All this talk about Giants-Dodgers NLDS game 5 being huge, historic, one of biggest playoff rivalry games ever… MLB and FOX, who owns the rights, will do anything except put the game on network. (It’s on TBS)

Meanwnile, so it looks like Fox will put between one and three of ALCS playoff games on their network.

But whoever wins Thursday night, not a single NLCS game will be on anything but cable.

And we wonder why World Series ratings are down.

Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash on decision not to let Kyrie Irving be part of team until he gets vaccinated. “This is a difficult decision. But I think it was sound. We are just going to move on & if things change, it would be incredible to have him back.” Good for the Nets.

Kyrie Irving back in 2018 asked about his flat earth theory . “Scientists are giving all this information. I wanted to open up conversation; ‘Hey do your own research for what you want to believe in.’ Our educational system is flawed.” S

Should we be surprised Kyre is anti-vax?

Another thought about these anti-vax athletes. Most professional athletes have children who are too young for a vaccine. So it’s not just the unvaxxed risking their teammates, it’s their teammates’ children too….Not to mention the children’s caregivers.

Who knows how many racist homophobic emails Jon Gruden sent? But did ANYONE who received one of those emails even go so far as say “Jon, that’s inappropriate?”

I’m a Democrat and I can say it was inappropriate for liberals to follow a Senator into the bathroom. Why can’t all Republicans say it is beyond inappropriate for people to make death threats against election officials and school board members?

President Biden announces that FedEx, UPS and Walmart have agreed to transport goods 24/7. Meanwhile I presume Louis DeJoy’s USPS will agree to try to get all of last Christmas’s packages and cards to people by this Christmas.

GOP & conservative media shrugged in 2020 when DeJoy’s USPS turned mailing holiday packages into a game of chance and many people didn’t get cards and presents. Can someone explain to me how same folks are now apoplectic with any & all shipping delays under President Biden?

–Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeting Sept 2021 “Business & people are leaving California for states like Texas. Texas > California Innovation NOT regulation.”

Greg Abbott – Oct 2021 – We’re going to institute an anti-science regulation against all private businesses.

Adam Schiff calls Republicans “Insurrectionsts in suits and ties.” That’s just wrong. Has anyone seen Gym Jordan in a suit and tie?10

CNN poll reports “Only 25% of Americans see economic bills helping them.” Maybe if CNN and other networks spent more time talking to 48 Senate Democrats who can explain what’s in the bill & less time covering the 2 who may not support it?

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2 Comments on “Unwatchable”

  1. Tony Geinzer Says:

    I was looking forward to Seattle making a Run at least so the Kids could have a Seattle vs. Atlanta World Series. I feel that is not fun that amid the things this Year that weren’t Dyersville Related (Trevor Bauer, Ohtani not getting towards Maris Mark) have been a Blight on America’s Pastime.

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