Down and way out.

San DIego Padres fired manager Jayce Tingler after the Padres went from having a lead for the NL’s 2nd wild card on Sept 9, to ending up in 3rd place in the NL West, 28 games behind the SF Giants.

Even more amazing, San Diego’s free fall put them not only 28 games behind the Giants, but only 27 games in front of the 110 loss Arizona Diamondbacks.

If you’re breathing a sigh of relief because home plate umpire Joe West didn’t really affect the results of tonight’s NL Wild Card game. Home plate umpire for game two of the NLDS will be …. Angel Hernandez!?!

So much for “no crying in baseball.”

People may remember Dodgers’ two home runs tonight in Wild Card game. But Cardinals were 0-11 with runners in scoring position. That doesn’t win a lot of games, period.

Alex Reyes lost his job as the closer in St. Louis late in the season for a reason.

Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins, who got COVID-19 shot, says it was just to keep his job, but is still loudly anti-vaccine & is cautious about putting medicines into his body. He added that he had a bad allergic reaction to Tylenol so now carries an Epi-Pen. Who wants to tell him?

Apparently January 6 committee can’t find Dan Scavino to serve him with a subpoena. Maybe waive some money and a camera in Scavino’s last known vicinity?

I cannot stand Mitch McConnell. But trying to think of a time since John McCain turned thumbs-down on repealing Obama that McConnell hasn’t kept his party in line when it mattered.

Should we really be surprised that Mark Zuckerberg, who started with a website “Facemash” to compare and rate the attractiveness of two women, is indifferent to the harm Facebook is doing to girls in steering them to content promoting eating disorders?

GOP senators talking on Senate floor more about Afghanistan since President Biden got us out of the 20-year war, than they ever did when Americans soldiers were fighting, and dying in the country.

Andrew Yang never ran for office before he ran for President. He didn’t volunteer on other campaigns. He never even voted in many New York City elections. Andrew Yang never wanted to fix the Democratic party. He just wanted to be President. Period.

If millions of Americans, some of who aren’t that tech savvy, regularly find lies on Facebook about COVID vaccines microchips, and horsewormer…for starters, why can’t FB just hire some of those folks to help them find misinformation?

Stephen Colbert tonight talking about a Biden potentially ordering trillion-dollar coin the President could deposit with Federal Reserve to avert debt ceiling crisis. Talk about a coin you really don’t want to lose in the sofa cushions.

Amy Klobuchar quoting John Lewis in Senate hearing on Voting Rights Act in his name: “Voting is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.” She is right, he was right. It’s why GOP is trying to take voting away from “some people.” We need laws protecting voting rights. Now.

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