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Scott Boras whining about Braves – saying they got their World Series title as a result of other teams tanking:

“Rules allowed them to be less-than-.500 team at Aug. 1, add 4-5 players from teams that no longer wanted to compete..and at very little cost change entirety of their team & season.” Funny, Boras didn’t seem upset when Dodgers got Scherzer AND Trea Turner from Nats.

Boras reps Scherzer but seriously is Boras stupid or does he think we are? = “We saw this unfold to the detriment of teams that create at vast expense, planning and intellect and won over 100 games….”

Odell Beckham Jr, may not decide until after Sunday who to sign with, as he wants to see results of another week’s game.   ESPN reports he wants to spend  rest of this season with a playoff contender and in a winning environment.Uh, but wonder how many teams could have a “winning environment”  until OBJ and his attitude show up?

Some folks still attacking Alec Baldwin for insufficient self-flagellation over accidentally killing someone with a gun he thought was loaded with blanks. Many of the same folks are filled with sympathy for Kyle Rittenhouse. Who at the very least knew he was firing real bullets.

As Chris Christie gets his own series on CNN once again we see that the way to get airtime in politics has nothing to do with effectiveness and everything to do with creating drama.

Wonder how many of folks screaming about inflation are the same folks screaming about stopping immigrants from taking American jobs? And same folks also against higher wages for workers? Guess like Elaine Chao they think poor Americans should work cheaply as a patriotic duty.

Defense eyewitness today claims Kyle Rittenhouse last August “clearly attempts to de-escalate the situation, and he actually is successful.” If you consider people permanently de-escalated when they are dead.

That same “eyewitness” in Kyle Rittenhouse is a guy named Drew Hernandez, who tweeted the night before shooting that BLM is a “terrorist organization” and just this week tweeted about a “skirmish” between vaccine mandate protesters and ANTIFA losers.” WTAF?

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