Hanging on…

Not quite 28-3 in a Super Bowl but Minnesota Vikings almost blew a 29-0 third quarter lead tonight. They hung on to win 36-28, on a dropped Steelers pass in the end zone as time expired.

If Vikings had lost the game would they have gotten a case of generic beer sent to their locker room by the Atlanta Falcons?

Today it’s a Federal Appeals Court denying his efforts to block documents from the January 6 committee.

Even the Detroit Lions have one more win this week than Velveeta Voldemort.

I did not have “Powerpoint Coup” on my 2021 Batshit Bingo list.

Oregon Ducks trying to bring back Chip Kelly …even though their former football coach received an 18-month show cause penalty from the NCAA & Oregon was placed on three years of probation for major recruiting violations after Chip left for the NFL starting 2013.So do the Ducks think Kelly has reformed? Or that he’s learned how to cheat better?

When you’re so crazy a mouthwash company has to issue a statement. #RonJohnson

“LISTERINEĀ® Antiseptic is not intended to prevent or treat COVID-19 and should be used only as directed on the product label.

NO problem w/ Jussie Smollett guilty verdicts. Faking hate crimes makes it less likely real victims are believed. But right wing media for some reason far more concerned w/ Smollett than Josh Duggar being convicted of possessing awful child pornography. Wonder why?

GOP on vaccine mandates – We can’t tell corporations what to do. Corporations are people. GOP on abortion – We CAN tell women what do to. Women aren’t people?

Senator Josh Hawley rants about accountability. Says 13 US deaths in Afghanistan are reason he’s holding up confirmation of Biden’s State & Defense department nominees. There were over 2400 US deaths in Afghanistan. How about accountability for those who got us into war in 1st place?

Fox News is going to keep a single Christmas Tree being set on fire a top headline longer than they did those four kids shot to death in Michigan.

Stephen Colbert on Fox’s Christmas Tree Flambee -“Of course, it would never have happened if the tree had a gun.”

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