Leaving it all on the field

When they write the first baseball opera maybe it will be about the two super teams who fought each other valiantly for months, only to leave so much on the field that neither of them ultimately survived their final battle. #Dodgers#SFGiants

If SF Giants HAD won NLDS and gone to a game 7 with the Braves, we’d have found out an interesting answer to a question. After last night’s game would have been rained out – how long does it take a field to dry out after a Bomb Cyclone?

So in the end what was the difference between the LA Dodgers and SF Giants seasons? About a week.

Meanwhile of all the country singers in the country, the Atlanta Braves had Travis Tritt sing the game 6 NLCS national anthem. Tritt had said he would cancel any concerts if the venue had a vaccine mandate.

And a whole lot of people probably now figure – well, it won’t kill me to root for the former cheaters.

All you need to know about today’s GOP and conservative media is that they are paying far more attention to an accidental shooting on a movie set than they are to 2 people being killed and 6 people, including a cop, injured in today’s deliberate mass shooting at a Boise mall.

As Don Jr hawks his awful anti Alec Baldwin t-shirt imagine his and other Republican reaction if Jon Voight had accidentally killed someone with a faulty gun and a liberal or comedian joked about it?

We’ll know when Democrats REALLY have a deal on their Build Back Better bill: Fox News will have nonstop headlines about Hunter Biden

Governor Ron DeSantis announced he will pay unvaccinated police officers from other states $5,000 to move to Florida to work, while banning mask mandates too. Means tourists who get pulled over could end up, not just w/ a traffic ticket, but a life-threatening virus. Hard pass

The Facebook Papers paint a pretty horrifying story. But should this story really surprise anyone who saw “The Social Network?”

“That was what murder was, as simple as that.” Llne I remember from Agatha Christie’s great novel – “And then there were none.” You can murder someone, especially a young person, not by killing them w/ your own hands, but knowingly allowing them to do something that is dangerous.

Appropriate for Facebook

Amy Klobuchar on The Last Word about Facebook: “Whether (Zuckerberg) intended to have it be unsafe from the beginning is really not as relevant to me anymore. What’s relevant to me is that it isn’t safe.”

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