But his emails

That moment when NBC’s Saturday Night Live goes where the media won’t: Colin Jost as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last night on SNL

“One of our coaches is accused of racism, misogyny, and homophobia, but hey, at least no one’s talking about concussions.”

If anyone, including Little League Coaches, wants to see “better to be lucky than good” illustrated in baserunning, watch highlights the bottom of the 8th of game 2 of NLCS Braves vs Dodgers.

(Atlanta got away with at least 4 mistakes.)

So conservative media types who want us to believe they are all about saving babies are mocking Pete Buttigieg for taking paternity leave to be with his adopted premature baby twins. Very on brand.

Random college football thought: How cool is it that University of Cincinnati, the second largest public university in Ohio, is now ranked ahead of “The” Ohio State? University.

Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich applied for religious exemption to avoid getting COVID shot, but will not explain details. If your religion means enough to keep you from getting a vaccine that could save your life & lives of others, you’d think you’d talk about it.

Of all the bad things Dodgers win over SF Giants has done to me… not inconsequential that I am now cheering for a team whose fans do “The Chop.” #BeatLA #Braves

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian says not having vaccine mandate has been effective, as 90% of employees have gotten COVID shot. Means as passenger on Delta you have 1 in 10 chance of being served by an unvaccinated employee? Well, slightly better odds than Russian Roulette.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is ‘offended’ police officers could lose their job over Biden’s federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Uh, as of Sept 1, 21 at least 29 Florida police officers have lost their ability to work, or do anything else, permanently from COVID-19. #DeathSantis

Suppose it would be churlish to suggest that some of these folks who want “opposing views’ on the Holocaust jump off a few roofs to show their opposing views to gravity.

GOP is obsessed by 13 American deaths in Afghanistan but shrugs at 90,000 preventable American deaths from Covid since June.

Would the media treat President Biden better if he promised to start sending one outrageous tweet per weekend?

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