Then there were four?

Playoff schedule looks pretty set for College Football.

Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Cincinnati.

What’s going to upset Ohio State more. Having their arch rival Wolverines in the playoffs? Or the Bearcats, the team they haven’t deigned to consider a rival?

From Cincinnati’s little (40,000 capacity) Nippert stadium today… Alabama and Michigan hold more than 100,000, Georgia, 92,000.

Ok, as a Spurs fan I didn’t think tonight’s game vs the Warriors would be close. I guess 5 points isn’t that close. Wtf?

Regular reminder – if our votes didn’t matter, GOP wouldn’t be trying so hard to suppress them.

Periodic reminder: Supporting Democrats who fight for democracy in Congress doesn’t mean thinking they are perfect in office. But it means fighting for the right to throw those who don’t believe in democracy out of office.

So now that parents of school shooter were captured, their lawyers say they “fully intended to turn them in first thing this morning for arraignment.” Because disappearing & sparking a manhunt is what all innocent people do before turning themselves in?

If the school shooters’ runaway parents were black they wouldn’t have been arraigned Saturday. They’d be in the Detroit morgue.

The good news – many lives in Oxford Michigan were saved because students were so well-prepared with active shooter drills. The bad news – our kids need to be so well-prepared now withr active shooter drills. This doesn’t happen in other countries.82472

Again, your reminder that Florida Governor Ron Deathsantis won in 2018 by about 32,000 votes and Senator Rick Scott won by about 11,000. Florida doesn’t have to be a Gestapo state. But if you live in the state, vote in 2022 like your life depends on it. Because it does.

So Fox is gleeful about CNN firing Chris Cuomo over legal work he did for his brother. Yeah, what were the Cuomos thinking? Andrew should have just acted Presidential and had the Democrats pay his legal bills.

Not defending Chris Cuomo but his termination by CNN reminds us that Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing – that Democrats should be fired for bad behavior.

Right wing media up in arms today about President Biden’s cold. Gosh, I missed their outrage about the Former Guy testing positive for COVID and risking infecting both Biden and Gold Star families.

Senate vote was 69 to 28 to avert a government shutdown. On December 2. Can someone ask those 28 GOP Senators who voted “no” why they hate Christmas?

Mark Meadows KNEW Velveeta Voldemor tested positive for COVID before meeting Gold Star families & then debating Joe Biden. But Mark stayed quiet at time & waited to share information for his book. He deserves to sell even fewer than 2000 or so books sold by Chris Christie.

PSA: If you HAVE to post on social media about crazy women from Colorado & Georgia in Congress….can you offset it w/ positive tweets about good ones? For example if you haven’t already seen Jeanne Shaheen running out of f*cks to give with Tom Cotton…

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