LSU upset #15 Texas A&M so will end season with 6-6 record and be bowl eligible

But coach Ed Orgeron, who has already announced he is leaving, said he won’t coach in the game.

Gosh, means Ed could miss the Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl or the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Yes, Stanford got creamed by Notre Dame tonight. But Cardinal fans got to tailgate in 70 degree weather. Watched Ohio State – Michigan earlier today. . It was SNOWING in Ann Arbor.


CFB Playoffs, really? Not only is The Ohio State University now not the best team in the Big 10. They’re not even the best team in Ohio. (Cincinnati Bearcats.)

ESPN reports Michigan State football team is dealing with a flu outbreak impacting players today before today’s game against Penn State. Wonder if MSU players got their flu shots?

11 college football FBS teams won their sixth game this weekend and are now bowl eligible. But there are 83 bowl eligible teams for 82 spots. What a tragedy for some 6-6 team who will just miss the post season.

So conservative media freaking out about a COVID variant that originated in a country with low vaccination rates. While they keep fighting vaccine mandates at home. Very on brand.

I get it with Fox News but CNN has more headlines on their website about Marjorie Three Names and Lauren Boebert than they do about President Biden and other Democrats. Do better @CNN

Yes, there’s COVID surge – but why is THIS about 15th paragraph in Washington Post story? “Hospitals in Michigan, like other states w/ recent surges, largely filled w/ people who haven’t gotten vaccine. Unvaccinated made up about 3/4-quarters of cases, hospitalizations & deaths.”

Quick, name a member of Congress who isn’t your own Representative or Senator. If you come up with one of the women (or men) who have made a name for themselves by being outrageous on a regular basis maybe you’ve been paying too much attention to media clickbait.

If you want to drive a car on the road with other people, you need to PROVE you can get a license & have insurance. Not enough to do your own research & believe you’re a safe driver who doesn’t need a licence or insurance. So why not a vaccine mandate to fly commercially?

Media loves headlines like this “Black Friday sales kick off the holiday shopping season, but expect to pay more this year.” Where are the headlines? “With Democratic stimulus bill, unemployment down & wages up this holiday shopping season, Americans have more money to spend.”

PSA: If you’re doing Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping online, it’s much better for small businesses if you shop on THEIR website directly, not Amazon. Seriously. Now back to snark.

Something else to be thankful for this weekend. I can’t honestly remember if our President has tweeted anything. Isn’t it glorious?

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