Chopping block?

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, defending “the Chop” in Atlanta. “We don’t market our game on a nationwide basis.” Bet Fox loves hearing that as World Series game 1 between Braves & Astros “averaged 10.8 million viewers, the lowest figure ever for a game at a non-neutral site.”

Meanwhile Atlanta Braves CEO Terry McGuirk says Former Guy to attend WorldSeries game 4 in Atlanta. “He called MLB & wanted to come. We’ll give him his own suite. We’re apolitical & open to anyone coming.” That’s why Braves had anti-vaxxer Travis Tritt sing anthem?

Dear Senate Men: One way to help pay for for family and paid leave – Remove all coverage for ED medication and penile implants from Medicare. You’re welcome. American women

If you had any doubts Mitch McConnell is now a Velveeta Voldemort handmaiden: “Happy to endorse Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate in GA. He’s only one who can unite party, defeat Sen. Warnock & help us take back Senate. I look forward to working w/ Herschel in DC to get job done.

Hershel Walker has been credibly accused of repeatedly threatening his ex-wife’s life, lying about business success. & He admits to dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder. And he’s best GOP can do in Georgia.

Republicans & Fox News act as if NOTHING is more important than death of Halyna Hutchins. Now Democratic State Senator Dave Cortese “I intend to introduce legislation to ban live ammunition on sets in California.” How long until NRA subsidiary GOP says “let’s not go THAT far?”

According to GOP Kyle Rittenhouse who deliberately shot a loaded gun at people is a hero. (And 2 dead people are not victims.) But Alec Baldwin who tragically shot gun he didn’t think was loaded is a murderer. (And poor woman IS a victim unless we find out she was liberal.)-

So if President Biden sent out a daily tweet promoting Build Back Better, each with a different childish and/or profane insult of some member of Congress or the press, would media start covering his tweets?

GOP – parents being upset children might read disturbing books should be enough reason to vote for their candidate. Also GOP – election officials being seriously threatened with murder AND the murder of their children is just free speech.

Look, I get it, WV is deep red state. But Manchin excuse: “I want to work w/ everyone as long as we can start paying for things. I can’t put this burden on my grandchildren. I’ve got 10 grandchildren – I just can’t do it.” Joe is worth over $7 mill, his grandkids will be fine.

Based on media coverage, including CNN, I can only assume that credible threats to murder election workers and their families would be newsworthy only if they involved a liberal actor waving a gun around.

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One Comment on “Chopping block?”

  1. Augustine Ruiz Says:

    It’s not the “chop” that is insidious. It’s the stereotypical chant like out of some B Western movie that is offensive, or should be. Where’s the cancel culture on this?

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