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It’s all relative.

November 1, 2021

Wonder how many sports fans who say they can’t root for the Houston Astros because they cheated also are big fans of Tom Brady.

If anyone on the New Orleans Saints had tackled Tom Brady with a horse collar tackle that resulted in a torn ACL, NFL would have suspended the entire team for the remainder of the season.

Acting GM Zack Scott, arrested on DUI charges in Aug, will not return to NY Mets. Thinking if Mets hadn’t done deep dive from 1st place Aug 6 to out of playoff contention. Scott would have announced stint in rehab & team would have announced their full support of him for 2022.

Rachel Maddow covers how Biden administration Elizabeth Prelogar, US Soliciter General, brilliantly argued against Texas abortion law. For example, if allowed, California could add a bounty for anyone turning someone in who violates state’s gun laws.

Grand total of 34 NYPD cops went on unpaid leave over the vaccine mandate today. Assuming at least 30 of the 34 will be profiled in the NYTimes.

While Democrats are focused on GOTV in Virginia, these numbers bear repeating – 169,638 to 169,305 – 433 votes.

How much Mike Garcia (R) beat Christy Smith (D) by in CA Congressional District 25 in 2020.

Even in states like California that support voting rights we need to VOTE.

This is such a small thing… but as a woman I find myself irrationally annoyed every time I hear Amy Comey Barrett talk in that breathless little girl voice. But, onwards.

Apparently the Former Guy is selling “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts for $45 on his website. $45! So forget what the phrase means about Joe Biden. Having you spend $45 for a childish t-shirt says Trump thinks you’re f*cking stupid.

James Carville, criticizing WH communication AND media. “All we talk about is inflation, we don’t talk about wage growth, increased power workers have, how we’re poised for a really good recovery..There’s a lot of good news in this economy & we’re not getting it out.” He’s right.

Seeing well-deserved ire directed at Josh Hawley after he claimed having their masculinity attacked pushes men into watching porn and playing video games.

Josh was elected in part because Claire McCaskill is moderate/conservative red-state Democrat – not all that different politically than Manchin – & many in party didn’t put money or effort into supporting her.

Claire was a million times better.

Litmus tests belong in labs

There are 48 Democratic Senators who would be happy to go on television and give interviews about why they support the Build Back Better agenda. So media, stop being lazy and drama-focused by just covering the two who have issues with it.

All you need to know about today’s GOP: They’re fine w/ judge not allowing people Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot in Aug to be called “victims.” But they’re also fine w/ St. Louis homeowner who pointed weapon at peaceful BLM protesters in July calling himself “a victim of a mob.”

Guaranteed win.

November 1, 2021

Even if the Braves end up winning World Series at the least I just wanted Astros to win tonight. So my last memories of baseball before this winter don’t involve that bleeping Chop.

Thinking there might have been about as many people who thought Trevor Siemian would have beaten Tom Brady this year as thought the SF Giants would have won 107 games. Sometimes I love sports.

Read in SF Chronicle that last night when the Astros’ Jose Altuve came to the plate, just before he hit a home run 434 feet, the organist at Truist Field played “It’s a Small World.” Stay classy Braves.

As the World Series returns to Houston, this is your voting rights reminder for the night. Houston is in Harris County, Texas, population 4.7 MILLION.

Harris County went for Biden over Trump 56% to 43%

And GOP wants 1 drop box for the entire county. #FreedomToVoteAct

New Detroit Lions slogan for opponents “Better than a bye-week.”

For anyone who says it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump has endorsed Glenn Youngkin because Youngkin is a nice independent kind of guy I challenge you to name ONE person Velveeta Voldemort has endorsed who turned out to be an nice independent kind of elected official.

McAuliffe has a good track record as Governor. Youngkin hasn’t even been on a city council. Haven’t Americans learned enough about putting amateurs in charge?

Random question. Tickets to World Series in Atlanta, even the cheap seats, were going for $1,000 and up last night. So who paid for Velveeta Voldemort’s suite last night for game 4?

Presume Chasten was in charge of the costumes but they dressed up their babies as ‘infrastructure’ – ie traffic cones.

So if Chasten and Pete Buttigieg bring their twins, dressed as traffic cones, to a briefing covering what’s in Biden’s Build Back Better bill will the media show up and cover the whole thing?

In a NY Times story, read that New York City’s vaccination rate among workers affected by city’s mandate rose to 83% at end of day Oct 29, up from 71 % on Oct. 19, day before the requirement was announced. Why isn’t that 83% the headline, instead of the minority holdouts?

I understand why big Pharma is running ads against allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. For them it’s strictly about profit. I’m still waiting for Senators who oppose this overwhelming popular change to explain why THEY are against it.

Look, I don’t love Manchin or Sinema. But so much social media hate saying THEY’RE the ones blocking everything good in Senate?

Uh, there are 50 GOP Senators, some who claim to be moderate, who are marching in goose step behind Mitch McConnell on everything important. #VoteBlueIn22