And then there were eight.

Yeah, the Astros cheated. (Anyone really think they were the only ones?) In any case, hard to root against Dusty Baker. One of the best men in baseball.

But okay, Fox has the World Series. MLB in conjunction with Fox has most of the MLB playoffs on channels people without cable – and often now travelers in hotel rooms again – cannot see.

Which makes me even more inclined to root for the opposite of media darlngs Astros and Rays to get to ALCS.

From my long-time funny friend BIll Littlejohn:

. The ‘Sea of Hands’ is…

a)a famous play in which the Raiders beat the Dolphins in the ’74 playoffs
b) The Urban Meyer video.

The ATT& funding OAN story sadly reminds us it’s not just Facebook that puts profits over safety.

50 to 48, The Senate has put off the debt ceiling crisis until December.

Why do Republicans hate Christmas?

Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott vote NO on extending debt ceiling. So they’re telling Florida seniors they should be willing to give up their Social Security checks and other benefits to keep funding important stuff like tax cuts for Millionaires. Got it.

Have no interest in buying anything written by anyone who kept silent for up to 4 years of Velveeta Voldemort’s administration & is now spilling secrets for book sales. Maybe if they spill legitimate information that will lead to his indictment by New York AG or DOJ first…

The little joys of working of at home. No toddler to juggle along with my laptop – but my cat today walked across the phone and hung up on Lufthansa..

Another thought about Matthew McConaughey as a possible Governor of Texas: Can anyone imagine if a woman actor suddenly ruminated publicly about being Governor of anything? (Okay, other than Helen Mirren. But she has experience as Queen.

As Trevor Noah talks tonight on The Daily Show about “The Right to Repair” I will someday tell my grandchildren that in high school in the 1970s I paid to repair my CALCULATOR!

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