Letting the air out.

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Tom Brady was introduced tonight as the new quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.   Not having that be anywhere near as big a headline as that would have been without coronavirus must be rather deflating.

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence started a GoFundMe page to help coronavirus victims. The NCAA made him shut it down because it’s a “violation.:”

In times of crisis, you can ALWAYS count on the NCAA to do the wrong thing.

One problem with tele-work is that you can’t blame traffic for being late to the office.

Anyone who supports Jerry Falwell Jr. reopening Liberty University next week is hereby forever forbidden from referring to themselves as “Pro-life.”

Nordstrom has closed stores but is selling online. Today they sent out an email headed “stylish in sweats.” Uh, if we’re all at home alone or with just our families does anyone really care how stylish they look right now?

Is it wrong if you see someone’s name trending and almost hope it’s because they have Coronavirus? Asking for a friend whose better angels are staying at home.

Just think, it was only 7 weeks ago that the biggest f*ckup many of us knew in 2020 American politics involved the Iowa caucuses. #TrumpPandemic

Now Rachel Maddow talking about how inexplicably America does not have a national policy on dealing with Coronavirus. Well maybe it’s because we don’t have a President.

So  with non-essential DC workers being told to stay home, how does the person who does Donald Trump’s daily spray tan get a pass?

Why did Apple have 9 million masks in their storehouses? Asking for a country.

Trump talking about sections of our country that are doing “very very well.” Yeah, if someone falls off the Empire State building they’re doing very very well for about the first 90 floors too.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants to ban most abortions in the state during coronavirus outbreak, declaring they don’t qualify as essential surgeries. So can women with unwanted pregnancy get a claim form to have their fetus, once born, be subsidized by the state until they are 18?

Watching Joe Biden and Nicole Wallace today talking from their basements felt like a nice warm hug. And again, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and even Fox News, why aren’t you giving Democrats DAILY equal time to address the country on coronavirus?  We have real unmuzzled scientists too.

Glad that Mitt Romney doesn’t have coronavirus… but how did he get results in 2 days, when it took even law professor John Bessler, Amy Klobuchar’s husband, 5 1/2 days when he had serious symptoms & needed to be hospitalized? Can only imagine how bad it is for average people.

And doing the math, Amy Klobuchar was back in the Midwest and campaigning  several times a day for Joe Biden in Michigan when her husband caught the coronavirus in Baltimore/DC area. Then out of an abundance of caution,  since he had  fever and cold symptoms Amy didn’t go back to their DC apartment when she returned.

So her hard work may have saved Senate lives. Seriously.

Rage, rage…

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In France, after the marathon he had been training for was canceled, a furloughed restaurant worker ran the marathon anyway, back and forth on his 23 foot long balcony.  Think we can all agree this is awesome. Well, except maybe his downstairs neighbors.

Feeling a little gutted by the news that University of Baltimore and Georgetown law professor John Bessler, the husband of Senator Amy Klobuchar, has coronavirus.  And he had symptoms for days, but didn’t get tested until he was coughing up blood.. even so it took five days.  So for all those who think privilege will insulate them…


And Open note to a**hole college students who figure their age makes them safer, Amy Klobuchar’s husband John Bessler is a law school professor… wonder if he got it from one of this students?

One of the nicest tweets today though came from another spouse… “@Chas10Buttigieg “John was one of the sweetest spouses I met on the trail. I can’t imagine the pain of not being able to be by your partner’s side during this. Peter and I are thinking of him, Senator Klobuchar, and Abigail today.” twitter.com/amyklobuchar/s

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issuing executive order mandating 14 day self-isolation for travelers from NY or New Jersey.  Travelers arriving by air that is.  Good thing Florida is an island.  Oh wait, never mind.   Yes, same DeSantis who let spring breakers party on Florida beaches & bring coronavirus back to their states. I miss the days when “whythereisnosatire’ was funny


There is absolutely NOTHING in these White House Press Conferences that couldn’t be put out in a press release. But that would deny Trump his daily dose of public adulation. Which Donald acts like needs more than a serious coronavirus patient needs oxygen.

Trump has sudden concern for American citizens of Asian heritage. Possible translation, Mitch McConnell’s said someone was mean to his wife Elaine Chao? Or some of Donald’s Asian-American donors have complained?

Mike Pence seems so in love with his little “15 days to slow the spread” placard that I hope Mother isn’t watching.


Reports that Trump “jokingly” walked away after Dr. Birx said at his vanity press conference that she had a fever this weekend. Guessing tomorrow we’ll be asking “Where is Dr. Birx?”

As Trump talks about getting rid of #StayAtHome restrictions to help the economy even if it kills millions your reminder that GOP once accused DEMOCRATS of being the ones who would have Death Panels.


Donald Trump  at his press conference today says he thinks Nebraska and Idaho are countries.   If so then they need to immediately forfeit their electoral college votes.

“I must give the British people one simple instruction – you must stay at home. There can be no doubt that each and everyone of us is enlisted. And the people of this country will rise to this challenge and we will come through it together. Stay at home, protect our NHS, and save lives.” Wow. Who’d a thunk I’d ever wish the USA had a leader like Boris Johnson?

Turning back the clock.

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Robert Kraft, on behalf of the Patriots wrote an open letter in a Tampa newspaper asking Buccaneers fans to “take care of” Tom Brady.

Wonder what “take care of means?”   Does it include “make sure he doesn’t go to any local massage parlors?”  (Guessing Giselle will make sure of that.)

Watched Tim Lincecum’s 2nd  no-hitter tonight. How bad were the Padres against Timmy?  They could have banged every pitch on a trash can and still probably not have hit him.

Marc Ragovin “Many sports networks are airing their teams archived “classic” games with everything on hold. And of course only the Mets could screw things up. I was just watching SNY, and Buckner fielded the ball cleanly.”

Wow. Today was Mother’s Day in England. Instead of parties, lunch or tea, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told British people to call Mom on a video chat. Because visiting your mother could kill her.

Harvey Weinstein has coronavirus.  Again, my better angels are sheltering in place.


Trump is 90 minutes late for his press conference but it took him ONE minute to refer to the “Chinese Virus.” 

So since we have no other sporting events to bet on should Vegas start offering odds on what day the IOC will officially postpone the 2020 Olympics?


Pretty clear these Trump press conferences aren’t designed to make Americans feel better. They are designed to make Donald feel better.


Trump during his press conference/rally today “people are dying to go out to restaurants, people are dying to go on airplanes.” He had me at “people are dying.”


But Trump’s Press Conference today didn’t start until almost 6p Eastern time. Can he use the same timing Monday? At least Donald won’t tank the market in real time.

Mike Pence at Trump press briefing – “If you don’t have symptoms you don’t need the test.” WTAF???!!!!  Rand Paul does not have symptoms. Are they trying to kill us all?

When the Senate does figure out a way to allow a rule change to vote remotely, it would only be right that they approve #VoteByMail as a possibility for all Americans in November.


Some GOP Senators claiming Democrats trying to keep Coronavirus bill from being corporate bailout is costing us precious time. Wonder where they were last weekend when Mitch McConnell jetted off w/ BFF Brett Kavanaugh for investiture of their ABA “unqualified” rated judge.


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Yeah, I still got no losers in my March Madness bracket… and it stinks.

Wells Bayou won the $1 million Louisiana Derby, a regular Kentucky Derby qualifying race on Saturday, on, because of coronavirus restrictions, a largely empty New Orleans track.
How long until horse racing decides to get rid of jockeys too?

Watched end of ESPN replay of 1992 Kentucky Duke game. Guess it would be unfair to compare Rick Pitino’s strategy to contain Grant Hill and Christian Laettner to Trump’s strategy to contain coronavirus.

Possible sign of knowing you’re doing an okay job with #StayAtHome: you realize how much your cat snores.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just talked about putting those with symptoms or testing positive for coronavirus, in isolation shelters, possibly hotels or convention centers so they don’t infect others.   Good thing none of spring break kids who crowded state’s beaches went home already. Oh, wait, never mind.

So at a time when Americans are increasingly terrified, today Trump decides what we most need is to hear him pat himself on the back for how great he is doing. At least when he speaks on weekends he can’t tank the stock market in real time.


Along with everything else wrong about Trump press conference how can we take people seriously who cluster together and don’t practice social distancing?
Watched end of ESPN replay of 1992 Kentucky Duke game. Guess it would be unfair to compare Rick Pitino’s strategy to contain Grant Hill and Christian Laettner to Trump’s strategy to contain coronavirus.

Trump reposted a Fox News segment on the coronavirus,  where Fox News CALLED it coronavirus but Donald titled post “Chinese Virus Update.”   No racist petty dog whistle too small.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, who tweeted 5-6 times today,  says he’s upgrading his home to be able to broadcast frequently to Americans. Many supposed Democrats, okay, mostly Sanders people,  attacking him for being out of sight. Enough! 

 “If we spend next 4 months tearing party apart we’ll spend next 4 years watching Trump tearing country apart.” (Amy Klobuchar, yeah, my daily commercial.  Get used to it.)

Former first world problems

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Today would have been day two of #MarchMadness. Right about now really wish my biggest obsession was my broken brackets.

Wonder how p*ssed off Tom Brady was to have his actual signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be eclipsed by the coronavirus.

But if the pandemic continues into the NFL season maybe league can figure out a way to have a Brees-Brady matchup in a Pro-bowl type Super Bowl?

Damn, another piece of the soundtrack of my youth gone too soon. Though Kenny Rogers, 81, had apparently been in hospice. So “he knew when to hold ’em, knew when to fold ’em…?” R.I.P.

Winston Churchill, when he became Prime Minister in wartime, said to British who were scared -“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat.”

Donald Trump, self-declared wartime president, asked what he would say to Americans who are scared ” “I say that you are a terrible reporter.”


Your reminder “what do you tell Americans who are scared?” wasn’t just a softball question, it was a “put a softball on a tee” question.

Why are we so surprised Trump has kept coronavirus testing numbers down? This is a man who has been avoiding his own physical so he doesn’t have to face real numbers.

A member of Mike Pence’s office has tested positive for coronavirus but apparently the VP did not have “close contact with the individual.” Does that mean the staffer is a woman? #ThanksMother

So since Trump said the virus was a hoax and continued having rallies, and his cult members believed him, how many MAGAts are sick but refuse to get tested? Asking for a country.

Trump says for the umpteenth time in press briefing “we’ve inherited an broken, old, terrible, obsolete system” and adds we haven’t been given the credit we deserve.” Because there is NO situation so awful where Donald cannot resist praising himself. 

“Every one of the governors was very impressed with what we’ve done.” How does  Donald Trump not need rotator cuff surgery for all the time he spends contorting to pat himself on the back?

Pit stops during the yellow.

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Red Sox Chris Sale, SF Giants’ Tyler Beede, both having Tommy John surgery, Justin Verlander having groin surgery…   Well, if MLB might have to take the year off, seems like a good time to go in for a tune-up.


New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton the first person in NFL to announce he has the coronavirus.

Bus to hell time. Waiting for NFL refs to tell Sean Payton that they thought his coronavirus was uncatchable.


All those pictures of spring break students on Florida beaches make me long for a remake of Jaws. Only this time the shark is the hero.

When Tulsi Gabbard becomes a unifying voice of reason before Bernie Sanders….

After Tulsi,  Kirsten Gillibrand endorsed Joe Biden today. Showing that decisive leadership that made her brief Presidential campaign so successful..

Prince Albert of Monaco now has coronavirus.  Darn.  Saw Prince Albert trending and my first hope was that someone had found a way to resurrect that old stupid joke about Prince Albert in the can.

Gavin Newsom writes to Trump saying roughly 56% of Californians, or 25.5 million people, will be infected with coronavirus over an eight week period. Sad that my first thought is that Donald will now call it the California Chinese virus.

So is Dr. Fauci now sick himself? Or did he just commit the cardinal sin of upstaging Donald Trump? Where is Dr. Fauci?

CNN Headline “President Donald Trump shrugged off responsibility for providing more medical equipment and gear to strapped hospitals combating coronavirus.” They had me at “Trump shrugged off responsibility.”

Priorities for Donald Trump – today’s fundraising email: “President Trump asked us to personally reach out to you to make sure you didn’t miss this opportunity to win a one-of-a-kind Keep America Great Hat hand-signed by YOUR President.” Is the hat sterilized?

As the Senate insider trading scandal blows up tonight anyone but me now thinking we REALLY need to see Trump’s tax returns?

Last night,  Rachel Maddow mentioned 7 states whose governors hadn’t mandated shutdowns. But in all those states some city/local governments had stepped up. Once again, your reminder that ALL elections matter. Even and sometimes especially local elections. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho


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Especially for SF Giants fans, can we start referring to Donald Trump as “Kung Flu Panderer?

One reason I’ve always loved sports is that as far as a distraction from real life, it’s the only entertainment where no one really knows the ending, someone wrote the endings to books, movies, theater…. And there are more important things, but I sure miss sports.

(and no, Lego Masters doesn’t count. yet.)

On this date in history, March 18, a kid named Steve Nash led #15 Santa Clara to a March Madness upset of #2 Arizona. The year was 1993. Only yesterday, right?

Per Rachel Maddow Wednesday night –  “There are seven states not banning large gatherings and not closing schools. All red states. Coincidence? Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, Wyoming.”

Whatever Trump says about not knowing how bad coronavirus pandemic could be….  As far as travel insurance companies are concerned, ”   COVID-19 became a known event on January 22, 2020 and was recognized as an epidemic as of February 3, 2020.ney

We’re supposed to eat balanced meals while sheltering-in-place…. Does a handful of nuts, vitamins and wine count?

Thinking at some point could reread a lot of my favorite books from when I was a teenager. Though maybe will skip “On the Beach.”

“Sleepy Joe Biden” is a childish insult. But I don’t care if Joe were Rip Van Winkle who’d been asleep for 20 years. He’d still be better than Trump.

Has it occurred to Senator Ron Johnson that 3.4% of the US not only is 11 million people, that number will also probably be skewed towards people who don’t believe in science, which won’t help GOP in November elections?

So has anyone suggested to Donald Trump he can do with the Presidency what Nixon did with Vietnam? Declare victory and leave.

Watching Trump press conference makes me think I never want to hear about “excitement” being a requirement for Democratic ticket again. We need competence, decency and empathy. And we need it now.



Pew Research survey from March 10-16 – “79% of people who said they turned to Fox News for their news believed the media had exaggerated the risks of the virus.” I know some of our parents told us watching too much TV was bad for us, but this is ridiculous.”