Changing places.

Bowl season hasn’t even started yet and I’m guesstimating over a dozen coaches who will have agreed to leave for another team before their 2021 bowl game. Wonder if their farewell speeches will be about team and loyalty?

Auburn Tigers’ men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl was suspended TWO whole games, and the team but on probation but no postseason ban over “not promoting an atmosphere of compliance.” (A former assistant coach was arrested and charged with seriously illegal recruiting violations.

It’s the 2nd time Pearl has been sanctioned by NCAA; he was given a 3-year show-cause penalty in 2011 while at Tennessee over illegal recruiting, and Auburn hired him anyway.

So the NCAA is slapping Bruce & the Tigers’ hands really hard?

The hardest Saturday of the fall for football fans. Only the Army-Navy game for FBS college football. But for fans of amateur football the Jets and Jaguars play early games on Sunday.

Has Fox News hired Kyle Rittenhouse to protect their Christmas Tree yet?

Fox News is still insisting the Christmas Tree fire was some sort of attack on America. For fun can someone point out to them everyone singing “O Christmas Tree” is actually singing a German song? (O Tannenbaum)

So if SCOTUS has decided states can do unconstitutional things, including bounties, what laws should blue states start passing?

For all media is focused on inflation, how many millions of Americans would not still be in their homes and/or able to afford food at all this Christmas if not for Biden and the Democrats’ stimulus bills?

Every media outlet leading with the story about COVID 19 spikes in hospitalizations and deaths in many states should be required to include in their lead that almost all the serious cases are among the unvaccinated.-

Joe Biden, asked about SCOTUS Texas decision, responded that he’d been at Bob Dole’s funeral for three hours and hadn’t read it. “I’m not going to comment on something I don’t know.”

What a concept. “I’m not going to comment on something I don’t know.”

How silent would the Former Guy have been with that mantra?

Amy Klobuchar has a bill with Josh Hawley as cosponsor against monopolistic behavior by major digital platforms, & another with Tom Cotton to stop anti-competitive big-tech acquisitions. Sitting next to Ted Cruz at Bob Dole’s completes her ironwoman triathlon of bipartisanism. Am in awe.

Quote today on CNN from Bob Dole after his 1996 Presidential election loss to Bill Clinton. Dole went on the Late Show and David Letterman asked “Bob, what have you been doing lately?” “Apparently not enough.” I’m so old I remember when Republicans could be good losers.

In Bob Dole’s farewell letter to a staffer, read by his daughter, he wrote that he didn’t fear death, saying that he thought “heaven would look a lot like Kansas”.. adding “he would hope to see, like others before me, if I will still be able to vote in Chicago.”

Sometimes it’s the little things. My phone now knows enough to do autofill for “Deathsantis.”

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