Falling over.

The only good thing about tonight’s relatively boring World Series game unless you’re a Braves fan: Imagine how much of a bath Fox is already likely to be taking on ratings.

On the other hand, while I’m a Spurs fan and do watch basketball, somehow it feels like NBA basketball right now feels as appropriate as Christmas decorations in October.

I believe Colin Kaepernick was treated badly by the NFL and I admire his courage in kneeling for what he believes in. I will admire Kaepernick a lot more if he says “I was wrong not to vote.” We can kneel all we want. Nothing changes unless we vote.

GOP: Helping someone end a pregnancy less than a month after an egg has been fertilized is a crime. Also GOP: Threatening in detail to kill children of both Republican and Democratic officials who won’t overturn a legitimate election is free speech.

Republicans LOVE to pretend outrage over parents’ feeling upset because their children have to read “disturbing” books in school. I am waiting for GOPto express half the outrage over election officials being threatened with the murder of themselves & their children.

We know now that Mo Brooks wore body armor on January 6. So how many other GOP members of Congress secretly did the same thing?

So would Don Jr. and conservative media be more sympathetic to Alec Baldwin after prop gun tragedy if Baldwin had previously bragged he could have shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lost supporters?

Media – Why do Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin think they’re important enough to challenge President Biden’s agenda? Also media – let’s give more several times more coverage to Sinema and Manchin than Biden.

In honor of Hillary Clinton’s birthday could someone in the GOP please tell Velveeta Voldemort to go home and knit?

Amy Klobuchar says in Rules committee that a survey of local election officials earlier this year found one in three felt unsafe & one in six local election officials have received threats of violence. One in six! This isn’t a partisan issue. This should appall ALL Americans.

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