Losing it

A Los Angeles area principal apologized after their high school, Inglewood, beat opponent, Morningside, in football,.106 to nothing.

Wonder how many SEC coaches wondered if they could put Morningside on their schedule.

Give Aaron Rodgers credit. He’s doing his part to make sure Tom Brady doesn’t get the NFL fan “QB we most love to hate” award.

Buster Posey in his retirement speech. “Most 34 year old olds are probably experiencing some back pain getting out of bed.” And a whole lot of Giants fans old enough to be his parents or grandparents are just chuckling..

The Dodgers tweeted out a nice statement honoring Buster Posey as he retired yesterday.

Bet they wish he’d done it a year earlier.

(And yes, I know LA beat the SF Giants in the playoffs. But that long pennant race, the Wild Card game, and then all the pitching gyrations in a five game NLDS clearly took it out of LA and made it easier for the Braves to beat them.)

Most common PED excuse with pro athletes “I didn’t know what was in the supplement.”. And some of these clowns are afraid of a now well-tested vaccine?

Wait, JD Vance, running for Ohio Senate as outsider & working class supporter tweeted “Want to have dinner w/ me & Peter Thiel? Donate $10,800 by tomorrow I’ll send you the details,” Because nothing says working class supporter like hawking expensive dinners w/ a billionaire?

If GOP is so sure Build Back Better would be unpopular why don’t they just let Democrats pass it, then run on repealing the bill in 2022?

Virginia results – 50.9% Youngkin – 48.4% McAuliffe. New Jersey results. 50.58% Murphy – 48.67% Ciattarelli. Guess which loser is challenging election results? For a party is making education a top issue, concept of learning to be a good sport appears to be beyond GOP.

Know many Democrats are annoyed at Joe Manchin. But imagine (& I’m NOT morals police), if Cal Cunningham in North Carolina could’ve thought w/ his “upper brain” while campaigning & at least just held off sexting a woman not his wife until after election.

51 Senate seats would be nice right now.

Dear media including CNN: All these stories now about people struggling with inflation.

Where were all the stories of people who were able to buy food and stay in their homes after the Biden/Democratic stimulus was passed

Colin Powell’s funeral, with George & Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton (Bill still recovering), Barack & Michelle Obama, as well as Joe and Jill Biden in attendance, is a nice bipartisan moment. Sometimes easy to forget we used to have bipartisan moments.

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One Comment on “Losing it”

  1. Mark Hackett Says:

    Nice statement about the Colin Powell funeral. Not long ago even opponents had courtesy and respect for others.

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