Merry whatever.

Hey, if omicron doesn’t take a holiday, neither should snark.

How did Jacksonsville Jaguars (2-12) at NY Jets (3-11) end up on Sunday and not Saturday? If ever a game was destined to be a perfect Christmas turkey?

Dear Drew Brees. Understand you’re enjoying Christmas w/ family in Hawaii. And realistically you can’t get back into game shape in a weekend. But maybe if New Orleants Saints sent private jet for you to be sideline coach & cheerleader for Ian Book on MNF against Dolphins? #WhoDat

Dear Santa: For Republicans trying to follow Velveeta Voldemort in belatedly pivoting to support vaccines to your now anti-science base…is it too late to add to your sleigh baggage several thousands of copies of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein?”

WTAF media? This is an actual headline – “Millions stranded as airlines cut hundreds of holiday flights.” Millions?!! (those would be serious jumbo jets.)

Why do so many people think Joe Manchin will switch to being a Republican? As one of Mitch McConnnell’s foot soldiers he’d be almost irrelevant. As a conservative Democrat he’s a powerful media darling.

Herschel Walker likely GOP GA Senate nominee. His wife of 19 years’ divorce filing accused him of “physically abusive & extremely threatening behavior.” Later said Walker pointed pistol at her head “I’m going to blow your f’ing brains out.” How long until he gets OJ’s endorsement?

If White House documents proved that Velveeta Voldemort was innocent of organizing & abetting January 6 coup attempt, instead of asking SCOTUS to keep them private, he’d be having Hannity and Carlson read those documents out loud every night on Fox News.

Wasn’t on either Rittenhouse or Potter jury. From what I saw would have voted to convict them both, though feel much more sympathy for Potter. But wonder….do juries take tears on the stand more seriously from a man than a woman?

I’ve said this before. Whatever you think about Kim Potter verdict – Daunte Wright died because a trained “good woman with a gun” used a gun instead of a Taser. And some want armed amateurs to protect children in our schools?

Gym Jordan says he has “real concerns” about the January 6 committee. Shame he didn’t have “real concerns” about college wrestlers being sexually abused at Ohio State.

Dear privileged people who don’t think voting rights matter: Imagine waiting in line to vote on a regular basis as long as you are waiting in line to buy COVID tests this week.

And imagine every time that Senators wanted to vote on the Senate floor they had to wait in line outside the Capitol, for hours, with no food or water….

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