No bets on this one?

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Reminder, as we approach NFL playoff weekend, Trump NEVER talks about rooting for a team in advance, but only attends some big $$$ events & congratulates (some) winners. No pets, no favorite teams… Because nothing can stand in his adoration of himself & Donald can never lose.

Apparently 80-90 percent of bets on Monday’s College Football Playoff so far are on LSU. Wonder how many Americans can even name who else is playing?

After missing a pair of free throws late in the first half,  Mavericks star Luka Doncic grabbed his jersey and simply tore it, right at the “V” in the lettering on his chest. How long until Dallas starts selling torn Doncic jersey replicas at a premium?


Marianne Williamson has dropped out of the Presidential race. Shocking millions of Americans who didn’t realize she was still in it.

As insane as this Meghan and Harry story is, I must say the couple does a LOT less damage to the world than  Ivanka and Jared.

Trump reportedly considering adding least SEVEN more countries – mostly Muslim and ‘low-performing’ – to his travel ban. Right, because all the latest mass shooters in US – Las Vegas, Dayton, El Paso… were all Muslim immigrants. Oh wait, never mind.


Reports that Trump privately said one reason he had Solemani killed was to ensure some  GOP  Senators would support him in the upcoming impeachment trial. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next pretend reason Trump gives. The real reason methinks – he just liked the idea of being able to kill someone.

Blue rant – Leaving aside I don’t like people trying to buy elections, no matter what side they’re on, here’s what perhaps most frustrates me about Tom Steyer:
For a long time he spent big $$$ on ads for impeachment. But now that Trump IS being impeached, Steyer’s spending big $$$ on ads especially in Nevada and South Carolina, enough to poll in double digits with voters who probably had never heard of him.
Imagine if he were using that money not to glorify himself, but to press the case with all voters that Trump is guilty. And at the very least should be voted out in November

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time…

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16 days between College Football Playoffs semi-finals and Monday’s finals. I think that’s longer than the James Wiseman era at Memphis.

Certainly it’s longer than a Scarmucci.

Notre Dame sophomore QB Phil Jurkovec has entered his name in the NCAA Transfer Portal and will look to leave the Fighting Irish.   Notice these days they aren’t even pretending anymore it’s about academics?

Joe Buck  was trending on Twitter today. And he’s not retiring .So much for getting my hopes up.

Coach Mike Leach is leaving the Pac 12 and Washington State for the SEC and Mississippi State. While the level of football competition may get higher, at least Leach won’t have to worry about distractions like classes.


So all the Republicans who voted against the War Powers Resolution are okay with the next Democratic President taking whatever military action she/he wants?

But got it, it, all these GOP cult members who want to abandon the Constitution to give Trump war powers are same folks who claim that one line in an amendment about “a well-regulated militia” justifies any number of mass shootings and murders.

Senate GOP resolution calls Pelosi’s impeachment delay a ‘flagrant violation’  Wonder what Merrick Garland thinks?

First it was blowing up Embassy in Baghdad, now Trump insists Soleimani planned to attack multiple US embassies. How long until Donald claims the Iranian general had plans to attack every city in America?

WTAF? Trump says it was a “split-second decision” to kill Soleimani. But Lindsey Graham says he was informed days earlier on the golf course. Donald isn’t even PRETENDING the truth matters anymore.


Palm Beach Atlantic University, a private Christian college, is namingng Melania Trump a“Woman of Distinction” for 2020 for being an “exquisite human being, a magnificent wife and life partner…”
Because of course, nothing says “life partner” to a Christian University like being someone’s former mistress and current third wife.

You can’t bet on it.

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As a Saints fan, I didn’t think it was likely their current team would lose to the Vikings.

As a Spurs fan, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell their current team would come close to either the Bucks or the Celtics. (And they beat Milwaukee by 22, and Boston by 15.)
It’s why they play the games.

A fan was arrested tonight in Boston for throwing a beer towards the San Antonio bench and into the court after Kemba Walker’s ejection. Maybe the guy should have been more upset at the Celtics, losing to the lowly Wizards and now Spurs back to back?

Cleveland Cavaliers coach John Beilein now says he meant to call players “slugs” and not “thugs” when he was trying to praise them by saying they were no longer playing “like a bunch of thugs” during a film session.

Translation, he didn’t realize a film session was actually being filmed?

For my readers and friends who are on Twitter.   Okay for Ruth Bader Ginsburg we really need a “she’s healthy” emoji or “it’s all good ‘ when she starts trending. Too stressful otherwise.


Iran’s not handing over the black box from Ukraine plane that crashed seems as much a mark of innocence as Trump’s refusal to let witnesses testify in his impeachment trial.

Senator Mike Lee after an all-Senators briefing on Iran said it was “insulting” and worst he’s had from military officials in his 9 years here, he also said he would support Tim Kaine’s War Powers Resolution.
So who had the GOP Senators from UTAH as most likely to stand up to Trump?

In “Knives Out” one character vomits every time she lies. Shame for Trump’s efforts to control his weight he can’t get that problem.

“Iran is standing down.” Right, don’t all countries fire missiles at US bases when they are standing down?

And why shouldn’t we trust a President who says he has destroyed
“100% of Isis?”

Listened again to Trump Speech on Iran today. I challenge ANYONE with an older relative or friend who spoke like that to say you wouldn’t call the doctor afterwards. Or even during the speech.

The week goes on.

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So it’s now about 6 more days until College Football Playoff Championship. By the time this game rolls around, will anyone remember who’s playing?

Patriots are awaiting discipline for illegal videotaping, Red Sox now being investigated for using their video room to steal signs. So should NBA check out the Celtics?

So how is Trump going to blame Puerto Rico for their earthquake?

Got it, Iran reportedly kills a US contractor in an air strike and we kill one of their top generals. Saudi Arabia deliberately murders a journalist who’s a legal US resident and we invite their leaders to the White House.



Duncan Hunter has resigned. Is it too soon to start the pool – will his next job be at Fox News or in Trump White House?



So if you believe in ghosts who do you hope John McCain is haunting tonight? Donald Trump or Lindsey Graham?

I  miss the days when a US President dealt with stress by having an inappropriate relationship with an intern.

Btw, Trump’s tweet tonight contained no misspellings and no all caps. Does anyone really believe he wrote it?

If Trump HAD written the tweet himself, “All is well” definitely would have been “ALL IS WELL.” For starters. All Caps

Curiously enough “All is well” is what a man might think if after falling off the Empire State Building he was still 50 floors from the ground.


Actually if Iran wanted to retaliate at Trump in a way that really hurt him without costing lives, could they just find a way to delete his Twitter account?


Did Sir Thomas More in the 1530s foresee the GOP and the cult of Trump “I think that when statesmen forsake their own private consciences for the sake of their public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos.”

Meanwhile, back at the impeachment hearings?  Can ANYONE cite a case where an innocent defendant wanted all the actual witnesses NOT to testify?

Blew dat

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Can point to at least a dozen New Orleans mistakes in Saints-Vikings game that would have changed the game.  But even so, it still has to come down to a questionable call?


Driving home tonight I heard Tom Tolbert on KNBR ask former 49er Brent Jones about the last play of the Saints -Vikings game. Brent says, “Well, I’m a homer and I played offense so means I’m always biased, And it was absolutely OPI and I have no idea why they didn’t review it.”
And then Jones went on to explain exactly how Rudolph did it and why it was a penalty.
Yeah, New Orleans made a lot mistakes so it shouldn’t have been that close. But still… Not that I won’t get over this, eventually.


Damn. But  Amy Klobuchar is a big Vikings fan.   And I did tell someone at a fall event for her that as much as I love Saints I’d choose her Vikings to beat them IF meant winning the White House in November.  And I meant it.  Okay, universe, your move.


Figured after New Orleans Saints loss yesterday that it wasn’t going to get any more fun with “my’ NBA team – the struggling in 2019 San Antonio Spurs tonight since they were playing the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA’s best team.  And WTF? This is why sports IS the best reality TV.

(124 Spurs- 106 Bucks,  Milwaukee’s worst loss of year.)

Mike McCarthy reportedly signed a 5-year deal with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, the same as Ron Rivera signed with Dan Snyder and the Redskins. Too soon to start a pool on whether which of them gets fired first?


Timothée Chalamet will play Bob Dylan in a upcoming bio-pic. So will Chalamet have to take lessons to learn how to sing that badly?

So did Judge Judy endorse Bloomberg because Mike promised if elected to put her on the Supreme Court?

30 women tonight competing to win the heart (or something) of the man who is best known in American for having sex in a windmill. Their parents must be so proud. #TheBachelor.

I suppose it was too much to ask that Trump speak out offering sympathy and help to Australia with their bush fires.  Maybe if we tell him there will be fewer animals for his sons to shoot. 

So George Lopez made a joke about assassinating Trump & MAGAts are losing it.  (Lopez referenced the $80 million bounty on Trump, and said he’d do it for half that.)

I missed the outrage over Ted Nugent’s 2012 “We need to chop their heads off.. If Barack Obama becomes president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Just a number

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Asked postgame about retirement, Tom Brady, age 42,  – “It’s pretty unlikely….hopefully unlikely.” Translation, depends how much Gisele wants him out of the house.


So if Tom Brady really wants to prove he’s GOAT why not sign a free agent contract with Washington? If he can make Redskins a Super Bowl team someone will make billions on edible hats.

And who had a pick 6 as the possible last play of Tom Brady’s career?

Note to Pete Carroll.  For future first and goals inside the two-yard line, this is how it’s done, giving the ball to your superstar running back is how it’s done. #DerrickHenry

NFL told ESPN New England Patriots will be disciplined for acknowledged game-day video violations against Cleveland Browns. So the league will slap Bill Belichick’s hand REALLY hard?

Vince Carter, 42, tonight became the first NBA player to appear in 4 decades. And somewhere NHL legend Gordie Howe is thinking “Nice job, young man, if you can keep it up.”

In an interview, Meat Loaf said he didn’t believe in climate change & called Greta Thunberg “‘brainwashed.” Well, guessing Meatloaf figured why should Kid Rock and Ted Nugent be only washed-up rockers invited to the White House.



Trump told evangelicals at his rally “God is on our side.” Because so many people watch Donald’s insanity in action and REALLY start praying?

Your reminder that Jill Stein said “On the issue of war it is actually Hillary’s policies which are much scarier than Donald Trump.”

As required within 48 hours of introducing military powers into armed conflict abroad,  the White House has formally notified Congress of the Soleimani strike.  Like notifying your parents that you borrowed the car after they see pictures of the accident on the news.


Still waiting for Trump to tell us why this contractor killed in December was so much more important than Otto Warmbier and Jamal Khashoggi?


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Florida prosecutors have decided to charge Robert Kraft only with misdemeanors and not felony prostitution offenses last year. Makes sense, Patriots never get punished too harshly for anything involving balls.

Saints wanted to wear alternate “Color Rush” uniforms, white with black and gold, for this weekend’s wildcard game, but the No Fun League said no. Well, at least the NFL didn’t punish New Orleans for asking.


Having been to games at the Superdome, can tell you security is tight under most game situations, let alone a national championship. Now add the additional measures, and street closures etc, needed for a Presidential visit.
New Orleans already voted for Hillary 80 to 14% But at this point Trump will be as popular in town as last year’s NFL Championship refs.

But imagine if Obama started a war while golfing and the next day announced he’d be spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to bring his Congressional buddies to a sporting event.

An Ohio sheriff escaped serious injury when he was sitting in his patrol car just after midnight on January 1 and struck by a falling celebratory bullet.   He and his colleague were parked to record a PSA video to warn against the “celebratory” gunshots being fired on New Year’s Eve. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

I miss the times when this would be the day’s most outrageous story: Lori Loughlin has reportedly hired a coach to prepare her for possible jail time. Wonder if Loughlin tried first to bribe the judge or fake her sentence with a picture of her in a prison jumpsuit?

WTF?, Trump at his evangelical rally tonight in Florida promised to put prayer in schools. Got news for him. With all the mass shooting and scares recently there’s already a lot of prayer in schools.

Okay, just for fun can someone ask Donald Trump what his favorite bible verse is? 

So I’m somehow missing news coverage of the stampede by MAGAts to enlist for this new war dear leader has started.


“To start a war in order to get re-elected, and I believe that’s going to happen, would be an outrage.” Donald J. Trump, November 2011.

So is “plotting imminent and sinister attacks” Trumpspeak for having WMDs?”