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Round and round

February 15, 2021

No serious injuries this year, fortunately, but did the Daytona 500 today refer to minutes, or crashes?

Although, midrace there was a nearly six hour rain and lightning delay “and fans who had been socially distanced in the grandstands instead had to seek shelter in the crowded concourse.” And this is Florida with no mask mandates. So it will be weeks until we know the real toll from this year’s race.

20 yrs ago Dale Earnhardt died at Daytona of a basilar skull fracture. He wasn’t wearing HANS device he derided as uncomfortable. After his death NASCAR mandated devices; now all drivers use them. So why after almost 500,000 Americans have died will many still not wear a mask?

San Antonio Spurs were down 17 to 33 to Charlotte Hornets after one quarter, but outscored the Hornets 47 to 26 in the second quarter. How much do I want to hear what Pop said to the team at the quarter break, (and can we somehow bottle it?)

So Fox News Sunday had both Lindsey Graham & Amy Klobuchar on today: Graham said Donald is “excited about 2022” and looking to help rebuild the Republican Party. Klobuchar said “He is done.” Guess which got top billing on Fox News website?

Lindsey Graham today said today “My friend Richard Burr just made Lara Trump almost the certain nominee for the senate seat in North Carolina to replace him if she runs.” If so this is great news. For North Carolina Democrats.

If we’re going to go with celebrities with North Carolina ties, I say let’s draft Michael Jordan.

Watching “Trial of the Chicago 7.” Was 10 when it happened, but realized conservatives haven’t updated their “radical left” insult in over 50 years.

Didn’t watch. But did ANYONE think American Idol was going to send Claudia Conway home the first day?


So with impeachment trial over, the Senate on vacation, and a President who sends tweets staying how much he loves his wife, what’s the media going to do for 24-7 breaking news all week?

Let’s be clear. If Donald had stood up and said “You’re Goddamned Right I Ordered the Code Red on the Capitol and Mike Pence,.” most GOP Senators would have said “We really don’t think he actually incited the attack.

Senate rules call for 67. But when someone wins an election 57% to 43% we call it a landslide.

Don’t flop, thinking about tomorrow.

February 14, 2021

LeBron James was warned for violating the NBA’s anti-flopping rule in Lakers’ win over Grizzlies yesterday. So if King James does it again will the league slap his wrist really really hard?

Small mercies – COVID prototcols have at least made one February joke (I hope) less sadly accurate – NBA players buying Valentine’s Day cards by the dozen – “to my one and only.”

The daughter of the Lombardi trophy design was upset by Tom Brady throwing it to a teammate on another boat during their parade. Fortunately the pass was complete, just like 21 of Brady’s 29 throws in the Super Bowl.

But that’s only about 75% And on the other hand, many of Tom’s throws were shorter in the air, which means the Trophy had at least a 50% chance of landing in the Hillsborough river.

Darn shame they couldn’t call Trump as a witness in his own impeachment trial? Stacey Plaskett questioning him could have broken all pay-per-view records.

We know one thing about Michael Van Der Veen – he’s an ambulance chaser who makes his money with the highest bidder. So interesting to see if Dems offer him more next time? Nope, never mind, Democrats have actual standards.

Politics aside, how did Van der Veen ever win any personal injury cases?

In honor of Alex Trebek and Jeopardy. The answer: “colossal squid.” The question: “Until the record was beaten today by 43 GOP Senators, what is the largest animal without a backbone?”

So 43 Senate Republicans said today if Trump had gone back to New York one January day and shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue it would have been a bad thing but not impeachable?

Nancy Pelosi reiterates – and it can’t be said enough – Mitch McConnell created a situation where impeachment could not be heard before January 20….and then made it his excuse for not convicting.

Mitch McConnell says “Trump was practically and morally responsible” for January 6. And Mitch’s acquittal vote says that McConnell is practically and morally a coward.22376

McConnell delaying impeachment, then saying the delay was the reason he voted to acquit, is today’s Senate equivalent of the guy who murdered both parents then asked for sympathy because he was an orphan

As a Democrat I wouldn’t vote for one of the seven GOP senators who voted to convict today. But as an American I applaud them.

A friend reminded me today that Bill Clinton got a blow job in the White House. It would be wrong to tweet his suggestion that Trump just got 43 in the Senate. So I won’t do it.

As pissed as I am, am also aware that House Impeachment managers had as good a chance of convicting with that Senate jury as O.J. Simpson’s prosecutors had with their jury.

And on an optimistic note, O.J. WAS convicted on his second civil murder trial. And did time for his third trial for stealing his own memorabilia back.

Spurred on

February 13, 2021

As a San Antonio Spurs fan in California, especially in the second half, I’ve watched some stressful games online this year. Tonight with a halftime score of 77-48 in Atlanta was not going to be one of those nights.

(Both teams pulled a lot of starters late and Spurs “hung on” to win by 11.


Pitchers and catchers report in 4 days. Remember when the only thing we thought about catching during spring training was a foul ball?

Not sure what ratings are like for Trump Impeachment Trial #2…. But maybe if networks could start referring to it as “February Madness?”

It’s not just what Trump said on Jan 6, it’s what he didn’t say. Arthur Conan Doyle nailed this in “Legend of Silver Blaze” – the dog that didn’t bark. Donald could have stopped the riot. At any time with a tweet. He didn’t. Period

Who says there’s not already Bipartisanism in 2021? All Senate Democrats will vote tomorrow to say that the attempted murder of a Republican Vice President is a crime.

Starting to see why Van der Veen was available on short notice for a major trial.

Question for every GOP Senator: For all you genuflect before Trump none of you will ever be as much of servile lapdog as Pence was for 4 years. And w/ first sign of VP simply saying he would uphold Constitution, Donald tried to have him killed. Think it’ll be different for you?

Also, in case anyone forgot, one Senator stuck his neck out early to be the first to support Trump – that Senator is Jeff Sessions.

Jealous now of all those students who took Jamie Raskin’s Constitutional law class.1759

How much do we all want to see Donald Trump say -“You’re Goddamned Right I ordered the Code Red on Mike Pence?”

Like most Americans, I’ve had bad bosses in my day. Even had moments when I thought “worst boss ever.” But I yield to Mike Pence today. None of my bosses ever tried to have me killed.

Jan 26, 21- Nikki Haley on Trump: “give the man a break!”

Feb 12, 21- Nikki Haley on Trump: “He went down path he shouldn’t have, we shouldn’t have followed him, we shouldn’t have listened to him, we can’t let that ever happen again.”

Nikki’s throwing Don under the bus at Trump speed.


February 12, 2021

Urban Meyer, now the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, has hired Chris Doyle as “director of sports performance. “

Doyle left his position as strength and conditioning coach at Iowa last summer with a $1.1 million buyout after allegations of racism and bullying.

Well, considering Meyer, for starters, had no problem keeping Aaron Hernandez on his team at Florida, when Hernandez was under suspicion for a potential first murder, I suppose it could be worse.

After a brief controversy, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says the team will resume playing the National Anthem before games. And after the season is over, I challenge anyone to REMEMBER a National Anthem before games in Dallas.

Would be interesting to see what happens to National Anthems if networks were required to show it in full, and take the couple minutes out of their available to sell commercial time.

I understand that Republicans are scared of Donald and think they need him to win elections. Did they forget what happened just over 5 weeks ago in Georgia?

So if the Senate acquits Velveeta Voldemort, who will be the first senator THIS time to say “He’s learned his lesson?”

Stephen Colbert nails it, “I take no pleasure in old clips – referencing Adam Schiff’s & now Joe’s Neguse’s warning Trump will do it again” & “I will take no pleasure when he sends his supporters to sack Disneyland so he can move into Cinderella’s castle & declare himself Emperor of Fantasyland.”

Rachel Maddow reporting that Donald considered firing Bruce Castor after day one. Wonder if he was persuaded not to fire his lawyer because someone told him no one else would take the job.

Wait, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are meeting privately with Trump’s defense team? Uh, the federal government considers jury tampering to be a felony offense, one that is punishable by at least one year in prison.

CNN reports – “A source close to Trump’s legal team says defense eyeing shortening their presentation & possibly making it as short as 3 hours in effort to make it “short, tight and direct.”” Translation, they have no defense & he’s not going to pay them anyway, why bother?

Jamie Raskin “If this isn’t impeachable conduct, what is?” Sadly some in GOP have already answered that question – a blow job.

Per CNN’s 15 GOP Senators decided not to show up in Senate chamber during impeachment trial this afternoon. So does that mean we average Americans can now just blow off jury duty when we feel like it?

Jamie Raskin nails it again -“Is there anyone in this room who believes if he got back into the Oval Office, that Donald Trump would stop inciting violence to get his way? Would you bet lives of more police officers on it, would you bet the safety of your families on it?”

You all realize, if Ossoff & Warnock hadn’t won Georgia, not only would McConnell probably have found way to cancel impeachment trial, Mitch would be ramming through judges, stalling all Biden’s nominees, & be letting Lindsay Graham preside over investigation into Hunter Biden.

Here’s something I don’t get…Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence were two of Donald’s most loyal lap dogs. And he turned on both of them. What makes current GOP sycophants think it will be any different in future? Or that it won’t be worse?


Should we be shocked that the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” crowd, also now seems to believe “cult leaders don’t kill people, the people who somehow mistook their cult leader’s hateful rants and instructions for orders killed people.”

Flagged and not flagged.

February 11, 2021

Tom Brady tossed the Lombardi trophy between boats to TE Cameron Brate during the Buccaneers water parade on the Hillsborough river. Good thing, Brate caught it. Otherwise NFL refs would have called a passenger on a nearby boat for pass interference.

Brady was later seen staggering a bit and appearing to be drunk leaving the boat. I dislike Brady but who cares if he gets drunk to celebrate, as long as he’s not driving. I do wish the man would wear a bleeping mask though.

Pitchers and catchers report in a week. How many of us miss the days when the most poignant thing about that statement was not feeling we could afford to go to Spring Training?

Rush Limbaugh has been off the air since Feb 2. My mother wasn’t always right, but think this is a good time for the “if you can’t say anything nice about someone…” So no comment.

Okay, watching “Name That Tune” to mellow out after impeachment trial and no one knows “If You Leave Me” by Chicago. Banging head into wall now….

January 6, insurrectionist on camera with reporter – “We’re listening to the orders of Trump — your boss!” If this were an actual criminal trial this would be when defense attorneys call for a recess to talk about a plea bargain.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to watch footage of your own attempted murder, members of Congress and their staffs just got that experience today.

Wonder how Mike Pence feels watching the trial today, increasingly knowing that his boss would have had him murdered to stay in power.

Mike Lee is upset? Maybe he should talk to his fellow Utah Senator Mike Romney, who just saw how close he came to being seriously harmed, about being upset.

One thing that still gets me with GOP Senate cult members…. If we’ve learned nothing in 4 years it’s that Velveeta Voldemort eventually turns on all his supporters for not supporting him enough – from Sessions to Pence. They still think it won’t happen to them?

Guessing GOP would say Henry VIII was innocent of murdering two of his wives since he didn’t personally chop off their heads?

Ted Lieu nails it – Donald Trump “ran out of non-violent options to maintain power.”

As GOP whines on social media whines that Democrats “are focusing on removing a President from an office he no longer occupies,” your reminder Republicans made Hillary Clinton testify for 11 hours when she was no longer Secretary of State.

ICYMI because of the impeachment trial, yes, Republicans are attacking Biden’s OMB nominee Neera Tanden for mean tweets. Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

In all seriousness, if you couldn’t watch some of those videos of January 6 today without being terrified, you might not be human.

The audio tapes Stacey Plaskett played in the Senate include the voices of police officers. And those officers, the ones protecting the Capitol, were terrified.

And then in the videos, one officer being beaten with a poll flying an American flag.

Real challenges.

February 10, 2021

Robin Roberts on “The Daily Show” – “Serena Williams won a Grand Slam title while pregnant – Try that Tom Brady.”

Dallas Mavericks have stopped playing U.S. national anthem before games & owner Mark Cuban said he made decision before season started. Make sense, actually. Avoiding kneeling controversies aside, we don’t play the anthem before concerts & movies and other forms of entertainment.

So with another mass shooting, with one at least dead, this time in Buffalo, Minnesota. How long until some in the GOP interrupt their defense of Trump to say it’s too soon to talk about gun control?

The alleged killer was identified as someone “well-known to authorities before the attack.” But he had at least one gun, and was apprehended unharmed. Don’t need to see his picture to know he’s white.

Meanwhile Fox News is attacking Joe Biden’s OMB nominee Neera Tanden for her “long history of hostile name-calling against GOP” on Twitter. Uh, so is Fox really saying they think Tanden is Presidential?

Rob Portman reminded us today that Neera Tanden said “vampires have more heart than Ted Cruz.” That alone says Tanden is both smart and insightful enough to be confirmed.

A friend correctly pointed out that GOP is in a sort of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation w/ impeachment trial. But Senators could have avoided being damned in the first place if they had unified before Jan 6 in simply saying “Joe Biden won the election.”

A cat lawyer might have done a better job with Donald’s impeachment defense today.

Senator Bill Cassidy, who indicated he was against having this impeachment trial, told CNN that House manager had “a very good opening” and made “very good arguments,” so voted today to proceed. How long until Louisiana GOP votes to censure him too?

Cassidy added “I’ve always said I would approach this with an open mind and would listen as an impartial juror to both sides.” Kudos to him. But sad that the minimum expected of Americans for jury duty now looks like real courage from a Republican.

A question to pose to Republicans: How can you say what happens at the end of a President’s term doesn’t count? When at same time you say a President at the end of his term – while people were voting, as Amy Klobuchar said, “in droves,” can appoint a SCOTUS judge for life?

Merrick Garland’s AG confirmation hearing scheduled for Feb 22-23

For the “both-sides” crowd – Jeff Sessions’ hearings began Jan 10, His confirmation vote was delayed because GOP wanted to confirm Devos & they needed Sessions’ vote in the Senate. Even so he was confirmed as AG Feb 8, 2017.

You think you’ve been bored in a long day of meetings: Senators had to sit through opening of impeachment trial including Trump defense today….with no cellphones or electronic devices.Pen and paper only.

You know how devastating the video played today was when Fox News website headline is “Graphic video of Capitol violence appears to take its toll during Trump impeachment opening arguments.” And they don’t show the video.

So which one of Donald’s lawyers is Sharky McSharkyface?

So who’s going to play Bruce Castor on SNL?

Bruce Castor actually referred to “Former President Trump.” Is Donald going to fire him for that?

Remember this as impeachment trial starts & some in GOP question whether Donald’s crimes were serious enough: In 1999, Chuck Grassley, James Inhofe, Richard Shelby and Mitch McConnell all voted to convict Bill Clinton basically for lying about a blow job.

New kids in town

February 9, 2021

If you didn’t see many well-worn jerseys with Bucs players names on them, some #SuperBowl trivia from a friend – All 31 Tampa Bay points were scored by players who weren’t on the Bucs last year, plus the QB who threw the TD passes also wasn’t on the team last year…

The college men’s basketball game between Miami and UNC was postponed today when Shapchat video surfaced of UNC players partying, in close contact and mask-less, after the Tarheels beat Duke last weekend.

-It’s one kind of stupid to party during a pandemic. It’s a whole different type of stupid to take and post a video.

Tom Brady apparently immediately after Super Bowl texted an apology to Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu “for several on-field verbal altercations.” Now you REALLY wonder what Brady said to him on the field?

As Ron Wright (R-TX) became 1st sitting member of Congress to die of COVID, wonder why we haven’t heard from his colleague Michael Cloud. They worked together & were 2 of 17 Texas Reps who tried to overturn election. Cloud was also one GOP Rep who mocked mask wearers on Jan 6.

Claiming it wasn’t inciting violence to say “history is going to be made…we’re going to fight like hell…walk down to the Capitol…” makes as much sense as saying you didn’t know Gorilla Glue would permanently glue your hair.

Donald’s lawyer David Schoen has withdrawn his request to not hold impeachment trial on Jewish Sabbath. Wonder if defense team figured out just how many times Ivanka and Jared got exemptions for White House events and parties?

Amy Klobuchar on with Anderson Cooper points out that GOP Senators huddled and hiding in the room with Democrats on January 6 were worried & wondering when Trump was going to speak. They knew on that date it was “his mob.”

Klobuchar also quoted Trevor Noah about the former President – “If you get fired from Best Buy you can’t go and steal a TV on your way out.”

(Though on Jan 20 did anyone count the TVs in the White House?)

Must admit it still puts a smile on my face to see the title under Mitch McConnell’s name “Senate MINORITY leader. Thank you Georgia!

Allegations by some on Fox News that Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the assassination plot against her and other members of Congress?!! Makes theory that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election so Democrats could impeach Donald look good by comparison.

Richard Shelby will not seek re-election in 2022. So Alabama, if you’re already tired of stupid, you COULD bring Doug Jones back.

(Or, Alabama, if you have to do the sports thing, Charles Barkley would be an improvement over Tuberville. Or former Birmingham Barons outfielder Michael Jordan.)

Media already seems bored with Joe Biden’s normalcy and seems to be trying to create stories. We need a White House cat to distract them by clawing the Oval Office drapes or something.

Super spreader bowl

February 8, 2021

I do think we are going to find out that, like Drew Brees with his torn rotator cuff and torn fascia, that Patrick Mahomes had more serious injuries than were acknowledged for this Super Bowl.

And based on the second half it probably didn’t matter. But did the Buccaneer vote the officials a playoff share?

In the first half, Sarah Thomas, a downs judge who was the first woman to work a Super, called (correctly) that the Bucs had not score on a 4th and goal at the one. But she quickly made up for it by calling the Chiefs for a 5 yards penalty “‘lined up in the neutral zone” near end of 1st half on a SUCCESSFUL field goal attempt, and the penalty resulted in a drive culminating in a Tampa TD..

So maybe someone brought her up to date on the “Brady rules?”

Seems like NFL should have a list of all attendees at the Super Bowl today Can we do contact tracing on all of them?

And on anyone flying out of Tampa Monday? For starters.


Not to say Tom Brady is getting up there, but when they asked, “Tom Brady, you just won the Super Bowl. Where are you going now?” Brady said “Depends.”

So why is Josh Hawley not demanding a recount of the Super Bowl final score?

Wonder what the portrait in Tom Brady’s attic looks like.

So small comfort but Drew Brees and Saints did outscore Tom Brady and Buccaneers 92 to 56 in three games this season.

Watching some media & unofficial ads referring to “Big Game” or “The Game” etc… if only we lived in a country where our former President took COVID as seriously as NFL takes the use of “Super Bowl” name. (Hundreds of thousands more Americans might be alive, for starters.)

Underrated best commercial moment goes to M&M’s -the guy saying – “I apologize for mansplaining – that’s when you…” And her response – “I know what it is.”

For all these conservatives who seem “Triggered” by Hunter Biden’s book contract, I missed their outrage over Donny’s book:

Since Karen was trending on Twitter once again, on behalf of several perfectly nice Karens I have known, including one black woman, can I suggest the term for an obnoxious entitled white woman be changed to an “Ivanka?”

Fox News quotes Lindsey Graham saying he believes the GOP will come ‘roaring back’ in 2022 I prefer Graham in 2016 “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.”

The party’s over?

February 7, 2021

Unclear on the concept: NY Daily News headlines on the home page of their website Saturday

“‘We cannot get cocky’: Cuomo warns against Super Bowl parties as COVID numbers dip again”

Also “These Super Bowl recipes are party pleasers.”

NFL used all kinds of COVID-19 protocols to make it to Super Bowl. Now they’re having 22,000 fans & many events, in Florida, where Gov. DeSantis has fought every sensible safety measure scientists devised. It’s like celebrating making it through wildfire season with a bonfire.

Amanda Chase, a GOP candidate for Governor in Virginia, tweeted. “We have a drug problem in Virginia, and legalizing marijuana will only lead to more marijuana overdoses and deaths.” So what is a “marijuana overdose?” Going through more than two bags of Doritos?

Okay, kudos to Colin Jost on Weekend Update referring to Joe Biden’s predecessor as “Former social-media influencer.” We probably shouldn’t use the hashtag. He wouldn’t like it. #FormerSocialMediaInfluencer

So if some of these red state Governors have decided they don’t believe in mask mandates and social distancing, why don’t they turn down the vaccines and send them to blue states where we DO believe in science?

Candace Owens tweeted today she is thinking of running for President. And many comedy writers already having to work harder for material since Biden’s inaugural are going “Thank you, Jesus!”

Liz Cheney being censured by GOP for being too rational and reasonable reminds us that no one should throw away those batshit bingo cards.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s claiming credit for a successful COVID-19 response, when her state has some of the worst numbers in the country both in cases and death count, puts a bizarre 2021 spin on “Dead men tell no tales.”

Fox’s Laura Ingraham hosted Robert Kennedy, Jr on her radio show arguing that Dr. Fauci “is a very sinister guy who has turned this country over to Big Pharma.” Ingraham is 57. Wonder if she’s been vaccinated. And if she’ll admit it when she does?

I’m so old I remember when Democrats were ones being accused that we would let the radical members of our party completely take over.

Just realized I have no idea if our President has tweeted this weekend. Isn’t it glorious?

Unclear on the COVID concept.

February 6, 2021

Kevin Durant tweeted “Free Me” after being removed from tonight’s Nets-Raptors games due to a close contact testing positive for COVID-19.

-Seven members of Karl-Anthony Towns’ family, including his mother, died of COVID-19. Guessing they’d tell KD to STFU if they could.

$40 million for Trevor Bauer. So the Dodgers have officially become the Yankees.

So if it’s all about some made for TV spectacle why can’t NBA instead of taking real life risks, just have all the All-Stars get together for some sort of Zoom competition.

Yes – this really is a thing – from a local liquor store ad: “Certified Vegan Gluten Free Non-GMO Fair Trade Quinoa Vodka.”

Can anyone imagine what GOP would be saying if a Capitol Police officer had been killed, even in an accident, during any anti-Trump march or BLM protest in Washington DC?

Jen Psaki gets asked who President Biden will be rooting for in the Super Bowl? Good to know media is focused on the important questions of our time.

Fox News headline “Marjorie Taylor Greene defends herself in floor speech: ‘None of us are perfect.” Yes, none of us ARE perfect. But most of us haven’t publicly called for the execution of someone we disagreed with politically.

Apparently Fox News was whining over Biden flying home to Wilmington for the weekend on Air Force One. Of course, if he took Amtrak, they would be whining over him putting Americans at risk for a photo op.

Comforting on a Friday night to realize that the United States now has a President who cares about your life whether or not you voted for him.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds decision to lift state’s mask mandates AND social distancing for all gatherings starting Super Bowl Sunday is like eliminating DUI laws starting New Year’s Eve.

President Biden saying if his predecessor got intelligence briefings “he might slip and say something?’ Which might be the most gracious way ever of saying “We don’t want him to sell secrets to the Russians or the Saudis.”

At this point thinking Mexican resort where the alleged Capitol insurrectionist is planning to vacation might be justified in canceling her booking because they don’t want to expose other guests to possible terrorists.

“Supreme Court tonight in 6-3 vote blocked enforcement of some California COVID-19 rules for indoor churches. Fine, by the same 6-3 vote can they rule anyone who goes to those churches and gets sick must stay out of hospitals and rely on God to save them?

If you really want to take power from some of the true fringe politicians in the GOP, start thinking about 2022 midterms NOW. Plenty of states and races to choose from.

President Biden said he doesn’t think his predecessor should still get intelligence briefings due to his “erratic behavior.” Call me old-fashioned but think one requirement for getting intelligence briefings as a former President should be having read them AS President.

GOP Reps Louie Gohmert and Andrew Clyde have each been fined $5,000 for bypassing security screening outside the House chamber. So do these clowns try to get around the metal detectors at airports too?

Finally, RIP Christopher Plummer. Sound of Music was my first favorite movie when I was five going on (almost) six. And still maybe one of the most underrated romantic movie scenes ever.

So troubled…

February 4, 2021

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed “disappointment” that only two minorities were hired for seven head-coaching openings. Does this make Goodell the Susan Collins of sports commissioners?

Goodell added “They’re not the outcomes we wanted, and we’re committed more than ever to make sure we do that. ” Does this mean the NFL might take the Rooney rule as seriously as the wrong color socks?

If folks think that picture of a largely unmasked Naples, Florida supermarket is scary, wait until we see COVID-19 numbers following a Super Bowl in Tampa with 22,000 fans and all the Florida big parties and events at bars and restaurants since Buccaneers are in the game.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D -MN) spoke movingly today about how Democratic members of Congress were actually hoping to blend in so mob on Jan 6 might mistake them for Republicans. And his “lightning bolt moment” when he realized he realized his colleagues of color didn’t have that option.

Lindsey Graham said he hopes the former President doesn’t testify in next week’s Senate impeachment trial. Is Senator Graham afraid Donald will invoke his name?

Reports that the doctor who treated Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny after poisoning dies from ‘heart attack’:

Because they couldn’t get him to stand near enough to a window?

So are all these COVIDiot anti-vaxxers also committing to staying home and not seeking medical attention when they get sick?

So someday when this nightmare is over, is QAnon going to be an officially accepted word in Scrabble?

As certain-to-fail GOP amendments continue now close to 2a for budget resolution/COVID-19 relief have to wonder, did the My Pillow guy leave samples for Republican senators in their offices for naps?

11 Republicans in the House apparently think it’s a bad idea for one of their members to advocate executing another. Got it.

About 50 more Republicans in the House voted privately to punish Liz Cheney for saying that Velveeta Voldemort should be impeached for inciting a fatal insurrection, than voted to punish Marjorie Taylor Greene for actually contributing to inciting that insurrection.

Maybe I’m naive but always thought “against all enemies foreign and domestic” included “against people who want to kill our colleagues.”

Tweets like this are one reason I became fan of Amy Klobuchar (Miguel Cardona is Biden’s nominee for Education Secretary.)

“If reports from his confirmation hearing are accurate, it seems Miguel Cardona didn’t say we need guns in schools to protect from grizzly bears so he’s already outperforming Betsy DeVos.

Super Bowl Weak

February 4, 2021

So with this pandemic we’re missing the usual nonstop media stories about what Super Bowl players like to eat for breakfast etc. Yes, it is an ill wind that blows no one any good.

San Antonio Spurs down by 16 points with just over 10 minutes to go tonight. They won by 3. So does Gregg Popovich praise the comeback or scream at team for getting down 16 points to the Timberwolves in the first place?

NBA is moving ahead with a rescheduled All-Star game now on March 7. A meaningless exhibition game during a pandemic. Gue$$ the league ha$ their rea$on$.

Country music star Morgan Wallen suspended indefinitely by his record label. Also, Cumulus & iHeart removed his music from their radio stations, after Wallen was seen on camera saying the n-word. That moment when country music has more integrity than GOP leaders in the House.

Democratic Iowa caucuses were a year ago February 3. Have they finished counting yet?

So now that suspected murderer of two FBI agents in Florida has been identified as a 55-year-old white man, Fox News has moved the story away from the top headline on their website. I am SURE it’s just a coincidence.

So I’m confused by latest GOP outrage – does Joe Biden want Space Force to wear tan space suits?

Watching new CDC director Rochelle Walensky calmly and reasonably talking with Rachel Maddow. Trivial at this point but anyone else more inclined to take a woman talking about COVID-19 seriously if she’s not wearing a scarf?

Wonder if Lauren Boebert is getting annoyed Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting all the attention.

Seeing a clip on Stephen Colbert of Marjorie Taylor Greene talking about a “witch hunt.” All jokes about dropping a house on anyone would of course be inappropriate.

In case anyone didn’t know – Liz Cheney is one of most conservative members of the House: Most Democrats would disagree with her on 90% of things. And over 60 House Republicans still voted in a secret ballot to strip her of power for correctly calling out “Dear Leader.”

From Kevin McCarthy talking to press about Marjorie Taylor Greene “Denouncing Q-on, I don’t know if I say it right, I don’t even know what it is.” Uh, if McCarthy REALLY doesn’t know what Q-Anon is, he’s too stupid to lead the GOP.

Kevin McCarthy knew how to pronounce Q-Anon. The same as David Perdue knew how to pronounce Kamala

More Republicans want Liz Cheney to apologize for saying the ex-President should be impeached than want Velveeta Voldemort himself to apologize for lying about the election and inciting a fatal insurrection..

Hair raising.

February 3, 2021

Two members of the Kansas City Chiefs are in COVID-19 protocol isolation because of close contact with…. a barber? Hoping it works out for them but have to assume millions of Americans who haven’t had hair trimmed for a year just might be giggling.

Fanatics, the “official e-commerce partner of NFL” says Tom Brady merchandise is now best-selling by an NFL player ever for 2-week period between AFC/NFC championship & Super Bowl.

Does it come with a senior discount?

So will GameStop stores soon be selling Beanie Babies?

If Biden administration worked like Velveeta Voldemort administration, the 13 Senators who voted against Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary could kiss federal money for their roads goodbye.

There are a few controversial Cabinet choices But what exactly are the 13 Senators who voted against Pete Buttigieg using for a reason, other than that Joe Biden picked him?

Listening to Sanders talk about COVID-19 relief, he makes, as usual, a number of good points. Why does Bernie’s tone always sound like he’s telling the rest of us to get off his lawn?

When did “issues with food security” replace “going hungry?”

On Rachel Maddow,, am reminded that few in the Democratic party are as good at eulogies as Cory Booker. . Sad that he had to be doing it tonight for a Capitol Police officer.

Sadder still that the eulogy is because of insurrection caused by our then President.

We CANNOT “move on.”

Regarding this metal detector controversy in the House. Seems pretty logical: We had terrorists attack planes, we put metal detectors in airports. We had terrorists attack the Capitol, we put metal detectors at entrances to the chambers.

Meanwhile, when I briefly switched over to Fox News, they were showing, as Officer Sicknick’s remains arrived at the Capitol, an interview with Scott Atlas attacking Dr. Fauci. (Later, apparently they still didn’t show the service, but did show an interview with Eric Trump whining.)

Apparently to GOP and conservative media, Blue Lives Matter only if their deaths can be pinned on brown or black people.

Lindsay Graham just said the November election was “close” from the Electoral College point of view.

306 to 232. And some wonder why Democrats accuse Republicans of being bad at math.

Also Graham “This will be the first time we spend $1.9 trillion based on one party’s point of view.” Uh, the 2017 Tax Cuts say “Hi.

And then Lindsey closes his speech against COVID-19 relief. “If you’re looking for unity, this is a lousy way to do it.” Now it’s Merrick Garland’s turn to say “Hi.”

Mitt Romney quoted an article today saying GOP “isn’t big enough to have both conservatives and kooks.” I’m not sure – “Conservatives and kooks” would look great on a t-shirt.

Springing backward?

February 2, 2021

So as a delay offer from owners was rejected by MLBPA, Spring Training WILL start Feb 17 in Arizona & Florida.

AZ has mask requirements in most cities & is unsure if fans will be allowed in attendance.

FL has almost no rules at all with masks, and business closures, & will allow up to 1,500 fans a game in distanced “pods.” What could possibly go wrong?

Rachel Maddow snowed inMonday and broadcasting from home. As I just read a Vanity Fair story on Kobe Bryant’s last helicopter ride, I embrace her staying home as long as necessary if the roads are the SLIGHTEST bit iffy.

Sad to hear of the death of Hal Holbrook, 95. Thinking of his role in “All the President’s Men.” If someone wants to honor his life by being a modern day “Deep Throat” a nation would be grateful.

Mitch McConnell on Marjorie Taylor Greene -“Somebody who’s suggested perhaps no airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were pre-staged, & that Clintons crashed JFK Jr.’s airplane is not living in reality.” I bleeping HATE it when I agree with Mitch.

To me one of worst things about McConnell is that his evil isn’t personal -It’s all about judges & power. So while Mitch might be a racist misogynist he’d support a President Nikki Haley or Tim Scott in a heartbeat if needed and while he and Biden go back decades, McConnell will do everything he can to torpedo Joe’s agenda.

Someone on the Weakest Link just guessed that “the wild-haired man living at 10 Downing Street with the nickname ‘Bojo'” was…. Dr Who? And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupidly provincial.

Dick Durbin wrote a letter to Lindsey Graham urging him to schedule a hearing for AG nominee Merrick Garland saying it was a matter of national security. Just wondering, why doesn’t Joe Biden just declare Garland & others “acting” secretaries? There is, as I recall, precedent.

So with Alan Dershowitz nominating Jared and some Norwegian forger having nominated Velveeta Voldemort twice, perhaps the Noble Peace Prize committee ought to consider tightening their nomination criteria?

Honestly think one problem now is that the media got used to “Breaking News” falling into their laps every hour for the last four years. They need to learn to live with what we used to consider a normal Presidency and not make EVERYTHING into a major controversy. IMHO.

How long until we get the first confirmation of where and when Velveeta Voldemort sold some of those millions of missing vaccine doses?

Not sure who needs to hear this but GOP would block any and all of Joe Biden’s nominations for as long as they could get away with it. For no other reason than they could get away with it.

WH Press Sec Jen Psaki says that there’s “No conclusion” yet as to whether or not 45 will get intelligence briefings. Don’t suppose they could give him a fake report and see how long it took for Putin to act on it.

Can anyone honestly say that if some of those in the mob with zip ties, stun guns and other weapons actually came upon a member of Congress in the Capitol on Jan 6, they’d have just stopped and asked them to pose for a selfie? I’ll wait.

Meghan McCain is professing outrage at the media for tying Republican Party to Marjorie Taylor Greene. If only Meghan were as outraged at the Arizona GOP supporting people like Greene and censuring BOTH her parents.

Scoring time

February 1, 2021

NBA All-Star game in two weeks. But for all those fans of games with no defense, the Nets and Wizards tonight scored 295 points Sunday night, Without overtime.

And the Nets had a 5 point lead with less than 10 seconds left… At least NBA has a lottery for the top picks so Wizards can’t look back at game and think their best win of the season definitely cost them the #1 pick.

Spring training seems unlikely to start on schedule. But as much as I can’t wait to hear those words “Pitchers and catchers report,” have to wonder, without the excuse for fans to head down to Florida and Arizona and spend serious money, does MLB care when, or maybe IF it starts?

Cute tweet from our President – how long since we could say that?

Maybe we can get Joe a little toy Amtrak train set to run around the Oval Office to make him feel at home.

Gosh, after months of downplaying COVID-19 risks, suddenly Fox News has headlines like this “Top epidemiologist warns of ‘category 5 hurricane-like surge’ of COVID-19 cases.” Wonder what’s changed lately….

All you need to know about Lauren Boebert is that she thinks a mask is overkill as far as protecting herself and others, but she can’t enter the House chamber without a gun.

Can anyone imagine GOP reaction if Kathy Griffin were elected to Congress?

If Marjorie Taylor Greene wore a tan suit would GOP finally disown her?

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Marjorie Taylor Greene: “I don’t think we ought to punish people from a disciplinary standpoint or a party standpoint because they think something a little bit different.” So executing Nancy Pelosi is only “a little bit different” in today’s GOP?”

GOP says on their website they are “fighting for a freer & stronger America where everyone has opportunity to achieve the American Dream.” So why are Republicans fighting to keep Americans from voting?

Watching recording of last week’s “The Weakest Link,” & WINNER, a woman, missed question about 1st woman nominated for VP by major political party – she struggled to come up with – Sarah Palin?!!

You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to remember all three of them.

Sigh. (Geraldine Ferraro.)

FL Senator Rick Scott attacking Dems COVID plan as a “radical left agenda” & asks if Biden “is not worried about the fact that we have $27 trillion worth of debt?” Gosh, can someone remind me of Scott’s principled opposition to GOP multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for millionaires.

Alan Dershowitz nominated Jared Kushner for the Nobel Peace Prize. Even if most Americans get vaccinated, have a hunch Dershowitz isn’t going to get invited back to Martha’s Vineyard this year either.

Despise Josh Hawley as much as anyone, and am a believer in multitasking. But a fundraising petition to demand Senate expel Hawley now? Could we maybe pass some legislation, confirm Biden’s cabinet and yes, have the impeachment trial for Velveeta Voldemort first?

Sorry, but I can’t take any GOP Senator seriously who talks about Joe Biden needing to be bipartisan when they didn’t say a damn word about bipartisanism for the last four years.

Last week Laurence Tribe made simplest case for still having impeachment trial: If you can’t impeach President for any crime he commits in last weeks of his Presidency, why shouldn’t any future President feel empowered to do anything he/she wants in last weeks of their Presidency?

(Just think, some future President may think they can wear a tan suit WHILE eating a sandwich with Dijon mustard…)

Not that desperate

January 31, 2021

No, I didn’t watch the Senior Bowl.

But in 2021 I think I am not gonna be that baseball snob next month who says “I don’t watch spring training games”

John Krasinski on SNL tonight talked about his kids wishing he were on Paw Patrol instead. And can we have a moment to remember, or for those who didn’t know, that John McCain first went on SNL to impress his then teenage daughter Meghan?

My late mother didn’t like “swear words,” nor my snarky attitude. But Mom was a Democrat. And in from her late 60s until dementia symptoms appeared in her 70s she worked proudly at in the bakery at Publix. Where she drove me crazy excusing the fact they routinely scheduled her JUST below minimum weekly hours needed to get benefits.But now that it comes out Publix heiress funded the January 6 coup attempt? Thinking even Mom would join me now in rousing chorus of “F*ck Publix!

Apparently Biden administration can’t find 8,700 ventilators that previous White House reportedly “donated” to other nations. Maybe because some recipients paid cash?

Anti-vaxxers temporarily shut down Dodger Stadium vaccine site today…. Proving again, that the right doesn’t have a monopoly on crazy.

If you’re going to be an an anti-science anti-Vaxxer can you at least sign something that says if you get sick you don’t want to be admitted to the hospital?

As Biden administration works to reunite separated children with their families, have to wonder, how many of the younger children have been adopted? Have been getting “Tennessee Children’s Home Society” vibes on this one from the get-go.

As GOP dismisses insurrection incitement by a sitting POTUS, I’m so old I remember when Republicans wanted to disqualify Obama from being President simply because Barack had formerly attended a church with a preacher who had made incendiary statements

“How many deaths will it take ’til he knows That too many people have died?” Seems to be a question GOP couldn’t answer in the 60s – or now, with both COVID and the Capitol coup attempt.

Even Charles Manson ended up having an easier time finding lawyers than Velveeta Voldemort.


January 30, 2021

Many of us have reached new levels of desperation in looking for entertainment during this pandemic. But proud to report at least I have no regrets that this Sunday we don’t have viewing option of NFL Pro Bowl.

But late January is a tough time for sports now. Spring training at least several weeks away, only one NFL game to got, and 50 games or more until the end of the NBA regular season.

Anyone still doing curling?

Since it will be cold and snowy in DC this would be a fine weekend for Joe Biden & Dr Biden to visit a shelter in DC area and meet some potential White House cats.

Dear Media: If you want to keep covering the number of Joe Biden’s Executive Orders can you say in real time how many of them are simply to reverse Velveeta Voldemort’s Executive Orders? Thank you.

Andrew Yang, being asked why he hasn’t voted in many NY mayoral elections ” I think I’m one of a large number of New Yorkers who perhaps didn’t have very strong allegiances one way or another to a candidate” after the primaries.”

Uh, Mr. Yang, that’s not the point of voting….

So we’ll really know Jewish Space Lasers are a thing when speculators start buying them all up and reselling them for a profit on Ebay.

Or when Jewish Space Lasers figure in a reality show competition….

Marjorie Taylor Greene in today’s angry statement attacked Silicon Valley Cartel” trying to “cancel us”” At same time she posted her rant on Twitter, a social media site created & run by the “Silicon Valley Cartel.” Which is allowing her, so far, to keep her account.

Texas Senator John Cornyn of Texas, arguing against impeachment “I think he’s been held accountable in the court of public opinion already.” ALMOST makes Susan Collins’ “I think he’s learned his lesson” look good by comparison.

Lindsey Graham begged Senate Dems not to call ‘QAnon Shaman’ as witness “Cannot think of better way to turn upcoming impeachment trial into complete circus.”

Got it. We can move on from fatal insurrection intending multiple assassinations but GOP draws line at circuses?

Tonight Rachel Maddow did a piece about the on guy photographed w/ feet on Pelosi’s desk. He had a stun gun on him. There were two reported incidents of him this year threatening people with a gun. Butt Arkansas police don’t consider him a threat. And allowed him to set a time and date to surrender once he returned, giving him time, as he bragged, to clean his home.

And we wonder why Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks she can be elected in Arkansas.

One of many reasons I’d like to see our first woman Senate Majority leader is no doubt because our first woman Speaker has done such an incredible job with the House. #herdingcats

As scary as Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are, sometimes I think it’s scarier to wonder… who in Congress has the same views, but is smart enough to keep their connections with domestic terrorists quiet?

Says all you need to know about today’s GOP that more of them are condemning Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain than are condemning Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Needle and no damage done.

January 29, 2021

Gregg Popovich, who just turned 72 Thursday, happens to be the only NBA coach (I think) eligible for an early COVID vaccine. “Sciencewise, it’s a no-brainer. It’s the right thing to do so we can all get on track again.”

Shame if we had to elect a coach to the Senate it had to be Tuberville and not Pop.

Recent Kaiser Family Foundation polling found 71% of Californians want a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is available. Compared to 47% of Americans in general. If COVID weren’t ultimate expression “of no man is an island” I’d tell other states fine, send California your extras.

Of course this will change. But based on team play in the last week or so, the NBA finals could be between the Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers. Which would be great news. For the ratings of Major League Baseball.

Rachel #Maddow talking about “Friday eve,” and Lawrence O’Donnell talks about how “the weekend is in sight.” It’s only been a week but President Joe Biden has brought back weekends.

Guess I’m a bit behind here…. Is Jewish Space Laser a band or a video game?

I think maybe they sell them in the Kosher section of Star Wars stores? This is very confusing.-

(Or was this an old SNL skit? Andy Samberg and Bill Hader ARE Jewish – #LaserCats)

GOP complaining Alejandro Mayorkas hasn’t been “properly vetted” to be Joe Biden’s secretary of Homeland Security & needs additional hearings. So in Republican world a cabinet post needs all kinds of time but lifetime #SCOTUS judge can be done in four days. Got it.

Gym Jordan says he will NOT run for Rob Portman’s Senate seat. He “believes at this time he’s better suited to represent Ohioans in House of Representatives, where “he can promote conservative values & hold big govt accountable” Translation, even McConnell thinks Jordan’s crazy.

Now when Marjorie Taylor Greene appears on the House floor she wears a mask that says “Censored.” Uh, Rep. Greene, you know who has really been censored? About 430,000 Americans. Permanently.

So if Marjorie Taylor Greene had posted a picture of herself jokingly putting her hands over a man’s buttocks would GOP be willing to consider expelling her?

There are Republicans who wanted to remove Bill Clinton from office for a consensual sexual relationship who have no problem supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene for social media posts that supported killing Bill’s wife Hillary.

On Stephen Colbert , Jackie Speier, who was shot along with her assassinated boss Leo Ryan at Jonestown in 1978, talked about hearing shot fired, lying on House gallery floor & thinking 42 years later she was in danger of losing her life again. IN THE US CAPITOL! We can’t just “Move On”

Food for thought.

January 28, 2021

Barry Bonds, volunteering at Second Harvest where he has been a big donor in SF Bay Area, was asked about MLB Hall of Fame. .He shrugged it off. “I’m not that important, this is way more important than the Hall of Fame right now.”-Suppose it could be an act, but Barry Bonds IS being a class act.

As we head to the end of January and close to a year living with the pandemic, a number of canceled sporting events we’re really missing right now.

One of them is NOT the Pro Bowl.

Again, Vegas over-under for wins for San Antonio Spurs in 2020-21 was 28 out of 72 games. Tonight the Spurs, 10-8, beat the Boston Celtics 110-106.

Hard to imagine there isn’t a team in NBA Gregg Popovich couldn’t coach to 29 wins.

OK, the Wizards would be a challenge.

So with this Gamestop thing, are Beanie Babies involved?

RIP Cloris Leachman. Will horses be whinnying loudly in heaven tonight? #FrauBlucher #YoungFrankenstein

Marsha Blackburn criticized President Biden for signing 30 executive orders in three days – saying “you can’t govern with a pen and a phone.” Gosh, for two years in the Senate she had no problem with a President governing by tweet.

As DHS warns Americans about potential violence by domestic extremists can our country start working on dealing with how they were radicalized?

And how long until talking about stolen elections and Q-Anon on airplanes and in public becomes at least as worthy of attention from law enforcement as talking Arabic?

What is Kevin McCarthy doing travelling down to Mar-A-Lago to meet with a man facing possible criminal indictment for inciting a fatal insurrection?

(Was McCarthy summoned by the ex-president. Or ordered to go by Putin?)

Anyone still trying to make excuses for Velveeta Voldemort perhaps has not read the story of Henry II and Becket: 2021 version “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome VP and congress?”

A surprising number of Republicans, about 50%, still support Velveeta Voldemort. So will that number hold? Or is this like the first week out of an abusive relationship, where the gaslighting is still too fresh to see reality?

Reminder for those who have forgotten why “Move On” became phrase back in Clinton days. It was “Censure & Move On” – about consensual but inappropriate adult sexual relationship. Not quite same thing as a fatal insurrection where assassination was in some of the mob’s game plan.

Turned on White House briefing and there are actually adults on stage speaking in complete sentences and answering questions. What a concept.

Yes, President Joe Biden hasn’t fixed everything in a week. But we have actually heard, multiple times, from the White House about Russian bounties on U.S. troops!

Wait, Joe Biden has been in office a full week and he hasn’t fired anyone he hired yet? How can Joe call himself a President?

HOF Strikeouts

January 27, 2021

“No candidate reached the necessary 75% required for 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame induction.” So MLB just dodged a bullet with Curt Schilling.

Curt Schilling has asked to be removed from baseball writers’ HOF ballot next year. Is he going to try to be inducted into the Parler Hall of Fame?

So have to ask those writers who insist no cheaters should ever be allowed in Baseball Hall of Fame, did they vote for Gaylord Perry?

Good point made on MLB Network…. “If Barry Bonds tore his ACL in 1998 and never played again he’d have been in Hall of Fame by now.”

Totals of MLB Hall of Fame voting showed him with 0.2%So somebody voted for Barry Zito!

Antonio Brown’s knee has healed and his civil trial for rape/sexual assault has been postponed, so he’s eligible to play in the Super Bowl. Of course had he done something terrible like be caught using marijuana Brown would still be suspended.

So will some of these GOP senators who think there is no need for this impeachment investigation since Velveeta Voldemort is out of office, please let me know why they didn’t speak up when House kept up endless investigations on Benghazi with former Secretary Hillary Clinton?

Asked about what Joe Biden thought about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ run for Governor. ” Wow. How high is the Arkansas Republican Gubernatorial governor’s primary on the President’s list? Not high.” If you didn’t already love Jen Psaki.

President Biden’s new Press Secretary also added that she will not be running for Governor of Connecticut in future.

No joke, the Oregon Republican Party falsely calls U.S. Capitol riot a ‘false flag’ meant to ‘discredit President Trump. They’re nucking futs.

Nikki Haley was Governor during Charleston Church Massacre, one of worst days in South Carolina recent history. Many of insurrectionists at Capitol would have done as bad or worse had they reached members of Congress. And she still wants to give man who incited the mob a break?

I’m so old I remember when GOP claimed to be the “Law and Order” party.

All these GOP Senators playing the “private citizen” card. How long will it take them when SDNY indicts Velveeta Voldemort to play the “you can’t charge for past actions of a sitting President” card?

As moderate Democrat, going to keep writing about this: Sinema is to my right, so is Manchin. But they are liberal by standards of their purple to red states. Landrieu and McCaskill look damn good in retrospect by comparison to Kennedy and Hawley.