Curling or Curdling?

An Olympic qualifying curling tournament in the Netherlands was blacked out for US viewers because tournament sponsor EasyToys had their logo embeded in the ice & on ads surrounding rink. EasyToys is a sex toys website. Yes, we live in a country founded by Puritans.

But hey, I see a great curling ad campaign – “Get your rocks off”

After Jaguars were shut out 20-0, Urban Meyer denied reports of acrimony in Jacksonville clubhouse and his being a bad boss -“If there is a source, that source is unemployed.” That is, if Meyer is still employed to fire him.

A theme in Ted Lasso season one is if Richmond will be relegated after season’s end which in soccer means going down to a lesser league. Wonder if Detroit Lions might play with more motivation if after 2021 season they could be relegated to the Canadian Football League?

Dr. Fauci says “Annual vaccine booster shots are a possibility with COVID 19.” Right wing media is apoplectic. I’m thinking, cool, does this mean I get another 10% Safeway coupon every year like I do with my annual free flu shot?

Fox News headlines- “Liberal governor defies party’s tricks – declares COVID pandemic ‘over'” Uh, not exactly. CO Gov. Jared Polis said the “emergency is “over” & he’s against statewide mask mandate since if people aren’t vaccinated now it’s their “own darn fault” if they get sick.

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach isn’t happy w/ NFL-bound players’ leaving teams before bowl games. “One of biggest absurdities I’ve seen, it’s selfish, too…You owe it to your team, you owe it to your fans.” Missed Leach’s rant about COACHES leaving before bowl games.

So with Chris Wallace leaving for CNN can he be replaced on Fox News by Chuck Todd?

Amy Klobuchar didn’t just take high road when asked on CNN’s State of the Union about sitting next to Ted Cruz at Bob Dole’s funeral, reminding us that Dole WAS about civility, but she also pointed out Ted Cruz IS vaccinated. Most of GOP Senators aren’t stupid. They just think their voters are.

So did Ted Cruz not wear a mask at Bob Dole’s funeral today because someone told him the COVID can only be transmitted by humans?

Actually SNL in the cold open had Aidy Bryant as Ted Cruz being the maskless jerk at Dole’s funeral. Maybe Rachel Dratch wasn’t available to play Amy Klobuchar but would have loved to see her in the skit accepting a medal just for spending hours sitting next to Cruz period.

Dr. Oz in 2020, reopening schools during pandemic “may only cost us 2-3% in terms of total mortality.” Approx 48 million kids in public schools alone K-12 in US. So Dr. Oz would’ve been fine w/ over million kids dying. Now he’s running for Senate as “pro-life” Republican.

“The Librarian” is dark comedy 2004 thriller by Larry Beinhart (who wrote “American Hero” – basis for “Wag the Dog”). Plot involves group of rich & ruthless right-wingers trying to help a President steal re-election. Loved the book. But liked it better when concept was fiction.

So if someone could put that Power Point presentation to steal the election on a laptop and put Hunter Biden’s name on it, would the media start seriously covering the story?

Seeing headlines like “once-a-century” storm after yesterday’s tornadoes in Kentucky and other states. Uh, when these “once-a-century” storms are happening several times a year, maybe it’s time for EVERYONE to acknowledge the reality of climate change.

How insane were the four years from January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2021? It shouldn’t be news that a President immediately sent disaster aid to a state that didn’t vote for him. But now it is.

Just heard a bit of Biden’s speech about the awful devastation in Kentucky: “This is one of those times that we aren’t Democrats or Republicans… Sounds like hyperbole but it’s real. We’re all Americans. We stand together as the United States of America.” It’s nice having a President of the United States again.

Non-snarky PSA NY Times article last week says Amazon, through its own platform and subsidiaries, controls as much as 2/3 of the new and used book market. If you’re buying books this Christmas, please buy local… or if online, from an independent bookstore’s own site.

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