Roger Goodell insists NFL’s decision not to make investigation into workplace culture at Washington Football Team public is to “protect anonymity of those who cooperated.” Goodell has been paid $128 million in last 2 years. And some thought the Saints bounties were bad.

The NAACP sent a letter to the players’ associations in five professional sports Thursday asking players to reconsider signing with teams in Texas because of recent laws passed in the state.

Uh, has someone told the NAACP there are also professional teams in Georgia and Florida?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suing Biden over the vaccine mandate, saying “no one should have to choose between a jab and a job.” About 59,000 Floridians now would wish they were able to make any choice at all

If men were expected to take time out of their careers to take care of children, paid family leave would be as automatic a job perk as an office coffeemaker.

Susan Rice on with Anderson Cooper sounds a reasonable optimistic note on the Build Back Better bills being passed. Sadly, almost shocking that CNN gives air time to someone who doesn’t have a doom and gloom message about Biden.

Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a moderate who strongly supports the infrastructure deal as important help for her constituents: “We have a 50-50 Senate.”

Why aren’t more Democrats trumpeting this to the skies?

Math matters.

Rspectfully saying, any GOP senator whining about cost of Democrats “Build Back Better” agenda who also voted for the Former Guy’s multi-trillion tax cut for millionaires and billionaires should STFU.-

So can some company please come up with a moisturing lipstick called “Meta” so farmers can put it on their pigs?

YEAH! High-speed internet, in rural & urban America is in Build Back Better deal. “Including 35% of rural America without it right now.”

Biden uses example of parents driving to a McDonald’s parking lot so kids can do schoolwork. Her fight for broadband was one reason I became Amy Klobuchar fan.

If media had spent even as much time covering what kind of things are in Democratic infrastructure package as they did the President’s dogs and his Delaware home, Biden’s approval numbers would be a lot higher right now.

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