Your lying eyes?

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Robert Kraft’s attorneys say videos of him paying for sex acts were shot illegally and an invasion of privacy. And 29 teams in NFL not named the Patriots are thinking “pass the popcorn.”

Apparently former Cavs coach Tyronn Lue is a “strong frontrunner” for the Lakers coaching job. Because Lebron getting him fired from one team wasn’t enough?

And look, I want this assistant coach to take over from Popovich. But Lakers could do worse for a new head coach than Becky Hammon.

(heck, hasn’t been a man who could coach Lebron, why not a woman?)


Wonder as at time of  write we head to 13th inning, how many parents decided they didn’t care if SF Giants won or lost, they just wanted to take their kids to fireworks night.

Delta Airlines says they are going to limit seat recline for all seats on many shorter flights. They say this is not a precursor to putting more rows of seats on those planes. Two words. Yeah. Right.

A Florida man is pleading guilty in college admissions bribery scandal after he was “paid $10,000 to secretly take entrance exams.” Jeez, if he’s that smart shouldn’t he be able to find a better paying real job?

A British comedian died on stage during his stand-up show. Talk about a joke that killed.

Sometimes people wonder how we as a country possibly could have elected Trump.
There was one team in Las Vegas that had more money bet on them this year to win the NBA finals than the Warriors.
That team was the Lakers.
Does this even need a punchline?

Is this the most white privilege story of the year? Lori Loughlin, now facing prison for paying $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into USC, ‘thinks any mom would have done the same.”

Got a proposed trade offer for Donald Trump – Sanctuary cities will take asylum-seeking immigants – So where can we dump Trump supporters?


She might not win. But this is what a President sounds like. I MISS having a President.
Amy Klobluchar on Twitter “Someone has already been charged with a serious threat on Congresswoman Omar’s life. The video the President chose to send out today will only incite more hate. You can disagree with her words—as I have done before—but this video is wrong. Enough.”


Early extremes.

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LA Dodgers scored 7 runs today and still lost 11-7. Their team ERA is nearly 5.
At this point Dodgers pitching vs. Giants hitting would be the “something’s got to give series.”

And as he hit a home run that turned out to be the game winner in a 1-0 game, who had this sentence on April 11, 2019  “Where would the SF Giants be without Kevin Pillar.”

Angel Hernandez suing MLB alleging he’s been blocked from promotions and officiating World Series due to Cuban heritage. Uh, not saying there’s no racism in baseball, but IMHO Hernandez is simply a really bad empire.


Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette was arrested today in Jacksonville and charged with “knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license.”
Gosh, if only NFL paid players enough for Lyft or Uber.

As we approach the postseason, realize there are people old enough to drink in US who have never lived through the NBA playoffs without the Spurs in them.

I do trust that all these anti-vaxxers who are triggering measles outbreaks across US aren’t wasting doctor and hospital time when their kids do get sick.


Is this the most white privilege story of the year? Lori Loughlin, now facing prison for paying $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into USC, ‘thinks any mom would have done the same.”

So if Trump  has very “clean” finances, why doesn’t he just issue an executive order for IRS to hurry up and finish his audit so he can release his taxes?

Does anyone think if Mueller Report really exonerated Donald Trump that he would have any scruples about releasing it completely; embarrassment to those cited be damned?


US trying to extradite Julian Assange. Does Donald Trump want to charge him or thank him?

Trump saying today “I know nothing about Wikileaks,” after saying repeatedly in October 2016 things like “I LOVE Wikileaks.”

To be fair, that’s that same pattern he’s used over the years with his wives.”

Gentlemen, start your postseason.

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So with NBA regular season finally over, we are now only 2 1/2 MONTHS away from the end of the NBA playoffs. And some say the baseball season is long.

Always been fond of Tony Parker. But as Charlotte was eliminated tonight wonder how he feels now about bailing on San Antonio.

Bryce Harper 8 RBIs

Kevin Pillar 9 RBIs 

Just saying.

(and SF Giants at 4-9 still have one more win than the World Champion Red Sox.)

I’m so old I remember when Clippers were Los Angeles’s dysfunctional NBA franchise.


An American Airlines flight returned safely to JFK after during takeoff it hit a sign that “directs pilots as they’re going down the runway.” Well, I guess the sign wasn’t doing its job anyway.

One dead, and six critically injured in a Durham, NC coffee shop today when a contractor drilling on sidewalk hit a two-inch gas line. But hey, who needs job-killing regulations?

Fox News attacking Elizabeth Warren for tax returns “showing eye-popping income.”  Warren and her husband, also a Harvard law professor, made a combined $900,000 last  year.

Can’t wait to see what Fox says about former NCAA football coach & GOP Alabama senate candidate Tommy Tuberville, who made over $2 million a year regularly.

The National Enquirer is for sale. Gosh, if only there were a REALLY rich man in America who they’ve attacked  who could buy the paper and unleash their reporters in a different direction.


Trump today in Texas, marveling at the state’s size –  “I come from New York, you have Fifth Avenue and that connects to Park Avenue and its not too far away, but this is, you know, hundreds of miles between places.

Forget everything else he’s done, this is the Trump line that could really make New Yorkers know it’s time for the 25th Amendment.

(open note to anyone who hasn’t been to NYC – Fifth and Park are parallel.)

Trump on Steven Miller He’s “an excellent guy. He’s a wonderful person.”
Okay, now we KNOW Donald Trump has dementia. Not even Miller’s family thinks he’s a “wonderful person.”

Wait, the Clippers are the stable ones?

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Remember those days when Lakers fans thought the Shaq-Kobe feud was the height of dysfunction?

So this time did Lebron James get rid of a team’s Coach AND President?

(As a Spurs fan I think I take back the wish that King James had decided to try being coached by Pop.)

Hey Blue Jays, SF Giants say “Thank you, eh” for Kevin Pillar.

Pillar has 8 RBI’s since he arrived last week. Do the rest of the SF Giants together have that many?

The Orioles’ Chris Davis is now on a 0-49 hitless streak. Which means he now broke former SF Giant Eugenio Velez’s record for the longest major league hitless streak by a position player.
Let’s hope no current Giant manages to challenge him in 2019.

I guess this isn’t funny if you live in Colorado, but from United Airlines TODAY. – “United Travel Waiver for Colorado Winter Weather”
Uh, winter? It’s April 9.


Who knew admitting to being a millionaire could be so complicated?

For 2019 W-4s alone, Americans now must list “non-wage income, such as interest & dividends
Itemized & other deductions
Income tax credits expected.
For employees w/ multiple jobs, total annual taxable wages for all lower paying jobs”
What happened to Trump promising you could file taxes on a postcard?

Mother Pence is not happy about Pete Buttigieg’s comments about her husband, saying people “shouldn’t be attacked for what your religious beliefs are.”
Right, as long as your religious beliefs are “Christian?” #WTF?

Trump today tweeted “On National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, we honor the Americans captured and imprisoned by foreign powers while carrying out their duties to defend this great Nation…”
(so where’s the asterisk? “except John McCain.”)

Thinking if Secret Service hadn’t embarrassed Trump by admitting that Mar-A-Lago employees have real power in deciding who to let on the premises, Alles would still have a job.


Trump posted two-minute campaign video today set to score of “The Dark Knight Rises. Warner Bros trying to get it taken down for copyright infringement. Waiting for Donald to say copyrights don’t apply to Presidents.

You know, I really really like Pete Buttigieg. . But sometimes media coverage about him feels like those situations where some great women who have worked in an office for a while suddenly ALL take a back seat to the cool new young guy.

Too late?

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Texas Tech Virginia men’s national championship game tipped off tonight at 920p  Eastern Time.

So all those young kids who dream of someday playing college basketball might have been able to stay up for national anthem?


So a call that Stevie Wonder could have seen doesn’t get reversed and decides who goes to Super Bowl.
And a call that isn’t even crystal clear on replay plays a major part in deciding who cuts down nets in Minneapolis.
What’s coming in NBA Playoffs?

Don’t follow the Utah Jazz. But I just became a Kyle Korver fan.  Worth a few minutes to read. Seriously.

In 23 ABs, Connor Joe and Michael Reed had 1 hit between them for SF Giants.  So will the team still try to sell their “game-used” jerseys?

As measles cases in US continue to rise, this would be a good time for a Democratic Presidential candidate to come out strongly pro-vaccine. Because we could be heading for a REAL national emergency.

Trump just fired Secret Service chief Randolph “Tex” Alles. So what did Tex see that he shouldn’t have seen?

So how many asylum-seekers including children would have had to die under Kirstjen Nielsen’s watch for Trump to be happy with her job performance?

Kind of ironic that man who is seldom seen with his own family considers family separation the worst thing he can do to potential immigrants.

Seriously if Kirstjen Nielsen she wasn’t evil enough at what point does Trump run out of people willing to work for him? #HowLowCanYouGo

Years ago, in Las Vegas, a friend and I wanted to be silly for a couple hours in afternoon and play nickel slots. Since another friend preferred sun time, we managed, with some effort, to sneak her into the Paris Las Vegas pool
Apparently the Chinese spy got access to Mar-A-Lago by saying she was there to use THEIR pool.
You would think Trump staff at “Winter White House” would have better security than a mid-priced Vegas resort.

Chuck Grassley, the most senior Senate Republican, now “warning” Trump about firing more DHS officials. And Chuck says he’s “concerned.” Who does Grassley think he is, Susan Collins?

There’s actually a scary but simple possible reason for Trump to decimate Homeland Security. If DHS fails to stop a major terrorist attack then Donald might plan to declare martial law afterwards – suspending all rights and laws and elections he wants.

Here comes not enough rain?

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(oops, this is old draft that didn’t post somehow from Thursday, but I am getting it posted now.)


SF Giants fans worried for a while their home opener would be rained out.  Then alas they discovered after a four-run first by the Rays that it wouldn’t be.

So SF Giants year has not started out perfectly. But at least they didn’t give $161 million to Chris Davis. Who started out year 0-17 with 11ks.


Vikings CB Holton Hill suspended four games of the season for violating NFL policy on performance-enhancing drugs.  Hill reportedly claimed issues with marijuana.  Uh, shouldn’t a cornerback on pot enhance the performance of the receiver?

Vanderbilt, which was winless in SEC this year in men’s basketball, just hired Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach Jerry Stackhouse with a six-year contract.
Well, with such low expectations guessing he Stackhouse might survive as coach at least three years.


Robert Kraft apparently trying very hard to keep jurors from seeing him paying for sex, claiming it was an illegal videotape. Who knew mean bitch Karma might be able to beat the Patriots?

Now apparently some House Democrats are concerned Mueller report may be destroyed.
Uh, just guessing you don’t get to be head of the FBI by being incautious with evidence. Think Robert might have kept one or two copies?

As Trump ranted today, it’s not CNN or MSNBC or NY Times or Washington Post, it’s “the “press… They are truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

If you’re not afraid you’re not paying attention.

Buried in a hit piece on Biden. The Daily Mail quotes Jill Biden’s autobiography, where she says the family’s closeness made her uncomfortable at first -“Joe and his two young sons ‘never wanted to miss a chance to wrap their arms around each other or give a kiss’ after the death of their mother.”

Trump says he is skipping the White House Correspondents Dinner this year because he “likes positive things.”
Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Oops they did it again.

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First it was the game to get to the Super Bowl, now it was the game to get to March Madness finals. Just what sports wants, everyone talking next morning about the refs.

That moment as an advertiser when you’ve paid the really big bucks for spots on NCAA men’s basketball final and it’s Texas Tech vs Virginia.

Over-under for tomorrow’s Texas Tech-Virginia NCAA men’s final currently at 118. So if you liked this year’s high-scoring Super Bowl….

So congrats to all those who had “April 7” in the Yasiel Puig first ejection of 2017 pool.

Once again, can someone tell SF Giants that it is NOT necessary to let the other team score first every game.


Another in the “you cannot make this “stuff” up” category.  A police officer in Detroit blew a 0.8 BAC at a class recently.  The class teaching cops to administer Breathalyzer tests.

As so many are hyperventilating over Democrats picking a candidate NOW your reminder that Bill Clinton announced his candidacy in October 1991.

A Coast Guard Cutter unloaded 14,300 pounds of cocaine yesterday in San Diego. The drugs were seized in six different drug busts since February off the coasts of Mexico, Central and South America. Build that sea wall?

I’m admittedly not a Bernie Sanders fan, but this was well-played the other day in Iowa “Do I want to come to a state where 35% of your electricity comes from wind turbines? Where all over the state you got wind turbines? My staff and I, people are going to come down with cancer after a few days in Iowa. But we are brave souls.”

Last night SNL really went after Joe Biden. And this morning Biden didn’t explode or threaten on Twitter. Would Trump now attack Joe for not being Presidential?

Trump is rejecting idea of summit with Guatemela, El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras. Right, summits are saved for real American friends like North Korea and Russia.

So Kirstjen Nielsen made the cages too comfortable?

Give Trump credit. He has created more repeat job openings in his administration than any President.

Today’s Trump fundraising email attacks “liberal Senators, including radical Dianne Feinstein.”
This might be first time in history anyone has used the phrase “radical Dianne Feinstein”

Trump tweet rant yesterday against “fraudulent Russian Witch Hunt… How and why did this terrible event begin? Never Forget!”
Donald is an actual New Yorker and he casually tosses out the phrase “Never Forget?”
One again the question “Evil or dementia?”

This tweet did not age well from Donald Trump on May 11, 2016: “In interview I told @AP that my taxes are under routine audit and I would release my tax returns when audit is complete, not after election!”