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The long and short of it.

October 19, 2021

Yeah, I know we’re supposed to hate the Astros. But it’s really impossible when you’re 5’6″ yourself in high heels to hate Jose Altuve.

Giants’ Wilmer Flores probably had about as much chance of getting a hit off Dodgers’ Max Scherzer in NLCS Game Five as the Houston Astros did of scoring seven runs after two were out in the 9th tonight against the Red Sox. Getting over it is for sissies.

Hey LA Dodgers fans, many of you’ve left in the 8th inning down only three runs. What do you think this is? A regular season game? Sincerely and seriously, SF Giants fans

(And this was time stamped on Twitter at 527p – BEFORE the comeback started.)

So how many people who went to bed early on east coast and didn’t watch much of ALCS game 3 will wake up, look at the final score, and think “Yet, another rout with no drama?” Well, actually it was plenty dramatic until the 9th inning.

ESPN reports 76ers center Joel Embiid said he has yet to speak to Ben Simmons & added repeatedly — it isn’t his job to “babysit” anyone. Maybe actual year in college does make a difference in maturity?

Embiid did do a year at Kansas. (Simmons bragged about how he didn’t need to go to class his year at LSU.)

Has occurred to me… if Republicans like Liz Cheney really want to clean house in the party to move GOP back to being anti-Democrats as opposed to anti-democracy, then some arrests of Velveeta Voldemort cult members would be a good start.

-Modesto to Palo Alto is 89 miles, an hour and a half if traffic isn’t bad. An envelope mailed to me 7 days ago arrived today. Forget Christmas cards. Get your cross country Valentines mailed ASAP. #FireDeJoy

Wikipedia says 11,411 sworn police officers in US state of Washington. 11,411! But most of the headlines are about the 127 police employees (53 civilians and 74 commissioned officers) who were let go for not getting a COVID 19 vaccine. Math again has a liberal bias.

CNN’s John King announced publicly for the first time he has multiple sclerosis. Wonder how many people didn’t realize that Colin Powell was immunocompromised. Some things we do for other people are difficult. Being vaccinated isn’t one of them. Oh, and wear a d*mn mask.

John Cornyn referred to #FreedomToVoteAct, sponsored by Amy Klobuchar, Rafael Warnock & Joe Manchin as a compromise between “the left and the radical left.” Leaving aside Klobuchar & Warnock are hardly radical, is this 1st time ever someone has referred to Manchin as “left?”

So is Facebook going to change their name back to Facemash? Or Faceplant?

Outta here.

October 19, 2021

Boston Red Sox beat Houston Astros 12-3 today. And the Red Sox hit their third grand slam in two games. Maybe Houston should start GIVING Boston their signs. Their pitchers couldn’t get hit much worse.

When even Rachel Maddow says to close her show that tomorrow “I’m scheduled to be hitting a grand slam for the Boston Red Sox…everybody gets a turn.” Yeah, I’m an NL fan. But I miss pitcher’s duels.

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane suspended 21 games by NHL, now apparently for a fake COVID-vaccine card. This is Kane’s sixth suspension in the NHL. So is this another of those NFL inspired “15 strikes and you’re out” policies?

Nick Rolovich is out as WSU football coach, after he was denied a religious exemption not to be vaccinated. Would Rolovich like to further explain the reasoning behind the religious exemption? Perhaps a pastor or priest might be able to have a little talk with him.

As conservatives jump on the “natural immunity” – let’s all go get COVID – bandwagon, your reminder that 724,000 Americans will never get COVID-19, or anything else, ever again.

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show reports tonight that Steele said The Former Guy’s “pee tape” probably exists. But Colbert complains Steele is getting his “hopes up again… You cannot get me to talk about this until the actual tape has been released. Or at least streamed.”

From Vogue interview w/ Jennifer Gates about her $2 million wedding to Egyptian equestrian Nayel Nassar last weekend. “Planning a wedding while I was in medical school rotations & Nayel was preparing for Olympics was no small feat” Especially tuning all those teeny tiny violins.

So Dennis Prager says he was TRYING to get COVID-19 so he would end up with natural immunity. This line of reasoning will make drinking bleach seem safe by comparison.

Harris Poll for USA today found approx 40% of workers say they want to continue working remotely. A lot of it is commute cost and stress. But have to wonder, especially in customer service industries, how many Americans are just tired of dealing with other people?

Seat belts don’t prevent all deaths in car accidents. So how long until the anti-vaccine mandate folks demand USA get rid of seat–belt laws?-

Amy Klobuchar and Chuck Grassley have a bill to stop tech companies from squashing competition and raising prices for consumers.

Great idea. And Chuck Grassley brings experience on the competition issue. Figure he probably talked to Thomas Edison about potential light bulb monopolies.

Again, not a big Joe Manchin fan, but he is a Democrat in a red state. If Manchin WERE an actual Republican he’d be voting “no” on most of Biden’s nominees. And Mitch McConnell would be Majority Leader. We need to win more blue Senate seats in 2022. Period.

Personally, I’m vaccinated & in good health. So I’m not worried about getting really sick with COVID. But I still mask up indoors in public. Because what could be a mild case for me could be serious or deadly for someone else. It’s not hard. RIP Colin Powell