Florida Gators now 4-5 & ESPN resports coach Dan Mullen said between 20-30 players missed practice during the week because they had the flu. So is Ron DeSantis’s anti-vax attitude keeping folks in Florida from getting flu shots now too?

So two defensive stands by Cincinnati Bearcats in the last 2 minutes, one with Tulsa at the 11, one at the 3, and they hang on to win 28-20 to remain undefeated. Headline on this one “S*ck it, College Football Playoff committee!”

Someone brought a sign to ESPN Gameday in Cincinnati – We could beat the Bengals and they wouldn’t let us in the College Football Playoff.

Now that seems like a bit of a stretch. If the Bearcats beat the Bengals that would probably count as a quality win.

Beating say, the Detroit Lions, however, might hurt Cincinnati’s strength of schedule.

Reportedly Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is ‘furious’ over leak that revealed he is unvaccinated. Wonder how furious his teammates and opponents are to know they’ve been playing with and against an unvaccinated liar?

So Big Bird is trending because he flew south for the winter during a terrible storm and abandoned his constituents for a vacation? Oh wait, sorry, that was Ted Cruz.

Colin Jost nails it on Weekend Update on SNL about Velveeta Voldemort doing the Tomahawk Chop at Atlanta Braves World Series game – “Native American groups said they found it extremely offensive to see their culture associated with someone who can’t even run a casino.”

So has a single Republican demanded that Glenn Youngkin’s underage son face penalties or even jail time for trying to vote illegally – twice? I’ll wait.

As beloved as he was in Green Bay, Brett Favre has burned a lot of bridges by signing w/ the Vikings, sending unwanted d*ck pics to a reporter, & reportedly receiving about $1 million from state of Mississippi for speeches he didn’t give. “Hold my beer” – Aaron Rodgers.

So if Cynthia Mason, a black woman in Texas,, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for accidentally voting illegally how long should Glenn Youngkin”s son get?

Remembering that season I watched random parts of the Bachelorette and discovered Jordan Rodgers and his family were basically estranged from his brother Aaron. Wondered, okay, families are complicated, whose fault is it? Thinking we got the answer this week.

So would Republicans angry at their own members for passing Biden’s infrastucture bill please submit lists of bridges & roads in their districts they don’t want to be fixed or repaired?

There’ve always been anti-vaxxers. On the fringes of both parties. A small number of them even protest every year at California State Democratic convention. Big difference is that now media thinks they’re great for ratings and clickbait.

Ron DeSantis’s latest lie – “How many places that are deep blue are well governed in this country? Can you name me some?” California says “Hi.” (And don’t just take my word for it, take the word of state voters who just voted 61.9% to 31.8% to keep our Democratic governor.”)

So has Velveeta Voldemort tried to take credit for infrastructure week yet?

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