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Brackets, brackets, who’s got brackets?

June 4, 2022

NCAA Baseball Regionals start this weekend, heading towards the College World Series. Though they aren’t a big television draw. Maybe if the NCAA started putting out brackets along regular notices that people are not supposed to bet on games. June Madness?

Dodgers, Mets and Yankees have the highest payrolls in MLB. They would all like to thank the 4th highest payroll Phillies for being an example that you can’t just buy your way to winning.

Boston Celtics players wore T-shirts with “WE ARE BG” written across them at practice Saturday in support of WNBA superstar Brittney Griner, still detained in Russia.

After Steve Kerr’s rant against guns last week following Uvalde shooting, going to be hard for some MAGAs to decide which NBA team they hate least.

Thoughts and prayers.

Hope major networks give as much airtime next week to January 6 Committee hearings as they gave to the Depp-Heard trial.

Maybe the reason many Republicans have no trust in government is they keep choosing incompetents with no experience as their candidates – Doctor Oz, Herschel Walker, Tommy Tuberville…

When there are regular world headline stories about mass shootings, we don’t ask, “which country?” We ask “which state?” It’s the guns, stupid.

So if one GOP excuse for mass shootings is now children not having fathers around, can we make it a felony for unmarried men not to wear condoms during sex? Would cut down on abortions too.

Republicans want to make it harder to vote than to buy a gun.

Kellyanne Conway’s memoir “Here’s the Deal,” has sold just 25,003 copies since its May 24 debut. Well, it’s about 10 times what Chris Christie’s book sold.

Best that money can buy.

June 3, 2022

The Los Angeles Dodgers, with a $310 million payroll – BEFORE the trade deadline, will pay $47 million in tax to MLB. For the uninitiated, $47 million is more than the entire payroll of either the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland A’s, Pittburgh Pirates or Cleveland Guardians.

Braves beat Rockies 3-1 in 10,, with help of ghost runner in extra innings.

The bigger story – tonight was “Second game in Coors Field history to be scoreless after nine innings.”

Coors Field opened 27 years ago….

But no, Coors is not a Little League Field masquerading as a real MLB stadium.

The 162 game baseball season can be a long grind, and it’s tough for players being away from home so much. But your awww moment today from SF Giants’ rookie Sean Hjelle, 25, on his first major league road trip: “This is the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at in my whole life.”

Why are NBA finals games THREE days apart? Because the league couldn’t figure out an excuse to stretch it out to a game a week. (If they could they would.)

Labor shortages are contributing to higher prices this summer in the travel and hospitality industry, because employers need to pay more to attract workers, and still face staff shortages. If only there were people who wanted to come to the US to work. Oh, wait, never mind.

Special Olympics, starting June 5 in Florida, just dropped vaccine requirement when DeathSantis said he’d fine them $27.5 million. “This will be a relief to a lot of athletes.” Amidst COVID surge, where heat means athletes will spend lots of time indoors. What could go wrong?

Republicans will blame everything for mass shootings – video games, parents, mental health, doors… Everything except guns.

If a teacher gets blamed for a mass shooting when she was falsely accused of leaving a door open, imagine what’s going to happen if a teacher has a gun that an angry student gets ahold of….

Economists expected 328,000 jobs added in May. 390,000 jobs were added. And good luck finding any media outlet who reports this as good news.

Labor shortages are contributing to higher prices this summer in the travel and hospitality industry, because employers need to pay more to attract workers, and still face staff shortages. If only there were people who wanted to come to the US to work. Oh, wait, never mind.

This is our world now. Stephen Colbert last night: “Sad to say the number one story today is not only tragic story, it is tragically common…. But last night’s Late Show was a repeat. Colbert was talking about the Buffalo mass shooting.

Finally, your periodic reminder that none of President Obama’s administration have been indicted.

Finishing not so strong.

June 2, 2022

Even the Atlanta Falcons can’t believe what happened to the Golden State Warriors in the 4th quarter.

Per ESPN, Tom Brady said yesterday he “felt pressure to end his retirement because of free agency.” Give me a bleeping break. Translation, probably took Giselle a week to get tired of Tom hanging around the house.

GOP – We need to tighten regulations for Americans to vote. Also GOP – We don’t need to tighten regulations for Americans to buy guns. Republicans think ballots are more dangerous than bullets.

If anti-choice protesters can show up outside clinics with graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, why can’t pro-gun control protesters show up outside the U.S. Capitol with graphic pictures of the bodies of children killed by AR-15s?

So is there ANY place in the country that GOP doesn’t believe should have one door now? Wonder how all those Republican members of Congress would have reacted if there was only one door out of the US Capitol on January 6?

McConnell said John Cornyn will be GOP Senator working with Chris Murphy on gun control legislation after Buffalo, Uvalde (and now Tulsa.) Cornyn just tweeted “Not gonna happen” about making gun laws more restrictive. GOP is the anti-life party.

President Biden points while some say “An 18 year old can use weapons in the military, someone in the military is trained to use a gun responsibly.” Yep, well-trained 18 year olds can compete at NASCAR. But Hertz still won’t rent most 18 year olds a car.

Lionel Shriver wrote “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” an absolutely haunting novel from the perspective of the mother of a young man who massacred students at their school. Wonder if that book would be considered too upsetting and banned now if GOP knew about it?

I challenge ANY Republican to provide an example of where a civilian having an AR-15 saved lives. Would take a h*ll of a lot of characters tweets to share examples – just in 2022 – where AR-15s meant people including children lost their lives.

One of travel agency clients traveling next weekend emailed me worried because her husband felt sick today though “so far negative.” This after having her adult son visit & go out repeatedly w/ friends last weekend to bars etc. We all want COVID to be over. COVID is NOT over.


June 1, 2022

Top ESPN baseball story tonight – Mike Trout might quit as fantasy football commissioner over Tommy Pham’s slapping Joc Pederson. Will Smith/Chris Rock story hasn’t died yet. So to get attention on gun control, abortion rights & voting rights who does some Senator have to slap?


The Pittsburgh Pirates swept the LA Dodgers in a 3 game series this week. No punchline, I just like writing it.

Trivial in grand scheme of things, but baseball games are routinely delayed while NY replay crews watch replay from many different angles – if someone’s foot was off a bag by an inch or for a half second, or something similar..

But when an umpire misses a pitch by six inches or more, it’s shrugged off as “part of the game?”


Time for robot umps in MLB

Are any fans quicker to boo the home team than Philadelphia fans?

So maybe we should start flying the US flag permanently at half staff?

There’s a verdict in the Depp-Heard trial? I really don’t care, do U?

Two of the biggest stories of 2022 involve celebrities. But if one of the January 6 insurrectionists had slapped a member of Congress or allegedly defecated on a sofabed in the US Capitol, think that might have kept media interest in the attempted coup?

Muskrat didn’t just say in an internal memo that he doesn’t want SpaceX employees to work remotely, he said anyone who didn’t want to “spend a MINIMUM of 40 hours in the office per week would be fired.” Yeah, he’s a Republican alright.

So the (alleged) shooter in Tulsa died by suicide. These people bent on murder-suicide always do it in the wrong order.

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham trying again to link marijuana use to “pot psychosis” & violence. But does she have statistics on how many pot users have murdered bags of Doritos?

Reminder for all those who applied their purity tests to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Had she won, we’d have Merrick Garland and two of her nominees instead of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett on SCOTUS now.

Extra action.

June 1, 2022

Phillies manager Joe Girardi pitches to Joc Pederson in 11th with a 5-4 lead and 1st base open.

Meanwhile, after Pederson hit it 430 feet, SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler looked at Bryce Harper in the bottom of the inning, and said “put the tying run on base and winning run at the plate to avoid pitching to Harper? No-brainer.

You think you had a bad day at work? Although the Giants won, SF Giants relief pitcher John Brebbia, threw just 13 pitches in one inning to four batters. One run, no outs, 3 hits and one walk. (the last on 6 pitches.)

Nick Saban is now claiming he didn’t disparage Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher when he said A&M had “bought every player.” “

“I didn’t say anybody did anything wrong.”

So Saban wants us to believe he was praising Fisher’s shopping abilities?

Another woman is accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual assault. Number 23. So another “he said she she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said situation.”

In all seriousness if Andrew Yang had even done the work of trying to accomplish something in elected office at a state or local level I’d take him more seriously.

Travel agent moment that would be funny if it weren’t real life: Client emails today – know we have to get COVID test to get back in USA but my wife is worried. If we test positive it doesn’t mean we have to stay in Europe for a while does it? Uh, that is EXACTLY what it means.

MAGAs – Velveeta Voldemort is going to win!

He loses – The election was rigged

MAGAs – Hillary’s lawyer is going to be found guilty! He’s acquitted.

The jury was rigged. See the pattern?

As GOP candidates for Senate bicker in PA over which ballots to count, your reminder Amy Klobuchar & Elizabeth Warren have a no drama bill to reduce election problems by providing federal funding to help states & localities administer elections, train nonpartisan poll workers & eliminate barriers to voting.

Police in Uvalde have now been caught in repeated lies, the most recent that they accused a teacher of leaving a door open when she was seen on surveillance video closing it. Lying to the police is a crime. Lying by the police should be.

Gym Jordan is actually claiming “the big takeaway” in today’s verdict on Hillary Clinton’s lawyer is that Hillary is somehow guilty of something. No, the “big takeaway” is that Sussman was found innocent and that Jordan is a lying sack of something you use as fertilizer.

WTAF? Fox News headline “Despite acquittal, Durham trial of Sussmann added to evidence Clinton campaign plotted to tie Trump to Russia.” What’s next “Despite recounts proving Biden’s victory, Velveeta Voldemort efforts to stage coup added to evidence 2020 election was rigged?

Taking a stand.

May 30, 2022

Interestingly enough, baseball’s the major sport that probably has most Republicans. Sure not everyone on SF Giants agrees with Manager Gabe Kapler. But team respects him & no one has criticized him publicly. Gabe is a leader & he has courage. More than we can say for some so-called leaders.

As SF Giants play in Philadelpha, Shaun Estes just said on TV Citizens Bank Park was one of only two parks where Evan Longoria hadn’t yet hit a home run. Make that one.

Giants defeated Phillies 5-4 in 10 innings today. Before the game Philadelphia Manager Joe Girardi was asked, since Philadelphia had lost 10 of 14 games, if he was concerned about his job security. He said no.

Translation, Girardi had a good playing career and has had some postseason managerial success including winning a World Series as Yankees manager in 2009. He has enough money, and knowledge he’ll get other offers, not to care.

Would some Republican seriously like to explain to me how it could be too upsetting for schoolchildren to read about gay people but not too upsetting to go through regular anti-shooter drills? I’ll wait.

2nd Amendment supporter Adam Kinzinger says GOP needs to be offering solutions. “We have to be coming to table w/ ways to mitigate 18-year-olds buying these guns & walking into schools – my side’s not doing that.” Isn’t there 1 GOP rep not retiring brave enough to agree with him?

I didn’t give a rat’s behind on what Joe Rogan said about COVID. I care even less what he says about gun control.

Since some Republicans want to blame mass shootings on things like unlocked doors, does that mean they think supermarkets need their doors looked too? The Buffalo massacre was only 2 weeks ago

Open questions to GOP/NRA who want teachers to be armed. Where should teachers keep those guns? (Locked away safely, would there be time to get gun if shooter burst in.) And if guns kept easily accessible, how do you keep kids from getting them? Asking for a sad, tired country

Since Nancy Pelosi is on the East Coast this weekend it’s clear she had nothing to do with her husband Paul’s DUI arrest last night. But he’s very rich and 82 years old – why is he driving himself at this point anyway?

Conservative media seems to think Nancy Pelosi’s husband being arrested in Napa for DUI, (while she’s on the other side of the country,) is a bigger story than a Napa man pleading guilty to try to blow up California Democratic party headquarters…

Many GOP members of Congress who now seem to think it’s no big deal to have mandatory airport level security for kids to go to school were the same ones who lost it over simple mandatory masks for them to go to work.

Oh (insert unprintable phrase here.) When Jim Acosta criticized Judge Phillip Journey today, the NRA board member responded “I’m not the one that pulled the trigger.” Yeah, Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone at Sharon Tate’s house either.

Absolutely we should honor fallen troops. But isn’t “Happy” Memorial Day kind of an oxymoron?

Diversions and beyond.

May 29, 2022

After the SF Giants blew an 8-2 lead, went behind 11-8 to the Mets, tied the game in the 9th, then won it 13-12 in the 10th, many thought they’d seen the craziest baseball game of the year

UCLA-Oregon state in game 1 of what turned out to be a double header in Pac 12 tournament – “Hold our less overpriced than MLB beer.”

9 run comeback for Bruins in 9th, won it 25-22 in 10th

(For those who just saw the score. No, this was not a spring football game.)

And then, such a trivial thing… but took a bit of silly pleasure in the fact tonight that I, unlike Pac 12 announcers in tonight’s 2nd UCLA-Oregon State game, actually knew the infield fly rule.

(It was a missed pop-up with 2nd and 3rd and one out….. the infield fly only applies when there are both fewer than two outs AND a force out at third.)

Then a slightly more normal walkoff by OSU to follow.

You know it wasn’t SF Giants day when they lost a game 3-2 to Cincinnati Reds, going 3 for 15 with runners in scoring position. And two of those hits, including the one that ended the game, didn’t score the runner from second…

And back to sadly real life..

Imagine if the Capitol Police had waited outside the Capitol on January 6 because they were afraid of the mob.

Apparently two American tourists were seen swimming naked this week in a canal in Venice near their Airbnb. Locals drain sewage into the canal. Thinking Karma and her pal Infectious Diseases may take care of punishment on this one.

In 2012, then UN Ambassador Susan Rice given talking points on Benghazi that turned out to be incorrect. GOP response -pounce on her words & still attack her for it. Greg Abbott called press conference w/ completely false narrative on Uvalde shootings, GOP response — crickets.

Seriously? Velveeta Voldemort just called Liz Cheney a “lapdog for Pelosi”!” Guessing the man who once boasted he’d run into a school unarmed to face a shooter wouldn’t dare say that on a hunting trip in front of Liz’s dad.

Some use cars in “whataboutism” with guns, since driving can be dangerous to yourself and others. Okay then, this from Hertz: “Renters must be at least 20 years old to rent a vehicle at most locations in the U.S. and Canada.”

As many who bring wine gifts visiting friends & family know, one failed 2006 British terrorist plot meant federal rule change not even to allow sealed bottles through checkpoints in carry-on luggage. One FAILED plot! How many actual mass murders does it take to change gun laws?

Fox News is upset Ted Cruz was confronted in Houston restaurant over Uvalde mass shooting. “It marks latest instance by left-wing activists confronting or haranguing lawmakers on both sides of aisle who do not agree with them.” Has Fox News EVER used term “right-wing activist?”

Giant attitude

May 27, 2022

SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler in an essay today about why he will not come out at this time for the National Anthem – “I learned from my dad, that when you’re dissatisfied with your country, you let it be known through protest. The home of the brave should encourage this.”

He added “Every time I place my hand over my heart, I’m participating in the self-congratulatory glorification of the ONLY country where these mass shootings take place.”

If you didn’t already love SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler after his Uvalde comments, he was asked postgame over lineup card mistake & if it was on the bench coach, who makes out the lineup cards.: “No, we do this together, our entire staff is incredibly detailed, a lot going on today, we just f*cked it up.”

As a Spurs fan I wish San Antonio were still in this year’s NBA playoffs. And after this week I especially wish it because after Uvalde mass shooting more than one reporter would have put a microphone in front of Gregg Popovich.

Yes, there are far more important things going on right now – but a phrase I am tired of hearing is “scouting report on” an umpire’s strike zone.. In MLB, there is one strike zone, and no one pays their way in to see an umpire interpret it.

Ted Cruz today at the NRA convention spoke out again against gun control, and blamed mass shootings on violent video games.

Uh, one of the countries that plays the most violent video games is Japan.

Homicide rate per 100,000 people in Japan – 0.2

Homicide rate per 100,000 people in the US – 5.3.

Cancun Cruz can do to himself what the Ukranians told the Russian warship.

WTAF? Texas Governor Greg Abbott says “we are going through short-term challenges right now.” “Short-term?” Is he talking about people’s memories?

Harry S. Truman – “The buck stops here.” Greg Abbott – “I was misled.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott got something right, in his “I was misled” speech.

Greg said “Let me make one thing clear. The status quo is unacceptable.” Yep, the status quo is unacceptable.

Time to change Texas Governors. Time to vote for Beto O’Rourke.

The 18 year old Uvalde killer bought 375 rounds of 5.56-caliber ammunition on May 18. Well, it’s not like he did anything that would have raised red flags in Texas, like trying to buy two boxes of Sudafed.

Stephen Colbert plays tape of Herschel Walker that should make Georgia voters not only vote to re-elect Rev. Warnock, but also demand NFL start getting serious about CTE. – “Need a department that can look at young men that’s looking at women that’s looking at their social media.”

Some of bodies in Uvalde had to be identified by DNA. Understand why publishing pictures of what killer’s AR-15 did to those children is problematic. But see no reason why Senators shouldn’t have to see pictures of those kids’ bodies before voting on gun control legislation.

One of the children who survived Uvalde says he used to want to be a police officer, but now he wants to be a surgeon so he can help people…


More not sticking to sports.

May 26, 2022

First time for everything. I have retweeted the New York Yankees But well played, Yankees, well played

If you’re more upset about the New York Yankees using the world LATINX in a tweet about gun violence than you are about people dying from gun violence… then you have your priorities more than slightly out of whack.

To rent a car in Texas, you must be at least 21 years old. But you can buy an AR-15 at 18.

Everyone telling US Senators to “do something” in about sensible gun legislation. With current makeup of Senate, unless some GOP senators are willing to buck NRA, they can’t “do something.” But they can do something if WE vote in Nov.. And elect more Democrats. #GetMadAndVote

Some GOP & conservative media now blame lack of armed “school resource officer” in Uvalde. Reminder, since mass shootings don’t even last a week now in news cycle, there WAS armed guard, retired policeman, at Buffalo supermarket. Killer, wearing body armor, shot him dead first..

CNN reports Mitch McConnell has directed John Cornyn to engage with Democrats on a “bipartisan solution” on gun violence. 1. Does this mean GOP finally realizes people are mad enough to vote them out. 2. At least Mitch knew better than to ask Texas’s OTHER Senator to engage.

“American Pie” Don McLean “In light of recent events in Texas, have decided it would be disrespectful & hurtful for me to perform for NRA at their convention in Houston. I’m sure all folks planning to attend are shocked & sickened by these events as well.” Uh, don’t be so sure.

That moment though when when you can’t decide whether to be disappointed someone you admire like Don McLean was performing for the NRA…. Or pleased that someone you clearly disagree with has had enough. It’s time for common ground on sensible gun legislation. Past time.

Reminder that Republicans think it’s too dangerous for an 18 year old high school student to read “Forever,” Judy Blume’s sweet novel about a consensual sexual relationship. But not too dangerous for an 18 year old to buy an AR-15.

For months United Airlines phone hold message has been. “We are experiencing extremely high call volumes…” Tonight they added “If you booked your travel through a travel agency, please reach out to them for assistance. So now now even AIRLINES want more travel agents.

What are the odds?

May 26, 2022

Las Vegas Raiders are going to have Colin Kaepernick work out for them today. Will the Raiders sign the former NFL QB? Who knows? But it’s more likely than the GOP actually doing anything about gun control leglislation.

Often the first sign of heart disease is a fatal heart attack. Often the first sign that someone is not a responsible gun owner is a fatal shooting.

A June 2021 survey by Minneapolis-based nonprofit “Adopt A Classroom” found that teachers spent an average of $750 of their own money to purchase school supplies. So how much will kevlar vests add to that total?

Father of Uvalde murdered child: “I’m gun owner & I do not blame weapons used in this tragedy. I’m angry how easy it is to get one & young you can be to purchase one.” Admit I hate guns, but when even gun owners talk like this, how do Senators explain votes against gun control?

Greg Abbott’s supporters called Beto O’Rourke interrupting Abbott’s news conference on Uvalde “embarrassing.” “Embarrassing?” Families and friends of 21 people, including 19 children wish their loved ones could be “embarrassed” by something today.

Ted Cruz is now suggesting we keep children safe by having only one door in or out of schools.

Three printable words Senator “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.”

At 18 years old, the mass shooting suspect in Uvalde wasn’t old enough to buy a beer in Texas. But he was old enough to buy an AR-15. What’s wrong with this country?

Cruz would have felt on January 6 as the armed insurrectionists attacked if there was only one door in and out of the Capitol

Stephen Colbert bringing facts after the Uvalde massacre “The USA has 400 million firearms…. 40% of the global total.” “And background checks are supported by 90% of Americans.” No wonder Republicans want to get rid of math textbooks.

For some reason the same GOP and conservative media that was completely focused on pedophilia during the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings forgot to mention that former wing celebrity favorite of many right-wing politicians Josh Duggar was sentenced today to 12.5 years for child pornography.

Not sticking to sports

May 24, 2022

Steve Kerr didn’t

And if you haven’t seen his three minutes press conference today:

Steve Kerr said today “50 Republican senators are ‘holding us hostage’ on gun legislation.” If any GOP Senator wants to prove him wrong, they could propose even modest gun control legislation & seek Democratic co-sponsors. We’re waiting.

So the latest mass killer.

Born in the USA

Radicalized in the USA.

Bought two assault rifles on his 18th birthday in the USA.


Meanwhile, Fox News headlines and & stories about today’s school massacre all lead with the dead suspect’s Hispanic name. Not one of them mentions he was born in North Dakota and was a US citizen.

Of course it’s not a bleeping coincidence.

Stephen Colbert says during last two years, 573 new billionaires were created. – including 40 new pharmaceutical billionaires and 62 new food billionaires. So would someone in GOP explain to me why Medicare can’t negotiate drug prices & we can’t try to regulate food monopolies?

Cancun Cruz today “When a mass shooting happens, you see Democrats & a lot of folks in the media whose immediate solution is to try to restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.” Would it be churlish to say Ted can act like a Russian warship & go f*ck himself?

Coming up Aces

May 24, 2022

The Las Vegas Aces are 7-1, best record in WNBA. Yes I seldom post about WNBA. But they’re being coached now by rookie head coach Becky Hammon! The NBA’s loss is the WNBA’s gain.

On my baseball b*tshit bingo card, I did NOT have the high point of the week as SF Giants fan watching Luis Gonzalez throwing 45 mph pitches and making major league hitters look bad. Even if Mets finally got to him tonight.

Stephen Colbert joking about Biden’s age tonight. Yes, Joe was 78 when he was elected President. And Republicans who delight in those jokes are happy to be led by a man who will be 78 in 2024.

Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

A little good news: In 2020, approx. 220,000 Georgians voted early. GOP is trying to restrict early primary voting. As of now early primary voting in Georgia is about 850.000. Apparently some people only discover how valuable a right is when some people try to take it away!

Boris Bondarev, Russian diplomat to U.N. Office in Geneva just resigned, saying he’s “ashamed” of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He told AP he has no plans to leave Switzerland as he’s “concerned” about Moscow’s response to his letter. “Concerned?” Understatement of year.

After Velveeta Voldemort unendorsed him, Mo Brooks is now campaigning with Ted Cruz. How bad has it gotten for GOP when Ted Cruz looks like the more appealing option?

Now it’s Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon who has COVID-19. Several Democratic Senators, all vaxxed and boosted, have tested positive lately. No Republicans. So are they somehow immune? Or not testing?

I don’t give a rat’s behind who 2020 Presidential Candidate Velveeta Voldemort has endorsed in Georgia gubernatorial primary. I do care that 2020 Presidential Candidates Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker have all endorsed Stacey Abrams.

Slow and slower…

May 23, 2022

Luis Gonzalez, he of the blazing 45 MPH pitches, (with maybe one pitch an inning in the 80s) just threw two more scoreless innings for the SF Giants. And then got a base hit.

So when Luis Gonzalez going to get a spot start for the SF Giants? Not completely kidding. He’s thrown 3 scoreless innings, and letting opposing batters start by swinging at pitches as slow as 45 MPH could throw off their timing for the whole game.

Besides, we don’t need no stinkin’ DH. Madbum would be proud.

Really tired of hearing announcers say things like “looks like today umpire is going to give more high strikes than low strikes. Or, “today looks like small strike zone.” Or something similar. The strike zone is the strike zone. And no one buys tickets to see umps. #RobotUmpsNow

PGA Tour rookie Mito Pereira had a one shot lead on 72nd hole of the PGA Championship, hit his first ball in the water and not only lost the lead but ended up with a double bogey to miss the playoff.

Didn’t we see this in a movie featuring Kevin Costner?

When Elizabeth Warren attacks her fellow Democrats, it’s headline news with most media.

When she partners with Amy Klobucharr, hardly Warren’s ideological twin, on reasonable new legislation to protect elections…it’s pretty much crickets. I wonder why,


GOP trying to say Biden should’ve noticed & tried to fix infant formula shortage sooner. Uh, aren’t members of Congress supposed to visit & listen to their constituents? Why did no Republicans sound alarm months ago? Almost as if they care about headlines more than issues.

Bad night at National Airport had weather delays, so many flights arriving near or after midnight, Metro closed, reports of 200 plus in taxi line and no available Lyft/Ubers. Waiting to see how this was Biden’s fault.

Fox News is anti-President Biden all the time. MSM so concerned with both-sides-ing (and ratings) they often give anti-Biden voices an equal platform. And we wonder why Joe’s approval ratings are low?

Fox News is anti-President Biden all the time. MSM so concerned with both-sides-ing (and ratings) they often give anti-Biden voices an equal platform. And we wonder why Joe’s approval ratings are low?

At local Safeway went to see if Jif recall caused peanut butter shortage. Nope. One big reason.. There are a lot of different peanut butter manufacturers. Over 100 apparently in US, and some in Canada that get imported.. Competition matters.

Ahead of the game.

May 21, 2022

So when Republicans hear about a big win for Early Voting are they gonna try to get him disqualified? #PreaknessStakes

Lots of headlines “Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship.” So is anyone actually winning the tournament?

It’s May 20. So if the NBA finals goes seven games, we are exactly a month from the NBA finals..

Jif Peanut Butter has a recall of many of its peanut butters due to salmonella. But hey, assume this means MAGA’s will just stockpile and continue eating the products – it’s only science.

The fact that some in GOP are trying so hard to suppress votes now indicates they are still afraid of people voting in 2022 They’ll only stop trying when they think they have permanently rigged elections going forward.

Almost no politics tonight on NBC SNL – l Not methinks that there was no material, but maybe for their season finale SNL figured…no way we can write satire that outdid some of this week’s reality.

As Republicans try to get Americans to lose faith in elections, remember that most state legislatiors, every GOP member of the House and 1/3 of GOP Senators were themselves elected in 2020.

Got phone text message from son w/ picture taken today at Incredible Hulk Coaster, which we rode when he was a child. Captioned only “still a great ride.” And on laptop just now got ad for Universal Studios. Still think we don’t need legislation to protect consumer data privacy?

Seen on “Hungary Today.” “Tucker Carlson, One of most influential people on American political right couldn’t be at CPAC so sent video message saying “Hungary is free, decent & beautiful country that cares about its people..” Fox News didn’t mention it. Hoping we didn’t find out?

Marco Rubio is whining about his campaign emails supposedly going to spam & blaming it on Google because they supposedly favor Val Demings who he calls a “Pelosi Puppet.” Uh, Marco. 1. Demings is no one’s puppet. 2. Since GOP now is all about projection, whose puppet are you?

Ill wind…

May 21, 2022

Eleven home runs hit today at Wrigley Field in one game between Arizona Diamondbacks and Chicago Cubs. Well, guess we know the answer to one weather question.. was the wind at Wrigley blowing in or out?

Yes, great comeback story for the Golden State Warriors as they came back from 14 down at halftime to pull within two after three quarters – and then won 126-117.

But actually, Warriors only scored 25 in the third quarter. Tied their lowest quarter of the game. They came back because the Mavericks scored only 13. (including 2 of 13 on 3s.)

Say it ain’t so… Kate McKinnon is leaving SNL after this season.

All you need to know about today’s Catholic Church: SF Archbishop barred Nancy Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion due to her being pro-choice. While Church had no problem w/ Callista Gringrich, Newt’s mistress when he was married to his 2nd wife, being Ambassador to Vatican.

Media loves to complain that Democrats don’t have leaders. Different take – main stream media too lazy to cover leaders with real ideas, when scandal makes better clickbait. Maybe Bill Clinton’s genius was being a policy wonk who behaved badly enough to keep MSM’s interest.

Takeways from GOP PA Senate primary, where top 2 currently separated by about 1,000 votes out of over 1.3 million.

1. Your vote matters.

2. With 7 candidates, difference between Oz & McCormick is fewer than votes cast for any unknown fringe candidate. Don’t throw away that vote.

How long is it going to take before most Americans figure it out? GOP doesn’t actually want to have elections.

Since apparently this proposed takeover is an excuse to pay attention to everything Muskrat says… If some Democratic billionaire really wants to get a strong message out, perhaps they could fund a proposed counterbid for Twitter by Hillary Clinton?

I’m so old that I remember supporting a treasonous coup attempt might have gotten you condemned by the Republican party more than talking about orgies.

SF Archbishop Cordileone bans Pelosi from communion over abortion rights – “grave evil she’s perpetrating, scandal she’s causing & danger to her own soul.” Same Cordileone who won’t release official list of priests known to be credibly accused of child sexual abuse. Jesus wept.

While Abbott’s near-monopoly, especially with WIC low-income families, may take time to solve, looks like infant formula crisis is on it’s way to being solved. Good news, but begs the question – what will GOP and Fox pretend to be outraged about next?

Missed it by… more than that much.

May 20, 2022

While some of the 2022 NBA playoff series have are back and forth as far as which team wins each game, most of these individual games have all the drama of the Harlem Globetrotters vs the Washington Generals. #Blowouts

“But Manchin and Sinema” is a fact of life in the Senate. Now. If Democrats can hold their Senate seats and flip two, or more, in November, then two Senators matter a lot less.

So was the $1 billion Twitter breakup fee something the Muskrat might have figured was a small price to pay for months of being a headline? Asking for a country really tired of malignant narcissists.

Nick Saban has apologized for saying Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M “bought every player” in their top-rated 2022 recruiting class. Maybe why Saban was angry – he thought Texas A&M had outbid Alabama?

Velveeta Voldemort signed deal to get US out of Afghanistan by May 2021. Biden got blamed for collapse. Velveeta Voldemort’s Administration imposed quotas & tariffs on Canadian imports including infant formula in USMCA trade deal. Biden gets blamed for shortages. See the pattern?

Gas prices are soaring around the world- including in Europe – which relies heavily on gas from Russia. Wonder why no Republicans or conservative media mention that.

On a cheerier note, Arkansas GOP Senator John Boozman just gave a pretty gushing bipartisan speech especially thanking Debbie Stabenow, & Schumer for helping get infant formula bill to Senate floor.

Two thoughts.

  1. Good for Boozman.
  2. Pretty sure he’s NOT running for President

It was 84 degrees Thursday in Denver. United Airlines just sent travel agents “Rocky Mountain Winter Weather” for May 20 – 22, 2022 for expected major snow storm including Denver.

“Winter Weather.” In late May.

But no, we don’t have climate change issues in this country. #sarcasm

They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things & creatures & then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, & let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

Written about 100 years ago. True about many today..

Senator Warnock accurately said “some people don’t want some people to vote.” Becoming increasingly clear that some Republicans don’t want ANYONE to vote. Democracy is inconvenient for them.

Scoring at home.

May 18, 2022

The Calgary Flames beat their intra-Alberta rival Edmonton Oilers today in game one of their playoff series 9-6.

9-6? Did they somehow schedule the NFL playoffs at Coors Field?

SF Giants lost 5-3 to Rockies, failing to get their 13th straight win against Colorado.

Maybe just as well. The last time the Rockies lost 13 straight to ANYONE was 1993. Which for those who might wish to forget was when the Giants won 103 games and missed the playoffs. Because Colorado lost all 13 games to the Atlanta Braves. ONE win by the Rockies over the Braves would have put the Giants into a one-game playoff to get into the playoffs.

But no, Giants fans are not still bitter.

GOP Establishment is pretty happy about Madison Cawthorn losing his primary. But actually, how is he any worse for the Republican brand than Boebert and Marjorie Three Names.

Oh, that’s right, they didn’t mention cocaine orgies. Never mind.

Six days before GOP Georgia Gubernatorial primary, a Fox News poll has Brian Kemp leading David Perdue by 32 points. So the real question – WWVVB – Who will Velveeta Voldemort Blame?

Velveeta Voldemort now saying on Truth Social that “Dr. Oz should declare victory. It makes it much harder for them to cheat with the ballots that they ‘just happened to find.” Ok, so can New Orleans Saints just declare they won the 2019 NFC conference game AND the Super Bowl?

So apparently this new monkeypox is transmitted through sex. Well, seems like one way to reduce transmission would be to start limiting access to Viagra.

House passed Access to Baby Formula Act 414-9. Bill calls for reducing monopolies on kinds of formula low income families in WIC program can purchase. Opposition? GOP Reps. Biggs, Boebert, Gaetz, Gohmert, Gosar, Marge 3 Names, Higgins, Massie, Roy. Again 4 words – Pro Life My A**

Chuck Grassley rambling on the Senate floor today about preserving the filibuster. Well, maybe Chuck thinks he has standing because he remembers the first filibuster – by the Whigs, back in 1837.

So how is Fox News gonna try to blame Monkeypox on Hunter Biden.

Kathy Barnette said she won’t support Pennsylvania GOP Republican nominee if she loses. So does that mean now Barnette’s gonna support John Fetterman?

When did conservative media get so whiny? Fox bragging about Velveeta Voldemort’s endorsements yesterday admits “Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin handily lost bid to oust incumbent Republican Gov. Brad Little. Tr*mp endorsed Geachin last autumn, but did little to actively support her.”

He who laughs last?

May 18, 2022

Erik Spoelstra is coaching a Miami Heat team that looks like they might be going to the NBA finals. And Lebron James is sitting home watching. Just like everyone expected 11 years after that first “superteam” season.

Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi became third pitcher in MLB history to allow 5 home runs in one inning Tuesday night.

Shockingly, it wasn’t at Coors Field.

(It was at Fenway Park against the Astros.)

Meanwhile, tonight Brandon Crawford scored on a triple and a throwing error. Or as baseball parents know it “a Little League Inside the Park Home Run.”

SF Giants took a 10-2 lead at against the Rockies today and ended up hanging on to win 10-7 with the tying run at the plate in the 9th

So as they call that at Coors Field -” a laugher..”

So shouldn’t all election deniers be barred from declaring victories in elections?

Although who’s gonna be the first Republican to lose in the primary and claim the election was rigged?

Dr. Oz actually said last night “When you go to bed at night & put your head on that soft pillow, you know Oz will be doing exactly what you want him to do if he you were there next to him.” Uh, children & teens may have seen that on the news. And some are worried about books?

Of course with all Madison’s alleged cocaine orgy stories and now no reason to keep silent since the GOP establishment basically abandoned him and he lost his seat, thinking Cawthorn might want to stay away from windows.

Seeing some say that John Fetterman’s health might be an issue in the November Senate election in Pennsylvania. Fetterman appears to be on the road to a full recovery. But even an invalid would be more effective and useful than many “just say no” GOP members of Congress.

IF Abbott had several US infant formula competitors, as they do in Canada, then closing plant would have helped those competitors & hurt THEIR business. As opposed to now, when Abbott will just resume their dominant position after having hurt Americans. Antitrust matters.

Delta and United somehow just “randomly” increased their fuel surcharge on business class tickets from $1600 to $1700 on the same day. Don’t tell me or any travel agent that monopolies/oligopolies don’t hurt consumers.

Texas GOP rep Dan Crenshaw is anti-choice, pro-gun, refused to wear a mask during worst of pandemic & signed onto the Texas lawsuit that sought to overturn election results in four swing states.

But because he now supports aid to Ukraine he’s too reasonable for Tucker Carlson? It’s. A. Cult.

I’m so old I can remember being shocked that someone clearly so unqualified as George W Bush could be elected Governor and then President.

Altitude sickness?

May 17, 2022

SF Giants hung on for a 7-6 win.

But why does a one run lead against the Rockies at Coors Field going to the bottom of the 9th somehow feel like a tie game in the bottom of the 10th with that ghost runner on second?

After a blow-out loss game 7 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul says he plans to be back “next year.”

“Next year?”” The 2022-2023 regular season starts in about five MONTHS.

Newly signed Browns QB Deshaun Watson, accused of sexual misconduct by 22 women he hired as massage therapists, will meet with NFL officials this week. And no doubt the league will slap his hand really really hard.

Sometimes it feels like Democrats have cornered the market on political infighting… And then there’s Pennsylvania – Kathy Barnette said in a radio interview Monday she has “no intentions” of supporting EITHER Oz or McCormick if they win the GOP primary.

Oklahoma GOP Governor Kevin Stitt is warning state’s Native American tribes that if they allow abortion on sovereign land he will intervene..

So what part of “sovereign land” does Governor Stitt not understand?

Tommy Tuberville was on the Senate Floor complaining President Biden is against cryptocurrency, and that Americans should be able to invest their retirement as they choose. Does anyone think if asked Senator Tuberville could even EXPLAIN cryptocurrency?

Actuallyo today Tommy Tuberville was promoting his bill allowing Americans being able to put their 401ks into cryptocurrency. What’s next? A Tuberville bill to allow us to invest in tulip bulbs and Beanie Babies?

Chuck Schumer today calling out Fox News & Turker Carlson, for their “craven quest for viewers and ratings” He says for years they’ve been “stoking cultural grievance and political resentment that eerily mirrors the messages found in replacement theory.” Schumer is right.

Sorry, I love Stephen Colbert. But when he has Mark Esper on, another man who kept terrifying truths quiet to save them for his memoir, well, I change the channel. Call me old fashioned, but I believe in “Country over Book Sales.”

ICYMI, Texas has been dealing with VERY high temperatures & some power plants have already temporarily failed, Texans have been asked to limit electricity usage. But when power grid really fails, to which air-conditioned destination will Ted Cruz go?

There’s something underappreciated about the fact that many and in some cases most GOP candidates running now in elections are running against the idea of trusting elections.

Game 7s

May 16, 2022

Four game sevens today in basketball and hockey.

And if you are a fan of close games… hope you were watching NHL.

(Both NHL games went to OT, the closer of the two NBA games was decided by 28 points..

Some day the there will be a baseball trivia question “Once the DH was added, who was the first NL player to pitch and hit a home run in the same game?” And the answer will be the SF Giants’ Luis Gonzalez.

At one point in the midst of his two scoreless innings, SF Giants’ Luis Gonzalez threw a pitch at 45. Then one at 85. As ESPN announcer says, “the widest variance of any two pitches in the history of the game.” (And after a swing through strike at 85 he gets a popup on another 45 mph pitch.)

And then he hit a home run off Albert Pujols – “Just call me Ohtani.”

The Cincinnati Reds are looking at a historically bad season…

If they end up worse than the 120 loss 1962 Mets, Sunday might be a highlight/lowlight – a no-hitter LOSS to the Pirates. And to add insult to ingury… because the game was in Pittsburgh it was a complete game loss where Pirates didn’t need to bat in the 9th, and the no-hitter doesn’t count.

GOP wants to keep BOOKS they consider dangerous out of the hands of teenagers. But they are fine with assault weapons in the hands of teenagers.

We didn’t even get the mass shooting clock in America reset to one.

Don’t think all Republicans are racists. And not all GOP members of Congress represent deep red districts or states. So why are NONE of them after the Buffalo terrorist’s massacre condemning hateful white supremacy and the lie of the “Great Replacement Theory?”

Conservatives have been all over liberals anytime a politician or someone in media makes a comment viewed as incendiary and provoking violence.

And I admit that some liberals have said stupid things on occassion.

So why crickets from them on Tucker Carlson pushing “great replacement theory?”

Buffalo mass murder suspect said he was influenced by man who in 2019 murdered 51 people at New Zealand mosques & several others including the 2015 Charleston church murderer. Apparently, the killer forgot to name Tucker Carlson.

Aaron Salter was heroic security officer who was murdered at Buffalo supermarket. Salter was a TRAINED “good guy with a gun.” Who shot the killer to try to save lives. But the suspect had body armor so was unharmed. Is NRA going to say now our kids & teachers need body armor too?

Not a Pennsylvania voter and don’t claim to know everything about the Democratic Senate candidates. But I do know: John Fetterman is better than all GOP options Malcolm Kenyatta is better than all GOP options Conor Lamb is better than all GOP options #VoteBlueNoMatterWho