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Not up to you New York, New York?

October 5, 2021

Uh oh, ESPN doesn’t have the Yankees anymore. Prepare for seven day a week football stories …

Yankees are out, Mets collapsed over a month ago, Giants and Jets look to be fighting over NFL draft position, while Nets have no idea if Kyrie Irving’s vaccine issues will keep him from playing home and some away games. So how bout those Knicks?

So the NY Giants now will at least equal the NY Yankees’ total for wins in October 2021.

So is Urban Meyer still the Jacksonville Jaguars coach because their owner feels like the season is lost anyway, and doesn’t know if he can get out of paying Meyer $12 million a year?

Re Urban Meyer, I’m not being morals police & his nights out are ultimately between him and his wife. But how stupid do you have to be to go out in a city where you are famous, misbehave, and expect no one with a smart phone will notice?

Of all the things that make me livid at Facebook today one of the biggest has to be that I am actually (briefly) agreeing with Ted Cruz..

(And yes, Marsha Blackburn.)

Anyone who thinks we cannot possibly have bipartisan agreement on anything in this country really needs to watch some of this Senate hearing with Frances Haugen about how Facebook is targeting children and teenagers.

Another reason you know today’s Senate whistleblower hearing went well for Americans and poorly for Facebook and their misinformation… Fox News website doesn’t have a single headline on it.

Anderson Cooper says he’s a regular Instagram user. “But I gotta say, it depresses me, I leave feeling worse than when I got on, not just for having wasted time, but I feel worse about my own life.” If Anderson Cooper feels worse about HIS life, what chance do teen girls have?

WSJ “Nikki Haley calls Donald Trump a friend.” Ok, if nothing else Haley is too stupid ever to run for President. The Former Guy HAS no friends.

For many of us 1st time we knew eating disorders could be fatal was when Karen Carpenter died. As Carpenters fan, was sad & horrified. Now, knowing Facebook is encouraging that kind of self-destructive behavior w/ young girls, for profit, is even more horrifying. And enraging.853160

California reporting lowest COVID-19 case rate in US and became 1st state to report ‘moderate’ instead of “high” virus transmission in weeks. Vaccines work. Vaccine mandates work. And yes, until we do better on the first two, mask mandates work too.

Open note to all these who worked for Velveeta Voldemort now publicly apologizing: Leaving aside the fact that 700,000 people are permanently unable to hear your apology, the “mea culpas” would ring a bit truer if they also weren’t part of a book tour.

Sen. Mike Lee complaining “Americans forced to go against recommendation of their doctors” w/ vaccines. 2 questions for Lee. 1. What if you’re not talking to your doctor but reading random stuff on Facebook? 2.If doctors are so important what if your doctor recommends abortion?

Another point from today’s Senate hearing. Anyone who ever has been in junior high & high school knows about bullying… But as Frances Haugen pointed out – bullied kids (mostly) used to be able to go home and get away from it. Now with social media it’s 24-7.

No box scores…

October 5, 2021

Am really glad SF Giants weren’t playing game 163 today and am thrilled for them winning the division. But October 4 with no games at all, is a slightly poignant foreshadowing of a winter without baseball. “It breaks your heart, it is designed to break your heart…”

It was pouring rain today in Los Angeles.

Would be churlish to suggest they could be Dodgers tears that a raggedy band of rejects and old guys somehow beat them for the NL West title.

So what if we don’t institute a national vaccine mandate but require proof of vaccination to get Viagra?

Just found out Urban Meyer’s slogan for the 0-4 NFL Jaguars is “Own it.” Since when has Coach Meyer ever owned anything he himself has done?

Andrew Yang today writing about why he left the Democratic Party.

Yang used to call himself Donald Trump’s worst nightmare? How about many women’s worst nightmare? A man who shows up late to a complicated situation and insists he alone can fix it.31125.

Facebook whistleblower Haugen written testimony to Senate “When we realized tobacco companies were hiding harms it caused, govt took action. When we figured out cars were safer w/ seatbelts, govt took action.” Of course today’s GOP would be against tobacco warnings & seatbelts.

Plenty of conspiracy theorists out in force today to say Facebook crashed their own site to scrub damaging information. While I’m not a conspiracy theorist myself would be a good day for Facebook to give investigators access to last night’s backups?

Amy Klobuchar on with Anderson Cooper – “Number one mortality rate with mental illlness is eating disorders.” And Instagram was inundating girls with eating disorders with pages glorifying eating disorders. There’s a word for that – Evil.

Mainstream media still obsessed with covering the Former Guy’s false claims along with “Dems in disarray” narrative. So today’s reporting on Facebook “spreading hate and misinformation for profit” is a pretty spectacular self-own.

Hillary Clinton was only 69 during the 2016 election. Most regular media stories about her in the year or so after election were “Won’t she just go away?” How much better would our country be if media had responded the same way to Velveeta Voldemort?