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November 25, 2021

Sometimes we think karma isn’t a sports fan. And then you hear that Aaron Rodgers has COVID toe.

Wait. After saying he had “COVID” toe, now Aaron Rodgers now says he has fractured pinkie toe — not “COVID toe.”Did Dr. Joe Rogan diagnose him?

So since media is all over the often misleading story of price increases for Thanksgiving dinner, how long until we start hearing stories of inflated prices on EBay for vintage Christmas fruitcakes?

Stephen Colbert tonight shares a video “Chicago Fire Department Demonstrates Thanksgiving Safety with Fried Turkey Fire.” “Who am I, chopped liver?” responded Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

The jury’s decision in Brunswick Georgia today was right. But would be nice if we ever got to a point in USA where verdicts that were as obvious as today’s in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery were expected – and not mostly a relief.

Thanks to vaccines, millions of Americans spending Thanksgivings w/ their families this year. Headlines are about crowded airports Thanks to Democratic stimulus bill, millions have jobs, food & roofs over their heads. Headlines are about prices. Why does media hate good news?

How many have died like Ahmaud Arbery but we’ll never know because their murderers didn’t videotape their crime?

Apparently current & former GOP officials are concerned about payments RNC paid to cover Velveeta Voldemort’s legal bills. Anyone know a good jeweller who will need to repair all the pearl necklaces being clutched?

President Biden is spending Thanksgiving, as he has for decades, with his family in Nantucket. If Joe had holed up in the White House, would conservative media have attacked him for keeping White House staff from spending the holiday with THEIR families?

Can we be done w/ “blame Biden for Thanksgiving travel prices/stress” stories? Been travel agent for decades. Thanksgiving travel is ALWAYS expensive, planes, airports, and roads are always crowded. And despite, or because, they’re going to visit relatives, people are cranky.

Californians are used to driving around looking for the best gasoline prices. Media now driving around looking for the highest gas prices.