Dream job$?

When Brian Kelly left Cincinnati, abandoning the Bearcats after he had told the team he was staying, and just before their first big bowl game (the 2010), his excuse was that Notre Dame was his “dream job.”

I guess dream$$$ change.

Brian Kelly last week asked about leaving Notre Dame “No. Mike Tomlin had best line. ‘Unless fairy godmother comes by w/$250 million check, my wife would want to take a look at it first. I’d have to run it by her.'” So I guess we know how much LSU is paying him.

USC issued apology for fans chanting “F*** the Mormons” chant during game against BYU – saying it was “distasteful” & “offensive.” If BYU wanted to respond they could’ve pointed out how distasteful & offensive it was for Trojans to lose this year to 3-9 Stanford by 2 TDs.

While SF Giants didn’t make any big free agent deals does it count as a good day when the Dodgers lose Max Scherzer AND Corey Seager?

So thinking SF Giants fans should now be rooting for Josiah Gray, Keibert Ruiz, Gerardo Carrillo and Donovan Casey. Those are the prospects Dodgers gave up for Trea Turner and as it turned out, two months of Max Scherzer.

Not that Jack Dorsey is perfect by a long shot. But if one of the CEO’s of a major social media company was going to step down, anyone but me wish it were the CEO of Facebook instead of Twitter?

GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson claims new Omicron variant is part of a Democratic plot to rig the next election. I’m so old I can remember when Rand Paul was the most insane member of Congress with the title “Dr.”

The Texas senator who blamed his daughters for abandoning his state (and his dog) during a deadly winter storm was on Fox News tonight attacking Dr. Fauci’s credibility.

Why there is no satire.

Meanwhile Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted “Bden banned travel from South Africa because of the new Covid variant. Immigrants have recently been apprehended crossing our border illegally from South Africa. Biden is doing nothing to stop immigrants from South Africa entering illegally. Pure politics and hypocrisy.

Uh, Greg. South America doesn’t even share a border with the United States. So who knew those banned books in Texas might have included geography books?

Wonder if Biden threatens to send all the vaccines that Republicans don’t want to Africa? We could find out which is a stronger part of GOP brand – making Democrats look bad vs. xenophobia.

Senate must approve annual defense policy bill. Should be easy vote. Of course GOP won’t defund military. But every hour, day or week GOP drags it out, is an hour, day or week, Dems can’t focus on BBB or voting rights. Time for Schumer to say Senate in session as long as needed!

If GOP were firefighters they’d tell Americans that fire extinguishers were dangerous, and then blame Biden when people’s homes burn down.

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2 Comments on “Dream job$?”

  1. Pete D. Says:

    Tuck the Frojans!

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