Boys of almost summer.

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So yes, the NBA finals will finish after the Stanley Cup playoffs.  And then does the NBA preseason start next week?


Nick Nurse stopping play after Raptors grabbed a 6 point lead AND momentum with 3 minutes to play might turn out to be worst time-out call since Chris Webber.

While it would be sad indeed if Durant tore his Achilles, if you were watching Bob Myers press conference about Kevin Durant, if you were watching without knowing what happened you’d think somebody died.

Giants decided not to make mood of many Bay Area fans worse tonight by taking an off day.

But a belated thought about Bumgarner on Sunday. If you believe baseball should let players show emotion with a bat flip or whatever when they get a hit, then shouldn’t you also allow pitchers to show emotion when they are angry when their pitches get hit?  (Just my opinion, better to scream at a guy than hit him with a pitch next time… which, Bob Gibson, for example, would have done.)

Since Trump ignores NBA, Pelosi and Trudeau made a bet on finals. Canadian trash talking from Justin – ““The Raptors are making history and they aren’t done yet. We’re going all the way, Canada. Ghirardelli chocolates and a glass of California wine are going to pair nicely with the Raptors’ first NBA title.”


Trump tweeted congratulations to 2019 Indy 500 winner. Barack Obama tweeted best wishes to David Ortiz, recovering from being shot last night. I miss having a President.

Still crickets from Trump on David Ortiz shooting, but he did congratulate the 2019 Indy 500 winner.
And you do get the sense if Tom Brady had so much as a bad cold…

A man arrested with cocaine in his nostrils this weekend told police the coke wasn’t his.
Back on your game, Florida.

“Tiger Mom” author Amy Chua fiercely defended Brett Kavanaugh at the time of his nomination last year. Today, her daughter was named a Supreme Court clerk for Brett Kavanaugh. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

The oak tree planted by Trump and Macron on White House grounds to symbolize USA- France friendship has died. Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Considering how much attention media paid on Monday to the accident, have to figure next time Donald Trump needs a distraction he’s going to tell someone to crash another helicopter in New York

Trump is upset that John Dean was testifying, saying he is a “paid CNN contributor. ”
So only “paid contributors” who are allowed to testify before Congress must work for State TV aka Fox News?


Somewhat heretical, but why do we give so much power in choosing a Presidential candidate to a state that has elected Steve King?


Approaching game 5

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Didn’t  most people think going in that game five of NBA finals tomorrow in Toronto might well be a potential close-out game?

And who’s going to be the first sportscaster to say Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 between Blues and Bruins is “win or go home?”

Over 13,000 fans showed up in Starkville, MS to see Mississippi State beat Stanford tonight in College Baseball Super Regional.
In other words, a Rays and Marlins crowd put together.

Nationals hit 4 consecutive home runs in the 8th inning today. Amazing feat especially since they don’t have benefit of hitting against their own bullpen.

Really sucks that David Ortiz was shot Sunday night, though he appears to be in stable condition.   It is nice, however, that even Yankees fans were wishing him well on social media.  #WeCanAllGetAlong

Meanwhile, Tony Joiner, former Florida Gators football captain and teammate with Aaron Hernandez was arrested yesterday for murdering his wife in 2016. Another of Urban Meyer’s finest.

Yeah, okay, clearly not much of a regular hockey fan at this point, but didn’t realize St. Louis Blues are led by an interim coach?!!
Craig Berube was given that title when team fired Mike Yeo after 7-8-3 record to start in Nov. 2018
Just guessing Berube has earned dropping that “interim” from his title.

Just guessing Trump won’t be congratulating Bryan Cranston on his Tony tonight ” – “I would like to dedicate this to all the real journalists around the world….. who are in the line of fire. The media is not the enemy of the people. Demagoguery is the enemy of the people.”

Trump retweeting bunch of tweets from MAY 9 to congratulate himself about Gilead donating some HIV medication. Which might offset a fraction of lives that will be lost with Donald’s decision to strip federal funding from fetal tissue research.



So if this Trump deal with Mexico and immigration is so good, why do we need a wall? Asking for a country with better things to spend money on.

Trump seems obsessed with a day all about him. Can we offer to declare a National Holiday on the day he resigns?


Since Trump basically took back threat of tariffs because of actions Mexico had agreed to months ago can we call this whole episode “Wag the Chihuahua?

Quadruple crown.

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Or rather, is this the first time in history four horses have won the three races of the Triple Crown?

In retrospect, amazed on D-Day 75th anniversary week that there wasn’t more sentimental betting on Sir Winston.

Someone asked on TV if Sir Winston knows he won. Anyone who’s ever ridden a competitive minded horse  – or pony – even on a trail ride, knows horses who choose to finish first ALWAYS know they’ve “won.”

The field at Memorial Coliseum will be renamed United Airlines field.  As if USC didn’t already have enough problems getting their football program off the ground.

Random thought, one-time Palo Alto High School star Jeremy Lin is one win away from an NBA Championship ring.


Texas A&M’s DB Derrick Tucker was arrested over an incident where he allegedly assaulted a man over a disagreement about tacos. If only he were armed?

Since women in Missouri now need a pelvic exam to have an abortion, surely the state should also require at minimum a prostate exam for men to get Viagra.

Milo Yiannopoulos has been named the grand marshal for Boston’s “Straight Pride” parade.
That moment you don’t know if it’s news or #TheOnion


Trump says his new deal with Mexico will “reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States. ”
Who’s going to tell him that during his next crisis this means he can’t invent another caravan?

Mother Jones calls Trump’s deal with Mexico a “Nothing Burger.

Don’t they mean a “nothing berder?”

Anyone else think that under Trump the USA is now suffering because of MSBP (Munchausen syndrome by proxy?)

Republicans are demanding during House obstruction of justice hearings starting Monday that Democrats not say mean things about Trump or call him a liar.
So when is GOP changing their mascot from an elephant to a snowflake?


On a lighter note, if you’ve lost track of number of times you’ve watched “When Harry Met Sally,” I heartily recommend “Always Be My Maybe.”

Raptured in Toronto?

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“Stanley Cup, what Stanley Cup?”


Raptors guard Fred VanVleet might have lost a tooth colliding with Shaun Livington tonight. Canadian healthcare doesn’t cover dentist visits but just guessing VanVleet won’t ever have to pay for dental work in Toronto ever again.


So will Zaza retroactively be named MVP for Warriors in their 2017 NBA Championship season.

Baseball is a funny game. So who had Drew Pomeranz, same guy who lost a 5-0 lead in top of 1st by giving up SIX runs in bottom of inning to worst in baseball Baltimore Orioles, pitching six scoreless innings against Clayton Kershaw to help lead SF Giants to 2-1 win over LA Dodgers?

Seattle Mariners CF Mitch Haniger on 10-day injured list after hitting himself with a foul ball and suffering a ruptured testicle.
As a woman I can dispassionately say “That sounds painful.”
Guessing men will have a slightly more visceral reaction.


Amy Klobuchar points out that Trump is selling Pride merchandise on his website while he won’t let embassies fly the Pride flag. Donald also hates pets, but it doesn’t stop him selling collars and dog sweaters.

Truly amazing that same POTUS who won’t allow embassies to fly rainbow flag has so many other GOP men kissing his ass. #PrideMonth

Trump tweet referencing “Mars of which the Moon is a part.”

So the “stable genius” knows astronomy too.

To be fair, does anyone really want NASA to go to the Moon right now?  Donald would probably order them to plant a Trump sign next to American flag.

So the next time teachers assign a science project to draw or model the galaxy, in red states will they have to make our moon part of Mars?

Trump has ended his own manufactured crisis by saying Mexico will stop most illegal immigration and so he won’t implement tariffs. Uh oh, how’s he going to use the caravan excuse next time?

Trump not only had nasty partisan interview with Laura Ingraham in front of American Cemetery in Normandy, he doubled down on it by posting video of it with graves clearly visible on Twitter. Where’s the outrage, especially from Veterans?

Serious spitballing here. With all the possible permutations in 2020, why aren’t we talking about the possibility of two women on the Democratic ticket?

Officially bad.

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Sports fans have had a nice little break from officials dominating headlines in really big games. Officials for Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 between Blues and Bruins “Break’s over.”


St. Louis Blues are one win away from their potential first Stanley Cup Championship.  To put this 52 year drought in perspective, when the Blues were an expansion team, the NHL went from 6 to 12 teams.

Now more than 12 teams make the playoffs.

The Patriots Super Bowl latest ring is the largest ever made.  “I am shocked” said absolutely nobody.

Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens has apologized for shoving and swearing at Raptors’ Kyle Lowry; says he is sorry and “embarrassed.” Well, I certainly believe the embarrassed part.


Alec Baldwin said he is ‘so done’ playing Trump on SNL.
How many million of us are “so done” watching Trump play a President on TV?

Trump today referred to the Speaker of the House as “Nervous Nancy.”

Right about now don’t think Nancy is the one who is nervous.

Before his speech at the American cemetery today for D-Day,  Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News from the American cemetery at Normandy, in front of the graves, calling special counsel Robert Mueller a “fool” and the Speaker of the House a “disaster.”

Another moment he became Presidential?


Trump  later on D-Day to French President Macron  -“We read about it all our lives — Normandy — and there are those who say it was the most important ever. Not just at that time, but ever. And to be a part of it, and to have number 75, 75 years, was very, very special.”

There are D-Day vets with advanced dementia who are more articulate.

So what do we think Trump’s excuse would have been to have avoided the military during WWII?

Down and out

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SF Giants did their best (getting down 5-0 early and being shut out 7-0 by the Mets), to make sure their fans who also care about Warriors didn’t need to feel conflicted switching channels tonight.

Although on a brighter note, has an MLB team ever blown a 5-0 lead in top of first by allowing six runs in bottom of the inning, and in SAME week scored six runs in top of 10th to win game in extra innings?

Raptors posted a picture tonight saying “crossed the bridge, ready for battle” before game 3.  Except the picture was of the Golden Gate Bridge. Which doesn’t go anywhere near Oakland.

Unfortunately for Warriors fans, that’s one of the few things Raptors got wrong all night.


Apparently a lot of Trump fans are rooting for Raptors because Warriors are clearly not fans of the Donald.
Guess maybe no one should show MAGAers that standing ovation in Toronto for Barack Obama.


Only way Donald Trump gets a standing ovation in Toronto is if he chooses the city for his resignation speech.

Mark Cuban, who owns Dallas Mavericks, said today of the Los Angeles Lakers   “The more screwed up they are, the happier I am.”

Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement in this country?

In interview with”The Sun, Trump said he wanted Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric and Tiffany to hold a “next generation” meeting with the Prince William & his wife, Kate & Prince Harry.
“I think my children will be meeting them. It would be nice.”
One word. BARF.


And yeah, didn’t we all expect that the President of the United States would top off a state visit to England by getting in a twitter battle with Bette Midler?

A large number of people who have been taking those short cruises to Cuba from Florida are locals and residents of other Southern states who can drive to the pier. Fortunately Trump doesn’t need any votes from those states for re-election.

Not sure how many Americans work in the cruise industry, but pretty sure Trump today with the Cuba decision made sure he won’t get ANY of their votes.

Trump  golfing tonight at  Doonbeg, his money-losing Irish golf club. This after meeting the Irish prime minister AT THE AIRPORT, because Varadkar thought it was inappropriate to meet at Donald’s private club. Are we great yet?

Trump canceling English classes, recreational programs including sports and legal aid for unaccompanied minors in all federal migrant shelters citing budget pressures. Yeah, well Donald has to find money for his family European vacations somewhere.

Trump saying he didn’t join the military because he was not a fan of the Vietnam War is an insult both to those who served and those who protested.


For some reason Fox News isn’t highlighting this part of Trump interview with Piers Morgan, who in talking about gun control said “This guy in Vegas had 82 assault rifles and bought 52 guns in one year,”
Trump response – “He was a sick guy. If it wasn’t guns, it would be bombs or something else. He was actually a pretty smart guy. He was a good, successful gambler and there’s no such thing as a successful gambler and what he went out and did is incredible.”

Not bowled over.

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The 2020 College Football Bowl lineups and conference matchups are out.   And the Pac 12 is now going to the Independence Bowl? Well, that ought to draw at least a few hundred fans to Shreveport…

Meanwhile 11 of 15 ACC teams will be going to bowls. What did NCAA think football postseason is, March Madness?

Roger Goodell on shortening NFL preseason “”I feel what we should be doing is always to the highest quality, and I’m not sure preseason games meet that level right now.”
Gosh, what was his first clue?

SF Giants choose OF Hunter Bishop as their first pick  in 2019 draft. Well, last Giant who went to Serra High School and ASU turned out okay.   #BarryBonds

Although to be fair, is there anything less likely to be accurate than an MLB draft analysis?

Trump’s first actions upon landing in London are to verbally attack Mayor Khan and to complain about their televisions showing CNN. Can’t imagine why the Brits detest him so much.

Perhaps if Trump is so upset about CNN he could try watching BBC World News.  They do cover news in English.

Queen Elzabeth II gave President Trump an abridged first edition of Winston Churchill’s “The Second World War” today.
Troll level – Royal Master.

Other Presidents, including George W. and Barack Obama, have stayed at Buckingham Palace, but Trump was told he couldn’t due to “renovations.”  I guess they decided to deal with the 51 bedrooms other that aren’t the Queen’s all at once?


Trump ended up at the U.S. ambassador’s residence,  though his family and entourage ended up at a hotel.    Have to wonder, as Trump clan took over top floor of that hotel, the Corinthia, how many other hotels had told them there was no room at the inn?

Maybe this is what happens when you tell the tailor to make a tux for a man who is 6’3″ and 239 pounds?