Da choke

Da Saints would like to thank Da Bears for putting on maybe a more even impressive display of putting together a stirring comeback and then managing to blow it in the last minute. And in prime-time on Monday Night Football even!

Interesting – many of Dodgers fans’ Twitter posts all season called for Dave Roberts to be fired because of how he was managing the bullpen & lineup. Tonight they’re bitching he wasn’t nominated for Manager of the year.

Apparently NFL teams employ psychologists to help them evaluate draft picks’ readiness for being mature and able to handle the stress and temptations of being a professional football player. Seems like the Raiders need to re-evaluate their evaluator.

(One top 2020 draft pick charged with felony DUI resulting in death, another cut after he was filmed threatening woman with a gun.)

Lots of punts yesterday by Green Bay against the Chiefs with Aaron Rodgers out due to COVID. None as bad a punt as State Farm

So State Farm is fine with Aaron Rodgers’ lies. Wonder what their response would be to someone with a “Good Driver” discount filing a claim if it turned out they had multiple accidents & tickets but said “Well, I consider myself a good driver.”

So how long until some Republican goes after Kermit the Frog? Because isn’t singing “It’s not easy being green” clearly some color-based racism?

So after four years of promises and nothing done, Democrats in their first year get a major infrastructure bill passed. And the CNN Monday headlines are all about Biden’s negative poll numbers. The media would both sides a mobius strip.

Xfinitywas down tonight for over an hour. No TV no internet. And I survived. Hade my beloved and ancient Blackberry Key One. But I challenge anyone who claims broadband access isn’t a necessary part of infrastructure to try suddenly being without it.

Trying to wrap my head around what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had her campaign staff call electors to tell them to overturn the 2016 election.

WTAF? Terry McAuliffe lost VA election in part because of stupid statement to parents. Can Dems use this line Josh Hawley said to men when he runs for re-election? “Spending your time on video games, watching porn online.. is not good for you, your family, or this country.”

So with all the pressing issues facing our country right now has anyone in GOP attacked Bert and Ernie’s living arrangements this week yet?

Elaine Chao:”5 million people left workforce & because of COVID, some retired early, some decided not to come back. Going to need these workers to do their patriotic duty to come back & help economy. Can we start referring to Elaine & husband Mitch as “Lord & Lady Douchbag?”

Pete Buttigieg, talking about family leave. “It’s not time off, it’s time to do work. Good work, joyful work…” And as anyone who’s ever taken care of a newborn knows… HARD work.

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