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Count down

March 8, 2023

We’re one week away from the start of the NCAA’s basketball March Madness.

One loss and you’re out.

As the NBA plays on into April to eliminate 10 of 30 teams.

What a concept, basketball games that actually mean something.

Kevin Durant thinks it’s going to be loud for his first home game with the Phoenix Suns.

Just wait until KD has his first game with the Suns against the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center.

Stephen Colbert sums it up about January 6 “For something that didn’t happen there’s sure a lot of people pleading guilty.”

Beginning to think Elon Musk wasn’t that serious about stepping down as Twitter CEO.

As a travel agent know JetBlue customers love their service, but complain about delays. Spirit customers love their prices, but complain about almost everything else, including extra fees. Had to expect a merger would be the worst of both worlds. Glad to see DOJ step in.

Have to give Hillary Clinton credit. . She hasn’t run for office over 6 years and almost no one is better at still making GOP heads explode.

So unarmed protestors picketing outside SCOTUS homes over Roe V. Wade is grounds for outrage and suing DOJ. But January 6 was peaceful sightseeing? The gospel according to Fox News.

And can you imagine if Nancy Pelosi gave the footage to Rachel Maddow? GOP would have called for her impeachment.

Florida GOP will ban abortion after 6 weeks gestation. But leaving aside many women don’t know they are pregnant then, also no way of knowing that early if fetus is healthy or nonviable. And Florida trying to bully other pharmacies into banning mifepristone.

Florida GOP hates women.

Don’t love Joe Manchin But before spending time and energy and money for a primary challenger please look at West Virginia demographics. Any other Democrat would lose. The way we deal with Manchin is elect more Democrats from blue and purple states. Make him irrelevant.

Senators Amy Klobuchar & Mike Lee agree on very little, but they agree Amazon & Apple are hurting consumers by their monopolistic behavior. Antitrust isn’t partisan issue. House GOP claims to care about inflation. Why aren’t bills being brought to floor in both House and Senate?

Admitting to treasonous accomplices at FBI in plain sight. From Trump fundraising email. No joke “We’ve now learned select group of honorable FBI agents wanted to CLOSE DOWN the Mar-a-Lago document investigation – but Biden’s Attorney General OVERRULED them in tense showdown.”


Brain balks?

March 7, 2023

Apparently all three Jeopardy players last night missed all the”In the Sport” clues, including guessing this sport for $200 –

“Inherited runners, appeal play, pickoff.”

I’m so old I remember when baseball was considered the “thinking man’s sport.”

Tommy Tuberville in Senate today claims to care about young women by attacking trans youth: He quotes conservative website- “28 separate women’s sports titles have been won by biological males since 2003.” 28, around world in all sports in 20 years, out of THOUSANDS.

And yes, this is the same “protector of girls Tommy Tuberville who as former Auburn coach handed a one-game suspension to star player charged with rape of 15-year-old girl.

Not sure what I think about Derek Carr as QB of New Orleans Saints. Cautiously optimistic. But at least they didn’t sign Jimmy G

And this prediction from a Raiders fan friend. “Saints will be in the playoffs. Raiders will be 3-11.”


Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana at CPAC claimed US “governed by deeply weird, nauseously woke people who hate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Seuss… On top of everything else he got wrong about history has Kennedy heard of “The Lorax?

I’m so old that I remember when I thought less of Gavin Newsom because he had an affair while married to Kimberly Guilfoyle….

Walgreens bowed to pressure from GOP Attorney Generals not to sell legal medications in red states. So conservatives are fine with Walgreens in future bowing to pressure from Dem attorney generals to stop selling legal medications like Viagra, or even tobacco, in blue states?

Got email tonight “Get started w/ Walgreens app.” They noticed I deleted app?

“Questions, comments, just want to drop us a line? We’re always here to listen Our mailing address is Walgreen Co., 200 Wilmot Rd. MS #2002, Deerfield, IL 60015” If anyone uses snail mail. Have fun.

The way the ping pong ball bounces?

March 6, 2023

The Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, now 15-49, and 16-49, played back to back games this weekend,

Wonder if either team considered giving away toy tanks?

In Tennessee, GOP claims “Drag show law will prevent public from being blindsided by a sexualized performance.” No more sexualized performances in public?. So Tennessee also plans to ban child beauty pageants, along with a lot of public dancing, college and NFL cheerleading?


When free agent quarterback Derek Carr visited New York, they apparently told Carr they believe he’d be a first-ballot Hall of Famer if he joined the Jets. Has anyone checked Jets officials for concussions?

Jeff Bezos’ $500 MILLION new superyacht, under construction for five year, just set sail this weekend

But Republicans, tell us again how billionaires need tax cuts?

If you aren’t already a fan of Democratic Florida congressman. Maxwell Frost. On Ron Deathsantis “He is abusing his power and using the state to target political opponents and political enemies. And there’s a word for that, and it’s fascism. And we have to be honest about it.”

Ron DeSantis at Ronald Reagan Library today claimed “In 2021, Florida set record for domestic tourism while California tourism declined by 22%.”

For some reason he didn’t mention COVID deaths , which even with what Florida admits are almost DOUBLE rate of California. Pro life my a**

But for all Ron brags about Florida tourism,

Headlines on train derailments:

Democrats lead rail safety legislation

Headlines on inflation:

Democrats deliver lower insulin prices.

Headlines on risk to kids online

Democrats have leglislation to protect children’s online privacy.

Problem is, media thinks problems are better clickbait than real or proposed solutions.

What happened to faith, family and freedom? Texas GOP censuring one of their own, Ton Gonzales, not for a crime, but because he supported the Respect for Marriage Act. And stronger gun control laws. Gonzales is the Congressman from Uvalde.

If Gonzalez would like to consider becoming a conservative Democrat, it’s messy sometimes, but we have a really big blue tent.

April 2022 – Lauren Bobo tweeted Americans should be 21 before they make “life-altering decisions about their sexuality & identity.”

April 2023 – her son, about to turn 18, will discover how life-altering HIS sexuality decision was when he & his 16 yr old girlfriend have a baby.

Walgreens sent their weekly ad to my email this morning. My response has gone from click to delete.

Come on Walgreens. Never too late to say “We made a mistake.


“Well, nobody’s perfect,” might be the best last line in film.

But seeing “Some Like it Hot” as a kid didn’t turn me gay.

For that matter I loved “Gigi” and “Pretty Woman.” They didn’t turn me into a courtesan nor a hooker.

GOP needs to grow the bleep up.

Slipping towards the weekend

March 4, 2023

Glad he’ll recover and yes, I know my better angels say never to laugh at anyone’s misfortune but…

NASCAR superstar Chase Elliott, who’d apparently never missed a Cup Start Series start in eight years, will be out for a while after successful surgery for a leg injury -resulting from a snowboarding accident in Colorado.

Think if your day job is racing cars at very high speeds around a track, just maybe for a hobby it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try something like fishing or pickleball?

Two arrests of star football players for reckless driving in the past two weeks… one in connection with a crash where two people died.

And Georgia Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart says the team doesn’t have a “culture problem.”

Georgia just repeated as NCAA national champions. So how does Smart define a culture problem? Losing football games?

Marriage isn’t easy and not rejoicing in anyone else’s troubles but the biggest shock about George and Kellyanne Conway’s divorce is that they actually made it 22 years.

If politicians are going to get their knickers in a knot over pronouns, then why don’t they all adopt the Southern solution? Call everyone “Y’all.”


If we didn’t already know the media is addicted to train wrecks, I give you their constant headline coverage of CPAC.

In Kansas, record number of voters, on bipartisan basis in 2022 turned out to vote for abortion rights. But Walgreens in Kansas has caved to a Republican AG who threatened the pharmacy chain on mifepristone. Wonder what would happen if an AG threatened them for selling Viagra?

So do Ron Deathsantis and his GOP cult members in Florida want to come after travel bloggers if they write about how his anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman policies are making Florida a less attractive vacation destination? Asking for a friend.


Hey supposed “pro-life” people. Gay relationships almost never result in abortions. Just saying.


Scoring at home?

March 3, 2023

Look, I love baseball.

But is there anything more meaningless than spring training final scores?

Former football coach Tommy Tuberville (Old Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech, Cincinnati. the last three of who fired him) is now pontificating regularly in the US Senate..

“All of this woke, transgender athletes, CRT, 1619. We don’t teach reading, writing, and arithmetic anymore. You know half the kids in this country, when they graduate, can’t read the diploma.”

Anyone think Tuberville’s recruitment standards for stars went as high as “read the diploma?”

“All the President’s Menu?’

Even Stephen Colbert is weighing in on the right wing outrage over Joe and Jill Biden ordering the SAME DISH at a restaurant.

Well, at least this could give a lot of long-married couples something to talk about if they go out to eat this weekend.

Now that Alex Murdaugh has been -quickly – convicted – of murder – sure seems like he planned the killings carefully in advance thinking he’d get away with it. And many Americans thought he’d be acquitted. If you needed any more proof of white male privilege

Why is it so hard for some to believe Alex Murdaugh would have killed his wife and son? 2022 report showed that 45,000 women and girls –(56%) of the 81,100 murdered last year worldwide – were killed by their husband, partner or other relative.

Bu yeah, richly deserved guilty verdict for Alex Murdaugh in just over 3 hours? Heck, most Americans have waited on hold with an airline in the last year longer than that.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown yesterday on Senate floor talked about new GOP Senator J.D Vance working with him to help people in East Palestine. J.D. Vance at CPAC today talked about working to help East Palestine & attacked Democrats. No mention of Sherrod. See the difference?

Apparently Chuck Schumer & Hakeem Jeffries asked Fox News executives not to spread “grave propaganda” about 2020 election & demanded commentators who’ve falsely suggested election was stolen acknowledge on air they were wrong. Will they also demand the sun not rise in the east?

JD Vance talking at CPAC about “dignity of work & of moms & dads supporting their family. We want policies that are going to make that easier to happen.” So when is Vance signing on as co-sponsor of Amy Klobuchar & Dan Sullivan’s “Child Care Workforce & Facilities Act?”

Double coverage

March 2, 2023

Jalen Carter, part of Georgia’s national championship team, and a top NFL draft prospect, has now been charged with reckless driving and racing in connection with a January 15 crash, the night after the Bulldogs championship parade, that killed a teammate and a recruiting staff member.

The police claim he was racing the car of the two who died, although Carter originally claimed he was a mile away from the crash. .

So clearly this means major consequences for the star defensive tackle…. as in he might fall to a LATE first round pick?

The jersey worn by SF 49ers quarterback Joe Montana in two Super Bowl victories just sold for $1.212 million at auction, more than doubling the $480,000 paid for Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022.

Uh oh, don’t tell Tom, he might have to un-retire to try to beat THAT record.-

NOT making this up. Fox News front page headline.

“President Biden, first lady’s restaurant order sparks strong reactions.” What did Joe and Jill do? They went to DC restaurant and ORDERED THE SAME PASTA dish. Gosh, by GOP standards today practically an impeachable offense.

Great news today! Bowing to pressure from President Biden & Democrats, Eli Lilly announced it will cap out-of-pocket cost of its insulin at $35 a month, & lower list price for several other products. Fox News isn’t trying to both sides this news. They’re just not covering it.

Reading about Supreme Court questioning in student loan relief case makes it seem likely conservative judges will rule forgiving student debt is an action that can only be taken by Congress. OK then, in 2024 we need to elect a Congress that will pass such legislation. #VoteBlue

In Judiciary hearing, AG Garland joked w/ Amy Klobuchar on antitrust issue – ” I would not comment but know all too well.” then added he wouldn’t try to match Mike Lee for quips

Klobuchar & Lee agree on little, but they are united against Ticketmaster. It’s a good thing.

Why hasn’t that gotten coverage?

And Josh Hawley in Judiciary & on Twitter is full of manufactured outrage today, mostly directed at Dems & AG Garland. But he’s also joined Sherrod Brown, JD Vance, Fetterman, Casey & Rubio to introduce Railway Safety Act of 2023. Crickets on that. Being reasonable hurts his brand?

J.D. Vance part of new bipartisan group introducing rail safety bill. And apparently he’s been working with Sherrod Brown in Ohio to help residents of East Palestine. Don’t get me wrong, Tim Ryan would have been much better, but is new Senator actually taking his job seriously?

Ted Cruz attacked Biden FAA Administrator nominee Phil Washington over his lack of aviation experience, and claims he’d support him IF he were qualified.

This excuse would be a lot more plausible if Cancun Cruz hasn’t opposed almost EVERYONE Biden has nominated for everything.

Streaking towards march.

March 1, 2023

Love Gregg Popovich. But in a year where we Spurs fans are all now rooting for ping pong balls, hope this Spurs win tonight isn’t a sign of the apocalypse.

Kevin Durant will debut for the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday vs the Charlotte Hornets. So NBA and betting fans, guess this starts the clock, how long untl KD asks to be traded?

Velveeta Voldemort sending nonstop fundraising emails today ahead of FEC deadline saying “contribute now for 1500% impact.” So who’s funding that 1500% match? And is it calculated in rubles?

Haven’t heard a single Republican railing about Americans paying for student loan relief that doesn’t benefit them personally say a darn word about farm subsidies.


As a Florida resident for four years in high school and vacations during college, can tell you, Walt Disney World was the butt of jokes even then for their power. They turned a swamp into a major tourist destination. For good and bad. But we all knew one thing. Don’t mess with the Mouse.

In case you didn’t know – the Walt Disney Company is the largest on-site employer in Florida with nearly 80,000 workers. Just saying.

Tourism is the state’s greatest source of income. And 80% of their revenue comes from sales tax. Florida needs Walt Disney World more than Walt Disney World needs Florida.

Araceli Martinez-Olguin needed VP tie-breaking vote to be confirmed to U.S. District Court for Northern District of Calif. Zero GOP votes. She’s Princeton & UC Berkeley Law School grad so it’s not her education. Was it her gender or being Mexican-born Latina that upset GOP?

Florida Gov. Ron DeathSantis in his book attacks government bureaucrats: “almost entirely from “coastal, college-educated, self-appointed elite.”

Ron grew up in Dunedin, coastal Florida town in Tampa area,, then went to Yale & Harvard Law school.

He doesn’t want you to know that.

Stephen Colbert about Ron DeSantis

Florida is a redoubt of sanity where woke ideology goes to die

I want to fact check you there Governor “Florida is a madhouse of doubtful sanity where everyone goes to die.

Marsha Blackburn is whining about how President Biden, who has the right to nominate judges, is transforming the federal judiciary.

Marsha didn’t have a problem when Mitch McConnell and Donald Tr*mp changed the rules – twice -to transform SCOTUS

Tesla is building factory in Mexico. Maybe it will help with immigration by providing more employment for Mexicans to stay home.

But you know if it were a company with a “woke” CEO, Fox and other right-wing media would be screaming about Tesla taking American jobs..

It even wouldn’t have to be a Presidential campaign. In 2022, some ads for Republicans ran on MSNBC last fall, along with ads against Democratic legislation against Big Pharma. Imagine if the network told Democrats about the content in advance….

Broken down.

February 28, 2023

Dodgers infielder Gavin Lux was carted off the field Monday after suffering with a right knee injury during L.A’s spring training game today.

Hate to see anyone get hurt a month before the season starts, but brings up the question, who’s left as a free agent Dodgers can throw big bucks at to fill-in for him?

Lebron James has a foot injury and may be out several weeks, which could affect the Lakers’ playoff chances.

Because yes, after 60 of 82 games, being under 500 and in 12th place out of 15 teams, the play-in round still gives a team a decent shot of making the postseason.

Stephen Colbert says Former Guy does DJing at Mar-A-Lago. Looked it up & yep, direct Tr*mp quote: “You know what gets them rocking? ‘YMCA.'”‘YMCA… the gay national anthem. They call it the gay national anthem…” Uh, Don said gay. Shouldnt that get him kicked out of Florida.

KC and The Sunshine Band was trending today in high school. Remember seeing them at Disney World back when I was in high school. Let’s see, a band with black members singing “Shake your booty.” Have to imagine Ron Deathsantis would probably have them banned now.

Ron DeathSantis today; “In 1967, Florida Legislature “gifted extraordinary special privileges to a single corporation.” In 1967, Central Florida was just a swamp. Walt Disney Corporation has driven & still drives Florida tourism .

Can we start calling DeSantis the Lying King?

On Rachel Maddow, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown talks about teaming up with J.D Vance to push for long term health solutions in East Palestine. This doesn’t get covered enough: When Senators who disagree on most things work together for bipartisan solutions for American people.

House Republicans are vowing to investigate President Biden’s handling of the East Palestine train disaster. But not apparently the Former Guy’s slashing of safety regulations that led to the derailment in the first place.

Ohio Gov. Mike Devine, broke his fibula last week when he tripped while visiting East Palestine. Fortunately he’ll be fine but needs to wear boot for a while.

DeVine is 76.

Imagine conservative media if President Biden had tripped last week in Poland or Ukraine and broke a bone in HIS foot?

Last choice?

February 27, 2023

Has it occurred to Florida Governor Ron Desantis, that cutting APs and anything “woke” in Florida not only will put the state’s high school students at a disadvantage for elite college admissions but also may affect recruited athletes making decisions about universities?

Can’t imagine the parents of a star athlete of color wanting their kid in the state, leaving aside the worries for a young woman both in lack of women’s studies and what Deathsantis wants to do with reproductive rights.

Dallas Mavericks had a 27 point lead today against the Los Angeles Lakers… and ended up losing.

Two potential punchlines.

  1. They’ve been named honorary Atlanta Falcons.
  2. This was the most embarrassing performance out of Texas since the last time Ted Cruz gave a speech


Today’s GOP – January 6 was nothing but a peaceful protest but it was all Democrats’ fault. Also today’s GOP: COVID shutdowns and vaccines are a hoax, but it was all China’s fault. See the pattern?.

So where’s Scott Adams going to end up? Special contributor on Fox News? Special assistant to Muskrat at Twitter?

Right wing media attacks President Biden over East Palestine hoping you forgot the Former Guy got rid of safety regulations Then they attack Pete Buttigieg as DOT Secretary, hoping you forget Elaine Chao ever had that job.

Besides banning gender studies in Florida public colleges and universities, Ron DeSantis wants to prohibit general courses “with a curriculum based on unproven, theoretical or exploratory content.” So that would also mean no classes studying anything in the Bible?

Why is anyone shocked Jeb Bush endorsed DeSantis. In 1995 he wrote “Unmarried women would be less likely to have babies if communities did more to revive stigma around out-of-wedlock births; public condemnation was enough of stimulus for one to be careful.

In 1994 he wrote “best way for women to get off welfare was “find a husband.”

Jeb often sounded more reasonable. He never WAS reasonable.

CNN headline “Ohio’s toxic spill is unleashing poisonous, partisan politics.” In all seriousness, doesn’t almost everything these days unleash poisonous, partisan politics?

When Josh Hawley trends I feel compelled as a Stanford graduate that we have other alums in the Senate: Dianne Feinstein, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Cory Booker and Tina Smith! Plus to name a few more – Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff and Rachel Maddow.

Senator Mark Kelly tweeted yesterday

“It will always be an honor to serve in Sen. John McCain’s seat. Traveling alongside Ambassador Cindy McCain this week to Zambia was a special opportunity to see how lucky we are to have her doing this work and a reminder of our shared commitment to service, wherever it takes us.”

The late Senator McCain absolutely was conservative. But we’ve come to the point now where probably more Democrats speak positively of John McCain than Republicans

80 degrees yesterday in Washington DC Global warming? Or GOP leadership in the House bringing record amounts of hot air?

Tuning up

February 24, 2023

New Texas Ranger Jacob DeGrom, who last week suffered from “tightness in his left side” threw his first bullpen for the Rangers per ESPN “, just over 20 pitches, all of them fastballs, and was told to keep it “nice and easy.””

“It’s a small step,” he said later, “but a step in the right direction.”

So DeGrom’s hoping he’ll be ready to be injured by Opening Day?

Dan Snyder bought the then Washington Redskins in 1999 for $800 million — a record price for a U.S. sports franchise. Now he’s looking to sell, and after decades of accusations of mismanagement, sexual harassment, etc… Snyder’s been getting bids over $6 billion and now Jeff Bezos may be interested.

So yeah, looks like possibly a eight to ten times return on investment. Yeah, that’ll teach him.

With bill passed by GOP legislature & sent to Governor’s desk, Tennessee could be 1st state to ban all public drag.

Currently 20 bills in 15 US states are aimed at “drag queen performances.” Today’s GOP, clearly focused on issues that keep average Americans up at night.

Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email tonight header. “No more wars.”

Yes, this is the same Former Guy who declared war on women’s rights, freedom of the press, racial equality and LGBTQ rights. For starters.

GOP House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer claimed he told the Direct-TV to quickly bring pro-Trump channel Newsmax back to its lineup—“or else.”

Whatever happened to small government?

Seeing some women saying on the Alex Murdaugh trial that they don’t believe a man who clearly loved his wife and son would kill them. Maybe it’s knowing too many people who’ve worked with domestic violence victims, but wishful thinking?

Definition of Woke “aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).” “Woke” shouldn’t be pejorative. We need to take the word back.

February Madness

February 23, 2023

Brandon Mitchell, a star on Alabama’s basketball team that may get a #1 seed in NCAA men’s basketball tournament, apparently brought a gun to a teammate at his request.

And the teammate has been accused of murdering someone with that gun.

And Mitchell may have blocked the victim’s car from leaving.

And his coach says “wrong place, wrong time.”

Not knowing what the result would be in a trial, but if Brandon Miller were a bench basketball player at Alabama he’d be off the team already. If he were a random Alabama student he’d have been arrested.

Crimson Tide Coach Nick Oats called it “wrong place wrong time.”

Oats also says he sought advice about the incident from… Ray Lewis. Who himself was implicated in a murder and after initially being charged with murder, Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction in a plea agreement that dropped his murder charge.

DeSantis’ press secretary tweeted they’ll boycott NBC News & MSNBC: “This will be standard response from our office until

@mitchellreports apologizes & your track record improves.” Ron thinks he can be POTUS & stand up to our enemies? He can’t even stand up to Andrea Mitchell.

Ted Cruz, the man who let Velveeta Voldemort accuse his wife of being ugly and his father of killing JFK, AND who ran away to Cancun during a deadly winter storm affecting Texas, is accusing President Biden of being a “spineless jellyfish.”

I could never write anything as funny as that.

So apparently Alex Murdaugh wanted to take the stand to tell a jury he had stolen from and lied to his investors and lied about just about everything else he told police.

But he says he wasn’t lying about murdering his wife and son… Okay then.

Has a single Republican attacking President Biden and Pete Buttigieg for not cleaning up the mess in East Palestine suggested US reinstate some of the train safety regulations the Former Guy got rid of?

I’ll wait.

FDA ruled against dairy producer saying, oat, almond & other drinks that bill themselves as “milk” can keep using name & U.S. consumers aren’t confused by difference. Wonder if FDA added & if anyone is stupid enough to think oat milk comes from cows, they deserve what they get.

On the same day that Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mike Lee sent a bipartisan letter to DOJ urging them to continue to examine Live Nation/Ticketmaster for monopolistic practices that hurt consumers, a letter that included how Live Nation/ Ticketmaster claimed they didn’t have answers to a lot of questions asked about venues, numbers of tickets sold, etc… the company released their earnings report.

RECORD profits in 2022. With detailed facts and figures. Funny how that works.

All year long?

February 23, 2023

This is not perhaps now football wants to dominate headlines.

Georgia All-SEC linebacker Jamon Duman Johnson was arrested Wednesday in Athens, GA, the day the Bulldogs returned after the College Football Playoff championship win against TCU in Los Angeles.

Dumas-Johnson is due to be a junior next year. Wonder if it’s too late for him to declare for the NFL draft?

Velveeta Voldemort traveled for a photo op to East Palestine today. After during his Presidency he got rid of train safety regulations. It’s as if an official who allowed a building to be built without sprinklers showed up after it burned to the ground.

So the Former Guy didn’t throw Paper Towels in East Palestine. But he did give out “Trump Water.” Trump Spring Water brand was discontinued in 2010. Does water expire?

More to the point, will Donald take the donations of old water as a tax write off?

Wonder how many in GOP blaming Pete Buttigieg for not being able to clean up all of the problems caused by the Former Guy’s administration’s anti-regulation policies could even tell you who Trump’s Dept of Transportation was? Hint, Mitch McConnell isn’t leading the attacks.

This is really a headline/ad on the Fox News website. As Fox tries to set another record for “how low can you go? Fox Nation “He faces accusations of lying from Democrats and Republicans. Now, George Santos joins Piers Morgan to set the record straight.”

Today it was Boulder High School. Only country in the world where a school trends on social media and we all, usually correctly, assume a shooter. It’s the guns, stupid.

And as it turned out, the Boulder High School active shooter threat and others in Colorado turned out to be hoaxes. This time. Have to think today was a lot more disturbing and tramautizing for students than reading some random book that has sex or racism in it.

Worse and worser.

February 22, 2023

As we approach the NCAA tournament here’s some real March Madness.

A woman was fatally shot near University of Alabama campus, a former Alabama basketball player was charged with murder. Now it turns out that Brandon Miller, the Crimson Tide’s leading scorer and a probable NBA lottery pick, brought the alleged killer the gun after he texted him and asked him for it.

Miller hasn’t been charged nor suspended. Alabama coach Nate Oats “He’s not in any kind of trouble. Wrong place, wrong time.”

If you’re a star they let you do it?

And then the night before Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street…LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of illegal carrying of a weapon – having a gun without a permit.

Nabers led LSU with over 1,000 receiving yards in 2022, and finished 2nd in the SEC. LSU coach Brian Kelly is apparently aware of the incident.

So will Kelly slap his star WR’s hand really hard?

One way you know how incredible President Biden has been this week in Ukraine and Poland is how apoplectic the GOP and right wing pundits are about the trip.

Russian President Putin today said that it was “The West who unleashed this war.” In case you wondered where Velveeta Voldemort got his inspiration for all lies, all the time.

Kevin McCarthy gave all the surveillance tapes from Congress from January 6 to Tucker Carlson?!! Can anyone imagine if Nancy Pelosi had done the same with the tapes last year to Rachel Maddow?

But hey, at this point why doesn’t CNN or MSNBC or PBS also ask Kevin McCarthy for the January 6 footage? What possible excuse could SINO come up with for ONLY turning it over to Fox?

Sure hope Capitol Police or someone has copies of all the January 6 footage Kevin McCarthy turned over to Tucker Carlson. So when Fox News shows edited clips we can see how they twisted the truth.

Bernie Sanders is making the rounds on TV with release of his new book – “It’s Okay to Be Mad about Capitalism.” Wonder how much Bernie’s going to make on his book?

I’ve been a fan of Dianne Feinstein, and I like Barbara Lee. All things being equal I’d like another woman Senator, ideally a woman of color. But if elected, Lee would be 78 years old when she got sworn into a Senate seat. Not to be ageist but haven’t we just been through this?

Did someone in Trump World PAY the Georgia grand jury foreperson to give those interviews today? Or is she that stupid/narcissistic?

Alex Wagner on MSNBC covering Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary tonight as primary polls close. Dear MSNBC, hoping for the best, but would have been a good idea for democracy to have spent more time covering “most important election no one has heard of” BEFORE the polls closed.

If you’re still not convinced that the Wisconsin Supreme Court race on April 4 will matter hugely – one of many reminders – The court came within ONE vote of overturning President Joe Biden’s win in the state in 2020.

Presidential daze.

February 21, 2023

Bad news for the Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo has a sprained ligament in right wrist

Good news for the Milwaukee Bucks: We are still about two MONTHS from the start of the NBA playoffs. And four months from the finals.

Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy to those predicting another bad Boston season – “”As long as I’ve been around, they’re usually wrong. I don’t put a lot of stock in them.

Yep, in 2022 the Red Sox were predicted to finish 4th in the NL East. They finished 5th. (and last, five games behind the Baltimore Orioles.)

ICYMI, Don Lemon is 56 years old.

The Former Guy is going to visit East Palestine and the toxic train derailment site on Wednesday. Since Donald got rid of all train safety regulations isn’t this like an arsonist scheduling a public visit to the scene of the fire?

If Red States secede from Blue States, can I be the first to suggest we Blue States don’t allow Marjorie Three Names a visitor’s visa?

Happy President’s Day. When we honor one man who didn’t think a President should be king, and another who was a pretty “woke” Republican. Imagine what today’s GOP would say about them both.

Many MAGAs seem especially triggered and upset today with President Biden having gone to Ukraine. Wonder if they would have thought it was more Presidential of him if Joe tried to tie aid to Zelensky to information he could use against Velveeta Voldemort?

But yeah, this Dark Brandon guy is impressive:


February 20, 2023

Nothing against Jayson Tatum, who is an incredible talent. But is there a more meaningless award than NBA All-Star game MVP?

One thing about NBA All-Star games – nobody plays defense. Which increasingly makes it like many NBA regular season games.

As a woman older than Nikki Haley I share in bipartisan outrage over Don Lemon’s stupid “past her prime” comments. OTOH, if he loses his job it might be less over the misogyny than this recent headline “CNN This Morning’ Is the Network’s Lowest-Rated Morning Show in a Decade.”

Do I always agree w/ Bernie Sanders? No. But he nailed this: “We’re fighting racism, sexism, we should also be fighting ageism… Look at people & say. this person is competent, this person is not….There are lot of 40 yr olds out there who aren’t particularly competent.”

As GOP loves to talk about parents’ rights in public education, has it ever occurred to them that liberals have children too?

This is not satire – From Velveeta Voldemort’s fundraising email “Either we ballot harvest in states where it’s legal, or you can say goodbye to our country, because Democrats would win EVERY election… That’s why we launched our own Trump for President Ballot Harvesting Fund”

So Velveeta Voldemort was a one term President, and GOP supporting many of his choices and his Big Lie” in 2022 had the worst midterms for a party out of power in recent memory. Why are Republicans still genuflecting before him?

Six people were killed in Mississippi Friday in America’s latest mass shooting. It barely & briefly made headlines. Fox News, which loves to blame Democrats over crime, said very little. Maybe because it was in a rural part of a deep red state and alleged killer is white?

It’s not just that Fox News hosts privately admit they knew it was “Big Lie.”

How about these stories this week, also not covered by right wing media.

Obama-era safety rule for high-hazard cargo trains was repealed under Trump

Former TX Right to Life official gets 5 yrs in prison for trying to meet 13 yr old girl for sex.

Woman in FL forced to carry dying fetus to term.

GOP can’t handle truth.

Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson , now a Texas congressman, is alleging a “cover up” with President Joe Biden’s recent physical exam. Thinking a man who said Velveeta Voldemort was 6’3″ & weighed 239 pounds should sit this one out.

From high school, I think there were about 12 Carter supporters in the school. I was one of them. Found Jimmy Carter inspirational then, and now.

For all that conventional wisdom had it that Jimmy Carter was an unpopular President, if Operation Eagle Claw, a 1980 mission to rescue Iran hostages, had succeeded, he’d almost certainly have been re-elected. But mechanical failures, bad weather and bad luck doomed the mission.

Numbers and other game.s

February 18, 2023

Manny Machado who signed a 10-year, $300 million deal with the Padres in February 2019, but has an opt-out clause, told reporters “Things change and evolve. As a player who’s about to opt out, it’s pretty good to see.”

Nothing against players trying to make more money, but maybe Manny might want to see what kind of year he’s having before he makes that statement?

Tiger Woods outdrove his playing partner Justin Thomas and them mocked Thomas by passing him a tampon, apparently some sort of guy code for saying ‘you’re a woman.” Sounds like a juvenile prank. If you’re a juvenile..

Woods is 47 with a 15 year old daughter.

Velveeta Voldemort is going to visit East Palestine Ohio next week. Will he demand thanks for overturning all those pesky “job killling” train safety regulations?

If you’re a Republican railing against the Biden administration over Ohio train disaster, you’re more than welcome to reach across the aisle for bipartisan bills to put back many of the safety regulations the Former Guy rescinded. Democrats are standing by to take your calls.

Rick Scott “revised” his plan, it now says ” “All federal legislation sunsets in 5 years, with specific exceptions of Social Security, Medicare, national security, veterans benefits & other essential services.”

When someone tells you who they are, believe them, the FIRST time.

Fox News is all over Don Lemon’s misogynistic comment about Nikki Haley’s age. But they’re saying NOTHING about their own network being caught knowing they were lying about Trump’s false election claims. It would be funny except their viewers will never know.

Even when Fox News doesn’t lie, they slant news: “HELICOPTER RAID:4 servicemembers injured after mission to kill senior ISIS leader.” Hoping for full recovery for those injured, but what Fox headline doesn’t say – mission was successful and US DID kill a senior Isis leader

Marianne Williamson apparently is considering a primary challenge in 2014 to President Biden.

Good news for her 2020 supporters. Both of them.

And the losses just keep on coming.

February 17, 2023

Governor Katie Hobbs is trending because she was declared the winner of last November’s election, again. At this point Kari Lake has lost so often she’s going to be named an honorary member of the Arizona Cardinals.

As media makes Joe Biden’s physical a headline, for some reason I can’t remember them talking about Mitch McConnell’s age being a barrier to HIS being minority leader. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

And for those who don’t know. Mitch is six months OLDER than Joe.

A majority of Grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia “believes that perjury may have been committed. Lindsey Graham says it’s not him. Maybe not, but this is like one of those locked room murder mysteries.

Everyone says they are innocent.. but there’s a dead body.

Hell freezes over. I agree with Mitch McConnell. “I want to reassure American people, this is enormously important. We need to stay together on bipartisan basis in our country & defend these people who are bravely fighting for freedom & for democracy in Ukraine.”

Massive five-acre fire in a nursery storing plastic pots in Kissimmee, Florida today. No word on potential fertilizers and other chemicals might have burned. Hazmat crews were called in.

Fire was about 10 miles from Disney World and five miles from “Give Kids the World Village” for critically-ill children.

Crickets from Governor DeSantis, who professes to care about kids, on this one.

If mental competency tests are required for politicians, anyone who’s watched the House especially lately knows they shouldn’t just be given to those 75 and older.

Although on a non snarky note:

We’ve come long way since Thomas Eagleton was briefly George McGovern’s running mate.

But not far enough. If any Senator had to check him or herself into a hospital with a heart condition, there would be zero partisan negativity. Kudos again to John Fetterman for his bravery.

Fetterman is helping and maybe saving his own life. And his admitting depression will probably save others.

Insult to injury?

February 16, 2023

As Spring Training gets underway new Texas Ranger Jacob DeGrom is dealing with tightness in his left side after his most recent bullpen session.

So congratulations to all those who had February 15 in the pool.

Nonpolitical outrage time: This August,

Washington Nationals have “Pups in the Park” & “Caturday” in August.

Pups -“You & your dog both get to enjoy the game in our pet-friendly section.


Only in the USA do we sadly know when a mall trends that it’s usually for another mass shooting. Today it’s Cielo Vista Mall. “It’s the guns, stupid.”

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan talking about needing to update and modernize FAA technology and he has “the appetite” to pay for it. Great. Is Dan committing to vote for an FAA upgrade bill? I am sure Senate Democrats would be happy to have him as a co-sponsor.

RIP Raquel Welch, 82. Think I speak for many Americans who remember her back from childhood when I ask how could Raquel Welch have been 82?

Fox News is attacking a Florida reporter caught on a hot mic saying “My job is to ask the tough questions and make him uncomfortable.”

Uh, shouldn’t that be part of most reporters’ jobs in dealing with politicians? (And Fox LOVES it when Doocy goes after White House Press Secretary.

Nikki Haley says “I don’t believe in glass ceilings.” I’m reminded of Amy Klobuchar in the 2020 Presidential primaries “If that were the case, we could play the game, ‘name your favorite woman President.”

Media coverage of trial indicates some people have problem with idea Alex Murdaugh could have been a respected member of the community yet still capable of cold-bloodedly killing his son and wife over money problems. Guessing most of those people are not women.

What matters most.

February 15, 2023

MLB says for 2023 they plans to emphasize enforcement of balks.

Yeah, that’ll do it. How many millions of Americans have said to themselves, “I’d watch more baseball if they only called more balks?”

Alex Cora say new MLB bases ‘look like a pizza box,’

And okay, how long until now all the bases will be “Brought to you by Pizza Hut.” Or Dominos painted on second bases… Or “it’s not de Out, it’s DeGiornio, Sigh.

Claire McCaskill tonight about Nikki Haley “She’s been on and off the Trump train so often, it’s a wonder she doesn’t have a high ankle sprain like that Super Bowl quarterback.”

Nikki Haley has announced her campaign for President. That should really excite both her supporters.

How does Nikki Haley say with a straight face that it’s “time for a new generation of leadership,” when Nikki’s proved over the past several years with Velveeta Voldemort that she’s not a leader but a slavish follower…

Nikki Haley says “I’ve never lost an election, and I’m not going to start now.” Well, you can’t lose an election if you don’t make it through the primary.

“The highest court in the land should not be held to the lowest standards in government.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse summing up big problem with SCOTUS – ie a complete lack of ethics rules.

For those don’t remember, Senator Dianne Feinstein authored original 1994 Assault Weapons ban, after mass shooting at 101 California in San Francisco. The bill sadly expired. It would be a great tribute if Congress could pass another such bill before the end of her term.

Dear Muskrat: If you are so convinced you are better and smarter than everyone else, why not dump Twitter, and start over with your own social media site? Signed, Americans who thought the app was more than about a billionaire’s ego.

Yes, George Santos is a joke. But there are 221 other Republican members of the House. Don’t let his antics distract you from the fact that GOP is trying to take away our democracy and our rights while you’re laughing.

Moanday morning

February 14, 2023

Next Monday is the President’s Day Holiday. Have to think it might be more practical to move the Super Bowl to the weekend before President’s Day. Would save people having to call in sick with “Big Game Flu” – ie hangover or overdose of guacamole and chips.

New Dallas Maverick Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to be asked about next season, saying such questions are a “distraction.”

As opposed to some of Irving’s social media posts this season?

Can we stop giving the sore loser from Arizona publicity. Arizona now has Governor Katie Hobbs and newly re-elected Senator Mark Kelly. Both of them are much more worthy of attention!

So how proudly will House Republicans from Michigan wear their gun pins tomorrow in the US Capitol?

Alleged killer on MSU campaign is reportedly dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. These murder-suicide a**holes always do their shooting in the wrong order.

Senator Tuberville attacking Democrats and ranting about a society that allows abortion “up to and past the moment of birth.” Tommy Tuberville claims to believe in a God. Does he know you can go to Hell for lying?

Thinking CNN figures ratings are down because President Biden doesn’t provide as much crazy drama as Former Guy. Yeah, crazy is clickbait. But part of reason their ratings are down is Fox owns right wing audience & most of rest of us don’t care for a Clickbait News Network.

Also thinking with all the current concern over objects in the sky that it’s a really good thing that Santa Claus doesn’t do test runs over the USA in February.

Ron DeSantis now says Florida could cut off its reliance on College Board for tests & end AP classes. Let’s be honest, DeSantis really wants to end public education period. Unless they teach what he wants. If you’re not afraid you’re not paying attention.

OTOH, If Ron DeSantis disbands the AP program in Florida what’s gonna happen to kids, including rich white GOP kids, applying out of state to Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Chicago etc – schools that care about academic rigor. Guess that means more spots for applicants from other states.

Feb 13, 1542: Henry VIII had 5th wife, Katheryn Howard, executed, allegedly for adultery but also for not being a virgin when they married. Since Alito used 13th century treatise to overturn Roe V. Wade, not just a joke to imagine SCOTUS using 16th century laws against women too.

US now recommending all all Americans leave Russia NOW, and warns of risk of being ‘harassed or incarcerated’ by Kremlin law enforcement. As a travel agent have to ask, what are any Americans doing still in Russia in the first place?