Post turkey

Now it’s not just frustrated Detroit fans who are mad at their team. Chicago Bears fans know the Lions might have kept THEIR team from firing coach Matt Nagy.

Saints didn’t quite have half their team injured tonight against the Bills.

But sure felt like it. New Orleans as a team is highly vaccinated, but if there were ever a game where you throw up your hands and say, “Fine, we forfeit, let’s go eat dinner.”

Fox News: “Bidens spending Thanksgiving holiday at private equity billionaire’s compound in Nantucket, prompting GOP to slam him as out of touch as inflation soars to three-decade high.” Gosh, missed their outrage at Velveeta Voldemort spending holiday at $160 million Mar-A-Lago.

As a longtime Democrat, my email box is overloaded today w/ positive happy Thanksgiving messages from various politicians. But because someone at my office donated, am also on The Former Guy’s email list. Their email – from Don Jr – is hawking $45 “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts.

Someone we should be thankful for is Nancy Pelosi – getting things done for all Americans, no matter who they voted for.

And for all the crap President Biden gets about his age…. Speaker Pelosi is older. But she really proves sometimes age is just a number.

This from Fox News “the former Republican president’s statement, which was shared on Twitter by his spokeswoman, Liz Harrington.” Uh, if you’re banned from Twitter should you be allowed to have spokewoman share your statements? Asking for a tired country.

So if MAGAs were fine with Melania’s $50,000 Dolce and Gabbana jacket and $75,000 Hermes Birkin bag because she was a spouse, does that mean Doug Emhoff could have bought Kamala a dozen expensive French pots & they’d have been good with it?

And to all my readers who’ve stuck with this little blog for so many thanksgivings. Thankful for you. You are the reason I write.

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