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Runaway teams, runaway democracy….

November 13, 2020

ICYMI, not that it matters in a 2020 world, but Thursday night Indianapolis Colts DID defeat Tennessee Titans 34-17 in NFL “Runaway Teams Bowl.”

(the Colts snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night, the Titans (former Oilers) left Houston at least in broad daylight.

Speaking as a New Orleans Saints fan, a team who really WAS cheated out of win in 2019, a couple things.

1. Unlike NFC championship, 2020 Presidential election results upon further review do stand.

2. New Orleans fans may have boycotted Super Bowl but neither we nor team tried to destroy NFL over it.

Tim Duncan is leaving the Spurs coaching staff. Popovich said up front he thought it might not be a long term gig. But wonder if Coach Pop told Tim for sure he’s eventually “leaving” the team to Becky Hammon?

SEC Commissioner Sankey said he is “shaken but not deterred” by COVID-19 resulting in the cancellation of four SEC games this weekend. Meanwhile, over 240,000 Americans are permanently deterred from watching football ever again.

Miss days when one of the things we could get most worked up about this weekend might have been ESPN’s plans to spend the entire Masters fawning over Tiger Woods.

I miss the days in USA when “Banana Republic” just referred to stores in malls.

But yeah, so wait, the same GOP who insisted the Florida vote counting STOP in 2000, now wants Georgia votes recounted by hand in 2020. How long until other countries start asking UN to send in election observers to our USA banana republic?

Voter Fraud orchestrated by Democrats in 2020 is a myth, period.

But don’t know about you, thinking that if a genie gave me power to rig part of the election this November, I’d have started by magically increasing votes enough to turn South Carolina and Kentucky blue. Thereby also getting rid of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

As Trump falls over 5 million votes behind, just need to point out to folks that California has about 10% left of our votes to count, and NY about 20%.

So Joe Biden could win by closer to 6 million votes.

Alaska GOP Rep. Don Young, 87 in Sept, on not requiring masks at campaign events. “That’s self-responsibility. Our nation should be responsible for one’s actions.” Young today “I’ve tested positive for COVID-19. feeling strong, following proper protocols.” Punchline not needed.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says we should consider Joe Biden the President-Elect. Not that I’d vote for DeWine, but open notes to folks like Florida Governer Ron DeSantis – it is possible to be a Republican Governor & not a complete science & facts denying a**hole.

All this praise for Republicans simply acknowledging the results of a fair election is like the ultimate participation trophy for our democracy.

Madeleine Albright on CNN nailed my mood these days. She talked about being asked if she were an optimist or a pessimist – “I’m an optimist, but I worry a lot.”

Thinking this hasn’t gotten the publicity it deserves – in Trump attack tweet today “The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was Fox News.”

So is Donald admitting he lost, and blaming FOX? Did not have that on my 2020 batsh*t bingo card.

Another thing not on my 2020 Bingo card, Amy Klobuchar referencing John Bolton. But tonight on MSNBC, she mentioned his comment about GOP inertia & their desire to let Trump “work through it.”

Amy stating, accurately “We don’t have TIME to get through 7 stages of grief with Donald Trump.”

So as Trump increasingly realizes he is going to lose, have to wonder – is he evil enough to deliberately encourage COVID-19 spread to make it Joe Biden’s problem?

Turning the corner blue?

November 11, 2020

Mets President Sandy Alderson says with new owner Steve Cohen he wants to turn the team into an “Iconic franchise.” Well, for comedy writers, they already are.

ESPN headline story “The path to the College Football Playoff for all 12 contenders.” For some reason none of the “what they need to do” lists include “focus on keeping your players, and campuses, COVID19 free.”

Apparently a woman on United Airlines flight today was so drunk and unruly the plane had to make a stop in Mobile, Alabama to take her off before continuing to Houston. Considering almost all airport bars are closed and they’re not serving alcohol on flights that’s strangely impressive.

“Alabama vs. LSU game postponed as Tigers battle through COVID-19 outbreak within program.” I missed Trump tweet taking credit.

Understand in some professions like police work you sign up to put your life on the line. But one of many awful sidebar stories in 2020 is number of people who work as county health directors or election officials who are seriously getting death threats. This is 100% on Trump.

On CNN, Jim Acosta nails it “The one state President Trump is close to clinching – the state of denial.”

Washington Post quotes “an anonymous senior Republican official.” “What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time?” Right, like Susan Collins said Donald learned his lesson on impeachment.

President-elect Joe Biden has good lawyers. But he’s right to publicly laugh off Trump (and Pompeo’s lies.) Mark Twain knew “Never wrestle with a pig – it gets mud all over you and the pig likes it.

Reporter asks Joe Biden if he’s spoken to his “friend” Mitch McConnell. His very restrained statement is that GOP is “mildly intimidated by the sitting President.” Like mice are mildly intimidated by even old rabid cats.

Today may be a revelation for anyone who didn’t have Mike Pompeo in their top five of Trump’s hierarchy of evil….

So will this election change a metaphor? From “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” to “it’s not over until the fat man craps his pants?”

Kirsten Gillebrand was never on my favorites list for President. But mad props to Gillibrand for her prescient pre-pandemic comment, now that a second COVID-19 outbreak has hit the White House. “First thing I’ll do if elected is Clorox the Oval Office.”

So is GOP standing around laughing in DC version of Jurassic Park while the Trumpannosaurus-Rex tries to munch on the goat of democracy?

Trevor Noah on the latest COVID-19 outbreak “Coronavirus has now been in the White House longer than most of Trump’s cabinet.” @TheDailyShow


November 10, 2020

With all the craziness and uncertainty in 2020, it is really good to know there are some constants – like the NY Jets will ALWAYS find a way to lose.

When you check out ESPN college football headlines and all but one (about an injury) concerns COVID-19….

Newly hired Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa apparently was arrested for DUI back in February one night at 1140p after he rammed his car into a curb.

I have one question, in an Uber/Lyft age, what is any 76 year old man with as much money as Tony La Russa doing driving himself anywhere?

Ted Cruz using the word “coronate” about Joe Biden is rich, considering that Ted’s slavish devotion to a man who’s attacked both his father and wife is reminiscent of a suppliant kneeling before a king.

So now it’s Ben Carson, the first to test positive from White House INDOOR election night party, aka Super Spreader rally 2.0….. Dr. Carson puts a whole new spin on “it’s not brain surgery

Ivana Trump gave an interview saying of her ex-husband Donald. ” He’s not a good loser. He doesn’t like to lose.” Did she also add that water is wet?

Trump on Monday, by tweet, fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who was widely reported to have his resignation letter written. Meanwhile would like to remind Donald that last Tuesday American voters fired HIM.

So what day and time this week will Trump fire Christopher Wray?

Reports that Trump is considering a 2024 Presidential run. Some media indicate that means Donald knows he’s lost. Uh, anyone but me figured even if he had WON he’d try to find a way to run in 2024?

Wouldn’t you think if Democrats had been evil and capable enough to cheat to win this election, we’d have done it in a few more states and with some Senate races?

As much of USA rags on Nevada & Arizona and Georgia for not counting fast enough…. California says “Hi.” “There were still roughly 3.5 million ballots of the estimated 17 million ballots cast left to count with the last update issued Saturday morning.” #CountEveryVote

If we’re going to overturn and throw out election race results every time a state is close, then while we sort 2020 out seems like we should retroactively install President Hillary Clinton.

Reminder: They recounted Wisconsin after 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost by about 20,000 votes. She gained 2 HUNDRED votes.

Recounts tend to clean up small errors, they don’t tend to seriously change elections.

Whoever bought is petty, childish, and brilliant. Just saying.

Who dat’s your daddy?

November 9, 2020

Pollsters have been taking a lot of heat for election predictions.

Oddsmakers who had Buccaneers as 5.5 point favorite against Saints tonight. “Hold our beer.”

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Have heard NFL players often watch other games for relaxation as well as scouting. Just guessing the 49ers didn’t enjoy watching tonight’s Bucs Saints game much.

Still so much election drama. Would like to thank New Orleans Saints for the first night in a long time where I could use a hashtag (#Saints) and scroll through Twitter with a big smile on my face.

Does ANYONE think Antonio Brown, on NFL probation & with an upcoming December civil case alleging that he committed sexual assault & rape, would be getting his umpteenth chance if he weren’t incredibly talented?

(And two chances just because Tom Brady wanted a top receiver.)

ESPN college football headline about “the CFP’s thrilling race for No. 4.” Sadly, not sure I’d bet against COVID-19.

What is “Damn 2020, you couldn’t let us have 24 good hours?” RIP Alex Trebek.

So how many of these Republican sycophants still supporting the madness of Would Be King Donald will scream bloody murder when President Joe Biden issues a few executive orders.

Meanwhile, now that the internal fighting has already begun… one thing some of my fellow Democrats need to get – what works in some districts doesn’t work in all. As Calif. voter I remember friends trashing Mary Landrieus too conservative when she was Senator from Louisiana. When by Southern standards she was seriously liberal.

A Republican president has called Joe Biden to congratulate him. Unfortunately it isn’t the current one. But at least George W. Bush did the right thing.

Joe Biden is going to introduce his COVID-19 task force tomorrow. Donald Trump is going to rant and rave, lying that the election results are false, and COVID-19 doesn’t exist. And we’re going to top 10 million COVID-19 cases in US before many of us wake up on West Coast.

All over but some of counting.

November 8, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden running to the podium tonight is the sweetest troll ever.

Wonder if Donald can hear the cheering in the streets outside the White House.

I will forgive Dr. Birx a multitude of sins if she shows up Monday in a Biden scarf.

All these people calling for a Trump concession speech. Does anyone really want to see Donald pretending to be gracious but in reality making it angrily all about him?

Of course if Donald actually had a healthcare plan he could unveil it next week and try to end his Presidency on a nice note….

While we’re trying to figure out how to fund COVID-19 relief, Donald Trump dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming might be a good idea on Pay-per-View.

Apparently before the game against Clemson in South Bend, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly told his team “I just want you to know, when we win this thing, the fans are going to storm the field.”

Nice warning about COVID-19, which was part of Kelly’s point, but let’s see, at home in South Bend, with Clemson’s Heisman QB out of the game… well, that prediction might have been as prescient as someone late last night calling Presidential race for Biden.

Meanwhile, yeah, just saw the pictures of mask-less Notre Dame fans storming the field. Covid spike in South Bend in 3.2.1…

Meanwhile, this real opening paragraph from ESPN “After Michigan’s first loss to Indiana since 1987 and the team’s second straight loss of the season, Jim Harbaugh said after the Wolverines’ 38-21 lost to Indiana on Saturday that he still believes this team is close to turning the corner.”

Like the USA is turning the corner on COVID?

As a travel agent this tweet from Four Seasons feeling the need to disavow a relationship with POTUS has to be one of highlights of the weekend

“@FSPhiladelphia · To clarify, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. It will be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping— no relation with the hotel.”


November 7, 2020

Posted a countdown clock for the last 100 days before the election. Didn’t expect we’d need another countdown clock for the days to CALL the election…

And now it’s the Arizona Utah Pac 12 football opener for both teams cancelled. How long until betting on which games get canceled for COVID-19 becomes a thing in Vegas?

Rob Manfred said there will be no punishment for Justin Turner celebrating with Dodgers on the field after World Series even after Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 & was removed from game. I miss having an MLB commissioner.

Seriously, the NFL punishes people more for wearing their socks too low.

I haz idea. Since the networks seem so terrified of Trump, maybe someone could convince him to go golfing this weekend and then call the election while he’s on the course?

Joe Biden’s popular vote win is currently at 4 million votes. But It’s going to be more than a 5 million vote win. Maybe closer to 6 million.

California alone has about 2.5 MILLION votes left to count.

(America, you’re welcome that our state isn’t close.)

I was mostly kidding earlier this week when I said #ElectionNight was going to last a Scaramucci.

Scaramucci himself appeared on CNN tonight. Must admit that of all the times I’ve heard about the Milgram Experiment, this is first time I’ve heard experiment referenced to describe working in the White House.

More Democrats were quick to condemn Bill Clinton over a consensual sexual relationship, than Republicans are condemning Donald Trump over an assault on democracy.

Mitch McConnell today “Every legal vote should be counted.” While you’re at it Mitch, how about counting votes for the 400 bills sitting on your desk?

Have probably seen a half-dozen articles/posts today suggesting Nancy Pelosi should step down as Speaker because Dems didn’t do as well in House races as expected. Well, not like anyone expected Dems to Flip The Senate so no one goes after Chuck Schumer. #misogyny

Trump RT’s Paul Sperry “Funny how CNN has suddenly stopped its “COVID-COVID-COVID!” drumbeat, isn’t it?

CNN Breaking News “White House chief of staff tests positive for coronavirus.”

Open note to soon to be former President Trump: Votes are like COVID-19 cases. You can’t pretend they don’t exist by not counting them.

Way after midnight.

November 6, 2020

So are we all now humming “On that four am train to Georgia?

“It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.” As many Americans remain glued to TVs for election results, 49ers have to be thrilled that no one is watching Thursday Night Football.

Wonder if Hillary Clinton up watching CNN maps and counting with the rest of us?

Since Georgia is about to flip how long until Trump calls for boycotts of products made there, including…. Diet Coke.

Oops, never mind.

A majority of ESPN’s NFL headlines are about COVID-19, tests, penalties, mask violations cases. Well, NY fans have to be glad at least they aren’t about the Giants or Jets.

Washington-Cal game football game Saturday canceled because of COVID-19 positive tests.-

But I thought Trump said no one would hear about COVID-19 after the election… This is SO confusing.

Republicans having temper tantrums over slow vote counting must have forgotten that the reason many states waited until Election Day or the day after to count absentee ballots was that REPUBLICANS wanted them to wait.

Just noticed, Donald Trump’s profile picture on Twitter is his unmasked, superspreader rally in Pennsylvania. Wonder if suburban women and others decided to vote for the guy who actually acted like he valued life?

Election night is getting dangerously close to lasting a Scaramucci.

Donald Trump ranting “STOP THE COUNT!” is like the captain of the Titanic telling the water to stop rushing in.

As we all breathe sighs of relief over Michigan and Wisconsin, worth nothing that there were three Midwestern states with razor thin margins in 2016. One wasn’t close in 2020 – Minnesota. And media’s not talking about it but Joe Biden again owes a big debt to Amy Klobuchar.

Georgia elections official says SO correctly that a lot of states are slower at counting, they just aren’t close. California, with about 80% of our votes counted – says “Hi.”

Georgia currently has Joe Biden & Donald Trump a few hundred votes apart out of almost 5 million votes cast in 2020 Presidential election. So if you are a Georgia voter who thinks your vote doesn’t count in upcoming Senate runoffs, think again.

Looking at Georgia I think it’s pretty clear tha Joe Biden also owes Stacey Abrams. Who if not for voter suppression would be the Governor of Georgia.

Thank you Georgia.
But no, as an #SFGiants fan, I’m still not doing that damn Braves’ tomahawk chop.

A bridge to 270…. John Lewis’s Clayton County gives Joe Biden the lead.

Down to the wire.

November 5, 2020

You know when your team plays a game that was supposed to be a blowout, and barely wins in overtime, while several star players were injured…. This election feels like that.

SF 49ers, already injury ravaged, put four players on COVID-19 list tonight before Thursday game against the Packers. At this point the Niners may need to allow fans in the stands just to have a pool of players for pre-game tryouts.

Anyone but me dreaming of when we can travel again and mentally planning to spend travel dollars in swing states that go blue?

Makes sense that since 2020 is the longest year ever that November 3 should be the longest election night ever.

But how soon after the election now can we potentially put a “opening soon under new-management” sign on our country?”

Anyone who thinks this is bad, remember Minnesota Senate race in 2008. Came down to 312 votes and with all the legal fighting Al Franken wasn’t seated in the Senate until July 2009!

So if Trump loses will a million Russian bots no longer start following him every month on Twitter?

Seriously what is it with men in North Carolina and their zippers. First John Edwards and now Cal Cunningham. (Maybe we can find a woman to run against Burr in 2022?)

As a California voter, it is a darn good thing that we aren’t a swing state. Because we are not exactly quick with ballot counting – as of tonight “74% reported.”

So now that Martha McSally has lost two Senate races in two years to two different candidates how long until she takes over at CNN from Rick Santorum?

Some conservative news sites gushed about what Melania Trump wore to vote. I’d prefer to vote on what she DIDN’T wear to vote. A MASK.

Curiously enough, when Kamala Harris first ran for AG in 2010 in California, the votes counted on election night only showed she had lost. She won by about 80,000 votes.

Trump tweeting “We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, the State of Michigan …” And I would like to claim I am a Queen. Where does one go to make these claims?

Donald Trump thinks he can treat vote numbers the same way he does COVID numbers.

Meanwhile while Trump rages in White House, US hit over 100,000 COVID-19 cases today for 1st time ever. With 1,100 deaths. And that’s before we know effects of Donald’s last weekend superspreader rallies. Yeah, we’ve turned the corner alright.


November 4, 2020

under construction.

Like our country,.

Oh is there an election?

November 3, 2020

 Starting with a bit of sports outrage. The NY Giants thought they had a chance for an upset in overtime when a defensive pass interference was called against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the Giants had pulled the game to within 25-23 with 28 seconds left in the game and were attempting a 2 point conversion.

But then the officials conferred, and picked up the flag. Presumably after consulting the rule book… which says, especially late in a game, no call should ever go against Tom Brady’s team.

Going to be an interesting Sunday Night Football next week against the Saints.

Meanwhile NFL is looking at a 16 team playoff if more games get cancelled due to COVID. If they keep this up we’ll soon be looking at almost all teams in the NFC except the NFC East.

Meanwhile, a President who thinks he’s going to be re-elected in a landslide doesn’t turn the White House into a virtual bunker with a non-scalable wall the day before the election. Period.

As Donald tweets pictures of himself dancing on “stage”at 3am, It might just be possible that Joe Biden will be up dancing Tuesday at 3am.But if so, he’ll be slow dancing quietly with Jill at home.And he won’t be tweeting it.

Two beautiful words – “President-elect Biden.”

Like many other Americans I don’t know what tomorrow’s final vote count will be. But I am pretty sure of one thing – we are going to be looking at the biggest gender gap in Presidential election history

Here’s a fun and hopeful thought for my friends in Florida. Trump says he won’t return to Minnesota if they vote for Joe Biden. Does this mean if Florida goes blue Donald will abandon Mar-A-Lago?

An optimistic thought on election eve. California often leads the way for our country. And from 1952, except for 1964, California was a RED state. Bill Clinton flipped it, and we haven’t looked back since.

One lovely thing in the midst of this election madness is the reminders – especially over the last few days -of how wonderful it is to listen to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama points out that Joe Biden was his VP for eight years “I think we’d all know if he were a secret Socialist by now.

Used to run cross country, coach taught us not to run out of gas before finish line, but goal was to JUST make it across line, so we knew we’d given it our all. That’s how I feel tonight w/ election. Running on fumes but not planning to leave anything out there.

West and Least

November 2, 2020

Probably small comfort, but the SF 49ers, last place in the NFC West, have a better record than the Philadelphia Eagles, who are in first place in the NFC East.

How amazing was it that Saints, historically an “indoor” team, managed to win a game against the Bears in Chicago, when temperatures maybe reached the low 40s and wind chill made it feel like the 20s. Of course, by Chicago standards that’s practically Indian summer.

You know you’re getting emotionally invested this election cycle —when you start really caring about Vikings Packers game because you know a Minnesota upset will give Amy Klobuchar a nice mental boost heading into last two days of campaigning for Joe Biden!

As Los Angeles Dodgers players probably are awaiting their COVID-19 test results, would it be wrong to hope Trump invites them to the White House?

Ivanka today compared her father to Churchill. Well, Churchill was overweight and used to roam around the house in his bathrobe. Think the analogy stops there.

Watching some of these Trump sycophants on TV and wondering, did they sell their souls to join Team Donald or did they never have souls to begin with?

Yes, President Joe Biden will have a lot on his to-do list. But maybe he can find time for a small medal ceremony for both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar for their willingness on Joe’s behalf to regularly appear on Fox News.

Trump tweeted out about his supporters who tried to run Biden-Harris bus off the road in Texas – “In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong.” Does Twitter have a dog whistle emoji?

Trump defended his supporters who surrounded the moving Biden campaign bus later in a rally: “They escorted the bus,” Right, they wanted to “escort the bus” like they “escorted” John Lewis the first time he crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge.

Many of us still may wake up in the middle of the night after Joe Biden moves into the White House. But at least we can go back to sleep without checking our phones going “Now WTF did POTUS tweet?”

Some trying to attack Joe Biden as too conservative, some as too liberal, But look at Team Joe Everyone from Bernie & AOC on one side, to Amy & Pete in middle, to Kasich & (Cindy) McCain on the other.

Yeah, the infighting probably starts January 21. But it’s a big beautiful blue tent, with room for all Americans.

Remembering tonight that more sitting Democrats in Congress condemned Bill Clinton over a consensual sexual relationship than sitting Republicans have condemned Trump over more crimes than I could list in a dozen tweets. We need to vote the enablers out.

Trump tweeted out about his supporters who tried to run Biden-Harris bus off the road in Texas – “In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong.” Does Twitter have a dog whistle emoji?

As much as Donald is known for stiffing people who work for him, wonder how many lawyers will actually show up to help him contest election results?

“Macho Man,” “Fortunate Son” “My Heart Will Go On.” What’s next, Trump campaign at his rallies will start playing “You’re So Vain?” Or “Fool on the Hill?”

Lesser options?

November 1, 2020

If you’re not excited about either candidate winning in some political races , there’s always the distraction of Sunday Night Football – the 2-5 Dallas Cowboys are playing the 2-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

And they’re playing to take the lead in the NFC East.

At the end of the first half, an all-out physical brawl erupted at midfield between Florida & Missouri football players. But sure, these young men are mature and disciplined enough to play football during a pandemic.

So as Trump ignores Dr. Fauci and relies almost completely on Scott Atlas, would really love to ask Donald’s supporters – if you have a heart attack, would you turn down surgery from a cardiac specialist in favor having it done by a nonpracticing former radiologist?

2 days before the election and Donald Trump is up late rant tweeting and supporting Maxine Waters’ GOP opponent in her California congressional race ??! Rep. Waters won in 2018 with only 77.7% of the vote. #Sad

Joe Biden at a speech in Detroit calls Donald Trump “Putin’s puppy.” Now that’s insulting. To puppies.

Love “no f*cks to give” Barack Obama. At a rally for Joe Biden, while castigating Trump for his obsession with crowds sizes, Obama asks “did nobody come to his birthday parties or something?”

Yea, it shouldn’t have to be so hard. But someday, if our grandchildren ask what we did to help America survive 2020, part of the answer should be “I voted.”

Donald Trump in today’s speech claims we’re going to put a woman on the moon. Even as a woman who was a space junkie as a little girl, thinking yeah THAT’s going to matter to suburban women in the middle of a pandemic….

Trump late night tweet “Suburban Women are trending strongly to our campaign because they want SAFETY, SECURITY & love the fact I terminated the REGULATION that would destroy their neighborhood..” “Siri, what is the largest Presidential election voting gender gap in US history?”

As we set clocks back tonight wishing we could postpone it one week. Because I’d really like that extra hour to be able to say President-Elect Joe Biden.

Melania Trump today campaigning for her husband “The United States is a shining city upon a hill.” Wow, someone snuck a Reagan speech into her speechwriter’s stack of Michelle Obama notes?

Trump loves to tout his pet doctor Scott Atlas’s Stanford credentials, even though the former radiologist’s former colleagues at University largely disown him. But now survey saying Donald’s rallies cause COVID-19 cases & death is from…Stanford. Pass the tainted popcorn?

Silly limerick time, because… why not?

We’re mostly now way beyond tired.

So long in Trump’s mess we’ve been mired

But there’s light through the haze.

In a couple of days.

As our votes will tell Donald “You’re Fired.”

Out of order, again

October 31, 2020

I blame Trump

Forgot to hit send on Thursday night jokes.

Chicago White Sox have hired 76 year old Tony LaRussa as manager. So they’re making a play to win the 2012 World Series.

It’s enough that many coaches are the age of their players’ parents. Tony is probably older than most of their grandparents.

Was rowing coxswain some years back. When it got close to end of race & everyone was exhausted, one of my favorite lines was “It will hurt less if we win.” That’s how I feel less than 100 hours until Nov 3. We’re all exhausted, but it will hurt less if we win.

Maybe for some it was funny when Trump attacked NY & Calif, while threatening to withhold funding from Blue States. But now clear w/ his Superspreader rallies & lack of concern for natural disasters that Donald doesn’t give a damn about Red States either.

Trump postpones his North Carolina rally this afternoon due to high winds. But still, after not tweeting a warning can’t be bothered to send good wishes to RED states affected by Zeta.

Not saying Joe Biden will be perfect, he won’t be. But he will be a President for all 50 states.

Just once I’d like to get an email from a campaign saying… we’re doing great on fundraising, thanks for your support, so please donate to someone else.

Not that I miss him but anyone seen Bill Barr?

Commercial tonight falsely accusing Democrats of being “far left:” “Republicans aren’t perfect but they’re the only ones who can bring America back.” Uh, remind me who’s running the country?

Weather might be a factor. But just wondering, as Trump has been pushing Republicans to vote in person, if this results in actual lines might some of them give up and go home on Election Day?

Melania campaigns w/ Donald, says Trump “focusing on creating ways for people to safely stop isolating & safely gathering w/ friends at safe distance.’ In front of “about 6,000 unmasked people packed so tightly they were sprayed w/ water to keep them cool.” There is no satire.

Trump today claimed at his rally that “we locked down and now we’re open for business.” Well, hospitals and mortuaries for sure.

Dr. Deborah Birx reportedly decided in late summer that she wouldn’t sit in meetings any more with Dr. Scott Atlas and went out on her own to try to fight COVID-19 Good for her I suppose, but why didn’t Dr. Birx speak out?

Cheaters sometime prosper?

October 31, 2020

We’ll never know for sure, but AJ Hinch, who received a one year suspension this year as the Astros skipper, probably wasn’t the guiltiest person in Houston.

But today, as he was announced as manager of the Tigers, Hinch said his phone rang “About 30 minutes after the last out of the World Series.”

30 minutes after it was legal for any team to call him. Any questions on white male privilege?

-Trump RTing Praise from Brett Favre today. I’m so old I remember when Saints were criticized for hitting Favre too hard in the NFC championship game. Now….? You’re welcome.

A friend points out that maybe it was possible Brett Favre meant to endorse Biden, but it was intercepted.

True of both football & politics; few leads are really safe & the prevent defense often prevents you winning. In tonight’s University of Minnesot vs Maryland game the Golden Gophers blew 17 point 4th quarter lead and then lost in OT when they missed a PAT kick.

While I feel bad for Amy Klobuchar, who’s a big University of Minnesota football fan, it’s a good reminder, with election in less than 3 days – NEVER LET UP. – #WinBig

Lindsey Graham tonight claimed Barrett “was 1 of most qualified nominees to ever be nominated to Supreme Court.” Uh, nothing personal against Coney Barrett. But privileged upbringing, expensive small liberal arts college in Memphis, good law degree from Notre Dame -ranked 22nd in country – & less than 3 years on bench…. not exactly RBG territory.

Trump only spoke for 21 minutes in Rochester, MN tonight. That’s barely enough time for Donald to contradict himself in the same speech.

Sure, not everyone who attends a Trump superspreader event gets sick. People have been known to survive playing Russian Roulette too.

Melania Trump “I was shocked to discover that some of these powerful people have tried to paint my husband as anti-gay or against equality.”Did she also say she was shocked to discover there was gambling in Las Vegas?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump wished Ivanka a happy birthday on Twitter. He didn’t wish Melania a happy birthday on Twitter. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

At all Trump rallies Donald attacks rivals, his own administration officials, media etc.

But Fox News headline? “Biden rips ‘ugly’ Trump supporters”

Joe’s quote-“Dr. Fauci called for mask mandate. This isn’t poltical statement like those ugly folks over there beeping horns. This is a patriotic duty, for God’s sake.”

Trump hotel already sold out election week for $1000 a night & up. With nonrefundable rates. Now Trump plans to move his election night party to the… WHITE HOUSE? Because he says “I don’t know if you’re allowed to use (the hotel) or not.” As if rules matter to Donald.

So did Trump move his Election Night Party from his hotel, where he can’t ban anyone who paid for a room, to the White House because this way he can keep reporters from seeing him cry?

Saw a Trump rally goer saying if Joe Biden wins the election she is leaving the country. Wait until she finds out Donald’s incompetence with COVID-19 has made it so that most other countries have banned us!

If only Donald Trump had fought half as hard against COVID-19 as he is fighting now to take away your vote!

The pen is mightier than the sword. Especially when it’s a blue or black ink pen used to fill in your ballot.

Bang the trash can slowly?

October 29, 2020

Houston Astros thinking… okay, so we stole signs, we didn’t risk infecting people with a life-threatening disease.

Mookie Betts on Justin Turner disobeying an order and returning to World Series celebration on the field AFTER a 2nd confirmed COVID-19 test “Forget all that. He’s part of the team. We’re not excluding him.” This may age well. Whatever Dodgers say, science always bats last.

A COVID-19 surge, which has affected Wisconsin’s coach, top QB and 3rd string QB, among others, has forced the cancellation of this weekend’s Wisconsin-Nebraska game.

I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Just started wondering, how much of Trump’s trying to suppress COVID-19 testing is to keep U.S. official cases under 10,000,000 by election day?

Even if Senators in YOUR state aren’t up for re-election, just imagine Senate where Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio are in minority, and Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, and Sherrod Brown are committee chairs!

Amy Klobuchar on CNN points out Barrett did NOT recuse herself on SCOTUS election decision, but said she hadn’t had time to review files. Which means Barrett still is leaving open option to do what Trump put her on court to do.

How much do we long for a day when CNN will have NO “Breaking News?

As stock market has fallen precipitously this week, reminder House passed Heroes Act months ago & Senate Democrats BEGGED Mitch McConnell to focus on COVID-19 relief instead of court packing. A blue Senate won’t magically fix everything. But it will be a start.

Not a paid campaign strategist but…. Thinking that a Presidential re-election strategy of telling people to die for the stock market loses some of its potency when that President’s failures tank the stock market.

So the real reason Trump is campaigning in Arizona today? It allowed him to funnel more taxpayer $$$$ to his money losing Las Vegas hotel by staying there last night. While his own supporters spent hours out in the Nebraska cold.

It gets worse. After billing taxpayers for a stay in his Las Vegas hotel last night, Donald Trump is spending tonight at his Doral resort in Miami. So has Donald given up on the election in favor of just lining his pockets as much as he can while he still can?

Since Donald Trump seems so hellbent on making as much money as he can before leaving office, perhaps President-Elect Biden could make him a deal…. leave in mid-November, let Joe take over, and taxpayers will cover his Mar-A-Lago expenses until January 20, 2021?

Pretty sure Joe Biden won’t bill taxpayers $3 for a glass of water at his hotels. Oh that’s right, Biden doesn’t HAVE hotels.


October 28, 2020

So when we get to a point of convincing ourselves 2020 never happened will that mean we can vacate Dodgers World Series title?

Yeah, I admit, I don’t like the Dodgers. But let’s hope tonight’s World Series game doesn’t go down in history as the biggest super spreader event in sports.

But think back to SF Giants vs Padres in San Diego when Alex Dickerson had a presumptive positive test. They postponed two games until another test came back negative. Pretty darn sure they didn’t want to postpone the World Series. And had the Rays won game 6, game 7 wouldn’t have happened for a while.

(Another reminder, they’ve been closing the damn roof in Texas for no necessary reason except comfort. )

On other hand…. 72 pitches, 2 hits, 0 runs, & Rays pulled Snell in Game 6 of World Series. I don’t think Bruce Bochy would have dared even TALK to Madison Bumgarner on the mound in that situation. I love baseball. I hate analytics.

(and yes, I was mad BEFORE the next pitcher gave up the lead. I have witnesses!)

QB Trevor Lawrence now says he MIGHT stay at Clemson for his senior season rather than opting for NFL draft. Especially if Trevor thinks this year he might be drafted by the NY Jets?

Six days until election. And EVERYTHING Trump and his sycophant Postmaster General Dejoy will do until Nov 3 will be to destroy every bit of the reputation of USPS. If you haven’t voted by mail, vote in person.

Barack Obama said Donald Trump is “jealous of COVID’s media coverage.” Sadly, I think Obama is right.

There’s so little good news in 2020. But here’s a thought – if we just #VOTE in seven days we may never have to turn on TV to see one of Trump’s rally speeches again.

Melania Trump returned to the campaign trail today for a solo trip to Pennsylvania. So which one of Michelle’s speeches did she give?

Trump claims “It would be very, very proper & very nice if winner were declared on Nov. 3 instead of counting ballots for 2 wks, which is totally inappropriate.” Unless Joe Biden is leading on the night of Nov 3 in which case Donald will demand ballots be counted for weeks.

Trump says Kamala Harris won’t be the first woman President. Donald may or may not be right. But it sure as hell WON’T be Ivanka.

If Donald Trump really thought he was winning he wouldn’t be campaigning a week before the election in Nebraska. Period.

When you’ve failed at everything, when you’ve gone from bankrupting casinos to bankrupting the country the only closing message you know is a “closing down” message. Let’s close down this failed Trump show.


October 26, 2020

Need another reason as a Californian to root against the Dodgers. Los Angeles public health department says that fans celebrating Lakers and Dodgers in the postseason have probably continued to a rise in covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile, about Trump’s beloved Big Ten football…. Per ESPN “No. 9 Wisconsin might be down to its fourth-string quarterback after Chase Wolf tested positive for COVID-19, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday night.”

-Jared on Pence not quarantining despite staffers getting COVID “VP obviously has great knowledge about disease & pandemic, he knows right protocols & I have every confidence that he’s following those protocols.” Translation “he has access to same care as Trump so who cares?

If GOP thought most people in Wisconsin approve of what they are doing, they wouldn’t make it so hard for people who aren’t big cheeses to vote.

Amy Coney Barrett tonight “This was a rigorous confirmation process.” If Barrett really believes that then she should be impeached as too stupid to sit on the Supreme Court.

Nothing against Coney Barrett personally, but ABC takes longer for due diligence on the Bachelorette than GOP has done on this SCOTUS seat.

In case you had any doubt about GOP being complete and total wankers. (British term, very appropriate)

This tweet tonight from the House Judiciary GOP

@JudiciaryGOP · 6hAmy Coney Barrett, confirmed. Happy Birthday, @HillaryClinton!

Sad thought, if Hillary Clinton were President, GOP would probably would have been trying to impeach her over even 10,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Think it’s just Coney Barrett? No. Example – Justin Walker, nominated as Kentucky judge in June 2019, rated “not qualified” by ABA, but confirmed in Oct. This Sept. Trump nominated Walker to DC Court of Appeals & GOP Senate confirmed him for that too. We NEED to #FlipTheSenate

So what does Amy Coney Barrett tell her children when they come home complaining from school that “life is unfair?”

2020 – my 11th time voting in Presidential Election. In FIVE of them was my 1st choice from primary at top of ticket & 3 of those elections they were incumbent POTUS. But as Democrat I suck it up & vote Blue.

To all those who would rather lose than compromise, enjoy your Supreme Court.

Remember when we believed in “checks and balances?” “We the people” are now the checks and balances.

Weakly through the weekend.

October 25, 2020

So I missed it, did the Vikings win or at least cover the spread against Bye Week?

Wisconsin’s new star QB tests positive for COVID-19 . Sigh. Starting Big Ten football during the biggest COVID-19 spike in parts of the Midwest ever.

I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.


World Series will at least last six games.

“I need to think something lasts forever, and it might as well be that state of being that is a game; it might as well be that, in a green field, in the sun.” A. Bartlett Giamatti.

Washington Post Headline “After bruising campaign, Biden emerges more popular.” Good for Joe, but compared to Donald, George W. Bush has emerged as more popular.

Washington State Department of Agriculture destroyed the first nest of “murder hornets,” by vacuuming the insects out of a tree.

Is that how we’re going to have to get the Trump family out of the White House?

So what is Trump’s fascination with suburban women?

Average age of Senators – 61.8 years. And Mike Pence, with at least 5 staffers positive for COVID-19 will be in Senate tomorrow. Can someone do a citizen’s arrest for reckless endangerment?

Of course in a perfect world we vote out Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. But just a net gain of four seats means taking away their gavels.

CNN actually compared Trump to Jimmy Carter. Not even close. Jimmy is a good and decent man, and has been a great ex-president. Can anyone imagine Donald doing ANYTHING good after he leaves office?

If you knew NOTHING about two candidates & parties in another country’s election, but you knew one was trying to encourage a record turnout & the other wanted to suppress as many votes as possible… choice would be easy. That’s OUR choice.

Baseball is boring, right?

October 24, 2020

Not tonight.

Today would be a good day for Colin Kaepernick to say he was wrong not to vote.

If you needed one more reason to root against Tom Brady, I give you the Buccaneers signing Antonio Brown. Who will not be eligible to play until the Saints game Nov 8. “Don’t forget the eight-game suspension Brown is currently serving, based in part on intimidating texts he sent to one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct.”

Trump on GOP Senate races, “There are are couple senators I can’t really get involved in… You lose your soul if you do. I can’t help some of them. I don’t want to help some of them.”

Translation, I’ve made them so unpopular they don’t want me anywhere near them.

Who knew that Donald Trump trying to make it so hard for people to vote might have become one of the most motivating parts of Joe Biden’s GOTV campaign?

You may think your single vote doesn’t count for much. If each vote didn’t count, GOP wouldn’t try so hard to keep each of us from voting.

If you don’t already love Dr. Biden – Jill today on campaign trail “I know Pennsylvanians won’t agree on everything but we agree on 2 things. 1- we all want the Patriots to lose & we all want Joe Biden as President.”

Early voting in 2020 has now equaled 2016 totals. So for all that Mitch McConnell wants to pretend GOP controls the Senate in ramming through Amy Coney Barrett nomination, if we counted those votes, Republicans might have already lost control.

Breaking Saturday night news – Pence thinks he can get away with having five aides test positive for COVID-19 and keep campaigning. Maybe because we are too close to the election for any MAGA voters to get sick and die before voting?

Trump attacked the idea of a female president last night at his rally. I do hope Donald lives long enough not only to see a woman VP, but to see a winning future Democratic ticket with TWO women on it.

Back to back.

October 23, 2020

oops, didn’t hit “publish” last night… so

Antonio Brown has signed with Tampa Bay. As if Tom Brady weren’t reason enough to hate the Buccaneers.

As strong as Dodgers offense has looked so far in World Series, your reminder that Los Angeles might not even be in the Series if the Atlanta Braves had paid attention to baserunning drills.

Remember when the worst thing we could say about our President on average weekend nights was that he would go on date nights with his wife?

Another thing to look forward to in a Joe Biden Presidency…. . Joe won’t spend Friday nights retweeting fringe talk show hosts.

Fox News headline with Lou Dobbs “Graham sells out Americans, working on hearings for Dorsey and Zuckerberg after the elections.” Right after Lindsey REALLY sold out Americans by holding SCOTUS hearings for Barrett BEFORE the election.

Trump campaign says they and RNC raised $26 million around the final presidential debate. How much of that was in rubles?

“Learning to live with the virus?” As America careens towards 10,000,000 cases before Thanksgiving, not only will over a quarter of a million of us be dead, millions will live with long term health conditions for decades.

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett had internet problems and basically blamed Joe Biden.

If Joe Biden really had the power to crash anyone’s internet capability don’t you think instead of going after Gregg Jarrett he’d have tried to knock Donald Trump off Twitter?

As Donald sends his oldest daughter out as a surrogate…. All you need to know about Trump’s knowledge of suburban women is that he thinks they are scared of Cory Booker and can relate to Ivanka.

Trump tweet “I do not sound like a typical Washington politician, it’s because I’m NOT a politician. If I do not always play by the rules of the Washington Establishment, it’s because I was elected to fight for YOU.” Ok then, if YOU is Donald’s mirror.