICYMI, Don Lemon is 56 years old.

The Former Guy is going to visit East Palestine and the toxic train derailment site on Wednesday. Since Donald got rid of all train safety regulations isn’t this like an arsonist scheduling a public visit to the scene of the fire?

If Red States secede from Blue States, can I be the first to suggest we Blue States don’t allow Marjorie Three Names a visitor’s visa?

Happy President’s Day. When we honor one man who didn’t think a President should be king, and another who was a pretty “woke” Republican. Imagine what today’s GOP would say about them both.

Many MAGAs seem especially triggered and upset today with President Biden having gone to Ukraine. Wonder if they would have thought it was more Presidential of him if Joe tried to tie aid to Zelensky to information he could use against Velveeta Voldemort?

But yeah, this Dark Brandon guy is impressive:


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Nothing against Jayson Tatum, who is an incredible talent. But is there a more meaningless award than NBA All-Star game MVP?

One thing about NBA All-Star games – nobody plays defense. Which increasingly makes it like many NBA regular season games.

As a woman older than Nikki Haley I share in bipartisan outrage over Don Lemon’s stupid “past her prime” comments. OTOH, if he loses his job it might be less over the misogyny than this recent headline “CNN This Morning’ Is the Network’s Lowest-Rated Morning Show in a Decade.”

Do I always agree w/ Bernie Sanders? No. But he nailed this: “We’re fighting racism, sexism, we should also be fighting ageism… Look at people & say. this person is competent, this person is not….There are lot of 40 yr olds out there who aren’t particularly competent.”

As GOP loves to talk about parents’ rights in public education, has it ever occurred to them that liberals have children too?

This is not satire – From Velveeta Voldemort’s fundraising email “Either we ballot harvest in states where it’s legal, or you can say goodbye to our country, because Democrats would win EVERY election… That’s why we launched our own Trump for President Ballot Harvesting Fund”

So Velveeta Voldemort was a one term President, and GOP supporting many of his choices and his Big Lie” in 2022 had the worst midterms for a party out of power in recent memory. Why are Republicans still genuflecting before him?

Six people were killed in Mississippi Friday in America’s latest mass shooting. It barely & briefly made headlines. Fox News, which loves to blame Democrats over crime, said very little. Maybe because it was in a rural part of a deep red state and alleged killer is white?

It’s not just that Fox News hosts privately admit they knew it was “Big Lie.”

How about these stories this week, also not covered by right wing media.

Obama-era safety rule for high-hazard cargo trains was repealed under Trump

Former TX Right to Life official gets 5 yrs in prison for trying to meet 13 yr old girl for sex.

Woman in FL forced to carry dying fetus to term.

GOP can’t handle truth.

Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson , now a Texas congressman, is alleging a “cover up” with President Joe Biden’s recent physical exam. Thinking a man who said Velveeta Voldemort was 6’3″ & weighed 239 pounds should sit this one out.

From high school, I think there were about 12 Carter supporters in the school. I was one of them. Found Jimmy Carter inspirational then, and now.

For all that conventional wisdom had it that Jimmy Carter was an unpopular President, if Operation Eagle Claw, a 1980 mission to rescue Iran hostages, had succeeded, he’d almost certainly have been re-elected. But mechanical failures, bad weather and bad luck doomed the mission.

Numbers and other game.s

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Manny Machado who signed a 10-year, $300 million deal with the Padres in February 2019, but has an opt-out clause, told reporters “Things change and evolve. As a player who’s about to opt out, it’s pretty good to see.”

Nothing against players trying to make more money, but maybe Manny might want to see what kind of year he’s having before he makes that statement?

Tiger Woods outdrove his playing partner Justin Thomas and them mocked Thomas by passing him a tampon, apparently some sort of guy code for saying ‘you’re a woman.” Sounds like a juvenile prank. If you’re a juvenile..

Woods is 47 with a 15 year old daughter.

Velveeta Voldemort is going to visit East Palestine Ohio next week. Will he demand thanks for overturning all those pesky “job killling” train safety regulations?

If you’re a Republican railing against the Biden administration over Ohio train disaster, you’re more than welcome to reach across the aisle for bipartisan bills to put back many of the safety regulations the Former Guy rescinded. Democrats are standing by to take your calls.

Rick Scott “revised” his plan, it now says ” “All federal legislation sunsets in 5 years, with specific exceptions of Social Security, Medicare, national security, veterans benefits & other essential services.”

When someone tells you who they are, believe them, the FIRST time.

Fox News is all over Don Lemon’s misogynistic comment about Nikki Haley’s age. But they’re saying NOTHING about their own network being caught knowing they were lying about Trump’s false election claims. It would be funny except their viewers will never know.

Even when Fox News doesn’t lie, they slant news: “HELICOPTER RAID:4 servicemembers injured after mission to kill senior ISIS leader.” Hoping for full recovery for those injured, but what Fox headline doesn’t say – mission was successful and US DID kill a senior Isis leader

Marianne Williamson apparently is considering a primary challenge in 2014 to President Biden.

Good news for her 2020 supporters. Both of them.

And the losses just keep on coming.

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Governor Katie Hobbs is trending because she was declared the winner of last November’s election, again. At this point Kari Lake has lost so often she’s going to be named an honorary member of the Arizona Cardinals.

As media makes Joe Biden’s physical a headline, for some reason I can’t remember them talking about Mitch McConnell’s age being a barrier to HIS being minority leader. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

And for those who don’t know. Mitch is six months OLDER than Joe.

A majority of Grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia “believes that perjury may have been committed. Lindsey Graham says it’s not him. Maybe not, but this is like one of those locked room murder mysteries.

Everyone says they are innocent.. but there’s a dead body.

Hell freezes over. I agree with Mitch McConnell. “I want to reassure American people, this is enormously important. We need to stay together on bipartisan basis in our country & defend these people who are bravely fighting for freedom & for democracy in Ukraine.”

Massive five-acre fire in a nursery storing plastic pots in Kissimmee, Florida today. No word on potential fertilizers and other chemicals might have burned. Hazmat crews were called in.

Fire was about 10 miles from Disney World and five miles from “Give Kids the World Village” for critically-ill children.

Crickets from Governor DeSantis, who professes to care about kids, on this one.

If mental competency tests are required for politicians, anyone who’s watched the House especially lately knows they shouldn’t just be given to those 75 and older.

Although on a non snarky note:

We’ve come long way since Thomas Eagleton was briefly George McGovern’s running mate.

But not far enough. If any Senator had to check him or herself into a hospital with a heart condition, there would be zero partisan negativity. Kudos again to John Fetterman for his bravery.

Fetterman is helping and maybe saving his own life. And his admitting depression will probably save others.

Insult to injury?

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As Spring Training gets underway new Texas Ranger Jacob DeGrom is dealing with tightness in his left side after his most recent bullpen session.

So congratulations to all those who had February 15 in the pool.

Nonpolitical outrage time: This August,

Washington Nationals have “Pups in the Park” & “Caturday” in August.

Pups -“You & your dog both get to enjoy the game in our pet-friendly section.


Only in the USA do we sadly know when a mall trends that it’s usually for another mass shooting. Today it’s Cielo Vista Mall. “It’s the guns, stupid.”

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan talking about needing to update and modernize FAA technology and he has “the appetite” to pay for it. Great. Is Dan committing to vote for an FAA upgrade bill? I am sure Senate Democrats would be happy to have him as a co-sponsor.

RIP Raquel Welch, 82. Think I speak for many Americans who remember her back from childhood when I ask how could Raquel Welch have been 82?

Fox News is attacking a Florida reporter caught on a hot mic saying “My job is to ask the tough questions and make him uncomfortable.”

Uh, shouldn’t that be part of most reporters’ jobs in dealing with politicians? (And Fox LOVES it when Doocy goes after White House Press Secretary.

Nikki Haley says “I don’t believe in glass ceilings.” I’m reminded of Amy Klobuchar in the 2020 Presidential primaries “If that were the case, we could play the game, ‘name your favorite woman President.”

Media coverage of trial indicates some people have problem with idea Alex Murdaugh could have been a respected member of the community yet still capable of cold-bloodedly killing his son and wife over money problems. Guessing most of those people are not women.

What matters most.

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MLB says for 2023 they plans to emphasize enforcement of balks.

Yeah, that’ll do it. How many millions of Americans have said to themselves, “I’d watch more baseball if they only called more balks?”

Alex Cora say new MLB bases ‘look like a pizza box,’

And okay, how long until now all the bases will be “Brought to you by Pizza Hut.” Or Dominos painted on second bases… Or “it’s not de Out, it’s DeGiornio, Sigh.

Claire McCaskill tonight about Nikki Haley “She’s been on and off the Trump train so often, it’s a wonder she doesn’t have a high ankle sprain like that Super Bowl quarterback.”

Nikki Haley has announced her campaign for President. That should really excite both her supporters.

How does Nikki Haley say with a straight face that it’s “time for a new generation of leadership,” when Nikki’s proved over the past several years with Velveeta Voldemort that she’s not a leader but a slavish follower…

Nikki Haley says “I’ve never lost an election, and I’m not going to start now.” Well, you can’t lose an election if you don’t make it through the primary.

“The highest court in the land should not be held to the lowest standards in government.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse summing up big problem with SCOTUS – ie a complete lack of ethics rules.

For those don’t remember, Senator Dianne Feinstein authored original 1994 Assault Weapons ban, after mass shooting at 101 California in San Francisco. The bill sadly expired. It would be a great tribute if Congress could pass another such bill before the end of her term.

Dear Muskrat: If you are so convinced you are better and smarter than everyone else, why not dump Twitter, and start over with your own social media site? Signed, Americans who thought the app was more than about a billionaire’s ego.

Yes, George Santos is a joke. But there are 221 other Republican members of the House. Don’t let his antics distract you from the fact that GOP is trying to take away our democracy and our rights while you’re laughing.

Moanday morning

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Next Monday is the President’s Day Holiday. Have to think it might be more practical to move the Super Bowl to the weekend before President’s Day. Would save people having to call in sick with “Big Game Flu” – ie hangover or overdose of guacamole and chips.

New Dallas Maverick Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to be asked about next season, saying such questions are a “distraction.”

As opposed to some of Irving’s social media posts this season?

Can we stop giving the sore loser from Arizona publicity. Arizona now has Governor Katie Hobbs and newly re-elected Senator Mark Kelly. Both of them are much more worthy of attention!

So how proudly will House Republicans from Michigan wear their gun pins tomorrow in the US Capitol?

Alleged killer on MSU campaign is reportedly dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. These murder-suicide a**holes always do their shooting in the wrong order.

Senator Tuberville attacking Democrats and ranting about a society that allows abortion “up to and past the moment of birth.” Tommy Tuberville claims to believe in a God. Does he know you can go to Hell for lying?

Thinking CNN figures ratings are down because President Biden doesn’t provide as much crazy drama as Former Guy. Yeah, crazy is clickbait. But part of reason their ratings are down is Fox owns right wing audience & most of rest of us don’t care for a Clickbait News Network.

Also thinking with all the current concern over objects in the sky that it’s a really good thing that Santa Claus doesn’t do test runs over the USA in February.

Ron DeSantis now says Florida could cut off its reliance on College Board for tests & end AP classes. Let’s be honest, DeSantis really wants to end public education period. Unless they teach what he wants. If you’re not afraid you’re not paying attention.

OTOH, If Ron DeSantis disbands the AP program in Florida what’s gonna happen to kids, including rich white GOP kids, applying out of state to Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Chicago etc – schools that care about academic rigor. Guess that means more spots for applicants from other states.

Feb 13, 1542: Henry VIII had 5th wife, Katheryn Howard, executed, allegedly for adultery but also for not being a virgin when they married. Since Alito used 13th century treatise to overturn Roe V. Wade, not just a joke to imagine SCOTUS using 16th century laws against women too.

US now recommending all all Americans leave Russia NOW, and warns of risk of being ‘harassed or incarcerated’ by Kremlin law enforcement. As a travel agent have to ask, what are any Americans doing still in Russia in the first place?

Bowl over.

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Super Bowl LVII is over. What time tomorrow does the Super Bowl LVIII pregame show start?

A multi-billion dollar industry still cannot figure out what a catch is….

So both the AFC championship and the Super Bowl come down to last minute penalties…. Just why we all tune in, to watch part-time referees decide a game.

When it comes to being screwed over by the refs, #Saints fans were early adopters.

The “Servant Foundation” which ran “He Gets Us” pro-Jesus ads during the Super Bowl, is funded in large part by Hobby Lobby founder David Green. Same people fighting birth control and medication abortion. It’s also a tax-exempt 501 C-3.


So now a Trump Laptop has been turned over to DOJ with classified information on it. Anyone think that’s the only such laptop?

BBC Headline: “Another horrible, no good, very bad week for Santos.”

Except the GOP Congressman from NY is clearly a narcissistic sociopath who lives for publicity, of any kind.

And Kevin McCarthy won’t do anything to jeopardize his razor-thin majority. So how was GS’s week bad?

On the Sunday shows – “FOX “Fox News Sunday – Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs.” Wait, Fox admits Katie Hobbs is the Governor of Arizona? Don’t tell the sore loser.

Bill Maher on Friday referred to Sarah Huckabee Sanders as “a Nepo baby.” Maher is a mixed-bag. But when he’s right, he’s right.

Florida – where public school students have mandated monthly active shooter drills but those same kids have to be protected from disturbing books.

George Santos bought puppies with checks that bounced? If this was a proposed satiric movie plot about a crook running for office it would probably be rejected as over the top.

Superb owl eve

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And just maybe the fact that media and advertisers are more worried about offending the NFL than attacking POTUS is an illustration of our problem?

Gary Payton II was traded to the Golden State Warriors from the Portland Trail Blazers ut the deal is now at risk after Payton apparently failed his physical on Friday, 

Who does Gary think he is, Carlos Correa?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis got GOP legislature to approve a bill to give him control of Walt Disney World’s self-governing district – after Disney opposed his “Don’t Say Gay” law Today’s GOP, as “pro-freedom” as they are “pro-life.”

Would any Republican like to answer this question? How can you claim Hunter Biden is a national security issue, while you have no problem with Jared and Ivanka having had security clearances, not to mention Don Jr. and Eric running Trump hotels with daddy in the White House?

White House said today that per Pentagon recommendation & on President Biden’s orders, Dept of Defense shot down a “high altitude object” that was in Alaska’s airspace in the last 24 hours. 2 questions: 1. Whose “object” was it? 2. How will GOP spin it to say Biden was wrong?

Great: that Mitt Romney is able to say that George Santos should not be in the House. Not so great: that no other GOP member of Congress has the cojones publicly to agree with him.

So if Democrats use “Normal or Crazy” as a 2024 slogan will Sarah Huckabee Sanders sue for royalties?

GOP and media created such a straw man over Joe Biden’s age, it’s particularly fun to watch them deal with the fact that an 80 year old man just mopped the House floor with some of the MAGA “kids.”

Wonder if the people who tell us “Relax, GOP would never cut Social Security,” are the same who thought SCOTUS would never overturn Roe v Wade?”

Suns shine?

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Phoenix Suns are giving up four first round draft picks – 2023, 2025, 2027 and 2029, to get Kevin Duran from the Brooklyn Nets.

Clearly makes Suns a favorite for this season.

But so now many of those draft picks will come after Durant demands a trade somewhere else?

There’s a report that FIFA might possibly bring on Visit Saudi — the official tourism authority for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia — as a sponsor of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Star forward Alex Morgan of USWNT said she found the news “bizarre.”

“Bizarre” being a short euphemism for a lot of unprintable words…

Meanwhile FIFA continues that quest for the sports limbo championship “How low can you go?”

AMC, the nation’s largest movie theater chain, said Monday they will start charging more for seats in middle of the auditorium. AMC, Cineworld (Regal) & Cinemark have about 80% of movie theaters in US. Think oligopolies can’t affect movie prices? Stay tuned to see who follows.

Lawrence O’Donnell tonight “Republican party is no longer trying to persuade anyone in the middle.” Nailed it, which is why GOP is trying to suppress the vote. They’ve decided rather than trying to win over a majority it’s easier just to try to make sure only a minority vote.-

Lost in all this controversy over Chrissy Teigen’s tweet returning to Donald Trump as a p*ssy a** b*tch is that the tweet was an insult to cats and female dogs.

Andrea Mitchell commenting about how age affects President Biden would be like Dan Quayle commenting about contestant at a spelling bee.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders last night: “The choice is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal and crazy.” Will Democrats have to pay Sanders royalties if they make that their 2024 slogan?

Even the NY Times reporters who regularly traveled to diners looking for Trump voters last year probably couldn’t find one who said “I’m voting GOP this year because the most important issue to me is Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Whatever you think about the Hunter Biden Twitter laptop story, this detail is NOT getting covered: Twitter didn’t permanently block links to the NY Post story in October 2020.

Or even block them for long. It was only a 24-hour suppression! Facts matter.

George Santos says Mitt Romney attacking him “Wasn’t very Mormon of him.” What’s next, Santos will claim he is “Mormon-ish?”

CNN’s John King says President Biden “rope-a-doped Republicans into booing and heckling…” Google “rope-a-dope,” youngsters. Not a bad description.

President Biden in Madison, Wisconsin, quotes directly from Ron Johnson’s Social Security plan. “We should transfer everything, so we have to consider everything every year.” And then quotes Mike Lee, “my objective is to phase out Social Security…pull it up by roots, get rid of it.”

Love this Dark Brandon guy

Well stated.

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Congrats to LeBron James for beating Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring record.

Although it is probably worth pointing out….Kareem played half his career before the NBA instituted a three-point line.

LIV Golf League lawyers say 2022 revenue was ‘virtually zero’ but accused PGA Tour of damaging their brand… Uh, maybe it’s just me, but thinking fact that the tour is sponsored by the Saudis is what has damaged the LIV brand.

Keep hearing that Americans aren’t “excited” for President Biden to run again. Maybe if media didn’t act like elections were like some sort of reality show or a Super Bowl of politics. I’d rather have competence than excitement any day.

Kevin McCarthy said he wouldn’t tear up Biden’s speech tonight because the GOP “will not be childish.”

So what does the GOP SINO call AR-15 pins?

He disappoints on regular basis, but there are moments I ‘m fond of Mitt Romney. On George Santos “Look, embellishing is saying you got an A when you got an A-, lying is saying you graduated from college you didn’t even attend… He’s a sick puppy, he shouldn’t have been there.”

President Biden calls out those who voted for the infrastructure bill – and those who didn’t. “I’ll see you at the groundbreaking.”

So ICYMI, Republicans chose for their SOTU rebuttal speaker, a woman who’s been in office about a month, and whose previous political experience was lying on behalf of the Former Guy..

Didn’t see Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ SOTU rebuttal but gather she spoke about her three young children.

Wonder if she’s teaching them to be respectful and not interrupt adults.

And if so, can she teach some GOP house members?

Your reminder that some in the GOP lost their collective “st*ff” when Michelle Wolf joked about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ eye makeup, but had no problem with their members of Congress heckling POTUS during SOTU.

Fox News headline: “Biden booed during State of the Union for claiming GOP wants to ‘sunset’ Social Security and Medicare.” The truth hurts.

Some up in arms over Steve Daines’s suspension from Twitter over making his profile picture photo of him & wife with antelope they had just killed. Nothing against hunting, but as a mom think less traumatizing for kids to see pictures of drag queens than bloodied dead animals.

Think it doesn’t get noticed enough that GOP, the party fighting to have kids to drink chocolate milk in school is the same party fighting against capping insulin prices.

A woman can get pregnant once, maybe twice a year max. So if GOP really wants to reduce abortions it would stop a lot more unwanted pregnancies not to ban the abortion pill but to ban Viagra.

Fun family history memory. My granddad, Ralph Hough was at NOTS-Naval Ordinance Test Station- in China Lake CA.

He was proud of being shop foreman on Sidewinder missile in 1950s.

Chinese spy balloon last week was brought down by F-22 fighter jet firing single Sidewinder missile.

Perception and other myths

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Sean Payton will reportedly earn about $18 million a year to coach the Denver Broncos. Puts him in the company of NFL’s highest paid coach, Bill Belichick.

And that is working out so well for the Patriots lately.

It’s Tuesday morning. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.   And Quarterback Tom Brady is still retired.

The Red Wave may soon be Florida high school girls mailing used tampons and sanitary pads to Ron DeSantis’s office.

Governor Ron DeSantis now got Florida lawmakers to file a bill stripping Disney of special governing powers. 1. Whatever he claims, this will cost Florida taxpayers big $$$ 2. It’s one thing taking on liberals in the state. Thinking Ron may regret taking on the Mouse.

Rachel Maddow Breaking News: No record in New York City about a George Santos, or any of his aliases, filing police report on so-called mugging or attempt on his life. In the last 4 years. He claimed a police escort needed to be stationed outside his home. Another lie. Gosh.

Not dissing any of the other great nominees but the most shocking thing about Bonnie Raitt’s win for #Grammys Song of the Year last night is still how many people apparently didn’t know who she was.

Kept CNN as background noise while I worked Monday. They were saying how most Americans don’t think Biden has accomplished much.

But also CNN – had GOP members of Congress (no Democrats) talk about the spy balloon, plus coverage of Desantis, DeSantos etc. How are we supposed to know what Biden’s accomplished?

Pentagon says debris field from the Chinese spy balloon is “15 football fields by 15 football fields.” Again, imagine any of that had hit someone on the ground especially in a red state. GOP would be calling for Biden’s impeachment.

Gonna keep saying this. Make fun of Santos, Marjorie Three Names etc, but if you’re on social media do make sure you tweet or post or whatever about the good people and Democratic accomplishments.

GOP and media prefers we focus on the clickbait and train wrecks.

Different wins

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Can root for teams from Texas- San Antonio Spurs, Houston Astros w/ Dusty Baker. But while I like Luka Doncic, Mavericks with Kyrie Irving are definitely off the list.

Apparently today’s Pro Bowl – was there a Pro Bowl today? – actually had some entertaining flag football games.

But really, isn’t flag football what most NFL defenders were playing these last few years when Tom Brady was quarterbacking?

While I’m too old to know most of the Grammy nominees, it’s always a fun show. Especially these days realized how apoplectic the show must make some on the far right.

OTOH, if you’re too young to know who Bonnie Raitt was until tonight. You’ve been missing something.

So did GOP really not know about three Chinese spy balloons in the US during the Trump administration? Or are they all trying for belated Oscar nominations?

Today’s GOP – it’s okay to home school your kids into white supremacy but God forbid you take them to a drag show.

So I missed it. What Grammy did George Santos win?

Blocked a MAGA on Twitter today. But as an illustration of the fact that almost all Americans can find some common ground on something, while his timeline was mostly anti-Democrat hate I did find a tweeting saying “threw up in my cheerios this morning when chuck todd called himself a journalist.”

House Oversight and Accountability Committee now wants to know who is paying up to $500,000 for Hunter Biden’s paintings. While they’re at it how about investigating why the Saudis paid $2 billion for Jared Kushner’s investment “prowess?”

Outta here.

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Kyrie Irving has said he wants to be traded again. So two pools. 1. What team will take him? 2. How long until Irving will demand to be traded from whatever team that is?

So did we shoot down the Chinese Spy Balloon with a Jewish Space Laser?

So when is Mexico sending a spy pinata balloon?

Wonder if White House consulted Tom Brady on this balloon mission. Brady is an expert on deflating balls.

ISIS leader President Biden ordered Navy Seal Team 6 to attack and kill last week in Somalia was apparently the financier for ISIS branch responsible for the death of 13 U.S. service members in Kabul in August 2021. Seems like this should be a bigger story..

CNN on Friday covered “astonishingly” good jobs reports. But literally with “The good, the bad.” If Biden cured cancer media would talk about how it was bad for onocologists.

With Beyonce tickets soon going on sale on Ticketmaster, and not guessing the ticket selling monopoly will do any better than with Taylor Swift, thinking members of Senate Judiciary Committee should start learning Beyonce lyrics.

So it’s now been a month that GOP has been in charge of the House. Still no reading of the Constitution on the House Floor. Are they trying to find a GOP rep who can read?

This morning GOP’s faux outrage was about President Biden working this weekend at Camp David. I guess it would be better if he were working at, and charging taxpayers, for the use of his resort? Oh, that’s right. Joe doesn’t have a resort… Never mind.

Marjorie Three Names says US should shoot down the Chinese spy balloon, dismissing concerns for the safety of Americans on the ground saying “in rural areas there aren’t people everywhere. Was she volunteering her deep red rural Georgia district?

MSNBC ran a segment about how the loser in the Arizona gubernatorial race won’t go away? Maybe because even supposedly liberal media keeps paying her nonstop attention. Can we get coverage of what new Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs is doing please?

Some of same Republicans freaking out over what secrets a Chinese spy balloon – which USA is aware of – might get from us, have no problem with idea that Velveeta Voldemort might have secretly sold many of our most important secrets to Russia, Saudi Arabia or yes, even China.

Groundhog night

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If Tom Brady saw his shadow today does that mean he has six more weeks of retirement?

Patrick Mahomes “To be on the world stage & have 2 Black quarterbacks start in Super Bowl, it’s special. I’ve learned more & more about history of Black quarterback since I’ve been in league.” So how long until Ron DeSantis bans Super Bowl interviews being broadcast in Florida.

So Kevin McCarthy thought the most important use of GOP’s time today was a resolution denouncing socialism? Wonder, for starters, what people on social security and farmers who receive subsidies from the government think?

So GOP would be fine with Ilhan Omar on committees if she had just spoken about Jewish Space Lasers?

The College Board has bowed to Ron DeSantis and removed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ novels from AP African American studies courses. If you have a high school or college age son, daughter, relative or friend, and want to send them a book for a present, may I suggest Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The Water Dancer?”

Tell them, truthfully, some people don’t believe students should be able to read it.

Mitch McConnell lied today and said that Warnock winning in Georgia was proof that Republicans didn’t make it too hard to vote. No, it was proof that Georgians were willing to overcome as many obstacles as necessary to vote. Voting is a right. It shouldn’t be a challenge.

If Marjorie Three Names walked into the House chamber with a Nazi symbol on her jacket Kevin McCarthy wouldn’t remove her from any committees.

Bill Clinton speaking today at White House on the Anniversary of Family and Medical Leave Act. Those who were too young to remember him as President should find a clip. He’s still got it.. “When you really know you’re not President any more…. They don’t play a song when you walk in the room, and you’re back on commercial aircraft.”

Tommy, we more than barely knew ye…

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Of course Tom Brady could have retired (again) any time and announcing it now is just a coincidence instead of an attempt to grab the limelight during a time most American football fans are focused on the Super Bowl….

So why does Tom Brady keep retiring on February 1. Does he want his own personal version of Groundhog Day?

Too soon to start a pool on when Tom Brady will unretire again?

Tom Brady is retiring, again. Not content with all the records he has, Tom is now trying to break Brett Favre’s number of retirements record?

Former WNBA MVP & free agent Breanna Stewart says she is joining the New York Liberty – and chose New York because “I feel like, why not go to the biggest market in all of sport?” She’s more honest than a lot of male athletes.7

Apparently if you’re facing a crisis in a red state the way to get GOP help is now to claim you’re a gas stove.

Kevin McCarthy actually said “I’m not raising a clean debt ceiling, American public doesn’t want it.” So he’s saying American public believes in not paying bills? Mortgages, car payments, etc? & we’re fine w/ letting USA default over a political game? 2 words. Yeah. Right.

GOP mocks Biden plans to end COVID public health emergency in May, saying it should be over already. GOP isn’t saying, when public health emergency ends, for starters Americans will need to start paying for COVID-19 tests & treatments such as Paxlovid . Just saying.

Not getting much coverage in the US but huge national strike in Britain today largely over inflation, which is much worse than in America right now. Your reminder, the United Kingdom is governed by the Conservative party.

So the former leader of the free world, who is running again, is casually and publicly referring to an attractive woman he had an affair with as “Horseface.” Will GOP say these comments should be added to list of those moments he became “Presidential?”

Ron Deathsantis is against AP African-American history. in Florida. But he’s got no problem w/ AP European history. Why does Ron think Florida students shouldn’t learn about Black history in America, but it’s fine learning about White history in Europe? (Yeah, I know the answer.)

Out the door

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Cal women’s swimming coach Teri McKeever, who’d coached the Golden Bears since 1993 and won four national championship, was fired today Tuesday after an months-long investigation into alleged harassment, bullying and verbally abusive behavior.

One of those times you hate to see women be the equals of men. 

Sean Payton to coach the Broncos? At least Payton won’t be coaching in the NFC…

And will be interesting to see what the mad scientist draws up for plays in the snow.

George Santos said “I decided on my own” to step down from committees. Because George needs to focus his time now on preparing to play in the Super Bowl?

Understand that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t like Ilhan Omar.

As a liberal who’s not as far left as “The Squad” don’t agree with all of her views myself.

But come on, if not liking or agreeing with someone’s view is grounds for removing them from a committee, Raul Paul and Ted Cruz wouldn’t be on ANY Senate committees.

Jake Tapper actually called Chris Stewart out on GOP representative’s pretending to care about deficit.

Tapper pointed out that about 25% of national debt was run up during Trump years…& why not make an issue of debt ceiling then?

Wow, CNN is still allowed to call out GOP now?

Again, George Santos’s lies are low-hanging fruit. Open note to ambitious journalists: Plenty of members of Congress. Look at some other politicians’ stories, especially those that sound almost too good to be true. Guessing George is an extreme liar but not the only one.

George Santos tells OAN that “I’ve learned my lesson” about lying. Of course he has. It’s that if you’re a Republican your colleagues will just wink and let you get away with it,

Understand that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t like Ilhan Omar.

Don’t agree with some of her views myself.

But come on, if not liking or agreeing with someone’s view is grounds for removing them from a committee, Raul Paul and Ted Cruz wouldn’t be on ANY Senate committees.

Mitch McConnell is complaining about slow pace of the Senate in 2023. While personally I’d like to see Senate try to pass more legislation, perhaps Moscow Mitch might talk to his GOP leader counterpart in House about actually trying to govern instead of grandstanding?

Fox News actually showed a bit of President Biden’s infrastructure speech today in New York today. But quickly cut away to complain “there are other issues he isn’t dealing with.” If Biden cured cancer Fox would complain he was ignoring heart disease.

Today it’s mostly American and Southwest cancelling flights due to an ice storm that’s affecting Texas. How many “once in a lifetime” storms do we have to get before some politicians admit that climate change is real? (Yes, I’m talking to you, Cancun Cruz.)