Not so merry-go-round

Now Notre Dame is looking for a new football coach.

For those trying to guess who it is, have any college football coaches today indicated they aren’t changing jobs?

Notre Dame is currently ranked #6. Fighting Irish AD Jack Swarbrick Tuesday: “I believe we’re one of the top four teams in the country. I think we can play with anybody.” Yeah, except Notre Dame DID play #4 Cincinnati. And they lost.

But what, besides not being in the top four with College Football Playoff Rankings, upsets THE Ohio State University more.

The fact that Michigan is in the top four

Or the fact that Cincinnati, the 2nd biggest university in Ohio (and also public) is ahead of them.

Big game last night between Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns, billed as a possible Western Conference championship playoff preview.

And hey, what could change between now and then? We’re only a little over six months until the conference finals in the playoffs, –

Official GOP tweets today five hours apart:

“Life is precious. Republicans will always stand for the sanctity of life.”

“NO Biden vaccine mandate!”

Siri, what is an oxymoron?

How many of these folks who are sure GOP will repudiate Gosar, Boebert and Greene were also sure Republicans would repudiate Velveeta Voldemort?

Mike Lee, again speaking against vaccine mandates “I’m vaccinated, my family is vaccinated, but it’s not my decision, and that decision shouldn’t be forced by the federal government. So he’s saying “My body, my choice.” Got it.

So would any GOP Senator who claims they are anti-abortion because they are “pro-life” like to explain why they are against BBB -which with universal pre-K and child care assistance helps actual parents and children?

I’m waiting.

WTAF? South Dakota Senator John Thune on Senate Floor talking about “radical abortion lobby,” and saying overturning Roe V. Wade will just return jurisdiction to the states. Of course, Thune knows wealthy women in South Dakota will just be able to drive or fly to Minnesota.

Shouldn’t be hard. If GOP is right that Americans will hate Build Back Better bill then they should stand aside and let Democrats pass it. Then in 2022 Americans can give their review of bill at voting booth. Oh, that’s right, GOP doesn’t want many of us to be able to vote.

Senator Cory Booker today on children now expecting school shooters “If we’re willing to truly love our children, we won’t just teach them fear…How many more times will members of this body have to speak on the floor about the unspeakable?”

His great speech got no attention on major media. Meanwhile, they all had stories about the latest craziness from the GOP crazies.

Dear media: Since ratings seem to be all you care about: Chris Christie has sold about 2,000 copies of his book.

You know whose book is a best seller & who sold over 500,000 copies of their last book?

Hillary Clinton

Maybe you should start giving HER the star treatment.

So the school shooting suspect (not using his name) in Oxford, Michigan is white. Though didn’t we already know that because he was arrested unharmed?

Can we please STOP using the name of the murder suspect in Michigan?

If we’re going to tweet names from Oxford on social media we should tweet these four:

Tate Myre

Madisyn Baldwin

Hana St. Juliana

Justin Shilling.

Thank you.

Again, almost no media coverage of Biden’s Infrastructure and Build Back Better speech Tuesday.

So if instead of giving a strong positive speech Joe included several ranting childish insults against his opponents THEN would media have covered it like one of Former Guy’s rallies?

Media: President & Democrats don’t talk enough to sell Build Back Better.

So yesterday, Biden brings Amy Klobuchar & Tina Smith on AF1 to Minnesota to talk & sell Build Back Better. Media: Let’s cover latest insanity from Boebert, Ghislaine Maxwell trial & Dr. Oz’s run for Senate.

Another marcher in GOP fraudulent residency parade:

Stephen Colbert last night reminded us.. “Dr. Oz may not just have fake medical claims, he may have fake Pennsylvania claims. He’s running there despite living in NJ for years.”

Georgia Senate candidate Hershel Walker lives in Texas..for starters

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