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After midnight

December 31, 2021

Not that it’s that important in grand scheme of things…but Wisconsin Badgers playing in Las Vegas Bowl where 4th quarter starts AFTER midnight in Wisconsin is not exactly a great way to encourage students, alums and other fans of the game to watch…

Brooklyn Nets saying publicly that as unvaccinated Kyrie Irving returns to the team part-time (since he cannot play without being vaccinated for home and some road games) his part time status “will not affect their continuity.”

So it won’t count as continuity if he gets games postponed by too many teammates in protocols?

Since some states think bounties work these days surely SOMEONE – in the media or just a rich believer in science – can come up with a bounty for the first picture of Florida Gov. Ron Desantis in hiding?

Velveeta Voldemort is having another rally, MLK weekend in Arizona with free tickets. Would be really wrong for kids to do like they did in Tulsa & request tickets with no intention of going, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, Herman Cain might have wished they took his ticket.

Reminder as rumors swirl about Florida Governor Ron Desantis. As a wise reporter once told me when asked why a politician would continue not to be honest when everyone knew they were lying, “because they think the truth would hurt them more than what most people imagine.”

So with Florida breaking COVID records on a daily basis wonder if Mar-A-Lago has a vaccine mandate for their New Year’s Eve party?

Billionaire Peter Thiel will help Velveeta Voldemort fundraise for Liz Cheney’s Wyoming GOP primary challenger by holding two January fundraisers at Thiel’s Miami home. Is it wrong to hope the events don’t have a vaccine mandate?

If you “do your own research” about COVID, do the rest of us a favor when you get sick, stay home, and do your own research on how to get better.

Have a suggestion for reporters who feel they MUST cover Velveeta Voldemort’s January 6 Press Conference. Record all the lies and hold the coverage until at least January 7. On January 6 focus should be on the anniversary of the fatal insurrection.


As awful as the wildfires near Boulder, Colorado are, at least residents can count on federal support and won’t have the added pain of a President telling them to rake their mountains.


Cheese head?

December 31, 2021

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says he won’t take long after season to decide his plans for 2022..

So will he ask Joe Rogan?

Aaron Rodgers now doubling down on his anti-vaccine status – “If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore. It’s propaganda.” And here I thought Tom Brady’s status as my most disliked QB in the NFL was safe.

Would be funny if it weren’t so evil: Fox News top headline today “White House under fire as Americans wait hours to be tested for COVID & new cases break US record.

Fox News Jun 2020 “Trump defends coronavirus testing comment, says more tests make ‘us look like we have more cases'”

Chicken hawks escalating Vietnam War weren’t risking their own or their children’s lives. They had draft exemptions.

Now GOP & pundits escalating anti-vax war to make Biden look bad aren’t risking their own or kids’ lives either. They’re vaccinated. From cannon fodder to COVID fodder.

It’s very long shot, but all hypothetical discussion on Twitter about Senators switching parties seems to be about Manchin. She’d be a conservative independent, to the right of Angus King, but if Lisa Murkowski wants to caucus w/ Dems, as a Democrat I’d welcome her w/ open arms.

So would these folks pushing monoclonal antibody therapies over vaccines also tell people to keep smoking cigarettes because you can always get chemotherapy for lung cancer?

As Democrats push COVID vaccines & testing, GOP touts monoclonal antibodies instead. Vaccines & tests cost a few dollars, monoclonal antibodies cost thousands. So on top of everything else, which party really cares about “mortgaging our children’s future” w/reckless spending?

Have ZERO sympathy for Ghislaine Maxwell, who enabled a sexual predator for years. But still, ..first person convicted in a predatory sex trafficking operation involving young girls and many rich & famous men is a woman?

Ugly finder?

December 29, 2021

All you need to know about how ugly tonight’s Golden State Denver NBA game was tonight: The Nuggets scored 29 points in the second half and still beat the Warriors 89-86.

Tampa Bay Bruce Arians tested positive for COVID & has mild symptoms. Arians says he has “complete confidence” in Asst Head Coach Harold Goodwin “to prepare team for this week’s game against the NY Jets.” Do the Buccaneers even NEED a coach against the Jets?

Alabama star LB Will Anderson says going into CFP playoff against Cincinnati “I feel like we’re the underdog in this game. All year we’ve been disrespected.” And he said it with a straight face.

After players, often seen unmasked, spent Christmas at Sea World, UCLA today pulled out of the Holiday Bowl in San Diego hours before kickoff.

And University of Georgia has arrived for their semi-final playoff game in COVID hot-spot Miami. I’m so old I remember the biggest worry for coaches before bowl games was players going out and getting in trouble for stuff like underage drinking.

Tom Brady threw & broke his Surface tablet after an interception during Bucs’ shutout loss to Saints. He said “I did get warning from NFL. Can’t throw another Surface or else I get fined. Imagine that!” Had a frustrated New Orleans player thrown tablet last night he’d have been suspended.

The concept of “controlling your own destiny” in NFL is complete BS when league penalizes vaccinated teams who do the right thing and rewards their darlings who ignore rules

D*mn, RIP John Madden. Remember him as a colorful Hall of Fame football coach & announcer. But realize millions of younger Americans will think of him because of their favorite sports video game.

As Antonio Brown has returned to Tampa Bay Buccaneers after only a 3 game suspension for a fake COVID vaccine card & is now in position to make $1 million in incentives, wonder how many who HAVEN’T been caught with fake vaccine cards have infected teammates & others.

Dear 2021. John Madden and Harry Reid on the same day? Now I know they were 85 and 82, but isn’t it about time you take an a**hole or two to even things out?

Scary thought. There are four sitting US Senators older than Harry Reid.

US Senate returning Jan 3 and staying in session until “state work period” Jan 17-21. While that may not seem like a lot, in 2021 the US Senate hat “state work periods Jan 4-5 AND Jan 7-19. So maybe something gets done? Hope springs eternal.

NO shame: Gov Ron DeSantis-Aug 2021, w/ record-breaking cases “This is our COVID season.” Dec 2021 w/ record-breaking cases AGAIN, DeathSantis attacks Biden for not getting Florida enough monoclonal antibodies -saying POTUS “had months to prepare for predictable winter surge.”

Can any man who claims he’s avoiding COVID vaccine because he doesn’t know what’s in it tell us the ingredients he knows are in Viagra?.

Study – “Vaccinated hospitalized patients were 52-79% less likely to die than unvaccinated hospitalized patients.” The latest COVID-19 study? No. A 2017 flu study. Vaccines don’t have to stop all transmission & illness to work.

if we could somehow put information about Peter Navarro’s “Green Bay Sweep” and the members of Congress involved in it on a laptop with Hunter Biden’s name on it would media pay more attention?

CNN headline “Biden grapples with a Covid-19 testing failure that could have been foreseen.” Meanwhile, what about dozens of potential CNN headlines on Velveeta Voldemort’s failures starting from “15 going to be down to 0” that could have been foreseen?

Whatever we all think about Merrick Garland right now, I think there’s one good thing we can agree on – his DOJ does NOT leak.

Bottom feeders

December 27, 2021

Casual NFL fans tuning into Sunday Night Football have to have one question: So how did the Washington Football Team manage to win 6 football games?

Can anyone remember a season with more truly lousy NFL teams?

With Saints down to recent 4th round draft pick Ian Book to start MNF, former New Orleans QB & legend Archie Manning reportedly texted coach Sean Payton photos of himself, sons Peyton & Eli, along w/ grandsons Arch & Marshall & told Sean “All 5 are available. Make your pick!”

Sun Bowl is the latest bowl game to be canceled. Not that that many Americans who aren’t fans of Miami or WSU will be that disappointed. But players on both teams gave up much of their Christmas break to get ready. And WSU Cougars just arrived in that tourist hot spot El Paso.

The Wasabi Fenway Bowl has also been canceled due to COVID. Okay, how many people actually knew there was a Wasabi Fenway Bowl?

Maybe with all these COVID cases some of the lesser bowls can restructure to having both teams play a game of Madden NFL 22?

Unvaccinated Cole Beasley, who’s been fined about $100,000 by NFL over ignoring COVID protocols, missed today’s game due to having COVID. But he’s getting paid. About $267,000 for today alone.

What’s wrong with this picture?

So if we could start a rumor JFK Jr helped develop COVID vaccines would it mean more people would get their shots?

Or as a Twitter acquaintance suggested in a reply….we could add to the rumor that a COVID vaccine brought him back to life.

It’s pretty simple: We are the United States. Women’s healthcare rights and voting rights shouldn’t depend on what state you live in.

If some right-wing gun owner shot Santa coming down his chimney how long until Republicans would call him a hero?

For all the GOP likes to talk about a war on Christmas, isn’t a foreign guy flying into US to drop off a lot of free stuff to children regardless of their immigration status exactly the kind of person they regularly attack?

So if you don’t believe in the medical science of vaccines why would you trust your life to medical science when you get sick?

atched “Miracle on 34th Street” again ;ast night. Darn good thing Louis Dejoy wasn’t in charge of USPS. Letters to Santa would have been thrown out instead of delivered to court house. Kris Kringle would have ended up in mental hospital. No Miracle. No Christmas.

Headline from conservative UK Daily Mail: “Donald Trump’s stirring vaccine defense: Most Americans dying or hospitalized because of COVID are unvaccinated & encourages everyone to get shot.” This is like headline: “Arsonist’s stirring defense of fire extinguishers.”

Since it worked so well for vaccines if President Biden suddenly said how great the Former Guy looked in a mask would Velveeta Voldemort suddenly start promoting mask wearing?

Fox News is literally complaining that Joe Biden hasn’t been paying enough attention to experts on COVID-19. Socially-distanced funeral services for irony are pending.

I don’t know how many parents were on that NORAD tracker call with their children and President Biden. But most of them were I’m sure grateful and decent. Can we not give the a**hole all the attention? #ThankYouBiden

Merry whatever.

December 25, 2021

Hey, if omicron doesn’t take a holiday, neither should snark.

How did Jacksonsville Jaguars (2-12) at NY Jets (3-11) end up on Sunday and not Saturday? If ever a game was destined to be a perfect Christmas turkey?

Dear Drew Brees. Understand you’re enjoying Christmas w/ family in Hawaii. And realistically you can’t get back into game shape in a weekend. But maybe if New Orleants Saints sent private jet for you to be sideline coach & cheerleader for Ian Book on MNF against Dolphins? #WhoDat

Dear Santa: For Republicans trying to follow Velveeta Voldemort in belatedly pivoting to support vaccines to your now anti-science base…is it too late to add to your sleigh baggage several thousands of copies of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein?”

WTAF media? This is an actual headline – “Millions stranded as airlines cut hundreds of holiday flights.” Millions?!! (those would be serious jumbo jets.)

Why do so many people think Joe Manchin will switch to being a Republican? As one of Mitch McConnnell’s foot soldiers he’d be almost irrelevant. As a conservative Democrat he’s a powerful media darling.

Herschel Walker likely GOP GA Senate nominee. His wife of 19 years’ divorce filing accused him of “physically abusive & extremely threatening behavior.” Later said Walker pointed pistol at her head “I’m going to blow your f’ing brains out.” How long until he gets OJ’s endorsement?

If White House documents proved that Velveeta Voldemort was innocent of organizing & abetting January 6 coup attempt, instead of asking SCOTUS to keep them private, he’d be having Hannity and Carlson read those documents out loud every night on Fox News.

Wasn’t on either Rittenhouse or Potter jury. From what I saw would have voted to convict them both, though feel much more sympathy for Potter. But wonder….do juries take tears on the stand more seriously from a man than a woman?

I’ve said this before. Whatever you think about Kim Potter verdict – Daunte Wright died because a trained “good woman with a gun” used a gun instead of a Taser. And some want armed amateurs to protect children in our schools?

Gym Jordan says he has “real concerns” about the January 6 committee. Shame he didn’t have “real concerns” about college wrestlers being sexually abused at Ohio State.

Dear privileged people who don’t think voting rights matter: Imagine waiting in line to vote on a regular basis as long as you are waiting in line to buy COVID tests this week.

And imagine every time that Senators wanted to vote on the Senate floor they had to wait in line outside the Capitol, for hours, with no food or water….

Turkey time

December 23, 2021

Herschel Walker, now front-runner for GOP Senate nomination in Georgia :”Sen. Lewis was 1 of greatest senators there’s ever been….I think to throw his name on bill for voting rights, is a shame. When you look at the bill, it doesn’t fit what what John Lewis stood for.”

Is Walker that stupid or does he think we are? #VotingRightsAct

Aaron Rodgers, unvaccinated, unrepentant, and (not suspended) is now exempt from COVID testing after fudging his status and testing positive

And now the Packers QB, who has touted ivermectin & zinc, is complaining ““I don’t understand why society and the NFL hasn’t talked about what I think are legitimate treatment options.

Well, with NFL scheduling Cleveland – Green Bay on Christmas, at least Rodgers is guaranteeing Americans a Christmas turkey.

5-7 Rutgers apparently will get the first crack to replace Texas A&M in the Gator Bowl. Upsetting many pundits who think under .500 teams should only get a chance for the postseason in the NBA, NHL and NFL.

Texas A&M has backed out of the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl in Jacksonville on December 31 because of COVID-19 issues, injuries & opt-outs. So officials are trying to find an opponent for Wake Forest. Hmm, are the Jaguars available?

QB Joe Burrow, on Bengals avoiding COVID-19 more than many NFL teams: “There’s not a ton to do in Cincinnati. Nobody is going out to clubs & bars every weekend. But we’ve been healthy.” Bengals fans might appreciate his statement. Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce not so much.

Let’s be clear about ballot drop boxes. They aren’t a substitute for mail boxes. But in a time when confidence in USPS is justifiably at an all-time low. they are a safe & secure way of knowing your ballot will be picked up & counted.

TSA and FAA have announced anyone fined for bad behavior on a plane will permanently lose access to TSA PreCheck. Excellent. But why stop there? Three more words “Permanent Secondary Screening.

Should we be shocked that Madison Cawthorn, a college dropout who just urged students to quit too, is dropping out of his marriage after eight months?

Maybe we’re going about this all wrong: Maybe way to get the still mostly male Senate seriously to deal with prescription costs is to quietly encourage companies to quadruple prices on Viagra.

Has it occurred to any of these nutty conspiracy theorists who claim Democrats stole the election, that IF Democrats were both that evil and competent they’d have stolen it for Hillary in 2016?


December 22, 2021

Aaron Rodgers today , unrepentant about fudging his vaccination status. “I’ve talked to a lot of friends who had COVID, including Joe (Rogan) & figured out a protocol in case I had COVID.” Since NFL is cracking down on taunting how about taunting medical science?

Of course, what do you expect from a league that responds to a major spike in cases by deciding… to test less?

Kyle Rittenhouse has become a new right-wing hero for fatally shooting two people before US law deems him old enough to handle a beer let alone a gun.

The Former Guy actually said to vaccine hesistant “You have to embrace it. You don’t have to do it, there can’t be mandates & all those things, but you have to embrace it.” “Embrace?” Maybe his followers would’ve listened more if he suggested they “grab the shot by the p*ssy?”

Disagree with Liz Cheney on almost everything. But she has more cojones than any Republican in Congress. Including so-called reasonable (and powerful and wealthy) people like Mitt Romney.

Tonight’s Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email ” Democrats now on new kick w/ so-called Voting Rights Bill, which is a disaster for our Country & certainly Republican Party.” GOP now believes all American citizens being able to vote is a disaster. Wrap your head around that.

Why do people doubt that Joe Biden can get over being annoyed at Joe Manchin and work something out? He chose a VP who attacked him about race and bussing on the debate stage. POTUS REALLY doesn’t hold grudges.

Not sure about media showing up at Velveeta Voldemort’s Mar-A-Lago January 6 Press Conference. But I am in favor of the FBI attending.

Many men especially complaining are about vaccines & and boosters, because they don’t want to start or continue to put something they think isn’t absolutely necessary into their bodies.

Wonder how many of them have prescriptions for Viagra?

Fox News blaming Dr. Fauci for COVID is like an arsonist blaming the firefighters.

Still shutout

December 21, 2021

Tom Brady today trying out his comic talent: “Yeah, they’re called the Saints. I don’t think they’re very saintly. A Saint would have probably let us score once or twice yesterday. So gotta rethink that nickname.”

Dear Tom. Keep your day job. Signed “Who Dat Nation.”

NFL getting a lot of attention for upsets and strange results this season.

Then there’s the NBA. Where San Antonio Spurs (yes, I’m a fan) managed to beat the Utah Jazz and the L Clippers in a three game stretch. But in the middle… losing to the Sacramento Kings?

From my husband, who’s not a particular football fan, a surprisingly astute question after watching 4th quarter of Monday Night Football: “How did the Bears manage to win four games?”

First confirmed Omicron death in US reportedly a 50ish Texas man who had previously had COVID but was unvaccinated. So much for natural immunity.

Reports that White House cat will arrive in January 2022. This may be JUST what POTUS needs. Since WH cat will almost certainly do incorrigible cat things media can indulge their love of drama with feline misdeeds instead of trying to make up stories about Biden etc.

The last Kmart store in California just closed yesterday. Shocking. There were still any Kmart stores in California?

As the Former Guy takes to the courts in an attempt to end NY AG’s investigation, you know who didn’t sue to avoid giving uncomfortable testimony? Hillary Clinton.

Kyle Rittenhouse Nov 20 -after acquittal said he didn’t want to get involved in politics “at all” & his case “should never have been used as cause” for any political agendas.

Rittenhouse Dec 20 given standing ovation at Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix. Satire is dead.

Velveeta Voldemort put out an ranting grammatically incorrect statement against NY AG Letitia James… We are gonna have a nationwide popcorn shortage.

As terms like disrespect & being “badgered” get tossed around before everyone calms down, (and we head towards a probable reset & restart for Build Back Better in 2022), these last couple days have reminded us that men might just be too emotional for political leadership.

As angry as some Democrats are at Joe Manchin, some of the right wing of Republican party hates Lisa Murkowski. And she has a Velveeta Voldemort backed primary-opponent. If we’re going to talk about Senators switching parties….

2 thoughts. 1. Build Back Better bill isn’t done yet. And Freedom to Vote Act is still very much alive. 2. I get frustration w/ Joe Manchin. But we need to use energy not just to scream at him, but to elect more Democrats in 2022.

50-50 Senate gives 1 Senator too much power

Optimistic note on BBB & voting rights: 2 political women I most admire now are Nancy Pelosi & Amy Klobuchar. Some assume Pelosi is SF liberal who isn’t pragmatic. & that Klobuchar is Midwest pragmatist who isn’t liberal. Women can multitask. Neither Nancy nor Amy are giving up.


December 20, 2021

So on a Sunday when the worst in NFL Detroit Lions beat the best in NFL Arizona Cardinals the Saints had no chance to grab headlines against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers… well, unless they shut out Tom Brady at home for the first time in his career.


But hey, Tampa Bay receiver Antonio Brown & safety Mike Edwards are serving last game of 3 game suspension for fake vaccine cards. And Bucs apparently will welcome them back in time for playoffs. Hey, all they did was put lives of their teammates, staff and their families at risk.

Several GOP Senators have said they will not vote to confirm any SCOTUS nominee Biden might make if they take the Senate in 2022. Still don’t think the midterms matter?

Sorry to hear Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Cory Booker both have breakthrough case of COVID but glad to hear because they are is vaxxed & boosted they only has mild symptoms. The truth is that most Republican Senators are ALSO vaccinated & boosted. They just don’t want to admit it to their constituents.

Claire McCaskill was better than Josh Hawley Joe Donnelly better than Mike Braun. Mary Landrieu better than Bill Cassidy. I like McCaskill, Donnelly & Manchin better than Manchin. But Joe’s better than any Republican who’d 100% replace him. We need to win more BLUE seats in 2022

Why is everyone so worried about Joe Manchin switching to being a Republican. Yes, he has a LOT of power, now, aided by the media. But as a Republican he’d be Susan Collins without the occasional pearls to clutch.

Bipartisan rant time. With calorie and other counts required on containers, how do they get away with stuff like this on a tuna can? “Serving size: 110 calories. Servings: 1.5.” So what does one do with .5 serving of tuna fish? Perhaps the cat lobby was involved?

A vaccinated & boosted travel agency client had me postpone trip when he had mild symptoms & tested positive. He’s being responsible & can afford higher fares next week. But as he noted if he wanted to lie about it nothing would stop him from getting on plane.

#GetVaccinatedNow #GetBoostedNow

While we’re going after Manchin: Why can’t media ask GOP senators why they don’t support lower prescription drug prices? How they expect parents to go back to work if they can’t afford child care or elder care? And why they claim to be pro-life while cutting off Child Tax Credit?

Sarah Palin says “over my dead body will I get vaccinated.” Silly Sarah. They don’t keep supplies of vaccines at mortuaries

On NBC SNL. Wish Tina Fey was just joking. “The FDA said it will permanently allow abortion pills to be sent through the mail, which means the pills should arrive just in time for your child’s first birthday.”

Bowling for ratings?

December 19, 2021

So, as of Saturday night, there have actually already been eight college football bowl games. And if you can name more than one or two of them you might need a life.

Urban Meyer says he is “heartbroken” over the way his 11-month tenure with Jacksonville Jaguars ended. Presumably because the team is trying to get out of paying Meyer the last four years of his five year contract?

NFL will postpone three games this weekend due to a surge in Covid-19 cases among players. Waiting to see what expert researchers like Aaron Rodgers think.

Omicron has football fans seriously worried about their teams’ games. Chicago fans, however, feel confident their Monday night game against the Minnesota Vikings will be played. Da Bears can’t catch anything.

While I haven’t followed trial of Kim Potter for shooting Daunte Wright in detail, seems likely that a well-trained experienced officer made a negligient and deadly mistake. And some people want amateurs with guns “protecting children” in our schools?

Apparently Velveeta Voldemort’s tour with Bill O’Reilly is socially distanced for attendees. Not on purpose, they just can’t sell many seats.

For all that right wing media loves to claim vaccines & masks don’t matter, have yet to see Fox News story about a previously healthy pro-vaccine pro-mask public figure who died of COVID. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Orange County FL, (Disney World) is now considered COVID “rapid riser county” & state reported 29,568 new cases this week among residents, bringing total to 3,739,348. But NON-RESIDENT cases aren’t counted. Well, not like any non-residents visiting or returning from Florida.

SNL tonight has a prerecorded skit about moms wanting grandchildren for Christmas. Well, the way this Omicron variant is going and everyone thinking about spending the holiday at home…. there may be a LOT of grandbabies for Christmas 2022.

Confession, I’ve had fantasy of being in hotel room (ie warm & w/ bathroom) overlooking Times Square for New Year’s Eve since I was a kid. But being actually in that crowd, where you can’t move for hours, didn’t sound appealing BEFORE COVID. And right now with Omicron…? WTF?

I’m so old I remember when we all thought Rick Perry’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” would be the nadir of his career.

On a brighter note for Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, testing positive for COVID the day after claiming vaccine mandates and masks on planes aren’t needed has to be the best #WannaGetAway commercial ev

So if we convince Republicans that Democrats want to keep all the COVID shots and boosters for themselves THEN might more of them get vaccinated?

Fox News has a conundrum ahead. How will they blame President Biden for Omicron variant in US at the same time they criticize any measures Joe takes to mitigate it?

Has anyone said on their deathbed “I really regret getting vaccinated and wearing a mask?” Asking for a country tired of COVIDiots.

Oh say can you see empty seats?

December 16, 2021

Due to COVID surging, the Montreal Canadiens played a game Thursday night without fans. And beat the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2.
Did they dedicate the game to the Montreal Expos?

Former NFL CB Philip Adams, who in April allegedly shot & killed 6 people then himself, had CTE. Now NFL WR Vincent Jackson, found dead in Florida hotel room in February found to have had CTE. Scary question – how many ticking former NFL time bombs also have CTE.

Buck Showalter, 65, who’s managed four teams between 1992 and 2018 with a career record of 1,551-1,517, is a finalist for the NY Mets manager job.

Because nothing says commitment to winning like hiring a barely over .500 in his managerial career old white guy?

So if a GOP maskless senator ends up with a breakthrough Omicron case, think they would tell u

Gym Jordan is so silent about January 6 you almost wonder if some of the insurrectionists were also sexually abusing college athlete

With Louis Dejoy still running the USPS how many Americans are joining me in the Christmas wish that our cards actually get delivered?

Lisa Murkowski talking about the lofty goal of bipartisan legislation for voting rights. But how do you get bipartisan agreement when one party no longer believes in the right of all citizens to vote?

Ted Cruz has an e-book claiming CRT being pushed by teachers unions in public schools. 1. CRT is a college graduate-level concept. 2. What would Cruz know about public schools? His daughters go to an expensive private school.

“The Senator from West Virginia acts like he is King” says Media who persists in treating him like he is King.

Mike Lindell says he’s blown $25 million trying to bring Velveeta Voldemort back to the White House. That’s a fraction of the money Americans have blown on his lousy pillows.

Kyrsten Sinema supports Senate’s 60-vote threshold “to protect US from repeated radical reversals in fed policy which would cement uncertainty, deepen divisions & erode confidence in our govt.” “Radical? Like refusing to vote in 2016 on SCOTUS judge & ignoring rules in 2020 to install a 2nd?

Dear Chuck Schumer – What about keeping Senate in session next week, allowing floor speeches & shutting down Senate cafeterias and water fountains?

If Senators had to wait hours without food or water before THEY could vote maybe a couple of them would rethink their opposition to voting rights?

The gospel according to Fox News: Chris Cuomo advised his brother during a sexual harassment investigation & said nothing. He deserved to be fired. Three of our anchors sent advice to Trump during an actual coup attempt & said nothing. Nothing to see here, move along.

Alas Urban, we more than hardly knew ye…

December 16, 2021

Urban Meyer has been fired. So how long before he runs for office as a Republican?

Urban Meyer lasted 13 games as the coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Wonder how many Urban Meyer’s student-athletes at The Ohio State University and The University of Florida went to as many as 13 classes?

San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. was rumored to have had motorcycle accident in Dominican Republican, but his father said he “just suffered scrapes on a knee & his hands in a fall and is doing fine.” Was Tatis washing his truck at the time?

Some colleges and universities have announced they are moving finals online this December because of Omicron.

And some college athletes are thinking “What are finals?”

Gym Jordan’s office admitted he sent one of the texts to Mark Meadows before January 6 advocating that Pence throw out certified electoral college votes. Are they also admitting that water in the Ohio State wrestling locker room shower rooms is wet?

Lawrence O’Donnell on the The Last Word says Jim Jordan has “an obligation to his own conscience.” Silly wabbit, does anyone really think Gym Jordan HAS a conscience?

More today from Trump fundraising email list. “Friend, This is HUGE. In just 3 days, I will be making a MAJOR announcement and I want YOU to be the first to know about it.”

“MAJOR?” Yeah, that’s probably as honest as Donald saying he has actual friends.

Still nothing about Fox News about their anchors’ tweets to Mark Meadows on January 6.

So I guess there may be such a thing as bad publicity.

The death toll stands at eight but may rise. And no doubt we will have a full investigation but some of the stories from surviving workers out of that Mayfield candle factory are giving me Triangle Shirtwaist Factory vibes

Can’t one GOP Senator be honest? “Well, son, we didn’t want your generation to be in debt because we helped children & parents & old people during a tough time. We kept adding to your debt only for important causes, like giving our nation’s millionaires & billionaires tax cuts.

Shooting from long range

December 15, 2021

Congrats to Stephen Curry for breaking the all-time three-point record today. Great line from Tom Tolbert thought today on KNBR about Madison Square Garden being a sports mecca. Basically, yeah, because a lot of people come in and have record breaking nights against the Knicks.

On a less cheery sports note, NFL, NBA and NHL all dealing with a serious spike in COVID cases.

Are players, who are generally vaccinated, taking more than average chances as far as exposure?


Are they being TESTED more often than average?


So how many undiagnosed COVID cases are out there.

(Get vaccinated, get your booster)

No issue too small for clickbait. CNN headline – “‘Diet’ soda is disappearing from store shelves.” Supply chain issue? No, the truth of the story is that many soft drink manufacturers have removed “diet” from their drink names, and are calling them “no sugar” beverages.

For anyone who has friends and family who only watch Fox News, realize they are not hearing ANYTHING about Fox News hosts texting Mark Meadows on January 6. Maybe Fox is still busy with coverage focused on their Christmas tree brulee?

The ACA allows for insurance companies to charge smokers up to 50% more than non-smokers. So seems reasonable that unvaccinated Americans should pay more for health insurance than vaccinated Americans. And that GOP should support this business decision.

In case anyone missed it with those “unnamed lawmakers.” We don’t know who they are. Yet. But the January 6 committee does.

Rachel Maddow has Jamie Rankin showing a text from an unnamed lawmaker to Meadows on Nov 4. Looks legit. The unnamed (so far) GOP lawmaker can’t spell “aggressive.”

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'November 4th, 2020 LAWMAKER To MEADOWS HERE's an AGRESSIVE STRATEGY: Why can sic] the states of GA NC PENN and other controlled state houses declare this is BS (where conflicts and election not called that night) and just send their own electors to vote and have it go to the SCOTUS. REAKING NEWS OUSE TO VOTE TO HOLD MEADOWS IN CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS MSNBC'

Something else about Florida’s big jump again in COVID cases. Governor Ron DeSantis says virus is largely harmless, thus if many Republicans get sick they will treat COVID like a cold & not get tested unless they end up in the hospital. So real numbers are probably much higher.

Stephen Colbert “Less than year since Jan 6 violent isurrection on Capitol Hill & we’ve all gotten little too comfortable w/ near death of the Republic. We’d pay more attention if democracy died on a Peleton.”

Never watched Sex in The City, the original or the reboot & know what Colbert means so think he’s right

You get what you pay for?

December 14, 2021

At University of Miami, apparently many faculty and others are upset that despite deep pandemic budget cuts, including to retirement benefits, the university signed new football coach Mario Cristobal to an $80 million contract.

Wait until they find out that with a talented Oregon team Cristobal couldn’t even beat Stanford.

37 players tested positive today. NFL now requiring players, coaches & other team personnel to get COVID booster by Dec. 27. For those w/ recalcitrant sports fan friends & families. If your NFL team making playoffs depends on a booster, shouldn’t your life be worth that much?

Every time a GOP Senator stands up and pontificates about the alleged cost of Build Back Better I wish there was a chyron on screen reminding us that they voted for the multi-trillion Trump tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

It was bad enough that Velveeta Voldemort treated US Attorney General like his personal lawyer and not the people’s lawyer. Now it turns out that the Former Guy was treating our National Guard like the Tr*mp guard. Why is this not a bigger story?

Rachel Maddow devoted much of her show tonight information Mark Meadows turned over to the January 6 committee…. The most terrifying part – this is the stuff Mark’s not worried about concealing?

So what happens when January 6 committee subpoenas Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeader and Donald Trump Jr.? We’re gonna have a national wide popcorn shortage.

So Donald Jr., who texted Mark Meadows repeatedly on January 6, doesn’t have his father’s personal phone number.

Liz Cheney is so p*ssed off and determined at this point a number of the Former Guy’s cronies may be wishing instead of being investigated by the Wyoming congresswoman, they had gone hunting with her dad.

It’s not surprising to me at this point that #ETTD. What is surprising to me is how many people are still willing to commit career suicide for Velveeta Voldemort in hopes that they will be that magical exception to the rule.

Curling or Curdling?

December 13, 2021

An Olympic qualifying curling tournament in the Netherlands was blacked out for US viewers because tournament sponsor EasyToys had their logo embeded in the ice & on ads surrounding rink. EasyToys is a sex toys website. Yes, we live in a country founded by Puritans.

But hey, I see a great curling ad campaign – “Get your rocks off”

After Jaguars were shut out 20-0, Urban Meyer denied reports of acrimony in Jacksonville clubhouse and his being a bad boss -“If there is a source, that source is unemployed.” That is, if Meyer is still employed to fire him.

A theme in Ted Lasso season one is if Richmond will be relegated after season’s end which in soccer means going down to a lesser league. Wonder if Detroit Lions might play with more motivation if after 2021 season they could be relegated to the Canadian Football League?

Dr. Fauci says “Annual vaccine booster shots are a possibility with COVID 19.” Right wing media is apoplectic. I’m thinking, cool, does this mean I get another 10% Safeway coupon every year like I do with my annual free flu shot?

Fox News headlines- “Liberal governor defies party’s tricks – declares COVID pandemic ‘over'” Uh, not exactly. CO Gov. Jared Polis said the “emergency is “over” & he’s against statewide mask mandate since if people aren’t vaccinated now it’s their “own darn fault” if they get sick.

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach isn’t happy w/ NFL-bound players’ leaving teams before bowl games. “One of biggest absurdities I’ve seen, it’s selfish, too…You owe it to your team, you owe it to your fans.” Missed Leach’s rant about COACHES leaving before bowl games.

So with Chris Wallace leaving for CNN can he be replaced on Fox News by Chuck Todd?

Amy Klobuchar didn’t just take high road when asked on CNN’s State of the Union about sitting next to Ted Cruz at Bob Dole’s funeral, reminding us that Dole WAS about civility, but she also pointed out Ted Cruz IS vaccinated. Most of GOP Senators aren’t stupid. They just think their voters are.

So did Ted Cruz not wear a mask at Bob Dole’s funeral today because someone told him the COVID can only be transmitted by humans?

Actually SNL in the cold open had Aidy Bryant as Ted Cruz being the maskless jerk at Dole’s funeral. Maybe Rachel Dratch wasn’t available to play Amy Klobuchar but would have loved to see her in the skit accepting a medal just for spending hours sitting next to Cruz period.

Dr. Oz in 2020, reopening schools during pandemic “may only cost us 2-3% in terms of total mortality.” Approx 48 million kids in public schools alone K-12 in US. So Dr. Oz would’ve been fine w/ over million kids dying. Now he’s running for Senate as “pro-life” Republican.

“The Librarian” is dark comedy 2004 thriller by Larry Beinhart (who wrote “American Hero” – basis for “Wag the Dog”). Plot involves group of rich & ruthless right-wingers trying to help a President steal re-election. Loved the book. But liked it better when concept was fiction.

So if someone could put that Power Point presentation to steal the election on a laptop and put Hunter Biden’s name on it, would the media start seriously covering the story?

Seeing headlines like “once-a-century” storm after yesterday’s tornadoes in Kentucky and other states. Uh, when these “once-a-century” storms are happening several times a year, maybe it’s time for EVERYONE to acknowledge the reality of climate change.

How insane were the four years from January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2021? It shouldn’t be news that a President immediately sent disaster aid to a state that didn’t vote for him. But now it is.

Just heard a bit of Biden’s speech about the awful devastation in Kentucky: “This is one of those times that we aren’t Democrats or Republicans… Sounds like hyperbole but it’s real. We’re all Americans. We stand together as the United States of America.” It’s nice having a President of the United States again.

Non-snarky PSA NY Times article last week says Amazon, through its own platform and subsidiaries, controls as much as 2/3 of the new and used book market. If you’re buying books this Christmas, please buy local… or if online, from an independent bookstore’s own site.

Changing places.

December 11, 2021

Bowl season hasn’t even started yet and I’m guesstimating over a dozen coaches who will have agreed to leave for another team before their 2021 bowl game. Wonder if their farewell speeches will be about team and loyalty?

Auburn Tigers’ men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl was suspended TWO whole games, and the team but on probation but no postseason ban over “not promoting an atmosphere of compliance.” (A former assistant coach was arrested and charged with seriously illegal recruiting violations.

It’s the 2nd time Pearl has been sanctioned by NCAA; he was given a 3-year show-cause penalty in 2011 while at Tennessee over illegal recruiting, and Auburn hired him anyway.

So the NCAA is slapping Bruce & the Tigers’ hands really hard?

The hardest Saturday of the fall for football fans. Only the Army-Navy game for FBS college football. But for fans of amateur football the Jets and Jaguars play early games on Sunday.

Has Fox News hired Kyle Rittenhouse to protect their Christmas Tree yet?

Fox News is still insisting the Christmas Tree fire was some sort of attack on America. For fun can someone point out to them everyone singing “O Christmas Tree” is actually singing a German song? (O Tannenbaum)

So if SCOTUS has decided states can do unconstitutional things, including bounties, what laws should blue states start passing?

For all media is focused on inflation, how many millions of Americans would not still be in their homes and/or able to afford food at all this Christmas if not for Biden and the Democrats’ stimulus bills?

Every media outlet leading with the story about COVID 19 spikes in hospitalizations and deaths in many states should be required to include in their lead that almost all the serious cases are among the unvaccinated.-

Joe Biden, asked about SCOTUS Texas decision, responded that he’d been at Bob Dole’s funeral for three hours and hadn’t read it. “I’m not going to comment on something I don’t know.”

What a concept. “I’m not going to comment on something I don’t know.”

How silent would the Former Guy have been with that mantra?

Amy Klobuchar has a bill with Josh Hawley as cosponsor against monopolistic behavior by major digital platforms, & another with Tom Cotton to stop anti-competitive big-tech acquisitions. Sitting next to Ted Cruz at Bob Dole’s completes her ironwoman triathlon of bipartisanism. Am in awe.

Quote today on CNN from Bob Dole after his 1996 Presidential election loss to Bill Clinton. Dole went on the Late Show and David Letterman asked “Bob, what have you been doing lately?” “Apparently not enough.” I’m so old I remember when Republicans could be good losers.

In Bob Dole’s farewell letter to a staffer, read by his daughter, he wrote that he didn’t fear death, saying that he thought “heaven would look a lot like Kansas”.. adding “he would hope to see, like others before me, if I will still be able to vote in Chicago.”

Sometimes it’s the little things. My phone now knows enough to do autofill for “Deathsantis.”

Hanging on…

December 9, 2021

Not quite 28-3 in a Super Bowl but Minnesota Vikings almost blew a 29-0 third quarter lead tonight. They hung on to win 36-28, on a dropped Steelers pass in the end zone as time expired.

If Vikings had lost the game would they have gotten a case of generic beer sent to their locker room by the Atlanta Falcons?

Today it’s a Federal Appeals Court denying his efforts to block documents from the January 6 committee.

Even the Detroit Lions have one more win this week than Velveeta Voldemort.

I did not have “Powerpoint Coup” on my 2021 Batshit Bingo list.

Oregon Ducks trying to bring back Chip Kelly …even though their former football coach received an 18-month show cause penalty from the NCAA & Oregon was placed on three years of probation for major recruiting violations after Chip left for the NFL starting 2013.So do the Ducks think Kelly has reformed? Or that he’s learned how to cheat better?

When you’re so crazy a mouthwash company has to issue a statement. #RonJohnson

“LISTERINE® Antiseptic is not intended to prevent or treat COVID-19 and should be used only as directed on the product label.

NO problem w/ Jussie Smollett guilty verdicts. Faking hate crimes makes it less likely real victims are believed. But right wing media for some reason far more concerned w/ Smollett than Josh Duggar being convicted of possessing awful child pornography. Wonder why?

GOP on vaccine mandates – We can’t tell corporations what to do. Corporations are people. GOP on abortion – We CAN tell women what do to. Women aren’t people?

Senator Josh Hawley rants about accountability. Says 13 US deaths in Afghanistan are reason he’s holding up confirmation of Biden’s State & Defense department nominees. There were over 2400 US deaths in Afghanistan. How about accountability for those who got us into war in 1st place?

Fox News is going to keep a single Christmas Tree being set on fire a top headline longer than they did those four kids shot to death in Michigan.

Stephen Colbert on Fox’s Christmas Tree Flambee -“Of course, it would never have happened if the tree had a gun.”

Bad sports.

December 9, 2021

Aaron Rodgers says he doesn’t regret the “I still own you” boast he made about the Chicago Bears back in October.

It’s an invitation for karma and retribution to make that kind of comment about a professional team….. which is I guess Rodgers felt safe making it about Da Bears.

The NHL Arizona Coyotes have been having a running battle with the city of Glendale involving a new arena they are planning to build in Tempe. Now Glendale informed the team that it plans to lock the Coyotes out of Gila River Arena if the club does not pay its delinquent tax bills and unpaid arena charges by Dec. 20.

Poor Oakland A’s. They can’t even win the “biggest battle with their city over an aging stadium” contest.

Starting January 15, unvaccinated NBA players will no longer be able to play in Canada. Suddenly find myself hoping the Toronto Raptors end up in the playoffs.

Stephen Colbert on Fox’s Christmas Tree Flambee “Of course, it would never have happened if the tree had a gun.”

Dear Santa. Am I on the naughty list for still laughing at the Fox Christmas tree on fire?

If so, it still might be worth it.

Learned playing trivia last night that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a serious philatelist. Can you imagine the Fox and Newsmax headlines about that now?

As awful as it is that many Americans can’t afford insulin, GOP would have already agreed to do something about prescription drug prices if the unaffordable drug was Viagra.

So if one of the domestic terrorists on Jan 6, instead of just attacking police officers, had attacked a 2020 Christmas tree still standing in the U.S. Capitol, THEN would Fox News and GOP have condemned them?

All you need to know on now much Senate Republicans are trying to obstruct Biden and Democrats’ agenda: They dragged it out for a time wasting 58-41 vote to confirm Biden’s nominee to run….. AmeriCorps?!

So Ron Johnson is suggesting to disciples that mouthwash will prevent COVID.

Fine. When they get COVID they just gargle with mouthwash at home instead of risking hospital workers – since they don’t believe in medical science anyway? Would work for me.

So all these GOP Senators plus Manchin and Tester who are against private employers having vaccine mandates…. I assume they are okay with those employers removing COVID healthcare coverage for unvaccinated workers? Freedom and all that.

So while Americans were freaked out about cruise ships and sporting events, who had the possible COVID super-spreader event of 2021 as an ANIME convention?

So many of Biden’s nominations come down to 1 or 2 votes. And today, Rachael Rollins as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts is a 50-50 party-line tie that VP has to break. Sinema and Manchin drive me crazy too. But they ARE better than Republicans.

Ted Cruz trying to politicize the tragedy in Waukesha & blame it on Democrats. I agree with him that suspect shouldn’t have been out on bail after a domestic violence arrest. So why is Ted Cruz still preventing a vote on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act?

Ted Cruz also actually claims Joe Biden is giving gifts to Russia. Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

But Again and not for the last time…. you know who wasn’t afraid of testifying in response to a subpoena? Hillary Clinton.


December 7, 2021

RIP Medina Spirit, apparently of a heart attack after a workout.

A test last week might have shown there was no cause for disqualification in the Kentucky Derby. But regardless, the poor horse KNEW he won that race. Beat all 18 other horses. Hope he got to munch on a few of those roses at least.

From my friend Bill Littlejohn.

There were a couple of unusual, bizarre freak occurrences over the weekend. One,there was snow in Hawaii and,two,the Detroit Lions won a game.

Unbelievable… the Lions won?

But Snow in Hawaii. Can we say heaven froze over?

Late last night, Michael Che joked at the Kennedy Center Honors “there’s no way Joe’s still awake right now.” The President laughed. Velveeta Voldemort would have fired off a half dozen furious tweets saying SNL should have fired Che by now.

Today’s Former Guy fundraising email, listing things he was supposedly right about… “We did produce vaccines before the end of 2020, in record time I might add.” Has anyone told him you can’t take credit for something you’re telling your supporters to be against?

Remember being 6th grader in Toronto & being fascinated by Marshall McLuhan’s idea – “The medium is the message.” But even acknowledging Democrats not being perfect, with MSM amplifying only outrage, have we moved now to “the media is the message?”

Reducing prescription drug prices & capping cost of insulin are incredibly popular w/ American public. But media spending more time covering Former Guy & his GA Senate endorsement, than President Biden’s speech about doing both. Tell me again why it’s a “messaging problem.”

Ooh, this might be good news:

Reports that “Marc Short, the former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, is cooperating with the January 6 committee.” I hope Short has a food taster.

More good news: Devin Nunes isn’t just retiring at the end of his term. He’s stepping down at the end of December. Now, the district has been R+8… But at LEAST until the special election, that’s one less GOP vote in the House.

While I’m glad to have him out of Congress…care less that Devin Nunes will be running Velveeta Voldemort’s new media company than I want to know the answer to one question – Who’s funding the company?.

Attorney for the Oxford school shooter’s parents say they were not on the run they were just scared. I like “somebody pushed me into a lifeboat” better.

Dear Media: A year after the 2016 election you weren’t giving nonstop coverage to the Democratic Presidential candidate. And Hillary Clinton, unlike Velveeta Voldemort, actually won the popular vote.

Chuck Schumer today on Executive nominations: “Regrettably, if GOP colleagues continue their holds on various individuals, Senators should prepare for possibility of late nights & votes on weekends. The President deserves his team, we will spend whatever time we need.” It’s about time.

Also about time -Chuck Schumer – talking about VOTING RIGHTS(!) & other issues. “A lot of work to do, it will likely take weekends and late nights to get it done. But we’ll continue forging ahead on behalf of the American people.”

Schumer IS majority leader. Sometimes I think he forgets that.

Strongly worded

December 6, 2021

Some complaints about strength of schedule from “Power Five” conferences as far as College Football playoff seeding. But fact remains, most top schools don’t want to play top independents for their out of conference games.

Georgia played University of Alabama- Birmingham and Georgia Southern for out of conference games. Alabama played Mercer and New Mexico State.

Michigan played Western Michigan and Northern Illinois

As much as I can’t stand Notre Dame, they did schedule Cincinnati. (and no one knew how bad Stanford would be.)

The Saints have half their team injured, so their lousy play lately makes sense. But objectively looking at the rest of the NFL, there sure are a lot of mediocre football teams.

Need another reason to root for the #SFGiants? – This tweet from Giants manager Gabe Kapler.

“We cannot tell teachers that they have to teach a sanitized version of history. Scared and timid educators cripple their students, field or classroom.”

RIP Bob Dole. Not that I did or would have voted for him. But he always seemed like a decent guy. And Senator Dole had a rare gift I always admire in politicians – he could be really funny.

Joe Biden has ordered all US flags to fly at half-mast following death of Bob Dole. It’s so nice having a President.

As a Democrat who has nonetheless had a generally positive view of Bob Dole over the years, I admit I tell myself Dole’s support in his mid to late 90s of Velveeta Voldemort was just a sad sign of non-reported dementia.

Nowhere has immunity from COVIDiots. Marin County had highest US vaccination rate -over 78% on 11/5. “Parents notified by County HHS on 11/8, child tested positive- told to keep both home. They told no one & sent kid to school for 8 days.” #LockThemUp

Amy Klobuchar said this morning there have been over 160 carveouts to the filibuster. Voting Rights needs to be the next one.

For all who love “Miracle on 34th Street” as much as I do, imagine a 2021 version with GOP in charge: Louis DeJoy’s post office would have never delivered Kris Kringle’s letters. And Republicans would probably have made the evil Dr. Sawyer surgeon general.