Bottom feeders

Casual NFL fans tuning into Sunday Night Football have to have one question: So how did the Washington Football Team manage to win 6 football games?

Can anyone remember a season with more truly lousy NFL teams?

With Saints down to recent 4th round draft pick Ian Book to start MNF, former New Orleans QB & legend Archie Manning reportedly texted coach Sean Payton photos of himself, sons Peyton & Eli, along w/ grandsons Arch & Marshall & told Sean “All 5 are available. Make your pick!”

Sun Bowl is the latest bowl game to be canceled. Not that that many Americans who aren’t fans of Miami or WSU will be that disappointed. But players on both teams gave up much of their Christmas break to get ready. And WSU Cougars just arrived in that tourist hot spot El Paso.

The Wasabi Fenway Bowl has also been canceled due to COVID. Okay, how many people actually knew there was a Wasabi Fenway Bowl?

Maybe with all these COVID cases some of the lesser bowls can restructure to having both teams play a game of Madden NFL 22?

Unvaccinated Cole Beasley, who’s been fined about $100,000 by NFL over ignoring COVID protocols, missed today’s game due to having COVID. But he’s getting paid. About $267,000 for today alone.

What’s wrong with this picture?

So if we could start a rumor JFK Jr helped develop COVID vaccines would it mean more people would get their shots?

Or as a Twitter acquaintance suggested in a reply….we could add to the rumor that a COVID vaccine brought him back to life.

It’s pretty simple: We are the United States. Women’s healthcare rights and voting rights shouldn’t depend on what state you live in.

If some right-wing gun owner shot Santa coming down his chimney how long until Republicans would call him a hero?

For all the GOP likes to talk about a war on Christmas, isn’t a foreign guy flying into US to drop off a lot of free stuff to children regardless of their immigration status exactly the kind of person they regularly attack?

So if you don’t believe in the medical science of vaccines why would you trust your life to medical science when you get sick?

atched “Miracle on 34th Street” again ;ast night. Darn good thing Louis Dejoy wasn’t in charge of USPS. Letters to Santa would have been thrown out instead of delivered to court house. Kris Kringle would have ended up in mental hospital. No Miracle. No Christmas.

Headline from conservative UK Daily Mail: “Donald Trump’s stirring vaccine defense: Most Americans dying or hospitalized because of COVID are unvaccinated & encourages everyone to get shot.” This is like headline: “Arsonist’s stirring defense of fire extinguishers.”

Since it worked so well for vaccines if President Biden suddenly said how great the Former Guy looked in a mask would Velveeta Voldemort suddenly start promoting mask wearing?

Fox News is literally complaining that Joe Biden hasn’t been paying enough attention to experts on COVID-19. Socially-distanced funeral services for irony are pending.

I don’t know how many parents were on that NORAD tracker call with their children and President Biden. But most of them were I’m sure grateful and decent. Can we not give the a**hole all the attention? #ThankYouBiden

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