Chopped talk

After watching World Series Game 4, am again trying to wrap my head around what would have happened if Bruce Bochy had ever suggested to Madison Bumgarner he was going to use an opener in one of Madbum’s World Series games. #SFGiants

BYU came back to beat University of Virginia 66 to 49. But Virginia was leading 42 to 38 at halftime.

Did the defenses start out practicing social distancing?.

Velveeta Voldemort claims he was invited to World Series. And Hershel Walker was in his suite.

The Former Guy thanked MLB commissioner Rob Manfred for invitation. Manfred – “we have always tried to be apolitical.”

Wonder if MLB offered tickets to Senator Reverend Rafael Warnock?

Interesting fact in case you’re watching fans as the crowd does “The Chop” tonight during World Series Game 4. Atlanta Demographics Black 50.95% White: 40.90% Are there 50 black people total in the stands?

So not sure how much the Former Guy might have paid the Former First Lady for her appearance tonight but she clearly didn’t think it was enough.

As cameras panned Truist Field for Mastercard’s #StandUpToCancer moment, wonder why they aren’t showing the Former Guy. Maybe because Donald wouldn’t stand up for anyone but himself?

Is there any chant in sports more obnoxious than “The Chop?” #WorldSeries

GOP – let’s attack Democrats by alleging Americans are turning down good jobs just to keep getting benefits.Also GOP – let’s praise other Americans leaving good jobs just to keep “owning the libs” by not getting vaccinated.

Speaking of parents telling schools what to teach, I remember in my high school American history class, teacher, an ex-Marine & a parent, telling me Richard Nixon had done nothing wrong with Watergate. So how do you decide which parents get to decide?

Kyrie Irving is a parent. Kyrie Irving is not only anti-vaxx but also he believes the earth is flat. So should he have a say in his child’s science education?

Gloria Steinum was right. “‘If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” But also, if men were responsible for child care, paid family leave would be a sacrament.

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