Anxious night.

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So as much of America gets ready for another Super Bowl Sunday,  fans in New England are worried if they really need to buy another AFC Champions t-shirt. While fans in Los Angeles wonder if New Orleans really will trade them Anthony Davis.


NFL’s silence on no-call keeping Saints from Super Bowl might have been most embarrassing response to a bad mistake this year. Ralph Northam – “Hold my beer.”

So yesterday Ralph Northam was “deeply sorry” and today he says “it wasn’t me.” Even Brett Kavanaugh thinks that’s a bit of a stretch.

Now Ralph Northam says he once darkened his fact to look like Michael Jackson. Uh, if he were trying to look like Michael Jackson he would have LIGHTENED his face.

Ralph Northam voted twice for George W. Bush and in 2009 Republicans tried to get him to switch parties. Just think, if Northam had he’d have his party’s support now to stay in office.

Any classmates of Donald Trump still have their old yearbooks? Asking for a country.

I’m a white person & maybe Green Book is too geared to white people. But damn, very different people learning to get along is not a bad message these days. Seriously. Loved the movie.


Trump said today Cory Booker has “no chance.” So clearly Booker is a more formidable candidate than some people thought.

Trump will go down in history as the first leader ever to prepare for declaring a national emergency by spending the weekend golfing.

And again folks,  because anyone who reads this knows how much I’m still mad about the no-call that kept Saints from Super Bowl and how much  I adore Drew Brees  (just given NFL sportsmanship player of the year, voted by his peers)  –  your reminder of his request “Pour that passion and emotion into your families & communities.”

The foundation helps cancer patients, and children especially.  Donating the price of a beer or two would be cool.  Besides, who cares about watching the Rams and Patriots anyway?



47 states?

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Yeah, more important things than sports, but just think, if referees didn’t miss that call, almost ALL of America would be briefly united on SuperBowl Sunday – if only in rooting for New Orleans Saints, aka “Anyone but the Patriots again.”

And we wouldn’t have lost the age vs. youth story with Patriots-Saints. Brady is a whole year older than Brees.

To be fair, Los Angeles fans are very caught up with this LA-New Orleans controversy.  As in, is there any chance the Lakers can talk the Pelicans into trading them Anthony Davis?


Not running for office, and never thought of blackface, ever. But I did tell a lot of Polish jokes when I was in elementary and high school. Anyone else got a confession?

Now Donald Trump says he’s losing ‘Massive Amounts of Money” in this job.
Gosh, if there was only something he could do to show that, like releasing his tax returns.



Again, not sure on 2020 at all. But this alone is almost enough to make me vote for Cory Booker. – When asked if he talked to Obama as he finalized his decision:

“I miss Obama, and I miss her husband, too.”

And although while I’m glad to see Cory Booker in the Presidential Race. But can we Democrats please remember – NO ONE, not our spouses, best friends, children, etc, agrees with us 100% on every issue.


There is not a single candidate running for the Democratic nomination who has not f*cked up something. Maybe we can start focusing on what each of them do right, and who shows they are the most likely to do good for our country?

If Democrats spend the energy we normally spend attacking each other in the primaries on attacking Trump we cannot lose in 2020.

Okay, I get stupid things in college, I even get stupid things in front of an old-fashioned camera in college.  (Alcohol possibly being involved.)  But when you’re definitely sober later, deciding a blackface/KKK costume picture is one of the thing you want your classmates to remember you by…?


This is going to get me in trouble, which I why I am posting it here and not on Twitter. But as Ralph Northam’s career sadly but justifiably goes down in flames, I can think of two CURRENT politicians whose followers never criticize them – Trump and Bernie.


from Marc Ragovin   “So it’s the Friday before a Rams/Pats Super Bowl, or as Belichick likes to call it, a “pre-shoot”’

A New York, or New Orleans minute?

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Reviews of penalties are being discussed a lot this week in NFL, and some complain it will take too long. Two responses — first, you limit the challenges, the same as other challenges, and let the booth call them in last two minutes. But second, and this goes for all sports – put a one-minute time limit on replay reviews. If you have to watch for 5-10 minutes from a ton of different angles, then whatever humans called on the field is reasonable.. The egregious ones take 30 seconds or less.

NCAA is penalizing Missouri, including a 1 year football bowl ban, after finding a tutor did academic work for 12 student-athletes.
What a shame for those young men who have dreamed all their lives of playing in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

Lost in all the other outrage these days, pitchers and catchers report in about two weeks. And Bryce Harper still hasn’t signed with a team.

17 cars caught fire on roof of a garage at Newark Airport this morning, 15 of them were destroyed. Hope the airport at least waived the parking fees.

Wait…. “According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a canine officer alerted other officers to the presence of 254 pounds of fentanyl hidden inside an 18-wheeler carrying cucumbers.”


So if per today’s unhinged Trump tweet storm the “Wall is already being built, I don’t expect much help!” why is there any need even to consider another shutdown?

So after Trump threw his entire intelligence team under the bus today, who do we have next in Trump Resignation Bingo?

Forecasts for Chicago are temperature rise from-25 below yesterday to low 50s and rain on Monday. Over 75 degrees.
So didn’t Trump just tweet that he wanted to see some global warming?

in Orlando, a UCF student was arrested outside his dorm, with a fully automatic AR-15 in his car. Arrested. Not shot. Don’t even need a picture to know what color he is.

So GOP insist ALL AOC’s ideas, even the most extreme ones, have been adopted by Democratic party, while crickets about Republican members of Congress like Ted Yoho, one of 7 to vote against back pay for furloughed workers.


Eight women have died in the past six years after patronizing a discount plastic surgery clinic in Miami.
But seriously, discount plastic surgery? Isn’t that like half-price day-old sushi?

Much too young to feel this damn cold….

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Jack McKeon, 88, has been hired as a senior adviser for the Washington Nationals.  Good for McKeon.  But at 88, isn’t “senior advisor” redundant?

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says it was “soft” for schools to close due to cold.
So why didn’t he give that Press Conference outside?

Okay, here’s an idea for positive NFL change. Besides adding limited PI review, which the CFL does, let’s talk about targeting and helmet-to-helmet.
The league already reviews plays and fines players, as they did after Saints-Rams. But make, AFTER REVIEW AFTER THE GAME- deliberate helmet-to-helmet/targeting a defenseless receiver an infraction that means unpaid suspension for the next game. Even if the playoffs or Super Bowl.
If safety is REALLY the goal that will make anyone think twice.

US State Department raised its Venezuela travel advisory warning for US citizens to “do not travel.”
With all due respect, is there any American who WANTS to travel to Venezuela right now?

Mitch McConnell said today that making Election Day a federal holiday is part of a “power grab” by Democrats to win elections.
Right, because heaven forbid in a democracy we make it easier for people to you know, actually vote.

As a moderate Democrat, I disagree with AOC on several policy issues. But am in awe of her social media skills – Today’s tweet -“Why don’t people ever tell billionaires who want to run for President that they need to “work their way up” or that “maybe they should start with city council first”?

Sarah Sanders: God “wanted Donald Trump to become president.”
God, “Don’t blame me, heck, I can’t even get a lousy targeting penalty called when SAINTS are involved.



Okay, if GOP doesn’t want Election Day to be national holiday in theory over cost, it would be inexpensive & effective to give all voters a lottery ticket.

On Morning Joe, Howard Schultz was surprised because while he said “I don’t eat Cheerios,” when Mika Brzezinski told him an 18 ounce box cost $4, he responded “That’s a lot.”
Right, about 2/3 of the price of an equivalent sized Starbucks latte.#NotTheOnion

At least seven people have died due to cold temperatures in the Midwest. Following his California comments waiting for Donald Trump to say it was their fault.for not shoveling their walks or something.

For the attack by his neighbor, Rand Paul was awarded more than $580,000 in expenses and damages. How many Americans are starting GoFundMe pages for the neighbor?

Have to wonder, at some point does  Donald Trump think about fact that if he hadn’t run for President he could be spending this whole Polar Vortex winter at Mar-A-Lago with Playboy bunnies and porn stars?


Serious final note –  Frank Robinson is reportedly in hospice care. 2019 so far kind of sucks.


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For those who say “get over it” with the Saints being robbed by refs- the Patriots also had an early lead – 14-0 at halftime, “let” KC come back, and ended up facing 3rd and 10 early in OT on their own 35. Imagine if a Chiefs defender had decked Edelman, PI, helmet-to-helmet and no call.
New England would have punted, and Kansas City, since Mahomes was dialed it, probably would have won. But I am sure Patriots fans would be “over it.”

San Antonio Spurs get a home win with a buzzer beater from Rudy Gaby, 126-124 over the… Phoenix Suns?!?   Speaking of being robbed,  Spurs coach Gregg Popovich

“I thought that they outplayed us, outcoached us, outphysicaled us, outexecuted us. We had no respect for them or for the game. We didn’t play with each other. It was a pathetic performance, and Phoenix got robbed.”


While we were focused on hamberders…. According to reporter Michael Harriott, at Trump’s Clemson fast-food dinner “”15 of the University’s black players listed on the school’s official roster attended the White House visit, the vast majority of whom (11) were freshmen or sophomores who had very little playing time during the season. Just one senior made the trip and only six of the players in attendance were even listed on Clemson’s national championship depth chart. There are at least 57 black student-athletes on Clemson’s official team roster, which means 74 % of Clemson’s African-American players chose not to make the trip to the White House..”

In California, Ghirardelli and Russell Stover have to pay over $750,000 in fines for “oversized containers” that “mislead” consumers into thinking they were getting more candy than they are actually buying.

This does not bode well this Easter for makers of hollow chocolate bunnies.”

A 56 year-old man is facing felony charges after allegedly stealing pills he thought were opioids. They were actually laxatives. (Where? Of course, Florida.)
But talk about a sh*tty story.

Wistful at the thought that with Polar Vortex this week comedians could have been falling all over each other to come up with the best “President Hillary Clinton is cold” joke.

Donald Trump says he will give a Super Bowl pregame interview on Sunday.
Yet another reason for Saints fans not to watch the game.


After allegations of knowing hiring illegal workers and helping them falsify document, apparently Donald Trump’s companies will start using E-Verify. – which Trump has touted in some speeches.
Translation, until they got caught, they saw no reason to change business as usual.

Howard Schultz toying with running for President might be doing as much for the Starbucks brand as “New Coke” did for Coca Cola.


Howard Schultz, a life-long Democrat, is trying to explain why he would run for President as an Independent. But really, there’s only one reason – because he has no chance to win Democratic primary.



Don’t touch

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Nickell Robey-Coleman, Los Angeles CB whose illegal hit on Saints TommyLee Lewis sent Rams to Super Bowl is now saying age is starting to affect Tom Brady’s play. Wait until LA figures out that touching Brady and often his receivers, is an automatic 15 yard penalty

Phonetically # should be pronounced “Super Bowl Lie.” Coincidence?

Tom Brady says there is zero chance he will retire after this season. Translation – Giselle doesn’t want him around the house.


American creativity is not dead. Nor is #WhoDat spirit


On a lighter sports note, just watched movie “Secretariat” again. Forget NFL, MLB, NBA arguments etc…. we are talking serious GOAT. #31lengths

Saying that animals need to be full grown, United Airlines has banned puppies and kittens as “emotional support animals.”
But actually aren’t ALL puppies and kittens emotional support animals?

Howard Schultz somehow feels he needs to run as an independent because it would be absolutely impossible for a billionaire with no political experience to get a major party’s nomination?  WTF?


Okay Howard Schultz, you have “seriously considered” running for President.
Now time to say “After serious consideration this idea stinks more than when my baristas accidentally burn coffee.”

Simple math. 30-35% of Americans would still support Trump if he shot someone on 5th Avenue. A third party party candidate only needs about 10-15% of the rest to ensure Donald’s re-election.  50% before you factor in Greens, Libertarians and people who write in their pets, is not enough in an electoral college universe.

Trump is applauding Bible study in schools. Uh, about those commandments, including coveting thy neighbor’s wife. “I did try & f*ck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch…”


Sarah Sanders “The President doesn’t want to go through another shutdown.”
So I guess she ran out of burnt facts for her eyeliner?

Sticking by the Bay

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RIP Peter Magowan, 76, former managing-partner of the SF Giants.   Though younger fans may not remember, he was one of the people most responsible for keeping that team that plays in the monstrosity called Tropicana Field from being the Tampa Bay Giants.

(Ironically, he was due to be honored this year, and the Giants’ opening day opening at now… ugh, Oracle Pack – are the Tampa Bay Rays.)

Gregg Popovich angrily called a timeout 16 seconds into tonight’s Spurs game, after the Wizards scored an easy bucket. San Antonio ended up winning 132-119.
Can’t win a game in 1st quarter, but Pop knows…sometimes you can lose it.

Golden State Warriors look so good with five all-stars healthy now about only thing that could stop them is Bill Vinovich’s crew officiating the NBA finals.

Tampa Bay Rays announced that Tropicana Field will become first cash-free sports venue in North America. Wonder if the team got approval from both of their season ticket holders?

So on Monday hundreds of thousands of federal employees will return to work for first time in over a month, after being given only a few hours notice before the shutdown.
And you think the leftovers in YOUR office fridge are scary.

Another mass shooting in US, this time in Louisiana. Suspect again is young white man. Wonder if Trump has his staff look into all these killings in hopes one was committed by an immigrant.

Not even that Kamala Harris is my first choice. But already seen Twitter attacks on her over Willie Brown – not from MAGAers but Bernie supporter


Can I go on record as saying as long as underage boys or girls, or rape, aren’t involved, I really don’t care who the Democratic nominee has slept with?

Open note to Democrats wanting to be elected President in 2020 – how about showing us what you can do to help save the country from Trump in 2019?