Different strokes

You KNOW if Aaron Rodgers were some average offensive lineman who lied about his vaccination status and broke protocols he’d be suspended for the season.

And if he were on a team like the Saints, his coach would probably have been suspended too.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was fined $14,650 over his lies about being vaccinated for COVID. Well, all Aaron did was put his teammates, Green Bay staff and their families at risk: It’s a good thing Rodgers didn’t do something really serious, like wear the wrong color socks.

An important detail on Aaron Rodgers: NFL does not have vaccine mandate. League does have rule about telling the truth. There are protocols for unvaccinated players. Rodgers was unvaccinated, lied, and acted like he was vaccinated. That’s VERY different.

So yeah, one-loss OSU is ahead of undefeated Cincinnati in College Football Playing Rankings. Put it down to Big Ten bias…

But Michigan is ahead of Michigan State?! If only there were some on the field comparables. Oh wait, never mind.

(for those who don’t follow college football, MSU beat Michigan 37-33 a couple weeks ago.)

Sad news, Brian Williams is retiring. Sadder news, Chuck Todd isn’t retiring.

Since trains are part of Biden and Democrats infrastructure bill, how long until Ted Cruz picks a fight with Thomas the Tank Engine?

A federal judge ruled that United Airlines’ vaccine mandate for employees can stand. So where are all the Republicans applauding a corporation’s ability to make choices based on their beliefs?

Velveeta Voldemort has lashed out at GOP House members who backed infrastructure bill: Possible Democratic campaign ad – Trump wants your bridges to fall down.

Not sure who will be the first to be arrested for defying a subpoena from the January 6 committee but put their perp walk on Pay Per View and we could go a long way towards paying for Build Back Better.

Fox News is all over Barack Obama mistakenly using “Emerald Isles” as a nickname for Scotland at COP 26. Funny, I missed their outrage when Velveeta Voldemort called Ireland part of the UK.

For those with friends or family who are anti-vaccine, remind or tell them that Fox News pundits and folks like Ted Cruz ARE vaccinated. They aren’t stupid. They just think we are.

Terrifying to think in this country there are actually people who thought George Floyd deserved to die for passing a counterfeit $20, but Kyle Rittenhouse should walk free for killing two people.

Reminder. Even if you believe that a kid with a military style assault weapon didn’t realize how much damage it could do, Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t drop the gun crying and in shock when he killed a man. He ran, kept shooting, killed someone else and injured a third person.

On Late Show, Stephen Colbert brings up Ted Cruz’s starting a feud with Sesame Street over Big Bird simply tweeting about being vaccinated. “Senator Cruz, how should I put this – This show is brought to you tonight by the letters F and U.”

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