And then there was one – game.

Have faith in Logan Webb for Thursday. And SF Giants bullpen has not had a good night. But Dodgers reliever Blake Treinen in his Instagram has links to Project Veritas and Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy. Whatever happens I prefer the “no pr*cks” clubhouse.

TBS announcers are in love with the fact that Max Scherzer jogged pre-game today. “A statement that his season isn’t over….” Good for Scherzer. But maybe it was a statement that at 37 not doing a daily workout means arthritis might set in?

Brooklyn GM Sean Marks- Nets “decided Kyrie Irving will not play or practice w/ team until he is eligible to be a full participant. Kyrie has made personal choice, we respect his individual right to choose.” Is Irving afraid if he gets vaccinated he’ll fall off the flat earth.

Does it shock me that Jon Gruden has used misogynistic & anti-gay language regularly over a 7 year period? No. Guessing he’s not the only NFL coach who has. But who at this point is stupid enough to put that kind of stuff regularly in emails?

Three questions about Jon Gruden:
1. How many people read his emails, surely many of them associated with the NFL? 2. Why didn’t they say anything. 3. What language did they use in their replies?

And how many NFL coaches are today are googling “How do you permanently delete emails?”

In early November, United States will ease restrictions on travel, including land border crossings, for fully vaccinated visitors from Canada and Mexico. As a California resident wishing we could apply these rules for COVID hotspots like Florida and Texas.

Gym Jordan posted today that Ohio should get rid of vaccine mandates. The Ohio State University AND University of Cincinnati, two largest (and public) universities in Ohio, both have vaccine mandates. Who wants to tell hi

Has it occurred to some of these angry people demanding that parents decide what is taught in schools that LGBTQ people are parents, that people of color are parents, that immigrants are parents, that Muslims and people of all religions are parents, that yes, even Antifa members are parents? Probably many witches too.

Reading and watching stories of anti-vaccine and anti-mask Americans verbally assaulting flight attendants, health care and restaurant workers, etc…. Wonder how many of those folks are also complaining that other Americans don’t want to get “back to work?”

Now that Jon Gruden has been forced out as Raiders coach after his NFL found his racist, misogynist, anti-gay emails, the only question – which political office will GOP recruit Gruden to run for?4726

So as Greg Abbott does his Ron DeathSantis act in trying to stop private businesses from protecting Texans from COVID-19, what happens if an unvaccinated pregnant woman gets COVID and miscarries?

I know all the headlines are about Gabby Petito today but this seems like it should be getting a bit more attention – “Navy engineer, wife detained on espionage charges, allegedly concealed nuclear sub secrets in peanut butter sandwich.”

Might need to post something like this daily about the debt ceiling: Most Republican Senators are millionaires. An economic crash for them would just be a buying opportunity..

CBS News poll found only 10% of Americans know many specifics about Build Back Better package & most “don’t know anything at all.” Maybe if CBS & other networks actually covered Build Back Better & Senators working on it, instead of few members who’re all about getting attention.

Finally, a question for anti-vax anti-mask travelers : If you don’t believe in science then WTF are you doing getting into a metal tube weighing upwards of 150,000 pounds that is trying to fly through the air?

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