Any given Sunday?

For all the media has been obsessed all week with how pollsters predicted what turned out to be a close New Jersey Gubernatorial race would be a blowout, don’t think the pollsters messed up any worse than oddsmakers for Sunday’s NFL games.

Bounties on other players, which could result in injury, were enough cause for NFL to punish Saints with fines, suspensions and loss of draft picks. So why should lying about a QB’s vaccine status, which could result in illness and/or death, not be cause for the same?

On a positive if bittersweet note thinking back on Buster Posey’s retirement last week: Buster hasn’t just been HOF talent as catcher & team leader, he’s one of few people in any field who was honest in saying they were retiring to spend time with their family. #SFGiants

Instead of Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers would have even gotten better advice on COVID-19 from Jake from State Farm.

Not sure how the infrastructive bill money will be allocated but seems fair that since many in the GOP think it’s a socialist waste of money that they voluntarily put water, roads and bridges in their districts last.

Whoever “your” NFL team is, it’s almost always a good day whenever the Cowboys lose

Not a fan of “The Squad,” but Nancy Pelosi knew EXACTLY how many votes she needed to pass Infrastructure bill. If she had needed votes, Madam Speaker would have gotten them to vote yes. But she let them please their bases. Media won’t tell you that. Discord is better clickbait.

Things GOP will tell you aren’t dangerous: aging roads and bridges, lead pipes, dirty water, not having internet.

Things GOP will tell you are dangerous: Masks and vaccines. #InfrastructureWeek

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2 Comments on “Any given Sunday?”

  1. Marge Rudman Says:

    I’ve been a Dodger fan for 65 years (and counting). Have always admired the Giants anyway and Buster Posey in particular. He is (hard to say “was”) a splendid player whom I admired even when he was exercising his expertise against my Dodgers. May his retirement be rich in life’s blessings.

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