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If Bumgarner does resign with SF Giants guessing he’ll have a partial no-trade clause. As in no trades to the American League.

SF Giants, down 6-2 going to 9th, staged comeback that left them just one run short in 6-5 loss to Dodgers. But Giants  still have one more win than World Champion Red Sox. And Boston is still paying Pablo Sandoval’s salary. Just saying.

Welcome Kevin Pillar, 30 to SF.  Until this am  Pillar was the longest active tenured Blue Jay. Wonder how he feels about sea gulls?

NBA Wizards just fired team president Ernie Grunfeld. So it IS possible to fire a President in Washington.

Dodger fan is on life-support after an altercation in parking lot last weekend, and family lawyer is critical of the team’s security. Well, and who would have thought there was a problem. Seriously.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley today twice referred to Puerto Rico as “that country.” Waiting for Fox News to tell us it’s THREE countries.

If Trump DOES close Southern Border this week, what happens to all the kids down there on Spring Break?

Trump today again falsely claimed his father Fred, who was born in New York, was born in Germany. We’re going to need to start a new game “Lie – or Dementia?”

Trump tonight in speech : “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75% in value. And they say the noise causes cancer.”

Who knew? Add “The Netherlands” to the list on Trump insult bingo

So how long until Trump declares National Emergency to build a wall to keep wind out?


US Secret Service arrested and charged a Chinese  woman citizen with making false statements to law enforcement and entering Mar-A-Lago with a thumb drive containing malicious software.

Scary, but I’m more scared about  Mar-A-Lago visitors the Secret Service DIDN’T catch.


Anyone but me sometimes wonder if Donald Trump is really just tired of being President and is trying to provoke a face-saving way out?


No 0 for 162

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Four games into the regular season and no team has a zero in the win column. How many months does that sometimes take in NFL?


Do not adjust your set. SF Giants have four runs. Tonight. In one game. #BeatLA

So are they still playing the Final Four next week now that Duke’s been eliminated?

ESPN reporting Kentucky has offered basketball coach John Calipari a lifetime contract. Does the contract get vacated the next time one of his team’s seasons gets vacated?

Nonpolitical controversial thought of the day. I like replay in sports, seems no reason not to get the call right when we can all see it at home.
But, if I were in charge, you get 60 seconds. If it isn’t obvious in 60 seconds, the call stands. It was close enough.
(And yes, the Rams-Saints call would have taken 10 seconds. #StillNotOverIt  🙂 )


Kamala Harris has raised $12 million,  Pete Buttigieg has raised $7 million.  And media is of course most excited about Pete.  But there’s no gender bias in politics.


$7 million isn’t bad. But why are any women shocked men are acting like Buttigieg’s $7 million is more than it is.
Millions, inches…. what’s the difference?

Meanwhile Florida Senaor Rick Scott looks to be Trump’s point man in the Senate on Healthcare reform.  Right, the same Rick Scott who made his money to enter politics as head of Columbia-HCA.   The company that paid $1.7 BILLION in fines for felony Medicare fraud during his tenure. No joke. It would be funny if peoples’ lives weren’t at stake.


Fox News is taking time from their usual State-TV pro-Trump message for banner headlines like “Another Biden accuser comes forward.”

Imagine if the same woman ever accused both a Democrat and Donald Trump of sexual harassment. Fox News heads would explode trying to spin it.


Senate couldn’t get bill passed for disaster relief because GOP wouldn’t include $600 million for Puerto Rico. Well, come on, that’s probably a year’s worth of Trump golf outings.

If Mueller REALLY exonerated Trump, Donald would have been tweeting the report out line by line since it was filed.

Belated madness.

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While all #1 seeds made it to Sweet Sixteen, the only #1 seed left in NCAA’s men’s basketball tournament is Virginia, the #1 seed who was the first two be bounced by a #16 seed last year. Just like we all predicted.

Blue Devil players look devastated after loss to MSU today. Well, and to be fair, playing at Duke probably has been some of best months of their lives.

Chicago Cubs bullpen has an ERA over 10.00 in first three games. SF Giants have scored five runs in four games. Almost a shame Cubs don’t play Giants soon… in the “something”s gotta give” category.

At least we DO know SF Giants are not going to go 0-162.

Andrew Luck married his longtime girlfriend this weekend in Prague. Congratulations to both of them. But as a mom can I hope he trimmed his beard for the ceremony and pictures?

Not that I can program it but thinking a million-dollar app might be one that on the last calendar day of ANY quarter automatically blocks all political fundraising emails.

Rolling Stones have postponed US tour due to health problems involving Mick Jagger. What, doctors are afraid his fans might break something jumping up and down at this point?

As a travel agent can’t wait for Monday now when clients ask me which is my favorite Mexican country?

Trump says closing the border is “going to be a profit-making operation.”. Right. Like Mexico was going to pay for the wall.


But who was going to pay?  North Mexico? South Mexico? East Mexico or West Mexico?   This is SO confusing.

Kellyanne Conway on Fox News this am, trashing Joe Biden, “I think (he) has a big problem here because he calls it affection and handshakes, his party calls it completely inappropriate…”
Some statements don’t even need a punchline.


Is Joe Biden my 1st choice for 2020? No. Am I against sexual harassment?. Yes. Do I believe Biden has cheated on either his of his wives or ever deliberately sexually harassed anyone. Also no.

It’s a start.

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The Giants Score A Run! The Giants Score A Run!

And SF Giants after 2 games do have 1/3 as many home runs at Paul Goldschmidt did in one night.

I love Renel Brooks-Moon, but she is NOT as NBC Sports Bay Area tonight said “the first woman baseball PA announcer.” Sherry Davis was that. #SFGiants


Anyone else beginning to think God has Duke in His or Her March Madness brackets?

That moment when you say “Who’d have imagined that Auburn could beat UNC. And then you remember filling out that cat bracket.

Warriors forward Jordan Bell got suspended one game for “charging a candle to assistant coach Mike Brown’s hotel bill.” He has apologized and said it was intended to be “funny.”
Two thoughts – 1. To earn a suspension, it must have been a heck of a fancy candle 2. Good thing Bell is better at basketball than he is at comedy.

Greg Schiano just resigned from Patriots, saying he wants to spend more time on his “faith and family.” So let’s see a revelation from Penn State or Ohio State days? Or who has “something new and different” in the pool?

Yet another tourist fell while trying to take a picture and getting too close to the rim of the Grand Canyon.
Maybe they should change the warning signs to something saying “Darwin Awards available here.”

Crowds at Trump’s Michigan rally last night joined in a chant of “AOC sucks.”  Melania’s “Be Best” campaign is working SO well.

Trump says he’s going to close Southern border next week unless Mexico stops ALL illegal immigration. So how’s that “Space Wall” going to work with airplanes?

It’s such an “national emergency” that Trump says “it’s likely he’ll be closing the Southern border next week.  But first he needed to start his golf weekend early this afternoon.

So what happens when someone explains to Trump what “does not exonerate him” means?

Donald Trump in Michigan tonight, on wind power “If it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night. I know a lot about wind.” Wind? No. Hot air. Definitely.

From my funny friend Alex Kaseberg, on actor Jussie Smollett’s big week: “He had his 16 charges of staging a hate crime dropped. And today he was accepted to UCLA on a women’s soccer scholarship.”

Opening daze

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Three of the nicest words in the English language “Baseball is back!” Happy Opening Day.


So SF Giants did get shut out on Opening Day in San Diego. On a brighter note, they didn’t get no-hit. #smallmercies

Meanwhile Bryce Harper went 0-3 in his Phillies debut. So maybe Giants fans can console themselves – signing him wouldn’t have helped?

Meanwhile Dodgers hit eight home runs in their opening day game.  Begging the question, by the time Los Angeles comes to AT&T Park on April 29, will SF have hit 8 home runs by then?


Texas Tech 24. Michigan 16 at halftime. Did NCAA not tell us preseason was starting early for football?

Seriously though, four teams tonight scored under 60 points and one of those teams actually won. Thinking not only are these one-and-dones not going to class, they’re not learning to shoot a basketball either.

Trump says no man has been better for Puerto Rico than he has. He could be right. Having no US president during hurricane couldn’t have been worse.

Winning $768 million Powerball ticket sold in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Wonder what winner will do with money, after moving out of New Berlin, Wisconsin?

On a brighter note Donald Trump did say now Special Olympics WILL be funded by his administration. How long until he blames Democrats and takes credit for saving it.

Trump is as ready with a replacement for Obamacare as he is ready to release his tax returns.


Jared Kushner today talking to Senate Intelligence Committee. This might be the first time “Jared Kushner” and “Intelligence” have been used in the same sentence.

Too early to predict if Cory Booker will be Democratic nominee in 2020 – but how nice to hear positive adult town hall last night with policy ideas instead of another bullying Trump  ranting rally.

Mueller’s report is more than 300 pages. Which means judging it on Barr’s four-page letter is like judging Harry Potter by the jacket blurb…written by Voldemort.

Play ball

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All the craziness in the US won’t go away this morning. On the other hand, it will be Opening Day. So all will be righter with the world.

We all know real reason that Trump won’t throw out first pitch for Nationals Thursday. Game will be televised & we’d all see he wouldn’t be able to get baseball to home plate.

As we approach MLB Opening Day, odds for  Baltimore Orioles to win World Series range from 1,000 to 2,000 to 1. “So you are saying there’s a chance.

AAF is threatening to fold.
And millions of Americans are going “The what?”


Betsy DeVos is slamming media claiming they “spun up falsehoods and fully misrepresented the facts” about her cuts, but then said she DOES favor eliminating Special Olympics funding because it enjoys “robust support from private donations.”
Some wondered why Trump appointed Betsy, now thinking if she were younger and prettier he would have married her.

And who’d a thunk we’d miss “thousand points of light?”

Cory Booker –  “I would rather hang out with a nice atheist than a mean Christian any day of the week.”

My sense is Jesus would agree.

A President who can’t resist retweeting even the least respected sources when they praise him would have already released entire Mueller report if it exonerated him. Period.

Wait a minute, Mike Pence talking today how “the first woman and the next man on the moon will be American.” Uh, wait, and how would they be able to go into the Lunar module and for a moon walk together without chaperones. Does Mother know?

How will we really know when Trump figures out how badly he miscalculated on getting rid of the ACA? There’ll be another caravan.

Just a bit of a different reaction from Lin Manuel to Pete’s husband than to VP Pence.

Saints be praised.

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For at least the 2019 season, pass interference — both offensive and defensive — will be reviewable.

And as a friend says, wanna bet the first call goes against New Orleans?

Though, seriously, as much as sports is serious, this from ESPN “NFL’s internal analysis also examined the impact of pass interference fouls that were later graded to be incorrect by the league’s officiating department. Between 2016 and 2018, 10.5 percent of incorrect calls were for defensive pass interference. But 24 of those plays ranked among the top 50 in impact on win probability. In other words, 10.5 percent of all incorrect calls represented nearly 50 percent of the incorrect calls that most hindered (or helped) a team’s chances to win.”

NFL coaches voted 32-0 to expand replay coverage to allow some non-calls to be reviewed.
Heck, even Sean McVay figures next time it might happen to his Rams.


And in the owners vote, only Cincinnati voted against it. Because the Bengals can’t imagine getting close enough to another Super Bowl for it to matter?

Four tweets from Trump this morning about Washington Capitals and captain Alex Ovechkin’s Stanley Cup Championship visit to White House. Well to be fair, this is only the second time a team in the Oval Office has been led by a Russian.

Pablo Sandoval’s last AB for SF Giants better not be that silly strikeout in pouring rain. Just saying.


SF Giants are not sold out for Opening Day next Friday. Who’d a thunk fans wouldn’t pay sky-high “dynamic pricing” for tickets to watch that traditional rivalry between the Giants and… Tampa Bay Rays?



Robert Kraft is pleading not guilty for soliciting prostitution, and wants a jury trial. He does realize that, even without upcoming NFL rule change, that DOES mean video review?

Betsy DeVos, defending her proposed $18 million cuts to Special Olympics “We had to make some difficult decisions.”
Well, yeah, $18 million per, Government Accountability Office, WILL pay for about five Trump Mar-A-Lago golf weekends.


Mike Pence has announced goal of putting a man on the moon by 2024. Building that bridge to the 20th century?


“Be calm. Take a deep breath. Don’t become like them. (The GOP.) We have to handle this handle this professionally, officially, patriotically, strategically.
Let’s just get the goods.”
Nancy Pelosi to Democratic caucus this am.   You Go Girl..

Meanwhile seems pretty clear, Trump will publicly claim he wants things released, but privately tell Barr & GOP “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome report?”#ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport