Game on

College Football Playoff Committee: We can’t rank teams like Cincinnati because of strength of schedule.

Also College Football Playoff Committee: Next week we will rank one-loss Alabama higher because they are taking on a nonconference powerhouse like 1-8 New Mexico State this weekend.

But you REALLY know undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats get no respect when ESPN2 cuts away from game for World Cup qualifying match.

Stephen Colbert compares not being vaccinated to wearing a Yankees cap to a Red Sox game at Fenway – “It’s not going to end well, and it’s your own damn fault.”

(vice versa works too.)

Jon Gruden is suing NFL saying that the league “selectively leaked his private correspondence -(out of over 650,000 emails in an investigation into the Washington Football team) s to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times in order to harm Gruden’s reputation and force him out of his job,”

Translation “I’m a douchebag but I’m not the only one?”

WTAF? – A Newsweek op-ed “America Has Moved on From COVID. Why Can’t Biden?” – by James Lynch “recent college graduate.” Uh, still over 1,000 Americans a day and about 760,000 have “moved on” permanently.

A thought about US labor shortage. Years ago I knew number of undocumented immigrants working illegally in California. They hadn’t come via Southern border, but rather had overstayed visitor/student visas. White young men & women from England.

COVID stopped that and other countries’ “visitors” to US


Per Washington Post -“Austria threatening to apply lockdown measures to unvaccinated Austrians to stem COVID surge. “’I don’t see why two-thirds should lose their freedom because one-third is dithering,’” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said. Shame we can’t do this in USA!

If you want your 15 minutes of fame right now, a real good way is to be one of a very small minority of people getting fired over vaccine mandates. Of course, the resulting TV interview or news article might have to be played at your or a loved one’s funeral.

Fox News headline “Kyle Rittenhouse mocked by Hollywood after tearful display on stand: ‘Terrible f—ing actor.” Gosh, missed Fox News outrage when Donald Trump Jr. sold T-shirts mocking Alec Baldwin for killing someone with a gun (unlike Rittenhouse), he didn’t know was loaded.

Steve Bannon has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on two counts of contempt of Congress. If government arrests him and puts the perp walk on Pay-Per-View we could put a big dent in the cost of Build Back Better!

If White House documents exonerated Velveeta Voldemort from wrong doing on January 6 he’d be having those documents read out loud nightly on Fox News.

Aaron Rodgers’ father said yesterday he is “proud of the stance his son has taken on COVID-19 vaccines.” Okay, maybe it’s genetics and not CTE?

Karen Pence doesn’t want her husband having dinner with another woman but she’s silent when his former boss said it was ok for rioters to shout “Hang Mike Pence.”

Meanwhile, over in Fox News world, Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother complained to Hannity that Joe Biden “defamed” him, and that her son has “a lot of healing to do” and experiences nightmares. Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum will never have nightmares again.

Amy Klobuchar on The Last Word, reminds us even GOP election officials are facing threats. One got letter in PA naming his young children, saying they would be “fatally shot.”

The result of these threats: “a democracy on fire.” Amy says threats to election workers should be federal crime. I agree.

Apparently in Kansas, some anti-vaxxers are showing up to municipal meetings wearing yellow stars,

And most of them would have been protesting had the US offered to take in Jewish refugees trying to escape Europe in WWII.

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