So sort of moving one…

Morning after: It’s not that Wilmer Flores was even that likely to get a hit against Max Scherzer. It’s that in 167th game of 2021, not counting spring training, Flores shouldn’t have had bat taken out of his hands by an umpire working his first division series.

From a wise friend -“I’m tired of people who say “Flores was 0-for-17 against Max and would have whiffed.” If past performance predicted future results, then why did 1-for-33 Cody Bellinger get a hit?”

The Saints weren’t the only team with bounties. The Astros weren’t the only team cheating. At this point as an SF Giants fan I have ZERO problem rooting for Dusty Baker finally to get that first World Series ring

So anyone want to guess who the next NFL coach to resign will be? Jon Garden didn’t exchange emails with himself.

Lora Reinbold, Alaska state senator banned from Alaska Airlines for refusing to wear mask, now has COVID & is convinced she will beat it w/ Ivermectin & vitamins. Lora is 57 w/ no known risk factors. How many older Alaskans & others w/ comorbidities might she have given virus to?

Open note to Virginia voters; The Former Guy has endorsed Glenn Youngkin. If you feel you are moderate to conservative but not on same level as Velveeta Voldemort think back to how TFG has responded to anyone without 100% loyalty.

Non-snarky Travel Agent PSA: Doesn’t matter what you read on social media, what friend says or what you think is logical: Vaccinated or not, besides rules for foreign country you visit, you now MUST show proof of negative COVID test w/in 72 hours of flight to return to USA.

Wish it weren’t true but we seem to become a nation largely of echo chambers. Even so, most Americans support democracy and the idea voting means majority rule. Which explaines why GOP wants to destroy democracy by gutting voting.

Fox poll: “Do you believe parents should or should not be telling schools what to teach?” 57% of Virginia parents & 50% of likely voters said parents should tell schools what to teach. Wonder if they realize this means commie pinko liberal parents get a voice too? #VoteBlue

So how long do l Texas schools have to offer books with the opposing view of a flat earth-

CDC now says unvaccinated have a 11 times higher risk of dying of COVID. So what’s next in a Republican world where being anti science is increasingly a virtue? GOP governors demanding we remove warning labels from cigarettes.

Florida Governor Ron DeathSantis claims President Biden with vaccine mandate is “trying to take people’s jobs away.” 57,711 Floridians would disagree if they were alive to do so.

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