Bad sports.

Aaron Rodgers says he doesn’t regret the “I still own you” boast he made about the Chicago Bears back in October.

It’s an invitation for karma and retribution to make that kind of comment about a professional team….. which is I guess Rodgers felt safe making it about Da Bears.

The NHL Arizona Coyotes have been having a running battle with the city of Glendale involving a new arena they are planning to build in Tempe. Now Glendale informed the team that it plans to lock the Coyotes out of Gila River Arena if the club does not pay its delinquent tax bills and unpaid arena charges by Dec. 20.

Poor Oakland A’s. They can’t even win the “biggest battle with their city over an aging stadium” contest.

Starting January 15, unvaccinated NBA players will no longer be able to play in Canada. Suddenly find myself hoping the Toronto Raptors end up in the playoffs.

Stephen Colbert on Fox’s Christmas Tree Flambee “Of course, it would never have happened if the tree had a gun.”

Dear Santa. Am I on the naughty list for still laughing at the Fox Christmas tree on fire?

If so, it still might be worth it.

Learned playing trivia last night that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a serious philatelist. Can you imagine the Fox and Newsmax headlines about that now?

As awful as it is that many Americans can’t afford insulin, GOP would have already agreed to do something about prescription drug prices if the unaffordable drug was Viagra.

So if one of the domestic terrorists on Jan 6, instead of just attacking police officers, had attacked a 2020 Christmas tree still standing in the U.S. Capitol, THEN would Fox News and GOP have condemned them?

All you need to know on now much Senate Republicans are trying to obstruct Biden and Democrats’ agenda: They dragged it out for a time wasting 58-41 vote to confirm Biden’s nominee to run….. AmeriCorps?!

So Ron Johnson is suggesting to disciples that mouthwash will prevent COVID.

Fine. When they get COVID they just gargle with mouthwash at home instead of risking hospital workers – since they don’t believe in medical science anyway? Would work for me.

So all these GOP Senators plus Manchin and Tester who are against private employers having vaccine mandates…. I assume they are okay with those employers removing COVID healthcare coverage for unvaccinated workers? Freedom and all that.

So while Americans were freaked out about cruise ships and sporting events, who had the possible COVID super-spreader event of 2021 as an ANIME convention?

So many of Biden’s nominations come down to 1 or 2 votes. And today, Rachael Rollins as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts is a 50-50 party-line tie that VP has to break. Sinema and Manchin drive me crazy too. But they ARE better than Republicans.

Ted Cruz trying to politicize the tragedy in Waukesha & blame it on Democrats. I agree with him that suspect shouldn’t have been out on bail after a domestic violence arrest. So why is Ted Cruz still preventing a vote on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act?

Ted Cruz also actually claims Joe Biden is giving gifts to Russia. Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

But Again and not for the last time…. you know who wasn’t afraid of testifying in response to a subpoena? Hillary Clinton.

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