Ugly finder?

All you need to know about how ugly tonight’s Golden State Denver NBA game was tonight: The Nuggets scored 29 points in the second half and still beat the Warriors 89-86.

Tampa Bay Bruce Arians tested positive for COVID & has mild symptoms. Arians says he has “complete confidence” in Asst Head Coach Harold Goodwin “to prepare team for this week’s game against the NY Jets.” Do the Buccaneers even NEED a coach against the Jets?

Alabama star LB Will Anderson says going into CFP playoff against Cincinnati “I feel like we’re the underdog in this game. All year we’ve been disrespected.” And he said it with a straight face.

After players, often seen unmasked, spent Christmas at Sea World, UCLA today pulled out of the Holiday Bowl in San Diego hours before kickoff.

And University of Georgia has arrived for their semi-final playoff game in COVID hot-spot Miami. I’m so old I remember the biggest worry for coaches before bowl games was players going out and getting in trouble for stuff like underage drinking.

Tom Brady threw & broke his Surface tablet after an interception during Bucs’ shutout loss to Saints. He said “I did get warning from NFL. Can’t throw another Surface or else I get fined. Imagine that!” Had a frustrated New Orleans player thrown tablet last night he’d have been suspended.

The concept of “controlling your own destiny” in NFL is complete BS when league penalizes vaccinated teams who do the right thing and rewards their darlings who ignore rules

D*mn, RIP John Madden. Remember him as a colorful Hall of Fame football coach & announcer. But realize millions of younger Americans will think of him because of their favorite sports video game.

As Antonio Brown has returned to Tampa Bay Buccaneers after only a 3 game suspension for a fake COVID vaccine card & is now in position to make $1 million in incentives, wonder how many who HAVEN’T been caught with fake vaccine cards have infected teammates & others.

Dear 2021. John Madden and Harry Reid on the same day? Now I know they were 85 and 82, but isn’t it about time you take an a**hole or two to even things out?

Scary thought. There are four sitting US Senators older than Harry Reid.

US Senate returning Jan 3 and staying in session until “state work period” Jan 17-21. While that may not seem like a lot, in 2021 the US Senate hat “state work periods Jan 4-5 AND Jan 7-19. So maybe something gets done? Hope springs eternal.

NO shame: Gov Ron DeSantis-Aug 2021, w/ record-breaking cases “This is our COVID season.” Dec 2021 w/ record-breaking cases AGAIN, DeathSantis attacks Biden for not getting Florida enough monoclonal antibodies -saying POTUS “had months to prepare for predictable winter surge.”

Can any man who claims he’s avoiding COVID vaccine because he doesn’t know what’s in it tell us the ingredients he knows are in Viagra?.

Study – “Vaccinated hospitalized patients were 52-79% less likely to die than unvaccinated hospitalized patients.” The latest COVID-19 study? No. A 2017 flu study. Vaccines don’t have to stop all transmission & illness to work.

if we could somehow put information about Peter Navarro’s “Green Bay Sweep” and the members of Congress involved in it on a laptop with Hunter Biden’s name on it would media pay more attention?

CNN headline “Biden grapples with a Covid-19 testing failure that could have been foreseen.” Meanwhile, what about dozens of potential CNN headlines on Velveeta Voldemort’s failures starting from “15 going to be down to 0” that could have been foreseen?

Whatever we all think about Merrick Garland right now, I think there’s one good thing we can agree on – his DOJ does NOT leak.

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