RIP Medina Spirit, apparently of a heart attack after a workout.

A test last week might have shown there was no cause for disqualification in the Kentucky Derby. But regardless, the poor horse KNEW he won that race. Beat all 18 other horses. Hope he got to munch on a few of those roses at least.

From my friend Bill Littlejohn.

There were a couple of unusual, bizarre freak occurrences over the weekend. One,there was snow in Hawaii and,two,the Detroit Lions won a game.

Unbelievable… the Lions won?

But Snow in Hawaii. Can we say heaven froze over?

Late last night, Michael Che joked at the Kennedy Center Honors “there’s no way Joe’s still awake right now.” The President laughed. Velveeta Voldemort would have fired off a half dozen furious tweets saying SNL should have fired Che by now.

Today’s Former Guy fundraising email, listing things he was supposedly right about… “We did produce vaccines before the end of 2020, in record time I might add.” Has anyone told him you can’t take credit for something you’re telling your supporters to be against?

Remember being 6th grader in Toronto & being fascinated by Marshall McLuhan’s idea – “The medium is the message.” But even acknowledging Democrats not being perfect, with MSM amplifying only outrage, have we moved now to “the media is the message?”

Reducing prescription drug prices & capping cost of insulin are incredibly popular w/ American public. But media spending more time covering Former Guy & his GA Senate endorsement, than President Biden’s speech about doing both. Tell me again why it’s a “messaging problem.”

Ooh, this might be good news:

Reports that “Marc Short, the former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, is cooperating with the January 6 committee.” I hope Short has a food taster.

More good news: Devin Nunes isn’t just retiring at the end of his term. He’s stepping down at the end of December. Now, the district has been R+8… But at LEAST until the special election, that’s one less GOP vote in the House.

While I’m glad to have him out of Congress…care less that Devin Nunes will be running Velveeta Voldemort’s new media company than I want to know the answer to one question – Who’s funding the company?.

Attorney for the Oxford school shooter’s parents say they were not on the run they were just scared. I like “somebody pushed me into a lifeboat” better.

Dear Media: A year after the 2016 election you weren’t giving nonstop coverage to the Democratic Presidential candidate. And Hillary Clinton, unlike Velveeta Voldemort, actually won the popular vote.

Chuck Schumer today on Executive nominations: “Regrettably, if GOP colleagues continue their holds on various individuals, Senators should prepare for possibility of late nights & votes on weekends. The President deserves his team, we will spend whatever time we need.” It’s about time.

Also about time -Chuck Schumer – talking about VOTING RIGHTS(!) & other issues. “A lot of work to do, it will likely take weekends and late nights to get it done. But we’ll continue forging ahead on behalf of the American people.”

Schumer IS majority leader. Sometimes I think he forgets that.

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