Beat Cal

While I’m wishing Aaron Rodgers a fully recovery, because no one should die just for being stupid, must confess as a Stanford grad it is amusing to see an unvaccinated Cal grad who clearly learned so little about science.

Oddly, in 2018 “Rodgers’ commitment to end childhood cancer and blood disorders earned the Packers quarterback an honorary doctorate of humanities degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin”

So he believes in curing cancer but not vaccines? Has someone checked Rodgers for cumulative concussions?

Per ESPN, Aaron Rodgers, who now has COVID-19, “pursued an alternative treatment” and “then petitioned the NFL to recognize him as vaccinated. The NFL refused.”

Hmm, so Rodgers has COVID but is he at least dewormed?

Matt Cain on KNBR with his favorite Buster Posey story: Posey calls time and goes out to the mound to ask Madison Bumgarner “What do you want to throw here.” And Madbum response “I dunno, you’re smarter than me, you call it.” #SFGiants

All this handwringing about how deep blue” New Jersey is and how bad it was that Murphy barely won. The last time a Democratic Governor was re-elected in New Jersey was 1977.

But the last Governor re-elected in New Jersey period was Chris Christie.

Lisa Murkowski voted to open debate on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Good for her. But sorry that this very small step is now almost heroic by GOP standards.

Meanwhile Susan Collins has voted against opening debate on the John Lewis Voting Act. Will her reason be that she was “very concerned” or “very troubled?”-

We laugh when Rachel Maddow talks about the hundreds of Q-Anon members in Dealey Plaza who believe Velveeta Voldemort is a biological cousin of JFK Jr. But don’t forget – most of these people vote!

Watched Maddow tonight also cover GOP’s Lauren Witzke claiming she won Chris Coons’ Senate Seat in Delaware & demanding state troopers help her “reclaim” seat.

Coons won the last eelection 291,804 to 186,054 votes.

What Rachel calls “weird humming noise in background” sounds a lot like batsh*t crazy sedition.

GOP Senator Mike Lee, “I support the vaccine, I’ve been vaccinated, but this mandate is doing serious harm to our economy.” Like saying “I support speed limits, I follow speed limits, but ticketing trucks driving 100 mph does serious harm to our economy by slowing drivers down.”

Rick Scott complains TSA & government have no right to show proof of vaccination or to make travelers wear masks. Guess Scott figures it could lead to passengers having to take off shoes, remove metal from pockets, limit liquids in carry-on & gasp, even show ID to board planes..

Facebook running regular commercials saying how much they care about safety and some regulation, even updating of section 230. Translation: Facebook didn’t care, they don’t care, but they are REALLY scared of the bipartisan coalition of Senators ready to rein them in.

Senator Klobuchar introducing her bipartisan bill – “American Innovation & Choice Online Act” w/ Grassley, Durbin, Graham, Blumenthal, Hirono, Kennedy, Booker, Lummis, Warner & Hawley. Not only should bill pass but Amy should get Presidential medal for working w/ Josh Hawley.

Listening to Chuck Grassley repeatedly praise Amy Klobuchar for her work leading the “American Innovation and Choice Online Act,” was both lovely and a sad reminder that there was a time Senators used to work across the aisle regularly.

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