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January 14, 2018


There is a great baby t-shirt sold in New Orleans that says “poo-dat.” Seems quite appropriate. Only poo might not be the exact word I would use tonight.


When I said to friends near end of game I was nervous because #Saints had found some incredible ways to lose games at end, didn’t mean that to be a challenge to top them all.

“The best of times, the worst of times.”  Was Dickens a Saints fan?   #Ataleoftwohalves

After awful bowl season where every conference team but Utah lost, rookie #MarcusWilliams FROM Utah lets #Vikings pull off miracle win. Not #Pac12‘s year.

Since we are now looking at a possible Minnesota-Jacksonville Super Bowl, neither with a quarterback most Americans have heard of,  I guess this might be a game where people really do watch for the commercials.


All this controversy over $130,000 to a porn star. Well, at least one independent contractor who worked under Trump got paid.


To be fair, maybe in his mind Trump wasn’t ignoring a state yesterday, because he & many birther buddies don’t think Hawaii is a state.

A serious post on a current myth. I’ve spent all my working life since the age of 15 in either restaurants or the travel industry. And I believe most people try to do a good job at work.
But my observation is that immigrants, legal and illegal, have always been some of the very hardest working people. Lazy and entitled seems to be more of a problem for those born right here in the USA.



January 14, 2018

Plenty of questionable calls went New England Patriots way last night. And can understand how Tennessee  fans might be upset. Without those calls,  Titans might have only lost by 10.

At this point Drew Brees, 38, has to have extra motivation to reach 2018 Super Bowl only because he might be considered the young upstart QB next to Brady.

RIP #KeithJackson. If they show NFL playoff games in heaven, maybe God turns down the sound so he and Dick Enberg can do commentary this weekend.

49ers LB Reuben Foster arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession. Maybe someone needs to move himself to California for the offseason….
Wikipedia editing is the best revenge? “Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian was a stable genius American football coach and is the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League but will possibly be homeless by the preseason.
NBA fined Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood $35,000 for slapping a phone out of fan’s hand when he left the court. Now, I don’t blame celebrities for getting annoyed with picture taking in private time….but during a televised game?
Of course most Presidents swear  and are insulting in private. But most of them direct their curse words at more appropriate targets like other politicians. Or sports officiating crews.
Worst thing about Friday’s Hawaii false alarm might turn out to be state collectively shrugging if there’s another alarm that turns out not to be fake?
So one thing that amazes me. – with all the creative capitalists in US, why aren’t I getting ads for “Don’t blame me I voted for Hillary” shirts?
As Trump complains that Democrats aren’t helping to fix DACA, remember the Pottery Barn rule – “You broke it, you own it.”
If a Clinton lawyer allegedly paid porn star $130k in 2016 in hush money to keep an affair with Bill quiet, want to bet how many hours it would take for GOP chants of “Lock her up?”
Saturday night of a long weekend & Trump is retweeting conspiracy theorists. No staffer suggested sympathy for stressed-out Hawaiians or “thoughts & prayers” for Californians affected by mudslides?



Trump tweet storm Saturday night. Has someone told the president that if he’s  that bored on Saturday night,  SNL is back


From T.J. in Canada on Trump “I didn’t say that but even if I did – Shithole countries is just “Locker Room Talk.”

Does it matter?

January 12, 2018


Have @Cavs just decided to take rest of season until the playoffs off?

But you do have to wonder how NBA expects fans to take regular season seriously when the players don’t.

Spurs are dealing with plenty of injury issues this year. Who’d a thunk one of the healthier guys would be Manu Ginoboli. #ageandtreachery

British study found elderly people who devote 3 hours or more a day to housework are healthier. Thinking maybe health is overrated?

Missing those days when as American you could go to bed at night without worrying in morning “Oh Gawd, what did our President say NOW?”

So which bar will be 1st to offer a “Stormy Daniels?” Ginger beer, Jack Daniels, with orange on top. And it ends up being a lot more expensive than you think.

Apparently Twitter feels like #PresidentShithole is inappropriate for trending. What’s inappropriate is that we HAVE a #PresidentShithole



Even if @realDonaldTrump was “saying what many people think,” isn’t President of the United States supposed to be better than the worst of us

Politics is not overrun with saints & many long marriages get complicated. But alleged #StormyDaniels encounter was only a YEAR after Donald & Melania were married.


Fox says Trump’s “shithole” comments are “how the forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar.” So they’re saying America is a nation of racist alcoholics?”


Serious question, if you still support @realDonaldTrump, is there ANYTHING he could do that would make you change your mind?

The Statue of Liberty

January 11, 2018

Is weeping.

But if only in 1885 we hadn’t let in Fredrich Trump from Bavaria.

It’s not that there are shithole countries, it’s that we have an asshole President. Sincerely, USA.

Pretty damn sure that immigrants from #Shitholecountries work harder every day than Trump’s children have ever worked in their lives.

Has anyone told @realDonaldTrump that since January 2017, many nations around the world now consider USA a “shithole” country?

Waiting for GOP to say after Trump’s verbal assault today that it’s “too soon” to talk about racism. But “thoughts and prayers.”

Oh please oh please can someone ask @realDonaldTrump live and on camera if he is a Mensa member?

Walmart has closed many Sam’s Club stores across the country with no notice. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

In Britain, Marks and Spencer has been shamed into stopping Sales of “cauliflower steaks”- a single slice of cauliflower for about usd 4. Hope this doesn’t give Whole Foods ideas.


As someone who started with sports jokes, I would love to #sticktosports. If Trump would only stick to being a plausible human being.

#Clippers last night gave #Warriors one of Golden State’s worst losses of the NBA pre-season.

Chargers will play at Wembley in London in 2018. Where they will probably get as many home supporters in stadium as they do in Los Angeles.

NFL investigating if Raiders violated the Rooney Rule of interviewing minorities in hiring Jon Gruden. More like they violated bigger unwritten rule – “Thou shall not ignore it so obviously.”


January 10, 2018

Stephen Curry apparently injured his ankle again in practice.   But given that it’s January he should be recovered before the NBA pre-season ends in April?

ESPN “Are the Thunder or Wolves a bigger threat to the Warriors?” So when did Spurs become chopped liver?

(or for that matter Rockets.)

UCF fans did a digital billboard asking Alabama to play the Golden Knights during the regular season.  And give up worthy foes like Colorado State and Mercer?

50 evacuated and some minor injuries when an apparently overheated iPhone battery started emitting smoke in a Zurich store. Talk about a baked Apple.

So were ICE raids on 7-Eleven just another way of going after states that have legalized marijuana? #Doritos.

Because of course everyone knows that Americans for years have been denied the chance to work at 7-Eleven. #Cruelpettystupid

Diet Coke is changing its look and its marketing due to slumping sales. Maybe bigger problem is that watching Trump is making America think the beverage causes dementia.


If ICE “really’ wanted to make a statement about no one being above the law, think they would consider massive unannounced raids at Trump properties?

An innocent man would be happy to talk to the FBI to set the record straight.

So Mexico is paying for wall, but US budget needs $18 billion for it.. Another of those time-share deals with “modest” annual fees?

With earthquake of the shore of Honduras plus tsunami warnings, I guess humming “The Morning After” on a cruise ship would be a bad idea. #Bustohell

Some say @SenFeinstein too old to run again for Senate. But besides fact women live longer than men, some advantages in having no more f*cks to give.#FusionGPS

“Sneaky Dianne Feinstein.” Couldn’t Trump have just called her a “Sneaky Woman?” That would look better on a best-selling t-shirt.

Now Trump is taking on Senator Dianne Feinstein. Pass the popcorn. Sorry Donny, you aren’t in her league.

Dianne Feinstein NEVER said there was no collusion. Lies, Damn Lies and Trumpisms.

On the other hand, “Sneaky Dianne” sounds like a good message for Senator Feinstein’s re-election t-shirts.


Horrible mudslides & death toll at 15 in California. Good to see @realDonaldTrump trying to be Presidential at least with “thoughts and prayers.” Wait, never mind.

And then there were two ones?

January 9, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott has just declared UCF college football champions. Hmm. When Florida gets a Democratic governor after 2018 elections can he/she just declare Hillary electoral college winner in state?


Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue introducing Trump at Farm Bureau “It’s okay to say, once again, Merry Christmas.” But it’s January. So is it also okay to say “Happy MLK Day?”


#Oprah would be a much better reality TV star President than #Trump, but doesn’t mean she is anywhere close to best candidate in 2020.

Guess I was wrong, I thought respecting the National Anthem meant learning all the words. @realDonaldTrump


With that miracle win last night it’s almost as if God said He/She approves of Alabama electing a Democrat. #RollTide #NationalChampionship

ESPN already has projected top 25 in college football for 2018. Don’t they want to see what players stay academically eligible first?

Trump has a point on chain migration. If we didn’t have dangerous people following their parents we wouldn’t have Jared and Ivanka in White House.’


Mitt Romney apparently was treated successfully for prostate cancer this past summer. Thinking at this point would rather have GOP senator with cancer, than one who IS a cancer.

Trump has a point on chain migration. If we didn’t have dangerous people following their parents we wouldn’t have Jared and Ivanka in White House.


Now it’s #TrumpTower on fire. Wonder which former Trump employee was popping too much popcorn?

When Mueller gets done restoring voting rights for felons may actually become a GOP priority. Because many Republicans will need that ever to vote again.

As much fun as it is to think about 2020 presidential election, thinking we Democrats first need to win races in 2018 to make sure we HAVE 2020 presidential election.

Steve Bannon fired from Breitbart. Wonder how many rocks they will have to overturn before a possible replacement slithers out?

Age and treachery

January 7, 2018


From  @NFLResearch after first half of NFC Wild Card game –  “Drew Brees’ 151.4 passer rating is the highest by any player in the first half of a playoff game (min. 10 attempts) since @kurt13warner in the 2008 NFC Championship (156.0 passer rating against Eagles) @Saints”

Spurs lose by 1 to Portland on the road with Kawhi, Parker etc, out  Manu Ginobili is the first player in his 40s to score 15+ points in back-to-back games since Michael Jordan in 2002-03.  If only San Antonio had a bit more maturity.

#Bills vs #Jaguars today in 1st NFL Wild Card Game. “I’ll take two teams that most Americans haven’t seen on TV this year for $400, Alex.”

If Colin Kaepernick goes ahead with his collusion trial he can put game tape of #Bills #Jaguars today as exhibit one. #NFLPlayoffs


Pretty clear we elected the wrong television star as President. #Oprah

But really, to be a #stablegenius don’t you have to win at least one Kentucky Derby?

-my sister suggests “Oh, that’s how he meant it. It makes so much more sense now. As horse’s asses go, he probably can be considered a genius.”


GOP governors in Florida & NH came out against offshore oil drilling plan. Waiting to see how Trump revises it only to drill off coasts of blue states.

As part of @realDonaldTrump’s am tweet storm – “Ronald Reagan had the same problem and handled it well. So will I!” So he’s admitting to having Alzheimer’s?


If Trump really wants to prove he’s a self-made billionaire (except for that little $1 million loan from his father) maybe he should release his tax returns?

So if  Fire and Fury  is all lies, why is Trump so furious about what  Steve Bannon  reportedly said?


Jake Tapper on CNN called Stephen Miller “obsequious”  and told him to “stop wasting his viewers’ time.  After the interview Tapper then said “Welcome back to planet Earth.” Will those be the first words we hear when Trump leaves the White House? ”

So who got to be the one who explained that “obsequious” meant to the #stablegenius today? #Trump #StephenMiller



Women aren’t surprised that @realDonaldTrump would get confused using the word “consensual.”