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In a minute

September 26, 2021

49ers left Aaron Rodgers 37 seconds with no time-outs? Heck Saints left Vikings’ Case Keenum (!) 25 seconds left with one time out. But no I’m not still bitter about that Minnesota Miracle.

Meanwhile Detroit Lions had Baltimore Ravens 4th and 19t with 26 seconds left, and the Ravens got a 66 yard field goal as time expired??!! Well, when you’re the Detroit Lions you need to keep coming up with new and creative ways to lose

Love this story from SF Giants pre-game show just now: “Madison Bumgardner sent Brandon Crawford’s sons’ Diamondbacks tickets to root against the Dodgers!”


The New York Jets and New York Giants are a combined 0-6 to open the season. Fortunately I am sure the New York media will be gentle and understanding about this.

Miss the days when stories like this were the craziest headlines: Dallas Cowboys RT La’el Collins suspended 5 games for missing drug tests. ESPN reports NFLPA had apparently bargained it down to 2, until NFL found out Collins tried to bribe league’s drug-test collector. Oops

Fox News is upset that in NYC “Instructors to rat on students for breaking COVID rules and it gets worse.” So it’s wrong to “rat” (their word) about COVID but fine to turn in women and their friends for bounties over abortions. Got it.

My strategy for dealing with Chuck Todd – I don’t watch him. And now I hear he had Meghan McCain on Meet the Press?!!

Strategy validated.

Have no inside information on what might be going on with Merrick Garland. I do however, know one things about indictments: Less important to get them done fast as opposed to getting them done right

So when these “I do my own research” COVIDiots have their car break down do they buy a book on automobile repair and try to fix it themselves?

More on those “my body my choice” COVIDiots who claim it doesn’t hurt anyone but themselves not to get vaccinated. Do they drive with failing brakes on the freeway under the rationale “my car, my choice?”

Don’t watch Meet the Press but apparently “Meghan McCain claimed that while President Joe Biden ran on being a moderate, he is governing as a progressive.” Uh, can Meghan tell actual progressives that

Sad that it’s come to this, saw an SF Bay Area restaurant requiring proof of COVID vaccine, but also photo ID. To prove that it’s YOUR vaccine card. So clearly some anti-vaxxers are trying to use fakes or someone else’s card?

WTF is wrong with people?


September 26, 2021

After the 104 loss Arizona Diamondbacks knocked off the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-2, their official twitter feed understood the situation –

And yes, six IS the magic number –

So has USC ever fired a coach and an interim coach in the same season?

Was was the 2020 MLB season – 60 games – the shortest SF Giants rebuild in history?

Yes, UCLA won today 35-24 over Stanford. But at one point their QB got flagged for scrambling and attempting a forward pass 7 yards PAST the line of scrimmage. Not sure what he’s majoring in but pretty sure it isn’t math.

2020 season is a LONG way from over. But not too soon to say the SF Giants need to re-sign their free-agent-to-be Captain Brandon Belt.

If Stacey Abrams uns again for Governor of Georgia in 2022, the Former Guy just gave her her first ad tonight at his rally – “Of course, having [Abrams] I think might be better than having your existing governor… Stacey, would you like to take his place?” It’s OK w/ me.”

SF Chronicle front-page article on most pro-recall county in Calif. One woman, furious at pandemic regulations says she would like to move to another state ‘but breast cancer treatment at Stanford Hospital” is keeping her here. Uh, if she doesn’t believe in medical science…

President Biden is a decent, competent and thus somewhat boring leader. But the media is addicted to chaos. Dear Joe, get that White House cat. Maybe a hyperactive kitten. It would be front page news for weeks. Problem solved.

Wrap your head around this one: While we’ve all known police officer and firefighter are dangerous jobs, the GOP has created a country where you can be attacked just for being a healthcare or election worker.

So should we start a Fox News watch to see how long it will take them to acknowledge the result of the cyber ninja audit in Arizona? My guess is we will be waiting a LONG time.

Triple digits

September 24, 2021

100 wins for SF Giants on September 24. Just like we all predicted.

SF Giants were (briefly) in 2nd place by 1/2 game, with record of 84-49. Most pundits figured it was finally over & more talented Dodgers would pull away

Now Sept. 24 SF Giants are in 1st place. 100-54. 16-5 since then. (Oh, LA’s payroll is $100 million more than SF.)

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has lost so many times in Arizona this year he should be named an honorary Arizona Diamondback.

Maybe some state should make Velveeta Voldemort a deal – we audit our election returns when you release all your “audited” tax returns.

Gosh, I regularly check Fox News website to see what the other side is reading. For some reason, w/ all the headlines today, espec. on the border & Gabby Petito, even 1 on holiday travel, there’s not a SINGLE headline on Arizona audit results. I’m sure it’s just an oversight.


What’s the difference between Lauren Boebert’s IMEACH BIDEN sign and Russia’s tapes of the Former Guy? The tapes have Pee in them.

Viruses mutate. And having people refuse to be vaccinated changes the equation. So why is it so hard for some to understand how CDC guidance might have changed as well, and why it keeps changing?

CNN is doing a special report “Toxic, Britney Spears Battle for Freedom” on Sunday. With everything going on right now, good to know the network is focused on the really pressing issues of our time.

18 states still haven’t fully vaccinated at least half of all residents – AL, AS, AR, GA, ID, IN, LA, MS, MT, NC, ND, OH, OK, SC, TN, WV, WY, Some “what do they have in common questions” are just TOO easy.

Jesus Wept.

Marge Three Names actually shouted “Try being a Christian and supporting life!” today to Rep. Debbie Dingell on the Capitol Steps. “Supporting life? – Like supporting life-saving vaccine and mask mandates.

Just thinking, if you’re an anti-vaxxer and convinced most Americans are on your side, then when you quit you should have no problem finding another job, right? So happy trails.

Like many Americans I’m watching Bob Woodward, a young man during Watergate, on TV almost every day and thinking “man, he looks old.”

Chuck Grassley, 88, running for re-election in 2022 is 10 years older than Bob Woodward.

If you’re tired of fighting as a citizen to save democracy, imagine how tired you’ll be trying to be a resister in an autocracy.

Ups and downs.

September 24, 2021

ESPN headline “Mountcastle, Hays HR help Orioles beat skidding Rangers 3-0.”

Uh, Texas Rangers are 55-98. “Skidding?” More like a continuance of their race to catch the 49-104 Orioles on the way to the bottom.

Dodgers down a run with two out nobody on in 9th, then down to last strike before hitting three straight singles, one that should have been caught, to tie the game. LA then won in 10th. But once again SF Giants fans reminded of a simple truth – never count on the Colorado Rockies — for ANYTHING.

Dave Flemming talking about SF Giants and San Diego Padres going to extra innings “What else would you want in late September?” Oh, I don’t know, this SF Giants fan would have been happy with a Giants rout of the Padres today

Rachel Maddow talking about how Apple & Google removed their Russian voting app used by opposition leader Navalny’s allies after Russia pressured them. Uh, so why should we now think Big Tech wouldn’t cave to big business here if they didn’t like Democratic voting apps?

GOP – we don’t need to waste taxpayer money to have polling places open on nights and weekends. Also GOP, we will waste any amount of taxpayer money we can to count and recount ballots nights and weekends until the next election.

Regular reminder. Hunter Biden was not elected to anything. And Hunter Biden is not a “special assistant to the President” whose father overrode the rules to give him a security clearance. You’re welcome.

Seriously, if Florida wants to get rid of all vaccine mandates, let’s just let them secede and set themselves up as an independent entity. Then make their citizens subject to the same rules as other foreign countries if they want to enter the US. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Is it just possible Lauren Boebert is so dumb she didn’t know you couldn’t pay rent and utilities with campaign funds?

So are Republicans going to recount the Arizona vote more times than the number of votes – about 10,500 – than President Biden won the state by?

WTAF? Conservative Daily Mail headline “Meghan’s former actress, Harry’s not even working royal but that didn’t stop them discussing ‘COVID, racial justice & mental health’ in private meeting w/ UN Ambassador.”

I missed their outrage about the failed fashion designer at G-20.

JD Vance- “even though circumstances are somehow inconvenient” women victims of rape or incest should be forced to carry pregnancy to term. “Inconvenient” to bear your rapist’s baby? And we thought GOP was insensitive to inconvenience of making “some people” stand in line for hours to vote.

Watching Rachel Maddow on guy named Steven Hatfill advising September 2020 that firing Dr. Fauci & using hydroxychloroquine & zinc would end pandemic. Hatfill now working on GOP AZ “audit.” Wondering – was there ANYTHING about Former Guy’s administration that wasn’t despicable?

Dec 1994. Stanford University News Service press release. (verbatim. no joke.) “Rachel Maddow, a 1994 Stanford graduate and radical lesbian AIDS activist from Castro Valley, Calif. has been named a Rhodes Scholar for 1995.”. “Radical lesbian AIDS activist.” Ok then.


September 22, 2021

10 games to go, an eternity in baseball. But September 22. “Single digit magic number.” Nine. Just like we all expected in 2021 for SF Giants.

You know you’re a SF Giants fan at least back to 1993 when you see Colorado Rockies take a 10-5 lead on the LA Dodgers and your first thought is “How are the Rockies going to scr*w this up?” #BeatLA

(in 1993, the Rockies lost all 13 games they played against the Atlanta Braves. Who beat the SF Giants by…one game.)

Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown, reportedly vaccinated, has tested positive for COVID-19. Of course, he may have been observing protocols, but this is the same AB who frostburned “his feet by entering a cryotherapy machine without the proper footwear…”

As Rachel Maddow keeps talking about Republican controlled legislatures trying to give themselves power to overturn elections, wonder what would happen if Democrats in California decided to override any close races won by Republicans?

Maddow also talking about Alaska hospitals now joining Montana and some in Idaho, Kentucky, etc in rationing & triaging care because of an overload of COVID patients. Wonder what all these states have in common? #DyingToOwnTheLibs? More like “Killing Grandma To Own The Libs.”

Maine Senator Susan Collins is endorsing former Maine Governor Paul LePage’s efforts in his efforts to regain his old job. Yes, the same Paul LePage who said “I was Donald Tr*mp before Donald Tr*mp became popular.”

Texas Senator John Cornyn “The truth is there is no voter suppression epidemic.” This is presumably why red states like Texas have decided that the rules need to be changed going forward.

Wrap your head around this one. Florida’s new surgeon general, appointed by Gov. Ron Deathsantis, issued new rule that allows unvaccinated students exposed to someone w/ COVID-19 to attend school without restrictions or masks until & unless they get symptoms. People. Will. Die.

Mitch McConnell says Democrats should not play Russian roulette with our economy. Apparently that’s Republicans’ job.

California has the lowest coronavirus transmission rate of any state right now – 94 cases per 100,000. Gosh, almost as if if mask and vaccine mandates work.

In all seriousness, looking at some of these dragged out Senate confirmation votes, are some of these GOP Senators voting against some of President Biden’s nominations for any reason OTHER than their being President Biden’s nominations?

Amy Klobuchar on with Chris Hayes pointing out “There is a BAN on Medicare negotiating cheaper prices on behalf of seniors. This is not really a liberal-moderate divide…”

Sigh. This is a big pharma vs everyone else divide.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst whining about the “rush” to get infrastructure bill passed allegedly because Congress isn’t doing its work on time… Maybe if GOP weren’t wasting all our time holding up many of President Biden’s non-controversial nominations

2366 reported COVID deaths yesterday in the US. I’m so old I remember when over 2,000 deaths, heck even over 1,000 a day, was considered shocking and terrifying.

Stronger not together?

September 22, 2021

Fernando Tatis and Manny Machado had an altercation in the clubhouse last weekend that ended up televised. Today Tatis Jr. said: “It happened, it’s part of baseball, it’s a part this game brings out, especially when good players are trying to win and stuff is not going our way. At the end of the day, I’m glad it happened. I feel like that makes us stronger.”

Since Padres are now five games out of second wild card, does this mean “stronger for October golf team games.”

SF Giants Lamonte Wade Jr. on the Dodgers winning every night “We can’t control what those guys do. We’re just trying to go day in and day out and focus on what we have to do to be successful.” Not a bad sports, or life strategy.

500 female athletes urging SCOTUS to reject Mississippi law to ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. On top of everything else, women who’ve competed or trained seriously in sports know menstrual cycles can become irregular, making it harder to realize they’re pregnant.

CNN analysis “Average rate of Covid-19 deaths in 10 least vaccinated states was more than four times higher over past week than rate in 10 most vaccinated states.” Once again, math, along with science, has a liberal bias.

Facebook VP in Senate Judiciary hearing trying to act like data is just about creating better experiences for users, and not about profitability and selling that data. Clearly they’re just in the rainbows and unicorns business.

Misinformation op-ed alert – “Vaccine mandates are “promoted as essential for stopping spread of Covid-19, though evidence suggests it won’t.” My Pillow guy? No. Joseph Ladapo – who Ron DeSantis just made Surgeon General for Florida.

New Harris poll – “50% of vaccinated respondents ‘extremely’ or ‘considerably’ hesitant about being around unvaccinated people over holidays. (12% said everyone is vaccinated.) Dear airlines – as travel agent can I suggest if you want to bring back business, add vaccine mandate..

Tom Cotton attacking President Biden for not calling the Taliban a “terrorist organization.” Funny, I don’t remember Cotton’s outrage when the Former Guy made a deal with the Taliban and invited them to Camp David.

So neither Liz Cheney nor Adam Kinzinger voted to raise the debt ceiling. I repeat, the worst Democrat is better than the “best” Republican.

Tonight Stephen Colbert on @colbertlateshow “If you want to see functioning democracy, just look north. because yesterday w/ very little drama, Canadians re-elected PM Justin Trudeau. Trudeau called election in August, which led to a 36 day campaign…” Oh Canada!

Flag of Canada

Former Guy apparently filed suit against the New York Times & his niece over the 2018 tax records story. In all seriousness, how do you get any kind of decent lawyers when you don’t pay any of your bills, legal and otherwise?

Cure all

September 20, 2021

Green Bay Packers looked pretty miserable the first week of season against New Orleans Saints. Fortunately the NFL sometimes has a cure for that. It’s called playing the Detroit Lions.

Since both Clemson and OSU didn’t look impressive in their victories, Oregon moved up from #4 to #3 in AP college football poll after their 48-7 win last Saturday So it sounds like Ducks made a good decision in emulating SEC teams by scheduling a powerhouse like Stony Brook.

USA today announcing from early November, passengers travelling from the UK & EU who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be allowed to fly into the country. Now if we could only get a accine requirement for people flying from dangerous hotspots like Florida.

Ugh, feeling sorry for horse people. But learning now that ivermectin is in short supply makes me as a cat owner selfishly glad that COVIDiots didn’t seize on an important feline medicine as a fake cure for the virus.

If GOP doesn’t want to raise the debt ceiling they can simply introduce a bill to rescind the Former Guy’s tax cuts. Pretty sure Democrats would make it a bipartisan effort. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Already getting tired of all the “nuggets” from Bob Woodward’s book “Peril.” So many people knew so much. And they ALL kept their mouths shut. Some to keep their jobs, some to sell books. That strikes me as the real Peril we were in.

As COVID overtakes the 1918 Spanish Flu as the deadliest disease in USA history, important to realize a major difference. We didn’t have a vaccine against the Spanish Flu. Sadly, we also didn’t have misinformation on social media.

Sports weak.

September 19, 2021

I know the NFL has to hype everything. But when they talked about San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles as ‘a battle of the undefeated..” And both teams were 1-0?

With two weeks left in the season, the NY Yankees are being giving a 28.7% chance to make the postseason. You know what that means – in two weeks ESPN will be focusing on football.

Hard to believe that the Mets spent 90 days in first place this season, a streak that only ended August 6.

On the other hand, Mets fans have now had more time to get used to the idea of October off.

I know New Orleans Saints including their coaching staff are fully vaccinated, so NFL won’t penalize them for EIGHT coaches being out this week with COVID breakthrough cases. But looking like it might have been better just to take the loss and the week off. #WhoDat

38,680 people died in US in 2020 from car crashes – how many more would have died if US didn’t have seat belt laws and speed limits. About 375,000 died in US in 2020 from COVID. Now we HAVE vaccines, and almost 300,000 more have died… because US doesn’t have a vaccine mandate.

Wonder how many people when their toilet breaks and starts flooding the bathroom decide to “do my own research” before calling a plumber

We wonder why GOP voters have low opinion of our President. Fox News headline “Biden vacations at Delaware beach house after week of heavy losses.” 1. They have phones etc in Delaware. 2. I missed Fox – TFG “vacations at his golf resort almost EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND for 4 years.”

All you need to know about Chuck Todd is Fox News is touting him in a headline – “NBC’s Chuck Todd says Biden has ‘a pretty big credibility crisis’ after weekend setbacks.” Why doesn’t Fox just hire Todd and be done with it?

Peer pressure is tough. Sometimes kids who don’t want to appear uncool in front of friends will make smart decision & blame it on their parents “I’d get grounded,” “My mom will kill me,” etc. Wonder how many will be secretly relieved to get vaccinated but blame it on mandates?

Pac 12 before dawn

September 19, 2021

On nights like tonight I feel really sorry for East Coast Sports fans: Because they missed tonight’s Fresno State – UCLA football game.

Didn’t we all early in the year have SF Giants beating Atlanta Braves tonight in a bullpen game with Giants catcher calling a shutout AND getting game winning RBI

And having that catcher be…Curt Casali???

Coach Nick Saban called out Alabama defense for ‘mental errors’ after their 2 point over Florida. Gosh, maybe the Crimson Tide was exhausted after their big win last week against Mercer.

New Orleans Saints, whose players and staff are fully vaccinated, will now have eight coaches unavailable this week due to COVID. Maybe mad scientist Sean Payton can come up with a plan to clone himself?

As today marks the one-year anniversary of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, struck by how many are blaming RBG for not retiring under Obama. The blame is ALL on McConnell & even the “moderate” GOP senators who confirmed his picks. Oh, & Merrick Garland says “Hi.”

Reportedly some MAGA people didn’t show up to the Justice for J6 rally today because they felt it was a liberal “trap.” Hmm, any way we can start convincing these folks that anti-vax propaganda is another liberal trap?5335

Has Sean Spicer appeared yet to say #JusticeforJ6 was the biggest rally of the year in DC?

The crowd for today’s hate rally in Washington DC has been estimated in the hundreds. Did they think it was Velveeta Voldemort’s second inaugural?

Nikki Haley’s sister-in-law died of COVID last December, sadly just before scientists had developed vaccines. Brian Kemp’s sister-in-law died of COVID last week, sadly still before GOP will acknowledge the need for vaccines..

Bad headline CNN “More than 100 part-timers at Indiana University Health left jobless for refusing Covid-19 vaccine.” Fixed it “Indiana University Health proves concern for staff & patients by upholding their requirement that all employees be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Is CNN changing their name to “Clickbait News Network?”

Let Pitchers Hit.

September 17, 2021

“Oh man, that was the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire career,” pinch hitter Kevin Gausman said. “When it was 3-2 and everybody stood up, it was probably one of the coolest moments of my life. … Just crazy.”

SF Giants 6- Atlanta Braves 5.

ESPN saying that “Best walkoff of the day” was the Rays’ Brett Phillips home run against the Tigers. Clearly this was before Babe Gausman’s walk off sacrifice fly for SF Giants against the Braves.

SF Giants Donovan Solano hit game-tying home run w/ 2 strikes in bottom of 9th. His 1st AB in over 2 weeks after recovering from COVID & quarantine. Solano was breakthrough case while vaccinated. Time to spread rumor if you get Covid while vaccinated you become more powerful? (It could be true.)

ESPN headline “One of baseball’s best teams, either the Giants or Dodgers will face a wild-card elimination game? Here’s why that’s a good thing.” Well, if you’re ESPN and not a Giants or Dodgers fan.

Rachel Maddow talking about Canadian election. Of course Bernie Sanders is endorsing the New Democratic Party candidate -Jagmeet Singh. Which presumably means Bernie’s okay with Conservative party winning if Singh takes votes from Trudeau. Where have we seen this script before?

Multiple terrifying daily revelations from Woodward’s book “Peril.” If only any of these people quoted had had a platform to speak out at the time when our country was seriously in peril…

Hey GOP. Your politicians and pundits love to complain that Americans don’t want to work these days: Maybe it might help if you condemned people who attack restaurant, retail and travel workers over stuff like vaccine and mask mandates.

Wonder what anti-vax and anti-mask Texans would do if restaurant workers started arming their hosts and hostesses?

Fox News historically has been quick to jump on France – remember Freedom Fries – for varying issues with the US, real and imagined. So somehow I must have missed their praise of President Biden’s submarine deal that clearly p*ssed France off.

So last year at this time we’d wake up in the morning and go “Now what did he tweet?” Now we’re waking up and going “now what right-wing anti-vaxxer has a severe case of COVID-19?””


September 16, 2021

SF Giants starter, Alex Wood, out nearly 3 weeks with COVID-19 – “politely declined again to disclose his vaccination status.” Translation: He hasn’t been vaccinated. Sigh.

At least SF Giants can be thankful there wasn’t a second trade deadline in 2021. Otherwise LA Dodgers would have figured out a way to get up to at least $400,000,000 million payroll.

Controversy tonight as to whether umpires ejected Baltimore Orioles grounds crew, or just them to leave the field.

When you’re on pace to lose about 110 games in a year, you have to get creative to make headlines.

Tonight on the”The Last Word,” Lawrence O’Donnell reports “Paul Ryan was convinced Trump had Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

In related news, Paul Ryan is also convinced water is wet.

Tommy Tuberville on Sep 18 rally – “I hadn’t heard anything about it. I will not be there.” Do I believe he hasn’t heard anything, no. Do I believe he won’t be there, yes. There’s no way Tommy’d think even possible insurrection he supports is as important as college football.

Rachel Maddow reports that many Republicans are trying to keep Sept 18 DC rally and rally goers at arms length… Why? Aren’t they the same festive tourists who showed up on January 6?

Why does CNN cover all these statements that Velveeta Voldemort makes? (Just for comparison, I don’t remember it being breaking news when Hillary Clinton said things 10 months after the 2016 election.)

You just KNOW if these anti-mask anti-vaxx folks were in London during the Blitz instead of following blackout rules they’d be running outside at night to take pictures of those cool German planes.

So would any Republican Senator like to explain on camera why it was worth raising the debt ceiling to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. But not to help all Americans with the infrastructure bill?

If states are going to to need ration healthcare can the first question they ask when a patient arrives at a doctor’s office or hospital be “are you vaccinated?” Not to be cruel, but why waste scarce resources on someone who doesn’t believe in medical science?

Here’s what I don’t get. GOP professes to be pro-business. Businesses are increasingly deciding that vaccine mandates for employees and customers are a good thing. So shouldn’t Republicans be applauding their freedom of choice?

So you’re saying there’s a chance.

September 15, 2021

ESPN headline “Urban Meyer says there’s ‘no chance’ he’d leave Jacksonville Jaguars for USC Trojans job.”Translation – USC hasn’t offered him enough money.

Maybe we shouldn’t be shocked that the same FBI who clearly didn’t give a damn about credible accusations from respected Professor Christine Blasey Ford about Brett Kavanaugh also ignored credible accusations from members of US Women’s Gymnastic team.

The New Orleans Saints, who are 100% vaccinated, apparently have had six coaches and one player get breakthrough COVID cases… Have to wonder, with all the potential stadiums available, who sent New Orleans to play in… .Florida?

76% of Republicans say they had “just a little or no confidence in elections” reflecting the will of the people.

Could someone in media ask them on camera if that means they also think some of those races GOP won in 2020 might have been stolen too?

Rachel Maddow covering fencing being re-erected around the U.S. Capitol. As a mother I’ve always aware been aware my child as an adult could choose to live in a dangerous place. I didn’t expect that place to be Washington D.C.

Organizer of Sept. 18 rally insists “We’ve got a largely peaceful crowd.” Great, so how many GOP members of Congress will be on hand to mingle and shake hands? Unmasked of course.

A County Republican party chair says the party is trying to recruit more moderate candidates in California. Might start by having all of them say one sentence “The 2020 election was NOT stolen.” Or is that a bridge too far for today’s GOP?

GOP California recall gubernatorial challenger Larry Elder last night “let us be gracious in defeat.””Gracious in defeat?”Well that’s it, many in GOP will be calling Elder a RINO by the end of the week.

Caitlyn Jenner “I can’t believe that this many people voted to keep him in office. It’s a shame, it’s a shame.”

No, Ms. Jenner, it’s democracy.

Although, not sure how Governor Newsom celebrated last night. Pretty sure it wasn’t at the French Laundry.)-

California: 39.7 million people. 4.6 million covid cases. 67,312 covid deaths. Florida: 21.48 million people, 3.42M covid cases, 48,772 covid deaths.

And Gavin Newsom not Ron DeSantis is the governor who faced a recall election?

Last night Stephen Colbert referred to the Former Guy as “The Lardfather” and I am so here for it.

Watching many in GOP go through motions of voting against a Biden-nominated judge. If Senate doesn’t need 60 votes to confirm a judge they sure shouldn’t need 60 votes to confirm Americans’ right to vote.

Missed all this GOP outrage about the Taliban when Velveeta Voldemort made a deal with them.

FBI director Wray “I don’t have a good explanation” for why the investigation into Larry Nassar abusing young women gymnasts was botched. Understatement of the year.

Wonder why we haven’t heard from Gym Jordan today on the testimony from US women’s gymnasts… Maybe he’s busy preparing a statement on behalf of the FBI?

Finally – without snark

Former Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman testifying today: “Over 100 victims could have been spared the abuse. All we needed was one adult to do the right thing.” No words.

(I hope one or more of these brave survivors run for office some day.)

First to the summit

September 14, 2021

SF Giants have best record in baseball and are first team in ALL of MLB to clinch a playoff spot. So of course ESPN top headlines almost ignore baseball except for “Kershaw allows 1 run in first start since early July.” #NoRespect

Giants like it this way.

Great night for SF Giants but….

Saw Buster Posey pitch as Florida State reliever in College World Series against Stanford. Posey talking about his gray hairs tonight is not something I was ready to hear yet.

Bizarre stat of the night. SF Giants, in clinching tonight got their 93rd win. Giants now, with 18 games to go have more regular-season wins in 2021 than they had in 2010, 2012 or 2014….

So if Stanford doesn’t end up in a bowl game this year is getting USC’s coach fired a good consolation prized? USC, seeking ‘change in leadership,’ fires Helton.

GOP election strategy is now saying either we win or it was rigged. I have standards but so does this mean if I WERE a Republican San Francisco Giants fan I could just declare SF Giants 2021 World Series champions? Either they’ll win on field or they’ll have gotten cheated….

Tonight on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert talks about recent poll showing 60% of Californians oppose recalling Gavin Newsom. “The other 40% said ‘I am running for Governor.'”


Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn: “Expecting terrorists to behave like normal people is reckless and stupid.” So since presumably her words don’t exclude domestic terrorists Blackburn’s saying she’s in favor of locking up January 6th insurrectionists for as long as possible?

How long before some Republican leader claims the man arrested “patrolling” outside of the Democratic National Committee headquarters with a bayonet and a machete was just a peaceful tourist?

Amy Coney Barrett expressed concerns yesterday that the public may increasingly see the Supreme Court as a partisan institution. In related news, Angel Hernandez expressed concerns that the public increasingly doesn’t respect umpires.

Why are we shocked that companies are reporting that many employees, faced with imminent termination, are just now deciding to get their COVID vaccines? Christmas is December 25 every year, and most Americans still wait until a week or two before to do their shopping.

Sorry, if you’re a GOP member of Congress and didn’t have a problem with the Former Guy making a deal with the Taliban and inviting them to Camp David, then when it comes to the withdrawal of Afghanistan, think you should sit this one out.

A friend who is a teacher in West Virgina lost a former student today. Student had become a pro-Former Guy anti-vaxxer. And they died from COVID. Tragic, and absolutely preventable.

But GOP has decided it’s worth their constituents need literally to be “dying to own the libs.”

What are the odds?

September 12, 2021

Since football sometimes feels like it’s all about betting… do any oddmakers have a prediction as to which game this weekend will result in the biggest COVID outbreak?

Florida State managed to lose 20-17 to Jacksonville State on a touchdown pass as time expired yesterday, the Seminoles’ first loss to an FCS opponent. If former coach Bobby Bowden hadn’t recently died, this loss might have killed him.

Listening to Jameis Winston talking it what seemed like a heartfelt way about playing today for the people and the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Ida. Yes, I am a biased Saints fan. And haven’t been a Winston fan. But is it just possible Jameis has grown up?

Cam Newton “Reason they released me was I was going to be a distraction. Without being the starter. Just my aura.” Translation from Patriots point of view: Not a superstar, not vaccinated. Yeah, 100% a not-worth-it distraction. D*mn, I’m actually agreeing with Bill Belichick

SF Giants and LA Dodgers are 93-50 and 91-53 respectively and one of them will have to play an elimination wild-card playoff game against a team that could be barely over .500.

Fox News headline “CNN gives airtime to columnist who takes cheap shot at Larry Elder.” Missed the Fox News headline this week when CNN gave a full interview’s airtime to polling-at-1% Caitlyn Jenner.

Interesting. Nebraska governor Ricketts, who opposes President Biden’s vaccine mandates says “Nebraskans between the ages of 10 and 19 in 2020 were 26 times more likely to die in a car accident than of COVID-19.” What about Nebraskans OVER the age of 19?

Question for anti-vaxxers. If you don’t believe in the medical science of vaccines, why when you get sick with COVID are you bothering to go to the hospital? Stay home and let whatever magic you thought would help you avoid the virus help you survive it.

How many rehabilitation tours is Chris Christie going to lead before he becomes an honorary travel agent?

Magic numbers.

September 12, 2021

And yes the SF Giants have two. One for playoffs, one for NL West.

Let’s be honest, didn’t most of us in march expect in September, the team would be counting down until they could play golf?

Stanford was 17 point underdogs against USC. After seeing the “highlights” from last week against Kansas State I was amazed the spread was that little.

When you walk pitcher Walker Buehler on 4 pitches w/ 2 outs in front of Mookie Betts pretty sure you don’t deserve to be in playoff conversation. Also when one of your star (Machado in the next inning is thrown out trying to extend single into double when you’re down 3 runs…. Yes, talking to you SD Padres.

As divided as this country is on the 20th anniversary of 9-11 I suppose it’s a small mercy that we can all come together to agree that umpire Angel Hernandez s*cks.

Random weirdness is this? Final score 15-4. But the SF Giants only had two more hits (13-11) than the Cubs today.

You know how big of a circus this recall is in California when John Cox, the guy who runs around with a big live bear (no joke), is one of the saner GOP alternatives.

ICYMI Florida COVID weekly deaths hit record-high of 2,448. Almost another 9-11 in seven days. And entirely preventable. All snark aside, Florida, please vote DeathSantis out in 2022.

More than 18,000 Mississippi school children have alreaady caught COVID-19 in the school year that just started this August. I miss the days when Mississippi just failed their children by not putting enough money into education.

Dubya on 9/11 “We’ve seen growing evidence dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers w/in. Violent extremists abroad & violent extremists at home…they are children of the same foul spirit” How long until GOP attacks W as “antifa?”

No comment or interest on Sept 11 on what Velveeta Voldemort did. W’s speech was good… but these really were the only other Presidents’ whose public actions should have mattered today.


Ever wonder why Joe Manchin seems to act like he’s the single most important person in the Senate? This Sunday morning Manchin is on ABC’s “This Week”, CBS’s “Meet the Press” AND CNN’s “State of the Union.” But hey, what could go wrong with the media stroking a politician’s ego?

On a brighter note for Sunday morning – it’s just possible that the “ugly American” tourist image may soon be largely gone. Because with vaccine mandates the worst offenders soon won’t be able to get into most countries.

After the Gubernatorial recall election is over can California figure out how to allow Huntington Beach to become West Florida?

My captain

September 11, 2021

SF Giants are undefeated with Brandon Belt wearing a C on his jersey made of electrical tape.

It’s not weird if it works.

Kittens approve of humans batting balls around on the screen for their amusement.


Wait, the Toronto Blue Jays sweep the Oakland As in 3 games and the NY Yankees in 4 games…. then lose tonight to the worst in MLB Orioles? That’s baseball.’

Meanwhile, Trevor Bauer will not pitch the remainder of the 2021 season. The LA Dodgers are paying Bauer $38 million this year. About $10 million less than the Pittsburgh Pirates are paying their entire roster.

About the idea of banning air travel for the unvaccinated. Strikes me if you don’t believe science could develop a safe vaccine, you wouldn’t believe that science could make 100 tons + of metal fly passengers through the air safely either.

France today has basically banned unvaccinated American travelers. Ruh roh, here we go with “Freedom fries” again…

Now Switzerland – “As of Sept. 13th, only fully vaccinated Americans will be allowed to travel to Switzerland. Recovered & tested Americans will no longer be able to travel. This is due to fact that EU has removed USA from its safe travel list.” GOP chocolate boycott in 3.2.1..

Have zero interest in boxing so Velveeta Voldemort providing commentary on match in Florida isn’t something I need to boycott.

But can anyone imagine GOP /Fox News reaction if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama were even seen out in public enjoying a meal on anniversary of Sept 11?

Ron DeSantis complains that President Biden is “taking people’s jobs and livelihoods away from them” with his vaccine mandates. Meanwhile, COVID has taken over 48,000 Floridians’ jobs and livelihoods away from them permanently.

Media covering how Mike Pence calls Biden’s vaccine speech: “Unlike anything I’d ever heard from an American president.” Yeah, but Pence’s standard for an American president is one who tries to get his VP killed.

The islands of Oahu and Maui will now require anyone 12 and older to show a vaccine card for indoor dining. Hawaii may be the 50th state but it’s getting to be #1 in battling COVIDiocy.

Fox News claims “Second Amendment groups are worried about the Biden vaccine mandate: If he can force a needle in your arm, can he take your gun?” Uh, tangentially what happens if armed liberals try to force folks to get vaccines at gunpoint? Some GOP heads might explode.

Good for Salesforce for offering to relocate Texas employees furious at the abortion snitch law. Except our best way out of this nightmare might be Democrats staying in the state and electing a new governor in 2022.

Beto O”Rourke if you’re listening.

Same old same old

September 10, 2021

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the fact that a pass interference call will never go against Tom Brady in the last two minutes of an NFL game.

The only MLB power ranking that really matters is the playoffs.

But, after SF won 2 of 3 from LA last weekend, here’s ESPN’s latest:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers Record: 88-52

2. San Francisco Giants Record: 90-50


United Airlines says any employee who doesn’t get vaccinated by Sept 27 will be terminated or put on unpaid leave. Remember that flight attendant spiel “Your safety is our number 1 priority?” United’s actually acting like it.

Gavin Newsom is facing a recall in California.

Most Democrats, no matter how they feel about Newsom, do NOT want him replaced in 2021. But the Democratic controlled legislature hasn’t done ANYTHING to make it hard for rural conservatives to vote. It’s called democracy.

So when some anti-vaxxers decide they’d rather be fired than get the vaccine, will GOP suddenly reverse course on ending unemployment benefits?

Andrew Yang used to describe himself as “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, an Asian guy who is good at math.” Now Yang, who has announced he is starting a third party, is many women’s worst nightmare – a guy who thinks he’s too good to play well with others.

In case you missed it, or didn’t know, California allows paid signature gatherers for ballot intiatives. And GOP was paying serious money per signature to get gubernatorial recall on the ballot. The best circus money can buy. #VoteNoOnTheRecall


Republicans complaining about President Biden’s speech on vaccine mandates know darn well that they would be applauding a speech from Velveeta Voldemort saying that all federal workers needed to drink bleach.

Some anti-vaxxers say their decision doesn’t affect anyone else. Even if they don’t get a bad case of COVID, wonder how they’ll feel if they have a heart attack or are in a car accident and there’s no room in the ICU?

Erin Burnett on CNN points out, the United States started out as the first country to really roll out vaccines. Now by percentage of population of vaccinated we are 55th! (53.4%)

Behind Cambodia.

I missed the GOP tweets taking credit.

“Our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.” I kind of like “No f*cks to give” Joe Biden.

All audience members of Colbert Late Show must now show proof of vaccination.

Stephen Colbert tonight on President Biden’s demand that all federal government workers be vaccinated. “Finally the federal government has reached the high standards of audiences for a comedy show.”

Since pandemic started, most of us feel tired on ongoing basis. Then find out Amy Klobuchar, incredibly effective Energizer bunny of Senate has been doing it all in 2021 while battling breast cancer. Pure admiration is harder for me than snark. But she is incredible. Period.

And down the stretch they come..

September 8, 2021

Not posting it, but the SF Giants have a magic number.

I guess they did at the beginning of 2021 – it was 162.

But seriously, anyone think back in March Giants would be making plans for anything in October but vacations and golf games.

Alabama coach Nick Saban is upset about the Crimson Tide’s efforts during practice this week before they play FCS opponent Mercer on Saturday “So, to me, we have to prove we can play and maintain intensity … and do things the way we’re supposed to do it.”

Uh, if Saban REALLY thinks Alabama has a hard time getting up for an opponent like Mercer, maybe he could have the school stop scheduling cupcakes?

The Former Guy now claims to be a big Robert E. Lee fan, so I’m sure he’ll love this picture. It’s General Lee, surrendering, like a gentleman, and telling General Grant (and thus President Lincoln) that he’d won…


RIP. In lieu of flowers, Windex should be sprayed at his funeral. “Michael Constantine, Dad in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,’ Dies at 94”

Also, if you’re of a certain age, you might just have the Room 222 theme song going through your head. Yes, Constantine was Principal Kaufman.

The Ohio State University has a vaccine mandate.

University of Cincinnati, the second largest university in Ohio has a vaccine mandate.

So Jim Jordan who says “Real America is over COVID” thinks his state’s biggest universities aren’t “Real America?”

So exactly what qualifications does Kellyanne Conway think she has to remain on United States Air Force advisory board? Did I miss USAF rescuing survivors of the Bowling Green Massacre?

GOP logic tonight on California recall election:

Gavin Newsom should be recalled because of a French Laundry dinner.

Larry Elder should be elected because one person threw an egg at him. #Priorities #VoteNoOnRecall

So as Rachel Maddow covers how FBI has released a better picture of the January 6 pipe bomb suspect and asks for tips, this might be a potential bounty program I can get behind. The reward is $100,000.

How much do I hope a woman turns him in and then donates some of the reward to Planned Parenthood?

Rachel Maddow also points out that some in GOP are saying if Governor Gavin Newsom doesn’t get recalled they will say the California election is stolen.

Sound familiar? If you float you’re a witch, if you drown you’re innocent…

No heart in Texas.

September 7, 2021

Jacob DeGrom apparently MIGHT be able to return to pitching for the Mets on Sept 13. The Mets have a 6.8% chance of making the playoffs as a wild card. All other teams eligible for the NL Wild Card would like to see that number go down to zero.

Tampa Bay Rays’ Nelson Cruz, 41 on Tuesday night became the oldest batter in major league history with 30 home runs in a season.

So Tom Brady wins a Super Bowl, Cruz is blasting home runs, does this mean Joe Thorton will have an MVP season if he only gets traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Since when did all the SF Giants pitchers’ decide they were Madison Bumgarner? Butcher-boy hit for Gausman yesterday, RBI double for Webb today.

Marc Ragovin tells me he read an article about MLB umpires meeting periodically via Zoom to hold prayer services. Meanwhile, fans meet periodically to pray that Angel Hernandez won’t be behind the plate for an important game

Amazing all travel agents aren’t alcoholics. Travel friend has client w/ son in college in Netherlands, which has mandatory 10 day quarantine for Americans. Wants to go for weekend for his birthday.. OK w/ quarantine as long as child can visit their hotel room. My head hurts.

Just watching late night Maddow – she points out the the Daily Beast reports that Georgia DA is interviewing folks at Georgia Secretary of State’s office about calls to SOS Raffensperger about election from both TFG AND Lindsey Graham. Might be time to buy some popcorn.

CNN interviewed Caitlyn Jennfer today trying to explain why she is the right candidate and why Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled in California. Meanwhile both Elizabeth Warren & Amy Klobuchar, not exactly ideological twins, made quick trips west to explain why Newsom should NOT be recalled & CNN didn’t cover either trip.

Do better, CNN

Portland, OR will vote Wed about banning trading goods & services with Texas & bar state employee business travel as well over new anti-abortion snitch bill. Since DeSantis & state GOP won’t be far behind, Portland might as well vote on Florida while they’re at it and save time.

And to media in general – when you cover new Texas voter suppression law, can one of you have cojones to ask Gov. Greg Abbott on camera why state needed to make it “harder to cheat” when 2020 election went smoothly & there’s no proof of anyone cheating?

Asking for a democracy.

So now that Mexico has decriminalized abortion while Texas has basically outlawed it, how long until Mexico tries to stop Republican women trying to sneak across their border?

Law of unintended consequences – the new voter suppression bill in Texas “empowers partisan poll watchers.” Ok then. So does “partisan poll watchers”, include Democratic women with guns? Asking in the spirit of Ann Richards and Molly Ivins.

Would Greg Abbott, who says “rape victims have six weeks to get an abortion,” like to explain how all rape victims, especially young women, will KNOW they are pregnant in 6 weeks? (really 4 weeks as it’s from date of last period.) Texas also limits sex education in schools.

Another bad headline: “Monica Lewinsky says she needs ‘a lot more therapy’ after seeing ‘the worst moments of her life’ dredged up in Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

Bill Clinton behaved badly, agreed. But Lewinsky, now 48, was a PRODUCER on the show & that was her choice.

What’s the spread on COVID?

September 6, 2021

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart says Bulldogs experiencing ‘highest spike’ of COVID-19 despite more than 90% of the team being vaccinated

Also Georgia – the university is not requiring fans to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to attend games at Sanford Stadium this season. Capacity is 92,746.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Due to COVID and injuries, SF Giants had their second bullpen game of the weekend against the LA Dodgers on Sunday vs Walker Buehler who was 13-2 with 2.05 ERA – best in NL

So of course Giants win 6-4 in a game that was only close in the 9th inning. Just like we all expected.

SF Giants actually won a September opener at Coors Field… which has historically been a House of Horrors for them. So what are you playing with when you go past house money?

“By every metric, the Dodgers are better. Better starting pitchers, for sure, stronger lineup, more stars, better bullpen, yadda-yadda.” A great read -if you weren’t already a Giants fan.

Notre Dame has their college football opener on… Sunday? Guess that keeping the Sabbath holy thing doesn’t apply when TV money is involved.

Last week the CDC put Puerto Rico on the Level 4 advisory “Do Not Travel” list. But they were afraid to do the same to Florida?!

Since Labor Day honors American workers and has historical ties to Labor unions, am amazed no Republican has proposed eliminating it yet

We’re Number 1! “Nationwide, the U.S. has recorded over 40 million COVID-19 cases and 648,000 deaths from the virus, the most of any nation in the world in both categories.” Missed Fox News and the Former Guy taking credit.

If ANYONE thinks Caliornia recall election is slam dunk victory for Governor Newsom:

1. You think Gavin flew both Elizabeth Warren AND Amy Klobuchar out from Boston and Minneapolis just to give them a few hours to enjoy speaking in nice California summer weather?

1. Remember 2016.

And #Vote #VoteNoOnTheRecall