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Especially for SF Giants fans, can we start referring to Donald Trump as “Kung Flu Panderer?

One reason I’ve always loved sports is that as far as a distraction from real life, it’s the only entertainment where no one really knows the ending, someone wrote the endings to books, movies, theater…. And there are more important things, but I sure miss sports.

(and no, Lego Masters doesn’t count. yet.)

On this date in history, March 18, a kid named Steve Nash led #15 Santa Clara to a March Madness upset of #2 Arizona. The year was 1993. Only yesterday, right?

Per Rachel Maddow Wednesday night –  “There are seven states not banning large gatherings and not closing schools. All red states. Coincidence? Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, Wyoming.”

Whatever Trump says about not knowing how bad coronavirus pandemic could be….  As far as travel insurance companies are concerned, ”   COVID-19 became a known event on January 22, 2020 and was recognized as an epidemic as of February 3, 2020.ney

We’re supposed to eat balanced meals while sheltering-in-place…. Does a handful of nuts, vitamins and wine count?

Thinking at some point could reread a lot of my favorite books from when I was a teenager. Though maybe will skip “On the Beach.”

“Sleepy Joe Biden” is a childish insult. But I don’t care if Joe were Rip Van Winkle who’d been asleep for 20 years. He’d still be better than Trump.

Has it occurred to Senator Ron Johnson that 3.4% of the US not only is 11 million people, that number will also probably be skewed towards people who don’t believe in science, which won’t help GOP in November elections?

So has anyone suggested to Donald Trump he can do with the Presidency what Nixon did with Vietnam? Declare victory and leave.

Watching Trump press conference makes me think I never want to hear about “excitement” being a requirement for Democratic ticket again. We need competence, decency and empathy. And we need it now.



Pew Research survey from March 10-16 – “79% of people who said they turned to Fox News for their news believed the media had exaggerated the risks of the virus.” I know some of our parents told us watching too much TV was bad for us, but this is ridiculous.”

Beyond Boston?

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As much as I can’t stand Tom Brady I suppose I will have to give him credit tomorrow for giving millions of people something other to talk about than coronavirus.

Tom Brady to Tampa Bay Bucs  means we WILL all get to see a couple of those Brady vs Brees matchups many of us Saints fans wanted for the Super Bowl.

Philip Rivers just signed a one-year $25 million contract with the Colts. Guess he needed it, with nine kids Rivers and his wife need two houses to comply with restrictions on gatherings over 10 people.

You know when this coronavirus pandemic is over, all our OCD friends who wash their hands 100 times a day are going to turn to us and say “See?!!?”


Bernie Sanders strength in today’s primaries came from voters 18-44. But in midst of Coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden beat him solidly in all of them. Which means a lot of older people risked their lives, literally, to vote for Joe. #Biden2020

Trump claimed repeatedly coronavirus was contained, that it was a “hoax,” etc..   Does Donald really think he lives in a Snapchat world where what he says disappears as soon as he says it?

Your reminder, however many Americans die during coronavirus pandemic, Trump will blame ALL their deaths on someone else, and take credit for some hypothetical number of people he’ll claim he alone saved.

Would be a very good night for Bernie Sanders to state that he has talked to Joe Biden, that Joe has promised to work with Bernie on issues dear to his heart, and that Sanders is dropping out to unify the party and focus on beating Donald Trump. Period. 

Read in two places that Amy Klobuchar  would be a great running mate for Joe Biden except that she wouldn’t bring “excitement” to the ticket. What about being excited by the concept of a President and VP who are competent, empathetic and decent?

Run for the thorns?

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Kentucky Derby has been moved to September. They bleeping better not serve pumpkin spice juleps.


On a lighter note,  Saints fans, as much as we may be thankful for Jimmy Graham for some great years can we agree that Chicago Bears giving the former New Orleans start $16 million for 2 years with $9 million guaranteed is about as dumb as sharing a frozen daiquiri with a stranger on Bourbon Street about now? 

So who had 2020 SF Giants guaranteed to be no worse than a .500 team by mid May?

NCAA MIGHT use final polls to identify a national champion after canceling tournament. Kansas coach Bill Self said he’d gladly accept trophy, though he admits “there’d be a huge asterisk on our side.” Except not for long as NCAA would then take same trophy away for violations.

Trump is advising people not to gather in groups of more than 10 in a set of new guidelines to fight coronavirus. Uh, there were more than 10 people at that press conference.

Trump sent supporters autographed printouts of Friday’s 2000 point jump in the stock market. On a brighter note recipients now have one more option if they run out of toilet paper.

So Donald Trump went there, and called Coronavirus “the Chinese Virus.” Can we start calling his Presidency “the Trump Virus?


It’s bad enough Mitch McConnell adjourned Senate during coronavirus circus to fly with Brett Kavanaugh to Kentucky for the investiture of a judge the ABA rated “unqualified.” It’s that he figured GOP wouldn’t care & rest of us wouldn’t notice. We noticed.

Donald Trump RT’ed something from Mark Levin, saying last night’s “debate is hardly a debate at all. Biden has largely moved hard left where there are now relatively few differences between the two.”

Uh, there are relatively few things my Bernie & Biden friends agree on, except that statement being a crock

American pastimes.

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On a lighter note, NCAA says they will not release brackets for 2020 March Madness. While I see their point, wouldn’t letting Americans argue about who was robbed be a welcome distraction about now?

There’s no crying in baseball. Is there crying over not having baseball?

For those practicing social isolation, missing sports, and looking for a reason to smile, can I recommend rewatching 2002’s “Bend It Like Beckham?”

Trump claims he tested negative for coronavirus. And if he disappears from sight it will just be for kidney surgery, right?

So who drew the short straw in the White House and told Trump he couldn’t golf this weekend?

Both Canada and Mexico are considering closing their borders to the US.  But guessing neither Trudeau nor Obrador would refer to the US as a “sh*t hole country.

Serious question, how many Americans may end up with coronavirus due to being stuck in close quarters at airports due to Trump’s new neither planned nor thought out Europe travel restrictions?


Once again, your reminder that Trump did not institute a China travel ban as he now claims. He just stopped foreigners who weren’t residents. US Citizens, family members and permanent residents weren’t even asked to self-quarantine.


So with Joe Biden committing to picking a woman VP, how long until Mike Pence says Mother will not allow him to debate?

Joe Biden is correctly pointing out (my paraphrase not his)  that you don’t worry about remodeling the house when the roof is on fire. #DemocraticDebate


Your reminder in the midst of all this insanity, President Joe Biden doesn’t need to be the smartest person in the room, he just needs to be smart enough, and humble enough, to fill the room with the smartest people.

With communications Delta and United are sending out to travel agents, pretty clear that many Americans are justifiably worried over coronavirus. And that a whole lot of them are contacting airlines over if if this will affect their targets for 2021 frequent flier status. No joke. #Priorities

Sigh. We went from a week where if celebrities trended we thought they were dead, to a week we now assume they have coronavirus.

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti is ordering all gyms closed. As awful as the current situation is, have to think there’s at least a few folks going “Now THAT’S a good excuse to stay on my couch.”

One of worst things with coronavirus is we have no idea when life in US will return to normalcy. We do have a pretty good idea of when it will return to decency. January 20, 2021 #Biden2020

How the heck

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Do you stick to sports when there are no sports?


Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert, who turned out to have coronavirus, was justifiably pilloried for carelessly touching other players in locker room. And Donald Trump shook as many hands as he could in today’s press conference.

Maybe CNN could hire Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr as political commentators, since they aren’t doing anything?

Wasn’t a serious The Bachelor fan. But even so I long for the days when Peter and Madi’s latest and final breakup would have been the biggest topic on Twitter.

So last night Pete Buttigieg pivoted from being a Presidential candidate to a late-night talk show host. If only Donald Trump had had done the same thing permanently in 2016.


All Florida schools are shutting down for two weeks. When FLORIDA is the voice of reason….

Wonder if Trump will give time off with pay to Mar-A-Lago workers who have school age children.


Truman: “The buck stops here.”
Churchill: “The price of greatness is responsibility.”
Trump: “I don’t take any responsibility at all.”
Republican Presidents.
Lincoln: You cannot escape responsibility of tomorrow by avoiding it today.
Eisenhower: Leadership consists of  nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong & giving subordinates credit for everything that goes well.
Trump: I don’t take any responsibility at all.

Another reason to support Joe Biden for President. The man is capable of saying “I made a mistake.”

Maybe the real reason the Stock Market bounced up today is that after Trump Press conference  Wall Street is now sure we’re going to have President Joe Biden.

The coronavirus could kill 2 million Americans and Trump would brag and say without him it would have been 5 million.


Sadly and seriously folks…. did anyone think Donald Trump, the man who refuses to have a real physical so he can keep lying to himself would allow Americans to be tested for coronavirus, so he has to stop lying to the country?

More madness

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For first time in history I will have no losers in my March Madness bracket.

Now March Madness is cancelled. No, let me rephrase that, the NCAA basketball tournaments are cancelled. We’re LIVING in March Madness.



Remember, it was only about 40 years ago, within many of our lifetimes, that we didn’t have ESPN. And now for at least several weeks, we basically don’t again.

With all the stress in the world right now it’s a great time to come home and turn on some sports for distraction. Oh wait, never mind.

Even the College World Series has been cancelled.  So fans of top level amateur baseball will have to wait until play is resumed by the Miami Marlins.

Broadway is canceled indefinitely.  A bit of gallows humor, but have to feel for the people who FINALLY got tickets to Hamilton.

Interesting that Miami International Airport, and for that matter Orlando, are NOT approved airports on Trump’s list for receiving passengers from Europe. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence they are the biggest airports within driving distance of Mar-A-Lago.

Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie has coronavirus. Suppose if Melania got it that wouldn’t be any danger to Donald though, since contagion would require they spend actual time together.

While he says he doesn’t want to be tested for Coronavirus, Trump is STILL, as of tonight, sending emails about donating to his re-election campaign for a chance to meet him for dinner. Wonder if the dinner is scheduled before or after the end of the incubation period?

Serious question. If Donald Trump DID have Coronavirus, do you think he would tell us?

Is it wrong if when considering essential food supplies in case of USA being on lockdown you have hot sauce on the list? Asking for a friend.

Since there’s ALWAYS a silver lining, have to wonder how many couples with upcoming weddings now have the ability to say “Well, I hate to disinvite – fill in the blank with your least favorite relative – but legally we HAVE to be under 250 people?”

How long until Trump decides Dr. Anthony Fauci is part of the “deep state?”

Mormon Church has suspended all public gatherings, including worship services, indefinitely. So does this mean men can now live with only one of their wives?

Trump refused to meet with Nancy Pelosi over coronavirus relief, so per Politico he’s deputized Mnuchin to handle talks with the speaker. Considering that Donald has almost certainly been exposed at Mar-A-Lago and won’t be tested, thinking this is not a bad thing.

But on an positive note, today might have been the day Joe Biden became President.

March Madness

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Not enough that NCAA has to give up playing games in front of fans. But now they may have to give up the “March Madness” title forever to that Trump speech.

A few days ago, the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert mocked coronavirus and touched all the mics at his press conference as a joke. He now has the coronavirus and the NBA Season is suspended.  Mean bitch karma must have been putting gloves on before popping a cold one.

For over two decades, the NBA playoffs haven’t happened without the San Antonio Spurs. And it looked like this year that streak was going to be broken. As much of a Gregg Popovich and Spurs fan  as I am, this is not how I wanted that streak to continue.

At University of Dayton officials tell students they need to get out of university housing because of the danger of people being close together, and the kids gather together and riot? What’s the opposite of “Ok boomer?

Jeff Sessions was one of the first in GOP establishment to stick his neck out for Trump…. and Donald rewards him finally, not just by firing him as AG, but but endorsing his opponent in the GOP runoff. Does anyone else in WH think it won’t happen to them?

Trump’s restricting travel from Europe is like bolting the back door when the serial killer is already in your basement. 


Here’s little detail I will bet Donald didn’t think of…. Ireland is part of Europe, Northern Ireland is part of UK. At this point border crossing has no passport control. Do they expect Northern Ireland to build an instant wall?

So if Trump follows Italy in shutting down almost all US shops, will he make an exemption for Trump resort/hotel stores?

Trump’s new European Travel Ban applies to 26 countries, known as the Schengen Area. A notable exemption in Europe from Schengen? Russia. I’m SURE that’s just a coincidence..


Several European ambassadors say tonight they were “blindsided” by Trump’s travel ban.
“Blindsided” by a sudden Donald decision. In other words, they are all honorary thinking Americans.

Any GOP member of Congress who votes against paid sick leave for Americans with coronavirus should forfeit their own paycheck if House/Senate are quarantined. Period.

Joe Biden may not have the stamina he once had. But he has the same heart he’s always had. And he’ll pick a capable VP. And that’s more than good enough for me. #Biden2020