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Florida prosecutors have decided to charge Robert Kraft only with misdemeanors and not felony prostitution offenses last year. Makes sense, Patriots never get punished too harshly for anything involving balls.

Saints wanted to wear alternate “Color Rush” uniforms, white with black and gold, for this weekend’s wildcard game, but the No Fun League said no. Well, at least the NFL didn’t punish New Orleans for asking.


Having been to games at the Superdome, can tell you security is tight under most game situations, let alone a national championship. Now add the additional measures, and street closures etc, needed for a Presidential visit.
New Orleans already voted for Hillary 80 to 14% But at this point Trump will be as popular in town as last year’s NFL Championship refs.

But imagine if Obama started a war while golfing and the next day announced he’d be spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to bring his Congressional buddies to a sporting event.

An Ohio sheriff escaped serious injury when he was sitting in his patrol car just after midnight on January 1 and struck by a falling celebratory bullet.   He and his colleague were parked to record a PSA video to warn against the “celebratory” gunshots being fired on New Year’s Eve. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

I miss the times when this would be the day’s most outrageous story: Lori Loughlin has reportedly hired a coach to prepare her for possible jail time. Wonder if Loughlin tried first to bribe the judge or fake her sentence with a picture of her in a prison jumpsuit?

WTF?, Trump at his evangelical rally tonight in Florida promised to put prayer in schools. Got news for him. With all the mass shooting and scares recently there’s already a lot of prayer in schools.

Okay, just for fun can someone ask Donald Trump what his favorite bible verse is? 

So I’m somehow missing news coverage of the stampede by MAGAts to enlist for this new war dear leader has started.


“To start a war in order to get re-elected, and I believe that’s going to happen, would be an outrage.” Donald J. Trump, November 2011.

So is “plotting imminent and sinister attacks” Trumpspeak for having WMDs?”


Blow ups

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On a lighter note ESPN breaking news says the Cowboys have parted ways with coach Jason Garrett.
Wouldn’t it be bigger news if Jerry Jones kept him?


Redskins owner Dan Snyder introduced new coach Ron Rivera as, “someone that can bring a winning culture to our organization.”

“A winning culture?!  In Washington under Snyder?  Is Rivera showing up with blue ribbon yogurt?

Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán suspended 81 games for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy. So will NY trade him to a contender after the All-Star Break and then resign him in 2021?

RIP Don Larson. Had to look it up, but it was 25 years between his perfect game in 1956 and the last time Yankees and Dodgers met in World Series. (1981) It’s been 39 years since then.

He wasn’t my candidate, but saw Julian Castro trending and learned he’d dropped out of race and felt a bit wistful.  Saw Marianne Williamson trending and learned she HADN’T dropped out of race and felt more than a bit sad.


Trump bragged on Twitter that unlike Benghazi there were “no dead Americans” in the attack on our Embassy in Iraq.
How many are going to die in the war he just started?

Was on a flight when the strike happened, or was announced, and in the movie list “Dr. Strangelove” is listed as a comedy. Maybe it was before we started living through the documentary.


So far not feeling good at all about this “Wag the Dog” remake.



Ignorance or apathy? Trump didn’t know that assassinating a foreign general would start a war? Or he doesn’t care?
(Or both?)

A few hours ago top US political news was “Newly redacted emails showed Administration officials said the freeze on Ukraine’s military aid was done under “clear direction” from Donald Trump. I’m sure the timing of tonight’s killing of an Iranian general was just a coincidence.


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Antonio Brown says he now thinks Saints workout was just a “publicity stunt.” You mean Sean Payton might think he has reason to troll Roger Goodell and NFL? I am shocked, shocked. 

I’m taking this as a good sign. At Union Station on way back to DC hotel, saw 2 people w/ suitcases looking very frustrated with phones. Asked if they were lost, they were, & trying to find MY hotel. So walked with them. Tourists from New Orleans. Saints fans! #WhoDatNation

NFL says they have found no evidence linking Bill Belichick and the New England football operations department to a member of the team’s video crew videotaping the Bengals sideline this December. Because of course the Patriots never EVER would do anything illegal.


So if Michigan had won in spite of everything including refs assume SEC apologists will say it’s just because Alabama didn’t care about the game. #CitrusBowl

Bristol Palin, who has children by two different men, has broken up with her latest boyfriend.  Not that I care who Bristol dates or if she dates, but at this point where are the “Christian” pharmacists saying religious scruples about marriage would keep them from filling fill any birth control prescription she might have? 

Imagine if a US Embassy was under attack on New Year’s Eve 2011, and President Obama’s response was to go golfing after attacking a GOP Presidential candidate.

This time of year almost tempted to promise to donate to the first politician who says “Don’t worry about sending money on New Year’s Eve, enjoy time with your friends and family.”

If it’s the #SouthernWhiteHouse where do you sign up for the free tours?

$650 a person on top of dues for Mar-A-Lago New Year’s Eve party. Not to mention costs for Trump family transportation, security. Secret Service and their expenses. Our tax dollars at work.


Pete Buttigieg announced he raised over $24 million in the 4th quarter. Which is about what Michael Bloomberg spends on ads in a week.

My New Year’s toast to all: May your troubles last as long as your resolutions!

Making moves

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Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has “relieved” GM Bruce Allen of his duties.   This is like a rotting fish head getting rid of some gills.

GM Ryan Pace says Chicago Bears are committed to Mitchell Trubisky as their starting QB for 2020.   Translation, they don’t have any better options.

Baylor coach Matt Rhule turned down interview with the Cleveland Browns. Apparently Rhule is holding out for a better amateur team?

After being booed at Oakland home games, Derek Carr on Raiders move to Las Vegas “It’s exciting. I think it’s time for some fresh air.” Right, because forget Oakland Silver & Black die-hards.   No stadium will be as loyal as one where 99% of fans will have $$$ bet on the game?

More on that Sunday night game.  With 4 downs to get it in from the 1, Russell Wilson could have spiked the ball TWICE and Marshawn Lynch would have had two chances to win the game. 

Baseball Hall of Fame voting results will be announced on January 21.  Many baseball writers thought Barry Bonds was an a**hole, which isn’t helping his chances. But anyone who won’t consider Bonds and voted to put  Curt Schilling in… well, I’m white and think you just might be a racist.


CES  – Consumer Electronics Show – often attacked for their lack of women speakers – has now named Ivanka Trump  a keynote speaker for their January convention in Las Vegas.   Why?  Because unlike dad,  Nepotism Barbie knows how to use spell-check on her phone?

White House twitter feed is boasting about Donald Trump’s “spending Thanksgiving” with troops in Afghanistan.   Uh, please, he spent less than three hours on the ground.  Maybe his bone spurs started acting up.


As we approach the end of 2019, have to ask Twitter,  if any other human being had spewed as much hatred and as many attacks on other Americans as Donald Trump would he (or she) be allowed to keep his account in 2020?


Deja vu all over again.

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Apparently having the Seachickens first and goal at the one-yard line in a big game is exactly where a team wants them to win the game.   

Well of course it makes some sense that you get a delay of game with less than 30 seconds left in game at the 1 yard line on the goal line on the road… Oh wait, game was in #Seattle. #PeteCarroll is a bleeping idiot.

Although while Pete Carroll stupidity plays a huge part, even when Saints aren’t playing they get screwed by a missed blatant pass-interference call.  


Tom Brady and New England Patriots don’t have a first-round bye for first time since 2009. Thoughts and prayers.

Sigh, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and Detroit Lions blowing leads in 4th quarters.

The Lions played the Packers twice this year. Green Bay NEVER led in the game.  But won both (as time expired.)   That should give Detroit a special place in the “Snatching Defeat from Victory” Hall of Fame.

Owner Dan Snyder has apparently relieved Washington team president Bruce Allen of responsibilities for football operations, and Snyder himself will hire next head coach. The Redskins are almost as well-oiled a machine as the White House.

As Trump attacks California and Texas over their homeless population, worth noting that the highest homelessness by percentage in US is Washington, DC. So if Donald has grand ideas to fix things perhaps he could issue a local Executive Order from his White House bedroom?

If anyone doubted what a good job Nancy Pelosi is doing with impeachment, take a look at how often Trump is tweeting and retweeting deranged things about her.

Headline “‘Heroic’ parishioners stop Texas church shootout in 6 seconds.” Better future headline “America figures out a way to stop having shootouts in church.” #GunControlNow

Easy to get kicked off Twitter, almost impossible to be kicked off Facebook. Trump tonight retweeted a post praising conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer, who has been kicked off Facebook. Enough said.


Several people attacked at a Hannakuh ceremony last night and Trump first  reaction is to spend morning attacking..Nancy Pelosi?! Are we great yet?


Took Trump several hours before he responded on the latest church shooting.  Don’t suppose this has anything to do with it – From Gallup earlier this year. “65% of Jews identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, with 30% identifying with or leaning toward the Republican Party.

Or was he waiting in hopes that of finding out the shooter was an immigrant.

Fighting off?

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As a Stanford grad I know we’re supposed to root for Pac 12 at all times. But can’t help smiling watching USC losing by more than three touchdowns to Iowa.

For years, the maximum allowable gift value for players in Bowl Games has been $550 per player, and none of the gifts can be sold. Despite arguments, the NCAA has come against raising that limit.
Meanwhile, for the top bowl games, a decent ticket costs more than $550.

CNN showing their top 10 sports stories of the year. #5 “Blown call costs Saints spot in Super Bowl.”
See, it’s not just New Orleans fans who know. #SaintsWereRobbed #WhoDatNation

Antonio Brown is working out for the Saints. Have to assuming Sean Payton is just f*cking with Roger Goodell.

Washington Capitals. Alex Ovechkin, who just returned from Mar-A-Lago, says despite being voted by fans as All-Star Game Captain he’ll accept a one-game suspension and miss the game to “listen to his body.” So did he miss the message from his body not to go party for a few days and eat junk food with Donald?

Melting down over a movie cameo cut by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 2014? With all due respect I have blueberries in my fridge with thicker skins than Trump.

Story that Trump is looking for a new Secretary of State since Mike Pompeo is expected to run for Senate. Based on today’s news reports have to wonder if Edward Gallagher is now on the list?

Look, it’s pretty simple. If it was a “perfect phone call,” and Trump is innocent, he should want as many witnesses as possible testifying. Period.

Now after midnight on the East Coast on a holiday weekend, I challenge ANYONE with an elderly parent to read @realDonaldTrump late night ranting Twitter feed tonight & tell me if were your parent you wouldn’t be on phone tomorrow to their doctor.

Shut down

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Thinking back to those days when the Notre Dame-Miami games were considered “Catholics vs Convicts.”

Not sure about the “Convicts” part these days but thinking the Hurricanes being shut out 14-0 in a college bowl game by Louisiana Tech is criminally bad football.

Sixteen days between this year’s college football semifinals, and championship game. Wow. Players have so much time off they might even have to go to class.

And seriously, 16 days…. given American attention spans will anyone remember who’s still playing?

I think 16 days was longer than the James Wiseman era at Duke.

Eastern Michigan QB Mike Glass III was ejected from the Quick Lane bowl for throwing punches at two Pitt players.  Is Glass  trying to get drafted by the Jaguars, or the Browns?

Have to wonder, how many younger people see the movie “Little Women” and think “It would be a great book?”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Chuck Todd admits several times he has been naive about the Republicans’ commitment to disinformation. And he still has very high-paying jobs. Any more questions about White Male Privilege?



Donald Trump is upset because he apparently just found out that Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation edited him out of a cameo role in  Home Alone 2, and he’s blaming “Justin T.”

CBC edited that Home Alone 2 cameo out in 2014, if Trudeau could have edited Trump out of anything, wouldn’t Justin have edited him out of video of say, G7 summits?

At this point have to wonder if Justin Trudeau is tempted to put a ban on episodes of “The Apprentice” in Canada just to troll Trump?

Meanwhile, have to think maybe Donald is still just a little miffed about this picture.


Seriously,  Rick Santorum lost his bid for re-election to the Senate in Pennsylvania by 18 points. So why does CNN, or anyone else, care what he thinks?