Late late night

The Jacksonville Jaguars have now lost 20 straight games. How long until Urban Meyer resigns to spend some time with his family?

So which will be decided first? Who will be the #1 pick in 2022 NFL draft. Or whether the Detroit Lions or Jacksonvlle Jaguars will pick him?

37 seconds turned out to be enough for Kirk Cousins as well as Aaron Rodgers to drive their teams game winning field goals. . As a Saints fan I like Minnesota Miracles much better if they don’t happen against New Orleans.

Meawhile, watched OT for Bengals Packers game and lost track of the missed FGs. So how committed is Adam Vinatieri to his retirement?

Safeway pharmacy now offering prescriptions by mail. For all those who want to order any medications they need by Christmas. #firedejoy

United Airlines was first to put in vaccine mandate for employees & flights have been fine. But Southwest employees supposedly doing a sickout over THEIR new vaccine mandate. Not that @United’s perfect but I’ll take my chances with an airline whose employees believe in science.

Studies show blue state residents not only have higher vaccination rates, but also tend to be more educated, wealthier & likely to have US passports. Seems like no-brainer from purely business perspective, as to which side airlines would want to be on with vaccine mandates.

I understand Fox News reaches big audience & had no problem w/ Pete Buttigieg & Amy Klobuchar appearing on the network for Joe Biden. But Fox has many shows. And of all of them, Andrew Yang says he was “trying to take the temperature of country down” by choosing to appear Tucker Carlson? WTF?

Asked CNN on SOTU about Manchin & choosing between child care, child tax credit or paid family leave, Amy Klobuchar “I’m not going to negotiate this on TV. We’re getting closer & closer to agreement. We’ll get this bill done.”

But this statement of course didn’t won’t get same headlines as the “Dems in disarray” gloom & doom.

With the Former Guy there was a scandal every weekend, or at least an outrageous comment, often tweeted after taxpayer funded golf at one of his resorts.. Now President Biden quietly spends weekends with family. And media acts like a bored child that needs to create drama.

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