And then there were three.

Congratulations to Dusty Baker for leading the Astros back to the World Series. Dusty is one of the best men in baseball.

Yankees first base coach Reggie Willits is leaving at the end of the year to become a volunteer assistant for Oklahoma’s college baseball program.

Now Willits is from Oklahoma. But if he wanted to work for an amateur team closer to home I guess the Texas Rangers weren’t hiring?

Wait, the Minnesota Twins dumped both LaMonte Wade Jr. and Eddie Rosario? As an SF Giants fan have to ask – anyone else the Twins want to give up on and give Giants first dibs?

Chris Brown calls Kyrie Iving “the real hero” for Kyrie’s anti-vaccine stance. Are we shocked this statement comes from a man who pleaded guilty to felony domestic assault towards his ex-girlfriend Rhanna, and blamed his violence on her?

So if a vaccine mandate makes you quit your job because you’re planning a pregnancy and you don’t believe in medical science assume this means you are also planning no pre-natal care and a home birth with no medications?

The Supreme Court will hear challenges to Texas abortion ban on November 1. So we’ll find out pretty quickly if McConnell’s illicitly appointed handmaiden will carry out her duties.1215

Over on Facebook, where I spend less & less time. “Let more people see your post Add this post to the feed of requests and offers in your area to reach more people.” So if you help us make MORE money by attaching your post to ads we’ll promote you. Uh, that would be a hell no.

We know what today’s Republican party is against – voting rights, infrastructure, live-saving vaccine mandates, supporting caregivers, etc. Would GOP like to tell us what they are FOR?

Yet another example of what’s wrong w/ US media. Most Americans know names Manchin & Sinema. Far fewer could name Amy Klobuchar, Tim Kaine, Angus King, Jeff Merkley, Alex Padilla, Jon Tester and Rev. Raphael Warnock. They all besides Manchin are cosponsors of #FreedomToVoteAct

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