Not all lies are created equal

Let’s be honest. Sure, the NFL is suspending Antonio Brown while they didn’t suspend Aaron Rodgers. But does anyone think if Tom Brady did anything against COVID protocols that they’d suspend him either? “If you’re a star they let you do it…”

At this point maybe Saints should sign Colin Kaepernick. Not because I think Kap is a good QB, but just to p*ss off Goodell and the NFL.

When even Troy Aikman says it’s a terrible call on behalf of the Cowboys, you KNOW it’s a terrible call on behalf of the Cowboys. (blind side block call that wasn’t illegal, wiped out a great first New Orleans down.)

Don’t look now but the San Antonio Spurs have a three-game win streak.

(They’re not, however, going to get to four. Next game Saturday is against the Golden State Warriors.)

Pres. Biden travels with Senators Amy Klobuchar & Tina Smith to Minnesota to talk about infrastructure & BBB. Media responds w/ crickets.

VP Harris travels w/ Pete Buttigieg to N. Carolina to talk about infrastructure.

Media all over it- but only to talk about potential “rivalry.” So bleeping tired of clickbait CRAP.

All these sanctimonius GOP senators whining about cost to taxpayers of Build Back Better. Will some Democratic Senator please just stand up & say “ANYONE who supported multi-trillion cost to most taxpayers of Trump millionaire-billionaire tax cuts should STFU on this one.”

Nancy Pelosi on abortion issue. “Sometimes, I think they need a“session in birds & bees for some statements they make. As mother of five.. as I say to my colleagues, when you have 5 children in 6 years & 1 week, we can discuss this issue.”

Again – Speaker Pelosi is bad ass.

Amy Coney Barrett says other women can just carry a fetus to term.& go on with their lives.

Coney Barrett is from a wealthy family in New Orleans and has never had to worry a day in her life about health insurance. (Or for that matter about child care or paid leave if one of her pregnancies made it exhausting or impossible to work.)

In an interview with Fox, the man who allegedly ran down over 60 people and killed 6 in Waukesha says he’s being treated like a “monster.” Maybe because he IS a monster?

Not that Chuck Grassley is personally dangerous, except maybe to “pidgins,” but listening to this 88 year old man ramble on about fighting gun control legislation should confirm to reasonable people listening that some changes are desperately needed.

So if President Biden starts borrowing hyperactive kittens and lets one run loose at every press briefing and speech will the media start paying more attention to them?

Suburban Texas school district near Austin has banned Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.” The short story is less than 4,000 words. So if you’re not already outraged, read it & you will be. (GOP would clearly prefer kids not learn about ‘groupthink.’)

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