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Another reason to hate Trump, as a Spurs fan I miss the days when the most upsetting news of the day would be the rumor that Kawhi Leonard might want to play in Los Angeles.


Can anyone explain to me how Austin Jackson at end of his career can seriously be better 2018 option than Steven Duggar at beginning of his?#SFGiants

When SF Giants are in a hole in centerfield, maybe time to start Duggaring?

Not a golfer but if only one  or two players  is under par, maybe it really isn’t “par?”#USOpen

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes indicted on federal criminal wire fraud charges after stepping down as CEO of company. If Holmes can avoid prison she’s attractive & disingenuous enough her next job could be at Fox News.

A tow truck at Frankfurt Airport caught fire while pulling a Lufthansa Airbus, damaging the plane so badly it may be unrepairable. What’s Germany for #WannaGetAway?

Scott Pruitt now moving to replace an Obama WOTUS (Waters Of The US) rule that protects drinking water for 117 million Americans. Let them drink Perrier?

Trump reportedly threatened Japanese PM Shinzo Abe he’d send “25 million Mexicans” to Japan during a discussion on immigration.
How? On Trump Air? No wait, they’re out of business…

Manafort has been sent to jail. Such a harsh punishment for being Trump’s covfefe boy.

Trump this morning “Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign,”
Right, that’s why he had the title “Campaign Manager.” #WTF?

Trump on Comey Friday morning “What he did was a terrible thing to the people.” Uh, yes, he helped you get elected.

Mitch McConnell says Mueller investigation, which started in May 2017 has “gone on too long.”
The Benghzai investigations lasted over two and a half years.

How long until Trump administration stops a pregnant migrant woman from having an abortion and then takes her baby away when it’s born?

Trump on Kim Jong Un “He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.”
Trump later said he was joking. Two words. Yeah. Right.




I miss slow news days.

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Tiger Woods made a triple-bogey on his first hole today. Does this mean ESPN is likely to give up this weekend’s #USOpen coverage?

ESPN headline “How the Lakers can land LeBron, Kawhi and Paul George.”
I think I like “How Tiger can win this year’s U.S. Open” better.

Scott Gregory today with 92 became 1st player in 16 years to shoot over 90 in first round of US Open. Well that’s one way to get Tiger out of the headlines.


Ty Blach is my new pitching hero. 6.2 innings- in 15 inning win for Giants.   And this following Dereck Rodriguez’s 6.2 innings as starter. Two quality starts in one game. More than SF Giants have had in a week.

Those of us who are superstitious might be upset at Duane Kuiper, who when SF Giants  were up 3-0 early in game suggested that 12n start in Miami meant team would get into LA after cross-country flight relatively early.

As a public service, could Netflix offer free streaming of the movie “Gaslight?” And fast?!

All this  supposed Trump focus on the parents of Korean War soldiers. But what about the forgotten victims of the Bowling Green Massacre?

So Sarah Sanders and Jeff Sessions are using the BIBLE as justification for taking babies from their parents? Uh, don’t think this is what Jesus meant by “suffer the little children.” #WTF?


Angel to Joseph “Get up, take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. … (Matthew 2:13).
So Sessions and Sanders are saying #Bible said Egyptians should have taken Jesus from his parents.


Remember, anyone who only watches Fox News is not hearing about children taken away from their parents. Fox is focused on Hillary’s emails, and “bombshell” IG report.
Why it’s so important to politely get out of our echo chambers and engage.

Lewis Black nursery rhyme last night on @TheDailyShow
“Hickory dickory dock, Dear congress stop sucking the NRAs c*ck”
But guessing there won’t be major GOP outrage: A woman comic didn’t say it.

Finally don’t think Trump gutting Obamacare affects you? One ACA provision said preventive care – mammograms, colonoscopies, blood tests etc, must be covered with no deductible. Even for those with employer-paid insurance
But I’m sure insurers won’t start charging again…

Not our problem…

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Washington Post says most Washington Capitals players would visit White House if invited. Maybe because most of them aren’t American.

SF Giants manage to blow 3 leads in one game. 7 leads in series against Miami. Maybe pitchers can’t concentrate in empty stadiums?

Is it a rule that any time an #SFGiants pitcher walks the leadoff runner they have to score?

Cincinnati Reds have taken a dispute to Ohio Supreme Court over whether team should pay tax on bobbleheads given to fans attending games.   Giveaways are subject to sales tax but Reds claim don’t have to pay additional tax because they resell the promotional items as part of the ticket package. Heck, with this year’s team the bobbleheads probably have more value than the game.

That moment in history when #MPRaccoon has more courage than any member of the GOP in Congress.


Good thing #mprraccoon didn’t try to scale the White House. Trump would have probably had it shot as undocumented

All this talk that #KatieArrington won because she supported Trump. Uh, maybe she won because even conservative GOP women finally had a viable alternative to Mr. Appalachian Trail? #SouthCarolina

All those people who risked their lives to escape East Germany with Berlin Wall now have to be thanking God someone like Trump wasn’t in charge.

All the past studies of “confirmation bias” pale in comparison to reality of MAGAers being convinced Trump is on their side and actually Making America Great Again.

So how punch-drunk do you have to be to tweet an identical insult about Robert DeNiro twice in 24 hours? Asking for a country.

Of course there’s no chance that Trump White House started fake #SarahSanders resignation story to distract from #MichaelCohen about to be arrested & #PaulManafort about to go to jail….

Trump pressed by Fox’s Brett Baier on about Kim Jong Un “He has done some really bad things.”
“Yeah, but so have a lot of other people have done some really bad things.” Who’d a thunk we’d miss “kindler gentler nation?”

Beginning to think if Hitler offered to let Trump build branded hotels and golf course in Nazi Germany, POTUS & Fox News would try to convince Americans that “he’s a tough guy, a lot of people have done bad things.”


On the eternal question of whether higher salaries would get Americans to do jobs now taken by undocumented workers…. some years ago was in Costa Rica touring a Dole banana plant.
It was mostly outdoors, efficient and fascinating. Someone asked, how’s the pay? Our young tour guide laughed and said, pretty good, very good actually, but no Costa Rican wants to do this all day. So all these workers are illegal Nicaraguans….

Questions, questions…

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So Warriors have their third championship parade in four years.  Will the team that can finally take the parade from Oakland be the Golden State executive staff that decided to move the team to a fancy expensive arena in San Francisco.

Meanwhile Tim Duncan apparently flying to New York for dinner with Gregg Popovich and maybe another person…   The king’s the thing?



Andrew Luck said he “absolutely” will be playing Colts opening game against Bengals. And if Indy’s O-line isn’t much better, he stands a good chance of being injured by game two.

Trump about Kim Jong Un. “His country does love him. His people, you see the fervor. They have a great fervor.”
Maybe because those who don’t show love and fervor are dead?


Looks like Katie Arrington will win South Carolina primary.   But tweet from Trump supporting her over Sanford less than 3 hours before polls closed was like supporting Warriors over Cavs with 3-0 NBA Finals lead.

Fox News “Pro-Trump firebrand Corey Stewart wins Virginia Senate primary.”
Is “Pro-Trump firebrand” the new Fox term for “white supremacist?

Why would a President who regularly backs out of deals that predecessors and even he himself has signed expect that Kim Jong Un would do anything different?

Five primaries today. Meanwhile, in San Francisco they ONLY have 17,000 ballots to count to decide will be mayor. Imagine how long it would take if the city weren’t such a high-tech hub.

So Judith Nathan, the wife sleeping with Giuliani while he was married to Donna Hanover, is now complaining Rudy was having an affair during end of THEIR marriage. @TheOnion is going, we give up.

So @POTUS “trusts” Kim Jong Un but thinks “there’s a special place in hell for Justin Trudeau. Beam me up Scotty…

Seriously have to wonder, is there ANYTHING Trump could do or anyone he could befriend & MAGAers would criticize him for it?

Question of the night – anybody but me having a hard time understanding why ANY woman would want to sleep with Rudy Guiliani?

And then…  anyone but me think on occasion that if the South wants to secede again US should let them go? And even/especially give them dibs on POTUS?

Parade time…

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Both NBA and NHL championship parades on the same day. Well, that’s something that will never happen in New York City.

So SF Giants put journeyman pitcher Derek Holland against NL East leading Nationals and  probable future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer and win 2-0.   Then they put Madison Bumgarner against the lowly Marlins and  Miami pitcherWei-Yin Chen with an ERA over 5, and lose 5-7.  Baseball is a funny game.

Thanks to Steve Chapman for this comment last night – ‘Justify turned down an invitation to the White House.

When asked why, the Triple Crown winner said “If I wanted to see a horse’s ass I would have finished second.”


IHOP to IHOB. Because one thing America doesn’t have is enough burger restaurants?

Jeff Sessions just said that domestic abuse is not reason enough to seek asylum in US. Heck, it’s not even reason enough to be fired from the White House.

And across American millions of straight men are actually telling their wives and girlfriends “We pre-empted #TheBachelorette for his?” #SingaporeSummit

Love may made, but the internet is forever.

Maybe after this week US can borrow the title for our dollar coins from Canada – “loonies.”

Hmm, maybe that’s the future Trump coin?

Bus to hell time.  Maybe God is a #JustinTrudeau fan?  #LarryKudlow

After G-7 POTUS apparently will ALSO leave North Korea summit early. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised, we knew Trump finishes faster than average from Stormy Daniels.


So all MAGAers thrilled Trump has arranged a meeting with dictator who’s been wanting to be legitimized with a summit for years…
Can see why GOP is afraid of education, it causes Democrats.

One on one?

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So it was Strickland vs  Harper to lead off bottom 9th in DC. Guessing both SF Giants and Nationals wish they had subscribed to show it on pay-per-view.

But didn’t everyone have SF Giants’  Derek Holland outdueling Washington Nationals’ Max Scherzer?

The same as everyone had Seth Lugo, normally a Mets reliever, outpitching Yankees ace Luis Severino.


After his Triple Crown win Justify walked laps in the barn and then was brought outside to meet reporters. ESPN –  “He pricked his ears at the sound of the shutter clicks, and when Baffert led him closer, he playfully bit at one camera.”

“Playfully?”   Written by someone who hasn’t been around a lot of stallions.

Some complaints now that trainer Bob Baffert’s other horse, “Restoring Hope,” by running second in the Belmont Stakes early prevented other horses from catching Justify. Uh, in a mile and a half race,  plenty of time to go around.



Robert DeNiro “F*ck Trump.” And Stormy Daniels is thinking “Not enough money in the world for me to do it again.

That moment that President’s top economic adviser thinks Canada is governed by “Pierre Trudeau.” Another stable genius.


Imagine GOP outrage if Robert DeNiro had said that Trump had a perfect smokey eye?

The real reason Trump is so upset at Justin Trudeau….  ivanka


Meanwhile, Melania Trump attended Ford’s Theater Gala in DC tonight. Suppose it would be tacky to joke that finally nice to see a First Lady so happy to walk out of theater without her husband by her side.

Faith in a horse?

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Wonder if Justify will get a White House invite after winning Triple Crown. Would be one top athlete guaranteed not to criticize Trump.

On the other hand, he is going to have a lot of out-of-wedlock offspring.

Masahiro Tanaka apparently injured hamstring scoring on a fly ball from third against Mets. Hank Steinbrenner said NL needs to join 21st century with DH. What about AL needing to join 21st century with keeping pitchers in shape?

In the San Francisco mayor’s race,  London Breed is now ahead of Mark Leno by 498 votes with ranked-choice voting, 94,771 votes to  94,273.  Per the SF Chronicle, almost 42,000 ballots have yet to be counted.

Imagine if the City WASN’T now one of the high-tech capitals of the world.


#G7Summit dinner tonight had to be like that wedding reception after that relative you HAD to invite leaves early.

So when Trump left Ottawa who was the first other G-7 leader to say #ByeFeliciaJ

Trump says US relations with our allies is “a 10.” So would an 8 be all out war?

Trump will “know within the first minute” on North Korea.
Within the first minute…..somewhere @StormyDaniels is smirking.

But while we’re talking about the first minute, and touch and feel and all that…. how about Trump’s decisions on…Spiecer, Priebus, Bannon, Gorka, Price, Tillerson,  Ronny Jackson, McMaster…. and that’s not including Sessions, Rosenstein etc who he just WANTS to fire.



Trump does realize that he is setting it up for the next President to undo any deal HE makes?