Follow even the Canadian money?

Kevin Gausman reportedly going to Toronto Blue Jays for 5 years $110 million, after NY Mets reportedly offered him more. Two thoughts as SF Giants fan.

1. Will miss Gausman but I think smart not to offer him THAT much $$.

2. Smart for Kevin not to join circus known as the Mets.

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley last night told reporters he was staying in Norman, adding “I’m not going to be the next coach at LSU.” Well, he was half-honest.

Today Riley accepted the coaching job at USC.

Alabama fell just to #4 in College Football rankings after barely coming back to beat 6-6 Auburn in 4 OTs. So if refs had called a couple intentional groundings or an OPI on Crimson Tide’s last drive in regulation, would Bama’s loss have dropped them all the way to #5?

So Aaron Rodgers lied about his vaccination status, which put his teammates & staff at risk. And Packers QB is back w/ no suspension & lesser fine than most players get for taunting & or wrong colored socks violations.

“If you’re a star they let you do it…”

Republican party in US now is not just rooting for the Former Guy over President Biden. They’re rooting for COVID over President Biden.

Fox News website actually has headline “CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s deal w/ Chinese company.” Apparently company gave Hunter a diamond worth $80,000. Well, gosh, I expect more Fox News reporting on 41 trademarks China granted to Ivanka.

Matthew McConaughey says he is not running for Texas Governor. I’d take some of these actors/celebrities turned wanna-be leaders more seriously if they’d first consider even a semi-training elected job like Lieutenant Governor.

Two things on the Omicron variant. 1. Do we know if it will end up to be really awful? No. 2. Are there some unidentified cases already in the US? Almost certainly, yes. Get vaccinated, get your booster shot.

SCOTUS now considering Texas and Mississippi anti-abortion laws. Can someone please (on-camera) ask GOP members of Congress who claim to be “pro-life.” why they are against Democrats’ Build Back Better, which includes things like pre-K and help with child care costs?

US Customs officials just seized nearly 4,000 glass bongs from China at Washington-Dulles airport. Sad news for thousands of Deadheads who thought they had already done their Christmas shopping.

A Guatemalan man wanted to get to the US so badly he flew 2 1/2 hours inside the landing gear of an American Airlines plane to Miami. And some snowflakes don’t think they can get through a flight wearing a mask.

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