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Parade time…

June 11, 2018

Both NBA and NHL championship parades on the same day. Well, that’s something that will never happen in New York City.

So SF Giants put journeyman pitcher Derek Holland against NL East leading Nationals and  probable future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer and win 2-0.   Then they put Madison Bumgarner against the lowly Marlins and  Miami pitcherWei-Yin Chen with an ERA over 5, and lose 5-7.  Baseball is a funny game.

Thanks to Steve Chapman for this comment last night – ‘Justify turned down an invitation to the White House.

When asked why, the Triple Crown winner said “If I wanted to see a horse’s ass I would have finished second.”


IHOP to IHOB. Because one thing America doesn’t have is enough burger restaurants?

Jeff Sessions just said that domestic abuse is not reason enough to seek asylum in US. Heck, it’s not even reason enough to be fired from the White House.

And across American millions of straight men are actually telling their wives and girlfriends “We pre-empted #TheBachelorette for his?” #SingaporeSummit

Love may made, but the internet is forever.

Maybe after this week US can borrow the title for our dollar coins from Canada – “loonies.”

Hmm, maybe that’s the future Trump coin?

Bus to hell time.  Maybe God is a #JustinTrudeau fan?  #LarryKudlow

After G-7 POTUS apparently will ALSO leave North Korea summit early. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised, we knew Trump finishes faster than average from Stormy Daniels.


So all MAGAers thrilled Trump has arranged a meeting with dictator who’s been wanting to be legitimized with a summit for years…
Can see why GOP is afraid of education, it causes Democrats.


One on one?

June 10, 2018

So it was Strickland vs  Harper to lead off bottom 9th in DC. Guessing both SF Giants and Nationals wish they had subscribed to show it on pay-per-view.

But didn’t everyone have SF Giants’  Derek Holland outdueling Washington Nationals’ Max Scherzer?

The same as everyone had Seth Lugo, normally a Mets reliever, outpitching Yankees ace Luis Severino.


After his Triple Crown win Justify walked laps in the barn and then was brought outside to meet reporters. ESPN –  “He pricked his ears at the sound of the shutter clicks, and when Baffert led him closer, he playfully bit at one camera.”

“Playfully?”   Written by someone who hasn’t been around a lot of stallions.

Some complaints now that trainer Bob Baffert’s other horse, “Restoring Hope,” by running second in the Belmont Stakes early prevented other horses from catching Justify. Uh, in a mile and a half race,  plenty of time to go around.



Robert DeNiro “F*ck Trump.” And Stormy Daniels is thinking “Not enough money in the world for me to do it again.

That moment that President’s top economic adviser thinks Canada is governed by “Pierre Trudeau.” Another stable genius.


Imagine GOP outrage if Robert DeNiro had said that Trump had a perfect smokey eye?

The real reason Trump is so upset at Justin Trudeau….  ivanka


Meanwhile, Melania Trump attended Ford’s Theater Gala in DC tonight. Suppose it would be tacky to joke that finally nice to see a First Lady so happy to walk out of theater without her husband by her side.

Faith in a horse?

June 9, 2018


Wonder if Justify will get a White House invite after winning Triple Crown. Would be one top athlete guaranteed not to criticize Trump.

On the other hand, he is going to have a lot of out-of-wedlock offspring.

Masahiro Tanaka apparently injured hamstring scoring on a fly ball from third against Mets. Hank Steinbrenner said NL needs to join 21st century with DH. What about AL needing to join 21st century with keeping pitchers in shape?

In the San Francisco mayor’s race,  London Breed is now ahead of Mark Leno by 498 votes with ranked-choice voting, 94,771 votes to  94,273.  Per the SF Chronicle, almost 42,000 ballots have yet to be counted.

Imagine if the City WASN’T now one of the high-tech capitals of the world.


#G7Summit dinner tonight had to be like that wedding reception after that relative you HAD to invite leaves early.

So when Trump left Ottawa who was the first other G-7 leader to say #ByeFeliciaJ

Trump says US relations with our allies is “a 10.” So would an 8 be all out war?

Trump will “know within the first minute” on North Korea.
Within the first minute…..somewhere @StormyDaniels is smirking.

But while we’re talking about the first minute, and touch and feel and all that…. how about Trump’s decisions on…Spiecer, Priebus, Bannon, Gorka, Price, Tillerson,  Ronny Jackson, McMaster…. and that’s not including Sessions, Rosenstein etc who he just WANTS to fire.



Trump does realize that he is setting it up for the next President to undo any deal HE makes?

Yes, chef

June 8, 2018

If there’s a Heaven have to believe Anthony Bourdain is cooking there tonight, but not without a stop in Hell’s Kitchen.

Anthony Bourdain must have been in incredible pain. But like to think he’d be smiling in that for one day he took headlines from Trump.

One story I loved about Anthony Bourdain is him writing that as a child he ate food he didn’t think he’d like just to prove to his parents he could. And then he ended up liking much of it. Great attitude to food and life.

Now it appears as if Lebron James may have played last three games of playoffs with a broken or almost broken hand from slamming a white board after the Cavs game 1 loss.

So besides smart players and a good coach maybe Spurs can offer Lebron padded white boards?

Someone posted a picture of Gregg Popovich yesterday in New York City….. shopping for books.

Don’t look now, but the SF Giants, still with 3 starters on the DL,  have somehow staggered their way over .500.


Trump says of NBA champions, before game 4  -“we’re not going to invite either team.” Uh, you can’t dis-invite anyone who has already made it clear they aren’t coming to your party.

Doesn’t Konstantin Kilimnik sound like a villain in a Rocky and Bullwinkle episode?

Story that Scott Pruitt sent EPA staffers to look for Ritz Carlton moisturizer is bad enough. But given what we know about him almost certain Pruitt also asked them to get it for free for him from hotel maids.

This week Trump has alienated France, Germany and Canada. Says he’s leaving G-7 early and complaining “Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting?”
So just how long is this pee tape?

Daily Telegraph reports Trump won’t meet with Theresa May at G-7 ” “because she always focuses on policy discussion rather than normal conversation.” Translation, British PM doesn’t want to praise him.

If you’re an adult without a pre-existing condition you probably just don’t know what it is yet.


June 7, 2018

Congrats to the Washington Capitals on their first Stanley Cup win ever.

Alex Ovechkin reportedly first Russian to lead his team to a championship in Washington, DC. Well, maybe the 2nd.

Julian Edelman suspended 4 games for PEDs. Gosh, who would ever believe Patriots would be caught cheating?

Wonder if New England fans are feeling deflated by the news.


Will Trump sue the Washington Capitals for  using “ALLCAPS” as a hashtag, because he thinks he invented the idea on Twitter?

(also waiting for the first picture of the DC streets that looks like a bigger happier crowd than Trump’s inaugural…

Starbucks raised price of its brewed coffee 10-20 cents yesterday. Well, all that “free” toilet paper gets expensive.

Mika Brezenski says a Trump friend told her Donald’s biggest complaint was that he’s not allowed to watch porn in White House.”
If so, makes a lot more sense why Trump clings to his unsecured phone… presumably with unlimited data plan.

Third person attacked at Yellowstone National Park this week, all because they got too close to animals. Hope the Park gets a quantity discount on Darwin Awards.

At times like this useful to remember that on Sept 10, 2001, Rudy Guiliani was an unpopular lame-duck NY mayor who had withdrawn from a Senate race he was going to lose, and whose messy affair with his 3rd-wife-to-be had made him a joke.

Tennessee hardware store owner put a #NoGaysAllowed” sign in his window. Does he stop his kids from listening to Disney from “Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast?

Trump says “I don’t think I have to prepare very much” for North Korea summit. Does he really think he has to prepare very much for anything?

As we still count primary ballots in California, and yes, the ballot WAS the size of a novella this year, here’s an advance suggestion for November.  If you feel overwhelmed or don’t have an opinion on certain propositions/local elections – just go vote anyway for the issues and candidates that matter to you.
Not necessary to fill in the whole ballot. It is, to my mind, necessary these days to vote.

All in on stupid?

June 6, 2018

SF Giants inexplicably pitched to Giant killer Paul Goldschmidt twice with an open base today, both times resulting in RBI doubles.  Then the Diamondbacks decided to see crazy and raise it by pitching to Brandon Crawford in bottom of 10th with winning run at 2nd, 2 outs,  and an open base.   Giants fans say “thank you very much.”

Kansas City police arrested a woman who allegedly set many small fires around Kauffman Stadium. Will her defense be she was desperate to help the Royal bats get hot?

Steph Curry had an off-night, Lebron James had an off-night. Difference was that #Warriors still had three remaining All-Stars


Dodgers lost tonight 9-11.  Shocking. Mostly shocking that the game wasn’t played at Coors Field.   (PNC in Pittsburgh.)

In California Congressional District 48 as of Wednesday night, they are down to counting absentee and provisional ballots with 100% of precincts reporting and over 100,000 votes counted. Democrats Harley Rouda and Hans Keirstead separated by  44 votes for runoff spot against Dana Rohrabacher.

Don’t let anyone tell you your vote doesn’t matter..




So who forgot to tell @realDonaldTrump that yesterday’s elections were primaries?

Kellyanne Conway called Trump today the “Commander of Cheese.”  Well, makes some sense.  What many Americans consider cheese is plastic-wrapped, orange, not very good for you, and fake.

Rudy Giuliani today on Stormy Daniels, a person who ‘sells her body’ has “no good name” and can’t be believed. Uh, what about a person who sells his soul?

Isn’t it nice that on anniversary of #DDay, Trump went out of his way to praise Canada for participating in the invasion?

Trump thinks every day is D Day. But he thinks the D stands for Donald.

#NottheOnion  Trump State Dept spokeswoman Heather Nauert  yesterday “We have a very strong relationship with the government of Germany.  Looking back in the history books, today is the 71st anniversary of the speech that announced the Marshall Plan. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion.”

I liked the idea of war with Canada better when it was a South Park movie.

Hey Red States, your President is insulting YOU. “They saved 16,000 people, many of them in Texas, for whatever reason that is. People went out in their boats to watch the hurricane. That didn’t work out too well.”
Lies, damn lies and Trumpisms.

Missed it by that much…

June 5, 2018

How many pitchers get a standing ovation when they come to the plate with the bases loaded? #MadisonBumgarner #SFGiants


(and he came closer to getting a hit than either position player in the inning, fouled a ball straight back.)

That moment when Dennis Rodman is going to be the adult supervision in Singapore…..

Speaking of job creation, how many people did Trump hire to pretend to be Eagles fans at today’s White House ceremony? #GodBlessAmerica

Tim Lincecum will be released by Texas Rangers. Can he sign a one-day contract with San Francisco to retire a Giant?

How long until @realDonaldTrump just cancels all professional sports champions visiting White House & replaces them with ceremonies focused on himself?

Stanford graduate  Zach Ertz got FOX NEWS to apologize for using photos of Eagles players praying to accuse them of kneeling. Cool. Now can he work on POTUS?

So Trump says he’d run to face an armed killer. Betting now he wouldn’t even face sitting in the stands with Eagles fans.

Tough times for many liberals. Do we boycott NFL over CTE issues, or watch more because many players are standing up to Trump?

Melania Trump  didl not attend “honoring America” Trump White House ceremony today. Was she staying in the locker room?

Miss America is giving up its swimsuit competition, saying they will no long judge contestants on “their outward physical appearance.”
Uh, I’m liberal, but it’s a BEAUTY PAGEANT. #WTF?

So good to see all GOP putting aside politics and decrying the hoax SWAT call to the home of Parkland survivor @davidhogg111 . Oh wait, never mind.

IF Trump & GOP really wanted to stop undocumented workers, instead of publicizing ICE raids w/ pictures of immigrants being deported, they’d show pictures of business owners in handcuffs. But it’s not about rich business owners. It’s about playing to the base. Period.


Somehow I’ve missed all the heartwarming stories about US citizens who were jobless but fulfilled their dream of working as manual laborers because of all these ICE deportations.


Republican John Cox, advancing to the General Election for Governor in California. We’ve put a businessman in the White House, let’s put a businessman in the Governor’s mansion.”
Uh, “businessman” Trump’s approval rating in California – 35%.


Finally and seriously.  Sad news about Kate Spade.  Reminds us that seeming to be on top of the world is no safeguard against depression.