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Some complaints about strength of schedule from “Power Five” conferences as far as College Football playoff seeding. But fact remains, most top schools don’t want to play top independents for their out of conference games.

Georgia played University of Alabama- Birmingham and Georgia Southern for out of conference games. Alabama played Mercer and New Mexico State.

Michigan played Western Michigan and Northern Illinois

As much as I can’t stand Notre Dame, they did schedule Cincinnati. (and no one knew how bad Stanford would be.)

The Saints have half their team injured, so their lousy play lately makes sense. But objectively looking at the rest of the NFL, there sure are a lot of mediocre football teams.

Need another reason to root for the #SFGiants? – This tweet from Giants manager Gabe Kapler.

“We cannot tell teachers that they have to teach a sanitized version of history. Scared and timid educators cripple their students, field or classroom.”

RIP Bob Dole. Not that I did or would have voted for him. But he always seemed like a decent guy. And Senator Dole had a rare gift I always admire in politicians – he could be really funny.

Joe Biden has ordered all US flags to fly at half-mast following death of Bob Dole. It’s so nice having a President.

As a Democrat who has nonetheless had a generally positive view of Bob Dole over the years, I admit I tell myself Dole’s support in his mid to late 90s of Velveeta Voldemort was just a sad sign of non-reported dementia.

Nowhere has immunity from COVIDiots. Marin County had highest US vaccination rate -over 78% on 11/5. “Parents notified by County HHS on 11/8, child tested positive- told to keep both home. They told no one & sent kid to school for 8 days.” #LockThemUp

Amy Klobuchar said this morning there have been over 160 carveouts to the filibuster. Voting Rights needs to be the next one.

For all who love “Miracle on 34th Street” as much as I do, imagine a 2021 version with GOP in charge: Louis DeJoy’s post office would have never delivered Kris Kringle’s letters. And Republicans would probably have made the evil Dr. Sawyer surgeon general.

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