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Chopped talk

October 30, 2021

After watching World Series Game 4, am again trying to wrap my head around what would have happened if Bruce Bochy had ever suggested to Madison Bumgarner he was going to use an opener in one of Madbum’s World Series games. #SFGiants

BYU came back to beat University of Virginia 66 to 49. But Virginia was leading 42 to 38 at halftime.

Did the defenses start out practicing social distancing?.

Velveeta Voldemort claims he was invited to World Series. And Hershel Walker was in his suite.

The Former Guy thanked MLB commissioner Rob Manfred for invitation. Manfred – “we have always tried to be apolitical.”

Wonder if MLB offered tickets to Senator Reverend Rafael Warnock?

Interesting fact in case you’re watching fans as the crowd does “The Chop” tonight during World Series Game 4. Atlanta Demographics Black 50.95% White: 40.90% Are there 50 black people total in the stands?

So not sure how much the Former Guy might have paid the Former First Lady for her appearance tonight but she clearly didn’t think it was enough.

As cameras panned Truist Field for Mastercard’s #StandUpToCancer moment, wonder why they aren’t showing the Former Guy. Maybe because Donald wouldn’t stand up for anyone but himself?

Is there any chant in sports more obnoxious than “The Chop?” #WorldSeries

GOP – let’s attack Democrats by alleging Americans are turning down good jobs just to keep getting benefits.Also GOP – let’s praise other Americans leaving good jobs just to keep “owning the libs” by not getting vaccinated.

Speaking of parents telling schools what to teach, I remember in my high school American history class, teacher, an ex-Marine & a parent, telling me Richard Nixon had done nothing wrong with Watergate. So how do you decide which parents get to decide?

Kyrie Irving is a parent. Kyrie Irving is not only anti-vaxx but also he believes the earth is flat. So should he have a say in his child’s science education?

Gloria Steinum was right. “‘If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” But also, if men were responsible for child care, paid family leave would be a sacrament.

More than two teams?

October 30, 2021

All you need to know about ESPN if the Yankees and Red Sox aren’t playing: Not a single of the eight headlines on their website Friday were is about baseball .

Friday is game three of the World Series

Albert Pujols is going to playing in the he Dominican Professional Baseball League this winter and said he wants to continue playing in the majors until “I feel I can’t play anymore.”

Well, there is a middle ground if Pujols isn’t quite up to MLB standards…. Bet he could get a roster invitation from the Orioles or Diamondbacks.

Good for the Atlanta Braves to honor Hank Aaron before World Series game 3 tonight. Whether an accident or timing glad that it didn’t coincide with the Former Guy attending the game in a suite Saturday night.

Dusty Baker, who has managed in both leagues, prefers the National League game with pitchers hitting. And he never even got to manage Madison Bumgarner.

Still don’t even like the DH. But a term I dislike more – “bullpen game.”

Number of U.S. traffic deaths in the first six months of 2021 was 20,160, highest first-half total since 2006. Well, based on their response to COVID deaths, how long until Republicans demand end to seat belt mandates?1214

Populations: Florida: 21.5 million California: 39.5 million Acknowledged deaths from COVID: FL: 59,670 CA: 72,100 And Deathsantis brags about “winning.”. No wonder Ron DeSantis hates schools. They teach math, which has a liberal bias.

Some conservatives want to ban upsetting books from schools, so what about book w/ these lines?

“Let us make our father drink wine & we will lie with him, that we may preserve offspring from our father…thus both daughters of Lot became pregnant by their father.” Genesis 19-36

Another potential GOP banned book line? “When man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at end of 6 years as men are. If she does not satisfy her owner, he must allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners.” (Exodus 21:7-11)

First, most police officers are vaccinated. Second. Why isn’t Fox reporting that those who quit because of mandates won’t even be eligible to be hired for security at Fox News because Fox itself requires vaccines or daily COVID-19 testing?

GOP now screaming about executive privilege about things including “appointments showing White House visitors” in the weeks before January 6 had no problem with demanding same information when it might corroborate a President having a consensual affair. Just saying.

A serious question: Why do parents who want a say in what public schools teach their children assume that theirs is the ONLY viewpoint that can be taught to their children?

Never have been big Andrew Cuomo fan & couldn’t understand how in early 2020 so many thought he could be President. But why is media focusing so much more on one sexual assault charge against former NY Governor than they ever did on multiple charges against Former Guy President?

In the Virginia Governor’s race…

Terry McAuliffe was good & competent Governor.

Glenn Youngkin has no experience.

Terry McAuliffe is supported by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, etc.

Youngkin is supported by The Former Guy. Which side are you on?

So when Democrats get a budget deal together what “Breaking News” will US media come up with instead of praising it?


October 28, 2021

Roger Goodell insists NFL’s decision not to make investigation into workplace culture at Washington Football Team public is to “protect anonymity of those who cooperated.” Goodell has been paid $128 million in last 2 years. And some thought the Saints bounties were bad.

The NAACP sent a letter to the players’ associations in five professional sports Thursday asking players to reconsider signing with teams in Texas because of recent laws passed in the state.

Uh, has someone told the NAACP there are also professional teams in Georgia and Florida?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suing Biden over the vaccine mandate, saying “no one should have to choose between a jab and a job.” About 59,000 Floridians now would wish they were able to make any choice at all

If men were expected to take time out of their careers to take care of children, paid family leave would be as automatic a job perk as an office coffeemaker.

Susan Rice on with Anderson Cooper sounds a reasonable optimistic note on the Build Back Better bills being passed. Sadly, almost shocking that CNN gives air time to someone who doesn’t have a doom and gloom message about Biden.

Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a moderate who strongly supports the infrastructure deal as important help for her constituents: “We have a 50-50 Senate.”

Why aren’t more Democrats trumpeting this to the skies?

Math matters.

Rspectfully saying, any GOP senator whining about cost of Democrats “Build Back Better” agenda who also voted for the Former Guy’s multi-trillion tax cut for millionaires and billionaires should STFU.-

So can some company please come up with a moisturing lipstick called “Meta” so farmers can put it on their pigs?

YEAH! High-speed internet, in rural & urban America is in Build Back Better deal. “Including 35% of rural America without it right now.”

Biden uses example of parents driving to a McDonald’s parking lot so kids can do schoolwork. Her fight for broadband was one reason I became Amy Klobuchar fan.

If media had spent even as much time covering what kind of things are in Democratic infrastructure package as they did the President’s dogs and his Delaware home, Biden’s approval numbers would be a lot higher right now.

Chopping block?

October 28, 2021

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, defending “the Chop” in Atlanta. “We don’t market our game on a nationwide basis.” Bet Fox loves hearing that as World Series game 1 between Braves & Astros “averaged 10.8 million viewers, the lowest figure ever for a game at a non-neutral site.”

Meanwhile Atlanta Braves CEO Terry McGuirk says Former Guy to attend WorldSeries game 4 in Atlanta. “He called MLB & wanted to come. We’ll give him his own suite. We’re apolitical & open to anyone coming.” That’s why Braves had anti-vaxxer Travis Tritt sing anthem?

Dear Senate Men: One way to help pay for for family and paid leave – Remove all coverage for ED medication and penile implants from Medicare. You’re welcome. American women

If you had any doubts Mitch McConnell is now a Velveeta Voldemort handmaiden: “Happy to endorse Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate in GA. He’s only one who can unite party, defeat Sen. Warnock & help us take back Senate. I look forward to working w/ Herschel in DC to get job done.

Hershel Walker has been credibly accused of repeatedly threatening his ex-wife’s life, lying about business success. & He admits to dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder. And he’s best GOP can do in Georgia.

Republicans & Fox News act as if NOTHING is more important than death of Halyna Hutchins. Now Democratic State Senator Dave Cortese “I intend to introduce legislation to ban live ammunition on sets in California.” How long until NRA subsidiary GOP says “let’s not go THAT far?”

According to GOP Kyle Rittenhouse who deliberately shot a loaded gun at people is a hero. (And 2 dead people are not victims.) But Alec Baldwin who tragically shot gun he didn’t think was loaded is a murderer. (And poor woman IS a victim unless we find out she was liberal.)-

So if President Biden sent out a daily tweet promoting Build Back Better, each with a different childish and/or profane insult of some member of Congress or the press, would media start covering his tweets?

GOP – parents being upset children might read disturbing books should be enough reason to vote for their candidate. Also GOP – election officials being seriously threatened with murder AND the murder of their children is just free speech.

Look, I get it, WV is deep red state. But Manchin excuse: “I want to work w/ everyone as long as we can start paying for things. I can’t put this burden on my grandchildren. I’ve got 10 grandchildren – I just can’t do it.” Joe is worth over $7 mill, his grandkids will be fine.

Based on media coverage, including CNN, I can only assume that credible threats to murder election workers and their families would be newsworthy only if they involved a liberal actor waving a gun around.

Falling over.

October 27, 2021

The only good thing about tonight’s relatively boring World Series game unless you’re a Braves fan: Imagine how much of a bath Fox is already likely to be taking on ratings.

On the other hand, while I’m a Spurs fan and do watch basketball, somehow it feels like NBA basketball right now feels as appropriate as Christmas decorations in October.

I believe Colin Kaepernick was treated badly by the NFL and I admire his courage in kneeling for what he believes in. I will admire Kaepernick a lot more if he says “I was wrong not to vote.” We can kneel all we want. Nothing changes unless we vote.

GOP: Helping someone end a pregnancy less than a month after an egg has been fertilized is a crime. Also GOP: Threatening in detail to kill children of both Republican and Democratic officials who won’t overturn a legitimate election is free speech.

Republicans LOVE to pretend outrage over parents’ feeling upset because their children have to read “disturbing” books in school. I am waiting for GOPto express half the outrage over election officials being threatened with the murder of themselves & their children.

We know now that Mo Brooks wore body armor on January 6. So how many other GOP members of Congress secretly did the same thing?

So would Don Jr. and conservative media be more sympathetic to Alec Baldwin after prop gun tragedy if Baldwin had previously bragged he could have shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lost supporters?

Media – Why do Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin think they’re important enough to challenge President Biden’s agenda? Also media – let’s give more several times more coverage to Sinema and Manchin than Biden.

In honor of Hillary Clinton’s birthday could someone in the GOP please tell Velveeta Voldemort to go home and knit?

Amy Klobuchar says in Rules committee that a survey of local election officials earlier this year found one in three felt unsafe & one in six local election officials have received threats of violence. One in six! This isn’t a partisan issue. This should appall ALL Americans.

Leaving it all on the field

October 26, 2021

When they write the first baseball opera maybe it will be about the two super teams who fought each other valiantly for months, only to leave so much on the field that neither of them ultimately survived their final battle. #Dodgers#SFGiants

If SF Giants HAD won NLDS and gone to a game 7 with the Braves, we’d have found out an interesting answer to a question. After last night’s game would have been rained out – how long does it take a field to dry out after a Bomb Cyclone?

So in the end what was the difference between the LA Dodgers and SF Giants seasons? About a week.

Meanwhile of all the country singers in the country, the Atlanta Braves had Travis Tritt sing the game 6 NLCS national anthem. Tritt had said he would cancel any concerts if the venue had a vaccine mandate.

And a whole lot of people probably now figure – well, it won’t kill me to root for the former cheaters.

All you need to know about today’s GOP and conservative media is that they are paying far more attention to an accidental shooting on a movie set than they are to 2 people being killed and 6 people, including a cop, injured in today’s deliberate mass shooting at a Boise mall.

As Don Jr hawks his awful anti Alec Baldwin t-shirt imagine his and other Republican reaction if Jon Voight had accidentally killed someone with a faulty gun and a liberal or comedian joked about it?

We’ll know when Democrats REALLY have a deal on their Build Back Better bill: Fox News will have nonstop headlines about Hunter Biden

Governor Ron DeSantis announced he will pay unvaccinated police officers from other states $5,000 to move to Florida to work, while banning mask mandates too. Means tourists who get pulled over could end up, not just w/ a traffic ticket, but a life-threatening virus. Hard pass

The Facebook Papers paint a pretty horrifying story. But should this story really surprise anyone who saw “The Social Network?”

“That was what murder was, as simple as that.” Llne I remember from Agatha Christie’s great novel – “And then there were none.” You can murder someone, especially a young person, not by killing them w/ your own hands, but knowingly allowing them to do something that is dangerous.

Appropriate for Facebook

Amy Klobuchar on The Last Word about Facebook: “Whether (Zuckerberg) intended to have it be unsafe from the beginning is really not as relevant to me anymore. What’s relevant to me is that it isn’t safe.”

And then there were three.

October 22, 2021

Congratulations to Dusty Baker for leading the Astros back to the World Series. Dusty is one of the best men in baseball.

Yankees first base coach Reggie Willits is leaving at the end of the year to become a volunteer assistant for Oklahoma’s college baseball program.

Now Willits is from Oklahoma. But if he wanted to work for an amateur team closer to home I guess the Texas Rangers weren’t hiring?

Wait, the Minnesota Twins dumped both LaMonte Wade Jr. and Eddie Rosario? As an SF Giants fan have to ask – anyone else the Twins want to give up on and give Giants first dibs?

Chris Brown calls Kyrie Iving “the real hero” for Kyrie’s anti-vaccine stance. Are we shocked this statement comes from a man who pleaded guilty to felony domestic assault towards his ex-girlfriend Rhanna, and blamed his violence on her?

So if a vaccine mandate makes you quit your job because you’re planning a pregnancy and you don’t believe in medical science assume this means you are also planning no pre-natal care and a home birth with no medications?

The Supreme Court will hear challenges to Texas abortion ban on November 1. So we’ll find out pretty quickly if McConnell’s illicitly appointed handmaiden will carry out her duties.1215

Over on Facebook, where I spend less & less time. “Let more people see your post Add this post to the feed of requests and offers in your area to reach more people.” So if you help us make MORE money by attaching your post to ads we’ll promote you. Uh, that would be a hell no.

We know what today’s Republican party is against – voting rights, infrastructure, live-saving vaccine mandates, supporting caregivers, etc. Would GOP like to tell us what they are FOR?

Yet another example of what’s wrong w/ US media. Most Americans know names Manchin & Sinema. Far fewer could name Amy Klobuchar, Tim Kaine, Angus King, Jeff Merkley, Alex Padilla, Jon Tester and Rev. Raphael Warnock. They all besides Manchin are cosponsors of #FreedomToVoteAct

Leaving early?

October 20, 2021

Posted this in the 9th

Dear Dodgers fans…. unlike last night – NOW it might be okay to leave before the game is over. You’re welcome, SF Giants fans. (But we’d stay.)

Seeing scores in ALCS games 3 and 4, and NLCS game 4 and thinking, this Mr. Mo. Mentum guy might be overrated.

United Airlines pilot today. “We will ask you ONE time to put your mask back on. If you do it a second time you will be handed a card saying you are banned from flying United in future permanently.”

Watching all these openers and other weird pitching changes and thinking —how lucky we SF Giants fans were to get to watch Madison Bumgarner in the postseason!

Wish the media would spend as much time on GOP voting to kill democracy as they are spending on the possible death of a suspect in the killing of Gabby Petito.

I suppose it would be churlish to wonder if an alligator saved American taxpayers a whole lot of money plus not having the media obsessed with a trial for a man who probably murdered his fiancee.

It’s not just that Republican Senators voted against #FreedomToVoteAct It’s that they’re afraid PUBLICLY to say why they voted against it. They hope we won’t notice. Prove them wrong!

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is lying & pretending President Biden is having parents who simply speak out at school board meetings be investigated by FBI. Parents who speak out? No. Parents who threaten & intimidate school board members and others. Yes. That IS domestic terrorism.

Senator Mike Lee talking again about vaccine mandates keeping people from working and providing for their families. As of today 728,000 Americans are permanently unable to work.

Another day, more headlines on small minority of employees & businesses who are putting lives at risk by refusing to follow vaccine mandates. Dear media – we really need to start having more headlines “Overwhelming majority of Americans understand vaccine mandates save lives.

Mitch McConnell “It’s my hope the 2022 election will be a referendum on performance of the current administration, not a rehash of suggestions about what may have happened in 2020.” So is this Mitch’s way of saying he’s very troubled by the Former Guy?

Let’s not forget. This wasn’t about voting against voting rights. This was about the Senate voting not even to debate voting rights.

Senator Amy Klobuchar asking her GOP Senate colleagues “Why would you shy away from debating this bill?

Sadly, we know why. “Some people don’t want some people to vote.” #FreedomToVoteAct

Today’s vote against democracy wasn’t a surprise. So have to figure there’s a planned next step. Klobuchar and others spent a LOT of time with Joe Manchin getting him involved in writing this bill. And the bill goes through rules committee. It’s not over.

The long and short of it.

October 19, 2021

Yeah, I know we’re supposed to hate the Astros. But it’s really impossible when you’re 5’6″ yourself in high heels to hate Jose Altuve.

Giants’ Wilmer Flores probably had about as much chance of getting a hit off Dodgers’ Max Scherzer in NLCS Game Five as the Houston Astros did of scoring seven runs after two were out in the 9th tonight against the Red Sox. Getting over it is for sissies.

Hey LA Dodgers fans, many of you’ve left in the 8th inning down only three runs. What do you think this is? A regular season game? Sincerely and seriously, SF Giants fans

(And this was time stamped on Twitter at 527p – BEFORE the comeback started.)

So how many people who went to bed early on east coast and didn’t watch much of ALCS game 3 will wake up, look at the final score, and think “Yet, another rout with no drama?” Well, actually it was plenty dramatic until the 9th inning.

ESPN reports 76ers center Joel Embiid said he has yet to speak to Ben Simmons & added repeatedly — it isn’t his job to “babysit” anyone. Maybe actual year in college does make a difference in maturity?

Embiid did do a year at Kansas. (Simmons bragged about how he didn’t need to go to class his year at LSU.)

Has occurred to me… if Republicans like Liz Cheney really want to clean house in the party to move GOP back to being anti-Democrats as opposed to anti-democracy, then some arrests of Velveeta Voldemort cult members would be a good start.

-Modesto to Palo Alto is 89 miles, an hour and a half if traffic isn’t bad. An envelope mailed to me 7 days ago arrived today. Forget Christmas cards. Get your cross country Valentines mailed ASAP. #FireDeJoy

Wikipedia says 11,411 sworn police officers in US state of Washington. 11,411! But most of the headlines are about the 127 police employees (53 civilians and 74 commissioned officers) who were let go for not getting a COVID 19 vaccine. Math again has a liberal bias.

CNN’s John King announced publicly for the first time he has multiple sclerosis. Wonder how many people didn’t realize that Colin Powell was immunocompromised. Some things we do for other people are difficult. Being vaccinated isn’t one of them. Oh, and wear a d*mn mask.

John Cornyn referred to #FreedomToVoteAct, sponsored by Amy Klobuchar, Rafael Warnock & Joe Manchin as a compromise between “the left and the radical left.” Leaving aside Klobuchar & Warnock are hardly radical, is this 1st time ever someone has referred to Manchin as “left?”

So is Facebook going to change their name back to Facemash? Or Faceplant?

Outta here.

October 19, 2021

Boston Red Sox beat Houston Astros 12-3 today. And the Red Sox hit their third grand slam in two games. Maybe Houston should start GIVING Boston their signs. Their pitchers couldn’t get hit much worse.

When even Rachel Maddow says to close her show that tomorrow “I’m scheduled to be hitting a grand slam for the Boston Red Sox…everybody gets a turn.” Yeah, I’m an NL fan. But I miss pitcher’s duels.

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane suspended 21 games by NHL, now apparently for a fake COVID-vaccine card. This is Kane’s sixth suspension in the NHL. So is this another of those NFL inspired “15 strikes and you’re out” policies?

Nick Rolovich is out as WSU football coach, after he was denied a religious exemption not to be vaccinated. Would Rolovich like to further explain the reasoning behind the religious exemption? Perhaps a pastor or priest might be able to have a little talk with him.

As conservatives jump on the “natural immunity” – let’s all go get COVID – bandwagon, your reminder that 724,000 Americans will never get COVID-19, or anything else, ever again.

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show reports tonight that Steele said The Former Guy’s “pee tape” probably exists. But Colbert complains Steele is getting his “hopes up again… You cannot get me to talk about this until the actual tape has been released. Or at least streamed.”

From Vogue interview w/ Jennifer Gates about her $2 million wedding to Egyptian equestrian Nayel Nassar last weekend. “Planning a wedding while I was in medical school rotations & Nayel was preparing for Olympics was no small feat” Especially tuning all those teeny tiny violins.

So Dennis Prager says he was TRYING to get COVID-19 so he would end up with natural immunity. This line of reasoning will make drinking bleach seem safe by comparison.

Harris Poll for USA today found approx 40% of workers say they want to continue working remotely. A lot of it is commute cost and stress. But have to wonder, especially in customer service industries, how many Americans are just tired of dealing with other people?

Seat belts don’t prevent all deaths in car accidents. So how long until the anti-vaccine mandate folks demand USA get rid of seat–belt laws?-

Amy Klobuchar and Chuck Grassley have a bill to stop tech companies from squashing competition and raising prices for consumers.

Great idea. And Chuck Grassley brings experience on the competition issue. Figure he probably talked to Thomas Edison about potential light bulb monopolies.

Again, not a big Joe Manchin fan, but he is a Democrat in a red state. If Manchin WERE an actual Republican he’d be voting “no” on most of Biden’s nominees. And Mitch McConnell would be Majority Leader. We need to win more blue Senate seats in 2022. Period.

Personally, I’m vaccinated & in good health. So I’m not worried about getting really sick with COVID. But I still mask up indoors in public. Because what could be a mild case for me could be serious or deadly for someone else. It’s not hard. RIP Colin Powell

But his emails

October 17, 2021

That moment when NBC’s Saturday Night Live goes where the media won’t: Colin Jost as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last night on SNL

“One of our coaches is accused of racism, misogyny, and homophobia, but hey, at least no one’s talking about concussions.”

If anyone, including Little League Coaches, wants to see “better to be lucky than good” illustrated in baserunning, watch highlights the bottom of the 8th of game 2 of NLCS Braves vs Dodgers.

(Atlanta got away with at least 4 mistakes.)

So conservative media types who want us to believe they are all about saving babies are mocking Pete Buttigieg for taking paternity leave to be with his adopted premature baby twins. Very on brand.

Random college football thought: How cool is it that University of Cincinnati, the second largest public university in Ohio, is now ranked ahead of “The” Ohio State? University.

Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich applied for religious exemption to avoid getting COVID shot, but will not explain details. If your religion means enough to keep you from getting a vaccine that could save your life & lives of others, you’d think you’d talk about it.

Of all the bad things Dodgers win over SF Giants has done to me… not inconsequential that I am now cheering for a team whose fans do “The Chop.” #BeatLA #Braves

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian says not having vaccine mandate has been effective, as 90% of employees have gotten COVID shot. Means as passenger on Delta you have 1 in 10 chance of being served by an unvaccinated employee? Well, slightly better odds than Russian Roulette.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is ‘offended’ police officers could lose their job over Biden’s federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Uh, as of Sept 1, 21 at least 29 Florida police officers have lost their ability to work, or do anything else, permanently from COVID-19. #DeathSantis

Suppose it would be churlish to suggest that some of these folks who want “opposing views’ on the Holocaust jump off a few roofs to show their opposing views to gravity.

GOP is obsessed by 13 American deaths in Afghanistan but shrugs at 90,000 preventable American deaths from Covid since June.

Would the media treat President Biden better if he promised to start sending one outrageous tweet per weekend?

So sort of moving one…

October 15, 2021

Morning after: It’s not that Wilmer Flores was even that likely to get a hit against Max Scherzer. It’s that in 167th game of 2021, not counting spring training, Flores shouldn’t have had bat taken out of his hands by an umpire working his first division series.

From a wise friend -“I’m tired of people who say “Flores was 0-for-17 against Max and would have whiffed.” If past performance predicted future results, then why did 1-for-33 Cody Bellinger get a hit?”

The Saints weren’t the only team with bounties. The Astros weren’t the only team cheating. At this point as an SF Giants fan I have ZERO problem rooting for Dusty Baker finally to get that first World Series ring

So anyone want to guess who the next NFL coach to resign will be? Jon Garden didn’t exchange emails with himself.

Lora Reinbold, Alaska state senator banned from Alaska Airlines for refusing to wear mask, now has COVID & is convinced she will beat it w/ Ivermectin & vitamins. Lora is 57 w/ no known risk factors. How many older Alaskans & others w/ comorbidities might she have given virus to?

Open note to Virginia voters; The Former Guy has endorsed Glenn Youngkin. If you feel you are moderate to conservative but not on same level as Velveeta Voldemort think back to how TFG has responded to anyone without 100% loyalty.

Non-snarky Travel Agent PSA: Doesn’t matter what you read on social media, what friend says or what you think is logical: Vaccinated or not, besides rules for foreign country you visit, you now MUST show proof of negative COVID test w/in 72 hours of flight to return to USA.

Wish it weren’t true but we seem to become a nation largely of echo chambers. Even so, most Americans support democracy and the idea voting means majority rule. Which explaines why GOP wants to destroy democracy by gutting voting.

Fox poll: “Do you believe parents should or should not be telling schools what to teach?” 57% of Virginia parents & 50% of likely voters said parents should tell schools what to teach. Wonder if they realize this means commie pinko liberal parents get a voice too? #VoteBlue

So how long do l Texas schools have to offer books with the opposing view of a flat earth-

CDC now says unvaccinated have a 11 times higher risk of dying of COVID. So what’s next in a Republican world where being anti science is increasingly a virtue? GOP governors demanding we remove warning labels from cigarettes.

Florida Governor Ron DeathSantis claims President Biden with vaccine mandate is “trying to take people’s jobs away.” 57,711 Floridians would disagree if they were alive to do so.

This is the way the season ends.

October 15, 2021

Not with a bang but a checked swing.

SF Giants


October 14, 2021

All this talk about Giants-Dodgers NLDS game 5 being huge, historic, one of biggest playoff rivalry games ever… MLB and FOX, who owns the rights, will do anything except put the game on network. (It’s on TBS)

Meanwnile, so it looks like Fox will put between one and three of ALCS playoff games on their network.

But whoever wins Thursday night, not a single NLCS game will be on anything but cable.

And we wonder why World Series ratings are down.

Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash on decision not to let Kyrie Irving be part of team until he gets vaccinated. “This is a difficult decision. But I think it was sound. We are just going to move on & if things change, it would be incredible to have him back.” Good for the Nets.

Kyrie Irving back in 2018 asked about his flat earth theory . “Scientists are giving all this information. I wanted to open up conversation; ‘Hey do your own research for what you want to believe in.’ Our educational system is flawed.” S

Should we be surprised Kyre is anti-vax?

Another thought about these anti-vax athletes. Most professional athletes have children who are too young for a vaccine. So it’s not just the unvaxxed risking their teammates, it’s their teammates’ children too….Not to mention the children’s caregivers.

Who knows how many racist homophobic emails Jon Gruden sent? But did ANYONE who received one of those emails even go so far as say “Jon, that’s inappropriate?”

I’m a Democrat and I can say it was inappropriate for liberals to follow a Senator into the bathroom. Why can’t all Republicans say it is beyond inappropriate for people to make death threats against election officials and school board members?

President Biden announces that FedEx, UPS and Walmart have agreed to transport goods 24/7. Meanwhile I presume Louis DeJoy’s USPS will agree to try to get all of last Christmas’s packages and cards to people by this Christmas.

GOP & conservative media shrugged in 2020 when DeJoy’s USPS turned mailing holiday packages into a game of chance and many people didn’t get cards and presents. Can someone explain to me how same folks are now apoplectic with any & all shipping delays under President Biden?

–Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeting Sept 2021 “Business & people are leaving California for states like Texas. Texas > California Innovation NOT regulation.”

Greg Abbott – Oct 2021 – We’re going to institute an anti-science regulation against all private businesses.

Adam Schiff calls Republicans “Insurrectionsts in suits and ties.” That’s just wrong. Has anyone seen Gym Jordan in a suit and tie?10

CNN poll reports “Only 25% of Americans see economic bills helping them.” Maybe if CNN and other networks spent more time talking to 48 Senate Democrats who can explain what’s in the bill & less time covering the 2 who may not support it?

And then there was one – game.

October 12, 2021

Have faith in Logan Webb for Thursday. And SF Giants bullpen has not had a good night. But Dodgers reliever Blake Treinen in his Instagram has links to Project Veritas and Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy. Whatever happens I prefer the “no pr*cks” clubhouse.

TBS announcers are in love with the fact that Max Scherzer jogged pre-game today. “A statement that his season isn’t over….” Good for Scherzer. But maybe it was a statement that at 37 not doing a daily workout means arthritis might set in?

Brooklyn GM Sean Marks- Nets “decided Kyrie Irving will not play or practice w/ team until he is eligible to be a full participant. Kyrie has made personal choice, we respect his individual right to choose.” Is Irving afraid if he gets vaccinated he’ll fall off the flat earth.

Does it shock me that Jon Gruden has used misogynistic & anti-gay language regularly over a 7 year period? No. Guessing he’s not the only NFL coach who has. But who at this point is stupid enough to put that kind of stuff regularly in emails?

Three questions about Jon Gruden:
1. How many people read his emails, surely many of them associated with the NFL? 2. Why didn’t they say anything. 3. What language did they use in their replies?

And how many NFL coaches are today are googling “How do you permanently delete emails?”

In early November, United States will ease restrictions on travel, including land border crossings, for fully vaccinated visitors from Canada and Mexico. As a California resident wishing we could apply these rules for COVID hotspots like Florida and Texas.

Gym Jordan posted today that Ohio should get rid of vaccine mandates. The Ohio State University AND University of Cincinnati, two largest (and public) universities in Ohio, both have vaccine mandates. Who wants to tell hi

Has it occurred to some of these angry people demanding that parents decide what is taught in schools that LGBTQ people are parents, that people of color are parents, that immigrants are parents, that Muslims and people of all religions are parents, that yes, even Antifa members are parents? Probably many witches too.

Reading and watching stories of anti-vaccine and anti-mask Americans verbally assaulting flight attendants, health care and restaurant workers, etc…. Wonder how many of those folks are also complaining that other Americans don’t want to get “back to work?”

Now that Jon Gruden has been forced out as Raiders coach after his NFL found his racist, misogynist, anti-gay emails, the only question – which political office will GOP recruit Gruden to run for?4726

So as Greg Abbott does his Ron DeathSantis act in trying to stop private businesses from protecting Texans from COVID-19, what happens if an unvaccinated pregnant woman gets COVID and miscarries?

I know all the headlines are about Gabby Petito today but this seems like it should be getting a bit more attention – “Navy engineer, wife detained on espionage charges, allegedly concealed nuclear sub secrets in peanut butter sandwich.”

Might need to post something like this daily about the debt ceiling: Most Republican Senators are millionaires. An economic crash for them would just be a buying opportunity..

CBS News poll found only 10% of Americans know many specifics about Build Back Better package & most “don’t know anything at all.” Maybe if CBS & other networks actually covered Build Back Better & Senators working on it, instead of few members who’re all about getting attention.

Finally, a question for anti-vax anti-mask travelers : If you don’t believe in science then WTF are you doing getting into a metal tube weighing upwards of 150,000 pounds that is trying to fly through the air?

Not so ill wind

October 12, 2021

The ghost of Candlestick Park is laughing tonight.


May be an image of outdoors

Late late night

October 12, 2021

The Jacksonville Jaguars have now lost 20 straight games. How long until Urban Meyer resigns to spend some time with his family?

So which will be decided first? Who will be the #1 pick in 2022 NFL draft. Or whether the Detroit Lions or Jacksonvlle Jaguars will pick him?

37 seconds turned out to be enough for Kirk Cousins as well as Aaron Rodgers to drive their teams game winning field goals. . As a Saints fan I like Minnesota Miracles much better if they don’t happen against New Orleans.

Meawhile, watched OT for Bengals Packers game and lost track of the missed FGs. So how committed is Adam Vinatieri to his retirement?

Safeway pharmacy now offering prescriptions by mail. For all those who want to order any medications they need by Christmas. #firedejoy

United Airlines was first to put in vaccine mandate for employees & flights have been fine. But Southwest employees supposedly doing a sickout over THEIR new vaccine mandate. Not that @United’s perfect but I’ll take my chances with an airline whose employees believe in science.

Studies show blue state residents not only have higher vaccination rates, but also tend to be more educated, wealthier & likely to have US passports. Seems like no-brainer from purely business perspective, as to which side airlines would want to be on with vaccine mandates.

I understand Fox News reaches big audience & had no problem w/ Pete Buttigieg & Amy Klobuchar appearing on the network for Joe Biden. But Fox has many shows. And of all of them, Andrew Yang says he was “trying to take the temperature of country down” by choosing to appear Tucker Carlson? WTF?

Asked CNN on SOTU about Manchin & choosing between child care, child tax credit or paid family leave, Amy Klobuchar “I’m not going to negotiate this on TV. We’re getting closer & closer to agreement. We’ll get this bill done.”

But this statement of course didn’t won’t get same headlines as the “Dems in disarray” gloom & doom.

With the Former Guy there was a scandal every weekend, or at least an outrageous comment, often tweeted after taxpayer funded golf at one of his resorts.. Now President Biden quietly spends weekends with family. And media acts like a bored child that needs to create drama.

Saturday night lights out.

October 10, 2021

SF Giants looked flatter Saturday night than the earth according to Kyrie Irving.

Who says Giants and Dodgers fans can’t agree on anything? Angel Hernandez s*cks.

But uh.


Giants and Dodgers are the best two teams in baseball.. and a missed strike three on Chris Taylor by the worst umpire in baseball, Angel Hernandez, really ignites a 6th inning rally…

So let the “A one-loss Alabama still deserves a shot at the College Football Playoffs” chants out of Tuscaloosa begin!

“LSU removes COVID-19 protocols for fans at Tiger Stadium beginning with Oct. 16 game vs. Florida Gators.” What could possibly go wrong?

(On the other hand, after LSU was beaten soundly by Kentucky, maybe social distancing next week won’t be a problem.)

McConnell claimed in letter to Biden “in light of Schumer’s hysterics” he will not help Democrats avert debt ceiling crisis in December. So Senator Minority leader will tank the entire country before Christmas because his feelings got hurt by a speech? Who’s being hysterical?

Can anyone imagine how the media would react if Hillary Clinton regularly had rallies after 2016 to complain about her election loss? And unlike Velveeta Voldemort, Hillary WON the popular vote.

Kim Kardashian is doing to SNL for me what Chuck Todd does to Meet the Press for me every week.

Well, it was a good night to go read a book.

JPMorgan bans business travel for unvaccinated U.S. employees .

So I missed this story. Wouldn’t you think Fox News or GOP would be lauding JPMorgan-Chase for a decision on what they thought was best for their business?

Beat LA

October 9, 2021

It’s a start with tonight’s ESPN headlne: “Webb silences Dodgers in brilliant playoff debut.” Oh, wait, this headline doesn’t even MENTION the team Webb pitches for – the SF Giants. Never mind.

And even as a long time SF Giants fan, I can tell you it’s a real rarity to see Buster Posey smile.

But it’s a nice rarity.


Friday Night should be for high school football. But okay then, maybe no one in the Eastern or Central time zone cares about Stanford – Arizona State.

On the other hand, they might care if Cincinnati runs the table and knocks a SEC team out of the CFB playoffs.

And baseball wonders why they can’t grow TV ratings. Not only are none of today’s ALDS/NLDS on network television… the White Sox vs Astros game 2 is only on MLB Network. And Red Sox Rays only on FS1.

For anyone traveling, good luck finding FS1 OR MLB Network on hotel/motel TVs.

Since January 6 is trending on socieal media need to remind everyone again of a name – Brian Sicknick.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense now apparently is that he was going hunting? I will never forget the first time I read Richard Connell short story “The Most Dangerous Game.” Liked it better as fiction.

I have come to like Pete Buttigieg. But when he calls parenting twins ‘the most demanding thing I think I’ve ever done” a whole lot of moms are just giggling.

On Twitter, anytime someone posts an article, even if you’ve already seen it, and you try to retweet, you get asked “Do you want to read the article first??” Not saying Twitter is perfect, but that little check is a major improvement over Facebook.

Velveeta Voldemort asserting “executive privilege” when he is no longer President is a bit like some ex-husband trying to tell his ex-wife what to do. Of course, he probably does that with both ex-wives too.316

Daily Mail headline: “McConnell warns Biden GOP will not help raise debt ceiling again in December due to Schumer’s ‘tantrum’ speech.” Uh, did ANYONE think Republicans were going to do anything other than to try to blame Dems for a government shutdown right before Christmas.

Media today – “Wow, Sanders & Manchin have big egos and butt heads.”

Also media – “So this Sunday should we have Sanders or Manchin as our lead Senate guest?”

Innocent people don’t defy subpoenas.

And then there were eight.

October 8, 2021

Yeah, the Astros cheated. (Anyone really think they were the only ones?) In any case, hard to root against Dusty Baker. One of the best men in baseball.

But okay, Fox has the World Series. MLB in conjunction with Fox has most of the MLB playoffs on channels people without cable – and often now travelers in hotel rooms again – cannot see.

Which makes me even more inclined to root for the opposite of media darlngs Astros and Rays to get to ALCS.

From my long-time funny friend BIll Littlejohn:

. The ‘Sea of Hands’ is…

a)a famous play in which the Raiders beat the Dolphins in the ’74 playoffs
b) The Urban Meyer video.

The ATT& funding OAN story sadly reminds us it’s not just Facebook that puts profits over safety.

50 to 48, The Senate has put off the debt ceiling crisis until December.

Why do Republicans hate Christmas?

Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott vote NO on extending debt ceiling. So they’re telling Florida seniors they should be willing to give up their Social Security checks and other benefits to keep funding important stuff like tax cuts for Millionaires. Got it.

Have no interest in buying anything written by anyone who kept silent for up to 4 years of Velveeta Voldemort’s administration & is now spilling secrets for book sales. Maybe if they spill legitimate information that will lead to his indictment by New York AG or DOJ first…

The little joys of working of at home. No toddler to juggle along with my laptop – but my cat today walked across the phone and hung up on Lufthansa..

Another thought about Matthew McConaughey as a possible Governor of Texas: Can anyone imagine if a woman actor suddenly ruminated publicly about being Governor of anything? (Okay, other than Helen Mirren. But she has experience as Queen.

As Trevor Noah talks tonight on The Daily Show about “The Right to Repair” I will someday tell my grandchildren that in high school in the 1970s I paid to repair my CALCULATOR!