Cardinal sins

Suppose as a Stanford football fan can at least thank the team for not giving us a tough decision this year – is COVID under control enough to risk attending a bowl game?

Only consolation on how absymal Stanford’s football team has looked lately is that they still do have 2021 bragging rights on Oregon Ducks, a team who appears likely to make the CFB playoffs.

New Orleans Saints were fined $500,000 & lost a draft pick after some players posted videos of ONE maskless locker room celebration when they beat Tom Brady’s Bucs 38-3 last year. Aaron Rodgers has been lying all year about his vaccine status, was fined $14,000 & is back Sunday.

Ben Roethlisberger was placed on COVID-19 reserve list and will miss tomorrow’s game. Not that I can stand the guy but at least he’s vaccinated. Of course, we’ve watched NFL with Rodgers and since Big Ben is a star the league would probably let him back after a week anyway..

Glenn Youngkin, talking about his election as VA Governor. Parents from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, said ‘My kids matter.’ And we said ‘yes they do!’” Now wait until he figures out 30 different parents have 30 different ideas on what their kids should be taught.

Can anyone imagine if a Democratic politician’s 17 year old son or daughter had tried to vote illegally? Twice? #glennyoungkin

Odell Beckham Jr. signed Thursday with the Rams, Friday Los Angeles WR Robert Woods tore his ACL in a “freak accident” in practice. So maybe karma isn’t a fan of OBJ’s attitude either?

Okay, never got the Pumpkin Spice Latte gene. But watching SNL talk about Bud Light Seltzer Eggnog Flavor makes pumpkin-flavored coffee sound good by comparison.

Every media outlet that quotes Chris Christie trying to reinvent himself as the anti Velveeta Voldemort should lead with “Despite being one of first major political figures to endorse Trump, Chris Christie is now trying to position himself as a GOP alternative for the future.

Some anti-vaxxers wearing yellow stars to compare themselves to Jews during WWII. Otto Frank tried for 3 yrs starting in 1938 to emigrate to US w/ family including daughter Anne. But USA had anti-Jewish refugee sentiment then. Guessing these anti-vaxxers also anti-refugee now.

Scary thought. If you knew nothing about what happened on the night of August 25, 2020 in Kenosha and read about it only on Fox News and conservative social media, you’d assume that Kyle Rittenhouse was a young and innocent victim, a hero even.

A Republican party that thinks its policies are what a majority of Americans want has nothing to fear from voting rights. Period.

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